Plane of War: Tamrel #2 - A New Colonel In Town  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Money
Faction Required:
Castle Tamrel (Min: Warmly)
Quest Items:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Call of the Forsaken
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Access Quests: #1 - Field of Strife & Mines | #2a - Castle Rulnavis | #2b - Castle Tamrel | #3 - The Grandmaster's Tower
Castle Rulnavis Quests: #1 - Defending the Castle | #2 - A Colossal Task | #3 - Tactical Strike
Castle Tramrel Quests: #1 - The Tamrel Trials | #2 - A New Colonel In Town | Edmuund's Plight
Quests in the Mines: Katka's Cause | Deserving of Battle
Named Spawns & Locations: Hunter of the Plane of War
Castle Faction Quests: Castle Rulnavis | Castle Tamrel | Escape to Tamrel

Upon reaching kindly faction with "Castle Tamrel", you are told to pay a visit to Captain Flavis Stella.

This quest is the second in a series of two and begins with General Ugor Gronno (click for map image) on the second floor of Castle Tamrel in the Plane of War. (Note: You may need to speak with First Lieutenant Ess Pekky first.)

Pre-Requisites for Starting the Quest:
- Access to Castle Tamrel (see this quest)
- Must have completed "The Tamrel Trials".
- Warmly faction with Castle Tamrel (see this quest)
--- This quest can be completed with "warmly" faction.

At Kindly Faction

You say, 'Hail, General Ugor Gronno'

General Ugor Gronno says 'I have heard of you, but I have much to prepare for. Speak with First Lieutenant Pekky, she will have tasks for you.'

Work it up to "warmly".

At Warmly Faction

You say, 'Hail, First Lieutenant Ess Pekky'

First Lieutenant Ess Pekky says 'Hear you fight big master. You need [ogre tactics] for big fight. I help.'

You say, 'Ogre tactics?'

First Lieutenant Ess Pekky says 'I drew good tactic for big fight. Use this. Ogre soldiers help you.'

You receive "Ess Pekky's Tactics Book".

The General

You say, 'Hail, General Ugor Gronno'

General Ugor Gronno says 'Well, you must have proven yourself to my subordinates. I trust them, and so I trust you. There is much to do, and you shall do some of it. It is very important to me that lord Tallon understand how weak his chosen servants are. We must demoralize his troops and weaken his army. I have a few plans about how this can be done. First, let us send them to their god without their weapons. A warrior that comes to war without the necessary tools is useless. My soldiers, being the honorable sort, will not steal from the dead, though they do frequently destroy the weapons of our foes to drive home their defeat. But you suffer no such compunctions. Defeat the minions of Lord Tallon and take from them their mangled weapons. Four should be enough to prove the theory sound for now.'

Hand him 4x "Broken Weapon" (dropped from most mobs in the Field of Strife).

General Ugor Gronno says 'You have been promoted to First Lieutenant, may you always honor Vallon Zek. Your next task is to gather some of the worthless ore those miners try to pass off as useful. You'll probably have to just kill them and take it from them. No matter, they serve in the mines because they were poor soldiers and are not worthy of your concern. Then find and kill six of Tallon's machinists and place some of the worthless ore near their corpses. When they are found with such shoddy materials they too may find themselves working the mines when Tallon chooses to revive them. Also, since you will find the machinists using the forges, kill some of the smiths and gather up four of their best weapons, I have need of them. Lock them into the storage box I gave you. Make sure none of the weapons are the same, I need a variety of examples.'

You receive "Ugor's Storage Box".

Corpse Defiling & Excellent Weaponry

Head to the mines and loot 6x "Sulfurous Iron Ore" (known to drop from iron machinists, iron smiths in the first rooms before the tunnels; as well as "dishonored" mobs in the mines - possibly others).

Afterwards, head to Castle Rulnavis and kill machinists ("a Rulnavian machinist" and "a golem machinist"), and then clicking the "Sulfurous Iron Ore" on their corpses:

You have successfully planted the ore.

If you click on a seventh corpse, you see:

Surely, you have planted enough bad ore by now.

Kill "a golem smith" for weapons until you've looted:

Excellent Two-Handed Sword
Excellent Heavy Cestus
Excellent Heavy Mattock
Excellent Heavy Spear

Put them in 'Ugor's Storage Box' and combine them to produce "Ugor's Sealed Storage Box".

Hand in the box to General Ugor Gronno:

General Ugor Gronno says 'Well done. You have earned the rank of Captain. With that comes greater duty. Unfortunately that means dealing with those that are less worthy. Lord Vallon has a spy amongst the army of Tallon. This fool has proven of little value, but we must keep in contact with him in case there comes a time when he can be useful. Of course you must not allow them to know that he is ours, so you'll have to cut him down after you learn what he has discovered, which will most likely be nothing. He won't have any way of identifying himself to you, since that could give him away. He will have to recognize you. Take this signet to show him.'

You receive "Ugor's Signet".

Things I Seen

Kill mobs in Castle Rulnavis if you haven't already looted this, until you get a drop called "Things I Seen". The item has been reported to drop from any mob type (minotaurs, Hendins, goblins).

Hand in "Things I Seen" and "Ugor's Signet" to General Ugor Gonno:

General Ugor Gronno says 'Interesting. He did gather some useful information. There may be an opportunity for gain here. These notes suggest that the greatest strategist on the other side, other than Tallon Zek himself, is someone called Araneae. He keeps hidden, it seems, and directs from the shadows. But he seems to have affection for the libraries, perhaps the books in them. Get into their libraries and kill some of their librarians. I know! Take this with you. Bring some fire into their largest stacks, that might bring him out. If you can draw this master strategist out into the open, take his head and whatever else you can find on him. If you bring me something really good, I'll reward you.'

You receive "Arcanist's Ignitor".

Book Burning

Go back to Castle Rulnavis, and head upstairs into the library. The big books sitting in piles are what you need to click the ignitor on, but it can be clicked anywhere in the room. Fires only seem to actually show up when you kill the mobs around the book piles, but you may eventually get the mob to spawn after a few fires on different book piles regardless of trash mobs in the room. (The ignitor does not give any messages when clicked.)

On success, Araneae pops on top of you:

Araneae the Clever says 'So, you hope to ruin me by destroying my records? You can't succeed. I shall destroy you!'

This appears to be a straightforward fight (no adds or known tricks).

Loot "Araneae's Strategies" from its corpse.

Promotion to Colonel

Return to General Ugor Gonno and hand in the "Arcanist's Ignitor" and "Araneae's Strategies":

General Ugor Gronno says 'You have proven yourself and earned the rank of Colonel. Take this key to the tower. This book will give us an edge. Now, go and continue the fight. We will call you if you are needed again.'

850 platinum
Experience (12 AAs or 4% regular experience at Level 100)

No item is received at the end of the task, despite the reference to a "key".
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dafdaf is correct
# Jul 11 2021 at 2:53 PM Rating: Decent
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I was running a few toons through these missions: About half the crew had the "Things I seen" before even picking up this quest.
* Got Rez? *
Preelootable - Things I Seen
# Oct 23 2020 at 5:55 PM Rating: Good
1,267 posts
"With "Ugor's Signet" on you, kill mobs in Castle Rulnavis until you get a drop called "Things I Seen" (this will not drop unless you have the Signet on you). The item has been reported to drop from any mob type (minotaurs, Hendins, goblins)."

This is not true. I had two drop in the prior stage of this quest. Upon reaching this stage, I just handed Things I Seen and Ugor's Signet right back to him.

Edited, Oct 23rd 2020 5:55pm by dafdaf
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