An Epic Request (Berserker)  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Experience
  • Loot
Success Lockout Timer: 20:00:00
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Quests:
Era:Rain of Fear
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Sun Mar 17 11:51:09 2013
Modified: Fri May 27 01:09:35 2022
This task begins with Lady Carolline of Thex in Northern Felwithe. She is located at 0, -170 (on the balcony overlooking the entrance: you can use the Find Feature, CTRL+F, to get to her).

Initiating the Task

You say, 'Hail, Lady Carolline of Thex'

Lady Carolline of Thex smiles, trying to hide an obvious air of sadness, 'Greetings adventurer, such a lovely day isn't it?' The pained look on her face clearly gives away that something is [wrong].

You say, 'What's wrong?'

Lady Carolline of Thex says 'Wrong? Oh, nothing really. My beloved is off again on some [excursion] and has yet to return. I'm quite sure he will be fine though. How I miss our adventures together, the time we would spend exploring the hidden beauty of Norrath. We were especially fond of [Antonica].'

You say, 'Why were you fond of Antonica?'

Lady Carolline of Thex says 'A lovely land, despite the efforts of humans to ruin it...' The Koada`Dal's smile becomes more sincere. 'Lake Rathetear, oh the [stories] I could share of moonlit nights sitting on the docks. The noble aviaks keeping ardent guard over the sacred flame, the sunken towers and legend of the Megalodon...' She sighs and looks up to the sky.'

You say, 'What stories could you share?'

Lady Carolline of Thex blinks and looks back to you, her demeanor changing. 'Tell you what stranger, you come up with an [interesting tale] to distract me from my boredom, and I'll see if I can find something to [reward] you for your effort.'

You say, 'What reward would that be?'

Lady Carolline of Thex says 'Hmm, already pondering your riches before the effort of imagination? I suppose not many adventurers care to put any effort into their journeys these days.' The young high elf sighs. 'Anyway, what you will be rewarded with is something befitting a _____ such as yourself.'

You say, 'I have an interesting tale to tell'

Lady Carolline of Thex says, 'Something grand, truly epic and interesting! Just let me know when you've thought of a suitable story.'

You have been assigned the task 'An Epic Request'.

Be sure to carry your epic artifact with you!

Explore Locations

NOTE: There are 16 "explore" locations. Each location represents one class and, for that one class, will trigger an event. The other 15 classes only need to explore the location.

Explore the Stage of Baladric's Symphony 0/1 (Dreadlands)

Task Window Says: Baldric Slezaf's tale is the pursuance of impossible beauty -- a symphony to rival the works of Ayonae Ro.

/loc 780, 9690, 1070 (valley with the portals -- in a pyramid near Baldric Slezaf). For non-Bards, this is a simple location update. For Bards, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Valley of McArik's Reflection 0/1 (Lake of Ill Omen)

Task Window Says: Keras McArik stands stoic in a valley east of what was once Veksar.

/loc -225, -3535, 235 (near Keras McArik, due east of the center of the lake, near the zone boundary). For non-Berserkers, this is a simple location update. For Berserkers, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Depths Behind the Scaled Mystics 0/1 (East Cabilis)

Task Window Says: Beneath the Scaled Mystics' Temple lies a rather complex series of tunnels.

/loc 940, -450, -22 (in the halls under the Shadow Knight, Beastlord, and Shaman guild). For non-Enchanters, this is a simple location update. For Enchanters, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Outer Remnants of Torsis' Dark Mantle 0/1 (Emerald Jungle)

Task Window Says: Standing just outside the ruins of Torsis you can feel the intense spiritual void that caused the city's downfall.

/loc 295, -2000, -322 (at the entrance to City of Mist). For non-Shamans, this is a simple location update. For Shamans, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Oasis in a Deserted Sea 0/1 (Timorous Deep)

Task Window Says: In a sea of desolate islands stands one secluded, sacred paradise.

/loc -11550, -1710, 13 (in the walled isle where the Cleric 2.0 final battle is held and the triggered Faydedar is located). For non-Clerics, this is a simple location update. For Clerics, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Bloody, Forgotten Trail of Hate's First Knight 0/1 (North Ro)

Task Window Says: When Lhranc returned to Freeport to exact vengeance upon his brother, Glohnor, he took a particular trail into the city.

/loc 9625, -520, 25 (entrance to the Freeport Sewers in the very far northwest corner of the zone). For non-Shadow Knights, this is a simple location update. For Shadow Knights, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Orbital Children of Ro 0/1 (West Freeport)

Task Window Says: There are not many locations on Norrath where you can see Drinal, Luclin, Anbeal, Trorsmang, Cordon, and Ro all at once.

/loc -185, -940, 20 (a study hall in arcane tower, near entrance to Arcstone). For non-Wizards, this is a simple location update. For Wizards, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Plains of the Legendary Pegasus 0/1 (South Karana)

Task Window Says: Many people are amazed at the constructive feats of the Aviaks. How such noble but simple creatures were able to create such a majestic tower is still a mystery.

/loc -6745, 1065, 6 (Aviak's treehouse, just north of zone-in from Lake Rathetear). For non-Magicians, this is a simple location update. For Magicians, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Cusp of the Unkempt Border 0/1 (Jaggedpine Forest)

Task Window Says: The Hatchling River is perhaps the most recognizable boundary between the relative safety of the Jaggedpine and the forbidden jungle.

/loc 1000, -2120, -6 (near the broken zone line, east zone wall). For non-Druids, this is a simple location update. For Druids, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Crossroads of Taelosia and Antonica 0/1 (Nedaria's Landing)

Task Window Says: A small family of bears has taken residence in the caves where Nideno Eliagy hides.

/loc 1400, -450 (mouth of the bear caves in the northeast). For non-Rangers, this is a simple location update. For Rangers, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Forgotten Road of the Legendary Lich 0/1 (Everfrost Peaks)

Task Window Says: Many have searched to expose secrets of Miragul's Highway only to discover more questions than answers...

/loc 4730, -4150, -94 (underwater tunnels in the north-central part of the zone -- center room at the hidden portal, north wall). For non-Necromancers, this is a simple location update. For Necromancers, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore Fizzlethrope's Gallery 0/1 (Plane of Mischief)

Task Window Says: 'Seek the walls adorned with Fizzlethorpe's visage within a single chest sits atop a pedestal.'

/loc 20, -390, 125 (first room in the castle). For non-Rogues, this is a simple location update. For Rogues, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Sanctum of the Tortured God 0/1 (Acrylia Caverns)

Task Window Says: Legend has it that Khati Sha, first Vah Shir Beastlord, became the subject of a failed Ssraeshzaen experiment to bestow godhood among a mortal being.

This updates at the zone-in. For non-Beastlords, this is a simple location update. For Beastlords, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Site of the Ancient Games 0/1 (Butcherblock Mountains)

Task Window Says: Not far from Greater Faydark, tucked away in the hills, is an ancient stone board. Its origins remain a mystery...

/loc 700, -2350, 11 (at the chessboard north of the Greater Faydark zone). For non-Warriors, this is a simple location update. For Warriors, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Master's Worldly Keep 0/1 (Castle Mistmoore)

Task Window Says: Faydwer is not home to many beings called 'The Master'. So it should be no surprise that a trip to the castle of Mayong Mistmoore is in order.

This updates at the zone-in. For non-Paladins, this is a simple location update. For Paladins, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Ascended Home of Wun and Po 0/1 (Plane of Sky)

Task Window Says: Having ascended past their worldly existence, Wu and Po serve in the training grounds under the watchful eye of the Wyrm Queen.

This updates at the zone-in. For non-Monks, this is a simple location update. For Monks, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Recount your tale to Lady Carolline 0/1 (Northern Felwithe)

Hail her for the final update.

The Event

(Event details needed: Names of mobs and any items involved; emotes; mechanics; instanced zones, if any.)

Note: The event will usually require usage of your epic weapon, so have it on you at all times.


Rewards are 1 AA, plus:

Option #1: Epic 1.0 Ornament
Option #2: Epic 1.5 Ornament
Option #3: Epic 2.0 Ornament

This task is repeatable with a 20-hour lockout.
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An Epic Request (Berserker)
# Sep 21 2020 at 4:02 AM Rating: Good
88 posts
Explore the Orbital Children of Ro 0/1 (West Freeport)

When I got to this step (during my second run through this quest) I had a popup box appear telling me there was something special about this place and to return to it after I had recounted my Tale to Lady Carolline of Thex.

Edited, Sep 21st 2020 5:02am by plutoniumcanine
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Can you add this to the quest writeup?
# Apr 06 2019 at 10:07 PM Rating: Good
81 posts
This information should have been filled in long ago, researching information on these is very annoying with them being blank.
I Live to Serve
Minasu Nami, a Fennin Ro original :-D
Can you add this to the quest writeup?
# Apr 07 2019 at 8:32 AM Rating: Excellent
Minasu wrote:
This information should have been filled in long ago, researching information on these is very annoying with them being blank.

What in the above quest writeup is missing?
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Can you add this to the quest writeup?
# Jun 17 2021 at 2:21 PM Rating: Decent
23 posts
Think she means the event writeup part. Its posted below. Just needs to be added to quest information.
Mob weaknesses
# Oct 12 2014 at 9:08 PM Rating: Excellent
350 posts
Didn't notice it in the post below when I posted. Refer to below.

Edited, Oct 13th 2014 3:11pm by WyreWintermute
The event script (done as a level 75)
# May 31 2013 at 5:21 PM Rating: Decent
263 posts
Bring your epic!

Once you get close to Keras McArik:

In the distance you see the familiar form of your tutor, Keras McArik. He appears to be mid conversation with a curious looking Barbarian sage...

Keras McArik says 'I know rightly well how important their travel is... I just ain't able to help you this time, old friend.'

Old White-Eyes looks toward you as you approach the two figures, 'It appears we have company.'

Keras McArik looks toward you and smiles, 'Ach! Back again to visit eh, Synne? Quite good to see yeh! Just in time to help. My old friend here's come in search'a a guard. Unfortunately I've got students on their way back here, so I can't be abandonin' my post...'

Old White-Eyes laughs, 'A fine excuse anyway. I think our old boy has lost his fightin' spirit.'

Keras McArik grumbles angrily.

Old White-Eyes says 'I may not be able to see yer snarl anymore, but believe you me, I can hear yer teeth gritting!'

Keras McArik says 'Get goin' now. You ain't got half the time you've wasted here if yer story is true. Synne will be plenty strong enough to help, I've trained 'em well.'

Old White-Eyes says 'Indeed, come along now Synne. Just worry about keepin' up, I may be old but I ain't slow!'

** At this point, Old White-Eyes starts walking towards the lake to the first ambush spot **

Old White-Eyes says 'I'm glad ya came along when yeh did, the situation's been growing more and more dire as time goes on.'

Old White-Eyes says ''... I'm not sure exactly what it is... Some corruption seems to be spreading throughout the land, drivin' good folks mad.'

Old White-Eyes says 'I know Keras has felt it too, the poor boy has been tellin' me of his recent nightmares. Reliving that tragedy over and over again...'

Old White-Eyes stops for a moment and raps his staff against the tree to get his bearings...

Old White-Eyes says 'Our camp is just up ahead. Serin will be able to explain the situation to you...'

Old White-Eyes stops, a grin beams out from under the wizened Barbarian's matted beard. He shouts, 'It's no use trying to ambush us, come out and fight!'

A hissing voice booms loudly from above as a number of cloaked figures appear, 'Drive back the invaders! Let them go no further!'

The First Ambush!
** At this point, four iksar archers (targettable) spawn on the top of nearby columns and statues, as well as Commander Trakich (untargettable) . A non-targettable goblin named called Enthralled Bloodgill also spawns and "fights" Old White-Eyes. The archers start bowing you down and can not be approached. If you get in melee proximity, they will immediately cast a g-flux which strips your character of all levitation buffs. The archers will also cast snare spells on occasion. Your mercenary will also be suspended. **

Old White-Eyes shouts 'Keras said yer good with a throwing axe. Take out the archers, I'll contend with this brute!'

Archer Nitok hits YOU for 943 points of damage.
Archer Naickk tries to hit YOU, but misses!
Archer Wilac hits YOU for 135 points of damage.
Archer Comaui hits YOU for 135 points of damage.

** In order to make the Enthralled Bloodgill targettable, you must slay all four archers. You must use your regular ranged throwing attack (your special axe volley attacks, or any special disciplines will not be able to hit the archers). Be warned though that Old White-Eyes does take damage from the goblin, so if you let him die you will fail the event. A failure has a 30 minute lockout period. **

** Once all four archers are dead, the Enthralled Bloodgill goblin becomes targettable. Slay him.**

Old White-Eyes falls to ground as Commander Trakich lands a devastating sneak attack! The ancient Iksar commander then takes off into the distance, leaving the Enthralled Bloodgill unshielded!

You slash Enthralled Bloodgill for 177 points of damage.
You try to slash Enthralled Bloodgill, but miss!
Enthralled Bloodgill tries to hit YOU, but misses!
You frenzy on Enthralled Bloodgill for 548 points of damage.
Synne scores a critical hit! (2062)
You slash Enthralled Bloodgill for 2063 points of damage.

** Once the goblin dies... **

Old White-Eyes lets loose a rough and hacking cackle, 'Blasted thing thought it stood a chance against me! ... *Cough*... Not bad work yourself ... Come, we are close to camp.'

** And he continues walking towards a camp full of Wayfarer's Brotherhood NPCs. Once he reaches camp...**

Commander Serin Sapleaf says 'Sir, you're wounded!'

Old White-Eyes says 'Never mind that Serin, how is the company?'

Commander Serin Sapleaf says 'Fine sir, fine. Our scouts are reporting hostiles on all ends of the lake. I'm beginning to doubt we will complete our journey.'

Old White-Eyes laughs a deep, friendly laugh before coughing in a harsh guttural spasm. 'Don't begin to think I've let you travel this far only to turn back now Serin. Keras has sent support. Synne here is all the backup we'll need.'

Commander Serin Sapleaf says 'Very well then Synne, if Keras trusts you then I'm sure we're in good hands. I'll make it brief since you don't seem like the kind of person who has a long attention span... A group of us Wayfarers are under orders from Morden Rasp to seek out a new haven in which to found an exploration camp. After our journey through Firiona proved less than ideal, we were forced to flee here. There are odd happenings with the local beasts. They're somehow organized into strategic fighting groups, but appear to be no more intelligent than initial reports would indicate...'

Old White-Eyes says 'The point Serin, our friend wants you to get to the point...'

Lieutenant Tasith Nidmire sighs, 'What you need to know is, there are some ferocious beasts intent on ambushing our explorers. We need someone capable of fending off the ire-struck creatures while we make our way to a safer camp and find out what's going on. We believe our answers will lie somewhere in Warsliks Wood.'

Lieutenant Tasith Nidmire says 'I'd imagine anyone willing to do as much as you've done for Keras in the past would have no problem with this, Synne. Take a moment, let us know when you're [ready to begin]. Feel free to speak to our wayfarers should you want to acquaint yourself before we depart...'

** You can use this time to talk to the NPCs in the camp / med. **

You say, 'Hail, Treg Thudfoot'
Treg Thudfoot yawns, 'Dis journey take too long, you not seem to help go faster!
You say, 'Hail, Sendra McDarnin'
Sendra McDarnin scoffs, 'Next time you see that miserable Keras, tell 'em we ain't forgot about what he did ta [Brinny]!!'
You say, 'Brinny?'
Sendra McDarnin glares at you angrily, tears welling up in her eyes. 'My cousin Brinny was a good man, until that coward cut 'em up into bits... If'n only I coulda been there to beat some sense back into that witless gnoll McArik!'

** When you are ready to begin the next phase, say 'ready to begin' to Lieutenant Tasith. **

You say, 'I am ready to begin.'

Old White-Eyes shouts 'We march! Keep formation around the lake and watch out for enemies...'

** The NPCs start running towards the caves leading to Warsliks Woods. Along the way, several of the wayfarer NPCs emote hilarious complaints. **

A quiet voice grumbles, 'Always barking orders... He thinks he's so useful... He's just leading us into our slow demise...'
A displeased Wayfarer growls, 'Hurry up! I'm tired of you fools limping along like broken Gnolls at the gates of Qeynos!'
Lieutenant Tasith Nidmire shouts 'Stop! Stop! What did he just say about formation?!'
A nameless voice scoffs, 'I don't much like the look of that Barbarian following us around like this.'
Lieutenant Tasith Nidmire shouts 'Have you fools no concept of what formation means? Morden would have me disbanded if he knew how lax my regiment has become!'
A worried voice shouts, 'Did anyone see that?!'
Lieutenant Tasith Nidmire shouts 'HALT! ... '
A mocking reply rings out from the squad, 'Quiet down and keep moving. Your imagination is getting the best of you...'
Lieutenant Tasith Nidmire shouts '...Honestly, what good does romping around like a pack of wild sabertooths do us?!'
The crashing sound of thunder rings out as a dense fog rolls over the lake...
Commander Serin Sapleaf sighs, shaking his head and continuing on.
It begins to rain.
An annoyed adventurer groans, 'Perfect! Rain is exactly what I needed to deal with in addition to idiocy...'
Several members of the squad glare at each other with near-murderous contempt...

Commander Serin Sapleaf shouts 'Stop at the river's edge up here. I think I saw something...'

A piercing scream echoes out from the lakeside, 'Fell the trespassers, leave none alive!!!'

Serin pushes the old man out of harm's way before yelling, 'Hold your ground soldiers! You, help kill these brutes!'

The Second Ambush!

** Several undead kylong mobs (Veksar model) spawn and attack the wayfarer NPCs. You can let them fight each other, but don't let too many of them die (this results in a failure). All kylong mobs must be killed. It would be best to just assist the wayfarer NPCs since they barely output any damage.. **

An arisen Kylong general slashes Commander Serin Sapleaf for 157 points of damage.
An arisen Kylong general slashes Commander Serin Sapleaf for 157 points of damage.
An arisen Kylong general bashes Commander Serin Sapleaf for 157 points of damage.
An arisen Kylong general tries to kick Commander Serin Sapleaf, but Commander Serin Sapleaf parries!
Commander Serin Sapleaf tries to punch an arisen Kylong general, but an arisen Kylong general dodges!
Commander Serin Sapleaf punches an arisen Kylong general for 37 points of damage.

** Once all kylong mobs are dead... **

Lieutenant Tasith Nidmire smiles proudly as he surveys the ranks. 'I offer you my thanks Synne. I don't think we would have survived this attack without your help.'

Old White-Eyes brushes the dirt off of his arms as he finds his way to his feet. He glares at no one in particular before growling at Serin, 'Next time, I'd just as happily let our enemies hit meh...' He takes a deep breath before channeling his power into a glowing burst of light, renewing Synne's spirit.

Ancient spirits protect you. You have been healed for 4892 points.

Commander Serin Sapleaf shouts 'We must continue on, the road to Warsliks is long. Cross the river and regroup at the open field north-west of here. Our scouts have reported no unusual activity in that area. We should be safe.'

A lone voice sings, 'We rove, row, wander and'a rove.'

Another voice joins in, 'Wanderin' a-round while the rangers hit the floor.'

The sarcastic song continues, 'With fifty platinum coins in a paladin's hat.'

Tasith glares back before singing the ending, '... While nobody's sure where ol' Zimel got it at...'

Lieutenant Tasith Nidmire shouts 'Alright, stop up here at this clearing for a moment to recover.'

Scout Swiftarrow regards you indifferently -- she appears to be quite formidable.

Old White-Eyes smiles, '... It makes sense now ...'

The captains turn toward the old sage with a look of curiosity.

Old White-Eyes says, 'Keras could not bring himself to face the source of this corruption. Its presence is unmistakable, though I do not know how...'

Commander Serin Sapleaf ponders old man's cryptic words. 'The point, sage, what is your point?'

Old White-Eyes says, 'See the world as I do!'

With the sage's words the world twists and distorts. The once clear skies blur and darken. The vision of the living fades into a cacophony of spirit and rage.

** You will be temporarily blinded for a few seconds. Once the blind effect wears-off... **

You shake off the stun effect!
You are blindsided.
You can see again.
You open your eyes to see a ghastly figure, the maimed spirit of McArik's sparring partner, Brinny Dorrinin. The shade opens its mouth to speak but the flow of ethereal blood mutes his words...

Old White-Eyes says, 'Keras spoke of this vision... Agents of [the Arisen] are channeling the unrequited spirits of rage. I trust in our path to Warsliks that we will find the [source] of this dark summoning.'

You say, 'The arisen?'

Old White-Eyes says 'The Arisen... Sathir. I'm sure Vekin has no interest in seein' that old lineage rise again. What they want with an army of spectres, I ain't too sure though. But there's no doubt they're the [source] behind these manifestations.'

You say, 'The source?'

Old White-Eyes says 'I feel it is no coincidence that we'll find our answer as we draw nearer to Warsliks. Please let me know when you are ready to [continue].'

** You can use this time to med up, if necessary. When you are ready, say 'continue' to the old sage. **

You say, 'Let's continue.'

The Barbarian stares longingly toward the projection of Brinny before waving his hand and dispelling your visions.

Lieutenant Tasith Nidmire shouts 'We march! Maintain that glorious formation you've demonstrated so well thus far.'

You no longer have a target.

Your Vengeful Taelosian Blood Axe feels heavier, as if being pulled away from your body by some unseen force.

Commander Serin calls back to the troops, 'Hold back behind the hill, I think I've spotted another gathering.'

** Your party will arrive near a camp full of Arisen mobs, and Commander Trakich (from the archer fight). **

Lieutenant Tasith Nidmire whispers, 'We've got the drop on them, if we charge now they won't know what hit them!'

Commander Serin Sapleaf replies, 'There's another path into Warsliks, if we went around we could avoid any more bloodshed.'

Lieutenant Tasith Nidmire growls, 'What say you old man? The noble's fight or the coward's march?'

Old White-Eyes smiles, 'I don't imagine we have that option anymore, I'm guessin' they know we're here.'

The captains turn and peer over the hill. It appears the company has been spotted!

Tasith yells, 'Serin, the leader. Old man, keep Xalgoz busy. The big guy is mine. The rest of you, deal with the minions!'

The Final Ambush!

** The wayfarers charge the camp. The undead arisen mobs have large HP pools, but can be death-touched using the correct BER skills. **

a weaponlonging soul = can be killed with regular attacks
an ireblind attendant = can be death-touched with any skill that has an aggro-reduction component (ie, Jarring Strike)
a headstrong acolyte = can be death-touched with any skill that has a stun component (ie, Temple Blow)
a steadfast loyalist = can be death-touched with any skill that has a snare/root component (ie, Tendon Cleave)

** Killing these mobs will also lower Commander Trakich's hp, and eventually lead to his death. Once all enemy mobs are dead... **

Xalgoz turns his attention away from the old sage and yells, 'Zalkiz, we appear to be on the losing end of this fight!'

The Iksar looks to the north and lets forth a screeching whistle!

Zalkiz leaps aboard his Sokokar and roars disdainfully, 'Try as you may, you will never stop lord Sathir... My loyal construct, deal with these pests! I've more important matters to attend to. Let us be off Xalgoz!'

The ancient Sarnak vampire grips a claw around the mount's leg as the two take off into the sky!

The Final Mob

** Specter Of Rage appears, and casts a feign-death spell on the wayfarer NPCs. **

The enormous shade roars, letting loose a great arcane force that knocks the wayfarers to the ground! The Old-Man uses the last of his strength to impart you with another rejuvenating aura...

Ancient spirits protect you. You have been healed for 4892 points.

Targeted (NPC): Spectre of Rage

** Slay the Spectre Of Rage. He didn't seem to hit fairly hard against a level 75 BER (max hit may be around 1.5k?), but has a healthy amount of hitpoints. However, he seemed to have a weakness against the BER epic weapons. **

Spectre of Rage spasms violently in reaction to your epic weaponry! He appears to be weakened!
Spectre of Rage changes forms, revealing new weaknesses!

** Once the spectre is defeated, the wayfarer NPCs and Old White-Eyes regain conciousness. **

As the dust stirred up from the battle begins to settle, the battered Wayfarers begin regaining consciousness.

The sound of soft footsteps echoes down the now quiet hillside...

Keras McArik kneels down beside the now-lucid shade of Brinny and speaks, 'What I did, I kin nev'a take back, but I want ye to know I don't go'a day without regrettin' it.'

Keras McArik stands up and brushes some dirt over the ritual fire that anchors the irebound shade to this plane. As the fire dies, Brinny fades away into nothingness...

Keras McArik smiles, 'Fine, fine work today Synne. I trust we won't see much of the Arisen round these parts again, what with a strong company of Wayfarers to hold down the fort!' The Barbarian looks toward the old sage, 'Every bit as ready as I told ye, wasn't 'eh?'

Old White-Eyes nods, 'Aye Keras, a star pupil...'

Tasith smiles, 'I guess we were wrong about you. We owe you our lives yet can only extend our gratitude in promises of remembrance when the great Brotherhood camp of Dalnir is formed.' The captains lead their company in an orderly salute to your honor before continuing their journey.

Your task 'An Epic Request' has been updated.

Tasith yells from the back of the cave, 'How convenient. NOW you're all able to line up in formation...'

** Old White-Eyes and the Wayfarer NPCs head-out to Warsliks Woods, to an uncertain fate.**

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