The Staff Retreat  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Experience
  • Faction
  • Money
Factions Raised:
Factions Lowered:
    Quest Items:
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    Era:House of Thule
    Group Size:Solo
    Min. # of Players:1
    Max. # of Players:1
    Appropriate Classes:
    • All
    Appropriate Races:
    • All
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    This is a solo task that leads into the group progression mission for Morell's Castle, "Hippity Hoppity Kill". Completion of this task also allows you to participate in the "Morell Ascendant" task in Sanctum Somnium (the end group mission in the House of Thule expansion).

    In order to request this task, you must have completed the other five Morell's Castle Partisan tasks:
    - Gouzah Safari
    - Pirate's Blues
    - A Few Buckets of Sand
    - Satyrical Riddles
    - Suspicously Sweet Treats

    Speak with Twereus Ulithain at the zone-in of Morell's Castle.

    You say, 'Hail, Twereus Ulithain'

    Twereus Ulithain says 'A sinister shadow has fallen across the world, and across the planes. I have ventured long to meet the god Morell Thule, yet having sacrificed so much to finally make his acquaintance, I was shocked at what I [found].'

    You say, 'What was found?'

    Twereus Ulithain says 'I know Morell's nature, from the way I was taught and raised, to the divine presence I feel when I speak his name and pray to him. I have ventured into this reality at great personal cost, I have dared to seek an audience with Morell, and know his mind. There is no danger greater than a god which has become deranged, and yet this is precisely what has happened to Morell. I do not know how this came to pass, but in my brief conversation with him I did indeed sense that his essence - his personality, if you will - has been drastically [altered].'

    You say, 'Altered?'

    Twereus Ulithain says 'It seemed to happen days ago - or has it been weeks? It is so hard to tell, especially in this place where the line between dreams and reality fade away and become meaningless. Yet something profoundly upsetting has occurred in Morell Thule. He speaks as if he were master of more than dreams, and a corruption of his former self. He has undergone a fearful mutation of his godlike idiom, and this can only harbor ill for all of us. His [powers] have increased, and were used against me. It was only when I was filled with fear and begging for my life did he forbear from destroying me.'

    You say, 'His powers?'

    Twereus Ulithain says 'I have never felt so cold and sick; Morell's powers, even restrained as they were with me, are truly immense even by godlike standards. Now, it is enough for you to know that Morell has changed. Perhaps you have already pieced together some of the story... it matters not. All that matters is that he be [restored] to his original level of power, so that he does not descend into megalomania.'

    You say, 'Restored?'

    Twereus Ulithain says 'In my travels, I have retrieved a tome from one of the locales in time reachable through Zebuxoruk's void portals. Perhaps you have heard of them. In this tome, which comes from the distant future, methods for the alteration of godlike beings are discussed. One of these may give us the power to strip this added essence which Morell has absorbed. I believe I can construct a magical staff that can create and focus this power, using [materials] which I believe are at hand, if the rumors I've been hearing from these local creatures are true.'

    You say, 'What materials?'

    Twereus Ulithain says 'You will need to bring me the Rings of Insight that you gave to the dwarf Griklund. These will provide mana-focusing to the finished staff. I must also have the Gem of Planar Teleportation which was given to Gurroth Aberrine; this I can tweak to form the heart of the essence extractor. Then retrieve the Adamantine Tube from the pirate Gaitius Cloden; I shall fashion that into a cone of discharger tines. I will also make use of the Rod of the Sandmen now in the possession of Zinahra the siren-woman, and the banshee Zairia should be able to contribute a Pure Dream Fragment since the pure ones add the wrong taste to whatever kind of stew it is that she eats. If you will [help] me by bringing these items, I can travel in time to my workshop back home, and fashion the Staff of Arcane Dispossession you will be needing to restore Morell Thule to normal.'

    You say, 'I will help'

    Twereus Ulithain says 'I am glad there are still some adventurers of your caliber committed to the well-being of Norrath and the Planes. We need more like you. Succeed in this task, prove yourselves worthy, and perhaps you will be ready to hear the rest of my story.'

    You have been assigned the task 'The Staff Retreat'.

    Twereus Ulithain sees grave danger if Morell Thule retains the additional godlike essence he has absorbed. The only way to prevent him from destabilizing the Planes of Power or disrupting the pantheon will be to strip him of this added essence.

    Collect the components Twereus says he needs to construct a magic staff. Ironically, you have held each of them in your hands already at some time or another, it will just be a matter of retrieving them from the people you gave them to.

    Retrieve the Rings of Insight from Griklund the Satyrist 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    You say, 'Hail, Griklund the Satyrist'

    Griklund the Satyrist says 'Aye, I've still got the Rings of Insight, and I'm using them, too. What's that? I suppose I could let you borrow them, but I'd be obliged if you'd bring them back.'

    Retrieve the Teleportation Gem from Gurroth Aberrine 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    You say, 'Hail, Gurroth Aberrine'

    Gurroth Aberrine says 'Yes, the Teleportation Gem, I still have it, why? I see. If you promise to come back sometime and bring me more rabbit meat, why not. Here it is.'

    Retrieve the Rod of the Sandmen from Zinahra the Haunted 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    You say, 'Hail, Zinahra the Haunted'

    Zinahra the Haunted says 'We are done examining the Rod of the Sandmen; you may have it back, but you must promise never to let the Sandmen have it.'

    Retrieve the Pure Dream Fragment from Zairia 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    You say, 'Hail, Zairia'

    Zairia says 'Er, I think I have one of those. Can't use these 'pure' dream fragments in my stew, they make me sick. Here's one; help yourself to it. Now get out of my sight, you're scaring away the little ones.'

    Retrieve the Adamantine Tube from Gaitius Cloden 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    You say, 'Hail, Gaitius Cloden'

    Gaitius Cloden says 'Hah, it's you again. Got tired of watching us trying to patch the hole in my ship with siren guts, have ya? Oh. Yes, I do still have the Adamantine Tube. Oh, ya want it? Well you are not gonna get it without a fight!'

    Gaitius Cloden points its dagger in your direction and lets out an "arrrg!" before charging.

    Gaitius Cloden attacks. He hits for a max ~8,800 and is immune to mez and stun.

    NOTE: Only one person can do this step at a time, so if multiple people in your group are at this point, make sure only one person does the hail. He has a fast respawn.

    If you're not able to kill Gaitius after hailing him, he may reset to his non-aggro state. In this case, you'll have to repeat the task again.

    Defeat Gaitius Cloden 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    Task Window Says: Unfortunately Gaitius Cloden won't give up the Adamantine Tube without a fight. Defeat him!

    Gaitius Cloden has been slain by _____!
    Gaitius Cloden's corpse falls to the ground, landing directly on the dagger it once wielded.

    Loot the Adamantine Tube from Gaitius Cloden 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    Give the Teleportation Gem to Twereus Ulithain 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    Twereus Ulithain says 'Thank you. This Teleportation Gem will form the source of the staff's power.'

    Give the Rings of Insight to Twereus Ulithain 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    Twereus Ulithain says 'Perfect. These rings will act as harmonic mana focusing components for the staff we're building.'

    Give the Adamantine Tube to Twereus Ulithain 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    Twereus Ulithain says 'The Adamantine Tube, properly modified, will provide the discharger tines for the completed magic staff.'

    Give the Rod of the Sandmen to Twereus Ulithain 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    Twereus Ulithain says 'The Rod of the Sandmen will form the shaft of the Staff. I'll add an appropriate insulating grip to it.'

    Give the Pure Dream Fragment to Twereus Ulithain 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    Twereus Ulithain says 'At last, the Pure Dream Fragment. A chunk of raw living magic, naturally attuned to Morell's lifeforce! I will imbue the power of this item into the staff, to repel Morell's essence even as the disfiguring essence is pulled away from him. Now I must go to my workshop - twelve hours in the past - and build the Staff of Arcane Dispossession. Then I shall return here, only a moment after I left, with the Staff in hand. It will be like I never left.'

    Speak with Twereus Ulithain; find out if he has finished making the Staff of Arcane Dispossession 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    You say, 'Hail, Twereus Ulithain'

    Twereus Ulithain says 'There. The staff is ready. I am giving this to you, hoping that you are as knowledgeable and as able as you say you are. Morell will probably not allow you close enough to use this on him without a fight. But remember - please - you are not trying to destroy him. No matter how angry he makes you, you must not destroy him. One god has already been destroyed in this place, that is how this whole dilemma began!'

    You have successfully gathered the components necessary to allow Twereus to build an enchanted staff that you might be able to use to restore Morell Thule to his proper level of power.

    158 platinum
    Experience (about 1.5 AAs worth at Level 90)
    Faction with Dream Delvers
    20 Dream Motes

    You also receive a Staff of Arcane Dispossession (required in the second Sanctum Somnium mission, "Morell Ascendant" as well as the raid event of the same name).

    Completion of this task leads into the group progression mission for Morell's Castle, "Hippity Hoppity Kill".
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    # Mar 21 2014 at 11:43 PM Rating: Default
    IF doing this quest with a group DO NOT ALL HAIL GAITUS as after you get credit for defeating him you all need to loot the rod and there is only ONE rod
    so everyone except the looter needs to start again as he only goes attack-able when u hail him.,
    # Aug 06 2012 at 11:15 PM Rating: Decent
    80 posts
    If the staff was destroyed can you redo this task to get the staff again?
    Gaitius will not agro
    # Jan 23 2011 at 12:21 AM Rating: Decent
    24 posts
    When I first hailed Gaitius, he said that I would have to fight him and he conned agro. I left the ship and returned with a group to kill Gaitius but he would not agro. Anyone know why?

    Level 75 Paladin
    Saryn Server

    "If women and children aren't dying, it can't be all that bad."
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