Magician Epic: Orb of Mastery  

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Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Epic
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Era:Ruins of Kunark
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
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Entered: Thu Aug 15 19:43:16 2002
Modified: Sat Aug 22 07:06:14 2020

NOTE: A patch on April 22, 2015, added a work-around to obtain bottleneck items from Phinigel Autropos (Kedge Keep), Gorenaire (Dreadlands), and Talendor (Skyfire Mountains).

- In Kedge Keep, a harbinger of the seas can help adventurers get their epic 1.0 pieces that would normally drop from Phinigel Autropos.
- In Dreadlands, a harbinger of frost can help adventurers get their epic 1.0 pieces that would normally drop from Gorenaire.
- In Skyfire Mountains, a harbinger of flame can help adventurers get their epic 1.0 pieces that would normally drop from Talendor.

Quick Guide/Checklist

[ ] Words of Magi'Kot
    [ ] Kill an enraged dread wolf or dread wolf in Kithicor Forest. Loot Torn Page of Magi`kot pg. 1.
    [ ] Kill Tentacle Terrors in the Estate of Unrest. Loot Torn Page of Magi`kot pg. 2.
    [ ] Kill a bloodthirsty ghoul in Lower Guk. Loot Torn Page of Magi`kot pg. 3.
    [ ] Take them to Jahsohn Aksot in Commonlands. Receive Words of Magi`kot.

[ ] Power of the Elements
    [ ] Kill a gypsy dancer in Mistmoore. Loot the Power of Wind.
    [ ] Kill Lava elemental in Solusek's Eye. Loot the Power of Fire.
    [ ] Kill famished ravener or Hungered Ravener in Kaesora. Loot the Power of Water.
    [ ] Kill A Fairy Guard/a faerie guard in Lesser Faydark. Loot Power of Earth.
    [ ] Give these to Walnan in the Butcherblock Mountains. Receive the Power of the Elements.

[ ] Words of Mastery
    [ ] Kill A Magician, A Goblin Magician, or Ekeros in Najena or an alligator in Cazic Thule for Torn Pages **Save Broom/Shovel if they drop.**
    [ ] Torn Page of Mastery Earth
    [ ] Torn Page of Mastery Water
    [ ] Torn Page of Mastery Wind
    [ ] Torn Page of Mastery Fire:
    [ ] Give all four torn pages to Akkstaff in Najena. Receive: Words of Mastery

[ ] Power of the Orb
    [ ] Go to Rykas in Lake Rathetear. Give him the Words of Magi`kot, the Power of the Elements, and the Words of Mastery. Receive the Power of the Orb.

[ ] Element of Fire
    [ ] Kill Neh'Ashiir in the City of Mist. Loot the Torch of the Elements.
    [ ] Kill Nezekezena, Phurzikon, and Gylton in the Burning Woods. Loot Burning Embers.
    [ ] Kill Undertow in Kedge Keep. Loot the Blazing Wand.
    [ ] Give these items and the Power of the Orb to Jennus Lyklobar in Skyfire Mountains. Receive the Element of Fire.

[ ] Element of Earth
    [ ] Kill Magi P`Tasa in the Plane of Hate. Loot the Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth.
    [ ] Kill Slixin Klex in the Burning Wood. Loot Dirt of Underfoot.
    [ ] Quest for Shovel of Ponz.
        [ ] Give Shovel, Ruby, Gargoyle Eye, and Hill Giant Toes to Vira in Temple of Solro
    [ ] Quest for Broom of Trilon.
        [ ] Give Broom, Cyclops Toes, Star Ruby, and Griffon Feathers to Vira in Temple of Solro
    [ ] Give Earth Staff, Dirt of Underfoot, Shovel of Ponz, and Broom of Trilon to Tiblner Milnik in Firiona Vie. Receive Element of Earth.

[ ] Element of Water
    [ ] Kill Phinigel Autropos in Kedge Keep. Loot Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water.
    [ ] Kill Captain Rottgrime in The Overthere. Loot Tears of Erollisi.
    [ ] Kill Tarbul Earthstrider in East Karana. Loot Rain of Karana.
    [ ] Give these items to Jinalis Andir in Dagnor's Cauldron and receive the Element of Water.

[ ] Element of Wind
    [ ] Kill mobs on the 7th island on the Plane of Air. Loot the Crown of Elemental Mastery.
    [ ] Kill mobs in the Hole. Loot the Elemental Binder.
    [ ] Kill Quillmane in South Karana. Loot the Pegasus Feather Cloak.
    [ ] Give these items to Kihun Solstin in the Plane of Air and receive the Element of Wind.

[ ] (EPIC) - Spell Summon Orb
    [ ] Master of Elements spawns after receiving the Element of Wind, give him the four Elements. Receive Spell: Summon Orb.
        [ ](If Master of Elements isn't spawned, Hail Kihun Solstin and say "I want to see the master.")

Full Walkthrough

Power of the Orb

Rykas is a gnome in a yellow robe in Lake Rathetear, who may be found at approximately +950, -650.

You say, 'Hail, Rykas'

Rykas says 'Greetings ______, I am Rykas, chronicler of knowledge. I have journeyed all throughout the lands of Norrath, and I have learned many tales of adventure from people I have encountered during my travels. I have learned of legends known and unknown to most mortals. Are you in search of knowledge?'

You say, 'I am in search of knowledge.'

Rykas says 'A small task is needed if you wish to learn more. Do you wish to learn the tale of Magi'kot?'

You say, 'I wish to learn the tale of Magi'kot.'

Rykas says, 'If you seek to learn the tale of Trilith Magi'kot, your journey shall begin in the Commonlands. Search for Jahsohn Ak'sot and give him this token. He will share some of the knowledge I have bestowed upon him, and point you further down your path to Mastery. Bring me the Words of Mastery, Power of the Elements, and the Words of Magi'kot....Then you shall learn more about the power of the orb.'

You receive a Token of Mastery.

Words of Magi`kot

Now find Jahsohn Ak`sot (note slightly different spelling) in the western Commonlands, who wanders in the general vicinity of +60, +3640.

You say, 'Hail, Jahsohn Ak`sot'

Jahsohn Ak`sot says 'Greetings, ______.'

Give him the token.

Jahsohn Ak`sot says 'What is this? I cannot believe you found it! Where did you get this?'
You gain experience!!

You say, 'Rykas sent me.'

Jahsohn Ak`sot says 'I have not heard of anyone speaking that name out loud in years. Rykas once shared a tale with me, though I have lived with fear in my mind ever since. He told me afterwards that I did not have the balance I thought I had. Have you come for the Words of Magi'kot?'

You say, 'I have come for the Words of Magi'kot.'

Jahsohn Ak`sot says 'The Words of Magi'kot can only be shared with those elementalists whose minds are of balance. The Words were separated into three pieces by a high council of Magi who feared that the story would bring an end to elementalists throughout Norrath. If you feel you wish to read from the sacred Power of the Orb then an elementalist of such power should easily accomplish this task.'

You say, 'What task?'

Jahsohn Ak`sot says 'Bring me the torn pages of Magi'kot. The first section can be found in the depths of a tainted forest, warded by an angry lupine. It is also rumored that one section is found in the haunted estate of a murderer, on a many armed creature. The last may be found in the belly of an amphibian who thirsts for blood.'

You now need Torn Page(s) of Magi`kot pg. 1-3. Page 1 drops in Kithicor Forest from the level 40 Enraged Dread Wolf or dread wolf that spawns at night. Page 2 drops in the Estate of Unrest from the tentacle terrors and dark terrors found in the basement. Page 3 drops in Lower Guk from bloodthirsty ghouls and the frenzied ghoul. Give all three words to Jahsohn.

Jahsohn Ak`sot says 'Have you forgotten something, ______?'

Jahsohn Ak`sot says 'Have you forgotten something, ______?'

Jahsohn Ak`sot says 'Rykas may have been right about you, ______. Now, go find Walnan. Walnan was apprenticed to a very powerful Mage. After her apprenticeship was complete, she wished to begin teaching other beings of Norrath. Even those who knew nothing of the art! I do not believe she was successful, though. Seek her out to further your tale. Good luck in your journeys, ______!'

You receive the Words of Magi`kot.

Power of the Elements

Now find Walnan, a female high elf in purple in the Butcherblock Mountains. She wanders the path from the docks to Kaladim.

You say, 'Hail, Walnan'

Walnan says 'Hallo ______! I am Walnan, elementalist, summoner, wanderer, and sometimes teacher. Might you be a elementalist in search of the truth?'

You say, 'I am in search of the truth.'

Walnan says 'The truth is something not all people can handle or understand. If the truth of the elements is what you seek then the Power of the Elements shall reveal all. Have you come to learn of Magi'kot?'

You say, 'I have come to learn of Magi'kot.'

Walnan says 'Magi'kot was the most powerful elementalist of his age. He may have been the most powerful mortal mage of all time, such was his mastery. He wished to obtain infinite knowledge and wisdom in order to further expand the arcane art of Summoning. Do you know what became of Magi'kot?'

You say, 'No.'

Walnan says 'Only a few elementalists and followers outside our circle know what truly happened to Magi'kot. Even now, many are fearful to speak of his name. If you truly wish to continue, here is what you must do. Gather the Power of the Earth, warded by a fae creature. Then seek the Power of Fire, held by an elemental. Next you will need the Power of Wind, held by a twirling and prancing wanderer who has been corrupted. Finally, the Power of Water, held by a ravenous beast who is the minion of a fallen Sarnak. Bring them all to me, and I shall give you the Power of the Elements.'

The Power of Earth drops from A Fairy Guard in Lesser Faydark. The Power of Fire drops from blazing elementals and lava elementals in Solusek A, aka Solusek's Eye. The Power of Wind drops from A Gypsy Dancer in Mistmoore Castle, found in the ballroom of the castle. The Power of Water drops from various raveners in Kaesora. Give all four to Walnan.

Walnan says 'Wait, ______, are you not forgetting something?'

Walnan says 'Wait, ______, are you not forgetting something?'

Walnan says 'Wait, ______, are you not forgetting something?'

Walnan says 'The arcane art of Summoning is derived from the power of the elements which surround us. Continue your journey across the Ocean of Tears. In a dark fortress, you should find Akksstaf lurking about. Be wary, but tell him that you seek Magi'kot. Hurry now ______, you do not wish to miss the ship!'
You gain experience!!

You receive Power of the Elements.

Words of Mastery

The dark fortress Walnan spoke of is Najena, whose entrance is found in the Lavastorm Mountains. Akksstaff is a male dark elf in a green-brown robe who wanders Najena. He has a relatively long spawn time of anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days.

You say, 'Hail, Akksstaff'

Akksstaff says 'What do you want?! Foolish Human, I am in no mood to treat with beggars. I have half a mind to turn Jobober here loose on you! Well, don't keep me waiting, state your business or be off with you!'

You say, 'Tell me about Magi'kot.'

Akksstaff says 'Ah, that I can help you with. Magi'kot was a powerful elementalist, able to control the power of the elements which surrounded him. He was not able to fully master the elements when I was learning from him, but soon after my departure I heard rumors that he was going after the Orb of Mastery. At the time, I did not feel he was ready to harness all the elements, but Magi'kot listened to no one. He was in search of power beyond any held by a mortal. Do you wish to hear more?'

You say, 'I wish to hear more.'

Akksstaff says 'Then bring me the torn pages of Mastery, there are four pages that can be found upon the women In this keep, though have a care, Najena's followers guard her treasures carefully, and delight in punishing trespassers.'

The four pages drop randomly off various magicians, goblin magicians, Rathyl, Rathyl Incarnate (spawned after Rathyl is killed), etc., and may be found throughout Najena. Gather all four and give them to Akksstaff.

Akksstaff says 'Very well. Take these words back to that shriveled old gnome, Rykas, if you wish to complete this quest. Now leave me, ______, it sickens me to be this cordial for so long. And Jobober needs exercise. Go!'

You receive Words of Mastery.

Power of the Orb

Return to Rykas in Lake Rathetear, and give him Words of Magi`kot, Power of the Elements, and Words of Mastery.

Rykas says 'I see that you have completed the quest I laid before you. That speaks well of your dedication, yet you do not realize your journey has just begun. Study this tome.'
You gain experience!!

You receive Power of the Orb, which reads as follows:

"An elementalist's power comes from the Orb of Mastery. The Elements of Earth, Fire, Wind and Water are contained within the orb. The Master of Elements holds the Orb.

"He can be found within the Plane of Sky. No mortal has been able to contain the true power of the Orb.

"Trilith Magi'kot presented himself to the Master of Elements and the Orb of Mastery. The power of elements brought agony to his mind and body. Magi'kot was not of Balance.

"Fire burned his eyes unto blindness, Wind put his mind into a spin, Earth entered his body and aged him like the mountains, and finally, Water washed his memories of mortal life away.

"Failing his test, the Orb exacted its terrible price, and now Magi'kot is part of the Orb.

"The bearer of this tome should seek out the Master of Fire and present it to him, for there is much left to be revealed."

Element of Fire

The Master of Fire is Jennus Lyklobar, who may be found in Skyfire Mountains.

You say, 'Hail, Jennus Lyklobar'

Jennus Lyklobar says 'Hello and well met! Humans like you don't often come here.. Do you come seeking what I possess? Fire, fire, fire and fire is mine! I surround myself with fire, I bathe in fire, I consume fire, I am the Master of Fire! Hahahaha, but I digress. Have you come for the element of Fire, seeking to fall to the same fate as Trilith Magi'kot?'

You say, 'I have come for the element of Fire.'

Jennus Lyklobar says 'The Element of Fire I can provide you, but you must prove you are able to contain its power. Bring me the Torch of the Elements now kept by a doomed lord of merchants, the burning embers from a notable member of wurmkind who can be found a short journey from here and a blazing wand, which you should be familiar with. And you must surrender the tome Rykas gave you. But I think you would be happier if you stayed with me and learned more of the beauty of the one true element, FIRE! FIRE! Hahahahahahah!'

Obtain the following items: Torch of the Elements (dropped by Neh`Ashirr in City of Mist), Burning Embers (dropped by Phurzikon, Nezekezena, or Gylton, named wurms in Burning Woods), and Blazing Wand (dropped by Undertow in Kedge Keep). Give these three items along with Power of the Orb to Jennus.

Jennus Lyklobar says 'I see that you are well versed in the ways of Fire. Indeed, if you are as adept in the other, lesser elements, you may just seize the Orb of Mastery after all, and avoid Magi'kot's fate. Take this element, and guard it well, for more trials are to come, I assure you. Succeed and you shall be remembered always! Oh, and ______? Watch out for the puddles! HAHAHAHAHAHA!'
You gain experience!!

You receive Element of Fire.

Element of Earth

Seek out Tiblner Milnik in Firiona Vie. He's a male high elf in a brown robe wandering near the cliff.

You say, 'Hail, Tiblner Milnik'

Tiblner Milnik says 'Huh? What? Oh, you speak so fast, it took me a moment. I have become used to the slow and stately conversation the Earth holds, where a thought can span aeons. I am the Master of Earth, you know. Though I'm usually too humble to say this, that makes me the most powerful mortal in Norrath, as everyone knows that Earth is the only REAL Element, all else must give way before its power. Water is absorbed by it, Air is ignored by it, and Fire is contained in it. But you know all these things, I am sure. Are you interested in obtaining the Element of Earth? I know Magi'kot was, but we know what happened to him, don't we?'

You say, 'I have come for the element of earth.'

Tiblner Milnik says 'Combining the following items can bring the Element of Earth together. Obtain the Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth, held by the minions of the Prince of Hate, The Dirt of Underfoot found on Slix something or the other, and of course, I shall need the Broom of Trilon and the Shovel of Ponz. Bring all these things, and I shall show you what a true Master of Earth can do, and gift you with the Element of Earth.'

The Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth is an uncommon drop from one of the mini-bosses in the Plane of Hate, Magi P`Tasa. Dirt of Underfoot is a rare drop from Slixin Klex in the Burning Woods. The Broom of Trilon and Shovel of Ponz are the results of quests available through the Temple of Solusek Ro. Give all four items to Tiblner.

Tiblner Milnik says 'Take this Element and keep it with you. I wish you the best in your journey, but I must ask you to leave me now, this frantic pace you set makes me nervous.'
You gain experience!!

You receive Element of Earth.

Element of Water

Find Jinalis Andir, an erudite female in blue robes at approximately -600, -2000 in Dagnor's Cauldron.

You say, 'Hail, Jinalis Andir'

Jinalis Andir says 'Let us dispense with pleasantries, ______. I am Jinalis, as you know. I imagine you want to control the Elements. The Element of Water, which I possess, is the most powerful of the Elements. With it you can control the water which falls from the Air, erodes the Earth, and extinguishes Fire. It is a pity you do not focus on the Prime Element, but if you wish to follow that fool Magi'kot to your doom, I will not stop you. Bring me the Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water held by the last of the Kedge, the Tears of Erollisi held by a dirty and rotten officer across the Blessed Deep, and finally, the Rain of Karana, found on a mighty Giant in, where else, the Karanas.'

The Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water is a rare drop from Phinigel Autropos in Kedge Keep. Rain of Karana drops every time from Tarbul Earthstrider in Eastern Karana. He has a placeholder of "a rogue lion." Tears of Erollisi drop from Captain Rottgrime at the outpost in The Overthere. Give the three items to Jinalis.

Jinalis Andir says 'You have the control needed in order to manipulate the water which surrounds us. Take this Element and guard it well, you will need it in the times to come.'
You gain experience!!

You receive Element of Water.

Element of Wind

Find Kihun Solstin, a human male in white in the quest room below the first island in the Plane of Sky.

You say, 'Hail, Kihun Solstin'

Kihun Solstin says 'So, you have made it this far. I am Kihun Solstin, the Master of Wind. I control the unfettered Element like none other. As you should have learned, Air is the most potent of Elements. It fuels Fire, Water is comprised of it, and Earth cannot restrain it. Knowing this, do you seek the Element of Wind?'

You say, 'I seek the element of Wind.'

Kihun Solstin says 'I will test you then. In this wondrous plane of Air [editor's note: now Sky], find the Crown of Elemental Mastery, and search the world below for an Elemental Binder, and a cloak fashioned from the feathers of a Pegusus. Return them to me and I shall give you the Element of Wind.'

The Crown of Elemental Mastery is a rare drop from any mob on the seventh island in the Plane of Sky. Elemental Binders drop from Elemental Warriors in The Hole. The Pegasus Feather Cloak is a very rare drop from a rare spawn, Quillmane, found in Southern Karana. By all accounts this is the most difficult piece to get. Give the three items to Kihun.

Kihun Solstin says 'If you have obtained the other, lesser Elements, go speak with The Master of Elements, who is now waiting for you. I wish you luck. If you have not completed all the tasks set for you, let me know, and I shall let you see the Master.'
You gain experience!!

You receive Element of Wind.

Orb of Mastery

After receiving the Element of Wind, Master of Elements will spawn in the Plane of Sky. If for some reason he has despawned, you can always get him to respawn by talking to Kihun Solstin and saying, "I want to see the master."

You say, 'Hail, Master of Elements'

Master of Elements says 'I... am... the... Master... of... Elements.. Elements... Forgive... me. I am... unaccustomed.. to.. speaking.. this.. mortal... tongue. Might.. you... be... the... One?'

You say, 'I am the One'

Master of Elements says 'Trilith... Magi'kot.. knelt.. before.. the.. orb.. in.. his.. his.. last.. few.. moments... of.. mortal.. life. He... too... believed.. that.. he.. had.. the.. power.. and.. balance.. needed.. to.. grasp... control.. of.. the.. elements. He.. was.... flawed. Coming.. to... me... is.. a.. matter.. of.. no.. small.. import. Only.. only... one.. who.. is.. of.. balance.. and.. power... power.. may.. control.. the.. Orb.. of... Mastery. Give.... give.. me.. the.. Elements.. you.. have... gathered.. and.. I.. shall.. see.. if.. you.. are.. ready.. ready.. to control.. the... Elements.. of... life.. life.. life.'

Give it the Element of Fire, the Element of Earth, the Element of Water, and the Element of Wind.

Master of Elements says 'You... are.. balanced... and.. powerful.. for.. a.. mortal... ______ ..... ______ . More.. so.. than.... Magi'kot. But.... you.. are.. not.. yet.. ready.. to.. transcend.. transcend... this.. mortal.. coil. Take.. take.. seize.. this.. Orb... for.. you.. are.. worthy.. of.. reward.. and.. with... the.. aid.. of... the... balance.. balance.. contained.. within.. the.. Orb.. you.. may.. yet.. reach.. the... ultimate... Mastery.'

You receive Spell: Summon Orb. Scribe it immediately and cast it to summon your new epic weapon, the Orb of Mastery.
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Great Info
# Oct 02 2004 at 9:19 PM Rating: Decent
110 posts
Ok, I have organized all the Epic info into a great chart and guide, I am sure 95% of people will find it very easy to use and very helpful. If you would like a copy of it send me an email at

(No I am not trying to keep it undercover, it is just the Alla info organized differently to make it easy to use. Feel free to post it anywhere you want as long as you credit me.)

It is also printer friendly. Only 3 pages. Has all mob info, such as level and location. Also has turn in NPCs and rewards for turn ins.

Again, send me an email:
is your email working?
# Nov 02 2005 at 3:37 PM Rating: Decent
I tried to email you and I got a responce that the email address was no longer valid. Have you changed your email address since 2004 when you posted this message?
Final Turn in.....
# Sep 25 2004 at 9:07 AM Rating: Decent
Can anyone tell me if it is necessary to have a raid force behind you to do the final turn in to the npc in PoSky??? Any info someone might be able to offer would be appreciated.

-Ladytap 66th mage
Member of Phoenix Ascendent
RE: Final Turn in.....
# Oct 19 2004 at 1:37 AM Rating: Decent
NO RAID necessary ...

Buy the CHEAPEST key called Veeshan's Key and click on one of the doors with it ... u will enter a non agro room for quest turnins
Ornate orb
# Jul 31 2004 at 1:38 PM Rating: Decent
Well finally after 65 levels, and a dashed dream of epic at 55 or so, I acquired my epic last night. I cast a pet and first off noticed that he was lb to me, I took him to kill stuff to see his power and see he hits for 81 unfocused. I have a nice book from a Ldon with nice stats that I put the summoners boon Diamond aug on and my reg pets become awesome, so I think I will remove aug put on orb, but alas orb is no rent and I cannot do this.
I take myself to Tox and trade in my Orb for the new one that is not no rent and upon examination see that it does not summon a pet. So I see no reason now to put the aug on this now. Anyway what is up with this no summon pet. I guess I need to summon old orb summon pet and then equip the new one with augs. Could they not make it summon a pet?
And I want more glitter, I adjusted my particles every which way to try to get it to shed more effects like the druids puffs out those leaves, oh well, at least now I am ready for epic 2. should it be a short cut to have it.
RE: Ornate orb
# Oct 02 2004 at 6:25 PM Rating: Decent
110 posts

The first orb is not aug-able, as you said, but it is NOT no-rent.

The ornate one does not have the summon pet because it would exploit the pet, costing no mana that is.

It would be easier to not aug the ornate, and just equip the summoned one until you need a new pet. This way there is no constant switching of items.
RE: Ornate orb
# Sep 07 2004 at 9:01 AM Rating: Excellent
If you get the ornate orb of mastery I would not recommend putting an aug in it at all. I use the epic pet a lot being level 56 and I'm constantly destroying orbs of mastery, and I accidentally destroyed my ornate orb of mastery. As far as the aug goes you can put it in secondary or range and still get the effect. I noticed that the orb doesn't always glitter, just sometimes /shrug... Also if the ornate orb of mastery had unlimited charges of Manifest Elements (pet spell) then it would become an exploit because it would cost you no mana and you could down everything by chain casting free pets.

Congrats on your epic, it's probably the single most frustrating thing I've ever done in this game, but well worth it considering I got mine at 54 and it made me a badass =) If you don't know a lot about pets and focus items see for all the info. Good stuff!

56/5 Epified Mage of Prexus
<Alliance of the Griffon>
What LVL?
# May 27 2004 at 8:48 PM Rating: Decent
In a 34 mage on Fennin Ro server.

I was bored to i tried to start my epic.

i went to Rykas and he said you should wait til im higher

What is the required lvl to start my epic?

34th lvl mage
Fennin Ro
RE: What LVL?
# Jun 23 2004 at 1:39 PM Rating: Decent
For my mage, Rykas wouldn't talk to me until I hit level 46; however, I started collecting items that I needed many levels prior to 46.

RE: What LVL?
# Oct 03 2004 at 10:25 AM Rating: Decent
110 posts
Aye, Rykas will not speak to you until 46, but I am a 31 Mage who started collecting parts 2 days ago and I already have:

Power of Earth
Power of Wind
Power of Fire
Torn Page of Magi`Kot pg1
Torn Page of Magi`Kot pg2
Torn Page of Magi`Kot pg3
Shovel of Ponz
Broom of Trillion
Elemental Binder
Pegusus Feather Cloak (Guy is waiting until I hit 46 so he can MQ it for me, thanks a ton Blaizee)
Mage Epic MQs
# May 09 2004 at 7:06 PM Rating: Decent
Right then...

2 days, 115k...mage epic done.

Every single part can be MQ' we did this with a group and various toons looted the stuff. Helped that the crown is tradable :)

RE: Mage Epic MQs
# Aug 21 2004 at 10:34 PM Rating: Decent
Just a quick post to say - why?
Why would you MQ every single part of an epic? An epic quest is *the* quest to do. It's ashame you MQ'd it all just to get your Orb and be supah powah ubahness or whatever.
I think it's a disgrace that people would MQ a whole epic quest. Note: QUEST. It should be a challenge with one great reward. Your post made it sound like you were boasting how quickly you did the epic. So what?? 2 days, wow? You didn't actually fight for any drops, didnt quest for anything.
You should delete the spell and start from scratch, doing Epic 1 all over again, before thinking about trying Epic 2.0 .
RE: Mage Epic MQs
# Jan 14 2005 at 8:30 AM Rating: Excellent
435 posts
Well, to be frank, the Mage epic is not particularly hard (I believe it can be soloed at 65+ by a Mage who already has Sky keys or a Necro to summon them), most of it is just a lot of tedious waiting around.

While I've done all my Mage's epic myself (just waiting to summon a group up to Sky to get the crown and finish it off), I'm sure glad I didn't have to spend 200 hours camping Quillmane in South Karana, like some people have done... as such I don't see any real reason not to MQ the epic if you don't like long, tedious camps.
RE: Mage Epic MQs
# Sep 11 2005 at 7:42 PM Rating: Excellent
57 posts
Hear hear! I am having my brother MQ the quillmane cloak for me and I'm not at all ashamed of this. Sitting around for hours in a long, boring, tedious camp does not prove anything other than you are a glutton for punishment.

Besides which, I say why not MQ these items from people who have them and can't use? My brother has the cloak on his bard. He picked it up when he was killing the fabled quillmane for the fabled pegasus cloak. It's just sitting in his bank rotting, t'would be a waste not to MQ it..
# Apr 07 2004 at 11:00 AM Rating: Decent
5,311 posts
I'm reading through this and I can't see what was updated.
"God created man from a handful of dust, and he created woman from that man's rib. And these two together were so stupid that they weren't on the planet five minutes when they managed to get a curse put on all future generations. Nice work." Pat Condell
RE: Update?
# Apr 07 2004 at 11:56 AM Rating: Decent
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I think it was [Editor's Note: now Sky].
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Epic Quest
# Apr 01 2004 at 10:26 AM Rating: Decent
I'm trying to start epic and i am a lvl 51 mage and everytime i turn in coin from Rykas to Jahsohn Aksot in west commonlands he never answers me when i say i got it from Rykas. I con indiferent to him but i heard that doesn't matter? Can someone help Plz.

RE: Epic Quest
# Dec 23 2004 at 2:42 AM Rating: Decent
Yeah, it doesn't work... it'd be nice to be able to get the lore myself ::sigh::. Oh well, at least I got some exp from the turn in and I was able to find the lore on this site. There's that at least.
RE: Epic Quest
# Apr 25 2004 at 10:47 PM Rating: Decent
i did the same thing also, thinking i had made a mistake. i just tried the next trigger phrase and it worked.
RE: Epic Quest
# Apr 07 2004 at 10:49 AM Rating: Decent
5,311 posts
Did you say "Rykas gave it to me" exactly (as opposed to "I got it from Rykas".) If that fails, try the next trigger phrase, "I have come for the Words of Magi`kot." Notice that's the backwards apostrophe (left of your 1 key on your keyboard.)

If you can't get the dialog to work, don't worry about it, simply get the items he asks for (listed above) and hand them to him.
"God created man from a handful of dust, and he created woman from that man's rib. And these two together were so stupid that they weren't on the planet five minutes when they managed to get a curse put on all future generations. Nice work." Pat Condell
RE: Epic Quest
# Apr 01 2004 at 5:18 PM Rating: Decent
Same thing happens to me. Ive tried it twice.
# Nov 10 2003 at 7:17 PM Rating: Decent
I'm a 44 magi just starting to get my easier...well...lower lvl epic pieces. My question is this! My guild is definately NOT uber, i think we have about 20-30 chars over 40, none above 60. There are rarely more than 12 on at one time, though in case of a raid i'm sure we'd have them all. Can I do my high end epic mobs with my own guild or will i have to beg open raids?
RE: Uberless
# Jan 24 2004 at 7:18 PM Rating: Default
Yeah I wouldn't count on your own guild for anything at that level. You should definately raise levels as fast as you can because most of the mage epic is solo at higher levels except obviously for Plane of Hate and Plane of Sky. Always keep and eye out for quilmane, keep trying to take down phinny for the staff and save the big raid stuff for later. It's tempting to try and get the whole thing done when you're still in your 50's but usually people who do that are major twinks or have a whole guild that is active and biast towards doing things for them. Anyway, the lower pieces of any epic are a worthy goal to have all the time while levelling up and eventually the situation will change to where you are able to do it and finally get the epic...

Liveye (lvl 65 Wizard)

PS- As a wizard my entire epic is kill 3 raid targets and there's my epic (the pieces that fall off of 2 are a random drop though), consider yourself lucky mage quest gives you some illusion you're getting stuff done by having all those lower parts to it. :p
RE: Uberless
# Jan 19 2004 at 5:03 PM Rating: Decent
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It would be helpful for your guild to form alliances with other guilds. Make friends with players from other guilds. The broader you cast your net, the larger your pool of resources (obviously).

On Terris Thule, There is a group of allied small and medium size guilds of all types and levels. There's a very active chat channel (gear/plat/PL begging quickly and strongly discouraged) and a website. When a member needs something their guild can't handle by themselves, they start marshalling extra help from the allied population. It's not a perfect system, but it's working better than anything else I've seen (for those of us in non-uber guilds).

Let your friends outside your guild know what you're after. Other classes probably have epic drops in the same places you do.

It's all reciprocal. If you want help, make sure you show up when your allies need you.

/steps off soap box

That being said, my personal experience with the PoSky drops is that you will need help from high level players. The mobs there have very high magic resistance. Some conned yellow to me at level 59 and spells rarely landed.

Keep plugging away. Magicians in modest guilds can obtain their epic.

One last word: Although I've only hunted there once, I found the Plane of Hate to be a LOT of fun. Rangers also have an epic drop off the same mob you need there.

Edited, Mon Jan 19 17:12:21 2004
"God created man from a handful of dust, and he created woman from that man's rib. And these two together were so stupid that they weren't on the planet five minutes when they managed to get a curse put on all future generations. Nice work." Pat Condell
RE: Uberless
# Nov 23 2003 at 10:43 PM Rating: Decent
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With a few more levels under their belts your guild could probably do everything other than the Hate and Sky drops: there are often open Hate raids, and Sky... well, that's always going to be a problem unless you farm for a while to buy a Crown instead; at least it is tradable and they are sold now and again.
RE: Uberless
# Apr 07 2004 at 6:41 AM Rating: Decent
You do not need a raid for the plane of hate drop. A single balanced group of okay equipped mid 50's can hunt here safely and it is nice exp. You do not even have to go far in to get the drop as Magi's room is only a few mob's from zone in.
RE: Uberless
# Apr 14 2004 at 11:15 AM Rating: Decent
435 posts
Yeah, I've discovered that since my Mage started doing their epic :). I hadn't been to the new Hate at the time, so hadn't realised how much easier they'd made it... I'm sure that drop is probably soloable now by a level 65 Mage with decent gear, he was a real easy mob for his level when we killed him a while back.
Easy leveling 25-55
# Nov 05 2003 at 11:44 PM Rating: Default
Ok, Erudite Mage here, marex O'Fyre, I got from 25 to 55 in 1 and a half months, where? HighKeep, 25-35, gobbies, took awile but heres where your exp starts going crazy up, at 35 kill Capt Bosec, go behind bank next to the treasurer lynn, have pet guard 3 feet from door, pull, Guard Handy, Chin, and Bosec, make sure Handy is not spawned when you pull, kill bosec, rinse and repeat, to 44, ( new Spells ) then, go to Boshinko, go on cliff next to his spawnpoint, have pet at his spawn loc, now just sit on the pointy ledge verlooking spawn loc and courtyard, when spawns, use Elemental Mealstrom, wait 10 seconds, heal pet nuke, (Biggest Spell) then wait, Heal, Nuke with lesser nuke. ( PS always have Damage Shield on pet) then after dead, wait 3 4 mins, be full mana and pull Bosec, kill at boshinko spawn point, then med until boshinko spawns again. Rinse repeat. at 49, you CAN do Nobles, easyist if you get high level mage pet stuff, just kill nobles until 55, ( ALLLWAYYS HAVE DS ON PET!! ) PS waste of time killing Noble upstairs just waste of mana... and there ya go, GL....... Marex O'Fyre, Level 58 Magician..

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worth doing?
# Oct 28 2003 at 10:27 AM Rating: Decent
The question is if you are 65 is this quest worth doing or are the 61+ pets about as good as the epic pet?
RE: worth doing?
# Jan 13 2004 at 12:28 AM Rating: Default
While yes the 61+ pets are better, the epic pet is still a formidable pet and the Orb is a quite nice stat item until you can aquire better.

Edited, Feb 12th 2007 11:20pm by Fleven
RE: worth doing?
# Feb 02 2004 at 1:44 AM Rating: Decent
Actually this is incorrect. The PoP pets are only better in PoP. The level difference in the mobs makes it harder for the epic to land its procs and nukes. Thus lowering its DPS. I'm a 65 mage and I just got my epic yesterday and it out does the PoP pets outside of PoP hands down. It rips total *** in LDoNs. Also, when this bad boy is focused it enrages just like the PoP pets.
help with epic
# Oct 06 2003 at 12:34 PM Rating: Decent
I am a 52 mage on Fennin Ro, and was wondering if I could get some help with the last 6 pieces. I need to get the Torch of Elements, the Blazing Wand, the Staff of Elemental Mastery Water, the Staff of Elemental Mastery Earth, the Pegasus Feather Cloak, and the Crown of Elemental Mastery. Any help would be much appriciated. I usually play every weekend, and I am going to try to get to raids together this weekend. One on Friday at 7pm est to Kedge Keep, and the other to PoH on Saturday at the same time. Next Saturday at the same time as the other two I am going to try to have a City of Mist raid.

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# Sep 01 2003 at 9:17 PM Rating: Decent
After 2 days of camping out in Najeena with my mage for words of mastery - fire, i gave up. Today I popped in there with my druid, killed one gypsy magician and it dropped. Can this be MQ'd? The mage has the other 3 pages.
RE: MQ'ing
# Sep 18 2003 at 4:34 PM Rating: Decent
Yes this can be MQ'd, not sure if has to be done at same time or not. I turned in Fire for someone who had other three after he started convo and he was able to complete this part
#REDACTED, Posted: Aug 30 2003 at 3:56 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) getting to lvl 40 in 2 days is NOT hard i was being pled almost the whole time , PLUS 3 days after LoY came out i seen a Lvl 65 Froglok Shaman so if you could please learn to keep your comments and rude remarks to your self till you have reason to post them and the info to back it up
#REDACTED, Posted: Nov 21 2003 at 2:55 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I agree. I made a warrior to level 46 in 5 games day w/NO PL. That is unless you call getting temperance buff as a PL, and also got their fletching skill to 176 in that time. BTW all weapons, attack, and defense skills maxed 'cept for piercing and 2hb, which are both in the 50's. You just gotta grind hard with no breaks at all. I could easily get a toon to level 20 in one sitting. Don't know what this has to do w/the mage epic, but /shrug. :) Problem I'm having is getting from 55 to 65 atm heh. =P
#REDACTED, Posted: Aug 24 2003 at 7:24 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) your so full of **** if your level 40 with 2 days of playing why do you people have to lie like this
RE: level 40 mage
# Sep 09 2004 at 1:20 AM Rating: Decent
just feeding the flame fire, but i had to say something...pffft, shoosh obviously do not have enough experience with EQ to be making judgements and calling people liars..i personally have gotten a toon (Gnome Enchanter no less) to level 40 in 7 hours...granted, had to stand in pok for 2 hours to catch casting skills up, but hey, he was 40. and aside from that with the proper PL team you can have a toon to 60 in 2-3 day no freaking problem. so, to reiterate, stfu, you know squat.
nice epic day
# Aug 14 2003 at 10:59 AM Rating: Default
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Just thought I would share the day I had yesterday in my hunt for my epic. I had my lvl 42 mage parked in Sol A camping the elementals, after about 4 hours worth of camping on and off I finally got the Power of Fire to drop. Then I gated to PoK and made my way to Kith. Arrived at night, found a dread wolf, killed it and looted Magi'Kot page 1, gated. One kill, one drop. Took book to FoB and zoned into Kaesora, found an enraged ravener, killed it and gated before adds finished eating my pet. Again, one kill, one drop. Then I went to Unrest and found a bored Archon waiting for his friends to log in who was test-firing some aoe proccing weapon. Following him to the basement I looted Magi'kot page 2 from the mass of slaughtered mobs he left in his wake.

All around a nice day of epic hunting. So, is Magi P'tasa going to be this easy too?

Ravingronn Blazewarden
Mage of 42 seasons

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# Aug 13 2003 at 3:10 PM Rating: Default
well me being a 40 mage right now ive played a total of like 2 days lvling ( game time not RL time) and i have high arcane skills and was pled for the most of it i lvl in this order

1-8 in newbie areas where ever
8-20 in the warrens
20-27 in paludal
27-35 sol a
35-40 mainly in sol b but some in Lower guk

i plan on staying in L guk and sol b till around 45 then i will go to the planes and do planar lvling hope this helps someone enjoy
#REDACTED, Posted: Aug 12 2003 at 6:16 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) 5-10 blackburrow
# Aug 07 2003 at 7:31 AM Rating: Default
To the two people arguing about PLing and how fast one can lvl i just have to say this...3 days after LoY came out, i saw a lvl 65 froglok shaman on Ayonae Ro server. Obviously he was PLed....but now that group XP has been upped, it is entirely possible to play through at least 40 in just a few weeks. Watching the younger crowd in my guild level, i have discerned a possible path of zones used to go from about 12-49 in a few weeks.

From: 12 TO: 18 kurns tower or paludal caverns
I prefer kurns because it is easier to get good spots and isnt filled with belligerent (sp?) fools. Paludal caverns because of the wide range of spawns and the huge xp bonus (dungeon bonus plus moon bonus).

From: 18 TO: 24 paludal caverns all the way, the xp bonus more then makes up for the idgets that make this zone their home for 6 lvls. once you hit 24 though, please feel free to retreat to a dark corner and plot their destruction.

From: 24 TO 30: highkeep, Lake of Ill omen (LOIO) or marus seru...I lvled my magician to 30 in marus seru, but the xp was slow and the loot sucked. LOIO was good with my necro, and admittedly easier to do. Highkeep xp is just awesome, because it is technically a dungeon...but once again you have your gaggle of idgets.

From: 30 TO 40: the Overthere or Dawnshroud 30 you should be in good stead to get in groups in DSP or the OT, both zones are good for xp, the overthere has the edge in loot though. as of today, the OT has a lighter load of people, making all nighter camps a bit hard to come by, and DSP has more idgets..but it evens out, so be prepared for lots of zone spamming either way.

From: 40 TO: 44 the overthere, or the dreadlands...I know, I know i said OT for 30 to 40, but if you solo 40 to 44 you should get about a lvl a day...or you could go to DL and get a group, either way the xp is better in DL but is harder to get good groups.

From: 44 TO: 49 dreadlands, dreadlands, dreadlands...oh and did i mentions the dreadlands (DL) a group or solo, the xp is not least it wasnt for me. I soloed here for a while before getting bored, then i got into groups and made 49 in a week.

thats about the gist of it...sorry for the bad know, the spelling, punctuation and all that, but i just dont care. also as an afterthought this is best posted in the magician strategy forum...but like i said...i just dont care. as a final say in the matter of whether or not a character can go from 1-50 in a few weeks or not, yes its friend has a little brother with a 48 wizzy who i swear did not exist 3 weeks ago...

Well now I am only 2 pieces away from my epic, and of course they are the accursed quillmane cloak and the sky crown...send me a tell ingame if your willing to sell me the crown or MQ the cloak, it would be nice...

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Narra Shadowflare
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Ayonae Ro

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RE: Magicians...definitive
# Jan 09 2004 at 9:20 PM Rating: Default
Not to say that no one knows this zone exists, but try Feerrott. Every one I know seems to think this zone is a Newbie zone or just uninhabited. Outside of Cazic Thule Temple there are many Lizards, and the Exp here rocks. The Lizards have very few HPs for there lvl and are easy for a Mage to solo. I went from 22 to 40 in this zone in a week, playing after work or weekends. Sometimes as many as 4 lvls a day here. And the zone is almost empty 70% of the time, so NO idgets to deal with.
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#REDACTED, Posted: Jun 03 2003 at 11:58 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) once again i have picked up the rain of karana on the morell-thule server, it can be MQed and i am willing to do it for cheap, way cheap. even just a small item will suffice me, if you are in need of this item, send a tell to giygus on the morell-thule server.
# Apr 18 2003 at 1:21 AM Rating: Good
FYI : The elements for the final turn in to the master of elements in POA CAN be mq'd. I did it yesterday.
Link not valid
# Mar 06 2003 at 4:45 PM Rating: Decent
Maybe it's just me, but I have been unable to access the magecompendium website. Is there another website that gives a complete overview of the magician epic?

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RE: Link not valid
# Mar 07 2003 at 3:02 PM Rating: Good
Here you go:
RE: Link not valid
# May 19 2003 at 1:15 PM Rating: Good
Epic Walkthru has a new location on the site.

Can also go here

Edited, Mon May 19 13:36:49 2003
rain of karana
# Feb 20 2003 at 10:52 PM Rating: Default
my friends and i were working on his epic(ranger epic) is east karana, we were waiting for him to turn in some stuff and spawn the reavers/corrupter when this named giant walks by. he jumps on or wiz and we peal him off and kill him. he drops the Rain of karana. i was wondering if i could MQ this to a mage. and if anyone would want it on Morell-thule if i can MQ it. i would be willing to do it for free or donations if you want. send me a tell sometime
#REDACTED, Posted: Feb 19 2003 at 5:09 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I got my mage from 1-65 in a half hour of real time, lmao
#Sirulus, Posted: Nov 10 2002 at 2:10 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Okay I am a Mage of the 51st Chapter on....well I am not going to say what server because of what I have to say. Firstly I am of the 51st because I soloed most of my time and did this in about 3 weeks. (I work long hours so that is why it was 3 weeks and not less). Anyways this is important because I am still learning the game. Like I learned that if you do the JBoot quest and give him too much money, as long as you go right back with exact change, you get the boots (3250 is the correct amount, trust me). Anyway that too is important because right now, me being the eager one that I am, I gave Jennus Lyklobar the tome from Rykas before getting the rest of the items required for the Master of Fire. I worry because although the tome reads, "...The bearer of this tome should seek out the Master of Fire and present it to him, for there is much left to be revealed", I read futher and the tome was handed in with the rest of the items gotten on raids. Now my question is...if I hand the items in later, the ones that are required, will it be as if I had handed all the items in at once or will I have to do the begining again? I would really hate to have to do this thing again. If I have to, then I will just leave the quest alone and play my ranger or druid. Remember lvl does not denote knowledge. It only exhibits dedication, learning curve, life, hehe j/k....
#REDACTED, Posted: Jan 05 2003 at 5:12 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Jeez you ppl going on and on about can hit 51 in like a week from 35 easy all you gotta do is the escaped catman quest last part over and over so all you gotta do is get to 35 in a short amount of time....with powerlvling easy i powerlvld my friend from 1 to 15 in one night...then he hit bandits the 2nd night and HHK the 3rd 35 in 3 days so if he wouldn't have wasted time up in DSP hunting those weakling gatherers he coulda been 50 easy by now cuz now its only his 3rd week on this char and he's 48...only thing that stopped him was his 2 weeks in DSP hunting blues useless
RE: Good Grief
# Feb 14 2003 at 11:51 AM Rating: Decent
Why dont u 2 get a room. I get so tired of ppl posting on these sights and arguing like a unhappily married couple. POST SOME USEFUL INFO.
Tralayan. Mage of the 52nd season. Karana.
RE: Good Grief
# Jan 23 2003 at 6:55 PM Rating: Default
I dont think I know this quest, can you point me to the starting zone? From that I can look it up here :)
RE: Good Grief
# Nov 20 2002 at 2:18 PM Rating: Decent
202 posts
Sorry if you don't like flames folks, scroll past this if you don't. But I've got to say this...

/em stands on his soapbox.

51 levels in 3 weeks?

Is that total game hours played? If it is then you might be able to do that. Not without KEI at all times, fully twinked, and without a healer class power leveling you the whole way though. You didn't camp anything except xp critters. You didn't learn a single trade skill. You didn't talk to anyone.

If that is real time, then we got a name for you where I'm from, a LIAR.

Oh and if you did manage to get 51 levels even in 3 weeks of game hours, then you are hardly learning the game. You obviously know all the perfect hunting spots for a solo mage through all the levels, no small amount of knowledge right there.

And I'd also like to know how you took the time out of this busy leveling schedule to camp the Ancient Cyclops (typically HEAVILY camped at all spawn points at all hours of the day) to do the JBoot quest.

And I think you missed the point of the game dude, its called EverQuest, not EverLevel.

And if I'm totally off base and you really did do this, my apologies on slamming your EQ playing prowess but then I have one more thing to say...


/em breathes a much needed deep breath and steps down from his soapbox.

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RE: Good Grief
# Dec 08 2002 at 6:15 AM Rating: Default
87 posts
Okay total game hours played were numerous. I have no tradeskills to mention that is true. And as for the AC I camped him after I dinged 51 and used my time there as a break from steady leveling. I camped all xp critters as you say and yes I did use KEI a LOT of the time.

I was enjoying hearing that little ding sound as I went up in level. In fact, when times got slow, I would work on lesser chars. I was in a guild from lvl 29-30 and still am. I asked what their opinion was on me starting a new char in conjunction with my mage and the best advice was at least wait till I was 50 or 60, so I did. As for the AC, on my server most of the ppl that camp AC get bored and frustrated and basically give up.

Doing the AC solo is where I got my last 3 bubbles of 50-51. It was easy to get more xp once a person learned the game and their character. I was at lvl 5 killing greens before I realized that the ones I got xp on were the ltblue to yellow (mind you those freaking faiere (sp?) guards and the like haunted my dreams but hey, I soon was able to take no notice of them as I made them scream in mercy.

So now I ask you sir, you are lvl 43 as of this post. Do YOU know how to play your character? I do. I learned early on the way to get all the xp as a mage is to out damage your pet but wait until he built up agro b4 you did such. I would let him do a bubble of damage to the mob b4 I layed down a low-medium power nuke. Then I would wait to see if the mob noticed. When it didn't, I went nuke crazy.

As for this comment, "GET AN F'IN LIFE. YOU ARE THE PERSON THEY MADE THAT STUPID 48 HOURS SHOW ABOUT" I have a life and my life is doing what I enjoy. Unlike you though sir I am CERTAIN that I have done and experienced more of life and the world than you ever will.

Flaming? Yes you do flame. And you sizzle. But will I sink to a level such as yours where you are stuck in a rut and cannot move past your 43? Nope. I have my knowledge of what I was able to accomplish. I am driven and in being that way I produce. Sadly though, I remain at 52 as my epic continues to elude me.

Lastly sir, I go by the name of Sirulus Delon, member of the Shadow Hawks (formerly of Paragon In Trust but our powers united and combined) on Tunare server. I am on some times when I am not playing on my other server. You are more than welcome to question any of my guildmates and also to challenge me to a duel. I will show you that I know how to play the game and play my character. I am sorry if you just suck so bad that you must lurk around message boards venting your aggressions in the manner that you have. You tell me to get an F'IN life? Friend, if you had so much of a life, why the hell did you even post here? You are so lame. That is all. (yes I know I said I would not stoop but he was stuck to the bottom of my shoe.....)
Cylint Nyte - Sirulus Delon
'Of all the things I've ever lost, I miss my mind the most.'Hi! We have multiple personality disorder, we means to be fed!
RE: Good Grief
# Dec 09 2002 at 9:17 PM Rating: Default
202 posts
I will respond to your last paragraph first. I do not "lurk around message boards venting [my] aggressions" normally. Look at my rating, several people must think that my posts are insightful since several of my posts have been modded up. Scroll down a little further on this page and you'll see one. As a matter of fact you are the ONLY person I have flamed on this website period. I only did so because I CAN'T STAND LIARS. One thing I like about this website I love is the quality of information that is the norm on this site but people like you muck it up.

Why the hell did I post here? Its a great thing to do when taking a break at work since I can surf the web here in my break times.

I am so lame? I'm not the one who had to lie about how long it took me to get to a certain level to stroke my ego on a message board. Because you even replied to my post makes me think that's the pot is calling the kettle black.

You are Mr. Contradiction.

"But will I sink to a level such as yours where you are stuck in a rut and cannot move past your 43? Nope." Followed shortly by, "yes I know I said I would not stoop..."

And how about one sentence followed by its contradiction.... "In fact, when times got slow, I would work on lesser chars. I was in a guild from lvl 29-30 and still am. I asked what their opinion was on me starting a new char in conjunction with my mage and the best advice was at least wait till I was 50 or 60, so I did." Um, let me get this straight, you worked on lesser chars during this 3 weeks and yet did not create them based on guildmate advice. Which is it?

And to respond to the rut comment. Hardly, the only reason I don't level fast is because I have many friends in the game and we all have mains and alts at various levels. I have more fun when playing with them and not soloing so I spread my EQ time out amongst my 1 main and 4 alts. We all try to stay very close to each other's level with our various characters so as not to throw off the xp balance.

A very brave man you are for a level 51 (now 52) mage to challenge a level 43 (now 44) mage. Yeah you'd show me how to play alright. Being 8 levels lower I couldn't land a single successful spell I'm sure. You'd have to display all the tactics of throwing 2 Shock of Swords spells to kill me. Cudos to your character knowledge, that would be a nifty slaughter that I'm sure you'd use to boost your ego some more.

You admit to using KEI most of the time. That clears your claim a little. You did not however mention if you were power leveled or not. As the comment below this one states, yes you possibly could have been power leveled to 50 in 3 weeks by a high level druid or cleric.

You asked if I know how to play my character. Yes, I do know my character and I know what limitations he has and what I can and can't do without serious help.

Letting the pet do enough damage that it will continue to hold aggro after you begin nuking the mob to oblivion is Mage 101 man, I don't think any mage solos past level 10 without figuring out that. And if you consider figuring out that green mobs don't give xp some in-depth character knowledge I feel pity for you.

I know that without KEI and someone powerleveling me it would be hard to solo xp mobs past level 30 that don't tear your pet a new cornhole and then come after you even after you have emptied your mana pool with nukes on the mob. I remember trying to solo my first cyclops in Rathe after they turned blue and having my *** handed to me after it pummeled the pet into the dirt and I was out of mana.

But maybe that's because I don't buy platinum online to buy all the best stuff. I don't buy KEI like a lot of the crackheads I see swarming to Nexus to get their next fix. I don't beg a sow off of every druid I see. I don't ask for buffs period. I didn't twink this character and the best things ever given to me have been an Elemental Binder and a Blackened Crystalline Robe. I do things the old fashioned way, I earn them.

You know, you know nothing about me yet you are "CERTAIN that I have done and experienced more of life and the world than you ever will." That's a bold statement. I am 27 years old, and despite a poor rural upbringing, I have managed to do a lot in this world. I have travelled quite a bit of this country having driven through and stopped and seen the sights in 35 of 50 states in this beautiful country. I have earned a bachelors degree in computer science with a double minor in Physics and Mathematics. I am now a successful computer programmer who just bought his first house. I've had a very active life up to this point and I'm still young.

But depite your claims, I know that anyone who could anyone who got 51 levels in 3 weeks doesn't currently do anything other than play this game especially considering that you said "I work long hours so that is why it was 3 weeks and not less".

I am sooooo stuck on the bottom of your shoe...the hurts.
RE: Good Grief
# Dec 10 2002 at 5:01 AM Rating: Default
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Okay here we go. I will do a line by line disection of your rebukes.

I will say for the last time I am not lying. Sorry to burst your bubble but I am not. I have yet to see you come to Tunare Server and ask anyone there. *Key note to you, my guild is SHADOW HAWKS* Please pay us a visit whenever you feel it is neccessary.

In response to my alts, I did follow their advice. At 50, I started my alts. By then I knew where to get fast xp and die little to never. It is easy to get to 10 with the know how and not have to worry much. Also I have a 22 rng that I am thinking of making my main but after a certain level, he will need a cleric daily, hehe.

As for me challenging you to a duel, hardly. I am only challenging the fact that you feel you have a right and a point here trying to flame. As for that cyclops in Rathe, I remember when I first went there. There was a hill giant that was dk blue to me at 37(?) and I thought great way to get xp. I sent pet and was about to buff him when I selected pet and he was missing 2 bubbles of health. I gated out and came back to watch everyone else fight them. I learned a bit about to handle them by that point but still had trouble. I was just glad there was a generous Druid in zone with SoW.

I don't have to buy plat online. A foolish idea IMO but meh, you can if you wish. KEI, yes I will admit to it without a doubt. That is the extent of my 'extravagance'.

I am a world traveller, (Australia, Japan, Africa, Dubai, Jebel Ali(?), Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia....all in the Military), I have seen the better part of 30 states here in the U.S., currently doing on again off again Criminal Justice studies at George Mason University, and quite a bit of other adds.

I may not have the 'status quo' that you enjoy in your world but I enjoy what I do and that is living life how I choose, and protecting your liberties so that you can feel free to flame people you do not know. So sure you may call me a liar, a bum, a beggar or a flamer. But I will continue to protect your right to log onto this computer calling people out, trying to pull punk cards and generally using this board for intentions other than honorable ones. I may not agree with you but as I said I love what I do.

With this you have my concession. I will not comment on your posts nor what you protest. I will rest with the knowledge that I am honest and everyone that matters knows. Good day to you sir and enjoy your new home. =-)
Cylint Nyte - Sirulus Delon
'Of all the things I've ever lost, I miss my mind the most.'Hi! We have multiple personality disorder, we means to be fed!
RE: Good Grief
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I'll say a couple more things and I am also done.

You have cleared up the alt comment. You have to admit it sounded funny the way you originally wrote it.

I didn't accuse you of buying platinum, I just said I didn't. I didn't say you begged for buffs, just that I didn't.

I apologize for calling you a liar. That is quite a feat to get that many levels in so little time and one worthy of praise in fact. I just didn't think it could be done in the time you specified since your details were a little sketchy. I am still curious as to whether you were powerleveled or twinked though but as you said you are not going to respond I guess I'll never know.

I don't use this board for flaming or "pulling punk cards", like I said last time, you are the only person I have flamed period. I only did it because I mistakenly thought you deserved it. I use this board for its intended purpose most of the time.

Your travels far exceed mine, I humbly conceded that you have seen more places in the world than I ever will. That still doesn't mean you have lived life to the fullest and or any wiser for having been there. But I do not know you so I will not claim that you aren't the wiser for it.

My apologies for starting this flame thread in the first place. Looking back on it, even if I thought you said something outlandish, I shouldn't have said anything.

Finally, sir, I honestly commend and appreciate your contributions to our country's freedom. I respect all members of our military for their work in protecting our rights. While I believe my talents, skills, and knowledge are best used in the business world during peacetime, should we go to full scale war in the near future I will be signing up you can count on that.

I will have a good day, and I hope you do the same Sirulus.
RE: Good Grief
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In response to all this...

I have seen characters go from 1-56, 50, and 57 in 3-5 weeks with the help of their guild. Powereleveling and non-powerleveling, buying pp and not buying pp. It IS posible. 51 in three weeks is easily doable in real time. There are numerous ways to do it. Most of them are not very true to the 'spirit' of the game...but then I'm sure if someone is using one of those types of methods they really don't care one way or the other. Personally I find the 'spirit' of the game to be for the most part dead, and the only real RPGing that goes on anymore is forced...Firiona Vie server doesnt even have good RPGing anymore.

But I digress. Just letting you know I have seen three people that I personally know go from 1-50+ in three to four weeks of playtime. Why I can't get that I'll never know. =p

May thy raids never wipe and thy Kei be everlasting!
-- All characters currently retired --

"Subtlety is the key to most victories."
# Apr 17 2003 at 12:32 PM Rating: Decent
You people are disturbed hehe.
RE: Good Grief
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Actually it is easy to Plvl a character to 50 in 3 weeks.
Double or triple boxing makes this easy when you run a druid and or a shammy.
Simple buff up the mage and pet, add damage shield and play havoc. First 15-20 lvls in a cpl hours at most.

RE: Good Grief
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I almost hate to post this.
I double box, the only thing I had on the 2nd account that could help was my 52nd wizzy.

With his help I was able to go to 35th in about 4 days of play (8 hours per day for 2 weekends).
35-40 was one weekend.

40 - 45 was another weekend. Also in The Overthere.
Shocked me, I did this solo as I hurt my wrist and could not really dule box.
In the overthere I was getting 1% - 2% per kill (Get a good skin and it will tell you the %)
With the water pet and the focus Item I had almost 0 downtime.

I have played about 5 hours this week, and have gotten to almost 46th in DL soloing.

Ill have 51 easy this weekend. Unless I start on my epic.

So say 8 - 9 days and Ill have 51. And my skills are fine from all the soloing.

I have played the game from Beta 3, so Im not missing anything. And the Mage is sick powerful.

Look for me on 7th hammer.

45th (Heck Ill be 46th in a hour of soloing) Mage

*Edited the last levels I had posted them 1 high Sorry*

Edited, Thu Jan 23 18:23:17 2003
RE: Good Grief
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Dude, like I said in my post, not "without a healer class power leveling you the whole way" can you do get 51 levels in 3 weeks. You just can't kill enough mobs in that amount of time without being pl'd, the downtime is just too much.

I agree with you, powerleveling a character for the first 15 levels could be done in a couple hours.

But in the higher levels (35+)when mobs are double tapping for 90 points or more, power leveling only goes so far unless you are making sure that they never touch the character you are powerleveling, i.e. rooting/mezzing.

I have some really good friends in my guild, some of the best people and players I've seen anywhere in the game. I wouldn't ask them to, and don't know even if they'd be willing to take 3 weeks out of their life to power level me for 50 levels. If you do then you'd better make sure you hang on to them because those people are EQ saints my friend.
RE: Good Grief
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Just thought I'd try Pl'ing a new cleric... and yes... first 15 levels in 58 minutes. So fairly easy to achieve it would appear.

Mind you, if you really put your mind to it in PL'ing terms you can push the boundaries to excess. There's a post on the AB fourms from someone who PL'ed a froggy cleric a few days after the launch of the new expansion and he's epic'ed it inside 3 days when last I checked he was level 60... Just depends who you know really.

To be honest though I wouldn't have wanted that cleric anywhere near me as its casting skills were shocking to say the least...
RE: Good Grief
# Mar 20 2004 at 1:18 AM Rating: Decent
Within three days of the release of LoY on Drinal server there was a level 65 froggy cleric with their epic :)......mind you......he was in the most uber guild on the server of which all the mains are time-flagged :)

Just thought I would put in my 2cp.
#REDACTED, Posted: Dec 18 2002 at 1:21 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I have a cleric friend who's best so far was a monk with a fungi to 50 in ten hours played.
RE: Good Grief
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You will have to restart the quest. Quest givers take items individually (which is why you get individuals messages such as "I needed four of ..." when you give all 4. The quest giver keeps track of what it has (order does not matter) and will give the reward to whomever completes it. With the JBoots quest, if someone had just given him 3250 gold pieces after you left, they would have gotten the reward.
RE: Good Grief
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I appreciate your answer on that because it had me bummed. The good news though is that the GM gave me my item back with the warning to be more careful =-).
Cylint Nyte - Sirulus Delon
'Of all the things I've ever lost, I miss my mind the most.'Hi! We have multiple personality disorder, we means to be fed!
Words of Alligators
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Hiya, need some help. I've done about half of the difficult parts for the Epic, but I neglected the easy ones, so I wouldn't fill up my bank with crap. I'm about ready to start doing the easier parts, can anyone confirm that the words drop off alligators that moved out of Cazic Thule into the Ferrott, or do I just need to go after the female magicians in Najena?
RE: Words of Alligators
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I've been working on my epic as well here in Najena and so far I've gotten the shovel, the broom, and 3 of the 4 pages, all from the magicians. I've not gone to try any of the alligators but I don't see a reason that you would need to. I picked up all 5 of these items in one night hunting there. Like the other person said, on my server as well the zone is empty pretty much 24/7. I've been back once for a couple hours looking for my last page and only encounted 2 people in the zone. If you learn the layout and get the keys you need you can run the trek of magician spawns pretty easily. I've never had to throw a heal on my pet while I'm there, the water pet just slaughters everything. By the time you're done with your run and make your way back to the first spawn point they should be just popping again and you're good to go for another try. You should be able to get all 4 pages and focus items in several hours of play there. Good luck.
RE: Words of Alligators
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I hadn't even begun to think about the epic yet when I camped Najena for 5 nights trying to get the pieces for the pet focus items.

But in looking for those stupid focus items pieces there I managed to, quite easily I might add, get all 4 of the torn Pages of Mastery from the Najena magicians. And since the guy you have to give them to, Akkstaff, spawns right there in Najena there is no sense going to Feerrott. Especially if you are like my mage and KOS to those freakin bouncers in that dreaded swamp.

If you are 34 and have Cinder Bolt, the mages in Najena are one shot death and you don't even need to hassle with their pets, they get snuffed on impact of the Cinder Bolt to their master. A decently equipped 34+ mage can run all over this dungeon dealing wanton destruction in a nuke extravangza.

Besides, its a great dungeon to run around in for random death. The loot can be awesome.

You always have the chance (albeit small) of getting Iron Oxide off of the earth elementals there. The magicians are frequently carrying bronze weapons. The tentacle terrors are worth a quick stop when they are up. Drelzna drops a fairly nice spear. Rathyl downstairs in the jail area has a hella nice weight reducing bag drop if you are lucky enough to get it. Bonecracker in the other end of the dungeon has some nice drops too. So the loot is decent.

And if you think ahead and go go get the key from the Priest of Najena in Unrest for the Mystic Cloak quest you can free Linara Parlone in the jail also and get this quest near complete for a nice cloak.

Kill many quests with one (long) camp in Najena.

And at least on my server there is very little competition for anything in this dungeon. I was typically the only one in there most of the time.

Najena is your one stop mage shop.

Edited, Fri Nov 22 12:05:29 2002
RE: Words of Alligators
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If you hunt the alligators outside of the Feerrott you have a chance (albeit small) of getting the a torn page of mastery. That is where I got my water page... good luck.
RE: Words of Alligators
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I have never tried the gators in Fee myself seeing how as I am Kos there. but I would likely bank on it. The mages are rarely camped on my server and if they are, I ask what they are after. Sometimes you luck out and they are not after what you are after. I lucked out twice. Anyway hope this helps ya =-)

Sir De
Anon `erdin
Cylint Nyte - Sirulus Delon
'Of all the things I've ever lost, I miss my mind the most.'Hi! We have multiple personality disorder, we means to be fed!
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