Only The Blind Will See (Level 55)  

Quest Started By:Description:
This Quest is Seasonal
Maximum Level:60
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:House of Thule
Group Size:Group
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Thu Aug 18 15:04:41 2011
Modified: Sat Feb 8 15:50:13 2020
This task was available in August 2011 in the lead-up to the Veil of Alaris expansion release.

It will be available in September 2014 for an unspecified amount of time as part of "Stone Cold Summer" tasks and a mission.

NOTE: There are multiple versions of this task. Which one you get depends on your level.

This is a shared task (1-6 players) that begins with Arima Fae (click for map image), located near 890, -230 (far north-central boundary of the zone -- due north of the northernmost curve in the path).

Note: You can use Meeka Gharn in the Plane of Knowledge (next to the Main Bank at approximately 410, 465, -124) to port directly to Arima Fae.

You say, 'Hail, Meeka Gharn'

Meeka Gharn says 'Greetings adventurer! I am wondering if you could [help].'

You say, 'Help?'

Meeka Gharn says 'My associate Arima Fae is in danger. He is being sought by the leader of a guild of thieves who calls himself Ven Baga. Arima received a book from Baga thought to lead to many treasures, if it could be deciphered. This was months ago, and now Baga grows impatient and believes Arima is trying to take the treasure for himself. Arima has sent me here to find someone who can help him. He has hired mercenaries for his personal protection, but he needs someone who is capable enough to do some outside work. If you are interested, you will find him in Misty Thicket.'

You have entered The Misty Thicket.

You say, 'Hail, Arima Fae'

Arima Fae says 'You must have been sent by Meeka! Excellent! I have been having trouble finding the clues necessary to decipher this blasted Tome. It doesn't help that Ven Baga and his men are searching for me and making it difficult to travel. Will you [help] me?'

You say, 'I will help.'

Arima Fae says 'Excellent! I'll make sure you are handsomely rewarded for your efforts. Should we find anything, I will gladly cut you in on whatever we find. Now, to the [business] at hand.'

You say, 'Business?'

Arima Fae says 'I am certain that this Tome is related to the [statues] that have been appearing in Norrath. I will need you to track down and find these statues and see what clues you can get from them. I would go myself, but I suspect that Baga will no doubt think the same thing and be waiting for me. But you? I am sure you can handle a couple of low-rent thugs. Will you [do this] for me?'

You say, 'I will do this.'

Arima Fae says 'Your help is much appreciated! '

You have been assigned the task 'Only The Blind Will See [55]'.

Arima is looking for information about unusual statues that have been appearing throughout Norrath. He has asked for your help in investigating them.

Arima Fae sends you to Gulf of Gunthak to speak to Whimbly Cottonbottom. He is located outside the lighthouse near the Drogmor pen.

You say, 'Hail, Whimbly Cottonbottom'

Whimbly Cottonbottom says 'Statue... statue... oh, yes, I remember one. I was working on the Maiden's Voyage when I saw it. We were near that Firiona Vie place, rowing about in the small boat trying to find something that captain needed, I don't know what. I saw this ugly statue, so I threw my bottle of Kalish at it. I'm pretty sure I hit it. I wasn't going on shore to get a closer look, no matter what the captain said. You see, I don't like grass. Hate the way it tickles my feet. You'll have to go look for it.'

Your task 'Only The Blind Will See' has been updated.

Whimbly Cottonbottom sends you to Firiona Vie to find the statue, which may be found at -1420, 2380, -64.

You look up at the statue of some ancient Iksar, noticing the smashed Kalish bottle at its feet. This is certainly the statue Whimbly was talking about, and is just as certainly not the statue that you seek.

Your task 'Only The Blind Will See' has been updated.

You say, 'Hail, Arima Fae'

Arima Fae says 'Well, that's unfortunate, but expected. I've been following hundreds of false leads. I've got another one for you. I've heard that one of the Irontoe brothers, or cousins, or whatever, has been talking about strange statues to one of the many barkeeps that they visit. I need you to go and talk to one of those barkeeps and see if you can find out which Irontoe it was and what they might have said.'

Your task 'Only The Blind Will See' has been updated.

Arima Fae sends you to Erud's Crossing to speak to Renna, who is located in a hut to the right near the dock the translocator puts you on in Erud's Crossing.

You say, 'Hail, Renna'

Renna says 'Sure, various Irontoes come in here, they visit just about anyone that sells mead. I've never heard them talk about statues, though. I did get some folks in here a little while ago asking about statues, though. I didn't have any answers for them, and they were a bit rude to me. I wouldn't mind if you asked them about the statues and were rude to them in kind. They headed out west from here.'

Your task 'Only The Blind Will See' has been updated.

Three ambushing thieves spawn around -1450, 1230, 100. West of Renna, up the hill.

More details needed from here. We need all task stages and descriptions, dialogues, quest items, quest mobs, fight information, list of rewards.
Submitted by: Merf
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Hard hitting thieves
# Sep 03 2019 at 5:54 PM Rating: Decent
57 posts
Jeez, I took on the three ambushing thieves solo, a level 59 rogue, with a cleric healer. All three conned light blue, and showed as level 52. It took them about 20 seconds to wipe both me and the cleric out. I had my blades poisoned, and poison hits of 2400 hp only knocked the one I was engaged with down by 1%. They were hitting for anywhere between 450-500 hp every time they hit. I'll go back with a small group or wait until I'm at least a half dozen levels higher.
defeated the ambushing thieves
# Sep 11 2014 at 1:13 PM Rating: Decent
21 posts
I brought a level 78 druid with an A5 healing merc, and it was a long battle.

my lvl 55 died as soon as the thieves spawned. after I killed one of the thieves while my lvl 55 was still dead, he did not get the quest update. thieves respawn as soon as they are killed, and hit me for a max of 661. I respawned my lvl 55 and ran him back to the crossing and made sure to do at least some damage to each of the thieves and got the task updates after that.

After third thief was killed, I received a message stating
"You find a noet on one of the thugs you defeated"

and a "Crinkled Note" appeared in my inventory

the note reads
"Find Arima Fae, the high-elf depicted in the included sketch. Find him and bring him to me. Remind him that he has a debt to repay. Feel free to take any steps necessary, as long as he is a live when he arrives. The first group to recover him will be rewarded. Ven"

task stage updated
"Give Arima the note you found" - Misty Thicket

Upon handing in the note, Arima says,
"Oh, I see you found some of Ven's bunch. I guess I may as well tell you what I can. You see, those thugs had an invaluable text that they could not read. I wanted that text because I think I can figure out how to read it, But to get it from them I had to tell them a small lie. I told them that the text would lead me to great treasure once I deciphered the language. Unfortunately it has taken longer than I expected to decipher the language. Not that there is any real treasure to be found, at least not for thugs like them. I wonder if we can use this to our [advantage].

you say "advantage"
Arima says "Yes. Yes! it sounds like they've been looking for me by seeking the statues that I've been looking for. I suspect that they have people all over waiting near possible statues. If they have found one of the statues I seek then maybe we can find out where it is from them! Go find my contact in Kithicor Forest. He'll know where they think they can ambush me. Get that information from him and then go there and find the statue! I am quite brilliant, I must admit"

task stage updated
"Question Thimble, Arima's contact in the rogue thieves guild" - Kithicor Forest

Thimble Thrasher is located inside a building near the Commanlands zoneline (loc 1107, -693)

you say "Hail Thimble Thrasher"
Thimble Thrasher says
"I can't take it anymore! Everyone pressuring me to find Arima, find some stupid statues. do everything or we'll kill you! Enough already! I give up. I'll tell you where Ven thinks the statue is. Anything to get you away from me!"

task stage updated
"Search for a mysterious statue" - The Feerott

The statue is located near Cazik-Thule Zoneline (loc -1032, 496)

when you near the statue you get the emote
"you find some lizard-like scales that appear to be grasped in the hand of the statue. Just as you pull the scales free, you are ambushed"
"Fractured Dragon Scales" appear on your cursor.

task stage updated
"Defeat Ambushing Thieves 0/3"

same fight as before in the Crossing

once defeated, task stage update
"Talk To arima Fae" - Misty Thicket

you say hail "Arima Fea"
Arima Fae says "You are back! And found a dragon scale? Hmmm... Take the scale to Loneq Vandrin in West Karana. He is a... dragonologist. He might be able to help us."

task stage updated
"Speak with Loneq Vardrin" - West Karana

He is located on the norther edge (loc 1349, -9645)

you say "Hail Loneq Vardrin"
Loneq Vardrin says "Arima sent ya did he? What does dat man want now?"

task stage updated
"Give the scale to Loneq"
Loneq Vardrin says "Ah... He constantly ridicules Loneq's work an' yet he sends ya ta Loneq for help? (sigh) I am only helpin' ye 'cause dis is easy. I am quite familiar wit dis scale. It belongs to a dragon named Mianoanoc. But I am not seein' how dat will help ya much. Mianoanoc does not like people much. But dat is Arima;s problem. Now git! And I will be keepin' dis scale too!"

task stage updated
"Talk to Arima Fae" - Misty Thicket

you say "hail Arima Fae"
Arima Fae says"Mianoanoc? I've heard the name. He is not a very sociable dragon, from what I hear. But he must know something if he has been messing around with that statue. Last I heard he was seen around Innothule Swamp. You must find him and find out what he knows. In fat, I have a spell that can send you straight to the swamp when you are [ready]. Oh, and you can offer him a cut of the treasure if that will help get the information from him."

task stage updated
"Convince Mianoanoc to tell you about the statue" - Innothule Swamp

you say "ready"

at this point you are transported to an instanced version of Innothule Swamp, where my Druid could not journey...

the dragon is jsut to the west of you. Shaman slow was partially successful.

the dragon hit me 4 times before I died
1839,1763,925, & 1687

according to other versions you need to get the dragon down to 20%.

Don't solo/merc under 55
# Sep 07 2014 at 8:11 PM Rating: Decent
20 posts
No mention here of how powerful the three ambushing thieves were, so I attempted the level 55 version solo with my tank merc. It's not like you get to choose which version you get. The three ambushing thieves (which are not in the bestiary) were yellow to my 51 necro, and promptly wasted my pet, me and had my merc to 20% before I could even get a look at the thieves. Bring lots of help or be 55 level. The write up above is right on, except that the ending encounter is tough.
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