VOA Pre-Launch: An Overview  

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Maximum Level:95
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Guide
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
  • Lore
Quest Items:
Related Creatures:
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Era:House of Thule
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Sat Oct 1 23:00:22 2011
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NOTE: As the Veil of Alaris expansion is now live, all tasks listed here have gone inactive.

This is an overview of pre-launch tasks leading up to the Veil of Alaris expansion and will be updated as events change.

Pre-Launch events are expected to run from October 1, 2011, through to November 14, 2011.

Events emanate out of a work site in the southeastern part of the Steamfont Mountains and are expected to take place in stages, with most tasks only being available for a matter of days as the work site progresses.


Hobbs is a gnome found at location -1210, -1375. He offers 11 tasks, each requiring you to turn in a number of Work Vouchers that you receive as you do the event tasks (listed in the sections below):

- Veilbreaker Souvenir (20 Vouchers)
- Heavy Lifting Device (60 Vouchers)
- Veilbreaker Escape Module (60 Vouchers)
- Airship in a Bottle (25 Vouchers)
- Veilbreaker Executive Escape Device (70 Vouchers)
- Fantastic Animal Pelt (1 Voucher)
- Fantastic Silk (1 Voucher)
- Osmium Ore (1 Voucher)
- Fantastic Marrow (10 Vouchers)
- Fantastic Spinneret Fluid (10 Vouchers)
- Shimmering Loam (10 Vouchers)

List of Reward Tasks:
- Fabulous Prize! - Veilbreaker Souvenir
- Fabulous Prize! - Heavy Lifting Device
- Fabulous Prize! - Veilbreaker Escape Module
- Fabulous Prize! - Ship in a Bottle
- Fabulous Prize! - Veilbreaker Executive Escape Device
- Fabulous Prize! - Fantastic Animal Pelt
- Fabulous Prize! - Fantastic Silk
- Fabulous Prize! - Osmium Ore
- Fabulous Prize! - Fantastic Marrow
- Fabulous Prize! - Fantastic Spinneret Fluid
- Fabulous Prize! - Shimmering Loam


All starting NPCs were found in the vicinity of the work site in the southeastern part of the Steamfont Mountains.

There are no active tasks.


This is a list of tasks that are no longer active.

October 1 - November 14

From Genda Minyte:
- Smells Like Ick

From Chief Foreman Salli
- Food for the Workers
- Checking the Plans
- Oil for the Machine

From Watchman Beld:
- Furry Foes
- Belligerent Bones

From Phiz Frugrin:
- Dark Skies

October 1 - October 6

From Chief Wood Engineer Gilanspring:
- Dockbuilding - the Posts
- Dockbuilding - the Planks

October 7 - October 11

From Chief Wood Engineer Gilanspring:
- Scaffolding - Wide Planks
- Scaffolding - Wide Posts
- Scaffolding - Sturdy Rope

October 12 - October 17

From Chief Wood Engineer Gilanspring:
- Blimp Frame - Curved Wooden Beams

From Chief Engineer Dougal:
- Blimp Frame - Copper Plating

From Chief Smelting Engineer Whistle:
- Blimp Frame - Curved Steel Beams
- Blimp Frame - Bolts, Lots of Bolts
- Blimp Frame - Nuts!

October 18 - October 22

From Chief Wood Engineer Gilanspring:
- Gondola Frame - Bamboo Beams
- Gondola Frame - Stringers

From Chief Smelting Engineer Whistle:
- Gondola Frame - Keel

October 23 - October 27

From Chief Textile Engineer Treddle:
- Gondola Envelope - Ropes
- Gondola Envelope - Textile

From Chief Engineer Dougal:
- Gondola Envelope - Base and Exhaust

October 28 - November 1

From Chief Textile Engineer Treddle:
- Gondola Hull - Waterproofing

From Chief Wood Engineer Gilanspring:
- Gondola Hull - Hull Planking
- Gondola Hull - Hull Caulking

November 2 - November 6

From Chief Smelting Engineer Whistle:
- Steam Engine - Fuel

November 2 - November 10

From Chief Engineer Dougal:
- Steam Engine - Pristine Oil

From Chief Smelting Engineer Whistle:
- Steam Engine - Simple Oil

November 2 - November 14

From Mechanic Elroy Gearstripper:
- Group Mission: Engine Trouble

November 7 - November 10

From Chief Wood Engineer Gilanspring:
- Guidance Systems - Wheel

From Chief Smelting Engineer Whistle:
- Guidance Systems - Cables
- Guidance Systems - Front Fin

November 11 - November 14

From Chief Engineer Dougal:
- Ballast and Ornamentation - Really Big Gear
- Ballast and Ornamentation - Copper Railing

From Chief Smelting Engineer Whistle:
- Ballast and Ornamentation - Mystical Ballast


There are several hints as to what's going on in Steamfont:

From a message at EQLive:

Deep in the valleys of the Steamfont Mountains the Gnomes are preparing perhaps their most ambitious endeavor to date, the construction of a massive airship. Does this have anything to do with the Emissary of Brell? Where do the Gnomes plan to travel? Has the King of Ak'Anon contrived some plan of his own? Journey to the land of the Gnomes and investigate their enterprise. Perhaps you could lend a hand, as the gnomish people have been known on occasion to be generous to those who assist them.

Go forth and find the answer to this gnomish enigma! Seek the Chief Engineers for revelations on the future of Norrath!

The Chiefs

Chief Engineer Dougal has a word about things:

You say, 'Hail, Chief Engineer Dougal'

Chief Engineer Dougal says 'Hello. Pretty busy here, you know. Big [project] and all that. What can I do for you?'

You say, 'What's this project?'

Chief Engineer Dougal says 'I'm sure you've heard. We're building an immense rigid airship. It will be a masterpiece when we're done. It will be a dream come true for most of us. Despite the [danger] that prompted this project, we're all very excited about it. This is the sort of amazing project that comes along once in a lifetime, if that. All of Ak'Anon is working to make this project happen. Are you [interested] in helping?'

You say, 'What danger?'

Chief Engineer Dougal says 'Ah, that. Most people want to know about that. I don't know that much. Just that there is some danger and we will need to travel to a faraway place to find and defeat it. You know, the usual thing. If you really need to know more, [Olim] knows a lot more than I do. He told it all to me, but I have to admit that I didn't listen much past the point where he mentioned making a huge airship.'

You say, 'Olim?'

Chief Engineer Dougal says 'Olim is a Telmira, sent to us directly by Brell. He's the one that let us know of the danger. Lucky fellow, that Olim. He gets to work directly with the Duke of Bellow. It makes me jealous of the dead some times.'

If you offer help to the non-active Chiefs around the area:

Chief Smelting Engineer Whistle says 'I don't have anything right at this moment, but please check back later. There is a lot going on here, and I'm sure something will come up.'

The Workers

If you hail the gnome workers around the area:

a worker says 'When this is over, I'd like to be the first one to fly in it! Though, I bet they won't let me. After all, I do suffer from severe motion sickness.'

an engineer says 'Hi! Isn't it great to be working on a project for Brell himself? I'm almost giddy about it!'

a worker says 'Hello! Isn't it wonderful to be alive in these great times! I'll be able to brag to my grandchildren that I worked on this project.'

a worker says 'Hail. I'd really like to chat, but I've got stuff to do. Lots of stuff to do.'

a foreman says 'Hello there. If you're looking for work you should talk to one of our chief engineers. They have certain had enough work for the rest of us, no doubt they could spare some for you too.'

The Emissary

An emissary of Brell Serilis has arrived in the Steamfont Mountains -- a telmiran known as "Olim, Underfoot Emissary" can be found near the entrance to Ak'Anon:

You say, 'Hail, Olim, Underfoot Emissary'

Olim, Underfoot Emissary says 'Hello upworlder. I hope you are well. I have been sent to you by Brell to inspire your leaders and heroes to explore a lost land. I explained to him that his word was enough inspiration for any creature. It seems that things are going well, and I thank you for any assistance you can lend. Speak with the engineers at the site, for they are organizing the efforts.'

And once you've completed a task:

You say, 'Hail, Olim, Underfoot Emissary'

Olim, Underfoot Emissary says 'Hello _____. I understand that you have been helping with the project. This pleases me. I still have in my mind the memory of the day I was sent here and the conversation that I was allowed to hear. I believe that it was meant that you upworlders, those that have proven themselves, are meant to know what happened as well. If you have interest, I can show you [what transpired].'

You say, 'Show me what has transpired'

Olim, Underfoot Emissary says 'As you wish. Let me give you those memories.'

Olim, Underfoot Emissary says 'The goddess of life, Mother of All spoke with the soft voice of a summer breeze. 'We are all worried. Some are near panic, which manifests in them in terrible ways. Never before has any of us died. Some seek to take a direct approach, forcing open the barrier to the continent and confronting the new foe directly. Most are taking a wait and see approach, expecting the forces already deployed to be enough to deal with any problems.''

Olim, Underfoot Emissary says 'The two gods, hoary old Brell and the lovely young Tunare looked concerned. Brell's voice sounded softer than usual, likely due to the presence of the life goddess. 'Neither of us is interested in getting directly involved in this. I certainly am not. I have my own realm to run, and I trust my creations to do what they need to do. But my realm is now open to the mortals, so I must get involved in some way if only to provide safety for the Underfoot. I think we are in agreement, the best hope of defeating any foe are the mortals we have created. They have proven to be adept at killing powerful beings, including us.'

Olim, Underfoot Emissary says ''The easiest way to get them to go there', said Brell, 'is to tell them not to go.''

Olim, Underfoot Emissary says 'Smiling, Tunare responded, 'True. But perhaps in this case we should deal with them more openly. I know that this has not been the method of the gods in the past, but times are different. We should simply ask them. Surely a simple suggestion will motivate them.''

Olim, Underfoot Emissary says 'Brell let out a deep chuckle. Smiling he said, 'For my gnomes all I have to do is point. They are so much like me, yet so different. They will climb any hill that they think might not have any footprints on it. Yes, I can get them to the hidden land easily enough. And where they go, others will surely follow.''

Olim, Underfoot Emissary says ''It is good to have you with us again, Brell. You might have preferred to remain hidden away in your realm, but you were missed.''

Olim, Underfoot Emissary says 'And so Brell sent me to Ak'Anon to speak to the king. The king organized his engineers and gave them a command to build an airship that could reach this hidden continent. A small portion of the city's coffers have been given to this band of engineers, and they have begun construction of a flying ship based on the one built by Meldrath.'

Olim, Underfoot Emissary says 'Brell explained to me that it is his desire that people go and assist the other gods on the hidden continent. I offer no reward for doing so, and warn that death is the most likely consequence for taking up this task. Brell's faith in us, his creations, is substantial, and for that reason alone I hope you find it worthwhile to try to fulfill that desire for him.'

The Ancient Text

Translated, the Ancient Text reads:

I never saw anything so big, beautiful and terrifying. The invaders of our original planet were just horrifying. The great beasts of the beasts domain are tiny in comparison. But this being from our new home was just spectacular.

It flew in on great wings, larger than a mansion. Red iridescent scales blazed in the sunlight. They covered its body, starting from its long tail, over its strong, muscular body, across its long neck, and up over its huge fanged head to the tip of its snout. Fire billowed from its mouth as it raked over the buildings. Magic pulsed around it and slammed into the ground and the figures running from it. Its fearsome intelligence was used to great effect as it chose the best target to destroy.

But in the end it was chased away and we were saved by the power of the Spirit of Tides and a few blind dreamers.

If they had not brought such destruction, I would so love to live to see one again. But the Veil closes in.
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You can still get the reward
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You can still turn in Work Vouchers to him and get the rewards.
i hope so
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I sure hope so ... i have several work vouchers to spend.
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A friend of mine was asking if Hobbs was going to be available after Veil of Alaris goes live. Does anyone know?
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He's still near the Veil Airship docks and gives the reward tasks.


PS: Happy New Year :)
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