Tower of Rot #1: The Scions of the Tower  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Money
Success Lockout Timer: 06:00:00
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Call of the Forsaken
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Wed May 21 06:59:22 2014
Modified: Sat Feb 22 17:12:15 2020

Call of the Forsaken Info & Guides: Overview | Progression & Task List | Raiding | Visible Armor

This solo task is the first in a series of six. It begins with Dedire Harath (click for map image) on the zone-in level of the Tower of Rot.

- Level 95
- No tasks

Say "help" to get the task.

Summary & Requesting the Task

- Speak with Brendaleen, Quincy, and Kentash.
- Hail Deidre again.
- Get explore updates on the floors above and below the zone-in level.
- Kill "a tower scion" mobs (bottom two floors) until you get an update.
- Hail Deidre to complete.

You say, 'Hail, Deidre Harath'

Deidre Harath says '_____? Is that you. Thank the gods. We might actually have a chance, now. I'll catch you up to date when you are ready. You are here to [help], aren't you?'

You say, 'I will help, of course'

Deidre Harath says 'Well, where to begin. Alright, there is a lot to cover. Take a moment to look around, and then come back to me when you are ready for the full story.'

You have been assigned the task 'The Scions of the Tower'.

The Tower of Rot is under the control of Kyle Bayle, but a group called the Scions of the Tower are seeking something inside of it. Deidre Harath and the other people ripped from around Qeynos by the portals there are now trapped inside the tower. Find out more by speaking to the others and exploring the tower.

  1. Find out about the current situation from Deidre Harath 0/1 (Tower of Rot)

    You say, 'Hail, Deidre Harath'

    Deidre Harath says 'I'll be frank, and quick. We're currently in the [Tower of Rot]. Most of us were transported here by these strange portals near Qeynos. Apparently, whatever is causing the portals also woke up [Kyle Bayle] and some of his soldiers. Of greater immediate danger though, a man named [Narius] has organized a group he calls the [Scions of the Tower]. I don't know what he's planning, but it can't be good. It's my [job] to stop him. First, talk with some of the others. I have to speak with the other Qeynos guards.'

    You say, 'How did you get this job?'

    Deidre Harath gives a small, proud smile. 'Qeynos guard veteran, serving over twenty-five years. The people here are good people, and tough, even if we haven't defeated gods or discovered new continents or whatever other things you adventureous types do. We just usually deal with oversized rats and criminals, not undead monsters that used to be part of our city's history.'

    You say, 'What is the Tower of Rot?'

    Deidre Harath says 'A long time ago, Qeynos attempted to build a structure here. While it apparently seemed like a good idea at the time, eventually people started dying and disappearing. All contact was lost, and Kyle Bayle himself went to the Tower. He never returned. That's all I know as history was never my speciality. If you want to know more, speak to Kentash Andebar, a scholar also stuck here.'

    You say, 'Who is Kyle Bayle?'

    Deidre Harath says 'A son in the Bayle line. He's no longer who he once was though, so I don't think it's in our job description to stop you from attacking him. Quite the opposite, really, given how many citizens are trapped here.'

    You say, 'Who is Narius?'

    Deidre Harath says 'He started this mess. I don't know what his issues are, but he wants something in this tower, and he's started amassing followers to do it. Don't ask me why anyone would want to come here, but it can't be good. Especially if you bring along criminals and crazies.'

    You say, 'Tell me about Adana'

    Deidre Harath says 'Adana Baxter. Assuming that's even her real name. She's an excellent liar, and an even better killer. The guard knows about her, but lots of people just assume she's a ghost. Even if we caught her, I doubt we'd have enough proof to make anyone believe she's done what we know she's done.'

    You say, 'What about Fenn?'

    Deidre Harath says 'Fenn Tarrens is a brigand with an excellent sense of command and a command of her blade that outmatches me and just about everyone on the guard. Thankfully, she's not too bright. Of course that means she was easy pickings for [Narius].'

    You say, 'What are the Scions of the Tower?'

    Deidre Harath says 'The Scions of the Tower are a new, cultish organization. I don't know much about [Narius], but I'm familiar with [Adana] and [Fenn.]'

    Idle chatter:

    Deidre Harath says 'Everyone stay alert. Keep the non-combatants away from the stairs.'

    Deidre Harath glares at her surroundings.

    Deidre Harath mutters to herself about the undead.

    Deidre Harath calls out to one of the Qeynos guards and orders a patrol of the perimeter.

    Deidre Harath says 'Getting out of here alive is not going to be easy.'

  2. Speak to Brendaleen Thundershield to get information about the Tower 0/1 (Tower of Rot)

    You say, 'Hail, Brendaleen Thundershield'

    Brendaleen Thundershield says '_____? [Deidre] sent you? She told you about the [Scions of the Tower], right? A man named [Narius] commands them, and they're looking for something in here. Given this is the [Tower of Rot], that something can't be good. The walking dead are mostly on the lower floors. The top has more of the portals. [Kyle Bayle] is on the top floor. The bottom floors are flooded and blocked. The Scions are everywhere. On the plus side, there is still some treasure.'

    You say, 'Tell me about Deidre'

    Brendaleen Thundershield says 'She's the Qeynos guard in command around here. Smart and tough enough, but she's in over her head. I bet she's thrilled you are here so she doesn't have to do this herself.'

    You say, 'What about the Scions of the Tower?'

    Brendaleen Thundershield says 'They're weird. Not in a funny, friendly way either. Take them out if they see you. They'll stop anyone who tries to get in Narius' way.'

    You say, 'What do you know about Narius?'

    Brendaleen Thundershield says 'I don't know a lot. I know he's after something in this tower, and then he'll probably murder us all. It's how people like him operate, right? Let's get out of here before that.'

    You say, 'What about the Tower of Rot?'

    Brendaleen Thundershield looks around. 'This place. Not the nicest ancient ruin I've plundered. If you want the boring history details, talk to that scholar, Kentash. If you want to help me look for treasure and find a way out for us, well, then we can talk.' She smirks.

    You say, 'Where is Kyle Bayle?'

    Brendaleen Thundershield says 'He's locked up on the top floor. For now. But given the fact he got attacked right outside his tower, I'm pretty sure he's planning something, not cowering in defeat. Undead monsters don't fear much, you probably know by now.'

    Idle chatter:

    Brendaleen Thundershield appears to be going over a rough map for the Tower she's sketched out.

    Brendaleen Thundershield starts digging through her sack of treasures and trinkets.

  3. Meet with Quincy Hollows to find out about the group's resources 0/1 (Tower of Rot)

    You say, 'Hail, Quincy Hollows'

    Quincy Hollows says 'Oh? I've heard of you. Sorry, I'm rather distracted with our deadly crisis and all. This is seriously cutting into my profits, but let it not be said that Quincy Hollows is not a team player. Besides, I don't want to die, and quite enjoy life. Anyway, we have enough resources for now. They won't last forever, though. I hope you will save us. I'm sure there will be [rewards] for your efforts.'

    You say, 'What rewards?'

    Quincy Hollows says 'Don't look at me. I sell normal things, not anything like that garish equipment you have on that probably can fry me with magic if I were so much as to brush up against it. I don't know what to believe about what I've heard about you, but I don't really care if you save us for selfish reasons or for love and peace. Just save us, please!'

    Idle chatter:

    Quincy Hollows says 'I want to go home.'

    Quincy Hollows tugs at his beard, frowning, appearing to be deep in thought.

    Quincy Hollows rolls his eyes as one of his assistants drops something. 'No, really, break more of our very limited resources while we are trapped in this terrible Tower. That'll go over very well with Guard Harath.'

  4. Talk to Kentash Andebar to find out about the Tower's history 0/1 (Tower of Rot)

    You say, 'Hail, Kentash Andebar'

    Kentash Andebar says 'Greetings. I am Kentash Andebar, [historian] and an avid student of the [Tower of Rot]. It's so fascinating a tale. I recogonize we are in a bit of trouble, but to see Kyle Bayle so self-aware while most of his people toil mindlessly in the crumbling depths of the Tower below -- it is incredible! I know these Scions, as they call themselves, are the first priority, but if you are ever interested in learning more about the Tower, please see me. There is always knowledge to be gained from the past.'

    You say, 'A historian?'

    Kentash Andebar says 'Indeed. I've had a particular interest in the history of [Kyle Bayle] and the [Tower of Rot] for years. When I saw the Tower through the haze of one of those [portals], I couldn't stop myself as I walked through. Deidre calls me insane, and I realize my life is in peril, but what an opportunity for firsthand research!'

    You say, 'What do you know about the Tower of Rot?'

    Kentash Andebar says 'You'd like an overview? Certainly. Long ago, Antonius III sent many on an expedition to explore these lands. They attempted to extend the reach of Qeynos and [construct] a structure here that would act as a beacon of civility in these mostly unfriendly lands, beginning the work of establishing trade routes. However, contact was lost with this group, and much of the exact details for this remain shrouded in the past. The tower, however, stood above everything and was viewable in the distance. Antonius sent his son, [Kyle Bayle], to head up construction and to immediately send word upon arrival explaining why communication from the tower had ceased. None were ever heard of again, and this rotting tower has sat in silence for lifetimes, with explorers and adventurers that lived to see it reporting no sign of life.'

    You say, 'What about Kyle Bayle?'

    Kentash Andebar says 'Proud son of Antonius III, the kind to inspire others by all accounts, and master of the claymore sword. It's unfortunate he is trying to kill us all. The things he could tell us!'

    You say, 'What about the portals?'

    Kentash Andebar says 'I'm familiar with Ethernere and the odd effects in West Karana. Distortions of time itself? Fascinating. This is only a working theory, but I surmise that whatever force controls the rot of this Tower is affected by Ethernere, and some aspect or artifact here must be the catalyst that caused these portals to exist in the first place. I told Deidre, but she told me to shut up because I was making her head hurt. Brendaleen just kept asking about treasure.'

    You say, 'How did they construct this place?'

    Kentash Andebar says 'About that: From what Brendaleen and a few others have told me, the workers seem to never stop. It's strange. Could the rotting effects of the tower have an effect on the undead repeating the hopeless task of endlessly building the tower? Are they just mimicking what they did in life, or does this tower compel one to counter the effects it produces? And, most importantly, what produces these effects?'

    Idle chatter:

    Kentash Andebar says 'It is sad to see the brave citizens of Qeynos who ventured out here to build a tower reduced to the status of mindless undead.'

    Kentash Andebar says 'I will certainly write a text on this whole adventure after it is done. If I survive, of course.'

  5. Return to Deidre Harath to discuss options 0/1 (Tower of Rot)

    You say, 'Hail, Deidre Harath'

    Deidre Harath says 'The fact you are back here and haven't already left tells me you are ready to help. Good. Frankly I'm not really concerned what your intentions are, and whatever blasted artifacts you find in this Tower are between you and Brendaleen to squabble over. My only interest is stopping Narius, and with luck, dealing with Kyle Bayle before he decides to return home and attack Qeynos with an army of the dead. First, we need information. Explore the floors above and below, and find any clues you can as to what Narius might be planning. I have others looking, and everyone else is on defense. But in all honesty, our best bet is with you. Good luck.'

  6. Defeat Scions of the Tower cultists to gain information 0/1 (Tower of Rot)

  7. Explore the chaotic floors above filled with brigands and gnolls 0/1 (Tower of Rot)

  8. Explore the well-furnished floors further above filled with the dead 0/1 (Tower of Rot)

  9. Explore the rotted floors below filled with undead workers 0/1 (Tower of Rot)

  10. Explore the flooded floors further below filled with strange creatures 0/1 (Tower of Rot)

    For the explore steps, just run around on the noted levels until you get updates.

    For the scion step, kill mobs called "a tower scion", located throughout the bottom two floors (the second and third floors down from the zone-in level). These mobs hit for a max ~17,500 and summon when damaged. This is an uncommon kill update, so it may take several kills before you get it.

    a tower scion grins, thirsty for blood!

    a tower scion has been slain by _____!
    a tower scion's corpse falls over dead.

    a tower scion had nothing of interest on them. You may need to find a different Scion in order to find some useful information.

    a tower scion had a document on them. You take it for Deidre and the others.

  11. Report your findings to Deidre Harath 0/1 (Tower of Rot)

    You say, 'Hail, Deidre Harath'

    Deidre Harath says 'Good work. I think we can't even start dealing with the Scions until we deal with the undead. They've attacked us while you were gone, and I have a feeling that won't be the last incident.'

    You've explored the Tower of Rot and started gathering information about the Scions of the Tower.

150 platinum
Experience (about 1% in Level 100)
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Deidre Harath mispelled
# Aug 13 2020 at 12:49 PM Rating: Decent
14 posts
In Everquest Achievements. the name is Diedre Harath . Dedire Harath and Deidre Harath are mispelled here. I was wondering why I can never search for Deidre Harath.
Deidre Harath mispelled
# Aug 15 2020 at 10:08 AM Rating: Excellent
monkeyman541 wrote:
In Everquest Achievements. the name is Diedre Harath . Dedire Harath and Deidre Harath are mispelled here. I was wondering why I can never search for Deidre Harath.

Can you confirm her name was changed in game?

Her name is spelled Deidre Harath in the screenshot.
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Scion update seems faster?
# Jan 05 2019 at 7:43 PM Rating: Decent
70 posts
Today our group of six each had task updates on the first scion kill.
# Oct 02 2015 at 9:16 AM Rating: Excellent
2,775 posts
The trash of all types doesn't see thru double-invis... except for the mucks and the sperms.

There's one in every crowd, eh?! Smiley: clown

Had to kill 11 scions to get 6 updates. A good spot, with 3 scion static spawns, is on the first level below ground, to the right as you exit the down ramp. Watch for the one see-all-invis muck.

Edited, Oct 2nd 2015 12:07pm by Sippin
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# Oct 20 2014 at 9:15 PM Rating: Decent
313 posts
Explore the well-furnished floors further above filled with the dead 0/1 (Tower of Rot)

all updates are at the first entry level. Only this one needs to wander around in the area where the furniture and the ghosts are.
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