Shaman Epic: Spear of Fate  

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Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Epic
  • Experience
  • Faction
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Quest Items:
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Era:Ruins of Kunark
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
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  • All
Entered: Mon May 13 15:40:49 2002
Modified: Fri Sep 11 01:36:44 2020
Need faction hit amounts for many of the various stages of this quest.

NOTE: A patch on March 25, 2015, added a work-around to obtain items from Cazic Thule, Dread, Fright, and Terror:

In the Plane of Fear, a harbinger of Fear can help adventurers get their epic 1.0 pieces that would normally drop from Cazic-Thule or the golems. These pieces cannot be multi-quested or traded. In addition, a harbinger of Fear can advance the Whistling Fists quest in the same way as Cazic-Thule.

Quick Guide/Checklist

Part I - Test of Patience

[ ] Opaque Gem
    [ ] Kill Either: Capt Sureshot in Ocean of Tears, Peg Leg in Butcherblock Mountains, or an Iksar Manslayer in Field of Bone.
    [ ] a lesser spirit will spawn, tell it "i wish to know more" to receive a Tiny Gem.
    [ ] Find Bondl Felligan in West Freeport outside the gates behind a hidden wall in the north. Give him the Tiny Gem.
    [ ] Tell Bondl "You can buy booze". A greater spirit will spawn in the basement of the Jade Tiger's Den.
    [ ] Tell the Greater Spirit whatever deity you follow Tribunal=Justice, Cazic=Fear, Innoruuk=Hate, Rallos=War
    [ ] Another Greater Spirit will spawn down the hall. Ask "who or what is the Heyokah". Receive: Opaque Gem

[ ] Small Gem
    [ ] Give the Opague Gem to Ooglyn in Eruds Crossing. Follow her to -1600, 4200 Underwater. NOTE: You will want to bring some form of Enduring Breath.
    [ ] Srafen the Soaked will spawn after a time. Follow his dialogue or ask him "Who else?"
    [ ] Dillon the Drowned will spawn and begin talking to Srafen. Follow his dialogue or ask him "what was disastrous?" Dillon and Srafen will despawn.
    [ ] Froham the Forgotten will spawn after a bit. Follow his dialogue or ask him "Who is Abe". Froham will wander off, don't move.
    [ ] Abe the Abandoned will spawn after a bit. Follow his dialogue (he has long pauses) or tell him "i will give them the arrow". Receive: a broken arrow.
    [ ] After a time Abe will Wander off and ask you to follow him. Stay where you are and wait for the Greater Spirit to spawn.
    [ ] Follow the Greater Spirit's dialogue or tell him "What next path". Receive: A Small Gem

Part II Test of Wisdom

[ ] Sparkling Gem
    [ ] Find Tabien the Goodly in Rathe Mountains. Loc 6300, 1500. Kill them and loot Marr's Promise.
    [ ] Find Glaron the Wicked in Rathe Mountains. Loc 2900, -1900. Kill them and loot Woe and Envy.
    [ ] Find "a wandering spirit" in West Karana, it looks like a wisp. Give it the Small Gem for a +faction hit.
    [ ] Turn in Marrs Promise, Woe and Envy to a wandering spirit in West Karana. Get a +Faction Hit
    [ ] Ask the spirit about "Shield of Falsehood" to Receive: Shield of Falsehood, AND ask about "the last path" to receive a Sparkling Gem

Part III Test of Might

[ ] Ancient Journal
    [ ] Kill Black Dire in Mistmoore Castle, found in the back of the trench by the castle itself. Loot Black Dire Pelt
    [ ] Find the Spirit Sentinel in Emerald Jungle, location 1250, 300. Give it the Sparkling Gem for a +Faction Hit
    [ ] Give the Black Dire pelt to Spirit Sentinel in Emerald Jungle. Receive Black Fur Boots and a +Faction hit.
    [ ] Follow the dialogue from Spirit Sentinel or tell him "I will learn how it all began". Receive: Ancient Journal.

Part IV The Final Test

[ ] Completed Report
    [ ] Loot Personal Diary Page in CoM. Random drop from trash mobs
    [ ] Loot Criers Scroll in CoM. Random drop from trash mobs
    [ ] Loot Merchants Letter in CoM. Random drop from trash mobs
    [ ] Loot Written Announcement in CoM. Random drop from trash mobs
    [ ] Loot Priests Diary page in CoM. Random drop from trash mobs
    [ ] Loot Students log in CoM. Dropped by spectral courier who spawns around the "stables" area.
    [ ] Combine all 6 reports in an Ancient Journal for the Completed Report. Give this to the Spirit Sentinel for a +Faction Hit

[ ] Lord Ghiosk's Books
    [ ] Kill Lord Ghiosk in CoM. He will spawn following the death of a black reaver in the temple past the moat area. Requires Stone Key or a lockpicker to get to.
    [ ] Loot Historic Article, Crusades of the High Scale, and Head Housekeepers log.
    [ ] Give spirit sentinel in Emerald Jungle the Article, Log and Crusades.

[ ] Neh`Ashiirs Diary
    [ ] Pick up Icon of High Scale (ground spawn) in City of Mist. Location 132, -369, -13 (Right Temple area immediately when you enter CoM).
    [ ] Bring a group to The Hole. High Scale Kirn is found at the top of the Revenant Tower past the city. Give him the Icon for a +Faction Hit
    [ ] Kill High Scale Kirn when he attacks. Loot an Engraved Ring off him
    [ ] Give the Engraved ring to Neh`Ashiir in City of Mist (He spawns following the death of a black reaver at the end of the floating platforms). Will require a lockpicker or creative use of levitate.
    [ ] Neh`Ashiir will respawn and attack. Kill him and loot Neh`Ashiirs Diary as well as the Key of Torsis if he drops it.
    [ ] Turn in the diary to the Spirit Sentinel in Emerald Jungle for a +Faction hit.

[ ] Kill any golem in Plane of Fear to spawn an "ikar broodling". Kill the broodling and loot a Childs Tear. (You monster.)

[ ] Spear of Fate (EPIC)
    [ ] Lord Rak'Ashiir will spawn following the death of a black reaver up the "elevator" in City of Mist. Requires either the Key of Torsis or a lockpicker to reach.
    [ ] Give Lord Rak`Ashiir the Childs Tear. He will respawn and attack. Kill him and loot Iksar Scale.
    [ ] Turn in scale to the Spirit Sentinel in Emerald Jungle and receive your epic!

Note that Form of the Great Bear illusion may cause several parts of this quest not to function properly. Use with great caution.

It is also important to do the steps in order. Otherwise you won't have sufficient faction to complete later steps.

Part I - Test of Patience

Ocean of Tears

Go to cyclops island in the Ocean of Tears at approximately +2400, -3000 post-revamp and kill Capt Surestout.

Capt Surestout died.

Your faction standing with Pirates of Gunthak got worse.
Your faction standing with Inhabitants of Firiona Vie got better.

Capt Surestout says 'You have run me through! Beware the Pirates of Gunthak.. They will avenge me.. Unngh!!

"A lesser spirit" will spawn where he's killed.

a lesser spirit begins to cast a spell.

a lesser spirit's body pulses with energy.

a lesser spirit regards you indifferently -- You could probably win this fight

You say, 'Hail, a lesser spirit'

a lesser spirit says 'Did you take this person's life, shaman?'

You say, 'Yes.'

a lesser spirit says 'Why have you taken this person's life, ______? Did he threaten your life? Did you dislike him? Or was his death a profit to you in some way?'

You say, 'He threatened my life.'

a lesser spirit says 'I see. It brings me sadness to see another die, but his heart was black and a great nothingness. His body will become the grass now. Thank you for what you have done, shaman.'

You say, 'What are you?'

a lesser spirit says 'What, or who, I am isn't as important as what, or who, WE are. Do you wish to know more, shaman?'

You say, 'I wish to know more.'

a lesser spirit says 'That is good, ______. Take this gem. It is a part of us like the clouds to the sky and is a wonderful gift from the grandfather. Take this gem to where the humans gather to spoil the land and water. Some call it a port. There you will find one of us, a shaman like yourself. Give him the gem and perhaps he will tell you more of the spirits.'

You receive a Tiny Gem.

West Freeport

Head to West Freeport and find Bondl Felligan at location +1024, -160, -79 behind an invisible wall leading to the sewers of Freeport.

You say, 'Hail, Bondl Felligan'

Bondl Felligan burps loudly in your face and says, 'Bah! Leave me be, fool! You have nothin' I want and I certainly have nothin' you want.'

Give him the Tiny Gem.

Bondl Felligan says 'WOW, thanks! This must be worth a fortune! I could drink for a month after sellin' this to one of them fool merchants. I'm going to see how much I can get for it right now!'

Your faction standing with Truespirit has been adjusted by 100.
You gain experience!!

No need to wait for him to move or hail him, you can immediately say 'You can buy booze' and he will lead you to 'The Jade Tiger's Den' and into the basement. Once he gets there, a greater spirit will spawn.

Bondl Felligan says 'What!? You don't approve of me buyin' some drinks with this gem? Who the heck are you to offer me a gift and order me what to do with it? Is this some kinda conditional kindness? Well? Are you gonna let me buy some booze with this or not?'

You say, 'You can buy booze.'

Bondl Felligan suddenly becomes completely sober and says, 'Very well, shaman, please come with me.'

Note: After giving Bondl the gem once, simply going up to him and saying "You can buy booze." at any time will cause the spirit to spawn in the room. No need to start over from the beginning.

You say, 'Hail, a greater spirit'

a greater spirit says 'Greetings, shaman. Tell me, do you follow [Justice], [War], [Fear], or [Hate]?'

You say, 'I follow Justice.'

a greater spirit says 'Ah, a follower of the Tribunal from the North you are, then. You would be best served by speaking to my brother in the next room. Farewell, _____.'

If you say 'I follow fear' or 'I follow war' you get the response:

A greater spirit says 'While I do not agree with how you go about your existence, we do [trust] that your place in the whole is important. You may think that you enslave and command us with the powers the gods grant you, but we are aware of your intentions and accept them. You are a hunter and the spirits are your prey. However, there are times when we, the [true spirits] and those like you, can work together to achieve goals, whether mutual or not. Some help us willingly and some we make deals with. Regardless of the intention, these special individuals are known as [Heyokah].

If you say 'I follow honor' you get the response:

a greater spirit says 'Ah, it does me much good to meet with one who holds respect and reverence for the spirits. You would be best served by speaking to my brother in the next room, though. Farewell _____.'

Go to the next room at the end of the hall.

You say, 'Hail, a greater spirit'

a greater spirit says 'It is good to see you, ______. We're glad you trusted in our brother and did what was asked regardless of Bondl's intentions. This fills us with joy, as the [true spirits] work in ways most people would not understand and [trust] is the first lesson of the [Heyokah].'

You say, 'What true spirits?'

a greater spirit says 'As a shaman, spirits are known to you. They aid you if you pay them homage and respect the world around you. They also will bend to your will if you are powerful enough. We are a part of the entire universe and we exist because people believe and feel us. However [very few] know us in this form. To mortals we are but ideas, [wisps of consciousness] in an expanse of emptiness and as difficult to grasp as breath in Everfrost.'

You say, 'Who are the very few?'

a greater spirit says 'There are only a handful of mortals we've judged worthy to be friends and, reluctantly, masters. We call them the [Heyokah]. Bondl is one of them and he helps to test those we believe might be able to grasp our existence. There are many troubles that threaten us and our home. We seek those with the wisdom, patience, and might to help us ensure the health of the cosmos. Whether you seek balance or personal power, this is important to you.'

You say, 'What wisps of consciousness?'

a greater spirit says 'It is difficult for mortals to grasp what we are for we are not material that can be held or consumed. We are the spirit that drives beings to do what beings do. The wolf lives to run and hunt. When you ask for his aid, his spirit enters your body and you 'become' wolf. The ox is the personification of endurance and when he enters your body, you do not become an ox, you become all that is ox. I myself am the spirit of understanding.'

You say, 'What trust?'

a greater spirit says 'Trust is the glue of the universe. When one trusts others to do their part, it allows them to focus on what they must do themselves. The trust that others have in us also gives us the confidence to do our parts effectively, thus maintaining harmony. When one becomes dissatisfied with his part and pursues his own desires, this is called greed. And greed destroys the glue of the universe. This is why we wished the bandits under the grass.'

You say, 'Who or what is the Heyokah?'

a greater spirit says 'The Heyokah are our mortal counterparts. Some are our friends who seek to help us in whatever goals we deem important. Some seek nothing more than to enslave and command us to do their bidding. We accept this and often make deals with those we realize are powerful enough to accomplish what needs to be done. To judge such individuals, we have prepared a test. We ask that before we enter into these contracts, the shaman walk the [path of the Heyokah]. We see you may be worthy. Will you walk the path? You will be rewarded for your efforts, albeit grudgingly.'

You receive an Opaque Gem.

You say, 'I will walk the path of the Heyokah.'

a greater spirit says 'That is good, ______. You will need to walk three paths before you can reach that of the Heyokah. The paths of patience, wisdom, and might. First, you must learn patience. Take this gem and go on a pilgrimage to an island in the great water the wasichu call Erud's Crossing. The Kerrans there are our allies and can show you to our next contact, Ooglyn. Give Ooglyn the gem and do what she asks. As you walk the path, remember what you've learned about trust.'

The spirit despawns.

Erud's Crossing

Find Ooglyn, a female ogre shaman, at approximately -900, +1600. If she isn't up, her spawn time is around 2 hours.

You say, 'Hail, Ooglyn'

Ooglyn says 'Ooooh, it you, ______. Me's been waitin for you cuz our frenz say you comin an need da test. So's I gib you da test. Hmm, now where me put it? Ooglyn been waiting for sign for so long dat me forget where me put test. Keep your eyes out for sign while me look for test. Oh, hey, ______, they gib you gem? I need dat gem, please, heheh.'

Give her the Opaque Gem.

Ooglyn says 'Ahhh, tank you, now me can...OH LOOK!! DA SIGN!!!! Oh, sorry you missed it. The sign show you where to wait for da test. Follow me...I like you so I take you there. We goin for a swim, ______!'

Your faction standing with Truespirit has been adjusted by 100.
You gain experience!!

Ooglyn begins to cast a spell.

Ooglyn feels much faster.

Ooglyn begins to cast a spell.

Ooglyn is surrounded by a brief lupine aura.

Ooglyn begins to cast a spell.

Ooglyn's body pulses with energy.

Ooglyn says 'Ok shaman, let us be off.'

She then starts to run away. Follow her until she disappears into the water. Head into the water (make sure you've got some form of Enduring Breath) and head to -1600, +4200. She'll be waiting for you there.

Ooglyn says 'Ok, here Is place for you to for waiting. Hab fun shaman!'

She then wanders away. Don't panic, just be patient and stay where you are. Various NPCs will spawn over time while you wait.

You say, 'Hail, Srafen the Soaked'

Srafen the Soaked says 'Why hello there! Ahh, it's good to see a new face down [here]. So you've come to [wait] with [us] eh? That is splendid! It's been getting very boring lately.'

You say, 'Where is here?'

Srafen the Soaked says 'Oh! Well this is where [we wait]. It's not much for looks but if you're lucky, a pretty fish will swim by. Oh, and once Dillon said he saw one of those fish women, a mermaid, he called it! Although, I'm not so sure of his state of mind, hehehe. He's been waiting here much longer than I.'

You say, 'Who is us?'

Srafen the Soaked says 'Well, there's me, Srafen. I've been down here for, can't quite remember, a number of years, I guess. If my wife saw the condition my clothes are in, she'd whack me, I'm sure, heheh. Although I'd bet she's long since dead, probably. Then there's Dillon. He says he's been here since those people up top in Erud blew that big hole in the ground. Not sure what happened but I guess it was a long time ago. Hmmmm, who [else]?'

You say, 'What do you wait for?'

Srafen the Soaked says 'We've been waiting quite some time, really. I have been here the least amount of time, but that doesn't help keep the boredom away, heheh. What are we waiting for, you ask? HehehHAahahah! What are we waiting for?? Heheheh, what a silly question! It's quite obvious if you take the time to think about it. Heh. Ummm.. I'm really not sure.'

You say, 'Who else?'

Srafen the Soaked says 'Ahh, yes, there's also a really old guy I've only seen a couple times, name's Froham. Whew, he is really old, and not much of a talker. Mostly mumbles from time to time. Dillon says he's been here since Erud first took his people across the sea. Not sure who this Erud feller is but Froham isn't in the best of shape, so it must have been a LONG time ago. Froham did mention there's one other guy but we've never seen him. He apparently had something to do with the Combine Empire, no idea what that is though.'

The next 2 NPCs spawn at the same time and speak to each other as well as you.

Dillon the Drowned says 'Well met again, Srafen. How goes it?'

You say, 'Hail, Dillon the Drowned'

Dillon the Drowned says 'Hey Srafen, who is this weirdo talking to me? Or is it another one of those funny illusions Froham keeps talking about?'

Srafen the Soaked looks around frantically a moment then laughs and says, 'Ohhh, them! Hehehe! This is a friend of mine come to wait with us. Isn't that exciting, Dillon? And it's not just an illusion, I don't think! Say, are you [an illusion], shaman?'

You say, 'No, I am not an illusion.'

Srafen the Soaked says 'Awww, well that's too bad. Although illusions and real people don't seem to be much different at times, so, please stay and keep Dillon and me company. We could use it, right Dillon?'

Srafen the Soaked says 'Hey Dillon, why don't you tell us again about what happened up top? You know, where they blew that big hole into the ground.'

Dillon the Drowned says 'Again? Oh I don't know Srafen, I don't want to [bore] our company, even if it is an illusion.'

You say, 'You won't bore me.'

Dillon the Drowned says 'Well ok, I was sent here a long time ago to wait. When I got here, I couldn't believe all the violence going on. Why would the spirits send me here to wait when all this fighting and commotion was going on, I wondered. There were great battles on the ocean in splendid ships made of pine and shining with [magical enhancements]. While I was waiting below, blasted, bloody body parts were floating down to the bottom of the ocean all around me.'

You say, 'What magical enhancements?'

Dillon the Drowned says 'Yes, their ships were very strange, constructed in very unusual designs and all seemed to shine with a multicolored glow. I heard there was even a ship that could stay completely underwater for long periods of time. It had huge steel spikes protruding from the top of its hull used to 'swim' under enemy ships and puncture their hulls. I always thought that someday all this magic would cause something [disastrous] and eventually, it did.'

You say, 'What was disastrous?'

Dillon the Drowned says 'Well, one time, I was here waiting as usual. The fighting was particularly heavy up top, lots of banging and rumbling around. And suddenly there was a tremendous screech! I had to cover my ears, it was so loud, even down here. It felt like the water itself was being torn asunder; I could imagine what was happening above. After a few seconds of the screeching came a terrible tremor and rumbling. Great cracks opened up around me and water rushed to fill them, almost dragging me down into the gods know what. It calmed down a little while after that and there hasn't been any real fighting ever since. I suspect they're all dead now. For weeks afterwards, the water had a kind of dead taste to it. I became ill during that time.'

Srafen the Soaked says 'Okay, well, I've had enough. Yet again, we've waited for nothing. Sometimes I wonder if the spirits are real after all. Well I for one am going to go find something fun to do, perhaps fish with Temian- this is obviously a waste of time. Come with me, Shaman, it'll be great fun! Farewell Dillon.'

Dillon the Drowned says 'Hey wait! I'm coming with!'

Stay put.

Froham the Forgotten spawns.

You say, 'Hail, Froham the Forgotten'

Froham the Forgotten looks up at you and mumbles a brief greeting. He appears uncomfortable around others.

You say, 'Who are you?'

Froham the Forgotten glances up at you, fiddling with his bony fingers and mumbles, 'Mmmm me name's Froham..I'm 'ere [waitin].'

You say, 'What are you waiting for?'

Froham the Forgotten . just waitin' . . . it'll [be ere soon], I s'pose.

You say, 'What will be here soon?'

Froham the Forgotten obviously has trouble communicating. He shifts uncomfortably and says, 'Well I'm not sure, but it's real important. I been 'ere fer a [long time], a real long time. So I'll keep waitin' til it comes'

You say, 'What long time?'

Froham the Forgotten says 'Been 'ere since Erud sailed over with his friends. They let me catch a ride on their ship after I told them I needed to come 'ere to wait. He was a nice fella, real smart. Though I'm thinkin' he's dead by now. Maybe [Abe] knows fer sure. Abe's been here longer'n me, even.'

You say, 'Who is Abe?'

Froham the Forgotten says 'Yeah, Abe's an old guy. Well, he's kinda beyond bein' old if ye know what I mean. Not all together either. His mind floats all over like the sea around us. But he's got enough sense to wait here like he's done fer, well, fer dang near ever. If ye see him, and he ain't much fer talkin' straight, ask him about [a broken arrow]. Not sure what it means to him but it seems to bring him around.'

Froham the Forgotten sighs heavily and says, 'Looks like it's not comin'. You know, Abe told me of a great treasure a ways away from here, guarded by one o' them girls with fish tails. I always wanted to go but those two jokers, Dillon and the other young one, never had the guts. Why don't ye come with me, shaman? We'll split the treasure fifty-fifty, fair and square.'

Froham the Forgotten wanders off. Don't follow him: This is a test of your patience. A few moments later another NPC spawns.

You say, 'Hail, Abe the Abandoned'

Abe the Abandoned turns his head slowly toward you but his eyes never come into focus. You can't tell if he's looking at you, behind you, or right in front of his own face. Then, suddenly, he shouts at the top of his lungs, 'HOOOOKAAAHEEEEYYYY! I AM [ABE]!'

You say, 'Who are you, Abe?'

Abe the Abandoned says 'Nothing is hidden. All is discernible if you only know where to look and you have the right [eyes]. Don't be angry with me if you can't get your eyes right to see what you're looking for. I'd lend you mine but I don't wear the same size.'

You say, 'What eyes?'

Abe the Abandoned begins to draw a picture in the mud with his finger although it doesn't seem to make any sense at all. He points to his picture and nods approvingly at you, saying, 'You see? The curtains fell and it was naught but a dream upon a landscape that we thought we knew. The dream of the [Combine] fulfilled when we finally trimmed our fingernails and looked into the mud. And now we are abandoned, in a world that none can see, no one has the eyes.'

You say, 'What is the Combine?'

Abe the Abandoned shakes his head in amusement and says, 'Heheheh, yeah, you'd think so, wouldn't you? But I guess not.'

Okay, Abe's a little loony. Time to get to the point:

You say, 'What broken arrow?'

Abe the Abandoned 's eyes suddenly come into focus, looking deep into your own and says, 'There was a time when we cared for the world and trod with the spirits along the paths of the cosmos. We built many great things and worked to preserve what was. I came here to wait for an answer when we began to die off. We could not figure why this was and I was chosen to come here and commune with our friends. We carved an arrow, and everyone who was left shaved a sliver of wood from it. We let it drop to hallowed ground and our highest shaman stepped on it, breaking it. I've been waiting here for so long. So, so long, to give it to the spirits, and thank them.'

Wait for a few minutes, then he'll speak again.

Abe the Abandoned says 'Shaman? My time will soon be at hand and I fear I will never see our friends again. But the arrow must be given, our holy broken arrow. Shaman, will you bear our obligation and [give them the arrow]? You will know who to give it to when it is time.'

You say, 'I will give them the arrow.'

Abe the Abandoned removes a quiver slung across his shoulder and solemnly hands it to you without a word.

You receive A Broken Arrow. Now keep waiting.

Abe the Abandoned suddenly gasps and says, 'I have found it! I know the answer! Come with me and I will tell you. Eyes are everywhere and this knowledeg is not for everyone. Finally my centuries of waiting are over hahahaha! Follow me Shaman!'

Don't move.

a greater spirit begins to cast a spell.

a greater spirit's body pulses with energy.

You say, 'Hail, a greater spirit'

a greater spirit says 'You have walked the path of patience and you now know what to expect. We are watchers. Our eyes are everywhere and we must be patient and quiet else we may miss what could be harmful. Can you sit still quietly and wait for just the right moment, then open your eyes with a fury and act with all the energy you have cultivated? Timing is everything, and without patience you cannot be sensitive to timing. You have shown your patience here and we believe you are ready to walk the [next path].'

You say, 'What next path?'

a greater spirit says 'You know trust and patience. But before we can allow you to act in our name, we must know that when you do decide to act, you will make the right choices. We must ask that you now walk the path of wisdom. You must walk to the great plains and search out one of us. He is a wanderer, and it is his nature to drift with the winds and weather doing what he can to ensure understanding and longevity to all that respect their home. He will not be easy to find, though, and you must remember what you have learned down here to succeed in finding him. When you do, give him this gem and follow his instructions.'

You receive A Small Gem.

Part II - Test of Wisdom

Western Karana

Look for "a wandering spirit." It looks like a wisp.

You say, 'Hail, a wandering spirit'

a wandering spirit stops and flashes brightly for a moment. It seems to be regarding you with interest.

Give it the Small Gem.

a wandering spirit says 'Oh, it is you, shaman! Good! You must hurry before it's too late. Go now to the Mountains they call Rathe and find them! They need your help quickly! They will know you when they see you and instruct you on how you can help, but you must hurry!'

Your faction standing with True Spirit got better.

You gain experience!!

Rathe Mountains

Find Tabien the Goodly at +6300, +1500, near the Unkempt Preservers area next to a stone engraved with a closed eye.

You say, 'Hail, Tabien the Goodly'

Tabien the Goodly says 'Oh thank Marr you are here, ______. I was beginning to think I would be abandoned in my time of need. I have a [task] for you to complete in the name of my patron Mithaniel Marr.'

You say, 'What task?'

Tabien the Goodly displays his shield that must once have been shining and regal but is now scoured in cuts, dents, and chipped paint. He says, 'This shield is known as Marr's Promise. It is a sacred relic that was actually used by one of Mithaniel's angels on the Plane of Valor. Its value to our church is immeasurable and I have been charged with the protection of it. However, a patriarch of the false god, Bertoxxulous, is after my shield and me. He must be stopped! Please, destroy him and bring me proof of his death.'

Go find Glaron the Wicked at +2900, -1900.

You say, 'Hail, Glaron the Wicked'

Glaron the Wicked says 'Are you the one they sent to help our cause? I should have known they would send a green witch doctor to serve Bertoxxulous and myself. Very well, you will have to suffice. I have a [task] you must fulfill if you wish to know the blessing of my god and impress your masters.'

You say, 'What task?'

Glaron the Wicked brandishes a long, wicked-looking bone dagger and there is a horrid, diseased stench as soon as he unsheathes it. He draws another blade, shorter and wider than the first, of blackened bone with a larger than normal hilt, obviously for defense. He says, 'This festering blade is called Woe, and this scorched one is called Envy. They were created on the Plane of Decay by Bertoxxulous' own hands. He has judged me worthy of the protection of such holy relics. However, there is one in these very mountains who seeks to destroy these relics. End this idiot follower of Marr's life and bring me proof.'

You have a decision to make. You can help Tabien OR you can help Glaron OR you can kill them both (no faction hits) to loot Marr's Promise, Woe, and Envy. The correct decision would be to kill both and take the 3 items to a wandering spirit. If you don't, this occurs:

If you help Tabien and hand in Woe to him:

Tabien the Goodly says 'That's one of the fiend's daggers. Quickly, where is the other one?'

Hand in Envy:

Tabien the Goodly says 'Ahh, thank Mithaniel you have put Glaron and his terrible reign to an end! You have done the world a great service by carrying out my instructions. Take this gem and give it to the one who sent you. He will reward you as befits such an accomplished mercenary such as yourself. Oh, and Marr be with you!'
You gain experience!!

Receive: Marble pebble (at this point Tabien despawns)

If you help Glaron and hand in Marr's Promise:

Glaron the Wicked says 'Hahahah! Even you were able to do away with that fool. It is only a matter of time before Bertoxxulous, with the help of devout followers like myself, wipes out all who attempt to stop the spread of filth and decay. You have done well, shaman, and your masters will be pleased with what you have done for me and my treasures. Take this and give it to your master. He will reward you.'

Receive: Obsidian Pebble (at this point Glaron despawns)

Upon turning in either the marble pebble or obsidian pebble you get this message from the wandering spirit (who despawns upon turn in also):

A wandering spirit says 'This is a sad day. You have failed and strayed from the path set before you. Please try to live as close to the spirits as you are able, though this is the closest you will ever get.'

Western Karana

Find "a wandering spirit" again.

You say, 'Hail, a wandering spirit'

a wandering spirit stops and flashes brightly for a moment. It seems to be regarding you with interest.

Give it the items.

a wandering spirit says 'You are close to passing the test, keep up the good work.'

a wandering spirit says 'You are close to passing the test, keep up the good work.'

a wandering spirit nods somberly and takes the items. After a moment, he says, 'It is unfortunate that it came to this, but nothing else was to be done. Both paragons had lost sight of their virtures to protect the items given to them. The mere protection of these material belongings was not as important to Mithaniel Marr or Bertoxulous as it was that they act with righteousness in their minds and purpose in their hearts. You saw this and acted accordingly. For that, we will reward you with the three treasures made into one to ward off the falsehood of possession, the [Shield of Falsehood]. You have walked the path and now, as your final test, we must set you along one [last path].'

Your faction standing with True Spirit got better.
You gain experience!!

You say, 'What Shield of Falsehood?'

a wandering spirit says 'Yes, I have taken Marr's Promise along with Woe and Envy and fashioned them together to create the Shield of Falsehood. Wield this in defense of possession and the weakness that comes with hoarding treasure instead of using it to accomplish your goals. May it serve you well, Barbarian.'

You receive the GIANT Shield of Falsehood.

You say, 'What last path?'

a wandering spirit says 'You have trusted us along the paths we have set before you. You have been known to be patient and await the right moment. And now, you have learned the wisdom to act in our best interest. However, one last path awaits, to determine if you have the ability to act out what must be done. There are many troubles about the world we try to rub out but none is more serious than the curse on what the wasichu call the Emerald Jungle. Go there and find one of our spirits. Show them the gem you have been given and follow the path they set you on.'

You receive a Sparkling Gem.

Part III - Test of Might

Emerald Jungle

Find the Spirit Sentinel at +1250, +300. Give it the Sparkling Gem.

Spirit Sentinel says 'Ahh, you live, shaman! I am glad the beasts of this jungle haven't torn your body asunder. Tell me, do you still walk the path? Are you willing to [continue what you have started]?'

Your faction standing with True Spirit got better.

The following dialog may not work for you, however you can still continue with the Black Dire wolf.

You say, 'I will continue what I have started.'

Spirit Sentinel says 'This brings happiness to our hearts and we are grateful. However, we must ask you to walk one more path before you can become a true Heyokah. With trust, one can focus on what is important. With patience, one can perceive what is harmful. With wisdom, one can know what must be done. These, you have learned, yet without the might to carry out what must be done, all is for naught. Are you [prepared to walk the path of might]?'

You say, 'I am prepared the walk the path of might.'

Spirit Sentinel says 'Good, good, Do you know this place, ______, this forest? The wasichu call it the Emerald Jungle, but we know it only as the terrible place. Where there is no spirituality, we are weak. The lost city in the middle of this jungle is a great void of belief not only absent of spirituality, but actually draining it from others. We are here to neutralize that void. The void is like the sky, and nothing escapes its gaze. If it senses us, it will drain us away and sometimes it turns our minds, making us [like the wasichu], crazy for things with no meaning.'

You say, 'How are you like the wasichu?'

Spirit Sentinel says 'Yes, there are some of us who have turned their backs on our world and struggle for possesions and power over others. These lost ones are our brothers and we cry for them. Our hearts are in pain like bleeding wounds when we think of them. The path of might will lead you to one of our lost brothers. We are afraid there is nothing we can do for him now, so you must eliminate him when you [find him].'

You say, 'Where will I find him?'

Spirit Sentinel says 'He left us long ago and walked the land for ages. He soon met a man, one of the pointy-ears that live underground. This man was like a void just like the one over that terrible place now. Our Brother-Friend was attracted to this man's desire and ambition. He no doubt thought that he could get what he wanted in service of this [dark point ear] who denied his own creator.'

You say, 'What dark point ear?'

Spirit Sentinel says 'After our brother began traveling with this point-ear, they became shrouded in a darkness we could not peer through. The point-ear was a powerful being and we soon lost their trail. We have no idea where he could be now. Although, after all these centuries, he has no doubt been gathering and cultivating his wealth and power. He must be an incredibly influential being at this point. Find this point-ear and draw our brother out, then destroy him and bring us proof. We await your return in somber mourning.'

Mistmoore Castle

There is a large wolf called Black Dire that may be found here. Its spawn time is around 4 hours, or you can trigger it by killing the Advisor in the castle's library. It despawns after 35 minutes or so. To get a response you must /con warmly or better (True Spirit faction).

You say, 'Hail, Black Dire'

Black Dire says 'So, you've come. I suppose my brothers have sent you to lead me back to their flock. Those fools are so blinded by their devotion they know nothing of life. If they only knew the power I've become, the luxuries I've amassed, the pleasures I've known, they too would leave that sour and unrewarding existence in seconds. You know, you could come to know what I have, shaman. You found me, which speaks of your intelligence; we could use you. What do you say, ______? [Will you join] my master Mayong Mistmoore?'

You say, 'I will NOT join you.'

Black Dire says 'Good shaman, now bare your neck that I may show our master your devotion in death. The more blood you spill upon the grass, the more impressed our Lord Mistmoore will be. Then maybe, just maybe, you will be allowed to scour our kitchen floors in the eternity of unlife. TEAR him to pieces, my wolves!'

It attacks. It's a very magic-resistant shadowknight, approximately level 50. Bring some friends and use Rune III to ward off its Harm Touch.

Loot a Black Dire Pelt.

Emerald Jungle

Give the Spirit Sentinel the Black Dire Pelt.

Spirit Sentinel begins to weep softly as he sees the pelt, battered and bloody. After a few moments, he says, 'We can only hope his passing was quick and painless. The Dire was powerful and yet you overcame him. Always remember that when you became [Heyokah], it was the passing of a noble, yet misguided being that allowed you to do so. You should hold a special place in your heart for him and what he was in life. To help you remember him, we will fashion this pelt into a pair of boots and give them to you. With every step you take, you must think on the Dire, else his death be in vain forever.'

Your faction standing with True Spirit got better.

You gain experience!!

You receive Black Fur Boots, with a clicky effect of Spirit of Wolf

You say, 'What is Heyokah?'

Spirit Sentinel says 'Yes, you have walked the Path of the Heyokah to its end. You have become what few have and we will now call to you as Heyokah ______. From now on, you are a direct link between the spirits and man. Whether your goals are to help us or master us, you are welcomed. Though there is little time for celebration. Do you feel the darkness of this place, the forest? To eyes not trained to see beyond physical appearances, it seems like any other forest. But you know, as do we, of the mantle over the city threatening all of us. We must [rub it out].'

You say, 'How do we rub it out?'

Spirit Sentinel says 'There are many such mantles scarring the universe and each is very different from the last. Removing them requires that we learn how they were created and go about reversing the damage done. We cannot enter under the mantle for long which is why we search out Heyokah such as yourself. We need you to enter the city and find out what you can about the [city's demise]. We hope you will do this for the cause of balance but if you desire none but your own power, we shall grant that as well.'

You say, 'What city's demise?'

Spirit Sentinel says 'It was known as Torsis. During its history it amassed great wealth and power yet it eventually crumbled. No one understands what happened. The men of the world ask themselves how a nation as successful as Torsis could ever fall. Some blame plague, internal unrest, the constant encroachment of the forest, and marauding bands of monsters but we alone know what happened. Just as Tabien and Glaron lost sight of their spiritual paths, so did Torsis. Without the awe and inspiration of that which was greater than themselves, they eventually withered away. The mantle was born long before the last days, though, and what we need to learn is [how it all began].'

You say, 'I will learn how it all began.'

Spirit Sentinel says 'Excellent! Go into the city and gather what evidence you can. The ghosts who still walk the streets may hoard precious memories that will aid us. Take this booklet and combine what you find in it. Then bring me the completed report. From there, we will know where to look next.'

You receive an Ancient Journal, a 6-slot MEDIUM container.

Part IV - The Final Test

Note: you can combine some of these steps to save yourself from traveling back and forth.

City of Mist

Six items drop off random mobs in the city: Personal Diary Page, Crier's Scroll, Merchant's Letter, Written Announcement, Priest's Diary Page, and Student's Log. All six are written in Lizardman. They identify as "Report Information 1-6 of 6." Once you've looted all six, combine them in the Ancient Journal to craft a Completed Report.

Emerald Jungle

Give the Completed Report to Spirit Sentinel.

Spirit Sentinel says 'Ahhh good, let us hope what you have found will point us in the right direction. Hmmm...this is interesting. It appears the disappearance of the first queen may have caused Rak'Ashiir's faith to decline. From there, the first King Rak laid down the groundwork for the city's eventual demise. We need to learn what happened to the queen. Perhaps bringing this knowledge to the King's now cursed form will lift the mantle. We've learned that the last lord of Torsis, Ghiosk, was a bit of a historian. Find him and see what you can learn about the queen. Take what you find to my brother here in the jungle beneath the murky waters of a pond.'

Your faction standing with True Spirit got better.

You gain experience!!

City of Mist

Kill Lord Ghiosk. He drops three books: Historic Article, Crusades of the High Scale, and Head Housekeeper's Log.

Emerald Jungle

Head to +3685, -640 in the pond. Give the Spirit Sentinel there the three books dropped by Lord Ghiosk.

Spirit Sentinel says 'Hmmm, it appears the queen's disappearance wasn't as random as we thought. It also looks as if this High Scale were having some sort of affair with Neh. We have little but speculation at this point, so making it known to Nak'Ashiir would do nothing. Perhaps finding the resting place of the High Scale will show us more of what really happened. We suspect the icon mentioned in this log could now be located in the city's old temple. Find the icon and bring it to Kirn, wherever he is. Tell us what you learn afterwards.'

Your faction standing with True Spirit got better.

City of Mist

From the zone in, walk across the bridge and open the gate. Turn right at the statue, then run straight forward through 2 arches. You are in a temple part of the city (on your left you should see a door and some waterfalls on the side of temple). This is the base camp. Pull all the mobs from behind that door you see at the base of the temple. Inside is another door directly in front of you; do not open this door, as it leads to the top levels of temple. Look to your right, there should be 3 skeletons and some phantoms (or there should have been). Walk down the stairs. There are two doors beside the stairs, one opening to the left and one opening to the right. Choose the left door. Inside is a small room with no monsters inside, and a small bag on the floor in the left corner. Click on the bag to pick up the Icon of the High Scale.

Ruins of Old Paineel (The Hole)

High Scale Kirn may be found in the revenant castle at the top end of the tower, beyond the city proper.

Note: you can use a Ball of Golem Clay from the clay golem in Cazic Thule to give yourself Earth Elemental illusion, bringing your faction up to amiably or warmly with everything in the city (unless you've spent a lot of time there killing things).

Give Kirn the Icon.

High Scale Kirn looks down at the icon in his hands for a long moment before speaking. 'Why did you bring me this? Are you here to accuse me of the queen's death?' High Scale Kirn chuckles venomously and continues, 'I am High Scale and beyond your petty laws. However, I wish the truth to be known. On my hand is a ring. If you can take it from me, show it to the queen and she will remember. However, I will not give up the ring easily.'

He attacks. Make sure you brought several friends to help. Once he's dead:

Your faction standing with True Spirit got better.

You gain party experience!!

Loot an Engraved Ring, which identifies as the "Promise Ring of Neh`Ashiir."

City of Mist

Give the ring to Neh`Ashiir.

Neh`Ashiir says 'Nothing is left to hide now. You shall have the truth. But truth is not won easily and if you cannot defeat me, you have not the ability to see that vengeance is served. Brace yourself!'

She respawns as aggressive and attacks. Kill her as well.

Your faction standing with True Spirit got better.

You gain party experience!!

Loot Neh`Ashiir's Diary.

Emerald Jungle

Head back to the Spirit Sentinel in the pond. Give it the diary.

Spirit Sentinel says 'So, the truth is found! Nak mourned over the loss of his child instead of relishing the blessing of his god, Cazic-Thule. His wife and the High Scale then abandoned him in disgust, but even that was an aftereffect of what caused the king to turn his back on his faith. The child is the key! If we put the child to rest, Nak may repent of what he has done and the mantle may be lifted. The most difficult task is now at hand. Find the child, then take proof of her passing to Nak. I can feel the mantle's foundation crumbling! Now, go!'

Your faction standing with True Spirit has been adjusted by 900

You gain experience!!

Plane of Fear

Kill the Iksar Broodling, a level 1 NPC that may spawn from the corpse of one of the golems, Dread, Fright, or Terror. Loot a Child's Tear.

City of Mist

Lord Rak`Ashiir can spawn from the corpse of a Black Reaver. Very important: he is KoS to anyone without sufficient True Spirit faction (possibly max ally). He is initially non-aggro until someone turns in the tear, someone attacks him, or someone with insufficient faction is nearby. Bring a raid, as he summons, gates, and has a nasty AE DoT as well. Once you give him the tear, he respawns as the epic version, and will try to kill the shaman who did the turn-in. Only the epic version drops the scale you need.

Once you give him the tear, he attacks immediately.

Your faction standing with True Spirit got better.

You gain experience!!

Lord Rak`Ashiir looks down at the tear in his hand and says 'A minion of my god came to me one night. I knew it was of Cazic-Thule as I was frozen in terror. My mind screamed for me to flee but my body would not respond. The being took my daughter and vanished to only he knew where. When I regained control of my body and thoughts, I felt nothing but betrayal. I don't care anymore about anything. If you want repentance then slay me, ______'

Once he's dead, loot an Iksar Scale.

Emerald Jungle

Give the scale to the Spirit Sentinel in the pond.

Spirit Sentinel says 'What is this? The scale of Rak'Ashiir's father? Then Rak has repented his mistake? But why is the mantle still in place? If Rak has repented, then the mantle should have dissolved since he was the one who initiated its construction. But is its initiation the key? How could we have been so blind? Kirn said Rak'Ashiir had the blood of his people on his hands but that is false. Rak merely pointed to a path that would lead them to destruction. It was the people who chose to follow. Now all [is lost].'

Your faction standing with Truespirit has been adjusted by -2000.
You gain experience!!
You gain experience!!
You have completed achievement: Epic 1.0

You say, 'What is lost?'

Spirit Sentinel says 'The mantle was the product of thousands of faithless individuals. Not the single shroud we believed existed. Torsis is now truly cursed for all eternity as a great stain upon the universe. Today is a sad day, indeed. However, some good can still come of this. Your sacrifice and spiritual devotion in this matter have become legendary. You have waited for us at the bottom of the ocean. You have rubbed out a mighty rogue spirit. You have endured the black hole of Torsis and entered the a bode of Fear itself to save a child from eternal suffering. It is only fitting that we reward you with our greatest treasure, the [Spear of Fate].'

You say, 'What Spear of Fate?'

Spirit Sentinel says 'The spear was constructed millennia ago by Thalger, the first human Heyokah. One of the most destructive wasichu of Norrath, Miragul, as he is known, had been traveling the world searching out all known magic. Wherever he went, he discovered and experimented with all forms of dangerous magic. Most of the world cannot even fathom what the Arch Necromancer was capable of. He had haphazardly discovered a way to directly create a mantle of negative spiritual energy similar to what curses Torsis. He himself had willed into existence one of these [black holes].'

You say, 'What black holes?'

Spirit Sentinel says 'Miragul often retreated to the frigid northlands to experiment in solitude. It was here that he created a black hole. Unfortunately for the small tribes of men who made the northlands their home, this new black hole threatened not only their livelihood but their entire existence. The mantle was so powerful it not only drained the spiritual energy of everything within its gaze, it also drained the life force as well. The tribes were threatened with complete annihilation. But one [powerful shaman] stepped forward and struck against Miragul's mantle.'

You say, 'What powerful shaman?'

Spirit Sentinel says 'Thalger had been the first to pass our tests and the timing was lucky indeed. We supplied him with materials needed to construct a weapon that could pierce the very fabric of the [cosmos]. First, was the sharpened shoulder blade of an ancient lion matriarch. Then Thalger found a young sapling for the shaft and shaped it over the course of 45 days using nothing but his fingernails. He then split the top of the flexible shaft, lodged the blade into place and bound them together with the tanned entrails of an ox. Finally, he adorned the spear with the magical feathers of a an aviak elder.'

You say, 'What of the cosmos?'

Spirit Sentinel says 'Miragul's casting was strong but it was a force brought into existence. This force was positive in nature, the opposite of nothingness. Even though it worked like a void, it was still created by an imposition of will. We figured that if we could rupture the planar boundary and create enough anti-existence or non-matter, the mantle might destroy itself. Thalger volunteered immediately to pierce the mantle as no spirits could even get close to it. In one act of devotion and singular purpose, Thalger rode the wind far above the land and with one colossal arch ripped a [breach] across the planes.'

You say, 'What breach?'

Spirit Sentinel says 'The tear in the fabric of existence created enough negative material to cancel out Miragul's abomination. Thalger's strike was so perfect that he cut just enough planar material to destroy the mantle and nothing else. Unfortunately, Thalger himself was lost in the process. All that was left was the spear that fell from the heavens to the ground where we recovered it. We have kept it since then and now we wish you to have it. When you strike with it, you must have the same singularity of purpose as did Thalger when he defeated Miragul's mantle.'

You receive the Spear of Fate.
Submitted by: Waring, Golan Trevize -- Cazic Thule Shaman of Justice
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Sparkling Gem is NOT temporary
# Aug 21 2005 at 12:17 AM Rating: Decent
346 posts
Note: the gem you receive is NO RENT, so make sure you can complete the subsequent step in Emerald Jungle before handing in the items.

The Sparkling Gem is not no rent, so there is absolutely no need to wait to turn in Woe, Envy, and Marr's Promise to complete the Test of Wisdom.
# Aug 09 2005 at 9:54 AM Rating: Decent
as of the new update they made epics non mqable!
after turning in your epic you now lose your faction thus not being able to do turn ins for anyone, one less way of making money yay!
missing dialouge for Forham
# Aug 07 2005 at 4:30 AM Rating: Decent
36 posts
Before Forham spawns you will see this text

Sarafen says: Okay, well, I've had enough. Yet, again, we've waited for nothing. Sometimes I really wonder if the spirits are real after all. Well I for one am going to go find something fun to do-this is obviously a waste of time. Come with me, shaman, It'll be great fun! Farewell Dillon

Dillon the Drowned says: Hey wait Im coming with!

After this you wait for Forham to spawn

Hope this helps some

56 Shaman
Banished Shadows Prexus

Edited, Sun Aug 7 05:53:56 2005
End result
# Aug 06 2005 at 5:58 PM Rating: Decent
Okay, as of august 6, 2005 I completed this quest for my lvl 51 shaman. Using in largely this guide posted here, w/a little searching for some mobs that have moved etc. Upon doing so.... for the final turn in to the spirit in EJ, I recieved the text "Spirit Sentinel says 'What is this? The scale of Rak'Ashiir's father? Then Rak has repented his mistake? But why is the mantle still in place? If Rak has repented, then the mantle should have dissolved since he was the one who initiated its construction. But is its initiation the key? How could we have been so blind? Kirn said Rak'Ashiir had the blood of his people on his hands but that is false. Rak merely pointed to a path that would lead them to destruction. It was the people who chose to follow.Now all is lost"

your faction standing with truesppirit got worse.
you gain experience!!

I proceed to give the prompt text, and recieve...

"you need to prove your dedication to our cause before I can discuss such matters with you."

So naturally I begin to freak, as this does not follow the dialogue...low and behold..I check my bag and there it is "The spear of Fate"......

Not sure why the dialogue changed, But it's a happy ending! all is not lost :)

just wanted to post my experience.

GL all you heyokah!
The ending
# Jul 14 2005 at 3:09 AM Rating: Decent
7 posts
You say, 'Hail, Spirit Sentinel'

I hand in the Scale

Spirit Sentinel says 'What is this? The scale of Rak'Ashiir's father? Then Rak has repented his mistake? But why is the mantle still in place? If Rak has repented, then the mantle should have dissolved since he was the one who initiated its construction. But is its initiation the key? How could we have been so blind? Kirn said Rak'Ashiir had the blood of his people on his hands but that is false. Rak merely pointed to a path that would lead them to destruction. It was the people who chose to follow. Now all [is lost].'
Your faction standing with Truespirit got worse.
You gain party experience!!

I get the 'Spear of Fate'.

You say, 'What is lost'
Spirit Sentinel says 'You need to prove your dedication to our cause before I can discuss such matters with you.'
So far so good
# Jul 10 2005 at 11:56 AM Rating: Decent
103 posts
Still working at this epic, but I got Neh'Ashiirs ring today...

and has been really helpful but some of it is just out of date. Here is some tips:

* Beginning the quest: Any of the 4 will do, maruaders cave is close to Warsliks Woods entrance. Entrance just above waterline.

* The Drunken Shaman: Bondl Felligan waits a while before he starts to walk, I thought he wasn't going to, so I lost him and had to do this one all over. And yes, sadly, while redoing it I accidently hit "A" for attack with spirit on target... didn't seem to lower faction though...

* Test of patience: An enduring breath item can be really handy... and guildes to talk too... I had invis on, but only one shark swam by, didnt attack.

* Test of Wisdom
- Wandering spirit: This is the most annoying part so far... mostly because I've doing this on 3! times. First time it didn't work, might be cause I killed lesser spirit in Freeport... 2nd time just to raise faction...but it didn't give me any faction anyway lol

The wandering spirits location in W Karana is said to be -500, -5300, close to a spirit farm, but actually you need to keep a close look around, this was true the first time, but he has also been N/S/W/E to that spot without passing the spot. Looks like a wisp. Bind here, before you run to Rathe Mountains so you don't have to run back.
- RatheM: Yes, you are supposed to kill both of these, even though they like you, and loot them. Gate back to W Karana. You receive a gem and a shield.

So far I've been able to solo.

* Test of Might. This part seem to be not updated on most of the information over shaman epic. Plz note that Mistmore is NOT the zone after revamp. MM is now a VERY dangerous high lvl zone...

Black Dire now spawns in Lesser Faydark, and so does the Advisor that you have to kill first.
Advisor spawns at orc camp /loc +275, +392 and Black Dire at +467, +2346. (bit unsure on Black Dire).

I did this part BEFORE talking to the spirit in Emerald Jungle, so Black Dire didn't want to talk to me, however you don't need to talk to him, just get his pelt. (Thanks to my pally friend rezzing me at advisor's camp).

When I went to Emerald Jungle to turn in the boots together with a guildie we got attacked slightly after I received the boots. I tried to finish it quickly but had to gate before i had said all the right words to the spirit. When I returned and hailed spirit again he didn't want to talk to me. Got a tip that I needed to go on with conversation exactly where I stopped before gating and this was correct. Got my booklet container.

* City of mist report
Same here, got this ones before talking to spirit and recieve booklet, but worked just fine anyway. Clear out the stables over and over again, this will spawn spectular courier which has the rare drop item "Student's log". All the rest dropped all the time...

* Lord Ghiosk:
This can be a nightmare... bring some friends... I went there with a lvl 70 pally, a lvl 53? bard and myself as lvl 51 shammy.

- First you have to kill captain of the guard and loot a Stone key. Ive seen him in stables and in the goo house.
- Put Cure Blindness in first spell slot(or last one), and be sure you know how to target each group member . You need to be able to find this one quickly, even if you're blinded - and you will be. You will also have to heal your group while your blinded... Most important, keep tank going...
- Go to the temple, use the key, then type /key
This seems to put it on a keyring, bound to you, so you can destroy key, and still be able to enter the temple. (I think this was the way to do it)
- Right in front of you inside the temple there's a reaver, and other mobs as well. My lvl 70 pally friend couldn't single pull reaver, all came for us. Bard got killed twice...

For this one you have to be fully buffed, full health and full mana, and pet up, cause Reaver is going to spawn again and again... just getting himself a new body and continue to hit you ... We was lucky, only had to kill 6-7 reavers before Lord Ghiosk was standing there instead of reaver.

Basically I was constantly curing blindness (had to cast it 3-4 times on target before it worked)... Pally managed to rez bard without being able to see... Don't remember if I was slowing and doting, everything was happening so fast ... think I healed pally and yes, I got aggro...

* High scale Icon: This was easy with just lvl 70 pally friend, otherwise I would have tried to solo it... My idea was going inside this temple (no, not the reavers temple, this one has running water outside) being invis (maybe you need invis against undeads for this one?), and then gate. Go inside, down, into left door. In the corner there's a bag. Thats the icon.

* High Scale Kirn. Just done this part thanks to a lvl 70 bard, lvl 70 warrior and a higher lvl cleric than me. They didn't know me, but decided to give a poor lvl 53 shammy a helping hand. (And this is Zek - this is pvp-server, but higher levels are so often very helpful, but don't expect it from players in your own range, hehe.)
I'm in a small guild, myself being one of the highest, and would never have managed without their help. Thank you ever so much, guys!

Basically we worked ourselves upwards instead of downwards in the Hole: went to Paineel, got Divine Aura cast on us, jumped into the big hole at Toxxulia Forest entrance, DA faded at zone in, so 3 of us died...
Got rezz, worked ourselves up in the Hole ... got trained twice.. almost died....

Malosi and turgur's insect was resisted almost all the times, but posion dot worked... besides trying to heal and to slow always makes mobs pay attention, but my dots where to low to put me on hate list... but regrowth and alacrity is always helpful...

Bard got Kirn on track, you are supposed to have "A Sacred Key" (think it's also called "a polished key" and someone in group must have looted that (drops from An Ratman inhabitant and others), cause we could enter Kirn's room.

Before I turned in Icon to Kirn (indifferent before hand-in, then instantly KOS) they cast DA again over me, but Kirn was only conning yellow at lvl 54, so he wasn't that bad... Looted Engraved Ring.

* Next thing will going back to COM and kill Reavers again. Ive heard that it can be a row of up to 67 reavers *sighs* before Neh'Ashiir spawns.

She's at 3d floor and doors are supposed to be locked, but it seems that you can levi your way up... or not... I will just have to find out...
Besides, she seems to drop a torch for mage epic too... so maybe I can get a mage to help me...

Then up to plane of Fear... that seems really interesting...

Sorry for this long post... But some of it is missing in other websites, and epic is hard enough as it is =)

Remember, if you're not in a big high level guild, go to zone anyway, hopefully you will find someone that will help you, as I did. And if you do - pay forward. Help someone else.
Black dire
# Jul 08 2005 at 6:48 AM Rating: Decent
Just a few thoughts on the Black dire fight. Tried killing an advisor first at the orc camp in center of map - forgot loc but around pos 215, pos 370. Nothing really happend so killed DE's at spire and started running around to look for the dawg. I did at last find him at the spot xyvarious says - pos 450, pos 2370 by the spire.

Very resistant but did manage to slow, malosi and cripple him could not land a single dot so it was all pet. He is not a tough fight or anything just save some mana for heals for pet...

Ssponge 56 shaman of CT on Fennin

Edited, Fri Jul 8 07:52:43 2005
# Jun 29 2005 at 5:10 AM Rating: Default
Lesser Spirits are retarded. I killed cutpurse and the spirit attacked a giant skeleton, which of course killed it in 5 seconds. >_<
First part with spirit sentinal
# Jun 22 2005 at 12:03 AM Rating: Decent
Okay, today I turned in the sparkling gem and all that, and when I said the part about "How are you like the wasichu", he dosnt respond, so just to let ya know, unless they fixed it, you just have to go on to saying "Where will I find him", and it all goes on.

Hope I help someone =)
First part with spirit sentinal
# Jun 22 2005 at 12:02 AM Rating: Decent
Okay, today I turned in the sparkling gem and all that, and when I said the part about "How are you like the wasichu", he dosnt respond, so just to let ya know, unless they fixed it, you just have to go on to saying "Where will I find him", and it all goes on.

Hope I help someone =)
Shaman Epic
# Jun 07 2005 at 3:21 AM Rating: Decent
I have completed all steps to the shaman epic except for turning in the scales to sentinel the guide I have says faction should be max ally but he sees me only as ally is there a way to boost my faction for the turn in.
RE: Shaman Epic
# Jun 07 2005 at 5:20 AM Rating: Decent
330 posts
Max Ally is just the communities way of saying your faction is at the maximum possible and can't be improved.

There is no /con message past Ally. You will never really know your exact faction with a MoB through the use of the /con skill.

If you have done every step of the quest your faction will be at Max Ally. If this is the case go ahead and turn in your scale.

If you still fear that you are not then you can repeat an earlier step and look for the faction message that "Your faction with True Spirit cannont get any better".

If you get the message that your faction did improve then repeat earlier steps until you do get the "cannont get any better" message.

Two easy steps that you can repeat for this test are the turn-in of Black Dire's Pelt in EJ or the Envy, Woe, Marr's Promise turn-in in WK.
Skipping parts
# May 18 2005 at 11:10 AM Rating: Decent
Is it possible to skip the Kirn and Neh Ahir parts with enough faction and just go to the Iksar child tear turn in section if I have enough true spirit faction?
RE: Skipping parts
# Sep 20 2005 at 8:24 AM Rating: Default
Yes you can skip the parts i have just completed my epic today and skipped kirn and neh ahir parts you just have to make sure that you have you true spirit faction maxed out when hand tear in or he will just give it back to you
RE: Skipping parts
# May 19 2005 at 5:37 PM Rating: Decent
3 posts
You used to be able to. I've read and heard in a few places, that you need the EXACT amount of faction for the tear turn in. Too much will loose you the tear and too little will just get it handed back to you.

This was a while ago, and may have changed again, but I doubt it.
RE: Skipping parts
# Jun 07 2005 at 5:24 AM Rating: Decent
330 posts
This is from a rumor started by an idiot GM who didn't know any better or was too lazy to do his job.

Many people, including myself, have completed the quest by the faction method since this rumor started.
marble pebble
# May 07 2005 at 12:28 AM Rating: Decent
On a whim I completed the task that tieben the goodly asks... he asks for woe and envy. So I handed it over to him and he gave me a magic item lore item no drop Marble Pebble. No clue as to what it is for and Alla has not even seen it apperently. Gonna try to give it to the wandering spirit tonight. Will post if anything happens from it.

kk so handed the marble pebble to a wandering spirit and it said "This is a sad day. You have failed and strayed from the path set before you. Please try to live as close to the spirits as you are able, though this is the closest you will ever get"
/shrug so fyi the pebble is worthless

Edited, Sat May 7 02:09:16 2005
RE: marble pebble
# May 18 2005 at 1:23 AM Rating: Decent
the point of the task given is to kill both npc's in FM and take their items back to the wisp. if you only took back woe and envy you only did part of that quest. since both are being selfish you can't just pick sides, so both suffer for their ignorance and you go to the next part of the quest
Kill em all, let Cazic-Thule sort them out!!
# May 02 2005 at 5:54 PM Rating: Decent
the booklet is called an ancient journal
completed report
# May 01 2005 at 11:43 AM Rating: Decent
result of the CoM combine is called "completed report"
62 Warlord of Stromm
70 Soothsayer of Stromm
Froglok Shamans
# Apr 29 2005 at 12:11 PM Rating: Decent
I had posted the question about what does a Froggie shaman use to start the quests with the greater spirits. For frogloks you choose Honor. And the first greater spirit will mention Marr for it.

So for all you other froglok shamans out there we have the correct answer.
6 page combine
# Apr 24 2005 at 4:19 AM Rating: Decent
39 posts
My Shammy with the help of friends, helped me complete the first part of Part IV for the spear of fate. The part where you need to collect the 6 pages and combine them in the Ancient Journal (Thanks to Lucy's site found out what the journal was), The name of the item after you combine the 6 pages is "Completed Report".
Forces used for each kill
# Apr 10 2005 at 9:54 PM Rating: Default
An Iksar Manslayer (doesn't mention this guy in the quest, but is a good way to check your faction. Upon killing these, a lesser spirit will spawn, just /con it and you can check your faction. and for pete's sake, DONT KILL the spirit!)
Black Dire (65 bard solo'd for me, HIGH resists)
Blinde the Cutpurse ('nother way of checking faction.)
Capt Surestout (solo 55, could have done at 14 though /laugh) Careful of the seafuries. Just use sow and lev, after you kill him, take off =)
Glaron the Wicked (solo 49 shm)
High Scale Kirn (55 shm, 55 pal, 55 cle, 55 monk, 57 enc, 55 rng, 65 necro) The constructs and gargoyles are tougher than this guy =)
Iksar Broodling (1 of 3 kills remaining)
Lord Ghiosk (got lucky here, a three box player did this for me with his 60 enc, 66 dru, 64 bst)
Lord Rak`Ashiir (1 of 3 kills remaining)
Neh`Ashiir (1 of 3 kills remaining)
Spectral Courier (3 players, 51 shm, 48 sk, 52 pal).
Tabien the Goodly (solo 49 shm)

For the most part you can do this quest with just one group of 55-60's. The only problem child is just that. The iksar broodling from Fear. I suggest you scout for TERROR, the only golem that doesn't DT. He spawns in the SE section of the zone (should be marked on your map if you have them).

When I complete the final 3 kills I willl update =)

Wish me luck
High Scale Kirn
# Mar 26 2005 at 10:26 PM Rating: Decent
High Scale Kirn

Check out this map from EQ Atlas. Kirn is #11

Not #3
Change in Faction?
# Mar 05 2005 at 12:46 PM Rating: Decent
136 posts

I did my final epics last nite and had something strange happen. I turned in the diary with the Spirit in the Lake, Truesight faction couldnt be higher. Killed Lord Rak (with plenty of help) and since I already had the tear, went back to the Spirit in the lake. Did the turn in and got the Spear of Fate. Then said "What is lost" and it told me I would have to prove myself before it would talk to me! Is this a change since Epic 2.0?
Sam and Dan
EQ2 Greaterfae D'Ark, Warlock
EQ2 Baole Seasaber, Swashy
Legion of the Damned Unrest
EQ1 Atomickitty, Shaman Epic 1.5
EQ1 Tyroniusrex, Ranger Epic 1.0
Proudly of Debeo Amicitia Bertoxx
RE: Change in Faction?
# Apr 12 2005 at 6:10 AM Rating: Decent
Epic quests that use Truespirit faction as a progression indicator generally give you a big -Truespirit hit at the end. The wizard one certainly does, which means if you destroy your epic you have to start again and get all the +Truespirit hits to make it work properly.

So I'm guessing getting the spear reset your faction to a level that is too low to complete the final steps of the quest.
frogram and dillon the drowned
# Feb 24 2005 at 6:04 AM Rating: Decent
after i do dialouge with dillon.frogram is supposed to spawn but just another dillon spawned is frogram or whatvever spawning in a diff part of zone? because after a few mins they say it seems the spirtis are not real and swim away and tell me to follow what should i do?
MM changes
# Jan 28 2005 at 2:28 AM Rating: Decent
Has anyone seen where the MM npc for epic has been moved to since the update? I was looking forward to getting my clickie boots soon.
RE: MM changes
# Mar 25 2005 at 11:00 AM Rating: Decent
Black Dire is just over the hill before you get to the undead spire next to a tree in LF. Kill the mobs at the undead spire, if you do not see Black Dire, to get him to spawn. He will spawn approximately 5 minutes after you kill the mobs.

I have tried this several times to see if he spawns by killing the mobs and the answer is yes.

Be careful if you have a Ranger in your party because, Equestrielle, conned DK BLue to my 53 Ranger, will show up shortly after you get set up to wait for Black Dire to spawn.
RE: MM changes
# Jan 29 2005 at 6:12 PM Rating: Decent
11 posts
I went through Lfay omw to the revamped MM and caught Black Dire on my track,so they have moved him to Lfay.I saw him rather center not along way from the Gfay zone in,sorry I couldnt be more exact.
Kirn Update
# Jan 23 2005 at 8:14 PM Rating: Good
98 posts
Ok guys, just wanted to update some of these things I have read in the later pages.

Somewhere in the many forums revolving around the Spear quest I read that an enchanter with project illusion can turn everyone in the grp into a Earth Elemental and you can breeze through most of the live mobs in the first part of the hole.

I tested that approach and found it to be true about one month ago. I was able to get characters that had never been in that zone to indifferent with that illusion.

About 1 week ago I found this not to be the case anymore. The illusion only grants the character threatening faction now. You can still use this to your advantage since some of the lower level mobs won't agro if you move passed them fast enough. The roaming golems and ratmen are the exception, they agro pretty much either way.

I got that strike group raid down to being able to kill 25 mobs total to get to the front of the temple where Kirn is now located with and enchanter, cleric...both 68 level and a 55 shammy for the turn in. That 25 mobs is the absolute minimum I found with a few choice pacified mobs along the way. You can drop the elemental illusion when you get to the undead area that houses the stairs to the temple, since it is mostly undead from there anyway.

I found that when we had cleared the temple front from the courtyard and then the first left room of undead and rat/golem roamers the repop time was a little screwy. Also, it must be noted that agro is weird inside the temple from the non-undead mobs. When we were in the Kirn room, we were getting repop roamers...rats and golems popping in the middle of the floor in Kirn's room. We also had the named imp guy from the second floor agro onto us when we were on the first floor near the entrance. Beware that agro from floors does exist as a possibility, probably more noticeable if the players are lower levels in the 50s.

Make sure the True Spirit faction is up to warmly for the Kirn turn in, it seems Vah Shir and Frogs are having trouble with getting high enough with the faction gains from the steps/turn-ins from the prior steps leading to Kirn.
# Jan 20 2005 at 5:32 AM Rating: Decent
Is it possible to skip the POF part? I can't get any one to go there with me :( they all to scared pfftttt. is it possible to skip that? and jsut og kill the big boy in COM?
RE: help
# Jan 21 2005 at 11:11 PM Rating: Decent
No, you can't skip the child's tear. You turn it in get the dude who drops the last piece you turn in to get the Spear of Fate. Sorry
# Jan 19 2005 at 5:12 AM Rating: Decent
Question to all you shammys out there. Can the Child's Tear from PoF be mq'ed by a non-shammy with high enough faction? I have heard many different opinions on the subject but have never gotten a direct answer. Hook a shammy brother up!
RE: hmmmm
# May 18 2005 at 10:02 AM Rating: Decent
Yes, the tear can be MQ'd - have chanter max truespirit faction by doing the two in rathe several times, then doing turnin to wandering spirit in wk. can also do turnin of gem to spirit in EJ for another boost in faction. Need to make sure your faction is maxed before doing final turnin to spirit after Rak, as well.

RE: hmmmm
# Feb 07 2005 at 8:05 PM Rating: Decent
Ok. Finished my epic today with the help of a 65 war who had the Tear. It can be MQ'ed but you have to have max ally with the Truespirits. I suggest heading to Icewall keep and picking up an Ornate Velium Pendant that drops from the Counselers to help with the faction. And lots of gem runs between BB and NFP.
RE: hmmmm
# Jan 24 2005 at 7:45 AM Rating: Decent
I wish as well to know if it can be MQed.

My 61 enchanter high elf of karana looted a tear in fear because no one else needed in the hopes of MQing for my shammy on a second acct eventually.

If it can be MQed what does the chanter need to do for this to work properly?

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