Warrior Epic: Jagged Blade of War  

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Maximum Level:125
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Epic
  • Experience
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
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Era:Ruins of Kunark
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Thu Aug 8 23:31:34 2002
Modified: Tue Dec 5 05:21:04 2023

NOTE: A patch on March 25, 2015, added a work-around to obtain items from Cazic Thule, Dread, Fright, and Terror:

- In the Plane of Fear, a harbinger of Fear can help adventurers get their epic 1.0 pieces that would normally drop from Cazic-Thule or the golems. These pieces cannot be multi-quested or traded. In addition, a harbinger of Fear can advance the Whistling Fists quest in the same way as Cazic-Thule.

Furthermore, a patch on April 22, 2015, added a work-around to obtain bottleneck items from Phinigel Autropos (Kedge Keep), Gorenaire (Dreadlands), and Talendor (Skyfire Mountains).

- In Kedge Keep, a harbinger of the seas can help adventurers get their epic 1.0 pieces that would normally drop from Phinigel Autropos.
- In Dreadlands, a harbinger of frost can help adventurers get their epic 1.0 pieces that would normally drop from Gorenaire.
- In Skyfire Mountains, a harbinger of flame can help adventurers get their epic 1.0 pieces that would normally drop from Talendor.

Quick Guide/Checklist

[ ] Drops Needed
     [ ](RAID) Hand of the Maestro from the Hand of the Maestro in Plane of Hate (or Maestro of Rancor in later eras)
     [ ](RAID) Red Dragon Scales from Nagafen in Nagafen's Lair or Talendor in Skyfire Mountains and Loot.
        (Nortlav the Scalekeeper in The Hole is also an option in later eras).
     [ ](RAID) Green Dragon Scales from Severilous in Emerald Jungle or Hoshkar in Veeshan's Peak
     [ ](RAID) Spiroc Wingblade from Spiroc Lord in Plane of Air (Island 5)
     [ ](RAID) Ball of Everliving Golem from Fright, Dread, or Terror in Plane of Fear
     [ ](RAID) Ancient Blade from Queen Velazul Di`zok in Chardok
     [ ](GROUP) Giant Sized Monocle from the Mountain Giant Patriarch in Dreadlands

[ ] The Red Scabbard
     [ ] Get Wax Sealed Note from Kargek Redblade in East Freeport. Keyword "Favor"
     [ ] Give Wax Sealed Note to Oknoggin Stonesmasher in Feerrott Receive Tiny Lute
     [ ] Give Tiny Lute to Kargek Redblade in East Freeport and Receive Redblade's Legacy
     [ ] Kill an Ice Goblin Wizard in Permafrost and loot a Heart of Frost
     [ ] Give Redblade's Legacy to Tenal Redblade in East Karana and Receive Frozen War Totem
     [ ] Give Frozen War Totem and Heart of Frost to Tenal Redblade and Receive Totem of Fiery War
     [ ] Give Totem of Fiery War, Red Dragon Scale, and Green Dragon Scale to Tenal Redblade and Receive Mark of the Sword
     [ ] Give Mark of the Sword and Hand of the Maestro to Tenal Redblade and Receive Note to Kargek
     [ ] Give Note and Spiroc Wingblade to Kargek and Receive Red Scabbard

[ ] Ancient Sword Blade
     [ ] Get 2 Rebreathers from a Tinkerer. Buy a Keg of Vox Tail Ale from many different pubs.
     [ ] Kill Ice Giants and Loot Block of Permafrost in Permafrost
     [ ] Give Block of Permafrost, Vox Tail Ale, and 2 Rebreathers to Denken Strongpick in Ocean of Tears (Aviak Isle). Receive: Ancient Sword Blade

[ ] Finely Crafted Dragon Head Hilt
     [ ]Retrieve Severely Damaged Dragon Head Hilt from the chessboard in Timorous Deep
     [ ]Give the Giant Sized Monocle to Mentrax Mountainbone in Frontier Mountains and Receive Rejesiam Ore.
     [ ]Give the Severely Damaged Dragon Head Hilt, Rejesiam Ore, and Ball of Everliving Golem to Wenden Blackhammer in East Freeport.

[ ] Jeweled Dragon Head Hilt
     [ ]Hail Kargek Redblade and Wenden Blackhammer in East Freeport
     [ ]Retrieve Unjeweled Dragon Head Hilt from the bottom of Lake Rathe. Loc 2513, 920
     [ ]Give the Unjeweled Dragon Head Hilt, a diamond, a jacinth, and a black sapphire to Wenden Blackhammer

[ ] Jagged Blade of War/Blades of Strategy and Tactics (EPIC)
     [ ] Combine both Dragon Head Hilts, the Ancient Sword Blade, and the Ancient Blade in Red Scabbard to receive the Jagged Blade of War.
     [ ] Combine the Jagged Blade of War in the Scabbed to seperate it into the Blade of Strategy and Blade of Tactics and vice/versa.

Full Walkthrough

The Warrior Epic quest begins with both Kargek Redblade and Wenden Blackhammer in East Freeport (click for map image). They can be found under a gazebo at -1300, -380 (just inside the North Ro gate).

Red Scabbard

Find Kargek Redblade in East Freeport.

You say, 'Hail, Kargek Redblade'

Kargek Redblade looks up from his forge and says, 'Hello there, can I help you?' Your eyes are drawn to an extremely large red sword scabbard strapped to his back with no sword in it. Kargek speaks again, 'I said, can I help you or do you need help from Wenden?'

You say, 'Tell me about that scabbard.'

Kargek Redblade turns to look at you and says, 'It is a family heirloom. I might tell you the story behind it if you do me a little favor.'

You say, 'What favor?'

Kargek Redblade says 'An associate of mine is wandering somewhere in the Feerrott. His name is Oknoggin Stonesmacker. If you will deliver this note to him, I would appreciate it.'

You receive a Wax Sealed Note. Take this to Oknoggin Stonesmaker in the Feerrott at 800, 1140 (by the main bridge across the river). Upon hand-in:

Oknoggin Stonesmaker snatches the note from your hand and rips it open with your large hands. 'You take dis to Kargek. He want!' Oknoggin says, as he throws a tiny lute at you.

You receive a Tiny Lute. Run back to East Freeport and give the Tiny Lute to Kargek Redblade to receive a book called Redblade's Legacy.

Kargek Redblade says 'Thank you for delivering the note to my associate. Take this book - it will tell you a little of the history of the old scabbard. If you would like to own the scabbard, seek out my younger brother Tenal and give him the book.'

You gain experience!!

Take the book over to his brother in East Karana - Tenal Redblade, who is at the very end of the canyon next to the ramp to Highpass.

You say, 'Hail, Tenal Redblade'

Tenal Redblade says 'What brings you to my home, ______? Do you seek knowledge of Rallos Zek and the great wars to come?'

Hand him the book.

Tenal Redblade says 'So, you know my brother Kargek. He is weak and does not believe the legend that our family was chosen by Rallos Zek to bear the great scabbard. Yet he still holds it. Very well, I shall give you the first test since my 'dear' brother seems to have forgotten it. Travel to the fortress where the children of Rallos were first cursed by the Rathe and bring me the heart of one of the goblins who have made it their new home. Do not return without the heart of your foe and this war totem.'

You gain experience!!

You receive a Frozen War Totem.

Go back to East Karana and hand Tenal the Totem of the Freezing War and a Heart of Frost.

Tenal Redblade says 'Very good, you have wreaked havoc on your foes in the ancient land of the giants. Rallos Zek must have guided your blade.' Tenal's voice is suddenly silenced and you feel as if your body is frozen. From Tenal's lips issues a voice that is not his own, 'Bring this mortal the scales of the children of Veeshan. The red and green as well as my war totem. I will guide your blade.' Your movement returns as Tenal falls to the ground, gasping for breath.'
You gain experience!!

He'll give you a Totem of Fiery War.

Now get yourself a Green and Red Dragonscale (from Severilous in Emerald Jungle, and Nagafen in Naggy's Lair respectively).

Go back to Tenal Redblade and give him the Totem of Fiery War, the Green Dragon Scale and the Red Dragon Scale.

Tenal Redblade looks at you oddly as you hand him the scales. 'What are..? You have done well, mortal, and you will be rewarded if you are truly brave. Travel to the Plane of Hatred and slay the ancient bard who lives there. Do not return without his hand and this mark or you will never be a true warlord.' Tenal drops to the ground as the last words leave his lips.
You gain experience!!

You receive The Mark of the Sword.

You'll now need to go to the Plane of Hate and kill the Hand of the Maestro (note: Hand is now pullable without having to kill Maestro of Rancor). You need to loot the hand, which is a rare drop. Bring that back and give it to Tenal along with the mark.

Tenal Redblade looks horrified as you give him the hand of the Maestro of Rancor and show him the mark of the sword. The godlike voice returns, 'You have done well to acquire this. One final task must be completed before you hold the red scabbard in your mortal hands.' Tenal reaches out and hands you a note. 'Take this note and a wingblade of the spiriocs to Kargek. When he receives them, I will speak to you one last time.'

You receive Tenal`s note to Kargek.

You now need a Spiroc Wingblade from the Spiroc Lord in the Plane of Sky. Take the Wingblade and the note to Kargek where he gives you the Red Scabbard and instructions on how to combine the Ancient Blade, Ancient Sword Blade, Finely Crafted Dragon Head Hilt, and Jeweled Dragon Head Hilt.

Kargek Redblade says 'What is this? A note from my brother? Thank you for the gift as well.' Kargek reads the note and hands you the huge sword hilt. Your mind is filled with the sound of battle and a voice. 'Place the ancient sword blade, ancient blade, finely crafted dragon head hilt and the jeweled dragon head hilt into the scabbard to receive your rewards. If you think you are worthy, place your rewards into the scabbard and see what havoc you can unleash on the world. Kargek addresses you as you turn to leave. 'One more thing. Gartrog over there has told me of a great discovery. Seems there are all sorts of stones being found in the recently discovered lost dungeons scattered around Antonica. The Wayfarer's Brotherhood has found a way to make items even more powerful by using the stones with existing items.'

You gain experience!!

Ancient Sword Blade

Talk to Denken Strongpick on Aviak Island in the Ocean of Tears.

You say, 'Hail, Denken Strongpick'

Denken Strongpick says 'Hello, ______. I am Denken Strongpick. I wish I could get off this rock, silly clan honor. My boss broke our rebreathers and we can not go back to the mainland before we gather some goblin relics.'

You say, 'What goblin relics?'

Denken Strongpick says 'There are supposedly goblin ruins around here somewhere. Fendlemend thinks we will find paydirt underwater. We did find one thing.'

You say, 'What did you find?'

Denken Strongpick says 'We found a very fine sword blade.' Denken pulls open his pack and shows you a razor sharp sword covered with runes. 'I can't figure out what type of metal it is and I sure can't figure out what technique was used to forge it. Perhaps you would like to take it off my hands and [buy] it?'

You say, 'I will buy it.'

Denken Strongpick says 'Out here, money is fairly useless to me. You see, I can't leave Fendlemend out here alone. I signed on with a very detailed contract. I could sure [use] a few things from the mainland though.'

You say, 'What could you use?'

Denken Strongpick says 'I would be willing to part with this very fine blade for; a keg of Vox tail ale, a block of permafrost to keep it cool and two new rebreathers to get this operation back underway.'

a) A Keg of Vox Tail ale - bought from alot of vendors around the world. A good place to buy one is the sandfishers in North Ro or the Freeport Port Authority.

b) A Block Of Permafrost - Dropped by Ice Giants. (while you're here, kill some goblin wizards until you find a frozen goblin heart -- you'll need it later).

c) Two Rebreathers - Tinkered by Gnomes. Expect to drop as much as 4k for getting two rebreathers.

Turn the Rebreathers, Keg of Vox Tail Ale, and the Block of Permafrost in to Denken:

Denken Strongpick says 'Excellent! Here is your sword. I feel like I'm at home already!'
You gain experience!!

You get the Ancient Sword Blade.

Ancient Blade

The Ancient Blade is dropped by the Queen of Chardok. Bring along a large group of friends.

Finely Crafted Dragon Head Hilt

Head to the chessboard in Timorous Deep. At the base of the King piece you'll find a Severely Damaged Dragon Head Hilt. Head back to Wenden.

You say, 'Hail, Wenden Blackhammer'

Wenden Blackhammer says 'What do you need? Be specific, I'm busy right now!'

You say, 'I have a Severely Damaged Dragon Head Hilt.'

Wenden Blackhammer says 'Where in the world did you drag that up?!' Denken peers closely at the severely damaged dragon head hilt. 'This metal is the same material that some mages use to make powerful golems and this other metal looks like rejesiam ore. If you can find some of those materials, I can fix this hilt up easily.'

You say, 'What kind of golems?'

Wenden Blackhammer says 'That metal is used as the 'soul' of powerful magical constructions like golems. I do not know any place in this world where you could find a golem with a living center as powerful as this once was.'

You say, 'What is rejesiam ore?'

Wenden Blackhammer says 'Rejesiam ore is from the lands of Kunark. The mountain giants in the frontier mountains control the only known mine of this great ore. They have built a vast fortress around the mine to protect it. The giants don't particularly like to trade with us smaller folks, but there is one old miner named Mentrax Mountainbone who has traded with me in the past. Go find him and tell him Wenden sent you.'

You'll also need a Ball of Everliving Golem. This drops from the named golems in the Plane of Fear: Fright, Dread and Terror. Since a march 2015 patch, you may also get it from a harbinger of Fear if the golems are not up.

Now go to the Dreadlands, to the giant fort just west of Karnor's Castle. You need to kill the Mountain Giant Patriarch and loot a Giant Sized Monocle. Take the Monocle to Frontier Mountains. Get to the giant fort and get inside. When you get to the very end of the Mine you will see the giant named Mentrax Mountainbone.

You say, 'Hail, Mentrax Mountainbone'

Mentrax Mountainbone says 'What be it you want! Go away before I eat you for dinner!'

You say, 'Wenden sent me.'

Mentrax Mountainbone says 'Oh, old Wenden? I guess you be wanting some ore. Well, you can't have none! Not unless you get me a new monocle. No. No. No. Don't even try to talk, you either bring me a new monocle that will fit or no ore for you!'

Hand him the Monocle.

Mentrax Mountainbone says 'Eh, you actually found one! Thank you, ______. Here is a block of ore for you. Just don't let the other giants know.'
You gain experience!!

You receive Rejesiam Ore.

Now run back to East Freeport with the Rejesiam Ore, Ball of Everliving Golem and Damaged Dragon Head Hilt. Give these to Wenden.

Wenden Blackhammer begins to work and hammer away at the hilt pounding the new material into it. You can see the metal shifting and moving in ways you have never seen metal move before. Wenden wipes his brow as he hands you a fantastic looking hilt.

You receive a Finely Crafted Dragon Head Hilt.

Jeweled Dragon Head Hilt

Head to Lake Rathe and pick up an Unjeweled Dragon Head Hilt. It can be found on the lake floor at +2513, +920, underneath the aviak tower. Then head back to Wenden.

You say, 'Hail, Wenden Blackhammer'

Wenden Blackhammer says 'What do you need? Be specific, I'm busy right now!'

You say, 'I have an Unjeweled Dragon Head Hilt.'

Wenden Blackhammer says 'That just looks like it's missing some gems. I'm not quite sure what type of gems either but I can tell you two things about them just by the settings. They were all different, and they all were very, very expensive. If I try to put the wrong kind of gems in these slots, it may be ruined forever. I'll do whatever you want, though, just bring me the three gems you want me to try and put in the hilt.'

You'll need to get a Diamond, Black Sapphire, and Jacinth. They drop in various zones (Sebilis, Planes) and can almost always be found for sale in The Bazaar.

Take the Unjeweled Dragon Head Hilt, Diamond, Jacinth, and Black Sapphire to Wenden:

Wenden Blackhammer begins to fiddle with the hilt, gently pressing the gems into place. It seems to take forever as you watch in silence. Wenden slowly places the last gem in place and gently bends the settings to hold the gems before he hands it back to you. 'That's a very impressive looking hilt there. The material it is made out of seems strangely familiar,' Wenden says as he turns back to his forge and his other work.

You receive a Jeweled Dragon Head Hilt.

Assembling the Sword

As originally instructed, place the Ancient Sword Blade, Ancient Blade, Finely Crafted Dragon Head Hilt and the Jeweled Dragon Head Hilt into the Red Scabbard to receive your rewards.

Combining the Jagged Blade of War in the Red Scabbard splits it into the Blade of Strategy and the Blade of Tactics. Combine the two blades in the Red Scabbard to get the two-handed version again.
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Can be done at level 1
# Oct 27 2021 at 9:42 AM Rating: Decent
233 posts
MQ'd it with the exception of the Ancient Blade. I had to run in and die then have my rogue stealth corpse-drag to just outside the queen's room and very quickly wipe them out. Rez, loot, die again and back to bind. Only problem is i can't make them augmentable. The npc just give them back saying he doesn't want them. I did it before at level 30-35 (i think) so its not, or wasn't then, level 50 restricted.
Can be done at level 1
# Oct 28 2021 at 6:05 PM Rating: Decent
233 posts
Correction: The turn in of the Vox's Tail Ale, Block of Permafrost, and the 2 rebreathers were done by level 1 warrior as the Ancient Sword Blade is a No Trade combine item. As for the 'Make it Augmentable' quest I kept checking in every 5 levels (5,10,15,etc) and didn't get anything new til I did it at level 35 and got the new augmentable blades. So theres that.
Nice bug
# Apr 14 2021 at 11:17 PM Rating: Default
131 posts
I gave the Frozen War Totem and the Heart of Frost to Tenal Redblade and he didn't give me the Totem of Fiery War. I was trying to do the quest in order but now I'm going to collect all the stuff first because doing all the stuff at the beginning again is tedious.
95 Shadowknight

Mentalius Mindripper
Level 70 Enchanter (retired)
Lanys T'Vyl
My Stuff
1.0 Runes Blade issue
# May 19 2020 at 8:48 AM Rating: Decent
12 posts
I was talking with a GM regarding this and it has been "fixed".

When LDoN Came out there was taunt and aggro issues plaguing tanks, so when they made the 1.0 augmentable they deliberately left this Runed Blade "Bug" / "Fix" / "Oversight" what ever you so choose to call it, in place.

I tried to destroy the runed blades, and recover them from vendor but they disappeared, I redid the 1.0 to get them legit and they disappeared.

So BEWARE, when you do this that you DO NOT have the Blade of Tactics and Blade of Strategy on you in any regard when you do the turn in. They do an account check at the time of turn in. and if they are in say recovery vendor they are deleted.

just an FYI.

Also, this only affects the single blades if you somehow manage to keep the 2 handers like when he restored my quest turn, or if you did the quest again, you are lucky and get to have 2x two-handers.

Maybe warriors can DW two-handers in the future.
Do not try and double summon Blade of Strategy/Tactics
# May 11 2019 at 5:14 PM Rating: Good
5 posts
They've recently (as of 5/11/2019) nerfed being able to get both the augmentable/non augmented versions of the 1h weapons, make SURE you DO NOT HAVE your 1h weapons in your inventory when you hand in for the "Make it Augmentable" quest. Otherwise it will NOT give you the augmentable versions of BoS/BoT
Quick Guide/Checklist
# Jun 03 2017 at 6:30 AM Rating: Good
528 posts
Added a quick guide/checklist for this epic. Let us know if there are any mistakes or errors so we can get them corrected.
Completed on Level 1
# Apr 29 2016 at 7:10 PM Rating: Decent
I completed the warrior 1.0 epic quest on my level 1 warrior on Firiona Vie server today. Wanted to address some of the information. First, the Hand of the Maestro, Ball of Everliving Golem, and Spiroc Wingblade are all no drop even on firiona vie but were able to be multiquested to the level 1. I completed these 3 tasks with a level 100 sk, which was nice for dealing with death touches. Death touches being the primary limiting factor for lower level players.

Summary: Warrior 1.0 can be completed by any level (even level 1) on any server. Some servers deal with more no drop items, so it can be more tedious. Ancient blade = no drop all servers, CANNOT be multiquested. Maestro, Golem, wingblade = no drop, CAN be multiquested. Took me 4 days, with about 3.5 hours of dedicated gameplay; rest was afk camping. If not for the hand, would have done it in one evening.

Heart of Frost - Took < 5 minutes to obtain mass killing. Item is tradeable. Looted from ice goblin wizard in permafrost. Was droppable on firiona vie server.

Red Dragon Scales - Took < 5 minutes. Dropped down to the Hole, killed Echo of Nortlav. Already had item in bank to convert to green scale just in case so I did not have to wait for respawn.

Green Dragon Scales - Took about 65 minutes total. Hoshkar did not drop it and old world mobs are still mass camped on firiona vie server. Luckily, can convert it and I did. TIP - I had to shroud down to earth elemental and give items to the conversion gnome in north ro. Worked fine for me without any problems. I got the centaur piece and fire giant piece in under 5 minutes in each zone. The terror was not up and took several rounds of respawn to pop for me. The link here has the exact /loc of his spawn point and pher which is giant wooly spider. All 3 components for the glue was droppable on firiona vie server.

Hand of the Maestro - Took me about 3 days. If you're lucky, he'll be up. However, people passing by often kill it. I'm not 100% sure what to make of his spawn time. But, I know it took a little over 3 days after he and maestro were killed for me to see him again. He seems to be static and not triggered via place holders as other posts suggest. This can be multi-quested.

Spiroc Wingblade < 5 minutes - For me, this was easy. I zoned in, he was up so I hopped islands and killed him eating his death touch on my shadowknight. This could be tough and on firiona vie, it appears as though this zone is still camped, so the tricky part is making it to the spiroc's island as progression mobs are often down. However, because of insta respawn of spiroc lord, when you're keyed, there is a good chance he will be up. This can be multi-quested. Think island respawns are from 6-12 hours.

Block of Permafrost - < 5 minutes. Zoned in, killed random giants near vox area. Droppable on firiona vie.

Keg of Vox Tail Ale - < 5 minutes. Actually bought mine from merchant in north ro while doing scales.

2x rebreathers - Took me 40 minutes to look into skill ups and level tinkering enough to attempt rebreathers on my gnome. Completed in PoK. If someone is selling this, certainly can be quick to just buy them. It is also actually not a cheap recipe. I made some stalking probes on my gnome to get tinkering 100+, then used firewater in some recipes to get 150ish. Took the chance and made some aqua lungs then rebreathers. Ending up sinking about 2k for both rebreathers to make them. I think about 4k to skill up enough to make a legit attempt.

Ancient Blade - Took me 15 minutes. This could be tricky, but relatively fast respawn (3 hours?). She was up for me. I actually used my 95 mage for this. Got through locked doors by hugging door and casting illusion AA. Then, call of hero'd level 1 warrior and killed queen, looted blade. This item is no drop on firiona view and CANNOT be multiquested since it alone is one of the 4 items placed in the scabbard to create epic.

Unjeweled Dragon Head Hilt - < 5 minutes - Hit the arena teleport stone in PoK. Swim and loot under the 3 spawn aviak tower.

Severely Damaged Dragon Head Hilt - Took overthere teleport stone--> Translocator to Tim Deep. Certainly could go from butcherblock kaladim stone.

Giant Monocle - I got this in one hour clearing giants in the big giant camp in dreadlands and any nearby. Patriarch spawned in big camp area and dropped monocle. Monocle was droppable on firiona vie server. The monocle is then turned in to quest npc in frontier mountains for ore.

Ball of Everliving Golem - Fright was up but did not drop piece I needed. Obtained via Harbinger of Fear. However, this is tricky. Warrior has to speak with harbinger to pop mob for the ball and ONLY a warrior can loot. I believe it has to be the warrior who spawned it, but I am not 100%. So, you can get a high level warrior friend, take them to fear, have them mq item for you. No drop on firiona vie. I multiquested this drop.
Completed on Level 1
# Jul 03 2016 at 1:10 AM Rating: Decent
373 posts
Well, that's kind of rude, they nerfed the monk one to require level 46 via a flag but not all of them?
# Sep 23 2015 at 8:03 PM Rating: Decent
29 posts
I don't know if this has been posted before but if the nameds in Plane of Fear aren't up, go hail the Harbinger of Fear. As long as it's the right toon on the right step of the quest, he will pop.
Warrior Epic Tidbits
# Dec 04 2012 at 6:46 PM Rating: Decent
I just finished my Warrior epic 1.0 and have some information to pass on to those who are trying to complete it.
I had no idea what I was getting into when I started it other than it might be a time sink.. it's really not too bad if you have the patience.

Heart of Frost <- as someone stated earlier, dropped from caster goblins a little ways into permafrost keep
Ball of Everliving Golem <- By far the worst and usually the last item acquired in the chain. This is found off one of the 3 Golems in Plane of Fear. I believe 2 of the Golems DeathTouch every 30 seconds or so. The other does not. Plane of Fear is constantly camped so chances for this to drop (will not drop every time) for you is small. I would highly suggest asking in General Chat every once in a while for a MultiQuest of the item. Just make sure you have everything else by the time you find a taker.
Giant Sized Monocle <- Drops off a mountain giant patriarch in The Dreadlands. Clear the fort and definitely the area around it. I found this guy randomly roaming in the area.
Green Dragon Scales <- Bought these for 1k. No idea where they come from... should be a quest "Dragon Scale Conversion" to get them.
Hand of the Maestro <- Found in Plane of Hate right before the Ranchor. I believe the spawn timer is 2 hours and has a placeholder. I waited around 1.5 hours. The hand popped and was the only loot dropped
Keg of Vox Tail Ale <- My character was a Dark Elf and the lady in Freeport (near the docks) would not sell to me. Created a human paly, went in and bought it.
Rebreather <- Bought both of these off the Bazaar for 2.3k each. As around if you don't find any. Quite a few people were able to make them for me.. but too late :(
Red Dragon Scales <- I went into The Hole for these. Echo of Nortlav was sitting at the bottom. He didn't aggro and fairly easy to take down. Do not grab the other guys near him. They will destroy ~55 toon. This was the only thing looted from this mob.
Spiroc Wingblade <- The other "hard to get" item in the chain. Trying to get this solo will be more than a chore. This mob is on the last island (correct me if I'm wrong) in the Plane of Sky (PoS). He deathtouches ~30 seconds or so and will instantly respawn after he is dies. So, when you kill him, loot the body right away otherwise you might eat the next deathtouch.
Ancient Blade <- Dropped off the queen in Chardok. Watch the trap holes on the way to her. I fell in the one near the queen and had literally about 14 mobs on me in no time.
Block Of Permafrost <- Dropped by the Ice Giants near Permafrost keep.

I'm sure there are things I missed, but hope this helps anyone having troubles. Good luck!!
1.0 Checklist
# Jul 21 2012 at 5:57 PM Rating: Decent
309 posts
Please reply with any corrections, but there shouldn't be any, I used it and am holding the 1.0's as I type this.

[ ] Red Scabbard
( ) East Freeport: Hail Kargek Redblade, /say Tell me about the scabbard; What favor
( ) Receive Wax Sealed Note from Kargek
( ) Feerrott 1: Give Wax Sealed Note to Oknoggin Stonesmacker
( ) Receive Tiny Lute
( ) East Freeport: Give Tiny Lute to Kargek Redblade
( ) Receive
Redblade's Legacy
( ) East Karana: Give
Redblade's Legacy to
Tenal Redblade
( ) Receive
Totem of the Freezing War
( ) Everfrost Peaks: Loot
Heart of Frost from "a goblin wizard"
( ) East Karana: Give Tenal Redblade
Heart of Frost and Totem of Freezing War
( ) Nagafen's Lair: Loot Red Dragon Scales from Lord Nagafen
( ) Emerald Jungle: Loot Green Dragon Scales from
( ) East Karana: Give Tenal Redblade:

Totem of Fiery War
Green Dragon Scale
Red Dragon Scale
( ) Receive The Mark of the SwordB
( ) Plane of Hate: Loot Hand of the Maestro from Hand of the Maestro
( ) East Karana: Give Tenal Redblade:
Hand of the Maestro
The Mark of the Sword
( ) Receive Tenal's note to Kargek
( ) Plane of Sky: Loot Spiroc Wingblade from Spiroc Lord
( ) East Freeport: Give Kargek Redblade:
Spiroc Wingblade
Tenal's note to Kargek
( ) Receive Red Scabbard

[ ] Ancient Blade

( ) Chardok: Loot Ancient Blade from Queen Velazul Di`zok

[ ] Ancient Sword Blade
( ) Various Zones: Buy A Keg of Vox Tail Ale
( ) Acquire 2 Rebreathers (made with Tinkering skill)
( ) Permafrost Keep: Loot a block of permafrost from an ice giant
( ) OOT: Give Denken Strongpicks
2x Rebreather
Keg of Vox Tail Ale
Block of Permafrost
( ) Receive Anceint Sword Blade

[ ] Finely Crafted Dragon Head Hilt
( ) Timorous Deep: Pick up Severely Damaged Dragon Head Hilt near the king piece at chessboard
( ) Plane of Fear: Loot a Ball of Everling Golem from Fright, Dread, or Terror
( ) Dreadlands: Loot a Giant Sized Monocle from Mountain Giant Patriarch
( ) Frontier Mountains: Give Giant Sized Monocle to Mentrax Mountainbone
( ) Receive Rejesiam Ore
( ) East Freeport: Give to Wenden Blackhammer
Damaged Dragon Head Hilt
Ball of Everliving Golem
Rejesiam Ore
( ) Receive Finely Crafted Dragon Head Hilt
[ ] Jeweled Dragon Head Hilt
( ) Lake Rathe: Pick up Unjeweled Dragon Head Hilt from +2513, +920
( ) Various: Acquire a diamond
( ) Various: Acquire a black sapphire
( ) Various: Acquire a Jacinth
( ) East Freeport: Give Wenden Blackhammer
Unjeweled Dragon Head Hilt
Black Sapphire
( ) Acquire Jeweled Dragon Head Hilt
[ ] Jagged Blade of War
( ) Combine in Red Scabbard
Anceint Sword Blade
Ancient Blade
Finely Crafted Dragon Head Hilt
Jeweled Dragon Head Hilt
( ) Receive Jagged Blade of War
1.0 Checklist
# Sep 25 2012 at 7:41 AM Rating: Decent
Lets make this interactive : Warrior 1.0 epic checklist
Spreadsheets for Epics
# Jul 06 2012 at 12:39 AM Rating: Decent
73 posts
I am slowly building them.

Based on Solusek Ro since 1999
Kenuven Unlimited 55 Preserver
Uzerin Ascended 52 Elementalist
Coldor Ascended 44 Monk
Coin Operated 39 Bard
Bakztab 39 Rogue
Milduu Ztaen 28 Shadowknight
Agnoce 10 Warrior
Spreadsheets for Epics
# Jul 21 2012 at 4:21 PM Rating: Default
Oh YES! Thank you - absolutely awesome.
NPC Name
# Jun 01 2012 at 9:20 PM Rating: Good
309 posts
First NPC's name is Kargek, not Kargak as listed here.
startig the 1.0
# May 19 2010 at 8:46 AM Rating: Decent
Bold TextI decided to start my epic at level 55. I am on povar server. I had no difficulty in east freeport as the npc Kargek Redblade is clearly marked on the map. At leaset on mine he was. The npc Oknoggin Stonesmacker is located right were the loc key says he is. Actually Relativly close to the POK book. If you are looking at you map he is to the left over by the bridge. He conned indiffrently to my level 55 Drakkin Warrior. Handed him the note and he gave me the lute. So i went back to east freeport and turned the lute in to Redblade. He handed me the book to take to his brother in east karana. I ran to east karana and went over to the end of the canyon to highpass. Handed him the book and got my first totem. This took me about 2 hours to do. I am on dial up so might not take someoen else as long. So far all npc's are in the places Alla. hasmarked on the quest for the epic. gl to you if i find anything diffrent Ill post it.

~~Remember who you are!~~
Epic lore
# Apr 01 2010 at 12:59 PM Rating: Decent
71 posts
In regards to the Jeweled Dragon Head Hilt... for those that are interested... if you Hail Felodius Sworddancer at the very start of the canyon in East Karanas he asks if you want to hear a story. Respond with "a story?" and the next text only has one word with the [text] brackets. If you ask about an ogre legend and then follow the text and he tells you a little about the 2 blades and how they came to be and what gems to use. I don't know if this is anywhere in earlier posts as there are a lot. I'm am currently going through the text to see where it leads to as I type this post, any more info on this and it will be posted!
Epic lore
# Apr 03 2010 at 7:27 AM Rating: Decent
2,308 posts
Here is the complete dialogue:

[Sat Apr 03 08:17:32 2010] You say, 'Hail, Felodius Sworddancer'

[Sat Apr 03 08:17:33 2010] Felodius Sworddancer says 'Hello, Suuvian. I am Felodius Sworddancer. A traveling historian and storyteller. Would you care to hear a [story]?'

[Sat Apr 03 08:17:40 2010] You say, 'tell me a story'

[Sat Apr 03 08:17:40 2010] Felodius Sworddancer says 'I could treat you to a story about an ogre legend! Or perhaps you would like to hear a story about the [gnome] who cried kobold?'

[Sat Apr 03 08:17:52 2010] You say, 'tell me about an ogre legend'

[Sat Apr 03 08:17:52 2010] Felodius Sworddancer says 'Suteng was an ogre champion who walked the land long before the children of Rallos Zek were cursed. He feared no other creation of Zek and the children of the other gods were to be laughed at. It was at this time that Rallos Zek was seeking a warrior to unite all of his armies and lead them to battle against the forces of the other [gods].'

[Sat Apr 03 08:18:21 2010] You say, 'what other gods?'

[Sat Apr 03 08:18:21 2010] Felodius Sworddancer says 'Suteng was a great combatant, however, he was far too cocky to become a suitable leader and this displeased Rallos Zek. One who respected no one could not do this. In order to test Suteng, who had grown far too confident, Rallos had his twin sons craft two swords to test his great ogre warrior's reaction and resolve. Rallos created a great red scabbard to hold the swords as [well].'

[Sat Apr 03 08:18:44 2010] You say, 'as well as what?'

[Sat Apr 03 08:18:44 2010] Felodius Sworddancer says 'The swords were like no others, each one having an ornately crafted hilt shaped like a dragon head. Sparkling diamonds, black sapphires and jacinth covered the handles as well. The razor sharp blades were covered in runes that glowed and [shimmered].'

[Sat Apr 03 08:19:01 2010] You say, 'shimmered'

[Sat Apr 03 08:19:01 2010] Felodius Sworddancer says 'Suteng bowed in reverence to his lord Rallos Zek as he was given the weapons. Rallos warned Suteng that these weapons might destroy him if he were not truly worthy of leading his armies. Not heeding Rallos' warning that the weapons might be too powerful for him to control, Suteng gathered up a raiding party of his finest warriors to seek [battle].'

[Sat Apr 03 08:19:15 2010] You say, 'what battle?'

[Sat Apr 03 08:19:15 2010] Felodius Sworddancer says 'They traveled across the lands in search of a suitable target. Finally they came across a goblin army camped upon the plains. Suteng sounded his battle charge and his band of ogres charged down the hillside into the army's [encampment].'

[Sat Apr 03 08:19:28 2010] You say, 'encampment'

[Sat Apr 03 08:19:28 2010] Felodius Sworddancer says 'With each swipe of their swords the ancient ogres slew many goblins. Suteng waded through the battle, his new weapons calling out for the blood of more powerful foes. His bloodlust grew with each kill, his blades spurring him onward. Ignoring his own wounds, he fought on until the goblin army was dead or scattered to the [winds].'

[Sat Apr 03 08:19:40 2010] You say, 'winds'

[Sat Apr 03 08:19:40 2010] Felodius Sworddancer says 'Only the hulking ogres of old remained standing on the blood-soaked plains. Suteng felt like a god and that would be his downfall. He looked to his companions, the great and powerful ogre warriors with whom he had killed and shed blood. Suteng felt nothing but contempt for them. They, of course, were weaker than he, or at least so he [thought].'

[Sat Apr 03 08:19:54 2010] You say, 'thought'

[Sat Apr 03 08:19:54 2010] Felodius Sworddancer says 'Without a second thought, Suteng stabbed the ogre nearest to him in the neck with one of the swords. His body moved like a whirlwind of death, slaughtering his own companions. The ogres fought back valiantly, no match for Suteng with his enchanted [blades].'

[Sat Apr 03 08:20:12 2010] You say, 'blades'

[Sat Apr 03 08:20:13 2010] Felodius Sworddancer says 'The laughter of Rallos Zek boomed across the plains as the Lord of War appeared before Suteng and took the weapons from the ogre's hands. The swords slashed into Suteng swiftly, killing him where he stood. The Lord of War spoke to the remaining ogres on the battlefield, explaining why he had [tested] Suteng.'

[Sat Apr 03 08:20:25 2010] You say, 'tested'

[Sat Apr 03 08:20:26 2010] Felodius Sworddancer says 'He also told them each that if they wished to wield the weapons, they would have to seek them out for they would be broken into pieces and spread across Norrath. The blades would not be whole again until a suitable warrior found the pieces, and gained the red [scabbard].'

[Sat Apr 03 08:20:37 2010] You say, 'scabbard'

[Sat Apr 03 08:20:37 2010] Felodius Sworddancer says 'The Lord of War handed the smallest ogre the great red scabbard and told him that it was his charge, and the charge of his family, to test any warrior who wished to have it.'
more dialogues
# Feb 23 2010 at 7:08 PM Rating: Good
2,308 posts
Run back to East Freeport and give the Tiny Lute to Kargek Redblade to receive a book called Redblade's Legacy.

[Tue Feb 23 04:55:03 2010] Kargek Redblade says 'Thank you for delivering the note to my associate. Take this book - it will tell you a little of the history of the old scabbard. If you would like to own the scabbard, seek out my younger brother Tenal and give him the book.'

[Tue Feb 23 04:55:03 2010] You gain experience!!

Take the book over to his brother in East Karana - Tenal Redblade, who is at the very end of the canyon next to the ramp to Highpass. Hand him the book and receive a Frozen War Totem.

[Tue Feb 23 05:11:12 2010] You say, 'Hail, Tenal Redblade'

[Tue Feb 23 05:11:12 2010] Tenal Redblade says 'What brings you to my home, Zraoz? Do you seek knowledge of Rallos Zek and the great wars to come?'

[Tue Feb 23 05:11:25 2010] Tenal Redblade says 'So, you know my brother Kargek. He is weak and does not believe the legend that our family was chosen by Rallos Zek to bear the great scabbard. Yet he still holds it. Very well, I shall give you the first test since my 'dear' brother seems to have forgotten it. Travel to the fortress where the children of Rallos were first cursed by the Rathe and bring me the heart of one of the goblins who have made it their new home. Do not return without the heart of your foe and this war totem.'

[Tue Feb 23 05:11:25 2010] You gain experience!!

Death Touch
# Jan 09 2010 at 10:22 PM Rating: Decent
169 posts
Yes a few of these mobs Death Touch and you can't do it unless you have friends, and apparently the monk disc doesn't work anymore, don't quote me. Easy way to handle death touch mobs now are with mercenaries. With a healer mercenary you can just aggro something and eat Death Touch, mercenary rezs you and you have at least a 20 second chance on doing it yourself. Was easy with my SK. Just either Harm Touch to initiate the death touch and you come back and your mob is dead...or attack and when you come back you can Harm Touch.

Either way it can work in some cases, for example the golems in pofear, if you are doing the spiroc in posky...expect two death touches unless you can manage to pull the lord away from his spawn point. Just my 2 cents:)

Managed to gather all needed items to MQ or to loot for an alt or a friend easily, just expect to get squashed a few times, no biggy.
Oknoggin Stonesmacker location
# Dec 20 2009 at 1:29 PM Rating: Decent
My warrior is doing this finally. We looked around for quite sometime using /loc before finding Oknoggin Stonesmacker. Although the loc for him is given it seems it can vary. We found him at +787, +1161, (N-W) He is next to the stone bridge deepest in the zone, NW corner just to the North of it.
Notes here say he roams, I am not sure this is accurate as he has not moved from this location in over 10 mins now.

Using a tracker would make finding him much faster of course. Smiley: smile

I hope this makes it easier and faster for you to find him. Smiley: nod

Watch out for Bouncer Hurd he roams that area. Should be an easy kill but faction hits are... Oggok Guards = worse, Clurg (vendor in Feerott)= worse

Edited, Dec 20th 2009 1:23pm by Kuzain
trouble with mq
# Nov 22 2009 at 8:43 PM Rating: Decent
Ok i need to know how to do the mq for your self i have the wingblage on one toon and the war has the rest how do i do this everytime i try i get the sword handed back
# Aug 03 2009 at 10:33 AM Rating: Decent
39 posts
post is null

Edited, Aug 3rd 2009 6:51pm by VonsneerTheScoundrel
Starting Epic
# Aug 03 2009 at 8:38 AM Rating: Decent
28 posts
Hi, I need a little help getting started, I took my hubby's ogre war to freeport but he's kos there, how can I get started?
Just Finished
# Dec 08 2008 at 11:00 PM Rating: Default
Just finished this epic on my level 2 twink also, all 3 plane drop MQs worked correctly, so it can problly be done at level 1 then, but that boring tutorial gets ya level 2 =p
Just Finished
# Mar 28 2009 at 10:28 AM Rating: Decent
I did this as well my warrior leveled to 3 from the mqs.
Stuck in Plane of Sky
# Nov 01 2008 at 3:14 AM Rating: Decent
I can't seem to get to the next island in Plane of Sky...can anyone help me??
Stuck in Plane of Sky
# Jul 17 2009 at 7:45 PM Rating: Default
Just kill urself and run back to Plane of Sky, a necro or SK can summon your corpse across islands, or find ppl who are keyyed and campfire to the island.
What is the deal with MQ's?
# Oct 18 2008 at 1:06 PM Rating: Decent

I am wondering, why does everyone post asking for BoEG and Spiroc Wingblade MQ's (not sure what that is) rather than kill the mobs and loot them?

I am noticing a trend here, and from my own experiences I will never be able to buy either of these MQ's (guessing that is what happens)? So can someone help me and tell me how are warrior's supposed to obtain their epic?

Thank you
What is the deal with MQ's?
# Mar 10 2009 at 12:21 AM Rating: Decent
81 posts
The spiroc wingblade and ball of everliving golem drop from mobs that death touch. So even if you're higher level you will need some help. There is one mob in fear that drops the ball and doesn't death touch but finding him up is rare due to it being pretty much perma camped.
What is the deal with MQ's?
# Dec 24 2008 at 4:26 PM Rating: Good
37 posts
Some of these items are no-trade and rare, and most people don't want to have to spend all their time camping these mobs until one of them drops.

MQ means Multi-Quest, essentially it is when one person hands in part of the required turn in for the quest and then someone else, usually the person who is going to get the reward, hands in their part.
MQ Spiroc Wingblade
# Aug 07 2008 at 6:05 AM Rating: Decent
PAYING 200k for a MQ of the Spiroc Wingblade on the Luclin Server. PST to Warmungar or SOE Email.
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