Crusader's Test of Pain (#2)  

Quest Started By:Description:
Time:6 hours
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Faction
  • Loot
  • Money
Factions Raised:
Factions Lowered:
    Quest Items:
    Related Zones:
    Related Creatures:
    Related Quests:
    Era:Ruins of Kunark
    Group Size:Solo
    Min. # of Players:1
    Max. # of Players:1
    Appropriate Classes:
    Appropriate Races:
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    Entered: Fri Jan 11 11:26:43 2002
    Modified: Wed Feb 12 19:22:49 2014
    Lord Gikzic may be found in the Temple of Terror, up a flight via transporter at +1035, -165, +46. At the end of the previous quest, he mentioned a [greater concern].

    You say, 'What greater concern?'

    Lord Gikzic says 'A tome has been taken from us. An expeditionary unit was returning to Cabilis when they were overtaken by a band of froglok raiders. The odds were greatly in their favor, but our forces would soon cut them down. Then, as abruptly as the battle began, it came to an end. The frogs retreated. The only item they took was an ancient tome entitled 'The Origins of Pain'. What the frogs want with it is unknown to us. Will you [retrieve the tome]?'

    You say, 'I will retrieve the tome.'

    Lord Gikzic says 'The tome ripped open in battle. There were but ten pages. This is one of those pages. You must find the remainder and the tome binder. Place the pages within the binder and once you combine them, the binder shall magically lock. Do not look upon the pages, for the words would bring a great madness upon you. Your task is simply to seek out the froglok raiders and return the magically locked tome to me. Return it with a knave's khukri and I shall give you a more powerful weapon.'

    You receive "a page of a tome" (identifies as "Page Ten of 'Origins Of Pain'"). It's a note/book but is blank.

    Go to the bandit camp east of Cabilis, in the northern part of the Swamp of No Hope. Kill the froglok raiders there until you've collected the nine other pages. All but one page is LORE, but they can be traded. The raiders also sometimes drop a Tome Binder (identifies as "The Origins of Pain"), a NO TRADE 10-slot container. Combine the ten pages in the binder:

    You have fashioned the items together to create something new!
    You have fashioned Magically Locked Tome.

    Give this to Gikzic.

    Lord Gikzic says 'I shall keep this and you shall get no reward, unless you wield a knave's khukri. If so, then hand me that also and I shall give you a squire's khukri. A finer weapon to deal out pain.'

    Give him the Knave's Khukri.

    Lord Gikzic says 'You have done as instructed. You are wise to hand this tome to me. It could bring you nothing more than insanity. As your reward, you shall have the squire's khukri. Soon you shall wield the knight's khukri, but that is for another Lord of Pain to decide.'

    Your faction standing with Crusaders Of Greenmist got better.
    Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis could not possibly get any better.
    You gain experience!!
    You receive 3 gold from Lord Gikzic.

    You receive your Squire's Khukri.
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    Just did this (again) on Agnarr.
    # Aug 13 2019 at 6:13 PM Rating: Excellent
    51 posts
    I've done this quest about 3 times over the years. This time I had a boxed ranger that really helped find the raiders. A couple minor points first:

    - killing any frog in or around the bandit camp can, potentially, spawn a raider.

    - killing the stationary bandits seems irrelevant.

    - killing roaming mobs of any species seems to have the potential to spawn frogs, and each frog spawn has the potential to be a raider.

    Now for the 'something new' I may have noted:

    Because I had a ranger and was positive I was killing all raiders in a given night time cycle, and I was getting a lot of duplicates, I had about 4 of the dropped pages, didn't have the binding yet. I logged off and waited for a night cycle. Logged back on. Again spawned and killed a bunch of raiders. This time I got every remaining page I needed, plus the binder, in addition to 1-2 duplicates. I'm of the opinion that the game may have at least 2 loot charts it uses for raiders, and may alternate among them for adjacent (in time) night cycles. Something to consider.

    Oh and if you're still playing nowadays, you definitely want to lvl up a ranger for tracking. Makes it so much easier :)
    Raiders and pages
    # Mar 25 2019 at 10:03 PM Rating: Decent
    2 posts
    All pages I looted were lore, and the trick for the raiders to spawn is to clear out every mob around the brigand camp between the lvls of 6-12 , the raiders pop at night from these mobs, not every one will be but a high %,
    lore pages
    # Feb 11 2014 at 3:45 AM Rating: Decent
    36 posts
    dont really need anyone to identify them, just fill up the tome and make sure there is only one non-lore page
    finished task
    # May 09 2006 at 10:57 AM Rating: Decent
    well i finished my task to get the squires khukri today. i just wanted to say that the loc 2450/1120... on a pininsula didnt seem a spawn point or a rather good place o run into raiders. Instead i brought a 60 clr with me and i camped just north of ikky bandit camp with the clr. Then i ran around and aggroed like 10 mobs and brought back to clr at camp spot for clr's AE upheavel spell to wipe them in one cast, i did this till a fairly wide radius around camp was emtpy. Also raiders dont seem to have any particular spawn point, i seen them spawn in middle of bandit camp, to the south, east and north of bandit camp as well. I havent been able to figure out what or if there is a PH, maybe just bring someone with a good AE spell so u can do the same thing i did or wait till u are old enough to do it ur self <without the AE spell>. It will take awhile for this to be done even though this method was simple, at least till someone deciphers the secret of getting them to spawn. As i said they seemed to be static spawn, one time i seen 4 spawn right after the other, at that time i had already found 9 scrolls and all the scrolls on the four that spawned after the other were holding scrolls i already had. Any ways i found all 10 and binder the same day i started but when i was finished i needed a break from the comp cuz it did get kinda repitive.
    finished task
    # Dec 12 2015 at 10:08 AM Rating: Good
    750 posts
    I have always used this point to camp this quest. It works every time, but you have to find the already spawned Raiders first.

    P -1121.8181, -2446.5732, -10.6456, 240, 0, 0, 2, Raider_Spawn_Point

    UPDATE: I rolled an Iksar on Lockjaw and am on this quest now. I have done this quest line several times and the above /loc has always worked. NOT on Lockjaw however. In 5 days, I haven't seen anything spawn at this point. When I arrived at the pillar near the outcast iksar camp, there was one dead Raider and I got the page. since then I have only seen two Raiders. Many, many times trackers passed through and I asked, but nothing on track. Another odd thing is that every time I have hunted the area, from my Iksar WAR back in 2001 to my recent DE SK a few weeks ago, it has been swarming with Frogloks. On Lockjaw it is uncommon to see several Frogs at any given time. It almost looks like the spawn rate has been severely nerfed. This quest is going to be a career, lol.

    Edited, Jan 3rd 2016 12:39pm by KC13
    Faction hits
    # Aug 07 2005 at 10:55 PM Rating: Decent
    34 posts
    Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis got better.
    Your faction standing with Crusaders of Greenmist got better.
    You gain experience!!
    You recive 3 gold from Lord Gikzic.
    quest is annoying, but easy
    # May 13 2005 at 2:38 AM Rating: Decent
    130 posts
    My 57 sk gnome was not able to find any froglok raiders around +2450, +1120 as per a previous post here. Instead, he hunted the peninsula of land directly below the iksar bandit camp (the area around +2117, +87) and the immediate area around the camp itself. Kill everything in sight, even the mobs that are a bit into the water. No need to cross the water, nor any need to kill the static iksar bandits in the camp. Just kill all the wanderers and spawns, i.e. the various worm-things, plant-things, mosquito-things, wandering iksars and froglok ton/sin/guk/bounder/etc. Although most of the raider pops are around 9PM to 9AM as mentioned in previous posts, daytime pops were not that rare.

    At first, harvesting pages will be easy cause every raider drops one...but as you start collecting them, you'll start getting duplicates and so you'll see more and more Duplicate Lore msgs. All except for one page, that is. Number 8 is not lore, so don't get your hopes too high when you see you have 10 pages. Inspect them for lore...if you have more than one that is not lore, keep just one and keep hunting. For my sk, page 9 was the rarest. It took about an hour to get pages 1,3,4,5,6,7 and 8. Then another 30 mins to get page 2, then yet another hour to get page 9. The tome combiner dropped twice during the hunting.

    You can't see which pages they are unless you or a friend cast Identify.

    Good luck,
    Extremely easy way to get pages!
    # Feb 23 2004 at 9:45 AM Rating: Default
    36 posts

    Edited, Mon Feb 23 09:45:52 2004
    -Brenre Camerbunne, Cleric of Innoruuk, Bristlebane
    -Kukshaaz B'Gymply, Shaman of Cazic Thule, Morell-Thule
    -Benasora Lausfett, Enchantress of No Affiliation, Rallos Zek
    Extremely easy way to get pages!
    # Feb 23 2004 at 9:45 AM Rating: Good
    36 posts
    I discovered something that I hope you'll find very useful today while searching for these pages.

    I noticed that, as I was clearing random trash around the bandit camp, the raiders would always seem to come from the west, and always in the same general area. So I waited there, and killed any mobs that wandered through. Sure enough, a minute or two later, I see a raider swimming through the water toward me. So I killed it, and went over to the first place I saw it. Cleared mobs that came through, and a few minutes later, another raider, coming from farther to teh west.

    I followed the trail they were coming from and eventually found... a spawn spot for them. This spot spawned raiders for me 9 times out of 10, and there's almost no wanderers around it, the key I guess would be to find the one that spawned there and kill it (by killing everything in the area) then waiting there for the pop. It seemed to produce one about every 2 minutes.

    The location is 2450, 1120, and it's on a little bit of land west of the bandit camp between two small bodies of water. It doesn't always spawn raiders, as I said, but I got 9 raiders, 1 mosquito, 8 raiders, 1 mosquito, 12 raiders and by that time I had the complete set.

    Hope you find this useful!
    -Brenre Camerbunne, Cleric of Innoruuk, Bristlebane
    -Kukshaaz B'Gymply, Shaman of Cazic Thule, Morell-Thule
    -Benasora Lausfett, Enchantress of No Affiliation, Rallos Zek
    RE: Extremely easy way to get pages!
    # Jul 02 2004 at 9:52 AM Rating: Decent
    24 posts
    Although that spawn point doesn't seem to be popping raiders 9/10 times now, it certainly speeds up the process. Clean out everying around the western side of the bandit camp and move to this spot, and the spawns will be almost exactly 2 min apart. A few times, 2 raiders would spawn at once, which helps a lot.
    Manosthe HandsofFate
    # Nov 23 2003 at 8:00 PM Rating: Good
    Just completed this quest with my Shadow Knight. Wanted to clear up some things as while doing this quest, some other Shadow Knights were also hunting the raiders and there was some confusion.

    First off, there is an excellent walk through at that goes through all the mini-quests in this series for the Greenmist. I suggest taking a look at it as it is well worth the time doing so.

    Now for the information. When you receive the quest from Lord Gikzic, you receive a no-drop lore page. Save it.

    Now go hunt the frogluk raiders in Swamp of No Hope. From Cabilis, go to the left and follow the path to a pillar. Just beyond that is an iksar camp. This is the area where you will find the frogluk raiders. What I did, being only level 9 is I drank a sow potion. I then ran through the camp gathering all the iksars. I then ran back to the Cabilis zone, stopping long enough to make sure I had the iksars in tow. I let the guards kill the iksars. I then ran back to the camp and wondered around looking for the raiders to show up. I must say that it was a long process. I suggest a tracker to make things go faster. All the mobs around that area were red and or yellow to me. The leeches and the mosquitoes were the only things that did not aggro on me.

    As for what you need from the frogluk raiders:

    8 lore page of a tome
    1 non-lore page of a tome
    1 binder

    While trying to get the pages, others were saying that you needed to loot a no-drop tome... THAT is NOT correct. There are no-drop tome pages we need other than the one given to you by Lord Gikzic
    *****END NOTE*****

    I had no way of identifying the pages but when I looted, as long as I did not get a message of duplicate lore pages, then that page is what was needed. Make sure you only have 1 non-lore page.

    When you have 8 lore pages and 1 non-lore page, put them into the binder and also put the no-drop page that was given to you by Lord Gikzic into the binder. Hit combine. It will turn into something along the lines of "a magically locked" binder (sorry do not remember exactly what it was called as I was excited to be finally done with this part of this quest).

    Go to Lord Gikzic and give him the locked binder and your Knave's Khukri at the same time. You will then be rewarded the Squires Khukri.

    Regards to all and safe questing and hunting,
    RE: Clarification
    # Dec 04 2003 at 9:30 AM Rating: Decent
    13 posts
    I just started this quest last night, after reading the above post I tried to copy it as best I could. Being lvl 30 now I didn't need to train the brigands to the guards...instead I slaughtered them all! After the camp was cleared I wondered up the hill to the north a bit...when I turned around there were 3 raiders walking towards the camp. All 3 of them stopped in the middle and stood there. It took me about an hour and a half to get the binder and 7 of the lore pages and the 1 non-lore. After a whole day/night cycle in game the raiders quite spawning as often. So now I'm just missing one lore page, which will be rather fun to try and get to drop. Hopefully my luck will hold up tonight when I get home and try again.
    #Gamaray, Posted: Oct 23 2003 at 5:21 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) The ACTUAL /loc is +2500, +250 not +250, +2500. It makes a difference dumbarse. They only spawned at night for me. Notice that all the brigands in the camp respawn as brigands, how long does it take some morons to realize it doesnt matter how many of those you kill.
    recent completion of quest
    # Aug 06 2003 at 7:15 PM Rating: Good
    183 posts
    Recently completed this quest -- took about four hours of playing time.

    What you need: 10 tome pages COMBINED in binder (Lord Gikzic will start you off with the first page). Tome binder and other nine pages drop from froglok raiders near camp at pos250, pos2500.
    Eight of the dropped pages are lore, one is not.

    At lvl 9, I went to the camp, but most of the stuff was red to me except the raiders. However, there was a high-level shaman looking for a quest piece so he was killing everything in sight. Managed to loot seven of the pages I needed, but decided to level before I attempted to hunt here on my own (went to Kurn's and got the glowing skull needed for the next khukri).

    Came back at lvl 19, and there were still some red critters, but most of them were blue to yellow -- plants, frogloks, iksar, skellies, insatiables and leeches will attack if you get too close. Got the tome (rare, no drop, lore), but the last two lore pages took a while to find (ended up with two of the non-lore pages, so they are not overly common either). Probably killed about 50 raiders in all -- not too bad in terms of questing time.
    RE: recent completion of quest
    # Aug 07 2003 at 7:02 PM Rating: Decent
    Ok, spent last 2 days doing this quest. I got all 10 pages and the tome but wouldn't let me combine it. Then while sitting there rereading the quest, a raider comes hopping by, I kill it and looted an 11th page. /boggle Is this thing bugged?
    [ newwindow]Death Touch[/link]
    RE: recent completion of quest
    # Aug 20 2003 at 9:58 AM Rating: Decent
    47 posts
    One page is not lore, so i would suggest checking that maybe if you have 11 pages and it won't combine check to see if you have 3 of the non lore pages
    L10 timesink
    # Jun 25 2003 at 12:16 PM Rating: Decent
    4 posts
    This part of the quest is really ticken me off. My SK has 8 of the 10 pages, never seen the binder, and has at least 12+ hrs invested in this quest. Heck I have part 3 and 4 done. I've lowered myself to pulling out my wizard rounding all mobs in site and AE'ing them. on average I see 2 raiders every pull. and every page is duplicated. ack.

    Is there another place the raiders spawn?

    Balrigard Maelstrom
    58 Wiz

    Jastiz Nediam
    37 SK
    RE: L10 timesink
    # Sep 15 2003 at 4:27 PM Rating: Decent
    36 posts
    My SK is in a similar position to your's -- I can't get the last two pages, 3 and 5, I think. I've seen two binders drop, but this is also over the span of about a week.

    Also, I had to wait until level 24/25 before I was able to solo this camp area effectively. Now, of course, almost everything is green, so it's pretty easy to kill stuff. Also easy to not notice your health bar being low and pulling a blue con, then getting an add or two. >_<

    I'd highly suggest getting a Silvery Mask or another identify item. Not just for this quest, too -- it's handy for other quests. Have to wait until level 25 to use its effect, though.
    lore, or not to lore.....
    # Jun 24 2003 at 4:17 AM Rating: Decent
    6 posts
    Greetings all,

    Ive been doing this part of the quest for abour a week, 2 hours a day. after 5 pages and the tome binder, i have finally gotten a "lore" page! (yes they all say lore but i couldnt loot this one) anyhoo my question is this, whats a good, cheap (like under/around 50p) item to get to identify these pages! thanks!

    Noirr Travail 'au
    57 Necromanceress
    24 ShadowKnight
    -Rodcet Nife-
    "Deepest Winter will set in..."
    Easy but boring
    # Apr 18 2003 at 11:50 PM Rating: Decent
    12 posts
    This part was easy. Just kill everything in sight from the bandit camp. Bandits have nothing to do with the spawn. I never killed one and the raiders spawned everywhere. Just make sure to get to them before the other monsters kill them. I was able to get all 10 pages in about 3-4 hours. It's just gets really boring.
    Nevard - 70 Shadow Knight
    Faramorn - 34 Beastlord
    Bandits Don't Count
    # Mar 28 2003 at 2:18 PM Rating: Decent
    6 posts
    I have a 23rd Level SK and spent about 6 hours killing the bandits. The only things that spawned were Frog warriors and shams. Not one raider spawned. I will try to kill the mosquitos and leeches tonight and see if that spawns raiders.
    Duke Erudugi Badzoing
    Lord Protector
    Loc of this camp pls
    # Feb 27 2003 at 12:05 AM Rating: Decent
    1 post
    Im just wondering Can i get a location of this camp... ?
    RE: Loc of this camp pls
    # Mar 10 2003 at 1:46 PM Rating: Decent
    17 posts
    The camp is at (approx) 250, 2500. When you come out of Cabilis turn left and take the path that runs along the edge of water (keep water on your right and zone wall to your left). Keep going after the path runs out and you'll eventually run into the camp.
    # Oct 15 2002 at 9:22 PM Rating: Decent
    13 posts
    This was one of the stupidest quests I ever did - a whole zone of reds (for SK's doing this quest when they're supposed to) with a few blues/greens running around. Yeesh. Got all 10 pages in 2 days, then spent 2 entire days looking for damn binder - I don't know what servers you're on where binder drops 1 of 4, cause I killed 50+ raiders (no exaggeration here) before I finally got it. Because of the area this quest was WAY harder than Knight's Kukri quest, and should have been third. Just my 2CP.
    RE: Ridiculous
    # Jan 30 2003 at 10:37 AM Rating: Default
    Your lucky now the frogloks are kos to everything in the zone, so raiders don't show up any more :(

    Edited, Thu Jan 30 10:09:14 2003
    RE: Ridiculous
    # Feb 28 2003 at 3:45 AM Rating: Decent
    you're nuts.. they do to ... got all my pages today... no binder yet, but it's not like I've been at it long... get someone who can track to help you.
    Pages not TLC on Firiona Vie server, binder is
    # Sep 09 2002 at 7:50 AM Rating: Decent
    85 posts
    For those of you questing for Greenmist on the Firiona Vie server, you should be happy to know that the pages that drop off the froglok raiders are NOT subject to TLC, even though all of the pages except one of them is LORE. However, the binder is subject to TLC.

    With my level 53 shadow knight I basically killed everything I saw in the vicinity of the bandit camp and I had all 9 page drops within 2 hours. Every raider dropped a page (though I did of course get a few duplicates.) Some of them gave me a TLC message, and I presume this was from the binder. About one in every two or three frogloks gave me a TLC message, so I assume this is about how often the binder drops (making the binder considerably less rare than any individual page).

    I lined up a level 15 rogue (thanks, Stacy) to help me with the binder drop, and after three kills we got it.

    By the way, for those of you wondering what this "TLC" stuff I'm talking about is, it stands for "Trivial Loot Code" and it's only implemented on the Firiona Vie server (you may recall that TLC was briefly implemented on all servers when the Warrens and Stonebrunt were released for those zones)... on the Firiona Vie server, if you (or somebody in the group that gets a kill) does not get experience from the kill, TLC kicks in and any MAGIC or LORE items that were on the corpse are deleted. However, there are apparently some exceptions to TLC on Firiona Vie, as these pages evidence.

    Good luck, all.

    Edited, Mon Sep 9 08:43:08 2002
    Velsor Secarne on Firiona Vie
    Quinstol on Quetzalcoatl
    RE: Pages not TLC on Firiona Vie server, binder is
    # Sep 12 2002 at 2:20 AM Rating: Decent
    128 posts
    if the binder is listed as TLC then how come i had 4 drop in A ROW off raiders for my 38 SK? just curious.
    There is a Finite amount of intelligence in the world, and we keep breeding ......
    Not so long
    # Sep 08 2002 at 7:27 AM Rating: Good
    3 posts
    I did this quest 2 times (with my 2 SKs).
    And i can say that:

    - There is NO need to kill any Bandits in the camp, this is just a waste of time, just LEAVE them.
    - Frogloks spawn a LOT more often (if not only) at NIGHT: i would say 8pm to 8am.
    - To make them spawn kill all wandering creatures that might be around the same level as Raiders (lvl9).
    That include:
    Giant Moskitos
    Man eating Shrub
    Escaped Froglok
    Froglok Fisher
    Froglok Bounder
    Scalebone Skeleton
    Giant Marsh Leech
    Iksar Brigand (wandering) and Footap
    Froglok Ton Warrior and other low level Frogloks

    - There is often a highter lvl Froglok wandering around the camp, don't try to kill it if its risky at your level, it does only make respawn another higher level Frogloks (not raiders)
    - Check around the camp, near the water, on the hill AND around the pillar.

    You should be able to finish the quest in 2 nights (EQ time).

    Hope this help !

    Edited, Sun Sep 8 10:54:59 2002
    RE: Not so long
    # Oct 08 2002 at 1:21 AM Rating: Decent
    4 posts
    Just FYI killing the lower level Frogloks such as fishers and Bounders spawn the higher level frogloks, the same as killing the skeletons.

    Dahkir Choegal
    Iksar Shadowknight of 43 scales
    Solusek ro Server
    Dahkir Choegal
    51st scale Iksar SK
    Dark Hour
    Solusek Ro
    # Aug 29 2002 at 11:23 PM Rating: Decent
    99 posts
    Just a warning for everyone.
    Things must have changed with a new patch... creatures that say KOS are actually KOS. In the past I would Med and watch a KOS critter walk right over me... no more... now the plants and the vine will actually attack without provocation.

    Just a little warning to all those who like this quiet zone.
    Halani Mawr 61st Barbarian Shaman from Innoruuk now the Nameless.
    Master of many trades.
    # Aug 23 2002 at 12:23 PM Rating: Default
    67 posts
    Ok, this quest is not broken. Howerver, then name says it all, PAIN. It's a pain to do this. YOU NEED SOMEWAY TO IDENTIFY THE PAGES! Can't stress this enough. Did mine and pages 1-7, 9&10 are all lore, page 8 was not. If you have no way to identify the pages you will wind up with about 6 or 7 page 8's like I did. This is a good time to beef up those spell skills. Stand on the hill above the camp and just keep casting spells to raise them. Good time killer while waiting for the spawns.

    Xariksu Bloodfeast
    lvl 25 SK

    Edited, Fri Aug 23 13:11:58 2002
    # Aug 19 2002 at 1:23 AM Rating: Decent
    128 posts
    Sorry for Caps..

    I camped out the Iksar Bandit Area in Swamp of No Hope. After Camping the Raiders and getting a good amount to pop ( as well as faction for the Necro guild in Cabilis ) I thought I had all 10 pages of the tome and the binder ( as well as a book mark that I have no idea about ). When I tried to combine the tome and pages I got the answer " you cannot combine these items in this container ' so I went thru and made sure they were all "a tome page". Had a chanter identify each page. about 6 pages into it, I found that I had 3 pages of " page eight of 'origins of pain'".

    Upon closer inspection I found that Page 8 in the tome is not LORE. Meaning you could loot multiple pages of page 8, which I had. So I submitted a bug report. Just though I would pass along the information I collected so you don't pull yur hair out as I did.

    Good luck on this quest


    Edited, Mon Aug 19 16:43:52 2002
    There is a Finite amount of intelligence in the world, and we keep breeding ......
    # Aug 27 2002 at 12:05 AM Rating: Decent
    128 posts
    found "a lens of sorts" and "strange writing on a book mark" on a froglok Raider ... dunno what they are or what they are for but they are lore ... any Info on these things?

    Edited, Tue Aug 27 00:53:52 2002
    There is a Finite amount of intelligence in the world, and we keep breeding ......
    Too hard
    # Jul 22 2002 at 6:14 PM Rating: Decent
    3 posts
    Well, what can i say this quest is ridiculous. I`m a level 30 sk, and after 20 hours and only 3 pages, I`m thinking of jacking it in...! Only the thought of the greenmist is keeping me going.
    # Jul 09 2002 at 10:41 AM Rating: Default
    They expect newbs to wait 6 hours? no wounder my friend left and only said "this game take's to much time." the day after he try'd the quest. Well on the other hand a newb wouldent usually look for quests TO much unless they know what they are doing.
    Iksar Camp
    # Jul 02 2002 at 10:05 PM Rating: Default
    The raiders spawn near the Ikasra Camp (North Center Swamp of No Hope). Just take the northern road out of Cabilis and veer SE when it ends and you'll see the camp. I had to run once and came close to dying 3 other times as a 33rd SK, so it isn't 10-60 as posted. I made 34th just trying to accomplish the quest. On the other hand, it isn't impossible and took only about 5 hours for me. Just kill all the outer spawns and watch for raiders.

    Shadrok, 34SK, Knights of Prestige, Kane Bayle
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