The Growing Threat  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Alaran Language:81
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Loot
  • Money
Time Limit:06:00:00
Success Lockout Timer: 06:00:00
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Veil of Alaris
Group Size:Group
Min. # of Players:3
Max. # of Players:12
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Wed Nov 30 02:18:54 2011
Modified: Sat Feb 8 15:50:13 2020
Veil of Alaris Information & Guides: An Overview | Group Progression & Task List | Raid Progression | Visible Armor

NOTE: This is the quest entry for the group version of "The Growing Threat". See this quest entry for the raid version.

Obtaining the Task

This is a mini raid (3-12 players) that begins with "a shade" on the center island in the Pillars of Alra (20, 40, 667). Note: This NPC is only visible if you've done all of the task's pre-requisites.

Pre-requisites for requesting the task:
- Completion of "The First Pilgrimage"
- Completion of "The Word of Melretia"
- Completion of "The Word of Anriella"
- Completion of "The Word of Fal`Kaa"
- Completion of "The Word of Erion"
- Completion of "Crisis of Faith"
- Completion of "The Truth"
- 81 Skill Level in Alaran Language

You say, 'Hail, a shade'

a shade nods in response but remains transfixed on the shrine, 'Returning already, _____? We welcome all who return to seek the [truth]. Though perhaps you are ready to help us deal with a [growing threat]?'...The shade hesitates before continuing, '...Though it pains me to ask, I must also know if you are willing to undergo a [final trial].'

You say, 'What growing threat?'

a shade says, in Alaran, 'Thanks to your efforts in freeing our fallen kin, we have learned more of the wards' plan to raise the great one. The upper caste is now bolstering their ranks in an effort to bring about a day of reckoning. We must turn to you again to [resolve] this issue and disallow these twisted corrupters from gaining the uncontrollable power of Alra...'

You say, 'We can resolve this'

a shade says, in Alaran, 'We are once again indebted to you, seekers. Inform me when you are [ready] and I shall lift the veil of illusions that blinds you from the truth of this place.'

You have been assigned the task 'The Growing Threat'.

The devout shade has called upon you once again to help quell a growing threat. The four wards of the Pillars are aiming to resurrect Alra under their influence for some malicious purpose. Inform the shade that you are 'ready' to assist.

Task Steps & Summary

Let the devout shade know when you are 'ready' 0/1 (Pillars of Alra)
Speak with the shade 0/1 (Pillars of Alra)
Attempt to disrupt the Pillar of Light 0/1 (Pillars of Alra)
Attempt to disrupt the Pillar of the Arcane 0/1 (Pillars of Alra)
Attempt to disrupt the Pillar of the Black 0/1 (Pillars of Alra)
Attempt to disrupt the Pillar of Nature 0/1 (Pillars of Alra)
Battle against the combined spirit of the wards 0/1 (Pillars of Alra)
Claim your reward from the reliquary of the fallen 0/1 (Pillars of Alra)

After hailing the shade inside the instance, the four "Attempt to disrupt..." steps open up. Pick a pillar and approach its blind dreamer statue on the center island. This will port you into the pillar and start a five-minute timer.

These steps will automatically update after five minutes (regardless of whether or not you beat it). The consequence for not beating a pillar, however, is that the final named will be stronger.

The most common "strategy" is to send in an FD class to sit in each pillar for five minutes to update those steps, and then to deal with a very strong final encounter. Actually beating the pillars (making for a much easier final encounter) will require a well-rounded mini-raid.

Zoning In

Let the devout shade know when you are 'ready' 0/1 (Pillars of Alra)

You say, 'Ready!'

a shade says, in Alaran, 'Very well.'

You have entered Pillars of Alra.

The Shade

Speak with the shade 0/1 (Pillars of Alra)

Task Window Says: Now that you are once again free from the deceptive visions of this place, speak to the shade and find out how you will be able to stop the efforts of the wards.

You say, 'Hail, a shade'

a shade remains still, transfixed upon the barren shrine... What feels like an eternity passes before the shade utters its reply, '...Our greatest fears have come to pass. The Wards have begun exerting their power in an effort to wake the great one. I must call upon you seekers to [end this], to restore peace to our divided land... If you are unwilling or unable, you may still [leave]...'

You say, 'End this?'

a shade nods, still staring at the barren shrine, 'The enthusiasm of your people is inspiring, but I must warn you that the battle will not be easily won. Each Ward aims to cleanse the land of all outsiders and awaken Alra under their own influence. To defeat them, you will need to strike at the heart of each Pillar simultaneously. When you are [ready] I will have my allies weaken the barrier that protects each Pillar from entry. You will have only a few minutes to weaken their forces...'

You say, 'We are ready'

a shade calls out to its allies, 'These seekers aim to stop the Wards. It is time we lower the barrier.' The shade kneels before the barren shrine of Alra. The wandering apparitions begin chanting in a low monotone. The shade addresses you, 'Stand under the influence of the Pillar you intend to assault. Though we are able to disrupt their barrier, the wards will not allow more than a few of you to breach their defenses. Prepare yourself, seeker...'

The apparitions' chanting grows louder. The once still night air grows warm and restless. The spires begin to hum with renewed life...

The Pillars resonate with a unified voice, 'Minions, the harbingers of Discord have returned. Ready yourselves for their invasion. We shall not fall again this day!'

The ground trembles as the apparitions raise their eyes to the sky and shout in a unified voice! The stoic shade yells, 'The barrier is broken, is it time we put an end to the tyranny of the Wards!'

Task Window Says: Each of the four wards is focusing their power within their Pillar. The shades are able to weaken the barrier keeping intruders out, but only for a short period of time. Gather your forces together and disrupt the remaining Pillars...

Stand under the spire of light to attack Erion's forces.

Stand under the spire of the arcane to attack Melretia's forces.

Stand under the spire of shadow to attack Fal`Kaa's forces.

Stand under the spire of nature to attack Anriella's forces.

Pillar Timers

NOTE: Each pillar has a five-minute timer. As it ticks down, you'll see these emotes:

The devout shade calls out through the valley, 'Seekers, you have three minutes remaining before the ward rids its Pillar of your presence.'

The devout shade looks up from the barren shrine and shouts, 'Seekers, the power of the wards is growing. You have only two minutes left.'

Drinal continues to climb the night sky. The shade is silent, yet you feel you have only one minute left.

And in the event the timer runs out, you see:

A booming voice echoes throughout the valley. The sound is guttural and its expression rings of untamed aggression, 'Enough of this! Begone from my domain, harbingers!'

Your mind is freed from the Pillar of _____'s grasp. (at which point you're ported out and your task updates)


Attempt to disrupt the Pillar of Light 0/1 (Pillars of Alra)

NOTE: As pets are susceptible to this pillar's emotes, it is strongly recommended you suspend all pets before entering.

Approach the Light spire:

The island resonates with power as your forces gather under the Pillar of Light. You have five minutes to disrupt Erion's forces!

You are transported into the Pillar of Light.

The Pillar of Light seems to be drawing power from the Herald and Harbinger. They must be slain in order to stop Erion.

What you'll see upon port-in: The Herald of Erion and The Harbinger of Erion on either side of the room.

What to do: Engage the two nameds. Anyone who gets the debuff "Corrupted Reflections of Light" on them must stand under the "(Vulnerable)" named and get a single-target corruption cure. Properly curing these debuffs will unlock the two nameds' health. You'll want to kill adds as they spawn. The two nameds must be killed in order to beat this pillar.

The Herald and Harbinger are both permanently rooted. Both flurry. Neither rampage.

DPS both nameds down to 90% at which point their health will lock. You'll see an emote like this when their health locks (appears in text only):

The Herald of Erion focuses its power and defends itself with a barrier of uncorrupted purity.

Shortly into the fight, one of the nameds will become vulnerable (the word "(Vulnerable)" appears beside its name). This isn't known to affect their susceptibility to melee damage; however, it's important for curing yourself and progressing the event.

Every 35 seconds, you'll see this emote (flashes up on screen and in text):

Rays of light shine upon _____, _____ and _____.

When you see the above emote, two people (named in the emote) will get the debuff "Pure Reflections of Light" and one person will get the debuff "Corrupted Reflections of Light". Both spells have 10 corruption counters. ONLY the "Corrupted Reflections of Light" spell should be cured. Do NOT cure the "Pure Reflections of Light" debuff.

Before the inflicted target asks for a cure, they should move to the location of the named with the word "(Vulnerable)" beside its name. Curing oneself of "Corrupted Reflections of Light" while standing under the "(Vulnerable)" named will trigger this emote...

The Harbinger of Erion staggers and looks weaker as corruption eats at its skin. It redoubles its effort to kill you by passing its vulnerability to the Herald.

...and unlock that named's health to the next level. NOTE: Health locks occur at 90%, 45%, and 18%. You'll need six proper cures to make the nameds beatable (three for each named). Each cure causes the "(Vulnerable)" tag to switch to the opposite mob.

As you are on a five-minute timer and mob health locks are directly tied into cures, failure to properly and timely cure yourselves will result in an unbeaten pillar.

While all of this is going on, you'll get single add spawns called "a blinding fragment of light":

a blinding fragment of light hovers menacingly toward _____.

You'll get a total of two adds: The first, about a minute into the event. The second, about a minute after the previous spawn. These proc a blind spell on their target.

Kill the two nameds to beat the pillar:

The Harbinger of Erion has been slain by _____!
The Harbinger of Erion disintegrates into pure light.
Your faction standing with Paragons of Purity got worse.
Your faction standing with Purity of Alra got better.

The Herald of Erion has been slain by _____!
The Herald of Erion disintegrates into pure light.
Your faction standing with Paragons of Purity got worse.
Your faction standing with Purity of Alra got better.

The voice of Erion Ulrich, the Archon of Light, pierces through the air, 'How could this have happened!? Miserable corruptors! Do not think you have won this fight! You shall be purified by the cleansing light of Alra!'


Attempt to disrupt the Pillar of the Arcane 0/1 (Pillars of Alra)

Approach the Arcane spire:

You stand in the power of the Pillar of the Arcane.

The island resonates with power as your forces gather under the Pillar of the Arcane. You have five minutes to disrupt Melretia's forces!

The Pillar of the Arcane seems to be drawing its power from the coalescence of mana. Shattering the crystallized mana will put a stop to Melretia, though the constructors will aim to stop you.

What you'll see upon port-in: A large crystal called "an unstable coalescence" at the port-in location; a lone gargoyle ("an animate constructor") in the center of the room.

What to do: The goal here is to pull gargoyles one at a time to the coalescence's location and mez them; charm the Alaran; and nuke the coalescence. The coalescence must be destroyed in order to beat this pillar.

Shortly after you port into the pillar, the "an animate constructor" attacks (these are rootable, but not snareable):

an animate constructor moves to defend the coalescence.

This gargoyle needs to be positioned next to the coalescence and mezzed. While mezzed, the gargoyle takes a large amount of damage per tick. Upon its death, two more gargoyles spawn. Upon their deaths, three more spawn. Upon their deaths, four more spawn. All gargoyles have to be handled in the same manner: Single-pull them to the coalescence and keep them mezzed until they die.

The gargoyles cannot be kept mezzed if they are close to each other. If you allow gargoyles to get close to a mezzed mob, you'll see this emote (and any gargoyles in the vicinity are awakened):

The Animate Constructors react violently to each other and have been awakened!

As you kill the gargoyles via mez, you'll see this:

an animate constructor died.
an animate constructor spasms violently then vanishes.

an unstable coalescence cracks, looking slightly more fragile as the constructors die.

The more gargoyles you kill, the more the coalescence can be damaged.

While this is going on, a non-aggro Alaran called "an Arcward of Melretia" wanders around the room. This mob must be kept charmed. If left alone, it will regenerate the gargoyles and possibly the coalescence.

Upon destroying the coalescence:

an unstable coalescence has been slain by _____!
an unstable coalescence shatters into jagged shards.

an Arcward of Melretia died.
an Arcward of Melretia wretches forth what appears to be brain-matter before falling to the ground, dead.

The voice of Melretia Relward, The Arbiter of the Arcane, calls out through the valley, '...Unexpected... I dare say, nearly impressive. You prove to be a more vicious thorn in our side than originally anticipated... Though it is ultimately no matter, even with this small loss, the power of the Arcane shall give rise to the great one!'


Attempt to disrupt the Pillar of the Black 0/1 (Pillars of Alra)

Approach the Black spire:

You stand in the power of the Pillar of the Black.

The island resonates with power as your forces gather under the Pillar of the Black. You have five minutes to disrupt Fal`Kaa's forces!

You are transported into the Pillar of the Black.

The Pillar of the Black seems to be channeling its power through the lone shade standing in the center of the room. You must eliminate the shade to put a stop to Fal`Kaa.

What you'll see upon port-in: A lone mob, "The Shade of Temperance" stands on the other side of the room.

What to do: Engage the named, follow emotes, kill the three add sets. The Shade of Temperance and adds must be killed in order to beat this pillar.

The Shade of Temperance hits for a max ~18,000 (no flurry; no rampage; no spells other than its emote-based effects). You'll have several emotes to follow.

Emote (seen by everyone): The Shade of Temperance glares angrily at _____ as it draws strength from your disorganization.
Means: Its target needs more aggro (or has too much aggro, depending on who's tanking): The tank should have about 30% more aggro than everyone else on its hate list.

Emote (seen by everyone): Shadowy tendrils reach out for _____. The Shade of Temperance beckons them to draw closer.
Emote (seen by target): The Shade of Temperance beckons you to draw near!
Means: Move within the Shade's melee range.

Emote (seen by everyone): Coalescing darkness swirls around the room and encircles _____. The Shade of Temperance prepares to banish the intruder.
Emote (seen by target): The Shade of Temperance glares at you. You should move away!
Means: Run away from the Shade.
Success Emote (seen by everyone): _____ has avoided The Shade of Temperance's banishment.

Emote (seen by everyone): A darkened shadow looms over _____'s head.
Emote (seen by target): A halo of darkness circles over your head. You should duck!
Means: Duck.
Success Emote (seen by target): ???

Emote (seen by everyone): The ever-present eyes of Pain and Suffering turn their focus toward _____. Associate with them at your own peril!
Emote (seen by target): You feel the cold stare of Pain and Suffering upon your soul. You must escape or prepare to absorb its punishment!
Means: If you have a fade spell/ability, use it; or move away from everyone else.

Failure to follow emotes will result in large damage spells, possible death touches, and named regeneration. If you follow them properly, you will see success emotes indicating when it's safe to resume your role.

Over the course of this fight (at 90%, 45%, and 20% health), you'll get add waves. Each wave consists of 1x "an impervious shade" and 1x "a reborn shadow". The reborn shadow should be tanked and melee'd to death. The impervious shade should be kited to death. As you kite the shade, you'll see this emote:

an impervious shade spasms violently as it trudges through the hall.

Kill The Shade of Temperance and the adds to beat this pillar:

The Shade of Temperance has been slain by _____!
The Shade of Temperance fades into the shadows.
Your faction standing with Paragons of Shadows got worse.
Your faction standing with Shades of Alra got better.

The voice of Fal`Kaa Karathra, The Sovereign of Shadow, breaks the stillness of the night air, 'Curious, I did not expect such tenacity from you outsiders. You are not unlike the ones who drove us here, riders of discord, purveyors of chaos and destruction... Alra shall stop you...'


Attempt to disrupt the Pillar of Nature 0/1 (Pillars of Alra)

Approach the Nature spire:

The island resonates with power as your forces gather under the Pillar of Nature. You have five minutes to disrupt Anriella's forces!

You are transported into the Pillar of Nature.

The Pillar of Nature seems to be channeling its power through the great Treant. You will need to eliminate the verdant lifetenders in order to disrupt Anriella's focus.

What you'll see upon port-in: "The Focus of Anriella", a large treant, on the other side of the room; 2x "a verdant lifetender" next to it; 2-3x "a naeya syr`vitral" in the halls outside the room.

What to do: Kill all the small treants as they spawn and kill the Focus of Anriella. All treants (adds and named) must be killed in order to beat this pillar.

The Focus of Anriella is located in the back of the room. It is permanently rooted and non-aggro. It is susceptible to all forms of damage, but takes extra damage from damage-over-time spells.

Every 30 seconds for the entire time in this pillar, the Focus casts debuffs on six random targets. There are four debuffs in total:

- Diseased Leaves (3 disease counters; if cured, triggers "Root Rot")
- Diseased Leaves (3 disease counters; if NOT cured, triggers "Root Rot")
- Poisonous Leaves (3 poison counters; if cured, triggers "Root Rot")
- Poisonous Leaves (3 poison counters; if NOT cured, triggers "Root Rot")

"Root Rot" turns you into a tree, perma-roots you, and silences you for 8 ticks.

How to tell the debuffs apart: If you get a debuff that needs to be cured, you'll see the emote "You feel diseased" or "You feel poisoned" flash up on your screen and in text. There is no such emote for the debuff that should NOT be cured. If you don't see either of these emotes, do NOT cure the debuff on you.

After you port in to the pillar, 2x "a verdant lifetender" charge you. These hit for a max ~9,000 and AE rampage. Upon their deaths, more of them spawn. You'll have to kill a total of 10 (?) to make the Focus of Anriella killable. The lifetenders stop spawning once you reach this kill total.

You'll also have several mobs called "okiina kindling" appear in the room and aggro upon port-in. While it's not necessary to kill the kindlings, you can use them to help you kill the liftenders. If you use fire nukes on the kindlings, you'll see this emote:

okiina kindling's appears to be catching fire.

If you use enough fire on them, the kindlings do an AE that damages the lifetenders. This isn't necessary if you have enough regular DPS to kill all the lifetenders. Alternatively, you can just keep the kindlings kited.

The final mob type in this pillar is "a naeya syr`vitral". There are 2-3 of these in the hallways extending from the main room. You don't have to aggro them (although you may get one via social aggro). It's not necessary to kill these either; however, they are animals and can be charmed for extra DPS. They hit quite hard while charmed.

The Focus of Anriella has been slain by _____!
The Focus of Anriella breaks apart into a heap of lifeless leaves and bark.

The voice of Anriella Fawnwalker, The Caretaker of Nature, cries out to its minions, 'Frightening times lie ahead of us! The harbingers of chaos, disorder and destruction aim to crush all life that stands in front of them! We must make haste to seek the guidance of the great one!'

The Final Encounter

Battle against the combined spirit of the wards 0/1 (Pillars of Alra)

After finishing the fourth pillar, everyone will find themselves back on the center island. After a series of emotes, the final named (Vsariard, the Precursor) appears and kills all the shades in the area:

A worried voice cries out over the din of battle, 'My comrades! These harbingers are proving to be a greater threat than anticipated. We must move forward with our plan sooner than later!'

The once radiating spires now grow dim, looking lifeless without the infusion of the Pillars. The small statues overlooking the gravesite crumble to dust.

You hear a unified voice, harmonious in both meter and pitch. Its words are carefully chosen and eloquently spoken, 'It is time... Through Alra we shall be reborn. Your struggle here will be fruitless. All you have done, all those you have killed and pillaged will be forgotten. The enslavement of these pathetic shades is eternal! If we fall, we shall live again, we are beyond death... Harbingers, all you have conquered and overcome will be swept away in the passing sands of time. Prepare to join your fallen allies in forgotten servitude!'

The sky darkens as the once harmonious voice cries out in perverted dissonance! The amalgamated essence of the wards takes form in the skies above.

Anriella Fawnwalker places its hand over its chest and slowly burrows its fingers into its own ribcage. As Anriella's corpse seizes and falls to the ground an eruption of verdant light spills from its mortal wound into the construct.

Melretia Relward focuses its power inward and explodes in a shower of eerie blue light which envelops the construct.

The wards of purity and darkness nod in unison as they focus their power and exchange mortal blows that feed the growing construct.

The newly empowered amalgamation hovers down and looks upon the nameless ghosts.

A friendly voice calls out, 'We shall keep this foul perversion at bay for as long as we are tied to this plane. Prepare yourselves should we fall!'

The devout shade motions to speak but is thrown backwards before any words escape its ethereal form. A friendly voice calls out, addressing you, 'Seekers! For all you have done, we owe you our afterlives. We shall keep this foul perversion at bay for as long as we are tied to this plane! Prepare yourselves should we fall!'

Vsariard casts the final shade into oblivion and now sets its sights on you!

At its worst (if you've failed all four pillars), it hits for a max ~28,000 (possibly higher unmitigated; does not flurry or rampage); has approximately 10 million hitpoints; and casts a 76k AE ("Soulpart") every 35 seconds.

Prior to being engaged, he also buffs himself with a damage absorption buff, a 300-point melee damage shield, and a 3000-point spell damage shield.

These effects and abilities are significantly lessened if you've beaten some or all pillars. If you've beaten no pillar at all, you'll want to kill him as quickly as possible due to the area mana drain combined with the large AEs.

You'll see these emotes, each related to his abilities based on how well you did with each pillar:

Vsariard begins directing debilitating shadows in an effort to turn the tide of battle.

Vsariard channels the power of Erion and conjures a glowing sentry stone.

Vsariard focuses the blessings of Anriella and glows with a verdant light.

As it lowers in health, you see:

The disembodied voices of the four wards call out to you in dissonant rage, 'Harbingers!? Seekers!? Pillagers! What do you expect to accomplish here? You will never free these peons. You are simply opening yourselves to the unavoidable grasp of death! Should our revelation fall we will be reborn through the immortality of Alra...'

Upon its death:

Vsariard, the Precursor has been slain by _____!
Vsariard, the Precursor's corpse falls over, dead.

The wards speak in four familiar, distinct and contrasting voices, 'Look now, harbingers. Look upon that which you would throw away your lives to pillage.'

A crumbling statue lies where the once pristine base stood. Upon every facet of the statue you see brightly glowing runes. Its appearance resembles the broken stone tablet that you recovered so long ago...

The disembodied voices of the wards ring through the air as their physical remains deteriorate into pillars of mana, 'Your victory here is meaningless, harbingers. It shall be expunged from the memories of both the living and dead. We are eternal...'

The voices continue but are stopped short by the voice of the lone shade, 'Seekers... Take what you have earned and continue on from here. There is much for you to do beyond these lands. Though the wards will be reborn, so shall my kin. The dead are never far from their home...'

Completion & Loot

Claim your reward from the reliquary of the fallen 0/1 (Pillars of Alra)

The shade nods, a solemn look of admiration on its ethereal visage. Though the rebirth of the corrupted wards is a troubling truth, you feel you have completed an admirable deed today... Perhaps in time the 'eternal' power of the enslavers will be worn down and the faith-blinded followers will be set free...

The shade will send you away if you say you wish to "leave":

You say, 'Hail, a shade'

a shade nods, 'I thank you, seeker. Though the cycle continues, your victory today is not without meaning. The gradual progress toward freedom, the release of any of my fallen kin, the power you have gained this day... Tell me when you are ready to [leave] and return to that grand deception.'

You say, 'I wish to leave'

a shade says, in Alaran, 'Very well.' The shade reaches out and motions your eyelids closed. The sound of flowing wind fills your ears as you awaken from these visions.'

300 platinum
Elatarki's Diary - Four Cornered

Possible Chest Loot (1 Item + 1 Cantrip Per Task)

Bloodclaw Staff
Cacophonic Shard
Covetous Shard of Crystallized Light
Finalizer, the Record Master's Assistant
Forked Tongue of the Polyglot
Horrifying Shoulderguard of Eldanum
Purified Collar of the Harvester
Signet of the Record Master
Spike-Covered Cloak of Agility
Toneless-Hollowed Drum

Greater Alaran Cantrip
Glowing Alaran Cantrip
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Bloodclaw Staff
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Can also drop Cacophonic Shard from chest.
Event Details
# Dec 12 2011 at 7:40 PM Rating: Decent
A few notes on this event:

1) Use a FD class to enter the four pillars in order.
-- Pillar #1: Start with the black statue. Once ported in you will have to follow emotes. There are four varieties with the following triggers:

[*]The Shade of Temperance beckons you to draw near!
On this emote just move within range of the Shade. Easiest is to run close enough to get hit then feather back steps until you are out of melee range.
[*]The Shade of Temperance glares at you. You should move away!
Not sure on the range here, but running to where you port in at is safe.
[*]A halo of darkness circles over your head. You should duck!
[*]You feel the cold stare of Pain and Suffering upon your soul. You must escape or prepare to absorb its punishment!

Of these, the only one that is a concern is the "escape" emote. To-date we haven't really figured out how or what you are supposed to do here, but what has been done to-date is to jump through the portal and then run quickly to zone back into black before the mission fails. Unfortunately, you will get hit by a 70K DD when you jump through the portal. It IS possible to harmshield/BDA/EC through the 70K DD. Do black first as if you fail here you can immediately restart the event rather than having cleared the other 3 pillars THEN fail.

-- Pillars #2-#4: It really doesnt matter which statue you click next, I usually did green -> blue -> white. In green as long as you dont move after zoning in, the mobs in the room wont aggro you. However, you will get hit by an AE a few times that gives you 2 debuffs - poisonous leaves and diseased leaves. Each buff has 3 buff counters (1 poison, 1 disease) and each buff lasts 20 seconds. If you don't cure these debuffs, on fade they will trigger root rot which turns you into a tree, inhibits melee, spell casting, etc. etc. However, it really doesn't matter in this event, just take eat the debuffs and hang out for 5 minutes. In the Blue statue after you zone in you immediately have to FD. The mobs blue WILL aggro you if you dont FD. There are no AE's to worry about in blue or white.

2) After the 4 pillars are completed (failed) there will be a bunch of emotes/text and the named, "Vsariard, the Precursor", will float down from the center and begin smacking the shades down. After he kills all the shades, he goes "live" and may be killed.

3) Immediately after he goes live, the named will triple cast 3 buffs - Verdant Absorption, Verdant Resonance, and Verdant Spikes. The first buff is a melee mitigation, the second is a spell mitigation and the 3rd is a DS. All of these buffs are broken after a certain number of melee hits/spell hits.

4) Exactly 35 seconds after initial aggro, the named will cast Soulpart. If all 4 pillars are failed, Soulpart is an unresistable 77k DD that hits everyone on the mobs hatelist. Runes, spell mitigation, DI will all help to deflect this nasty DD.

5) Every 40 seconds after his inital cast of Soulpart, the named will recast the DD until the raid wipes - which is usually only once or twice more at most.

6) Miscellaneous notes: In the black pillar, if you do engage the named he will spawn 2 adds at 70-80% health. One add is immune to magic ("an impervious shade"), and one is not ("A reborn shadow"). There is a massive mana drain in the zone. There are large totems that are floating around the island you are standing on- as long as you are facing towards one of the statues/pillars you block LoS with the totems and it is a non issue. The named has between 8.5 and 9.0 million hps but will heal if left up too long.

Fight strat: The fight strat, as we have learned, is pretty dang simple. Use a CLR to DI everyone in the raid then zerg the named with massive DPS before he blows you up with his DD. The raid has approxiately 74 seconds total to kill this mob (35s until first DD + 40s until 2nd DD = 75s before corpses become littered on the floor). The first 20-30 seconds of the fight will be spent purely dpsing against his self buffs until they are removed. Other than healing the main tank, healing individual group members is really not a huge issue. Assuming a) people in your raid all either have more than 70k hps or b) each person has DI, as long as you can kill the mob before the second DD group healing isn't a big concern. What is of concern is that you need to disproportionately weight your 12 man raid towards DPS classes. Again, you have 74 seconds to win this event or die.

Max Players
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The maximun number of players for this is 12 not 6.
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