Systematic Oppression  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:95
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Experience
Success Lockout Timer: 06:00:00
Quest Items:
Related Creatures:
Era:Veil of Alaris
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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This is a solo task that starts with Falthen Berros in Sarith. He's found in a building at location -115, -340, -2 (enter the city from the front gate and head east: Falthen is in the middle building on the south side of that stretch of buildings that leads towards the dock).

Pre-requisites for requesting the task:
- No tasks
- 70 Skill Level in Alaran

You say, 'Hail, Falthen Berros'

Falthen Berros says, in Alaran, 'Greetings! Come on in. We have rooms available, if you are looking for a place to stay. If you want [information], well, I can help you out there too. I hope you don't run into any [trouble] out there. Oh, and if you need me to hold onto your things, just ask! I have a lockbox for customers and travelers alike.'

You say, 'What information?'

Falthen Berros says, in Alaran, 'Certainly, my friend. Just ask about [Sarith] or anyone in town, and I'll tell you what I know.'

You say, 'Tell me about Sarith'

Falthen Berros says, in Alaran, 'The wonderful city state of Sarith, exporting the treasures of the ocean, friend to tourists and travelers from Erillion and Argath alike. Or, that's how it used to be. Our little ocean paradise was stripped from us not too long ago when [Vyers], [Archon Eries], and the rest of the [Orator]'s Erillion forces took our city. I hope one day to see it return to its former glory, and the City of Bronze become a trading partner instead of an invading force once again.'

You say, 'Who is Vyers?'

Falthen Berros says, in Alaran, 'High Priest Vyers. The vessel of [Oseka], the cause of trouble in all the ocean with that Prexus fellow, and the occupier of my city along with that horrid [Archon Eries]. High Priest Vyers controls the Archon, and through ali the Orator's City of Bronze soldiers in Sarith. I don't have much good to say about ali, but I can tell you a secret. Before all this divine vessel business, Vyers Rinad was a sea-faring explorer, treasure hunter, and part-time pirate. I knew ali back then. I never thought al'd turn into a monster like this, though.'

You say, 'What about Oseka?'

Falthen Berros says, in Alaran, 'Oseka is the God of the Tides and watches over the ocean, and [Sarith]. Or so the legends say. [High Priest Vyers] claims to be a vessel for Oseka, and commands powerful magical powers. Seen that structure out in the ocean? That's the Temple to Oseka, Rubak Oseka. There is a god-like creature I've heard called Prexus attacking Rubak Oseka and Oseka's Chosen creatures, the Hadal, at that location. I'd stay out of the ocean.'

You say, 'Archon Eries?'

Falthen Berros says, in Alaran, 'A fearsome, terrifying Archon serving under [High Priest Vyers] under the [Orator]'s orders. Al is one of the greatest warriors from the City of Bronze. Just alis gaze drives my blood cold. That's the look of someone who long ago got used to killing.'

You say, 'The Orator?'

Falthen Berros says, in Alaran, 'The Orator, the reason for the current state of [Sarith]. Out of Erillion, the City of Bronze, the Orator and alis high priests, including [High Priest Vyers] who led the attack here, have started conquering land, capturing and killing people. I can't say for sure what this is all about, but I've heard rumors about something regarding the old gods. A clash of the gods, maybe? Not something a normal, respectable businessman like myself wants to get involved in. I'm more focused on [Sarith] at the moment.'

You say, 'What about this trouble?'

Falthen Berros says, in Alaran, 'A lot of people in Sarith nowadays have nothing but problems, _____. Say, you can handle yourself pretty well, or so I hear. Would you mind helping out a few of my friends? Something to think about. I can definitely find a way to scrape together a reward for you. Just chat me up if you're interested.'

You have been assigned the task 'Systematic Oppression'.

Falthen Berros has asked you to help the citizens of Sarith facing oppression from the City of Bronze occupiers.

Converse with Falthen Berros 0/1 (Sarith)

You say, 'Hail, Falthen Berros'

Falthen Berros says, in Alaran, 'I appreciate your willingness to help with this. I know this isn't your city, and these people aren't your problem, but if you could find it in your heart to help us, it'd mean a lot. The invasion may be over, but our suffering surely isn't. I've been hearing a few tales of people who could use a hand. I'll gladly pay you what I can. Tayron, a local fisherman, has his family threatened by a few City of Bronze thugs who they accidently bumped into. Stires, a trader, is missing a few family heirlooms. Weken, a cartographer, is missing alir sibling. If you could maybe just talk to them, and see if you could do something?'

This opens up the three "Talk to..." steps below. Talking with the given NPCs opens up small side quests with them (the remaining steps, separated in sections below).

Talk to Fisherman Tayron in the residential area 0/1 (Sarith)

Fisherman Tayron is found in the south-central part of the zone at -695, 130, -22.

You say, 'Hail, Fisherman Tayron'

Fisherman Tayron says, in Alaran, 'Sorry, I can't really talk right now, I have to think of a plan. Hm? Oh, you talked to Falthen? It's worse now. They are holding my family captive, and are demanding money I do not have! I don't know what I'm going to do now. Oh, if someone would just save them!'

Defeat the hostage takers at Tayron's residence 0/2 (Sarith)

The hostage takers can be found inside the nearby building.

Talk to the freed hostages 0/1 (Sarith)

a hostage family member says, in Alaran, 'Thank you so much! You saved us!'

Return to Fisherman Tayron 0/1 (Sarith)

You say, 'Hail, Fisherman Tayron'

Fisherman Tayron says, in Alaran, 'Bless you, you have no idea how happy I am now! I'm going home right away. Thank you, thank you!'

Talk to Merchant Stires at the tavern 0/1 (Sarith)

Merchant Stires is found in a building in the central part of the city (-290, -160, -4).

You say, 'Hail, Merchant Stires'

Merchant Stires says, in Alaran, 'My story? I may be alive, but I've lost everything I've worked my entire life for. Worse, all my family heirlooms are missing. Those are all that I have left of my parents. And now they were looted, stolen, and confiscated! Could you retrieve them? You should find them in the residential area, either taken by accident, or looted by City of Bronze thugs and kept in occupied houses.'

Collect Merchant Stires' heirlooms from the houses in the southwest section of the city 0/2 (Sarith)

These spawn on tables inside the buildings around the hostage taker's area.

Return the heirlooms to Merchant Stires 0/1 (Sarith)

Talk to Cartographer Weken at the inn 0/1 (Sarith)

Cartographer Weken is found in the same room as Falthen.

You say, 'Hail, Cartographer Weken'

Cartographer Weken says, in Alaran, 'I could use a drink. My sibling is missing. Reqin. I lost track of ali during the attack. I'll never forgive myself. I've checked everywhere that I can think of inside the city. I don't know what I'll do if I find ali and al has passed away.'

Locate Cartographer Weken's missing sibling Reqin 0/1 (Sarith)

Reqin is located outside the city gates, far west from the front gate at location 290, 700, -3.

You say, 'Hail, Reqin'

Reqin says, in Alaran, 'Who are you? Leave me alone! Oh, Weken sent you? What does al want? I'm busy hiding from the City of Bronze. I'm way too scared to go back inside. You can tell ali I'm okay, though.'

Return to Cartographer Weken 0/1 (Sarith)

You say, 'Hail, Cartographer Weken'

Cartographer Weken says, in Alaran, 'I'm so glad to hear al is alive! Hiding outside the city, you say? Well, it may have been safer at the time! I think I will go tell ali it is time to come home, though.'

Inform Falthen that you've taken care of the citizens 0/1 (Sarith)

You say, 'Hail, Falthen Berros'

Falthen Berros says, in Alaran, 'It warms my heart to see you help those people. _____, you are alright in my book. You are welcome anytime.'

You've saved a number of innocent Sarith citizens, and earned the gratitude of the city.

246 platinum
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Defeat the hostage takers at Tayron's residence 0/3 (Sarith)

should read

Defeat the hostage takers at Tayron's residence 0/2 (Sarith)
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my quest says same thing as Nitig 2 not 3
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