Courier of Favor  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:125
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Related Quests:
Era:Veil of Alaris
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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See Lyric Loresinger in the Sunrise Hills at location -2700, 2085, 42 (in or around the main vendor building).

If she is performing, she will emote the following:

You say, 'Hail, Lysric Loresinger'

Lysric Loresinger remains focused on their performance. Perhaps you should wait until they are off stage to talk to them.

While performing, she will emote the following:

Lysric Loresinger smiles as she addresses the audience, her fans captivated by her stunning voice.
Lysric Loresinger recites a short sonnet about the harrowing adventures of Antonican gypsies.
Lysric Loresinger begins reciting a short poem about the beauty of Ayonae Ro.
Lysric Loresinger looks up to the sky before slowly retelling the ancient story of Sionachie Heartsinger's travels through Kunark.
Lysric Loresinger delivers a concise lyrical limerick about the difficulty of sharing a name with her siblings.

If she's not performing and you hail her she will say the following:

You say, 'Hail, Lysric Loresinger'

Lysric Loresinger smiles, 'Lovely weather isn't it? I don't see how my sisters stand to live in the drab towns they do. Travelling abroad does have its ups and downs though...'

You say, 'You have sisters?'

Lysric Loresinger nods, 'My sisters...What about them? Surely you have noticed the family resemblance by now? As it turns out, our parents were not terribly good with names, so when they were blessed with us triplets they were at a loss for words! I think I am the most talkative of the Lysric Sisters, the others aren't much for social interactions, so they prefer not to say much beyond the bare minimum for their lives as song-brokers...'

Once you have completed the Postmaster's Challenge from Postmaster Aric Songfairer nearby, hail Lysric to get the following:

You say, 'Hail, Lysric Loresinger'

Lysric Loresinger looks over toward Aric and nods, 'For your noble service in assisting The League with its courier services, we are honored to offer you the assistance of one of our apprentice parcel delivery liaisons. Your continued support has not gone unnoticed, ______.'

You receive Hyredel Swiftstride (parcel NPC for house/guild hall).

You will also get the following messages, depending on what else you've done...

If you haven't done the quest with Pagus Nonad called "The Nonad Brothers," then you will get the following message along with the above one:

You say, 'Hail, Lysric Loresinger'

Lysric Loresinger says 'A fine day to you, ______. I hope you are enjoying the fine performances our troupe has to offer. I certainly know Arwik and I are...' A look of concern passes over Lysric's face, 'You... You didn't happen to pass by the Nonad Manor while you were visiting Qeynos did you? I worry so about poor Vicus...''

After you have completed said quest, she will give the following, along with the reward:

You say, 'Hail, Lysric Loresinger'

Lysric Loresinger looks deep into your eyes, 'You are both swift in step and kind in deed. An adventurer such as yourself deserves something fitting of their title as a courier. I offer you this, a delicately crafted container. Carry it with pride, ______.'

You receive a Featherweight Satchel of the Courier.

Hailing her after completing all of this stuff yields the following message:

You say, 'Hail, Lysric Loresinger'

Lysric Loresinger nods, 'A fine day to you, ______. I hope the morning greets you with the ripe expectations of adventure and the night brings you the amiable tranquility to wrest away your troubles and let your mind fall gentle prey to the subconscious blessings of Morell.'

If you have lost your bag, or transfered it to another character on the same account, you can receive a new Featherweight Satchel of the Courier:

You say, 'Hail, Lysric Loresinger'

Lysric Loresinger looks deep into your eyes, 'You are both swift in step and kind in deed. An adventurer such as yourself deserves something fitting of their title as a courier. I offer you this, a delicately crafted container. Carry it with pride, _____.'

NOTE: it is not considered an exploit to move this bag to another character then ask for a new one without doing the quest again: see this comment from Ngreth on the official forums.
Submitted by: CaudyrShadowfury
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The satchel is replaced if lost or given to an alt.
# Apr 07 2020 at 2:25 AM Rating: Good
37 posts
After completing the quest arc, I was wondering what would happen if I placed the Featherweight Satchel of the Courier in my shared bank and then hailed Lysric Loresinger again. So I did that and I received another Featherweight Satchel of the Courier. At this point I started logging in my alts on that account to get the satchel out of the shared bank then logged in the main toon to place another satchel in the shared bank and hail Lysric for another satchel. Rinse and repeat until all the alts on that server had the satchel and finished up by swapping one of the shared bank container with a satchel and gave one of my shared banks 20 slots.

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Completed in about 4 hours as a Ranger
# Jul 15 2016 at 12:22 AM Rating: Decent
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Just completed this quest today as a 29 Wood Elf Ranger. I did the Postmaster Challenge last night in about 3.5 hours. Today I did Tax collection quest in about 30 min. The quest is basically two subquests and had no required fighting. I did however, encounter a few gnolls in Highpass--they were easy kills. I was tempted to at times (during postmaster challenge) to log for the evening but was too afraid I would lose progress. I read somewhere that the parcels were temporary so if you log out you lose them so keep this in mind when doing the Postmaster part. There were a few points when I had no mail in my inventory--does anyone know if you can log at these in between points parcel and not lose progress?
Ssauleron Soulrender
Iksar Bloodreaver
max level
# Nov 22 2013 at 1:06 PM Rating: Decent
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I found I couldnt get Ton Twotone to talk to my 100 mage, but he would talk to my 62 druid. Not even shrouding down to 70 helped. And faction wasn't an issue. The quest from Twotone lists a max level of 95. [EDIT: Nevermind - the key is in how you talk to the mail people - say "deliver" and city name. If you have the word "mail" in your say then it just loops back to the earlier response.]

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printable roadmap for 20 slots WR 100% quest
# Nov 15 2013 at 6:50 AM Rating: Good
I used this to do quest for 12 toons over 3 silver accounts, I hope it will help others
(I use g for warrior and m for bard for the class column. All are lv9 but Capital letters are classes lv22+ to kill gnolls on way to highkeep and M is mage able to cast call of the hero to help sk to get ported near quest npc and to tank nearby guard while sk is questing, necro lv9 has invis so he s all good by itself and trouble only at 2 places)

courier quest 
(DO NOT FORGET that letters or packages are Temporary : they vanish if you logout for more than 30mn or they vanish IMMEDIATELY if you die) 
observed faction troubles : 
froglok sk : kaladim ready to attack, akanon threatening, halas threatening, rivervale threatening 
drakin nec : highpass threatening, north qeynos (Moodoro Finharn only, near Flynn, in nw corner of map) threatening 
bRgmeSWrcsnM +:take -:deliver 
...      ...Get to the Plane of Knowledge (PoK) from Sunrise Hills by going through the Guild Lobby.  
...      .../say you have sisters? 
...      .../say challenge 
...      ...From PoK, go to West Freeport using the Freeport PoK Stone, to East Freeport++,              Twostring 
...      ! Ocean of Tears, to Butcherblock Mtns+,                                                    Marwind 
...      ! South Kaladim+,                                                                           Oresinger 
...      !..back to Butcherblock Mtns, to PoK, to Steamfont Mtns using Ak'Anon PoK Stone, to Ak'Anon+,   Lyrestringer 
... Steamfont Mtns., to PoK, to Greater Faydark, to Northern Felwithe+,                       Tissleplay 
... Greater Faydark, to Kelethin-----+, back to PoK, done with first section.                 Idia/Webdancer 
...      ...From PoK to North Qeynos, to South Qeynos+,                                                  Marsinger (F) 
...      .!.to North Qeynos, to PoK, to Blightfire Moors, to Highpass Hold, to High Keep--++,            Goldtune 
            finishes the second (and shortest) section.  
            [RISKY : Back to Highpass Hold, to East Karana, to North Karana, to West Karana+,] (so i suggest a pause and deliver what we have) 
...      ...[PAUSE]Back to PoK, to North Qeynos, to South Qeynos-,                                       Marsinger (F) 
...      ...[PAUSE]Back to PoK, to West Freeport, to East Freeport--,                                    Starbright/2st 
10/18(0) if [PAUSE] 
...      ...Back to PoK, to North Qeynos, to West Karana+,                                               Two Notes 
... Qeynos Hills, to Surefall Glade+,                                                         Lutewhisper 
            [RISKY : to Qeynos Hills, to Blackburrow, to Everfrost Peaks, to Halas+,]                       
...      !..Back to PoK, to Everfrost Peaks, to Halas+,                                                  Stringsinger 
...      ...back to Everfrost, to PoK, to Toxxulia Forest using the Erudin PoK Stone, to Erudin+,        Lorestring 
... Erud's Crossing, to South Qeynos-----, (only 4 if [PAUSE] done earlier)                   Marsinger (M) 
            to North Qeynos, to PoK, finishes the third section.  
14/18(0) if [PAUSE] 
...      ...Go to the Feerrott+ using the Oggok PoK Stone,                                               Tunesinger 
... Innothule Swamp+,                                                                         Deathsinger 
...      !..back to PoK thru the Feerott, to Misty Thicket using the Rivervale Stone, then Rivervale+,   Songsmith 
            [VERY RISKY : then Kithicor Forest, then Commonlands, to Nektulos Forest+, ] 
...      ...back to PoK thru the Feerott, to Nektulos Forest+,                                           Two Tone 
...      ...back to Commonlands, to West Freeport, to East Freeport------, (only 4 if [PAUSE] earlier)   Starbright 
            back to West Freeport, to PoK,  
... Guild Lobby, to Sunrise Hills.  
...      ...Pick up your new Titles from Postmaster Aric! (spam hail) 
...      ...Hail, Lysric Loresinger (receive parsel npc, heavy, put it in bank asap) 
...      ...ask Pagus about his brother: You say, 'Tell me about your brother' (receive cough tonic) 
collector quest 
... north Qeynos 
...      ...enter south qeynos thru middle zone, find white house southward, go upstairs to see vicus on his bed 
...      ...con vicus, is he at least indifferent? (if not give 100 bone chips to roaming Lashun Novashine in north qeynos) 
...      ...hail vicus, click [cough] (do not click the others words [help] or [collection], give cough tonic first) 
...      ...give Pagus' cough tonic 
... [help with collection] 
...      ...receive tax collection box 
... [list] 
...      ...receive list 
            optional : (in Qeynos Hills, loc 1400, 300) 
            Mira Sayer (/say tax, /say crying also) (CAN BE BYPASSED, so just ignore her if you know her dialogues) 
return to north qeynos thru nw zone (con roaming Moodoro Finharn for safety, he dislikes necromancers) : 
...      ...Flynn Merrington (NW corner Crows Pub and casino) (/say did you steal Mira Sayer's taxes? click [gnoll...) 
...      ...Sneed Galliway (Find) (/say tax) 
in south qeynos /say tax to : 
...      ...Ton Firepride (Find)   
...      ...Marr Sedder (Find) 
...      ...Nesiff Tallaherd (Find) 
...      ...Fhara Semhart (Find 
...      ...Tasya Huntlan (Find) 
...      ...Captain Rohand (Find) 
...      ...Fish Ranamer (Find) 
...      ...Voleen Tassen (Find) 
...      ...combine coins in tax collection box 
...      ...give full tax collection box and list to vicus (receive random money/jewel) 
            (oddly he seems to be standing up all the time on his bed only when I approach him with all coins... fishy!) 
To Pok then neighborhood     
...      ...Hail Pagus Nonad (receive figurine and shield) 
...      ...Hail Lysric Loresinger (receive 20 slots 100% WR bag) 
...      ...put parsel npc (if not done already), figurine and shield in bank 
printable roadmap for 20 slots WR 100% quest
# Nov 15 2013 at 7:12 AM Rating: Decent
more precise first 3 steps :

bRgmeSWrcsnM +:take -:deliver 
...      ...Get to Sunrise Hills by going through the Guild Lobby.  (any neighborhood zone is ok) 
...      .../say you have sisters? to Lysric Loresinger 
...      .../say challenge to Postmaster Aric even if he s singing 
printable roadmap for 20 slots WR 100% quest
# Apr 26 2020 at 4:45 AM Rating: Excellent
186 posts
This is formatted as if it is some kind of script.

Is there a program or something that takes this as input?
Completed No Faction issues.
# Mar 14 2013 at 2:23 AM Rating: Decent
82 posts
Did the whole arc no one looked at me twice.

Halfling Rogue
smurf smurf
# May 13 2012 at 10:13 PM Rating: Decent
I just did all of the postmaters challenge, only to find out that another quest, required for Nonad Brothers here requires AMIABLE FACTION IN QEYNOS
Don't waste your time if you're an iksar, dark elf, etc.

Edited, May 13th 2012 9:15pm by Fleven
smurf smurf
# Oct 06 2012 at 4:23 PM Rating: Decent
124 posts
Nonad Brothers can be done by someone else. items are not no trade. My barb was apprehensively.

Edited, Oct 6th 2012 6:25pm by Pegas
smurf smurf
# Aug 29 2012 at 10:31 AM Rating: Good
1,344 posts
I have completed this quest with a Ogre SK, so anyone can do it.
Alliance Artisan Demonicspawn Dealerofdeath, Scoundrel of the Oathbreakers
Ogre Shadow Knight
Tunare - The Seventh Hammer

Ascending Angels on Beta
smurf smurf
# Jun 14 2012 at 1:12 PM Rating: Decent
770 posts
Get yourself Puppet Strings and charm Vicus and Flynn. Had no problem doing this as a KoS Iksar. No faction work required.
Alternatively, the ten tax payments, the collection box, and the debtor list for the Taxes quest -- none of it is NoTrade.

Edited, Jun 14th 2012 2:21pm by Tobynn
smurf smurf
# Nov 19 2012 at 8:49 PM Rating: Decent
50 posts
I also want to add that I did this without Amiable faction in Qeynos, and had zero problems doing everything with one character. I did the full tax collection quest with Indifferent faction to the merchants, and I only had Dubious faction with Flynn when I got Sayer's Tax Payment from him. I'm sure some people assume they cannot complete the quest because Flynn might tell you to "go back to the sewer" when you hail him, but you can still say the proper lines to him ("Did you steal Mira Sayer's taxes?" and then "I am a gnoll loving weakling who isn't fit to comb your feet") and you will get the taxes.

Edit: I also wanted to add that Vicus was also Indifferent to me when I accepted and finished the Taxes quest. I also used no illusions, charms, or anything else to boost faction.

Edited, Nov 19th 2012 9:54pm by Haywud
Takes some time...
# Mar 26 2012 at 7:58 AM Rating: Decent
I completed this quest along with the necessary sub-quests yesterday. It took me somewhere between 4 and 5 hours to complete everything just to give you an ideal. I could probably do it a little faster now that I know where all of the NPC's are. I am a warrior with an AA Run speed of 3 and I used all PoK ports for traveling. Never had SoW and didn't get any help from druid / wizard portals.

It is also very nostalgic... 99% of the sub-quests take place in all original EQ zones. I am a returning F2P player and a lot of good memories came to mind last night while running through the zones.

So if you want an awesome bag and a chance to wander through some of those old zones, this quest is for you!!

Edited, Mar 26th 2012 10:00am by Beelwin
After Quest
# Dec 10 2011 at 7:04 PM Rating: Decent
247 posts
Once you done the tax collection and returned to Sunrise, you MUST speak to Pagus once again and he wil reward you with a Miniture Action Lashun. Once you have that you then speak to Lysric Loresinger for your bag.. Missing Pagus will have Lysric not complete the quest.
After Quest
# Dec 10 2011 at 7:08 PM Rating: Excellent
6,998 posts
alanray wrote:
Once you done the tax collection and returned to Sunrise, you MUST speak to Pagus once again and he wil reward you with a Miniture Action Lashun. Once you have that you then speak to Lysric Loresinger for your bag.. Missing Pagus will have Lysric not complete the quest.

What dialogues do you see?
After Quest
# Dec 01 2022 at 5:29 AM Rating: Decent
88 posts
I have never seen this version of my usual one, Visage of the Daft Trickster, for which you get the rewards mentioned here, plus a fun illusion:
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