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Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Loot
  • Lore
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
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Era:Veil of Alaris
Group Size:Solo
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Fri Jul 5 14:21:36 2013
Modified: Thu Feb 3 02:23:56 2022
You say, 'Hail, Annabelle'

Annabelle says 'Welcome ______. Do you wish to [enter] the neighborhoods?'

You have received the task 'Housing'.

Speak to Annabella in the Guild Lobby 0/1 (Guild Lobby)

You say, 'Enter?'

Annabelle says 'Simply touch the gate next to me. A mystical view will appear in front of you. From here, you can see the different neighborhoods available and how many of the plots in that neighborhood are open. Select the neighborhood you wish to go to and select 'go'. If you are looking for a particular friend, simply enter their name and select 'search'. Change 'player' to 'neighborhood' if you are searching for a particular neighborhood. In addition, to list the neighborhoods that have a house you own, simply select 'My Plots'.'

Click on the gate to enter a neighborhood (any will do) 0/1 (Guild Lobby)

Your task 'Housing' has been updated.


You have entered Ancient Heroes Village.

Speak with Christine to learn more about housing 0/1 (Sunrise Hills)

A mystical path appears before you.

The mystical path fades away.

You say, 'Hail, Christine'

Your task 'Housing' has been updated.

Learn what a [plot] is 0/1 (Sunrise Hills)
Learn how to [find] a plot 0/1 (Sunrise Hills)
Learn about placing a [house] 0/1 (Sunrise Hills)
Learn how to [place] items 0/1 (Sunrise Hills)
Learn how to [travel] to different plots 0/1 (Sunrise Hills)

Christine says 'Greetings ______. Welcome to the neighborhood. I am here to help you with general information about housing. Some of what I say may be in a weird tongue, but you will understand it anyway. I can help you [find] plots. This will also allow you to see what plots are available. I can also help you with information on how to buy a [plot], a [house], or even your own guild [neighborhood]. Additionally, I can give information on how you [place] items, including the house. If you need me to go into more [detail], just say the word. Finally, you may [travel] quickly around the neighborhood using the teleportation pads.'

You say, ''house?'

Your task 'Housing' has been updated.

Christine says 'A house is actually an item that you place on plots, that if placed and paid for allow you to enter another area. This area is the interior of your house. With the magic of Norrath, your interior will not always match the exterior. There are various merchants nearby that will sell you houses. Houses will have both a purchase price and an upkeep price. If you do not pay the rent on the house, you will not be able to enter the house or access anything inside of it until you pay. You can pay it by accessing the [manage] interface. There are also different [types] of houses.'

You say, 'Place?'

Your task 'Housing' has been updated.

Christine says 'You can place items inside your house or outside on your plot. Each has a separate limit on how many items can be placed or stored. To place an item simply be in your plot or house and "drop" the item. From there you can move the item around. If you hold down ctrl you can rotate the item around two axis. The mouse wheel will rotate along the third. If you hold down alt you can resize the item by moving the mouse forward and back. You can also move items in and out of your [closet] and shed in the real estate items window. You can access this window from the manage window or the real estate menu in the EverQuest menu. For more [detail] on placing items, click the question mark button in the title bar of the real estate items window. There are also four placement [modes].

You say, 'Closet?'

Christine says 'The closet and shed are additional storage area for real estate items. Houses sometimes even have space for non-real estate items in the closet. You access the closet from the manage window or the real estate menu in the EverQuest menu. This shows a list of items you can move in and out of the closet. If you own a moving crate, you can also access it from here. A crate must be placed for you to have access to its contents. From here you can also chose to place items, take them from your inventory and store in your shed or closet, or put items back in your inventory.'

You say, 'Detail?'

Christine says 'Each of the magical view windows that pop-up have a question mark in the top right corner. Clicking on these question marks will provide specific details about what the window does.'

You say, 'Modes?'

Christine says 'There are four placement modes. Cursor mode tries to place the item where you are pointing. Cursor mode will follow the rules of placement and try to place it on the floor, wall or ceiling, as the item allows. Collision mode is similar, but it will allow you to more easily "stack" items. Collision mode will not work for wall items. Wall mode is similar, but helps in placing items on a wall. Free placement mode will allow you to place an item that allows it anywhere, including floating in the air, or through other objects. To change modes, use shift-z. More information can be found in the help text, accessed through the question mark, on the housing items window.'

You say, 'Types?'

Christine says 'Houses are defined by how they look on the outside and the inside. Monel and Zimel style houses are three-room houses, while Behroe and Cobbler style houses are one-room houses. A One room house can hold a total of 300 items, while a three room can store a total of 500 items. Additionally, the size of the [vault] is different. Huts have no vault space. Houses have 20 vault spaces in a one room, and 40 in a three room. Residences have twice the vault space while domiciles have three times a houses vault space.'

You say, 'Manage?'

Christine says 'Managing your real estate allows you to pay escrow in order to keep your plot or house. Houses, plots and some items will charge 'rent' that you need to pay daily. You do not have to visit every day, and instead you can pay ahead for time. If you own a plot, you can touch the stone border to your plot, and select manage. From here, you can individually pay for each item that has a rental cost. You can also take money from your escrow account if you want it. You can also select access at the top, where you can give friends and visitors individual access restrictions to the plot or house that you are in. You can also manage your real estate by selecting manage from the real estate menu in your EverQuest menu.'

You say, 'Find?'

Your task 'Housing' has been updated.

Christine says 'Simply enter the name of a person you are looking for and search for them. If you are looking for a plot you already own, select 'my plots'. If you are looking for vacant plots that you may be able to purchase, select Vacant. If you select a plot and then select go, a wisp will be drawn to the plot you selected. You can also bring up this plots search at any time from the real estate section of your EverQuest menu.'

You say, 'Plot?'

Your task 'Housing' has been updated.

Christine says 'Plots are bordered by stone. In order to purchase a plot, simply touch this stone. You will be shown how much it costs to buy this plot, how much it will cost you daily to keep the plot, and how many items you can place on the plot. You may also be able to choose amongst some alternate currencies. If the plot is un-owned, and you wish to buy the plot, simply choose what currency you want to use, and select buy. You will be able to change the upkeep later if you wish, and will not be committed to the currency you choose at this time. You can also [manage] your plot from the border. There are also additional things you can do if you [own] the plot.'

You say, 'Travel?'

Your task 'Housing' has been updated.

Christine says 'There are numerous teleportation pads around the neighborhood. These pads are covered in symbols, each of which corresponds to an area within the neighborhood. The symbol in the center of the pad represents the area you are currently in. The orange-colored symbol will always teleport you back to this area.'

You say, 'Hail, Christine'

Your task 'Housing' has been updated.

You have learned the basics of housing.

Christine says 'I hope I have been able to answer all of your questions. If you wish to return to the Guild Lobby, you may do so by clicking on the metal gate. If you would like to visit other neighborhoods, simply use the purple portal across from me. I am giving you a small welcome package, in hopes that you'll decide to put down some roots in our neighborhood.'

You have successfully been granted your reward for: Housing
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# May 23 2019 at 10:12 AM Rating: Excellent
152 posts
On Phinigel, you actually get Housing quest from Secalna Galnor in POK who sends you to Annabelle
Housing task reward
# Jan 24 2018 at 11:12 PM Rating: Excellent
1,291 posts
The Hut reward for this Housing task should link to the no trade version: Behroe Style Stone Hut, Stucco interior
Housing task reward
# Jan 25 2018 at 2:30 PM Rating: Excellent
nytmare wrote:
The Hut reward for this Housing task should link to the no trade version: Behroe Style Stone Hut, Stucco interior

Thanks, fixed.
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