An Epic Request (Monk)  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:125
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Experience
  • Loot
Success Lockout Timer: 20:00:00
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Quests:
Era:Rain of Fear
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Sun Mar 17 11:55:06 2013
Modified: Tue Dec 5 05:21:04 2023
This task begins with Lady Carolline of Thex in Northern Felwithe. She is located at 0, -170 (on the balcony overlooking the entrance: you can use the Find Feature, CTRL+F, to get to her).

Initiating the Task

You say, 'Hail, Lady Carolline of Thex'

Lady Carolline of Thex smiles, trying to hide an obvious air of sadness, 'Greetings adventurer, such a lovely day isn't it?' The pained look on her face clearly gives away that something is [wrong].

You say, 'What's wrong?'

Lady Carolline of Thex says 'Wrong? Oh, nothing really. My beloved is off again on some [excursion] and has yet to return. I'm quite sure he will be fine though. How I miss our adventures together, the time we would spend exploring the hidden beauty of Norrath. We were especially fond of [Antonica].'

You say, 'Why were you fond of Antonica?'

Lady Carolline of Thex says 'A lovely land, despite the efforts of humans to ruin it...' The Koada`Dal's smile becomes more sincere. 'Lake Rathetear, oh the [stories] I could share of moonlit nights sitting on the docks. The noble aviaks keeping ardent guard over the sacred flame, the sunken towers and legend of the Megalodon...' She sighs and looks up to the sky.'

You say, 'What stories could you share?'

Lady Carolline of Thex blinks and looks back to you, her demeanor changing. 'Tell you what stranger, you come up with an [interesting tale] to distract me from my boredom, and I'll see if I can find something to [reward] you for your effort.'

You say, 'What reward would that be?'

Lady Carolline of Thex says 'Hmm, already pondering your riches before the effort of imagination? I suppose not many adventurers care to put any effort into their journeys these days.' The young high elf sighs. 'Anyway, what you will be rewarded with is something befitting a _____ such as yourself.'

You say, 'I have an interesting tale to tell'

Lady Carolline of Thex says, 'Something grand, truly epic and interesting! Just let me know when you've thought of a suitable story.'

You have been assigned the task 'An Epic Request'.

Be sure to carry your epic with you!

Explore Locations

NOTE: There are 16 "explore" locations. Each location represents one class and, for that one class, will trigger an event. The other 15 classes only need to explore the location.

Explore the Stage of Baladric's Symphony 0/1 (Dreadlands)

Task Window Says: Baldric Slezaf's tale is the pursuance of impossible beauty -- a symphony to rival the works of Ayonae Ro.

/loc 780, 9690, 1070 (valley with the portals -- in a pyramid near Baldric Slezaf). For non-Bards, this is a simple location update. For Bards, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Valley of McArik's Reflection 0/1 (Lake of Ill Omen)

Task Window Says: Keras McArik stands stoic in a valley east of what was once Veksar.

/loc -225, -3535, 235 (near Keras McArik, due east of the center of the lake, near the zone boundary). For non-Berserkers, this is a simple location update. For Berserkers, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Depths Behind the Scaled Mystics 0/1 (East Cabilis)

Task Window Says: Beneath the Scaled Mystics' Temple lies a rather complex series of tunnels.

/loc 940, -450, -22 (in the halls under the Shadow Knight, Beastlord, and Shaman guild). For non-Enchanters, this is a simple location update. For Enchanters, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Outer Remnants of Torsis' Dark Mantle 0/1 (Emerald Jungle)

Task Window Says: Standing just outside the ruins of Torsis you can feel the intense spiritual void that caused the city's downfall.

/loc 295, -2000, -322 (at the entrance to City of Mist). For non-Shamans, this is a simple location update. For Shamans, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Oasis in a Deserted Sea 0/1 (Timorous Deep)

Task Window Says: In a sea of desolate islands stands one secluded, sacred paradise.

/loc -11550, -1710, 13 (in the walled isle where the Cleric 2.0 final battle is held and the triggered Faydedar is located). For non-Clerics, this is a simple location update. For Clerics, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Bloody, Forgotten Trail of Hate's First Knight 0/1 (North Ro)

Task Window Says: When Lhranc returned to Freeport to exact vengeance upon his brother, Glohnor, he took a particular trail into the city.

/loc 9618, -525, 24 (entrance to the Freeport Sewers in the very far northwest corner of the zone). For non-Shadow Knights, this is a simple location update. For Shadow Knights, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Orbital Children of Ro 0/1 (West Freeport)

Task Window Says: There are not many locations on Norrath where you can see Drinal, Luclin, Anbeal, Trorsmang, Cordon, and Ro all at once.

/loc -185, -940, 20 (a study hall in arcane tower, near entrance to Arcstone). For non-Wizards, this is a simple location update. For Wizards, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Plains of the Legendary Pegasus 0/1 (South Karana)

Task Window Says: Many people are amazed at the constructive feats of the Aviaks. How such noble but simple creatures were able to create such a majestic tower is still a mystery.

/loc -6745, 1065, 6 (Aviak's treehouse, just north of zone-in from Lake Rathetear). For non-Magicians, this is a simple location update. For Magicians, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Cusp of the Unkempt Border 0/1 (Jaggedpine Forest)

Task Window Says: The Hatchling River is perhaps the most recognizable boundary between the relative safety of the Jaggedpine and the forbidden jungle.

/loc 1000, -2120, -6 (near the broken zone line, east zone wall). For non-Druids, this is a simple location update. For Druids, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Crossroads of Taelosia and Antonica 0/1 (Nedaria's Landing)

Task Window Says: A small family of bears has taken residence in the caves where Nideno Eliagy hides.

/loc 1400, -450 (mouth of the bear caves in the northeast). For non-Rangers, this is a simple location update. For Rangers, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Forgotten Road of the Legendary Lich 0/1 (Everfrost Peaks)

Task Window Says: Many have searched to expose secrets of Miragul's Highway only to discover more questions than answers...

/loc 4730, -4150, -94 (underwater tunnels in the north-central part of the zone -- center room at the hidden portal, north wall). For non-Necromancers, this is a simple location update. For Necromancers, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore Fizzlethrope's Gallery 0/1 (Plane of Mischief)

Task Window Says: 'Seek the walls adorned with Fizzlethorpe's visage within a single chest sits atop a pedestal.'

/loc 20, -390, 125 (first room in the castle). For non-Rogues, this is a simple location update. For Rogues, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Sanctum of the Tortured God 0/1 (Acrylia Caverns)

Task Window Says: Legend has it that Khati Sha, first Vah Shir Beastlord, became the subject of a failed Ssraeshzaen experiment to bestow godhood among a mortal being.

This updates at the zone-in. For non-Beastlords, this is a simple location update. For Beastlords, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Site of the Ancient Games 0/1 (Butcherblock Mountains)

Task Window Says: Not far from Greater Faydark, tucked away in the hills, is an ancient stone board. Its origins remain a mystery...

/loc 700, -2350, 11 (at the chessboard north of the Greater Faydark zone). For non-Warriors, this is a simple location update. For Warriors, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Master's Worldly Keep 0/1 (Castle Mistmoore)

Task Window Says: Faydwer is not home to many beings called 'The Master'. So it should be no surprise that a trip to the castle of Mayong Mistmoore is in order.

This updates at the zone-in. For non-Paladins, this is a simple location update. For Paladins, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Ascended Home of Wun and Po 0/1 (Plane of Sky)

Task Window Says: Having ascended past their worldly existence, Wu and Po serve in the training grounds under the watchful eye of the Wyrm Queen.

This updates at the zone-in. For non-Monks, this is a simple location update. For Monks, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Recount your tale to Lady Carolline 0/1 (Northern Felwithe)

Hail her for the final update.

The Event

(Event details needed: Names of mobs and any items involved; emotes; mechanics; instanced zones, if any.)

Note: The event will usually require usage of your epic weapon, so have it on you at all times.


Rewards are 1 AA, plus:

Option #1: Epic 1.0 Ornament
Option #2: Epic 1.5 Ornament
Option #3: Epic 2.0 Ornament

This task is repeatable with a 20-hour lockout.
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Secret artifact ornament: Tranquility
# Mar 01 2020 at 12:03 PM Rating: Good
8 posts
Took me a while to find info on this. I tried this on the first and second time completing this quest and did not get Tranquility( On the third attempt i got it.

At the end of this quest you need to choose a side. Don't pick either for 5 min and the script will move on.

I got this from

Choose Iksar or Human
Once they are all beat you can choose one story side, either doesn't matter, this will complete after you choose.

If you want the special ornamentation success, choose neither until the script moves on, this will take a few minutes.
Secret artifact ornament: Tranquility
# Mar 25 2020 at 2:12 AM Rating: Decent
91 posts
Hmm, I just ran through it. Waited, and did not choose either, got the "special" ending to Sky. Completed the rest of the world tour, and completed it in Felwithe. I do not know where to get the Tranquility ornament, however.
~~Fenthen Jus'taceio
60th Cleric, Xegony
monk's epic artifact
# Feb 08 2020 at 9:15 AM Rating: Decent
18 posts
what is the "epic artifact"?
monk's epic artifact
# Feb 08 2020 at 10:07 PM Rating: Excellent
rayann562 wrote:
what is the "epic artifact"?

Changed it to just say your epic. Not sure why they put artifact in there.
Allakhazam Developer and Admin

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Or join us via our Discord channel at
# Aug 19 2019 at 10:10 PM Rating: Good
132 posts
1) dreadlands_1 P -9738.4209, -774.1594, 1063.9384, 240, 240, 0, 3, Epic_Update
2) lakeofillomen_1 P 3443.0293, 151.8867, 239.6538, 240, 240, 0, 3, Epic_Update
3) cabeast_1 P 453.3295, -931.8747, -27.9980, 240, 240, 0, 3, Epic_Update
4) emeraldjungle_1 P 2081.2964, -294.5571, -337.9426, 240, 240, 0, 3, Epic_Update
5) timorous_1 P 1706.1541, 11553.4404, 8.3304, 240, 240, 0, 3, Epic_Update_(through_both_tunnels)
6) northro_1 P 518.3978, -9657.5225, 23.2072, 240, 240, 0, 3, Epic_Update
7) freeportwest_1 P 908.5270, 198.8198, 10.5728, 240, 240, 0, 3, Epic_Update
8) southkarana_1 P -1157.2094, 6595.8086, 7.1384, 240, 240, 0, 3, Epic_Update
9) jaggedpine_1 P 2185.9077, -996.5648, -13.2222, 240, 240, 0, 3, Epic_Update
10) nedaria_1 P 489.6766, -1509.8564, 92.5001, 240, 240, 0, 3, Epic_Update
11) everfrost_1 P 4152.6958, -4703.3877, -99.2157, 240, 240, 0, 3, Epic_Update
12) mischiefplane_1 P 389.9503, -50.3822, 116.4994, 240, 240, 0, 3, Epic_Update
13) acrylia_1 upon zone in
14) butcher_1 P 2358.2754, -768.9368, 7.5430, 240, 240, 0, 3, Epic_Update
15) mistmoore_1 upon zone in
16) airplane_1 upon zone in
wrong location
# Sep 03 2014 at 11:09 PM Rating: Good
Please update location of North Ro to 9618, -525, 24
You Don't have to redo the quest
# Aug 12 2014 at 10:29 PM Rating: Decent
You don't have to redo the entire quest to get another epic ornamentation ( or a double if you have one already) Depending on which epic piece you own you can go back to Lady Carolline of Thex', target her and say "Epic Gift" ( without the quotes) an option window will pop up and you can either make another choice ( other then the epic ornamentation you just received) or you can chose the same epic ornamentation you received previously.

So yes, you can have 2 Epic 2.0 ornamentations : ) 2 •Transcended Fistwraps of Immortality Ornamentations look wicked!
Defeating the Swifttails
# Apr 02 2014 at 3:22 AM Rating: Decent
138 posts
This Swifttail portion of the event in Plane of Sky is a lengthy game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. You will have to defeat 6 Swifttail whiffs, 4 Swifttail initiates, and 5 Swifttail masters. It took a few tries and a little reasoning to figure out which skill beats which other skill, but here they are.

The Spinning Attack is absorbed by the dragon. (Dragon Punch beats Round Kick)
The Eagle is thrown off course by the spinning attack. (Round Kick beats Eagle Strike)
The Tiger is overcome by the mighty dragon. (Dragon Punch beats Tiger Claw)
The Direct Attack is crushed from above by the flying attack. (Flying Kick beats Kick)
The Flying Attack is thrown by the spinning attack. (Round Kick beats Flying Kick)
The Dragon is caught off guard by the flying attack. (Flying Kick beats Dragon Punch)

If you get the emote "Your opponent tactfully hides his intentions!" then this may be a random move and I got lucky, or it is a disguised Direct Attack. I used Flying Kick and beat that one. That emote only showed up once for me.

One attack type may be beaten by multiple other attack types, since MisterPanda mentions below that they used Tiger Claw, which I did not.
Don't repeat this quest thinking you can dual wield the epic
# Jun 21 2013 at 4:17 AM Rating: Decent
116 posts
After wasting a massive amount of time because I was too stubborn to get a healer merc for this (hint: you NEED one..or at least healing potions), I found out the hard way that you can't choose two rewards for the same epic ornamentation. At best, you can wield your 1.0 and 2.0 but not two 1.0s or two 2.0s. I had this confirmed by a GM. Kind of stupid because that was the whole point of doing this quest line at all, but what can you do I guess.
Don't repeat this quest thinking you can dual wield the epic
# Sep 03 2013 at 5:41 PM Rating: Decent
49 posts
Are you sure about this? When I did mine, all I had to do was saying 'epic gift' to the quest giver' and I get to pick whatever ornaments I have already picked before. Since the ornaments are not lore I am able to dw my 2.0 ornaments.
# Apr 29 2013 at 1:22 PM Rating: Decent
52 posts
Does the choice at the end make any difference (or is there one)?
# Jan 14 2019 at 12:13 AM Rating: Decent
14 posts
Big difference!! Don't choose any and you will get the bonus reward.
# Mar 31 2013 at 2:39 PM Rating: Excellent
1,025 posts
[Sun Mar 31 15:08:22 2013] In the distance you sense a familiar force. A warm, tranquil presence on the west end of the island...
[Sun Mar 31 15:08:30 2013] You say, 'Hail, Izinartac of the Sky'
[Sun Mar 31 15:08:30 2013] Izinartac of the Sky says 'We've been [expecting] you Amio, though I'm sure that comes as no surprise now does it?'
[Sun Mar 31 15:08:33 2013] You say, 'expecting'
[Sun Mar 31 15:08:33 2013] Izinartac of the Sky says 'We've known you would return here, it was [inevitable] after your victory over the Celestial Fist of Air.'
[Sun Mar 31 15:08:36 2013] You say, 'inevitable'
[Sun Mar 31 15:08:36 2013] Izinartac of the Sky says 'Of course it was inevitable!' The previously docile iksar lets loose a hint of excitement in his voice. 'Balance! Your order, our order, transcending past the ridiculous squabbling of nations and sects, it's always been about balance! Do not think your influence so small that the [Immortals] have not felt your presence.' The Iksar smiles.'
[Sun Mar 31 15:08:38 2013] You say, 'immortals'
[Sun Mar 31 15:08:38 2013] Izinartac of the Sky says 'Indeed, though the scripture now rests in the Erudin library, out of the hands of the Ring of Scale, not all of the Immortals' secrets have been divulged. You've proven yourself a true guardian of balance in your adventurers. You would be surprised to know how many live their lives without considering the grandeur of our [universe].'
[Sun Mar 31 15:08:40 2013] You say, 'universe'
[Sun Mar 31 15:08:41 2013] Izinartac of the Sky says 'Aye, the grandeur of all existence! To project and see outside of ourselves, it is this selfless transcendence that is key in understanding the origins and eventual demise of our order. Though the idea may burden you now, you must accept the inevitability that all things do indeed end, even the Immortals will one day [cease to be].'
[Sun Mar 31 15:08:43 2013] You say, 'cease to be'
[Sun Mar 31 15:08:43 2013] Izinartac of the Sky says 'Shocking, almost a misnomer that they would be called Immortals, yes?' The iksar nods, 'Indeed, there was a time when hearing such things left me at a loss as well. Tell me Amio, are you [ready] to learn of your origins?'
[Sun Mar 31 15:08:44 2013] You say, 'ready'
[Sun Mar 31 15:08:45 2013] Izinartac of the Sky nods solemnly, 'So be it...'
[Sun Mar 31 15:08:45 2013] You are lifted up on a gust of wind and gently placed on the fractured bit of land overlooking the Harpie inhabited temple.
[Sun Mar 31 15:08:54 2013] A familiar voice breaks the relative silence of the planar ambiance, 'I am glad to finally see you in this place, Amio.' Although you recognize the voice, the form it belongs to has a novel appearance...
[Sun Mar 31 15:09:04 2013] Kaiaren looks you over, as he does you notice his missing eye has returned. He nods, 'One effect of transcendence is the reclamation of our perfect form. For me, my mind and eye were returned.' The wizened human laughs, 'I suppose it was equitable punishment for my transgressions. I see now that despite my intensions, the tenets of our order are stoic for a reason...'
[Sun Mar 31 15:09:14 2013] Kaiaren turns, looking upon a vision of the past.
[Sun Mar 31 15:09:19 2013] Kaiaren says 'It was my acceptance of a second student that parted my path from the grace of our order. No man since Zan Fi has successfully given rise to multiple Masters at once...'
[Sun Mar 31 15:09:29 2013] Kaiaren says 'In accepting Vorash as a second student to Vortix, I was unable to give either my full attention. In my hubris I overlooked the darkness growing within him. By the time I had realized my folly it was too late.'
[Sun Mar 31 15:09:39 2013] Kaiaren says 'I confronted Vorash about the disruption I felt from him one morning. It was not until later I'd learn he had allowed himself to become a conduit of war... His demeanor quickly changed and what was intended to be a sparring session, escalated into an attempt on my life...'
[Sun Mar 31 15:10:04 2013] Kaiaren says, 'As his strikes became more intense I could see the anger growing in his eyes. Despite his brief training he was proving to be a formidable opponent...
[Sun Mar 31 15:10:05 2013] Kaiaren says, 'As his rage grew, he realized he would not win the fight against me... He opted to charge his fellow student Vortix.
[Sun Mar 31 15:10:10 2013] Kaiaren says, 'I dove to intercept the attack, but in doing so was struck through my right eye... Vortrix escaped unscathed, but unfortunately so did Vorash.
[Sun Mar 31 15:10:13 2013] The apparitions of Kaiaren's memory fade from sight...
[Sun Mar 31 15:10:14 2013] Kaiaren says,'It was from my order that Vorash formed the Celestial Fists, an undisciplined corruption of the True Celestial Order, but it was through you that they were returned to balance from their chaotic ways.
[Sun Mar 31 15:10:29 2013] Kaiaren bows his head, 'I still mourn the loss my disciple Vorash and even his disciples, Eejag, Gwan, Trunt and Deep, but such is the way of the order. I thank you for all you have done, Amio.
[Sun Mar 31 15:10:44 2013] Kaiaren fades from view as another voice begins to speak, 'That may be all very well and good for you... But me, I cannot count the times he rattled on with his abstract philosophy, 'a purpose can be found for every situation and individual'. What about MY purpose, where is MY reward for toiling away under his half-hearted tutelage?'
[Sun Mar 31 15:10:59 2013] A lone shade appears in the east.
[Sun Mar 31 15:10:59 2013] The shade continues, 'The old man thinks he's spouting off some mystical revelation. Ego or not, clearly I was the more capable student. I was the rightful ascendant to the Celestial Order! Your meddling did nothing but prove my philosophy true. You maim, you kill, you bring no balance, only destruction! Why the order has tolerated for you this long is a mystery to me.
[Sun Mar 31 15:11:04 2013] Vorash says, 'Just LOOK around you, LOOK at the chaos, the misery YOU have espoused upon our world.
[Sun Mar 31 15:11:14 2013] Vorash says, 'You think you bring balance?' The shade looks over his fallen students, 'Your incessant need to meddle has prevented our transcendence to this plane, unlucky souls without a home.
[Sun Mar 31 15:11:24 2013] Vorash says, 'Discord, war... I was only ever the counterbalance to your puppeteers' notion of order. You call me a demon and destroy my bodies when we were never really so different. Meditate on that one Amio, rationalize your morality as you face your past!
[Sun Mar 31 15:11:24 2013] As Vorash finishes speaking, the skies around you begin to glow a sickly red. The influence of chaos begins to threaten the balance of the plane.
[Sun Mar 31 15:11:34 2013] Eejag says 'Yours was the first life that I attempted to take in decades. Let us see if your flame burns as brightly as it once did, insect!'

Kill Eejag

[Sun Mar 31 15:11:46 2013] Eejag says 'Impressive, your essence has not grown cold...'
[Sun Mar 31 15:11:46 2013] A great rushing of wind overtakes the sky. The previously crimson horizon is blown away by howling gusts.
[Sun Mar 31 15:11:46 2013] You have slain Eejag!

[Sun Mar 31 15:11:54 2013] Gwan says 'I see my brother has failed us again, I hope you are as prepared this time as you were during our last meeting.'

Kill Gwan

[Sun Mar 31 15:12:08 2013] Gwan says 'Your fists strike with the fury of storms...'
[Sun Mar 31 15:12:08 2013] The blustering sky begins to darken as the stoic element of earth expands out in all directions.

[Sun Mar 31 15:12:14 2013] Trunt says 'History repeats itself. My hot-headed brothers have not focused on tempering their rage into power as I have. I welcome your challenge Amio.'

Kill Trunt
[Sun Mar 31 15:12:24 2013] Trunt says 'You are as the mountains, stoic and unchanging.'
[Sun Mar 31 15:12:24 2013] The sky begins to fluctuate as the earthen hues turn into rippling waves of water.

Kill Deep and Xenevorash

[Sun Mar 31 15:12:49 2013] Xenevorash says 'Your style is strong, my form is weak, I hate you!'
[Sun Mar 31 15:12:49 2013] With the Celestial Fists defeated, the sky return to its eternal evening view into infinity.

[Sun Mar 31 15:12:49 2013] A tranquil, familiar voice flows over the small island and into your ears, 'Ever the counterbalance Amio...'
[Sun Mar 31 15:12:54 2013] Izinartac of the Sky says, 'You no doubt remember the Guardians the Celestial order, though not by their true names. The disciples of Sun, Moon, Tranquility and Focus.' The old iksar nods his head.

[Sun Mar 31 15:12:59 2013] You say, 'Hail, Disciple of Tranquility'
[Sun Mar 31 15:12:59 2013] The Guardians look over you, their forces unmistakably familiar but their appearance foreign. Their voices ring in perfect harmony, 'It is good to see you here Amio. Before we divulge more of your origins, we must again test your discipline. You will face the trial of patience. Should you succeed, you will endure the trial of day and night. Should you fail, it was clearly destined to be... Speak to us when you are [ready].
[Sun Mar 31 15:12:59 2013] Disciple of Tranquility says 'Are you [ready] to begin the trial of patience?'
[Sun Mar 31 15:13:01 2013] You say, 'ready'
[Sun Mar 31 15:13:01 2013] The unified voices speak out, 'It was through Zan Fi that mortals first learned the ways of the Celestial Order. One virtue passed through him to your kind was the importance of patience. Even the Swifttails of Thule have shed their brazen warlike ways to focus their spirits into a honed weapon. You will face a familiar foe, a disgraced brother of The Whistling Fists who forsook patience for self benefit. Prove your dominance over emotion with a display of unquestionable patience.
[Sun Mar 31 15:13:04 2013] Raster of Guk says, 'To think, you were so eager to hunt me down without so much as a thought about asking of the idol's power.

Do not hail Raster of Guk. This is a trial of patience. He will despawn in a few moments.

[Sun Mar 31 15:13:44 2013] Raster of Guk says, 'Tell me Amio, don't you [want to know] of the Idol's powers? I bet Qwinn never even offered to share its secrets with you!
[Sun Mar 31 15:14:19 2013] Raster of Guk says, 'Fine, enjoy your ignorance. Tell those fool brothers how worthless their studies have been without this!
[Sun Mar 31 15:14:19 2013] The shade of Raster fades from existence, still clutching the stolen idol.
[Sun Mar 31 15:14:24 2013] Izinartac of the Sky says, 'You have done well Amio. Despite its symbolic importance, the idol of Zan Fi, like all material things, has little intrinsic power. Your displays of patience signify your preparedness for the trial of day and night.

[Sun Mar 31 15:14:29 2013] An intense heat radiates throughout the plane as The Disciple of Sun speaks, 'You continue to impress us... Zan Fi's teachings stressed the importance of balance. It is said that he had such a mastery of the art that he could stand perfectly still atop an aviak feather for days without wavering. What you must strive for in this trial is the restoration of the natural order. Stand in the shadows of both the day and the night and let them contend for balance to be restored.

[Sun Mar 31 15:14:35 2013] The skies erupt in a fiery blaze as you draw close to the Disciple of Sun.
[Sun Mar 31 15:14:36 2013] You say, 'Hail, Disciple of Sun'
[Sun Mar 31 15:14:37 2013] Disciple of Sun says 'The purity of Sol shall enlighten, unmask all that is hidden, and lead you unwavering in the path of truth.'

[Sun Mar 31 15:14:42 2013] The skies darken into a seductive violet hue as you draw close to the Disciple of Moon.
[Sun Mar 31 15:14:43 2013] You say, 'Hail, Disciple of Moon'
[Sun Mar 31 15:14:43 2013] Disciple of Moon says 'The grace of Drinal guides our way. Without the night, there is nothing to illuminate, no truth to be discovered, nothing to balance.'

The Disciple of Sun and Disciple of Moon fight.

[Sun Mar 31 15:15:44 2013] The physical forms of the two disciples vanish as their essences burst into brilliant pillars of smoke.
[Sun Mar 31 15:15:49 2013] Izinartac smiles contentedly before speaking, 'Again you prove your mastery over the basic tenants of Zan Fi. Brothers, I deem this one ready!'

[Sun Mar 31 15:16:04 2013] Projection of Zephyl says, 'Brother Amio, it would seem the order has deemed it time for you to learn what little history remains known to us. These are things Raster and Targin had hoped to steal away with when they escaped with our artifacts.
[Sun Mar 31 15:16:04 2013] Projection of Qwinn says, 'So it would seem a reoccurring theme. We are honored to see you again, your dedication to the Lost Circle's defense is second only to Brother Balatin's.
[Sun Mar 31 15:16:19 2013] Projection of Zephyl says, 'At the dawn of our order in the combine era there was Zan Fi. His students were many, but only a few have been remembered.
[Sun Mar 31 15:16:19 2013] Projection of Qwinn says, 'Students of Zan Fi include master Neshika the Haste, Master Wu the Enlightened, and Master Ton Po the Fist. These few were the first of the Whistling Fists, what many now call the Lost Circle.
[Sun Mar 31 15:16:39 2013] Projection of Zephyl says, 'Zan Fi, though unrivaled in combat, would fall prey to time as all mortal beings do. When he passed, it was up to his disciples to continue his work.
[Sun Mar 31 15:16:39 2013] Projection of Qwinn says, 'Neshika became a master of the order, and under him came many more masters of our arts. Of note, was Master Kai, who was said to be the only mortal to rival the speed of Neshika himself. It was to Neshika's order that Brother Balatin would, generations later, become a student.
[Sun Mar 31 15:16:39 2013] Projection of Zephyl says, 'It is under Grandmaster Neshika's lineage that we maintain the Lost Circle. The students of Wu and Po would branch from us into separate sects.
[Sun Mar 31 15:17:04 2013] Projection of Zephyl says, 'Master Wu, possessing an unrivaled aptitude for the tenant of tranquility found himself under the graces of Quellious. His followers would continue their practice of our arts under the worship of The Tranquil.
[Sun Mar 31 15:17:04 2013] Projection of Qwinn says, 'After many, many generations of students had given rise to new masters under the School of Wu, a young Antonican, Khenur Closk, would rise to found the Ashen Order in east Antonica.
[Sun Mar 31 15:17:24 2013] Projection of Zephyl says, 'Ton Po parted ways with Wu on the issue of deital influence in our order. As a student, Ton Po's greatest strength was in understanding, either himself, his opponents, or the world around him. The lineage of his followers is less known than that of the Ashen Order, we do know that Master Kanji descended from this clan, but otherwise many great masters have gone unremembered.
[Sun Mar 31 15:17:24 2013] Projection of Qwinn says, 'Lu'Sun now holds the honor of being that clan's Eldest living Grandmaster. That, I am sorry to say, is all that is known of our lineage to today.
[Sun Mar 31 15:17:44 2013] A loud hissing interrupts the projections' voices, 'Don't let thesssse foolss brainwasssh you sssoftskin, their 'hisstory' is nothing but liess and falsehoodss!'
[Sun Mar 31 15:17:54 2013] An ancient looking Iksar materializes beside the projections, and in a single motion, runs his tail through both of their chests. The previously stable projections disperse wildly in all directions as the irate Swifttail stares into your eyes.
[Sun Mar 31 15:18:04 2013] Disciple Gomoz lifts his arm and stares at his claw as he flexes his arm, 'Thossse two offer you nothing but liessss. Prove your worth to me and I ssshall enlighten you with the truth.'
[Sun Mar 31 15:18:14 2013] A ring of determined opponents appears around you. Defend yourself and gain Gomoz's respect through a display of your combative resourcefulness. The oversight of the grandmasters will grant your special attacks unique strengths in these fights. Correctly counter your opponent's attacks to defeat them more easily.
[Sun Mar 31 15:18:19 2013] Disciple Gomoz smiles, 'I do hope you can impresssss me today...'

Use Flying Kick, Tiger Claw, Round Kick, Eagle Strike, and Dragon Punch to counter the abilities of the Initiates and Masters.

[Sun Mar 31 15:28:34 2013] The Iksar begins a series of slow, echoing applause. He smiles, a novel sense of joy in his voice, ' You have proven yourssself worthy of the truth, young one...'
[Sun Mar 31 15:28:39 2013] Disciple Gomoz says, 'Master Zan Fi was almost admirable, even for a ssssoftsskin. Though it was not that young Combine empire he was born into, hisss legacy is far more ancient. But, as is true for all sssoftskins, hiss foolishness would prove to be his downfall...
[Sun Mar 31 15:28:59 2013] Disciple Gomoz says, 'The sssimple man made the missstake of attacking our father. Cazic laughed at the feeble attempt to challenge his influence and ripped the monk's sssoul from his pathetic mortal frame. Having no use of hiss bonesss, he threw them into the Feerrott to fessster for eternity.
[Sun Mar 31 15:29:19 2013] Disciple Gomoz says, 'Our lineage started with that foolish human's sssoul, as our father improved upon it and blessed a lone ronin with unmatched massstery over the art fighting. This lone warrior would come to be known as Grandmasster Tynn.' The iksar pauses and bows his head in honor before continuing...
[Sun Mar 31 15:29:39 2013] Disciple Gomoz says, 'He wass unmatched in his mastery of combat. He marched into the capital and challenged our finesst fighterss, dispatching them quickly with nothing but fissst and tail. His demonstration of power was so great that he wass allowed to form the Swifttail Caste.
[Sun Mar 31 15:29:54 2013] Disciple Gomoz spits, 'Due to that meddling ring our caste was dispersed until the recent work of Glox. Despite this, Supreme Master Tynn has given rise to Norrath's finest monks!'
[Sun Mar 31 15:30:09 2013] Disciple Gomoz says, 'My master, Talon Southpaw, was a sstudent of Tynn and was the fasstest of our kind ever to walk the landss. Grandmaster Marthor, another ssstudent, fathered a lineage of drunkards and foolsss, but was able to impart a great bit of Tynn's teachingss unto his ssstudent Rinmark.
[Sun Mar 31 15:30:24 2013] Disciple Gomoz says, 'Greatest of the Supreme Master's sstudents is Grandmaster Glox, one of the oldest of our tribe. Just as the caste was dissbanded in the End Days, Grandmaster Glox would direct its rebirth as the Court of Pain which he oversees to this day. That... that is the truth of your origins sssoftsskin.
[Sun Mar 31 15:30:29 2013] As the ancient Iksar finishes his tale, a curious sight manifests itself in the distance.
[Sun Mar 31 15:30:34 2013] The small island on which you stand begins to shake as a dominating sound rings in your ears, 'Curious that history holds such divergent views on one lone individual... Tell me monk, in which clan can the truth of history be found?'

[Sun Mar 31 15:30:48 2013] You say, 'Hail, The Story of Gomoz'
[Sun Mar 31 15:30:48 2013] The Story of Gomoz says 'The choice is set before you. You may reject the history of Qwinn and accept that Zan Fi could not have been a mortal man, or reject the history of Gomoz and accept that Zan Fi was of the Combine Empire... Do you [choose] to accept the truth of the Swifttail clan over the brothers of the Lost Circle?'
[Sun Mar 31 15:30:51 2013] You say, 'choose'
[Sun Mar 31 15:30:52 2013] The Story of Gomoz says 'So be it, may you live with the balance of understanding your origins...'

[Sun Mar 31 15:30:54 2013] Your task 'An Epic Request' has been updated.

You are thrown from the island and zone into Freeport.
PoSky event
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This is a VERY rough walk through of the PoSky section it's not very detailed but it should give enough hints to make it to the end of the event. Several npc's aren't mentioned here because you don't interact with them. Just listen to them talk.

You say, "Ready" to the iksar on the west end of island 1. Sorry I didn't think to write down his name.

Kill Eejag
Kill Gwan
Kill Trunt
Kill Deep and Xenevorash

Hail Disciple of Tranquility

Tell Disciple of Tranquility "Ready"

Rastor of Guk will spawn there are two ways of dealing with him. Way number one Hail him go through the script and back away when he attacks OR you can do nothing till he despawns on his own.

Approach Disciple of Sun and hail him then approach Disciple of Moon and hail her. Make sure you get close enough to each of them to change the color of the sky.

Drag Disciple of Sun and Disciple of Moon to the center of the island and FD so they fight each other. You can get up once they're fighting each other they won't attack you.

Defeat the swifttail master's that attack you using Flying Kick and Leopard claw. Other skills may be usable but I know you can kill them all with just those two attacks and melee.
Tell The Story of Gomoz "The swifttail"
Hail a lone figure
Hail a shadowed being
Wrong Side
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For the Jaggedpine Forest part (Explore the Cusp of the Unkempt Border), the loc is correct. However that is the East Zone Wall, not the West.
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