Anniversary Group Task: Piestro's Day Off  

Quest Started By:Description:
This Quest is Seasonal
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:Yes
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Success Lockout Timer: 06:00:00
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Rain of Fear
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:3
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Fri Mar 15 19:35:41 2013
Modified: Thu Feb 3 02:23:56 2022
Anniversary events tend to run from mid-March to mid-April (sometimes to mid-May) each year. They are not available during the "off season".

For an overview and list of EverQuest Anniversary events, see this quest entry.

This is an anniversary group monster mission introduced with EverQuest's 14th anniversary. It begins with Piestro in the Great Divide at -1810, -4200 (outside the Eastern Wastes zone line).

There are no pre-requisites for requesting this task. Required level and number of players are not confirmed (you may need three actual players to request?). Mercenaries are allowed in this instanced zone, but the shrouds don't come with platinum, so they will suspend themselves once the platinum timer runs out.

You say, 'Hail, Piestro'

Piestro says 'This was supposed to be my day off! It's [not fair]!'

You say, 'Not fair?'

Piestro says 'Bristlebane is making a huge stink about how the developers haven't paid him any attention lately, so he kidnapped one of them and stashed them away in the Plane of Mischief. It was supposed to be my day off, but the design team has asked me to find some brave adventurers to rescue the captured developer. I have enough on my hands managing the forums, and I don't really have time for this. Do you think you could [help] me out here?'

You say, 'I will help'

Piestro says 'Bristlebane has made it his wish that you become one of his minions for this mission. Choose your role and then when you are [ready], just let me know!'

You have been assigned the task 'Piestro's Day Off'.

Bristlebane has captured one of the developers and has recruited you to his army to help stop them from being rescued.

Monster Templates:

- Helping Hand (Cleric)
- Giant Bunny (Warrior)
- Jester (Enchanter)
- Fetid Skunk (Monk)
- Gorilla Scholar (Wizard)
- Ratman Prankster (Rogue)

Say "ready" to zone into the instanced zone.

You say, 'Ready!'

Piestro says 'Here we go!'

You have entered The Plane of Mischief - Piestro's Day Off.

Speak with Piestro 0/1 (Plane of Mischief)

You say, 'Hail, Piestro'

Piestro says 'Um, don't be mad at me, but Bristlebane forced me to trick you into coming here. He said he will spam the forums and then trap me in here forever unless I found some adventurers to help him stop the developers from rescuing their friend. If you don't think you are up to this challenge though, I can help you [get out of here]. Oh, oh. I think I hear Bristlebane coming. Man, what a bummer. All I wanted was a day off!'

Aw, why so glum? We are going to have so much fun! I have captured one of the developers and they are currently being held in the garden. It seems the other developers haven't taken kindly to this and are trying to rescue them. You are now honorary members of my army and you will stop them!'

Speak with Bristlebane 0/1 (Plane of Mischief)

You say, 'Hail, Bristlebane'

Bristlebane says 'Now that you are one of my minions, you must prove to me that you are strong enough to stop the developers. Since the developers won't revamp my home, I have taken it upon myself to force the imprisoned developer to implement some new tricks and obstacles to prove your worth. If you can pass these trials, we will move on to the finale to stop the developers! Now enter the portal before you and speak with Piestro to start your first trial.'

Speak with Piestro 0/1 (Plane of Mischief)

You say, 'Hail, Piestro'

Piestro unenthusiastically says, 'The wonderful and wacky lord of mischief, Bristlebane has seen it fit for you to take the treasure chest challenge. You must open all of the treasure chests in this room except for the one with the jester in it. Which one has the jester in it? You will just have to figure that out on your own. If you do open the chest with the jester, just tell me to [reset] them and I will spawn a new set of treasure chests. Did I mention that all I wanted was a day off?'

This spawns 5x "a treasure chest" in the room.

Complete the Treasure Chest Challenge 0/1 (Plane of Mischief)

Task Window Says: Open the treasure chest that doesn't contain a jester. If you accidentally open the chest with the jester, just say "reset" to Piestro to get a new set of treasure chests.

Five chests are in the room. One of them (a random one) contains a jester. You need to open the four that don't contain the jester. If you open the wrong one, you see...

Bristlebane shouts, 'Oops! That's the wrong chest! Now deal with my angry jester!'

...and "an angry jester" attacks (hits for a max 196).

If you want to reset it, say "reset" to Piestro (note: if you've spawned a jester, it still remains alive):

You say, 'Reset this!'

Piestro says 'Ok, have another go at it. Good luck!'

Once you open the four chests without a jester:

Bristlebane's booming voice echoes throughout the room, 'You have passed the first challenge, now enter the portal that leads to the library and speak with Piestro again. Toodles!'

Speak with Piestro 0/1 (Plane of Mischief)

Use the big portal in the northwestern part of the chest room to port to the library.

Here, you will have 6x "a gorilla scholar" to contend with (max hit: 74), that spawn around the room. These are NOT auto-aggro, so have everyone in your group get close to Piestro so you don't have to deal with all six at once.

You say, 'Hail, Piestro'

Piestro grudgingly says, 'The great and whimsical lord of mischief, our dear lord, Bristlebane will have you find his favorite bed time story. Find it, and give it to me. I hope someone is moderating the message boards while I am here.'

Give Bristlebane's favorite bedtime story to Piestro 0/1 (Plane of Mischief)

Task Window Says: Kill gorillas to obtain books and then give Bristlebane's favorite bedtime story to Piestro. What is Bristlebane's favorite bedtime story? You will just have to find that out on your own!

Loot "The Book of Blank Pages" and turn it in to Piestro.

Use the portal to port over to the maze.

Kill some quest bugs 0/6 (Plane of Mischief)

Kill some developer's hands 0/6 (Plane of Mischief)

Kill the above mobs in the maze.

Find Piestro and speak with him 0/1 (Plane of Mischief)

Note: Do not rely on the Find feature to find him. Locate him yourself. It's possible he may spawn at a random location, but he is known to appear in the far northeastern part of the tunnels (if you can't find him, you can go back to the zone-in and hail him there as there are two versions of him up at this time).

One known location is 690, -1190.

Defeat the Ban Hammer 0/1 (Plane of Mischief)

Head through the portal into the upside down area and encounter the "Ban Hammer".

Speak with Piestro 0/1 (Plane of Mischief)

Defeat the Suspended Players 0/4 (Plane of Mischief)

Head through the portal and kill the four suspended players.

Speak with Bristlebane 0/1 (Plane of Mischief)

Note: This triggers the spawn of 4x "a forum troll".

Defeat the forum trolls 0/4 (Plane of Mischief)

Upon the trolls' deaths, "Spambot" spawns and attacks.

Defeat the Spambot 0/1 (Plane of Mischief)

Speak with Bristlebane 0/1 (Plane of Mischief)

Loot the chest for your reward 0/1 (Plane of Mischief)

Open it up to spawn a jester; kill the jester.

Speak with Bristlebane 0/1 (Plane of Mischief)

Port over to the theater area and find Bristlebane. Say "leave" to exit out.

Speak with Piestro 0/1 (Great Divide)

Loot the chest for your real rewards 0/1 (Great Divide)

Task Reward:
127 platinum, 4 gold

Optional Rewards:
- #1: 5 AAs
- #2: Experience Only (2% in Level 100)

Possible Chest Loot (2 items per task + 0-1 aug):

Buford's Ring
Dragoncry Earring
Fire-Singed Cloak
Gooey Earstud
Little Swinetor's Ring
Saggy Baggy Gorget
Signet of the Gathering
Somewhat Useless Shawl
Sword of Wars

Blue Stone of Power
Green Stone of Power
Red Stone of Power
White Stone of Power
Yellow Stone of Power
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# Apr 06 2022 at 10:05 AM Rating: Decent
21 posts
I tried for an hour to get into the water and was not able to do it- decided to /kick the task
2021 22 Year 115 Run
# May 07 2021 at 9:51 PM Rating: Excellent
140 posts
My Chars

115 Paladin, 115 Druid, 103 Paladin, 100 Enchanter, 103 Mage

Monster Makeup I would Suggest

1 Tank
2 Heals
3 Wizards

I have 1 Tank, 2 Heals, 1 Enchanter and 1 Wizzie and my Wizzie smoked everything. Yes he got aggro but the stuff died so fast it didnt matter and I had 2 heals

Hot Buttons
1. Create hot buttons for /Fol and /Assist if you are boxing like I am it really helped
2. For Wizzie hit V for AA's and put Fire, Thunder, Lava Bolt in that order on your hotbar
3. For Enchanter (if you use them) Grab Mana Bolt and Sleep (I never used Sleep) but whatever
4. Remember Im actually suggesting 3 Wizzies for Mana. Every single mob died after 1 enchanter mana bolt and the Wizzie casting Fire, Thunder and then Lava Bolt

Summary from Me

In the room with the chests, here is what kept happening to me
1. I got the jester. I kept killing it. then I read these posts
2. I got the jester and ran around opening chests. However, instead of the remaining chests just having me win, I actually kept getting an error that said, whoops you picked the wrong one. I thought I was going to end up with many jesters, but I only had one. I never had to say "reset" it just kept resetting on its own.
3. I finally picked the ones I needed and it ended with me wiping to the original Jester as people died while I ran around (this is me boxing).
4. I zoned in and killed him, but I still had the update :-)

In the room with the gorialls
1. I had all my guys right next to him, however soon as I hailed I got 3 gorillas, my tank got them all and hit pain suppression
2. Wizzie and Enchanter Nuked them all in 4 nukes
3. Next 3 gorillas I got in singles
4. Looted the book and moved on into the Maze

In the Maze
1. This is where you will run into little flying bugs and Hands that look like the Healing Hand Monster you play
---Note: Even after getting all your bugs (which you probably will first), they are still in the maze while you search for hands
2. Sometimes you get 2 mobs but again, use assist, nuke (don't even worry about tanking) and just heal the casters
3. Once you kill all the hands and bugs you can use FIND to find him.
--Common wasn't he just in the middle!!!!, not even close..

After you hail him, he said to Defeat the Ban Hammer and a Portal appears where he was standing.

Defeat The Ban Hammer
1. A Hairbrained dude spawns as you approach the wall you are facing. Once he is dead, there is an opening behind you, ignore it. Walk through the wall you are facing and through the next wall too. Matter of fact just make sure you have Brewal maps

2. Turn left and down the stairs after you go through the 2 walls. go into the sideways / upside down room. You will see 2 statues sideways. Go to the left statue. Carefully Jump up on top of the hex (platform of the statue). Then jump over to the arm that sticks out from the frame of the water. Once you are on that turn to face the water at like 1 oclock. and walk/jump into the water. Then swim through, you have to use page up to swim up a little. Make sure your tank goes first, there is another Sphinx in there

3. Once you kill that bird, now you jump on the right most statue platform and click on the sideways door. When it opens jump to it. it will close ever so often so just reopen it. Now head north. First path on your right take it and he is in the room on the right.
Note: he will come out to the hallway after you open the door. I did that to kill him because its harder to jump everyone into the room while fighting. 6 Nukes and dead, then Hail P and jump into the portal

Defeat Suspended People
For the record they aren't suspended off the trees etc, just off puppet strings

My Suggested Path
1) The Middle South Bushes are fake. Soon as you go through you get attacked. Kill that one and the one to the left
2) take the corner (right) and the middle of that row (on your right) is fake. Take that and kill the mobs there
3) Go north again and then take the first right. you will see the opening the middle of the maze and he is in there.

Talk to BristleBane
1. 4 Gorillas Blue/Light blue spawn. Just nuke them and keep nukers up
2. Some trolls, do the same thing
3. Kill the robot. IT WILL SPAM STUPID WORDS ON YOUR SCREEN lol..just annoying like that... Nuke it down, taunt it sometimes
4. If you need before you Hail BB again, rest and med up like I did
5. Hail Him
6. Laugh at what plays out.
7. Loot the Chest
8. Get attacked by a Yellow Jester haha BB real funny dorko
9. Use Portal that popped up
10. Hail BB and then say leave,
11. Hail Piestro in GD

The End... BB i'm so glad we killed you back in the day.. you still gotta shave and take as shower ugg.

No mercs
# Mar 23 2019 at 7:21 AM Rating: Good
313 posts
Waited till I had the full 15 minutes paid for then zoned in and all mercs were suspended.
bring Piestro back!
# Mar 24 2018 at 2:14 PM Rating: Good
Wish they would bring this back. There's precious few missions that are level blind.

Lee of Povar
Fight smarter not harder.
bring Piestro back!
# Mar 30 2018 at 10:34 AM Rating: Good
281 posts
This is active as of March 16th, with the AV Modern events.
maze NPCs location
# Mar 22 2014 at 9:41 AM Rating: Decent
70 posts
P 513.0987, -778.5433, 69.9707, 0, 0, 0, 3, hand
P 112.6262, -617.1139, 69.9707, 0, 0, 0, 3, bug
P 847.0694, -804.6085, 69.9707, 0, 0, 0, 3, hand
P 846.8154, -771.2780, 69.9707, 0, 0, 0, 3, bug
P 1030.2594, -875.7042, 69.9707, 0, 0, 0, 3, bug
P 1132.1497, -784.8222, 69.9707, 0, 0, 0, 3, bug
P 1132.7411, -776.0786, 69.9707, 0, 0, 0, 3, hand
P 1158.7571, -561.3591, 69.9707, 0, 0, 0, 3, bug
P 1192.6818, -260.7024, 69.9707, 0, 0, 0, 3, hand
P 1062.1409, -382.0454, 69.9707, 0, 0, 0, 3, hand
P 1135.6115, -237.3095, 69.9707, 0, 0, 0, 3, bug
P 801.3186, -20.9148, 69.9707, 0, 0, 0, 3, hand
# May 01 2013 at 2:40 AM Rating: Decent
17 posts
Three-boxed it with a Rogue/Cleric/Warrior(selected monster class)...never again...probably wouldnt be bad with a few actual people, but hardly worth it for the time wasted on it (no mercs now).

If you are trying to farm the Aug of your Dreams this year, without a doubt Xorbb and Convorteum are better choices (also the Big Gnomes one, but its down as of this writing)(seeing that Convorteum doesnt require progression anymore, and all required mobs in "To thine own creator be true" (not sure of false) can be headshot, decap, and assuming assassinated).

Was an interesting task, but slow trying to play all involved.
# Jun 04 2013 at 3:03 PM Rating: Decent
not entirely true about headshot/assassinate. the 6 mobs at the top are hsable etc (if it's headshottable it is indeed always assass and decapable, but decapable doesnt mean hs/assass) the 6 mobs by TFC, yes, however to GET teh task and updates to go in and do that part, you have to kill several apexus, which are not headshot/assassable, they are im sure decapable though. for a rgr/rogue or zerker this is def the easiest event, but dont forget to do the first step before you zone in or you wont be able to open teh chest without running al lthe way down and leaving etc then back (also noticed the wings don't work in this task, i can click pinky as anyone, but none of the other rings that i'm flagged to use)
# Jun 04 2013 at 3:04 PM Rating: Decent
rings not wings lol
Chests now there is a difference
# Apr 18 2013 at 4:24 PM Rating: Good
The first part is open the chests without opening the one with the jester in. Before the change this was pure random luck, very tedious and annoying. Now either I was super lucky or the chests now have something you can look for to determine which one has the jester in it.

If you look at the chest face on with the lock staring you in the face look at the grey border either side of the lock. When i did this one chest just had grey and all the others had a blue tinge to part of that border. Open all the chests with the blue and the jester should be the one in the grey.

Either that or i beat odds :)
Chests now there is a difference
# Apr 29 2013 at 2:56 AM Rating: Decent
38 posts
I think you just got lucky, it doesn't work for me
Chests now there is a difference
# Apr 23 2013 at 3:46 PM Rating: Excellent
1,024 posts
Thank you!!!
Conditional Spawn
# Apr 17 2013 at 10:05 PM Rating: Decent
194 posts
It could be that Piestro doesnt spawn in the maze until after you kill the required bugs and hands. The place he spawned in NE was empty until we looked again later. So go back and check areas after you kill all the maze mobs.
Buanu Connoy
Champions of Norrath
# Mar 30 2013 at 7:34 AM Rating: Decent
26 posts
As per Eldroth on the SOE forums:

"I'm removing respawn, giving the rogue a piercer, reworking many of the abilities, fixing timers, fixing reuse, increasing the base power of the characters, and removing mercs from the zone (they're WAY OP for the mission and you all know it). Whether or not I can hotfix this or not is another story. Still working on some things. "

PLUS the following

“Hey everyone,

Currently, we have disabled these two quests. The NPCs who grant "Piestro's Day Off" and "Big Gnomes, Big Problems" have been removed at this time. They will return around April 17th.

As a result of this, we are going to extend the anniversary events through May 26th.

Guild leader of Lions of the Heart for the past 15 years. New and returning players along with veterans are always welcome to join us on Xegony. See our ad in the recruitment forum!

How to:
# Mar 27 2013 at 7:47 AM Rating: Decent
298 posts
Ok, I heard they are going to nerf this because it is too easy with mercs. And it is.

Get 3 players with 3 merc tanks set to aggressive and auto.
Suspend mercs at 14:59 and run to Piestro near EW zoneline.
Get task, summon mercs and pick Tank or Melee and head in. (healing is just a waste)
Hail Piestro, Hail BB. Set 2 merc tanks to passive and move to next room.
Hail Piestro and then say "reset" a 5 times to spawn multiple chests. (25) This increase your odds of finishing this quicker.
If you make a mistake, try again and let the lone merc tank beat on the jester but not kill it. That way, you can keep opening chests.
Once you get it right, kill the jester and set all mercs to aggressive. Head through portal to gorilla room.

In gorilla room, hide in corner, hail piestro and kill gorillias till you get "The Book of Blank Pages" and hand it to piestro. Run through the portal and stand still, now that you are in the underground maze. Turn off auto on mercs. Aggro will drop as the gorilla's can not get to you. All 3 of you head in different directions killing the 12 mobs needed for updates. Once you have the 12 updates, turn off auto on mercs and DIE. You will zone out to GD and just wait till times on mercs are 14:59 again and head back in. Hail peistro for the next update, he's still at the door.

Head through chest room, gorilla room into underground maze and head for the NE corner where the portal spawned. Have tanks aggro any mobs if they spawn (should not have tho). Go through portal to upside down area.

In upside down area, defeat the halfling, gorilla, spinx and then the ban hammer. It takes no more than that if you are headed in the right direction. Move on to garden maze. If you do not kill all 4, they WILL follow you to the next area.

At the garden maze, go through the hedges on the left and fight your first mob. Just keep heading to the center and you will encounter enough mobs to get all your updates. Hail BB and 4 mobs will spawn. Defeat them and boss will spawn. Defeat it or if you all die, it will regen to 100% instantly. If you die, wait on new mercs with full timers and head back. Keep together. If you lived, your mercs will just about be out of time but they are no longer needed. Hail BB and enjoy the show. Open the chest, 2 of you beat on the jester and the 3rd hail BB and JUST DIE!

You will all be outside, next to piestro with the final update "hail piestro" to get it and the chest spawn and exp. 30 to 35 minutes total. Everyone switch to an alt, rinse repeat for more exp and loot. Group consisted of a lvl 53, 57 and 66. Not sure what the minimum level is from that.

Way too easy...INC NERF!

Edited, Mar 27th 2013 8:50am by shadowsedge
I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you thought you heard was not what I meant.
Extended Description and some missing links....
# Mar 26 2013 at 9:14 PM Rating: Decent
80 posts
for somebody not used to Plane of Mischief the infos here are more than small....

here perhaps some help for the missing parts:

1. Mercs:
- there are really quite a key
a) bought 20 bayle marks
b) had a tank merc and a healer merc inside (take healer if you are not perfect... they rezz you in case)

2. Chest room
- open the chests until the jester spawns and get aggro with merc/tank
- simply dont beat him to death, merc healer grants no death, open all other chests then step updates, after that kill the jester
-> a very good hint, thank you!

3. Gorilla rooms:
- nothing to add, simply let the mercs to the job
- if not, stay close to one side so not all gorillas add at once, rest is ok
- gorillas may jump in if you have to run again after a portin or wrong run but you get immediatelly ported to maze if you have done it there

4. Maze
- the coordinates went ok for me twice, there is the portal (690, -1190)
- if you go straight the the portal, half of the bugs/hands are done

5. the fliparound rooms
- after killing the sphinx you have to do the little jump and run to jump into the water
---> you get drowned and killed if you stay too long in the water... everybody who is used to Faerune: you will get killed fast!
- after the swim another sphinx is waiting

6. Into the Hall to Ban Hammer
- leave the room after the water to the door to the north
--> jump at the hexagon and open door, jump on the door in use the room leading to Ban Hammer
- the room is the D, like somebody said before
- two sphinx kills are on that way

7. Ban Hammer
- he is attacking as soon as you open the door, so be prepared
- after hailing piestro the portal to the garden will wait

8. Garden / Suspended players
- after the kills Bristlebane is in the middle of the garden
- there are some hidden bushes where you can go into the middle area (mapfiend, atlas)
- turn directly to the middle area, all suspended players are on your way, so you dont waste time searching around

9. Forum Trolls / Spambot
- after hailing Bristlebane alle four Forum Trolls jump at you, be ready
- with merctank/healer its a cake, simply wait till they are dead
- Bristlebanes Hand will not attack
- Spambot is fast cake with merc combination, he jumps in after the last Troll is dead

10. Chest
- after some tells from Bristlebane and spawning of a beautiful high elf and some pink bunnies a chest appears
- open the chest and kill the Jester
- a portal to the theatre behind you will appear

11. Loot chest
- after the portal there are the puppets and Bristlebane in the middle
- say "leave" to Bristlebane
- Hail Pietro outside (Great Divide)
- Chest with real loot pops up
- you can choose between 2% Exp or 5AA

- Mana regen seems normal after a fight, so they must corrected that

Edited, Mar 27th 2013 5:15am by beq
Chest Trouble
# Mar 21 2013 at 9:43 PM Rating: Decent
From Xtazz on Cazic -

For the chests, spawn a Jester and keep him alive. Open 3 chests, finish off the Jester, then open the final chest. Worked for us.
# Mar 21 2013 at 10:16 AM Rating: Decent
85 posts
Even with mercs it is a PITA and not worth the rewards given. The loot is not any better then the stuff dropping in Shards Landing. They are nerfing the mercs being able to be used in the mission so do it now if you want any chance of completing it.
# Mar 22 2013 at 10:35 AM Rating: Decent
30 posts
In before the nerf. Took a tank and cleric merc in. Didn't even try to play this awful mission, just surf youtube while letting the mercs work. Best way to handle it imo.
Additional Loot
# Mar 20 2013 at 10:44 PM Rating: Good
Chest had Sword of Wars in addition to Aug, Ear, Back. Made a random War happy.
Ban Hammer
# Mar 20 2013 at 5:48 AM Rating: Decent
97 posts
This mission is easy with dps mercs, so get it in before the nerf.

As far as Ban Hammer, he is in the room that looks like a cross between a stop sign and the letter D. you have to go through the water to get there. The best way to get in the water, is jump up on the sideways hexagon base , and step towards water until you see yourself drop down one notch. Then hit the jump button and the forward directional arrow. This will land you on the spoke. strafe away from the wall as far as you can without falling off. Turn 45 degrees towards the wall, jump and press the directional pad. This will get you in the water.

This mission is frustrating, and almost made me want to take a day off.....but mercs help, so get it while you can can can!
# Mar 19 2013 at 5:28 PM Rating: Decent
Mission is super easy, buy Bayle marks and have 1 healer and 1 wiz on burn... cake
The chests bite back
# Mar 18 2013 at 6:15 PM Rating: Decent
do NOT attack the chests. They dont like it.

A treasure chest hits YOU for 7142 points of damage.
You have been slain by a trasure chest!

Edited, Mar 18th 2013 8:15pm by Shardofsilra
Yes they are auto aggro
# Mar 18 2013 at 12:31 PM Rating: Decent
30 posts
"These are NOT auto-aggro"

Do not believe this, they will attack. Have all your party ready at portal. They also repop fairly quick, this is a real zerg fest

I hate monster missions, they are sh*t, basically this mission is die, die die die, mebbe get one part further, die some more. slowly zerg it and wear it down, dieing all the time. You have one taunt on your tank with a FIFTEEN minute refresh so expect your healer to die whenever there's adds, then your tank then your wiz etc etc. This is a shocker of a mish

Add to that the fact that one character recieved no powers at all (Enchanter) and was thus useless, and you really want to be absolutely sure you want to do this mish

Edited, Mar 18th 2013 2:40pm by Melodion

Edited, Mar 18th 2013 3:04pm by Melodion
Yes they are auto aggro
# Mar 18 2013 at 3:54 PM Rating: Good

If you get stuck at this point and die / wipe:
Give Bristlebane's favorite bedtime story to Piestro

Try going back in and stopping at the portal just before going into that room. Medd to full mana. Have the cleric throw a group HoT on, then have the warrior run in and start kiting.

Then a second (dps) person goes in and either starts looting books, or starts turnins in they have not looted yet. The idea is to do fast turnins to get Bristlebane to accept the correct one, before you die.

If you don't get the step updated, go back in and retry. If you do, and even if you wipe after you do, the portal will automatically port you to the next step. Even if you pop in and there's a lot of mobs up, it will auto-port you to the next area.

We of course learned this the hard way. :) But it should work for you too.

Poofiedog Needsabath
105 Druid on Drinal

Raid Sacrifice (for the win!)

# Mar 16 2013 at 8:37 PM Rating: Decent
2,546 posts
Theory of Rogue in our group -- Rogue MIGHT be able to sense a chest with NO TRAP -- that one has the Jester. Need to test that next time we go in unless someone beats us to it and can post results here.

# Mar 18 2013 at 5:55 PM Rating: Decent
I can confirm that this does NOT work. Just tried it a second ago, all 5 chests were trapped and successfully disarmed on the first try. Checked again after, none were trapped.
When you die
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I died on this mission. Tried to get back to group, but every segment that we had gone through had already respawned (gorillas, bugs, hands, etc.). I have no idea how you're supposed to get back with your group if you die. Not fun.
Getting through the sideways room
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Having not grown up on Super Mario 3, this is extremely hard for me. So far, here's what I've learned.

1. to get up on the hexagonal statue base, duck.
2. to get to the pillar, short jump, with your jump button
3. getting over the lip into the water, ?

Visually-motorically impaired Leerah
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new item
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got buford's ring, fire-singed cloak and sword of wars from chest.
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Further Details
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After we finally got through the chests (No pattern here after reset, just random luck as far as we could tell) and gorillas (6 pop on you), we gave "The Book of Blank Pages" book to Piestro, which worked for us, out of the 11 books looted off the gorillas.
Then we had to kill 12 mobs in a maze, there is a map, 2 different types, you'll laugh at the names.
When all dead, find Piestro and speak with him in the maze. Beware there are re-pops.The find option is not a good tool in here.We found him at POS 691, NEG 1189. Doesn't mean he will be there everytime, but worth a look.
Next step Beat the "Ban Hammer", through the next portal, located in the upside down area. Also a maze with one way rooms. Easy enough kill though.
Speak with Piestro, same room as the Hammer.
Defeat the suspended players (4), through next portal.When dead speak to Bristlebane. He is in the middle of the maze.
After you speak with him 4 trolls will spawn, quick kills but save Mana for the named that re-pops right after. When dead you will have time to med.
THIS TOOK 3 HOURS TO GET TO FOR US. Between having to med and buff it takes this long.
Speak with Bristlebane again. Loot chest for reward he says, don't get too excited though since now you have to fight a Jester, since the chest contains him. When Jester is dead find Bristlebane in the theater area, next portal over. He says thanks but you can go now, say "leave" to exit out and speak with Piestro.
This is where you loot the real chest and you are done.

Our group consisted of 3 wizards, 2 clerics and 1 warrior. Glad we only have to do it once. Have fun )
mission done.
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rewards we got was a 95 rec 100 rec ear / finger with 2100 stats
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The loot we got
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When we finished ours, we got a task reward and chest loot.
The task reward at level 100 was:
127p, 4g, 0s, 0c
and a choice of:
5 AA Points, or
Experience Only (2%)

We got 2 items in the chest loot:
Fire-Singed Cloak, and
Saggy Baggy Gorget

Here's a screenie of the loot.

Fire-Singed Cloak
Magic, Lore, No Trade, Prestige
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Weight: 1.6
Rec Level: 100
Req Level: 95
AC: 114
HP: 2247
Mana: 2126
End: 2214

Strength: 27 + 9
Stamina 26 + 8
Intelligence: 20 + 7
Wisdom: 20 + 7
Agility: 23 + 7
Dexterity: 30 +10
Charisma: 23 + 7
Magic: 45
Fire: 45
Cold: 45
Disease: 45
Poison: 45
Attack: 25
HP Regen: 3
Mana Regen: 2
Spell Shield: 2
Combat Eff: 4
Shielding: 2
Dmg Shield: 2
DoT Shield: 2
Dmg Shld Mit: 2
Avoidance: 5
Accuracy: 6
Stun Resist: 2
Strike Thr: 2
Heal Amount: 16
Spell Dmg: 16
Clairvoyance: 25
Slot 1, type 7
Slot 2, type 3
Effect: Illusionary Spikes VII (casting time: 0.5)
Focus Effect: Protan's Descant

Saggy Baggy Gorget
Magic, Lore, No Trade, Prestige
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Weight: 0.8
Rec Level: 100
Req Level: 95

AC: 100
HP: 2159
Mana: 2258
End: 2115

Strength: 20 + 6
Stamina 30 +10
Intelligence: 23 + 9
Wisdom: 23 + 9
Agility: 26 + 8
Dexterity: 20 + 6
Charisma: 24 + 8

Magic: 45
Fire: 45
Cold: 45
Disease: 45
Poison: 45

Attack: 18
HP Regen: 3
Mana Regen: 2
Spell Shield: 2
Combat Eff: 3
Shielding: 2
Dmg Shield: 1
DoT Shield: 2
Dmg Shld Mit: 1
Avoidance: 5
Accuracy: 6
Stun Resist: 2
Strike Thr: 1
Heal Amount: 18
Spell Dmg: 19
Clairvoyance: 33

Slot 1, type 7
Slot 2, type 3
Effect: Improved Parry / Block V (worn)
Focus Effect: Growth of the Bosque II

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