An Offering to Thule  

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Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Faction
  • Loot
  • Money
Time Limit:06:00:00
Success Lockout Timer: 06:00:00
Factions Raised:
Factions Lowered:
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    Era:House of Thule
    Group Size:Group
    Min. # of Players:3
    Max. # of Players:6
    Appropriate Classes:
    • All
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    Entered: Wed Nov 17 16:10:24 2010
    Modified: Thu Feb 3 02:23:56 2022
    This is a group progression task that begins with Tiseth the Thrall in Fear Itself (located within the Ring of Fire at the top of the temple).

    You must have completed the following tasks in order to request it:
    - Bite of the Beast
    - Follower of Fear
    - At the Altar of Fear
    - Redemption (House of Thule Upper mission)
    - Catastrophic Power (Al'Kabor mission)
    - Miragul's Vendetta (Miragul's Nightmare mission)

    Note: The Well mission "What Lies Below" also used to be required. However, a patch on December 8, 2010, eliminated this requirement.

    You say, 'Hail, Tiseth the Thrall'

    Tiseth the Thrall says 'With your pledge, Cazic Thule has taken notice. I can feel his power building all around us. It is finally time to [meet] our God! He will reward our efforts to spread fear in this realm, and spare us from his vengeful wrath. Followers of Thule will be welcomed into Cazic's fearful embrace, and allowed to rule alongside him in the Plane of Fear.'

    You say, 'Let's meet him...'

    Without pre-requisites, you see:

    Tiseth the Thrall says 'I really need you to speak to Lilth or Elard Velsorn in the house, or perhaps the Nightmare Emissary, who lives in my nightmares.'

    With pre-requisites, you see:

    Tiseth the Thrall says 'I will gather our fellow followers, and together we will sacrifice every living creature within this realm as an offering to Cazic Thule. He cannot ignore our devotion! Are you ready to [begin]?'

    You have been assigned the task 'An Offering to Thule'.

    You say, 'Ready to begin!'

    Tiseth the Thrall says 'We will meet again, _____, before our God!'

    The first 13 steps are open from the start of the task. All mob types are found in groups of six. The mobs in these groups can't be split from each other (they're aggro-linked).

    Each group of mobs has a main mob that hits like a regular Fear mob (max ~7,500) and has a normal amount of hitpoints. In addition to the main mob, there are five lesser mobs that are usually blue-cons (though sometimes even cons), hit for much less, and have much less hitpoints.

    Fright, Dread, and Terror each hit for a max ~7,500; are slowable; and are immune to mez, root, and snare. None of the golems has any AEs or special attacks (no flurry; no rampage).

    Note: There is an achievement associated with this task for leaving Fright, Dread, and Terror as the last remaining kills.

    Wipe out all amygdalans 0/24 (Fear Itself)

    Slaughter all boogeymen 0/12 (Fear Itself)

    Destroy all fetid fiends 0/18 (Fear Itself)

    Defeat all frightfingers 0/12 (Fear Itself)

    Eliminate all glarelords 0/12 (Fear Itself)

    Kill all gorgons 0/12 (Fear Itself)

    Annihilate all phantasms 0/12 (Fear Itself)

    Exterminate every last phoboplasm 0/12 (Fear Itself)

    Eradicate the entirety of samhains 0/12 (Fear Itself)

    Sacrifice all scarelings 0/12 (Fear Itself)

    Kill Dread 0/1 (Fear Itself)

    Kill Fright 0/1 (Fear Itself)

    Kill Terror 0/1 (Fear Itself)

    NOTE: The task locks after you complete the last of any of the above steps.

    Meet Tiseth and devotees at the base of the blood mound 0/1 (Fear Itself)

    Speak with Tiseth and confront Cazic Thule 0/1 (Fear Itself)

    You say, 'Hail, Tiseth the Thrall'

    Tiseth the Thrall says 'This is it, _____. The moment we have been preparing for. We are in the presence of a God! Cazic Thule shall recognize our efforts to spread fear, and welcome us into him realm. Come, let us confront our God and receive our humble reward!'

    Tiseth the Thrall says 'Cazic Thule, God of Fear, hear us! Your loyal servants, eager to do your bidding! We await your command.'

    Cazic Thule's spikes bristle, and a guttural rasp penetrates your mind. 'Death is not the only thing a mortal fears. I am an adder beneath the brush; I am a wolf beyond the gleam of campfires. I am a spy in a kingdom at war; I am a bastard in the castle of a king; I am a traitor in the ranks of an army. I am the loss of an eye or limb; I am the humiliation of courtesans; I am the scorn of a desired lover. And I am everlasting punishment.

    Your task 'An Offering to Thule' has been updated.

    Cazic Thule says 'How many like you have I killed, tortured, maimed? Here their blood surges with the fear of imminent death, as undoubtedly yours does. I could dismember you inch by inch, staunching your blood each time I tear off more of your body. I could flay you and splay your living flesh like a banner over my spines, every exposed nerve pierced and wailing. I am unbearable pain that does not end in death.'

    Cazic Thule says 'I am the obliteration of you and all of your companions. You have fought together and bled together. Now you shall die together.'

    This opens the next step.

    Kill Cazic Thule 0/1 (Fear Itself)

    He hits for a max ~8,000 and casts the spells "Cazic's Inferno" and "Fearful Force":

    Cazic's Inferno: PB AE 500', Fire (-700)
    1: Decrease Hitpoints by 19000

    Fearful Force: Single Target, Magic (-700)
    1: Decrease HP when cast by 10121
    2: Decrease Movement by 200%

    Once he reaches about 50% health, Cazic Thule goes non-attackable, runs away a bit to a tower, and...

    Cazic Thule's labored words form in your mind. 'I did not think this possible, but you have proven it to me. Somehow, this plane is not my own. How long ago was it? My daughter, Terris, appeared to me and bade me walk with her. She showed to me a mansion as expansive and resplendent as the very rays of Sol. We entered, and her voice faded into memory, like chimes on the wind. I was again here, in my plane.

    Cazic Thule says 'The hills soon ran with blood. Adventurers came by the thousands. I dashed their skulls against this obelisk and pulled apart their bones. They flung themselves at me, cowered, and then died in agony. But never had there been so many. And they began to look the same.'

    Cazic Thule says 'I wandered this plane but found no escape. I began to see visions: A luminous horn pulsing at the edge of perception; the voice of my son, Morell, rising above my daughter's. And my strength began to wane. Longer and longer it took for me to decimate an entire regiment of soldiers.'

    Cazic Thule says 'And now you have me on the cusp of death. Yes, I am now certain: My children have imprisoned me, and they weaken me unto destruction. To what end I do not know. What drives a child to harbor malice and guile against their parent? Are not dreams and nightmares bastions of fear? Does not the child learn to fight or flee from the vicious predator in the safety of dreams or nightmares? Without me, my children have no purpose.'

    Cazic Thule's words come slowly. 'And what of you? What power do you have over me? What quarrel do we have? Would you walk blithely into a throng of swords and spears arrayed against you? Would you sacrifice yourself for another without hesitation, or would you thrust a companion into a rain of arrows to shield yourself from death? I can save or destroy you. You hate me, but I bring balance to your existence. Without Fear, you are all doomed.'

    At this point, Cazic Thule's health drops to 1%, and it's possible to attack him again. You can finish him off here.

    Cazic Thule has been slain by _____!

    Claim your reward from the ornate chest 0/1 (Fear Itself)

    You have defeated Cazic Thule within his dream realm, and are now able to further explore the House of Thule.

    When the chest spawns, an untargettable version of Terris Thule appears and a short script runs. Some spell effects appear to show her absorbing her father's power, and then she disappears.

    Terris Thule stares at the corpse of her father. 'You were a fool, Cazic. Your power was instinctual, but mine is intellectual; you controlled the body, but I control the mind. And now I will have both. He cannot stop me; you cannot stop me!'

    Terris Thule says 'Do you hear me, adventurers? It constantly amazes me how stupid you are! Did you think you defeated me? Did you think you had any power over nightmares? Did you think these hills and corpses were anything other than dreams? And now you have killed my father. Do not fear, though. You are my precious little puppets, always running around, killing everything that poses the slightest bit of threat to you. If you had not killed him, I would have done so myself. His time was at an end.'

    Terris Thule says 'When he took me to the house, his horn was glowing brighter than ever. He said his power resonated within the walls, and near the winged statues his thoughts sprang to life: hallways that submerged into sunken caverns, gables that floated off into clouds. I touched a statue, and a banister changed to a hundred writhing adders. Morell pressed deeper into the house, but I had other plans.'

    Terris Thule says 'I brought Cazic inside, rested my hand on his arm, and touched a statue. He fell into the nightmare you see now, never to awake. Morell objected, but he was more interested in his augmented powers than my designs. And besides, since when have dreams alone held more power than nightmares? How would that weakling be able to challenge me?'

    Terris Thule says 'And now he will certainly have no recourse. I will draw to me the remnants of Cazic's power...'

    Terris Thule screams in pain and anger as a portal opens around her. 'Is this your doing, adventurers? You have no idea what magnitude of power you are playing with! Morell, help me! Do not let them take our father!'

    A frightened follower spawns nearby as a means to zone out:

    You say, 'Hail, a frightened follower'

    a frightened follower says 'Please, don't hurt me! I... I can show you the way [out] if you'll spare my life.'

    Task Rewards:

    ? platinum
    Faction with Dream Delvers
    ? Dream Motes

    Known chest rewards (1 item + 1 spell per task):

    Minor Nebulous Dream Fragment
    Lesser Nebulous Dream Fragment
    Median Nebulous Dream Fragment
    Greater Nebulous Dream Fragment
    Glowing Nebulous Dream Fragment

    Dagger of Anguish
    Dread's Blade
    Ireblind Imp Heart
    Mammoth Hide Leathers
    Nightmarish Leather Coat
    Ornamental Iron Shield
    Silver Belt of Purity
    Sotor's Hammer of Pain
    Spirit of the Gorgon
    Strawgolem Stuffing
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    Don't use big DSs in here!
    # Apr 26 2020 at 4:51 PM Rating: Excellent
    760 posts
    Tried it for the first time today, running through with my level 93 SK and 110 Druid. Used the big Druid DSs on the first pull, and only got 5 kills. Verified with track that only 18 mobs of that type were left, so one that first pull died without taking any non-DS damage, so no credit. Fortunately, it was the first pull, and I noticed, so just dropped it and started over. Took about 45 minutes, just taking my time. Have an AoE spell or disc available if possible, makes it go a lot faster.
    Tatanka Wolfdancer, 115 Wood Elf Druid, 9 x 300+ Master Artisan, 7 maxed trophies (dang research! :)
    Michone, 115 Troll Shadowknight
    Anaceup Mysleeves, 115 Erudite Mage, 2 x 300 Master Artisan
    Snookims Whinslow, 112 Erudite Enchanter, 2 x 300 Master Artisan
    <Inisfree>, Tunare (Seventh Hammer!)
    Gathering Loc
    # Dec 04 2013 at 12:53 PM Rating: Decent
    309 posts
    Gather at the base of the blood mound:

    Update at 1082, -695 or so
    step 14
    # Oct 18 2013 at 1:20 AM Rating: Decent
    the first step after killing everything is

    Gather at the base of the blood mound
    Cake at 98
    # May 02 2013 at 3:34 PM Rating: Decent
    6 posts
    ran through this with my bots in about an 1:15. much easier these days.

    # Dec 28 2012 at 6:19 PM Rating: Decent
    54 posts
    Just muddled my way through this as a 99/3500 Wizard + J5 tank, boxing (badly I have to say) a 93/150ish Bard + J5 cleric. Only reason I was able to get through it is that the tank merc was way overmatched for the bulk of the mobs. Took me about 2:30.

    Nothing in the instance sees invis except for the golems.

    As others have noted, each group of mobs is aggro-linked. Each group BY ITSELF is not that bad, as the stronger mob can be mezzed and the weaker ones are easy enough to kill quickly. (I'd say about 100K HP on the weaker mobs.) The problem is pulling one single group. Many groups path through each other, and they are all in a reasonably small area, not spread out around the entire zone. Dealing with 6 is managable, but 12 or 18 gets ugly. I was able to burn down two groups (12 mobs) one time, but died the other two times I was forced to try.

    The first group of amys at the zone in will come by itself. After that though, I'd get out of the temple. There are at least four groups of mobs that will potentially add, and trying to pull to the top of the temple is asking for trouble. I camped along the north zone wall (due north of the temple) and that worked pretty well for most mobs.

    There's no real trick here...aggro one mob, its group adds, and hope that group doesn't aggro another. If it does, drop aggro and try again. It does get much easier after you have killed a few of them. And if you don't care about the /ach, get rid of the golems ASAP since as noted, they do SI.

    Cazic was a non-issue with the 99 tank merc.


    Endaar Flaashpoint, Wizard of Karana
    Current member of Ring of Valor, Bristlebane
    Guild history, for the old timers:
    Founder, The Valorous (Karana)
    Officer, Harbingers (Karana)
    Officer, Evolution of Faith (The Rathe)
    Officer, Legend of Marr (The Rathe)
    Officer, Battle Cry (The Rathe)
    Without mezzer
    # Aug 11 2012 at 11:35 PM Rating: Decent
    I have done this without mezzer. It was not bad as I initially thought.
    1 90 ranger with J5 DPS merc, 1 90 Pal with J5 cleric, 1 90 bst with J5 tank was setup i used.
    As Lobbo posted below, the "main" level 90 mob does not have any adjective attached to their names. A they can be identified by color and size. All the groups of 6 mobs can be mezzed, rooted, snared, etc. I started with just straight tanking level 90 mob and rest wld brun the weaker mobs quickly. This works ok except some of the mobs such frightfngers and other mobs near Fright can sometimes can tag along. So instead of 6, you would fight 12 or 18. Still 12 was doable but not effeective. I would park rest of the group with a distance. Then I would snare thmain level 90 mob and run to the group. After running distance, I would slow down enough for other 5 mobs to catch up but eventually the main mob would not follow. It would still have agro for little longer. It would walk around and other groups of mobs would get agro to, but they won't come to you. The key is putting enough distance.The rest of 5 mobs are consoderably weaker and any plate class can tank these 5 mobs. Just burn one by one. My J5 cleric was enough. After the 5 kills, I would then tag the main lvl 90 mob. Repeat for other m,ob groups.

    The start out area is toughest. Just kill first 6 amygydalan at zone in. Avoid Dread, frightfingers, another group of anygdalanas circling the fire ring.Only kill the boogieman inside the fire ring. Then kill the group of samhains just east of fire ring.Proceedith fright fingers in lower level of pyramid, etc. Leave Dread if you want to engage for other achievement. If you enagage frightfingers first you will likely tag Dread and anotehr group pf frightfingers because of pathing. Same for amygydalanas circling. Follow this order then you will be alright.

    I am sure I would just bulldoze through if I had a mezzer.
    Your three best friends
    # Jun 25 2012 at 12:57 PM Rating: Excellent
    173 posts
    Dread Fright and Terror all have about 620K HPs, pretty much the same as the 'higher-level' mob from each of the groups - they also hit about the same. None of them casts any spells or does anything different to a regular trash mob. One minor exception is Fright, who corpse camps; you can pull him away and fade, and he'll stay where he stopped. Useful for getting him out of the way if you want the Achievement.

    Confirming the other estimate on Cazics HP as around 4 million; but as the script gets rid of half of them for you, you only actually have to do approx 2 million damage to him.

    91 SK + J5 cleric merc, and 90 Shm with A5 wizard merc, took me about 2 hours total. I imagine it'd take quite a decent group to get this under the 40 minutes for the time trial.
    Missing Lore
    # Sep 05 2011 at 10:18 AM Rating: Decent
    There seems to be a bit missing in the "script" that plays out after Cazic's death -- 3 of the "Angel" statues appear near Cazic Thule's corpse, and when Terris attempts to drain the power from the corpse of her father, a sort of "portal" appears, then both the statues and the corpse vanish. It is this that prompts the final response from Terris about "Terris Thule screams in pain and anger as a portal opens around her".

    This almost certainly leads into the Veil of Alaris expansion.
    an offering to thule, quick write up, since I'm bored.
    # May 08 2011 at 9:33 PM Rating: Good
    1,308 posts
    Kill Dread 0/1 (Fear Itself)

    Kill Fright 0/1 (Fear Itself)

    Kill Terror 0/1 (Fear Itself)

    NOTE: The task locks after you complete the last of any of the above steps.

    Task locks after the last golem is killed. I've saved the golem that wanders around the bloody mountain/cubes/spectres for last kill....before final Cazic fight. I all honesty, save the golem on top of the pyramid second tier, it's less time consuming to pull him as the last golem...since he's solo. Splitting the one that wanders in a semi - circle by the cubes/spectres/bloody hill is kind of a pain. Maybe it's easier for a bard or monk. I dunno.

    First things first, zone in. There will be amygilain..squid faces there at the top. Soporiphic stare them. You usually get 4 mezzed. Then chanter hits aoe short term mez for any that are coming for him. Wiz merc on burn, with two clerics healing it, it's hard for it to die. My war stands there, usually with finger in nose. Necro breaks mez with Dot, and tanks the light weights while they beat on him, the wiz merc nukes em down, too. War engages last big mob... quick switch his wiz merc to balanced so it don't get eat...... now it's dead, move...

    Hang a left from the Iz. That's the door you see, from the zone in, looking out towards hang that left, and run straight out to wall. I think there's aa big patch of black ground there... that's your pull spot........ Pull next set of Amylgian something. Then next set of amyl / squidfaces....Then pull all the ghouls from bottom of pyramid. Try to get them 6 at a time. Unless you got a great mezzer, then the skies the limit. I wouldn't take it past 12 mobs, though. 18 is a bit of a stretch.

    Then pull hands. Hands suck. They cast pets...some kind of flying wizard sword spell thing. The pet adds can't be nuked. I usually ignore them and plaster them with necro or chanter pet after all others are dead...... Be careful when pulling hands as there are 6 on 1 tier and 6 on another tier. If you pull the top over the bottom, you get 12 mobs + their little sword pets that can disrupt your merc heals...or your casting, I reckon. As a necro, I just feign it off and it beats crap out of wizard or merc cleric.

    Ghouls/hands/ all the squid faces you see dead? Good! Looking toward pyramid, hang a left. Start killing pumpkinheads and zombies. If your puller doesn't suck, you shouldn't get more than 6 of anything. I've sucked and gotten 12. I've also killed 12. In my case, It's best if you keep the big bosses mezzed til the end. I just break mez on one of the small ones with a DoT, have "pet hold" "off" so it does it's little bit of damage, and tank it down while the wiz merc burns it. They die really fast.

    ....once ..those are mostly cleared, pull the gorgons or the imps or the eyeballs. If you get 12, just feign 'em off. Yes, you can do this and only get 6 at a time. You just have to watch the pathing. Or you can pull 12 and just go batchit insane if you want... the choice is yours.

    Once most of those are cleared, kill the two golems and rest of trash..that are still mostly all the way to your left. The golems summon, as does all the mobs here.. and they are about as hard as the "top guy in the 6 you just pulled" department. In other words, /yawn.

    Taskadd whomever you like, because it's time for the last golem...... go to 1st tier of temple, and pull that last golem. Kill it and head for bloody water hill, right upper side of zone - if I'm remembering corectly.

    Kill Cazic. I three box this with war/chanter/necro, 2 cleric mercs, 1 wiz merc. War gets agro, chanter hits DPS spire, slows mob, necro hits DPS spire, I turn wizard merc on balanced, and we crank the dps on him. (Wiz merc on burn tends to take agro from war...) ....Eventually, he runs to top of hill, where you do another 3 percent of damage to him and he despawns.

    Note, Cazic has a metric *** ton of hitpoints. Cazic is not a lightweight. He's killed my war with AOE before, but I had necro pet DA up and just pet tanked him down while feigning/swapping agro with clerics/wiz-merc /etc. and was still a win. It was a sh*tty win, but it was a win. I have also lost this fight. I killed him with DoT's as the whole group got wiped. Guess what.. .no update and do again. If you are doing this and think there is someone in your group who will not contribute much, but you think you can kill him, but that you all might die.... don't have that person engage. Have them chill, and that way, you all get the update, etc.

    I dunno if there is a time completion achievement for this. It takes me about 2 hours, 2 and a half hours to box it.

    This mission, and the sucktastic hard to pull upper floors mission are the hardest missions/ most time consuming ones to get t4 access. I sell taskadds to this one for 30 - 50k, as long as a guildy doesn't need it for exp or progression or something.

    You think that's high? Get the flags and run it for a few friends about 40 times.

    Total honesty time...I don't even do this one any more, just for guildies or friends that need flags. The reward/time/ratio sucks.

    Bonesmasher/95 Nec
    Craseon/95 War
    Hyrax/95 Enc

    # May 05 2011 at 9:25 AM Rating: Good
    80 posts
    Mini bosses:
    Approx 620k Hp very similar to regular T3 mobs. (23 total)XP earned on these.
    Henchmen Approx 100-200K but they Die very fast. they take damage at a much higher rate than mini boss. (110 total)XP NOT earned on these.

    I added updates to the 3 golem's pages and Cazic's page for their info.

    I have noticed that if I get Fright aggro and fade, He seems to stay static and no longer wanders. good for moving him out of the way so you can pull.

    All mobs located either in Fire ring, on pyramid, or in the areas between the Fire ring and blood mounds, and around the blood mounds.

    you can setup below that for easy pulling. no wandering mobs in the bottom of the zone.

    I believe it gives you 60 Dream Motes for this one.

    Edited, May 5th 2011 11:28am by RandyWoodard

    Edited, May 20th 2011 12:51pm by RandyWoodard
    3 box
    # Mar 17 2011 at 7:29 AM Rating: Default
    I have 3 boxed this with war, brd, shm with 2 rog mercs and 1 clr merc. It turned out to be much easier than I thought (just long and tedious). I used bard mez on the hard mob in pack and was able to tank all the weak mobs together (war is 41k hp 5k ac unbuffed, 1200aa). Only packs that were trouble were frightfingers, they cast nukes that can eat up 40k hp quickly ... had to LOS them around objects, fade, and AE mez them. Golems were nothing special. On CT he cast the AE nuke much less than I thought he would, I could probably have done this without the cleric merc.

    # Mar 10 2011 at 9:45 PM Rating: Decent
    6 posts
    Went through the 150 some odd mobs you need to kill and squared off against CT, got him to 59% and group wiped. When we re-entered the zone CT was gone. Looked for him everywhere. Waited about 30 minutes and gave it up. Anyone have that experience. I cant believe you have to re do the entire quest if you wipe on the boss mob.
    More Strategy Info
    # Jan 13 2011 at 8:38 PM Rating: Good
    29 posts
    Working without a mezzer on this task kinda sucks. But if you have a shaman who can come along, that works as long as your tank can handle it.

    I haven't documented the order yet. But there is a method in the madness in the kill order after the first set in the temple. And if you watch the pathing, you can pull the 'white con (to 90)' mobs and its group of adds without other groups adding. There is a brief period of several seconds where each group of mob types separates and is safe to pull.

    The quickest way for me is to have the shaman keep lethargy on me so the mobs auto-slow when I pull them. Kill the 'white con' mob first and fast and then tanking the remaining adds is easy (yes, even 5 at a time - they hit like a toddler with a dull crayon). SKs' "pet bomb" is very handy with the adds as is a good damage shield. The add mobs don't last long at all.

    The even slower method is to have a mage coth the puller once he has a small handful of mobs in tow which 'should' drop agro. Then the puller can circle back and pick up a couple/few from the batch before they have wandered back to their spawn points and before they are all clustered back into agro-linked radius.

    The slowest method is to pull the mobs far from their spawn points and snare one or more; drop agro and then circle back to pick off the snared one(s). I've only used this method once as it really took a long, long time to get everything pulled and killed.

    Final note - do NOT camp too close to the zone edge; especially if you have levitate on. The pathing in this zone is screwy and we once had a mob get stuck and "warp" out of the game. It simply disappeared from the agro list and was gone forever more. This meant that we couldn't complete the kill task portion of the instanced and failed. The GM responding to the petition was as helpful as they always are - "sorry, nothing I can do."

    Hope these tips help at least a little.

    task locks
    # Jan 08 2011 at 3:26 PM Rating: Default
    98 posts
    Task locks after last named dread dies
    make sur eyou get the order right else might lock before although this has not been checked
    task locks
    # Feb 01 2011 at 2:03 AM Rating: Decent
    54 posts
    I wasn't going for the achievement and I interspersed the golems in with everything else and the task locked only after the last group of mobs was killed.
    What a grind!
    # Dec 25 2010 at 10:47 PM Rating: Decent
    2,935 posts
    First part of mission should be labeled:

    Kill 115 blue and white mobs and get zero XP for them.

    Cuz you basically get NO XP for 23 sets of 5 "weaker" mobs. 1-2 hours of XP-free grinding awaits you!

    To fight C-T his aoe nukes are powerful enough that you need minimum 2 healers, preferably both with group heals and big enough mana pools to cast the mana-heavy group heals several times.

    Of all the pre-T4 HoT missions, IMO this is probably the one least worthy of doing over for the loot. Get your T4 flag and move along! ;)

    Edited, Dec 26th 2010 12:06pm by Sippin
    Sippin 115 DRU **** Firiona Vie ****Agnarr
    FV: 115 WAR ENC CLE MAG WIZ SHD SHM Master Alchemist ROG Master Tinkerer & Poison-Maker
    Master Artisan (300+) * Baker * Brewer * Fletcher * Jeweler * Potter * Researcher * Smith * Tailor
    Dread's Blade SHD only
    # Dec 23 2010 at 12:47 AM Rating: Decent
    Dread's Blade was in the chest tonight.
    Dread, Terror and Fright
    # Dec 10 2010 at 7:27 AM Rating: Decent
    90 posts
    The golems are social with the other mobs so when pulling, you might get an add.

    Dread is outside on the main temple. Fright is to the east of the temple, outside the fire circle. Terror is out by the eastern blood mound (where you fight Cazic Thule). None of the golems can be snared/rooted and are immune to mez. Both Dread and Terror reset themselves after being pulled, but Fright would stay wherever you pulled him...which is handy if you are trying to kill everything before the golems.

    The golems are nothing special. Didn't notice any AEs or spells. Just tougher regular mobs with more hps. Didn't enrage at low hps either.

    6 for the price of 1
    # Dec 05 2010 at 3:07 PM Rating: Decent
    Each mob is linked agg with 5 others of the same type, ie - you pull 1 you'll get 6.

    AoE mez is high desirable for this one, be sure your mezzer can mez up to level 90 mobs.

    The trick - find the level 90 mob out of those 6, the other 5 are weak compared to mobs in the regular zone. If you tag the level 90 first missions a lot safer for your mezzer.

    The regualr strength mobs are named slightly differently from the weaker versions.

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