Consigned Items from Tavid Dennant  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:90
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Era:Seeds of Destruction
Group Size:Solo
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Modified: Sat Aug 6 18:51:13 2011
Tavid Dennant is found outside the Guild Hall entrance in the lobby.

You say, 'Hail, Tavid Dennant'

Tavid Dennant says 'Well hello! What brings a _____ like you to a place like this? Me? I seem to have misplaced my scarf, I don't suppose you've seen it? Long, wool, colorful? I can't imagine where I might have left it. Speaking of misplaced things, I've got quite a number of who's its and what's its that I've picked up during my travels. You're welcome to take a look if you think you might find any of it useful. All except for this [watch] of course. I also have a limited amount of [items] that work with armor from beyond the void. These I will even give for free, but you must ask me for them.'

You say, 'Items?'

Tavid Dennant says 'I can offer you sixteen total [luminescent] culling vortices or [incandescent] culling vortices, sixteen polymorphic [cells], or sixteen total or any of the [molting] cells or polymorphic [cocoons]. The vortexes will remove a luminessence or incandessence from armor. A polymorphic cell will transform a luminessence to an incandessence or vise versa. Polymorphic cocoons and molting cells will use a luminessence or incandessence to empower armor. If you get something you do not wish, just give it back to me.'

Say "Luminescent" to receive a Consigned Luminescent Culling Vortex (removes an Incandessence from a piece of armor).

Say "Incandescent" to receive a Consigned Incandescent Culling Vortex (removes a Luminessence from a piece of armor).

Say "Cell" to receive a Consigned Temporal Polymorphic Cell (changes an Incandessence into a Luminessence, and vice versa).

Say "Molting" to receive a Consigned Temporal Molting Cell (functions as a regular Temporal Molting Cell? need confirmation).

Say "Cocoons" to receive a Consigned (Class)'s Polymorphic Cocoon (functions as a regular Polymorphic Cocoon? need confirmation).

Note you are limited to 16 free items from Tavid. Beyond that, you will have to see Zebuxoruk in The Void. (All "Consigned" items as above are available from Zebuxoruk and provide the same functions.) Also note that these are containers so you will need an open inventory slot to use one. If you ask for the wrong item or change your mind after getting an item you can hand it back to Tavid and get "credit."

Also, this NPC will hold onto Seeds of Destruction quest pieces for you to save you bank space, giving you a Chronobine in exchange. When you're ready to get the quest piece back, you give him a Chronobine.

N.B.: The Consigned XXX Culling Vortex (1-Slot) will not downgrade T5-T4 Essences. You must purchase the Culling Vortex from Zeb which is a 2-Slot container. You can combine 1 T5 or T4 essence + 1 Chronobine = A T4 or T3 essence. Coeval (T4 raid) essence can also be downgraded to Primeval (T3).
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