Somnium Event #3: Under the Sea  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Event
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Quest Items:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:House of Thule
Group Size:Raid
Min. # of Players:6
Max. # of Players:54
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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This is the third event in the Sanctum Somnium raid expedition.

You can access the event area by clicking the door on the second floor of Morell's Tower.


- Speak to Mersela to spawn the event.
- Several boxes of bait appear on the sea's floor.
- The hungry sharks that swim around boxes should be kited away as they quickly respawn when killed.
- The boxes of bait each contain an item:
--- Tuna (give to "a hungry regrua")
--- Herring (give to "a deadly anglerfish")
--- A Sack of Bloody Fish Heads (give to "a hammerhead shark")
--- A Slab of Seal Meat (give to "a great white shark")
--- A Pile of Shrimp (give to "a kraken")
- Each item turned in causes the turn-in mob to aggro. The mob should then be pulled to the raid.
- Kill these five mobs (you can kill them one at a time) to spawn a final named: "A Deepsea Leviathan"
- Kill the Leviathan before you drown to complete the event.

Setup & Triggering the Event

It's recommended the raid set up along the southern boundary of the event room. You can set up anywhere along the boundaries, but the final named and chest spawns closer to the south-southeastern area.

Say "save" to Mersela to spawn the event.

You say, 'Hail, Mersela'

Mersela says 'Please, you must help! My sisters are being attacked by vicious sea creatures and I haven't been able to [stop] them!'

You say, 'You can't stop them yourself?'

Mersela says 'The monsters just ignore me when I try to fight them and I am not strong enough to fight them on my own. Can you please try to [save] my sisters?'

You say, 'We'll save them!'

Mersela says 'Thank you! You must hurry! I fear my sisters don't have much fight left in them. Perhaps there is a way to attract the creatures and take their attention away from my sisters. I understand that you are not denizens of the sea, so if you need to [leave] to catch your breath for a minute, please let me know and I will send you to dry land.'

Five mermaids spawn a distance away. Next to each of them is a mob which will need to be killed. For now, all mobs are non-aggro.

The Sharks, Chests, and Turn-Ins

Several chests called "a box of bait" can be found in the southeastern quadrant of the event area. Someone (or multiple people) needs to loot five items from the chests: A Pile of Shrimp, A Sack of Bloody Fish Heads, A Slab of Seal Meat, Herring, and Tuna.

To make the five mermaid mobs aggro, turn in the appropriate item to the mob:

- A Pile of Shrimp is given to a kraken.
- A Sack of Bloody Fish Heads is given to a hammerhead shark.
- A Slab of Seal Meat is given to a great white shark.
- Herring is given to a deadly anglerfish.
- Tuna is given to a hungry regrua.

It doesn't matter what order you aggro the mobs, and you can do them one at a time. Once a mob is made active, you can pull it to wherever the raid is set up.

Upon doing the turn-ins, you'll see red emotes similar to this flash up on your screen:

You have attracted the attention of the kraken with the bait!

These five mobs hit for a max ~24,000 (no flurry; no rampage). They each have a fair amount of hitpoints.

a kraken has been slain by _____!
a kraken's corpse lets loose a jet of ink as your blow ends its life.

a great white shark has been slain by _____!
a great white shark's corpse has been defeated!

a hammerhead shark has been slain by _____!
a hammerhead shark's corpse has been defeated!

a deadly anglerfish has been slain _____!
a deadly anglerfish's corpse will terrorize the sea no more!

a hungry regrua has been slain by _____!
a hungry regrua's corpse grasps at you one last time, but it is futile.

The Deepsea Leviathan

Once the last of the above five mobs dies, you'll see this emote:

You have saved all of the mermaids, but appear to have attracted the attention of something rather large . . .

A Deepsea Leviathan spawns nearby and can be pulled to wherever your raid is set up. It hits for a max ~24,000 (no flurry; no rampage) and casts "Tail Slap" and "Devastating Wound". Occasionally (but not always), it'll cast "Drown" on everyone. The "Drown" spell triggers a breath meter which will start ticking down. Once it reaches zero, you'll start drowning. (Kill the leviathan fast.)

Tail Slap: Targeted AE 50', (-10 Corruption)
1: Stun (1.00 sec)
2: Decrease Hitpoints by 33000
3: Unknown #343 (100/75/0)

Devastating Wound: Single Target, Unresistable (-1000)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 25000 per tick
2: Decrease AC by 240

Kill the leviathan to complete the event.

A Deepsea Leviathan has been slain by _____!
A Deepsea Leviathan's corpse will terrorize the sea no more!

An ornate chest spawns nearby with loot.

After the Event

While the three hungry sharks despawn after the leviathan dies, they respawn a few minutes later and path around the vicinity of the loot chest. If you time their pathing correctly, you can loot without aggroing them. You can also have someone keep them kited while looting is finished.

If you got the breath meter, it doesn't go away. You'll have to gate, TL, or zone out via Mersela to get rid of it.

You can say "leave" to Mersela to zone out of the event area. NOTE: This zones you right out of the instanced zone and into the non-instanced Somnium zone. You'll have to zone back in via Towerguard Raena and make your way back up the tower to the next event.

You say, 'Hail, Mersela'

Mersela says 'I understand that you are not denizens of the sea, so if you need to [leave] to catch your breath for a minute, please let me know and I will send you to dry land.'

You say, 'I wish to leave'

Mersela says 'I will send you home then.'



Loot includes 2 Perspicuous Remnants (first list) + 2-3 other items (second list) + 4 Tangible Dream Fragments (any type) + 0-1 Lucid Globe of Phantasmic Power + 0-1 bonus item (third list):

Perspicuous Remnant of Desire
Perspicuous Remnant of Devotion
Perspicuous Remnant of Fear
Perspicuous Remnant of Greed
Perspicuous Remnant of Knowledge
Perspicuous Remnant of Survival (most common)
Perspicuous Remnant of Truth (see this armor guide for more information)

Hatemaul of Wretched Paineel
Lightscale Hoop, Gift of the Mermaids
Maleg's Claws
Ribbon of Bleached Shark Teeth
Sapphire Drape of Prexus' Children
Sea Gem, Adornment of the Companion
Sheerhook, Snag of the Depths
Shiliskin Metamagic Totem
Shining Pearl of the Quarreler
The Dagger Pernicious
Waterlogged Cloth of the Lonely Depths

Nightmare Guise
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