Ethernere #1: Overcoming the Cataclysm  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Money
Quest Items:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Call of the Forsaken
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Call of the Forsaken Info & Guides: Overview | Progression & Task List | Raiding | Visible Armor

This solo task is the first in a series of three. It begins with Guard Jacobson (click for map image) in the Ethernere Tainted West Karana. He is located at the Qeynos Guard camp in the northwestern part of the zone.

Pre-Requisites for Requesting:
- Level 95
- No tasks

Guard Stewarn says 'Why are you bothering Jacobson? He has things to do!'

Guard Varsmith says 'Be quick with your business! Jacobson has important matters to attend to!'

You say, 'Hail, Guard Jacobson'

Guard Jacobson says '_____? I have not heard the name, but there are so many in these plains whose names I will never know and whose faces I will never see. Perhaps in time I will meet their bones and wonder what they looked like when they still walked in flesh. Even my own guards who patrolled this land lie buried beneath their towers that toppled when the [cataclysm] came. Too many souls have been lost in West Karana to even know or be forgotten.'

You say, 'What cataclysm?'

Guard Jacobson says 'We heard the rumblings that night from our garrison in Qeynos. A crash louder than any thunderclap tore the clouds from the sky. It was not long before the first survivors arrived, dirty and bleeding, carrying only their clothes and nightmares. Guard Ason led a tattered group of merchants, and the [tale] he told surpassed my fears.'

You say, 'What tale?'

Guard Jacobson says 'The hills glowed in the twilight, but were lit not by the sun. An inner light, a patch of green fire, silently swept across the grasses. Guard Ason climbed atop his tower and gazed upon the lake of light at the moment it [happened].'

You say, 'What happened?'

Guard Jacobson says 'Like a stone cast into the pool of stars, or a comet returning to the sky, the dragon breached the surface of fire. Aflame it arced and fell back to the plains. Ason dropped to his knees and covered his ears as the retort sounded across the land. The ruptured ground swelled and blistered, like skin scalded by forge steel. Lava veins spidered from the wound, weeping fiery blood. The plains creased and buckled. The tower lurched, and Ason [saw] the ground coming toward him.'

You say, 'Saw what?'

Guard Jacobson says 'Bleeding from the head and disoriented, Ason watched the destruction unfold with disbelief. Hills and plains rose up and crashed together like waves in a storm. Trees snapped and drowned in the rocky tumult. Houses and huts were crushed or burned in the onslaught of lava and the steaming waters of the Serpent River. Ason called out to Guard Justyn but heard no [reply].'

You say, 'No reply?'

Guard Jacobson says 'Ason found Justyn's helmet crushed beneath the fallen tower. He carried it with him, blood falling like tears from the bent metal. As he walked, he was joined by others who had survived. The remnants of West Karana arrived at our garrison, and I [knew] what we must do.'

You say, 'Knew what?'

Guard Jacobson says 'The garrison emptied and encamped here. We are the last hope of the living and dead. Who knows how many we have lost to the upheavals, the lava, or the creatures that have appeared? Investigator Sedgelock has pressed toward our forward camp, trying to administer aid and discover the nature of the disaster. If you have any sympathy for the people of West Karana, I would be in your debt for any [help] you can provide, as we are stretched thin.'

You say, 'I will help'

Guard Jacobson says 'Thank you, _____. Meet Investigator Sedgelock near the settlement due east from here.'

You have been assigned the task 'Overcoming the Cataclysm'.

In the wake of the cataclysm in the Ethernere Tainted West Karana, Guard Jacobson has tasked you with aiding the dispossessed villagers and discovering the nature of the catastrophe.

Map Points

For your "ethernere.txt" map file:

P 2299.8684, 1676.5253, -296.4427, 150, 0, 150, 3, Ether_Ash
P 2328.8848, 1556.1722, -300.5630, 150, 0, 150, 3, Ether_Ash
P 2158.2942, 1451.4192, -292.8300, 150, 0, 150, 3, Ether_Ash
P 1943.0414, 1321.6002, -263.6792, 150, 0, 150, 3, Ether_Ash
P 2312.8347, 1446.3286, -282.4913, 150, 0, 150, 3, Ether_Ash
P 2204.4114, 1276.7961, -282.5225, 150, 0, 150, 3, Tunnel_Portal

Speak with Investigator Sedgelock 0/1 (Ethernere Tainted West Karana)

Task Window Says: Find and speak with Investigator Sedgelock, who has traveled east from the main guard camp and is attending to the burning settlement.

Investigator Sedgelock (click for map image) is found at location -1700, -1800, -215 (north-central area).

You say, 'Hail, Investigator Sedgelock'

Investigator Sedgelock says 'Jacobson sent you? I wish I could say that your presence mattered.' Investigator Sedgelock points to the flaming houses. 'You're late. We're all too late. Lieutenant Rolth, valiant as he is, fights a losing battle. Strange creatures swarm beneath the ground and emerge to complete the destruction the dragon began. The villagers are dead or dying. What do you [hope] to accomplish?'

You say, 'I hope for a lot...'

Investigator Sedgelock says 'I only hope to learn what has happened and what might happen. Do you think Qeynos is safe? The Karanas are lost! Let them burn. We'll sift the ashes and mark them upon the Qeynos doorposts. Maybe then we'll be [safe].'

You say, 'Safe?'

Investigator Sedgelock says 'No, no, I am no fool. I know safety comes not from magic or superstition, or from sentiment for what is dead and gone. It comes from knowledge, and that is why I'm here. Aid Lieutenant Rolth if you must. Destroy those glowing dogs and their tamers, but tell me when you have finished fighting for a lost cause and are ready accept the futility of this land's salvation.'

Kill 8 skirth razers 0/8 (Ethernere Tainted West Karana)

Kill 3 gehein skirthtamers 0/3 (Ethernere Tainted West Karana)

Task Window Says: If you want to help the relief effort, assist Lieutenant Rolth in destroying the razers and skirth tamers that are attacking the settlement.

Skirth razers and tamers are found in and around the burning houses in the north-central part of the zone (near the Investigator NPC). The razers have relatively small amounts of hitpoints and hit for a max ~2,500. The tamers are regular mobs (hit for a max ~12,750 with a regular amount of hitpoints).

Speak with Investigator Sedgelock 0/1 (Ethernere Tainted West Karana)

Task Window Says: Tell Investigator Sedgelock you have dealt with the invaders.

You say, 'Hail, Investigator Sedgelock'

Investigator Sedgelock says 'Still fighting for the cause of hope, _____? You almost make this old man wish he were young enough to believe in the impossible and hardy enough to strive for it. But now you must wake from your dream to the nightmare of the real. Did you see the dust scintillating from the bodies of the tamers? Surely there must be more waiting in the tunnels below. Descend into the depths and bring me back any clumps of dust you can find. Perhaps it will tell me more about the evil that assails us. And if you find any other evidence of how these creatures have so swiftly arrived in the Karanas, don't hesitate to tell me!'

Collect samples of Ether Ash 0/5 (Ethernere Tainted West Karana)

Task Window Says: Find some ash, left by the strange invaders, lying around in the tunnels beneath the settlement.

Search the tunnels below Investigator Sedgelock to find out how creatures are arriving in West Karana 0/1 (Ethernere Tainted West Karana)

Task Window Says: You should search the tunnels for any portals the invaders might have used to enter Norrath.

Enter the tunnel area and find ash ground spawns (click for map image). Known in-game /locations (note there are others not listed here):

-1450, -2160, -292 (ash)
-1560, -2330, -300 (ash)
-1675, -2300, -296 (ash)
-1320, -1945, -263 (ash)
-1445, -2310, -282 (ash)

-1280, -2215, -280 (portal update)

Investigate the portal you found in the tunnels 0/1 (Ethernere Tainted West Karana)

Task Window Says: Touch the portal and discover its nature.

Click on the portal to spawn the Spirit of Ollysa Bladefinder, and then hail it.

Speak with the Spirit of Ollysa Bladefinder 0/1 (Ethernere Tainted West Karana)

Task Window Says: Hail the Spirit of Ollysa Bladefinder.

You say, 'Hail, Spirit of Ollysa Bladefinder'

Spirit of Ollysa Bladefinder looks around and blinks, not recognizing the faces before her. 'Who...are you? What is this place? Are you looking for...a short sword? My shop is all a mess...the wall caved's hard to breathe, isn't it?' The Spirit of Ollysa Bladefinder begins to fade and disappear back through the portal.

Give 5 Ether Ash to Investigator Sedgelock 0/1 (Ethernere Tainted West Karana)

Task Window Says: When you have collected enough ash from the tunnels, deliver it to Investigator Sedgelock.

Speak with Investigator Sedgelock 0/1 (Ethernere Tainted West Karana)

Task Window Says: Speak to Investigator Sedgelock about all you have found.

You say, 'Hail, Investigator Sedgelock'

Investigator Sedgelock weighs the ash you hand to him. He dumps it into a flask and pours a blue liquid over it. The mixture pops and fizzles. 'These creatures come from nowhere on Norrath known to me. Your description of the portal you found only confirms this for me. Hurry east to our forward camp and tell them what I have found. Guard Jalson will direct you.'

Speak with Guard Jalson 0/1 (Ethernere Tainted West Karana)

Task Window Says: You must carry word about your discoveries to the forward guard camp. Guard Jalson will point the way forward.

Guard Jalson (click for map image) is found at -1900, -3550, -453.

You say, 'Hail, Guard Jalson'

Guard Jalson says 'The forward camp? Good luck making it through these lava fields. Soon after we arrived, the ground opened up and began spewing chunks of lava into the air. Several of our tents and men were swallowed in the fire. We were in the middle of escorting survivors to base camp, but now they're hunkered down, caught between a fiery end and that blasted cult of dragon worshippers! If you could destroy the lava rents and some of the infernal creatures that tend to them, perhaps no more lives will be lost today! Tell those cowering refugees when it's safe to move!'

Kill 6 lava protectors 0/6 (Ethernere Tainted West Karana)

Destroy some lava rents so that refugees can run to safety 0/3 (Ethernere Tainted West Karana)

Task Window Says: The path to the guard camp is beset by rents of lava, which is also preventing refugees from fleeing east. Destroy the lava rents and their protectors in order to make the path safe.

Kill the mephits and large mounds of lava nearby. Note that the lava rents spawn "lava rocks" around them that have a damage aura (~7,000 dmg).

Speak with a cowering refugee 0/1 (Ethernere Tainted West Karana)

Task Window Says: Now that the path is safe, tell the cowering refugees that they can return to safety.

"a cowering refugee" (click for map image) is in a small structure nearby, at about -1340, -3780, -451.

You say, 'Hail, a cowering refugee'

a cowering refugee shudders, 'Is it safe? Really? Do I just run for it?' The cowering refugee bolts out of the tent.

Hail Guard Jalson 0/1 (Ethernere Tainted West Karana)

Task Window Says: Tell Guard Jalson that you have made the way safe.

You say, 'Hail, Guard Jalson'

Guard Jalson says 'Thanks, _____. You've done the people of West Karana a great service! I know Guard Mathys, commander of the forward camp, will want to hear what you have to say.'

Speak with Guard Mathys 0/1 (Ethernere Tainted West Karana)

Task Window Says: Enter the forward guard camp and tell Guard Mathys what has transpired.

Hail Guard Mathys (click for map image) at about -1490, -4200, -471 to complete the task.

You say, 'Hail, Guard Mathys'

Guard Mathys says 'The lava flows, but a cold wind blows from the maw that gapes above us, waiting to swallow Norrath. What you have told me must be true. You are brave or foolhardy to come here. Though I value your efforts, we shall see how valuable you'll be when facing down a dragon!'

It appears the mysterious invaders that are besieging West Karana have come from a place outside of Norrath, a place inhabited by the spirits of the dead. You told this to Guard Mathys, but he seems more concerned about the dragon that has appeared.

300 platinum
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Ollysa Bladefinder
# Jun 02 2019 at 10:42 PM Rating: Decent
Where is this person at?
Ollysa Bladefinder
# Jun 03 2019 at 9:10 AM Rating: Excellent
189 posts
Did you click on the portal? It is a spawn and not up until you click -

Investigate the portal you found in the tunnels 0/1 (Ethernere Tainted West Karana)

Task Window Says: Touch the portal and discover its nature.

Click on the portal to spawn the Spirit of Ollysa Bladefinder, and then hail it.
Ground spawns 2 mins
# Nov 07 2013 at 9:41 PM Rating: Decent
15 posts
You can sit at one location and collect all 5 Ether Ash (ground spawns) - approx. lil over 2 min respawn, everyone in group should be in tunnel or near it to get the credit. If you are sitting on the hill side, you will see that one of your group has looted, but you do not get credit for it.

Edited, Nov 7th 2013 9:43pm by jastripp
level requirment 95?
# Oct 11 2013 at 6:16 PM Rating: Decent
10 posts
I believe the pre-requisite level for this is 95. Can someone please verify this?
# Feb 14 2014 at 5:53 AM Rating: Decent
38 posts
3% exp at lvl 95.
level requirment 95?
# Feb 14 2014 at 5:17 AM Rating: Decent
38 posts
My group of level 95s did the quest.
lava rents
# Oct 11 2013 at 9:39 AM Rating: Good
101 posts
lave rents are belly casters, plus i could not hit them with ranged attacks. However, the lava protectors dont seem to assist the lava rents. I managed to kill the rents and get credit by attacking them with my pet and just sat out of agro range of the protectors.

Could not request from 93 Mage
# Oct 10 2013 at 10:04 PM Rating: Decent
10 posts
For some reason, I could not request this task with my 93 level Drakkin Mage. Not sure why. Seems to be another pre-requisite in addition to level 85 maybe. Anyone else have this issue? My level Dark Elf chanter requested it just fine, so I know I did the dialog correct and invis was off.
investigator Sedgelock
# Oct 10 2013 at 11:32 AM Rating: Decent
1 post
Investigator Sedgelock wouldn't talk to me. is there a prerequisite for him to talk to you?
investigator Sedgelock
# Oct 10 2013 at 6:59 PM Rating: Decent
24 posts
It begins with Guard Jacobson (click for map image) in the Ethernere Tainted West Karana see top of this page!
# Oct 08 2013 at 2:38 PM Rating: Good
3 posts
reward is 300 plat and about 4% experience at level 98
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