Somnium Event #6: The Cages of Testing  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:90
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Event
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Quest Items:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:House of Thule
Group Size:Raid
Min. # of Players:6
Max. # of Players:54
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Fri Jan 7 04:05:50 2011
Modified: Sat Feb 8 15:50:13 2020
This is the sixth event in the Sanctum Somnium raid expedition.

You can access the event area by clicking the door on the fifth floor of Morell's Tower.


- Say "begin" to Fabracata to trigger the event.
- Kill the first 8-10 mobs (spawned two at a time).
- Kill Calibo, Underlord of Dreams, while following his emotes.
- Kill Fabracata, Lord of Unreality, while fending off his adds.

Triggering the Event

Say "begin" to Fabracata to initiate the event.

You say, 'Hail, Fabracata'

Fabracata says 'What's this? Who are you? What are you doing here? I thought I'd been forgotten. Left here to ROT. What's that? A [prison] you say? I never said this was a prison...'

You say, 'Looks like a prison to me!'

Fabracata says 'Who said this was a prison? THIS is a nightmare. But who's nightmare? Who can [tell]?'

You say, 'Tell?'

Fabracata says 'I can tell there's something different about you though. Perhaps you are a [test]? Yes, yes.. that must be it. A test! But who is being tested, and who is testing?'

You say, 'Me, a test?'

Fabracata says 'Perhaps I am the test? Perhaps we are a test for each other? Do you know? What are you doing here again? Oh yes... a test! Shall we [begin]?'

You say, 'Let's begin'

Fabracata says 'Are you strong? You'd like to think so wouldn't you? We shall see just how strong you are. Now your nightmare comes to life! This is but your first test! We will talk again.. IF you survive!'

The First 8-10 Mobs

As soon as you trigger the event, two mobs spawn and auto-aggro. Kill these to spawn another set, and another, and another, until you've killed 8 mobs (you'll sometimes get a total of 10).

Note: If too much time passes as you're killing a set, the next set will spawn regardless of whether or not you've killed the previous one.

These mobs hit for a max ~13,000 and will be a random mix of:

a candied horror (casts "Gumdrop Barrage")
a horror hound (casts nothing)
a mindwarp nightmare (casts "Dreamwarp")
a most foul creature (casts "Gnashing Bite")
a ravenous vision (casts nothing)
a resolute tormentor (casts "Corporal Punishment")

Gumdrop Barrage: PB AE 25', Magic (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 7350
2: Knockback (5) and Toss Up (3)
3: SpinStun

Dreamwarp: Single Target, Magic (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 10000
2: Shadowstep

Gnashing Bite: Single Target, Magic (0)
1: Decrease HP when cast by 11500
2: Decrease Hitpoints by 3000 per tick (10 ticks)

Corporal Punishment: Single Target, Magic (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 8500
2: SpinStun

Each of these mobs drop two items: A Lens of Ire (aggro click) and a Phylactery of Dreams (charm click). The Lens of Ire should be looted by pure casters. It doesn't matter who loots the Phylacteries, however a mix of melee DPS classes and tank classes works well.

Once the last of the above mobs is dead or you use up too much time (whichever happens first), the next part of the event begins.

Calibo, the Underlord of Dreams

Fabracata, Lord of Unreality shouts, 'Hardly much of a test, don't you think? You only had to survive? True strength comes from more than just muscle and steel. You need to be strong between the ears!'

Fabracata, Lord of Unreality shouts, 'Wait.. Strong between the ears? That sounds silly... What I mean is, you need to be smart as well as just strong. Let's see how smart you are?'

Fabracata, Lord of Unreality shouts, 'Even my dogs can follow orders. Can you? We'll see... The penalty for failure is harsh!'

Fabracata, Lord of Unreality shouts, 'Let's see how you handle THIS!'

Calibo, Underlord of Dreams, a large puppet, spawns and auto-aggros. Calibo hits for a max ~23,000 (no flurry; no rampage). He has a few emotes which, if not followed, result in the death touch "Fist of the Gods":

Fist of the Gods: Single Target, Magic (-1000)
1: Feign Death
2: Decrease Hitpoints by 300000

One Emote:

Calibo raises his hands high, preparing to smash down upon you. You should hide between his legs.

Get under Calibo until you see this emote:

By darting between Calibo's legs, he has no way to strike you.

Another Emote:

Calibo summons a massive pie in his hand and looks to throw it in your direction. You should get as far away as possible.

Run away from Calibo and stay away until you see this emote:

You outdistance the reach of the pie, and it harmlessly falls to the floor with a PLOP, scattering filling and crust everywhere!

Another Emote:

Calibo, Underlord of Dreams casts his gaze at _____ and prepares to charge!

The target of this emote needs to run from Calibo and not allow him to catch up. If he catches his target, you'll see this emote (along with a single-target death touch):

Calibo, Underlord of Dreams slams into his target, inflicting massive damage!

Kill Calibo to progress the event.

Calibo, Underlord of Dreams has been slain by _____!

Fabracata, Lord of Unreality

After Calibo dies, you'll see this series of emotes:

Fabracata, Lord of Unreality shouts, 'You dance well, for a mortal. Like a puppet on a string!'

Fabracata, Lord of Unreality shouts, 'Perhaps it is time to test you myself? Yes, yes... I think that would be best.'

Fabracata, Lord of Unreality shouts, 'All that you once knew is gone. All that you believe to be true is false. Nothing before has prepared you for what you now face!'

Fabracata, Lord of Unreality shouts, 'Come forth now, fleshlings! Come forth and face your... WORST... NIGHTMARE!'

30 seconds after Calibo's death, "Fabracata, Lord of Unreality" spawns and attacks. He has several tricks...

His Melee Damage

To begin with, he hits for a max ~24,000. However, as the event goes on, he hits harder and harder with no upper limit. The exception to this is pure caster classes who he'll only hit for ~10,000 (or more, if the event goes on too long, but this number isn't known to get too high to handle).

Casters can use the Lens of Ire (dropped by the original event mobs) to help retain aggro on Fabracata.

The Apparitions

Four types of apparition adds can spawn in the event area. These seem to appear randomly 2-3 at a time about every minute. They don't hit hard (~4,500), but cast very disruptive AEs:

"a charming apparition" casts "Tugging Grasp" and is killed by charm spells (use the Phylactery clicks):

Tugging Grasp: PB AE 500', Magic (0)
1: Slow Push (-50)
2: Add effect: Grip of Pain

Grip of Pain: Single Target, Magic (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 8000

a charming apparition vanishes, having no idea what to do with itself.

"a fearsome apparition" casts "Fear of the Dark" and is killed by fear spells:

Fear of the Dark: PB AE 35', Magic (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 12000 per tick (1 tick)

"a stunning apparition" casts "Push and Shove" and is killed by stun spells:

Push and Shove: PB AE 500', Magic (0)
1: Slow Push (50)
2: Add effect: An Unseen Hand

An Unseen Hand: Single Target, Magic (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 8000
2: Knockback (3) and Toss Up (3)

a stunning apparition vanishes with a stunned look on its face.

"a troublesome apparition" casts "Annoying Poke" and is killed by snare spells:

Annoying Poke: Single Target, Magic (0)
1: Shadowstep
2: Decrease Hitpoints by 8500

a troublesome apparition stumbles and falls 2 feet to its own death

The Visages

You'll occasionally see this emote:

Fabracata, Lord of Unreality barks, 'The time has come to face your fears! Some of you may not survive! Away with you!'

At this time, 6-7 random people are ported into the surrounding cages. They'll have to kill a visage of themselves in order to port back out:

You have slain a familiar visage!
Fabracata howls with laughter, 'Facing one's own fear is never an easy task. Welcome back to the party!


Adds called "Lord DOUG" will appear (apparently randomly). These hit for a max ~16,000 and are rootable/snareable (but not mezzable or stunnable). These should be killed.

The Barrier

At a random point in the encounter, you'll see this emote:

The air crackles as Fabracata begins to cast Barrier of Insanity. You should run away!

Soon after this emote, Fabracata becomes permanently rooted (and remains this way for the rest of the event). In addition, an aura goes up around his melee range (and remains there for the rest of the event). If you step into this aura, you get hit with the spell "Barrier of Insanity":

Barrier of Insanity: PB AE 25', Unresistable (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 100000

You can avoid this aura by staying at his max melee range. Whoever's tanking Fabracata should summon-tank him and back out as soon as possible upon being summoned to his location as there is generally just enough time to do this before the aura affects you.

In some encounters, he'll only do the barrier emote once. Other times you fight him, he'll do the emote several times. Each time he emotes about the barrier, several armored guards spawn. These are a random mix of "a living insanity" and "an ageless horror" (you'll sometimes only get 2-3 mobs; other times you'll get 6-7 of them).

Living insanities hit for a max ~18,000 (immune to mez, root, stun, and charm) and should be killed.

Ageless horrors are charmable using the Phylactery clicks. While charmed, they hit for a max ~60,000. Provided you use the Phylactery click, the charm spell is permanent.

About 3 minutes after the barrier emote, Fabracata emotes again:

Fabracata, Lord of Unreality shakes the visions from his mind and shouts, 'Well now... that was a strange trip!'

At this point, the ageless horrors disappear (charmed or not). Any remaining living insanities, however, still need to be killed.

Completing the Event

Kill Fabracata to complete the event.

Fabracata, Lord of Unreality has been slain by _____!

All adds despawn and an ornate chest spawns in the center of the room.

Failure & Reset

The event has been previously known to not reset (if you wiped out, Fabracata would be hitting for billions of damage or more by the time you recovered), but this bug is reported to have been fixed. (How much idle time before it resets?)


Loot includes 2 Perspicuous Remnants (first list) + 2-3 other items (second list) + 4 Tangible Dream Fragments (any type) + 0-1 Lucid Globe of Phantasmic Power + 0-1 bonus item (third list):

Perspicuous Remnant of Desire
Perspicuous Remnant of Devotion
Perspicuous Remnant of Fear (most common)
Perspicuous Remnant of Greed
Perspicuous Remnant of Knowledge
Perspicuous Remnant of Survival
Perspicuous Remnant of Truth (see this armor guide for more information)

Hoop of Coalesced Imagination
Locket of Tormented Memories
Midnight Star
Nightmare Guise
Shadowlife Stud Earring
Signet of Calming Flow
Sleeper's Embrace
Unending Slumber
Wrap of Unreality

Dreamshadow Blade
Mask of Reverie
Shadow Heart Sash
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Dear Lord what a stupid fight... winning!
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But he makes great sushi!!
Reset bug has been fixed
# Oct 06 2011 at 9:43 PM Rating: Decent

The reset bug has been fixed, this statement in the article is no longer true:
"The event doesn't appear to reset, so if you wipe out, you may need to get a new expedition. By the time you recover, Fabracata will be hitting for billions of damage or more. "
Fabracata, Lord of Unreality
# Sep 28 2011 at 9:30 PM Rating: Decent
Phase 1 = 8 MOBs spawn in pairs
Phase 2 = Calibo

Has some ATs you will need to make for him.

RUN = One says your name in it and if you get this just kite him and folks keep burning til dead

Get Under him =
This guy is really just a straight burn!
Fabracata, Lord of Unreality = Silk Classes tank /boggle yup it's true
TONs of Adds Some are rootable some charmable
Melee Must Dodge in and out using Discs when possible or this is one LONG LONG fight with never ending adds

I'll add to this as I can

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