VOA Rank III Level 91 Spells: Minor Alaran Periapt  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:95
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Spell
Quest Items:
Related Creatures:
Era:Veil of Alaris
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Veil of Alaris Information & Guides: An Overview | Group Progression & Task List | Raid Progression | Visible Armor

You can find The Sklyg in Beasts' Domain. He's down the steps from Argath, within the confines of the gates at about 540, 1150, 10.

NOTE: In order to obtain Level 91 Rank III spells, your Alaran language skill must be at least 25. (Note: In time, this requirement will be lowered.)

You say, 'Hail, The Sklyg'

Jheron Welson says 'Some say that his voice can only be heard by wolves, and that his hair is illegal in five different cities. All we know is he's called the Sklyg.'

A task window pops up with five tasks to choose from.

You have been assigned the task 'Minor Alaran Periapt'.

Hand in a Minor Alaran Periapt and choose what you would like as a reward. Abilities that are already scribed will not be shown to you.

Deliver 1 Minor Alaran Periapt to The Sklyg 0/1 (Beasts' Domain)

On turning in a periapt, you get your choice out of all your Level 91 spells or tomes. (You can also get your Periapt back back by choosing it as a reward.)

Available Rewards

NOTE: Each line listed below represents one reward; some spells are rewarded together.


Song: Aria of Impeccability Rk. III
Song: Aria of the Orator Rk. III
Song: Lullaby of the Forlorn Rk. III
Song: Pulse of Lunanyn Rk. III
Song: Thunderous Barrier Rk. III
Song: Wasinai's Chant of Disease Rk. III; Song: Silence of the Windsong Rk. III


Scroll: Binaesa Blood Rk. III
Scroll: Focus of Klar Rk. III
Scroll: Mea's Aggression Rk. III; Scroll: Mea's Protection Rk. III
Scroll: Natural Collaboration Rk. III; Scroll: Salve of Yubai Rk. III
Tome of Bestial Rending Rk. III
Tome of Reprieve Rk. III


Tome of Conquering Frenzy Rk. III
Tome of Early Retaliation Rk. III
Tome of Reprieve Rk. III
Tome of Tendon Slash Rk. III


Scroll: Abolish the Undead Rk. III, Scroll: Yaulp XII Rk. III
Scroll: Amnesty Rk. III; Scroll: Vow of Veneration Rk. III
Scroll: Assuage Rk. III; Scroll: Unity of the Triumvirate Rk. III
Scroll: Aweburst Rk. III; Scroll: Infusion of the Faithful Rk. III
Scroll: Faithful Remedy Rk. III
Scroll: Word of Recuperation Rk. III


Scroll: Beast's Behest Rk. III
Scroll: Crashing Hail Rk. III; Scroll: Vinespur Rk. III
Scroll: Grip of Ro Rk. III; Scroll: Blazing Sunray Rk. III
Scroll: Heliacal Flare Rk. III; Scroll: Fawnwalker's Breeze Rk. III
Scroll: Nature's Tranquility Rk. III; Scroll: Cyclone of the Stormborn Rk. III
Scroll: Spirit of the Indomitable Rk. III


Scroll: Chromatic Flash Rk. III; Scroll: Seronvall's Animation Rk. III
Scroll: Misleading Flash Rk. III
Scroll: Rune of Tonmek Rk. III; Scroll: Arcanaward's Rune Rk. III
Scroll: Shield of Bronze Rk. III
Scroll: Slivered Consciousness Rk. III
Scroll: Speed of Aransir Rk. III


Scroll: Bolt of Molten Steel Rk. III
Scroll: Burnout X Rk. III
Scroll: Burst of Sand Rk. III
Scroll: Embercoat Rk. III
Scroll: Maloseneta Rk. III
Scroll: Shield of Bronze Rk. III


Tome of Reprieve Rk. III
Tome of Veiled Apparition Rk. III
Tome of Veilwalker's Synergy Rk. III


Scroll: Bleed Essence Rk. III
Scroll: Decaying Venin Rk. III (please upload to Lucy)
Scroll: Dusternacht Orb Rk. III; Scroll: Grip of Zargo Rk. III
Scroll: Hyboram's Swift Venom Rk. III
Scroll: Shield of Bronze Rk. III; Scroll: Quivering Veil of Fal`Kaa Rk. III
Scroll: Ulork's Decay Rk. III


Tome of Reprieve Rk. III
Scroll: Zealous Purity Rk. III; Scroll: Mollify Rk. III
Scroll: Zealous Touch Rk. III
Scroll: Zealous Force Rk. III
Scroll: Purify Rk. III; Scroll: Paean Rk. III
Scroll: Mark of Ragan Rk. II; Scroll: Abolish the Undead Rk. III


Scroll: Announced Shots Rk. III
Scroll: Drifting Veil Rk. III; Veil of Alaris Rk. III
Scroll: Grasping Nettlecoat Rk. III; Shield of Bramblespikes Rk. III
Scroll: Purespring Rk. III
Scroll: Vespid Swarm Rk. III
Tome of Reprieve Rk. III


Tome of Accost Rk. III
Tome of Blinding Gleam Rk. III
Tome of Reprieve Rk. III
Tome of Simple Mark Rk. III


Scroll: Bond of Korum Rk. III
Scroll: Ghoul Skin Rk. III
Scroll: Korum's Bite Rk. III
Scroll: Sholothian Horror Rk. III
Scroll: Terror of Desalin Rk. III
Tome of Reprieve Rk. III


Scroll: Breath of Silbar Rk. III
Scroll: Hiqork's Spear of Venom Rk. III
Scroll: Spirit of the Indomitable Rk. III
Scroll: Talisman of the Lion Rk. III
Scroll: Unfettered Growth Rk. III
Scroll: Unity of Kolos Rk. III


Tome of Armor of Mystical Runes Rk. III
Tome of Grendlaen Roar Rk. III
Tome of Reprieve Rk. III


Scroll: Shield of Bronze Rk. III
Scroll: Aegis of Alra Rk. III, Scroll: Flame Vortex Rk. III
Scroll: Concussive Barrage Rk. III, Scroll: Katelanama Rk. III
Scroll: Blazing Beam Rk. III, Scroll: Tears of Daevan Rk. III
Scroll: Frigid Lure Rk. III
Scroll: Wildspark Barrage Rk. III
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Wizard Spells Rk. III including grouped ones
# Feb 02 2012 at 3:25 PM Rating: Excellent
30 posts
Wizard spells for 91:

Shield of Bronze Rk. III
Aegis of Alra Rk. III, Flame Vortex Rk. III
Concussive Barrage Rk. III, Katelanama Rk. III
Blazing Beam Rk. III, Tears of Daevan Rk. III
Frigid Lure Rk. III
Wildspark Barrage Rk. III
Decaying Venin rk III
# Jan 26 2012 at 12:57 PM Rating: Good
104 posts
The list of linked rewards is missing this spell
# Jan 22 2012 at 10:05 PM Rating: Good
244 posts
for the Ranger turn in the periapt and u get the options as follows:

-minor alaran periapt
-reprieve RK.III
-Announced hots RK. III
-Drifting Veil RK. III, Veil of Alaris RK.III
-Purespring RK.III
-Vespid Swarm RK.III
-Grasping Nettlecoat RK.III, Shield of Bramblespikes RK.III

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Mulila Forestwarden
110th season RANGER

aaror-95th lvl cleric
tahnorma-110th lvl shammy
kutekittie 93rd lvl beastlord
darkmulila 81st lvl necromancer
and a few other classes like druid, enchanter, magician, and rogue
Torvonnilous forever =)

"never turn down a good fight and always help friends in need =)"
No RKIII's for me?
# Jan 18 2012 at 10:27 PM Rating: Decent
My Alaran language is 54 and he won't list rkiii spell tasks, only the rkii tasks....what's up
Enchanter Level 91 Spell List
# Jan 04 2012 at 11:13 AM Rating: Excellent
2,453 posts
  • Shield of Bronze Rk. III
  • Misleading Flash Rk. III
  • Chromatic Flash Rk. III; Seronvall's Animation Rk. III
  • Slivered Consciousness Rk. III
  • Rune of Tonmek Rk. III; Arcanaward's Rune Rk. III
  • Speed of Aransir Rk. III

Magician Rk3's
# Dec 23 2011 at 11:03 AM Rating: Decent
15 posts
1 - Shield of Bronze RK. III
2 - Burnout X RK. III
3 - Embercoat Rk. III
4 - Burst of Sand Rk. III
5 - Maloseneta Rk. III
6 - Bolt of Molten Steel Rk. III
Rebellion Outfitter Chits?
# Nov 30 2011 at 4:10 PM Rating: Default
Riallion Cassand (Rebellion Outfitter) npc loc 67.85 -818.28 -4.12 sarithcity sells Median Lesser and Minor Alaran Periapt for 24 Rebellion Chits.
The Hummingbird: It stands for immortality. Or sometimes the Sun. Hummingbird is seen by some as a messenger of love and joy. It symbolises energy, wonder and swift action. It is associated with the Ghost Spirit native American religion which teaches a dance that is intended to return the natural balance of the world. thanks to wiki answers.
Cleric Spell turn in
# Nov 15 2011 at 10:14 PM Rating: Good
12 posts
1. Abolish the undead RkIII, Yaulp XII RkIII
2. Word of Recuperation RkIII
3. Assuage RkIII, Unity of Triumvirate RkIII
4. Amnesty RkIII, Vow of Veneration RkIII
5. Aweburst RkIII, Infusion of the Faithful RkIII
6. Faithful Remedy RkIII
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