The Journey Home  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Loot
  • Money
Time Limit:06:00:00
Success Lockout Timer: 06:00:00
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Call of the Forsaken
Group Size:Group
Min. # of Players:3
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Wed Jul 16 04:42:06 2014
Modified: Sat Feb 8 15:50:13 2020

Call of the Forsaken Info & Guides: Overview | Progression & Task List | Raiding | Visible Armor

This group mission begins with Zebuxoruk in The Void (H).

Pre-Requisites for Requesting:

- The Doomscale Horde (Ethernere Mission #1)
- The Defense of Lendiniara (Ethernere Mission #2)
- Xulous Prime (Dead Hills Mission #1)
- The Legacy of Bayle (Dead Hills Mission #2)
- Saving Jacyll (Bixie Warfront Mission)
- Houses of Thex (Neriak Fourth Gate Mission #1)
- Hate Rising (Neriak Fourth Gate Mission #2)
- Burn Out (Argin-Hiz Mission #2)
- A Guide Beyond the Rife (Ethernere Mission #3)


- Say "few" to request the mission and "set" to zone in.

- Say "begin" to Zebuxoruk to begin the event.

- Don't fall off the ground, or you'll die.

- There are five rifts spread throughout the zone; you need to close them.
--- Rifts start out at "100% Strength" (level displayed as a title under their name).
--- They will decrease in strength as you kill mobs on their respective isles.
--- Each Rift has a relic associated with it; you can click a relic to inhibit its associated Rift's mobs.
------ Relics share a 45-second cooldown timer.

- First, you need to clear the four islands (no particular order; mobs spawn about 10 seconds after you port onto an island).

- Qeynos Claymore isle:
--- Grundehl spawns.
------ Casts "Outlast" (mitigates DOTs).
------ Casts "Repel" (mitigates melee damage).
------ Casts "Withstand" (mitigates spell damage).
--- The Claymore can be clicked to prevent him from using defensive buffs (stops for 45 seconds).
--- Kill Grundehl to destroy the rift.

- Selo's Drum isle:
--- "a skirth ripper" (mezzable; stunnable) mobs spawn (appear about 20 seconds apart, 10 mobs total).
------ Cast "Scent of Blood" (lock hate on random target).
------ Cast "Claw" (frontal AE)
--- Selo's Drum can be clicked to prevent skirths from using their abilities (locks mobs out for 45 seconds).
--- Kill 10 skirths to destroy the rift.

- Scroll of G`Han isle:
--- Borleoth spawns.
------ Casts "Subversive Healing" (reduces target's incoming heals by 30%)
------ Casts "Defiling Discharge (AE DOT)
------ Has health-based heals:
--------- Every 15 seconds, checks difference between its current health and its previous health.
--------- If greater than 15% difference leads to "Greater Heal" cast (heals 15% health).
--------- If greater than 8%, but less than 15%, leads to "Lesser Heal" cast (heals 3% health).
--- Scroll of G`Han can be clicked to prevent Borleoth from using "Greater Heal" and "Subversive Healing" for 45 seconds.
--- Kill Borleoth to destroy the rift.

- Ro's Flame isle:
--- "a gehein soulcrusher" (mezzable; stunnable) mobs spawn (appear about 20 seconds apart, 10 mobs total).
------ Cast "Mirrored Skin" (reflects spell and melee damage).
--- Ro's Flame can be clicked to remove the buff and prevent them from casting it for 45 seconds.
--- Kill 10 geheins to destroy the rift.

- Zebuxoruk:
--- Once the above four rifts are destroyed, Zebuxoruk becomes attackable (after a script unfolds).
------ Casts "Cyclonic Sickle" (PBAE damage)
------ Casts "Wasting" (DOT damage vs casters)
------ Casts "Imprison" when below 60% health (PBAE damage + snare)
--- DPS Zebuxoruk to 30%, at which point he goes non-aggro.

- Lanys T`Vyl:
--- Lanys T`Vyl, as trustworthy as she is, becomes aggro after Zebuxoruk is handled (again, after a script).
------ Casts "Swordplay Technique" (various PBAE, directionals, and beams).
------ Casts "Lifescourge" (175' range single-target beam that reduces max hitpoints by 12%).
------ Casts "Lifesap" when below 70% health (lifetap on random target).
------ Casts a random target aura-based targeted AE "Fires of Hatred" when below 35% health (get out of aura to avoid).
------ Casts "Voidcast" when below 20% (knockback spell - don't fall off the island!).

- NOTE: If you need some time to med up before engaging either Zebuxoruk or Lanys T`Vyl, you can port back to one of the side islands to avoid their aggro. Be warned, however, that the event has a reset timer if left idle too long (timer is not known). If you need downtime, take as little time as possible.

- Defeat Lanys T`Vyl to complete the event.

Map Points

For your "thevoidh.txt" map file:

P -35.7722, -294.3850, 34.6093, 0, 0, 240, 1, Selo's_Drum
P 0.8993, 19.7522, 1.3029, 0, 0, 240, 1, The_Lifeguide
P 193.4431, -208.3663, -13.4838, 0, 0, 240, 1, Qeynos_Claymore
P -223.3729, -114.1196, -28.2227, 0, 0, 240, 1, Scroll_of_G`Han
P -213.2448, 136.1843, -65.2438, 0, 0, 240, 1, Ro's_Flame

Requesting the Mission

You say, 'Hail, Zebuxoruk'

Zebuxoruk says 'The lights that shine in all worlds, the beacons: You have brought [salvation]. Already you have answered the [call] and spoken to the [one] in Neriak. Now it is time.'

You say, 'Yes, your salvation...'

Zebuxoruk says 'Soon even the walls of this prison will be stove in by the torrents of Ethernere. Is this your time to shore up the walls? Or do you let us drown in the [unity] of the flood?'

You say, 'Unity?'

Zebuxoruk says 'Ah, to let my immortal blood mingle with the flow of the river, dissolving into the silt... If only I could forget all I know and all that is shown to me, and see only the channel before my prow and not the infinite tributaries... there might be [peace].'

You say, 'Peace?'

Zebuxoruk says 'Yet only for me. It is my calling to endure for the sake of millions...' Zebuxoruk looks at the chains wrapped around his body. 'I am bound to this fate. Would I trade your lives for my freedom? This we should not [contemplate].'

You say, 'Why not contemplate it?'

Zebuxoruk says 'Time flows, and the waters rage around us. No more idle thoughts. Lanys and Lendiniara will soon arrive. The ceremony will commence, whether you bring [many] or [few] of your companions.'

You say, 'A few...'

Zebuxoruk says 'We shall prepare the relics and begin when you are [set].'

You have been assigned the task 'The Journey Home'.

The relics have been gathered, and the ceremony is ready. Zebuxoruk and Lanys T`Vyl need you to send Lendiniara on her journey home.

Speak with Zebuxoruk to begin the ceremony, and then do whatever is necessary to send Lendiniara home.

You say, 'All set!'

Zebuxoruk says 'Let us end this.'

You have entered The Journey Home.

Task Steps

Do what is necessary to send Lendiniara home 0/1 (The Void)

Open the reward chest 0/1 (The Void)

In The Void

Chatter before the event (responses to hails):

Lanys T`Vyl smirks. 'You certainly are a first rate delivery _____! You brought all these nice things, and you even crossed dimensions to do so! It's so difficult to find hardworking servants like you nowadays! Go ahead and run along to your relics. Aren't you eager to save the world?'

Lady Lendiniara says '_____, you have done all that we asked and more. The ceremony shall close the rifts to Ethernere and leave me with my final passage home. Be careful, though, for our guides in this journey may lose their way: I sense avarice in one and despair in the other.'

Triggering the Event

Speak with Zebuxoruk to begin:

You say, 'Hail, Zebuxoruk'

Zebuxoruk says 'The relics await you. Already the Ethernere rifts have torn into this place. Soon the Void will flood and collapse, along with all worlds. The [ceremony] must [begin].'

You say, 'Tell me about the ceremony'

Zebuxoruk says 'The relics are the anchors, preserving the existence of many worlds. They shall heal the [rifts]. And when the time comes, the Lifeguide staff, beacon of Lendiniara's world, shall lead the dragon home.'

You say, 'Rifts?'

Zebuxoruk says 'Stand by the beacons, and let nothing that comes out of the rifts remain. The relics have power that shall help you if great need arises, though it would be unwise to unleash the power of more than one at a time.'

You say, 'Let's begin'

Zebuxoruk says 'See to the relics!'

Zebuxoruk shouts 'The ceremony begins. Lanys, may this be your moment of redemption...'

Lanys T`Vyl shouts 'I know my role, forsaken one! May this not be your moment of madness!'

Lady Lendiniara shouts 'See to the relics, for Ethernere presses more strongly into this place! Let nothing remain that crawls from the rifts!'

Lady Lendiniara shouts 'Be careful, my companions, lest the strain of Ethernere's incursion becomes too much to bear, or the draw of powerful relics near your hands becomes too great to ignore!'

Zebuxoruk shouts 'I can see it, feel it... the rifts widen, the worlds begin to merge. A single point amid all points... all points are one... one is in all, and all is nothing... go now to the rifts and push back the tides!'


After you say "begin", you need to clear the four side islands. You can do so one at a time, and there is no particular order.

Once all four islands are defeated, return to the center island and be ready for Zebuxoruk to go aggro (a short script unfolds first).

Once Zebuxoruk has been subdued (DPS'd to low health), be ready for Lanys T`Vyl to go aggro (again, after a short script unfolds).

If your group isn't ready for Zebuxoruk or Lanys T`Vyl, you can port back to one of the side islands to avoid their aggro while you med up. Be warned, however, that event has a reset timer (exact timer unknown), so don't take too long.

Southwest Island: Ro's Flame & The Geheins

Shortly after stepping onto the southwest island, mobs called "a gehein soulcrusher" begin spawning. These see invisibility and are buffed with "Mirrored Skin" (damage shield for 2,800 dmg per hit + 20% chance to reflect spells). They hit for a max ~8,000 (no flurry; no rampage). These mobs are stunnable and mezzable. A total of 10 spawn, but only three can be up at one time.

Note: You can click Ro's Flame to temporarily remove their buffs.

a gehein soulcrusher has been slain by _____!

Once all 10 geheins are killed, you're finished with this island.

West Island: Scroll of G`Han & Borleoth

Shortly after stepping onto the west island, Borleoth appears. He sees invisibility, so be ready for a fight. Borleoth hits for a max ~14,000 (no flurry; no rampage) and is immune to all forms of crowd control.

Borleoth casts "Subversive Healing" on his target (reduces incoming heal effects by 30%) and AEs "Defiling Discharge (AE DOT for 14,500/tick for 10 ticks).

Borleoth also has health-based heals. Every 15 seconds, he checks the difference between his current health and his previous health. If the difference is 15% or greater, he casts "Greater Heal" (heals 15% of his health). If the difference is between 8% and 15%, he casts "Lesser Heal" (heals 3% of his health).

Emotes you'll see here:

Borleoth leaks out a defiling discharge!
--- Casts "Defiling Discharge"

Borleoth heals from its minor wounds!
--- Casts "Lesser Heal"

Note: You can click the Scroll of G`Han to prevent Borleoth from casting "Subversive Healing" and "Greater Healing".

Borleoth has been slain by _____!

Once Borleoth is slain, you are finished with this island.

North Island: Selo's Drum & The Skirths

Shortly after stepping onto the north island, mobs called "a skirth ripper" begin spawning. These see invisibility and lock aggro on random targets. Their max hits vary according to the class of the player on which its aggro is locked. These mobs are stunnable and mezzable. A total of 10 spawn, but there is a maximum number that can be up at one time (three?).

Emotes you'll see here:

a skirth ripper smells _____'s blood!
--- Casts "Scent of Blood" on target, locking aggro.

Note: You can click Selo's Drum to silence the skirths.

a skirth ripper has been slain by _____!

Once all 10 skirths are killed, you're finished with this island.

Northeast Island: The Qeynos Claymore & Grundehl

Shortly after stepping onto the northeast island, Grundehl appears. He sees invisibility, so be ready for a fight. Grundehl hits for a max ~14,000 (no flurry; no rampage) and is immune to all forms of crowd control.

Throughout the fight, he buffs himself with short duration mitigation effects (30 seconds each). You'll see emotes when this happens:

Grundehl defends against persistent spells!
--- Casts "Outlast" (mitigates DOTs 70%)

Grundehl defends against physical attacks!
--- Casts "Repel" (mitigates melee damage 70% up to 400,000 dmg)

Grundehl defends against spells!
--- Casts "Withstand" (mitigates spells 70% up to 400,000 dmg)

If you do 400,000 damage before his buff wears off naturally, he AEs "Retaliate" (PBAE 50' range; 36,000 dmg unmitigated).

Note: You can click the Qeynos Claymore to prevent him from casting these buffs.

Grundehl has been slain by _____!

Once Grundehl is slain, you're finished with this island.

After the Four Islands Are Completed

Once the last of the four islands is completed, a 60-second script unfolds, after which Zebuxoruk becomes aggro:

Ethernere still seeps through an open rift!

Zebuxoruk shouts 'All is one, and one is all... and all is nothing! One is nothing... the end... the end... All possibilities, all worlds, all at an end, and all is nothing! The rifts... close them quickly... I can't stop... the vision'

Zebuxoruk shouts 'All is one... One is nothing... I am nothing... I end... Would you stop the end? The end of all things... immortality at rest... LET ME REST!'

As soon as you see the third emote above, he becomes aggro (summons from 100% health).

Lanys T`Vyl laughs. 'Oh, my, it looks like our poor Zebuxoruk couldn't handle a bit of pressure from the cataclysmic end of reality! Do give him the rest he asks for!'

Center Island: Zebuxoruk

Zebuxoruk hits for a max ~18,000 (no flurry; no rampage). Every 25 seconds, he casts "Wasting" (60-second DOT that hits caster classes). He also has two emote-based AEs:

Cyclonic Sickle: PB AE 105', Magic (-975)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 86307

Imprison: PB AE 105', Magic (-975)
1: Decrease Movement by 350%
2: Increase Curse Counter by 55
3: Decrease HP when cast by 21577

Note: Cyclonic Sickle is cast throughout the entire fight, and Imprison is cast after he passes 60% health.

Zebuxoruk begins to spin his sickle!
--- 10-second warning to "Cyclonic Sickle"

Zebuxoruk whirls his sickle!
--- Seen as he casts the "Cyclonic Sickle" AE

Zebuxoruk unreals a length of chain!
--- 10-second warning to "Imprison"

Zebuxoruk lashes out with chains!
--- Seen as he casts "Imprison"

DPS Zebuxoruk to 30% health, at which point he stops attacking.

After Zebuxoruk; Before Lanys T`Vyl

Once Zebuxoruk goes non-aggro, you'll have about two minutes before Lanys T`Vyl goes aggro. In the meantime, you'll see this unfold:

Lady Lendiniara shouts 'Adventurers, Lanys, you must stop this! In his madness Zebuxoruk will ruin the ceremony! Our worlds will collapse!'

Lanys T`Vyl shouts 'Will they? And who would sit on the throne atop the rubble? Queen of Destruction? Ruler of the Wastes? I think those are fine titles!'

Lanys T`Vyl shouts 'And every true queen needs a beautiful scepter! So kind of you adventurers to bring me one! Don't worry, dragon, I'll send your scaly tail back to your world, but I'm keeping the Lifeguide!'

Lanys T`Vyl grips the staff, and for a moment her eyes grow white and glow with the light of knowledge. 'Ah, so that's where you've been! I'll have to pay you a visit once I've dealt with these peasants!'

Lady Lendiniara shouts 'No, Lanys cannot have the Lifeguide! Lest it return with me, the rifts will never fully heal, and all will still be lost! Adventurers, do what you must; she has betrayed us!'

Lanys T`Vyl raises the Lifeguide. 'Let's see how powerful this staff truly is!' As she holds the staff aloft, the final rift closes.

Zebuxoruk shouts 'The rifts close... and I can again see beyond nothingness... too much light, everywhere, encompassing all. Too many things to see... and the burden is mine, always mine...'

Zebuxoruk shouts 'All is not one... it is many things. And I am but one thing, seeing all, a lighthouse in the unbearably vast sea of the infinite. But sometimes the light must rest... for but a moment...'

Lanys T`Vyl laughs as she twirls the Lifeguide. 'Zebuxoruk is rather self-important, isn't he? Though he's not terribly useful at the moment... Looks like this lighthouse has gone dark, and I'm about to dash you against the rocks!'

Lady Lendiniara shouts 'The rifts have closed. All I need is the Lifeguide, and we can end this! Finish the betrayer!'

Center Island: Lanys T`Vyl

Lanys T`Vyl hits for a max ~21,000 (no flurry; no rampage). Every 40 seconds, she AEs "Swordplay Technique" (four versions of this spell, cast randomly, some directional, one of them PBAE) which does 16,000 to 19,000 (unmitigated) damage.

She casts "Lifescourge" on random targets (reduction of max hitpoints by 12%).

When below 70% health, she adds "Lifesap" to her arsenal of spells (lifetap for 93,500 unmitigated damage).

When below 35% health, she begins casting the aura-based "Fires of Hatred" (20' range targeted AE inside the aura for 12,500 dmg).

When below 20% health, she begins casting "Voidcast" on random targets (knockback + DD for 86,300 unmitigated damage).

Emotes you'll see:

Lanys T`Vyl says 'See how weak you are, _____?'
--- Seen as she casts "Lifescourge" on random target

Lanys T`Vyl shouts 'The Lifeguide chooses you, _____!'
--- Seen as she casts "Lifesap" on random target

Lanys T`Vyl says 'This is my island now, _____!'
--- Seen as she casts "Voidcast" on random target

DPS Lanys T`Vyl to about 2% health, at which point she goes non-aggro.

Event Completion

Once Lanys T`Vyl goes non-aggro, you've won the event. You'll see this unfold:

Lanys T`Vyl shouts 'Enough! A queen does not suffer forever the insults of her peasants!'

Lanys T`Vyl shouts 'It is time I showed you the true power of the Lifeguide!'

Zebuxoruk shouts 'True power... is not yours to command... while I yet live and watch...'

Zebuxoruk whirls his sickle and slashes Lanys across the face. She falls to the ground, bleeding, and the Lifeguide tumbles from her grasp.

Lanys T`Vyl is knocked it out...

Zebuxoruk retrieves the Lifeguide, and as he holds it, his visage softens. 'A moment of clarity, when all the possibilities converge, and the path forms, undeniably marked...'

Lady Lendiniara shouts 'The rifts have closed, and the ceremony is complete! The path to my world opens! Zebuxoruk, bring the Lifeguide, quickly!'

Zebuxoruk shouts 'It was always this way. It had to be: you bound to your world, and I bound to this place. Take this, and may the wounds of our worlds be healed.'

Lady Lendiniara shouts 'Yes, Zebuxoruk, and may your mind be healed. As one who also possesses inner sight, I know the burden you bear. You remain alone, knowing what could have been. May your choice for life -- all life -- comfort you.'

Lady Lendiniara looks upon everyone gathered in the Void. 'Adventurers, I will never forget the sacrifices you have made and the trials you have undergone. Your deeds have saved countless worlds. I must return to my home before the last rift closes forever. Farewell!' Lendiniara, the Lifeguide, and the final rift disappear in a shower of light.

Lady Lendiniara is ported away, and Lanys T`Vyl recovers.

Lanys T`Vyl rises, blood still running down the gash in her face. She spits a spray of red and laughs maniacally. 'Filthy, stupid peasants! You thought I would destroy the world, so you took away my staff? I can find another one; I know where to look! You wouldn't believe half the things I know now after holding the Lifeguide in my hands!

Lanys T`Vyl shouts 'You fools can rot here in Zebuxoruk's crumbling lighthouse, trying to scry some meaning in this sea of stars! I have real seas to sail!'

Zebuxoruk looks around at the gathered adventurers, resignation and acceptance etched into his features. 'It is finished. The wounds have healed; the blood of Ethernere once again flows safely within its own veins. And we yet live. Lost or found, free or imprisoned, embraced or forsaken, we find the strength once again to bear our burdens and heed the call.'

Upon opening the chest, you see:

You have defeated Lanys T`Vyl and sent Lady Lendiniara back to her world. The Ethernere rifts have been closed, and Norrath is safe once again.

If you hail Zebuxoruk:

Zebuxoruk says 'I see the waves, tall and angry, washing you afar. I see the depths calling your name, the darkness below reaching up to drag you into the deep. You may [leave] this place, but your [journey] shall never end.'

You say, 'What journey?'

Zebuxoruk says 'Soon. My burden shall not be yours. To know only when the time of knowing is right -- that gift I can give you.'


Chest loot consists of 1 item listed below (first list) + 0-1 Sword of the Sanative + 0-1 armor piece (second list) + 0-1 spells (third list):

Bone Shards of Venril Sathir
Firemage's Staff
Flawless Autumn Leaf
Heavenly Toadstool
Mug of Eternal Ale
Shard of Frozen Time
Timeworn Coin

Armguards of Manifested Ether
Boots of Manifested Ether
Bracer of Manifested Ether
Tunic of Manifested Ether

Spell: Call of the Heroes Rk. II
Spell: Force of Abrogation Rk. II
Spell: Hammer of Reverence Rk. II
Spell: Mirror Rk. II
Spell: Nurturing Growth Rk. II
Spell: Remote Moonfire Rk. II
Tome: Thief's Vision Rk. II
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Zone to Void H
# Mar 15 2021 at 10:27 PM Rating: Good
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Zone in to Void H to get the quest is in Tainted Western Karana, NOT from Time.
# Aug 09 2018 at 4:11 PM Rating: Decent
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I have only done burnout, but he gave me the mission anyway.
dont wait too long
# Apr 21 2017 at 2:30 PM Rating: Decent
311 posts
You really dont have hardly any time to wait after the 4th island is cleared. I thought I could wait a minute to regen mana but it failed me for it.
Don't need Fall of Lord Bayle
# Jul 05 2016 at 3:49 PM Rating: Decent
14 posts
The Fall of Lord Bayle is not required to request this mission from Zebuxoruk. I haven't completed that one yet and just requested this mission from him successfully.
Don't need Fall of Lord Bayle
# Jul 06 2016 at 11:22 AM Rating: Good
MateoM1982 wrote:
The Fall of Lord Bayle is not required to request this mission from Zebuxoruk. I haven't completed that one yet and just requested this mission from him successfully.

Thanks, fixed.
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# Aug 09 2014 at 2:47 PM Rating: Decent
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The event WILL reset if you wait too long to agro Zeb. Also, if you fail on Zeb you have to redo all the islands again.
Rewards ....
# Jul 29 2014 at 12:11 PM Rating: Decent
29 posts

It seems the Manifested armor does not drop all that frequent in any mission ... seems to be an uncommon event. Maybe it's just the roll of the dice, but my drop rate is like 1-2 in 10.

Mug of Eternal Ale + nothing dropped last night.

This task is tied to achievement Hero of WK3, and the greater Legendary Hero of the Call achievement which yields Hero's Calling as a reward. Nice aug!

chest lewtz
# Jul 25 2014 at 9:23 PM Rating: Good
770 posts
chest lewtz
# Jul 23 2014 at 5:37 PM Rating: Good
770 posts
Loot: Mug of Eternal Ale
# Jul 23 2014 at 11:46 AM Rating: Decent

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