Morzad Chronicle - The Morzad Confrontation (#5)  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Faction
  • Money
Factions Raised:
Factions Lowered:
    Related Creatures:
    Related Quests:
    Era:House of Thule
    Group Size:Solo
    Min. # of Players:1
    Max. # of Players:1
    Appropriate Classes:
    • All
    Appropriate Races:
    • All
    Entered: Mon Nov 8 23:31:17 2010
    Modified: Thu Feb 3 02:23:56 2022
    This task is the fifth in a series of five that begins with Abbit Scribbletch, a gnome found in the first room on the left immediately on entering the northeastern wing of the House of Thule's Upper Floors.

    You must have completed his first four tasks prior to being able to request this one.

    You say, 'Hail, Abbit Scribbletch'

    Abbit Scribbletch says 'Will this never end?! It appears that I am being held here. The Morzad are trying to keep me from leaving. They are using a powerful holding [spell] that is making it impossible for me to leave. '

    You say, 'A spell?'

    Abbit Scribbletch says 'Yes. There is a Morzad caster in each of the four wings who must be killed. They are essentially acting as generators for the spell. As long as they live, I am stuck. Will you [kill] them?'

    You say, 'I'll kill them'

    Abbit Scribbletch says 'The sooner the better. Be careful.'

    You have been assigned the task 'Morzad Chronicle - The Morzad Confrontation'.

    Now that Abbit has Argan's Memoir, the Morzad are not allowing him to leave. Powerful casters are holding him here. Abbit has asked you to deal with them.

    Kill the Morzad Firecaster 0/1 (House of Thule, Upper Floors)

    Kill the Morzad Watercaster 0/1 (House of Thule, Upper Floors)

    Kill the Morzad Earthcaster 0/1 (House of Thule, Upper Floors)

    Kill the Morzad Aircaster 0/1 (House of Thule, Upper Floors)

    The Firecaster spawns in the northwestern wing (same room as Khalis).

    The Watercaster spawns in the northeastern wing (same room as the Agent of Morzad in the second task).

    The Earthcaster spawns in the southeastern wing (outside the room with Galo Maric).

    The Aircaster spawns in the southwestern-most room of the southwestern wing.

    These mobs, by themselves, are simple enough. However, they are each found in areas with many other mobs around them. Note: They are not social with the general population of the zone, so you can pull them through other mobs without adds.

    Speak to Abbit Scribbletch 0/1 (House of Thule, Upper Floors)

    Task Window Says: Tell Abbit that the spellcasters have been defeated and that the way should be open for him.

    You say, 'Hail, Abbit Scribbletch'

    Abbit Scribbletch says 'I can feel my power beginning to return! Thank you. But, unfortunately, I cannot have any witnesses to the fact that I have the book.'

    Abbit respawns as "Deceiver Abbit" and attacks. He hits for a max ~7,200 and has a fair amount of hitpoints.

    Defeat Abbit Scribbletch 0/1 (House of Thule, Upper Floors)

    Task Window Says: Having no further use for you, Abbit has decided that you must die! You must defeat him.

    Your task 'Morzad Chronicle - The Morzad Confrontation' has been updated.
    Deceiver Abbit has been slain by _____!

    Your faction standing with Dream Delvers got better.

    You have successfully been granted your reward for: Morzad Chronicle - The Morzad Confrontation

    210 platinum
    Faction with Dream Delvers
    20 Dream Motes

    Completion of this task leads into the group progression mission for the Upper Floors, "Redemption" from Lilth.
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    Beware of wiping on Final Mob
    # Apr 02 2013 at 12:29 PM Rating: Decent
    6 posts
    FYI if you wipe like I did due to adds... you will have to start completely over. Makes for a long day especially if you're Boxing.
    Slow But Sure
    # Aug 12 2012 at 10:52 AM Rating: Decent
    33 posts
    I realize I tend to take the cautious route, so I cleared all the rooms where the Morzad's were located.

    Because we had just completed #4 with Khalis, we turned around and ran back to the same room. We had cleared it, so it was just a matter of pulling the three mobs around the Morzad and then killing the Morzad. No problems.

    From there, we just were systematic, taking out the nearest Morzad to where we were at the time. Again, we cleared everything so we didn't deal with adds.

    Morzad Aircaster can be killed in his room, just take out the ghostly visions, mournful souls, and cheerless apps that are in there.

    Morzad Earthcaster is easier to kill if you take out all the nearby mobs. Start in the room with Galo and kill that mob (or two), then pull the mob (or two) in the tunnel into Galo's room. Then pull mobs in the cavern into Galo's room. Then kill the Morzad.

    Nytmare (earliest post) claims that nothing adds. This is incorrect. The Morzad will not join in unless attacked, but the mobs in the area (including roamers) are more than willing to help lend a hand with each other in an attept to spill your guts.

    This was not a difficult quest, it just took a while because we cleared out entire areas before pulling the desired mob.
    Even easier way
    # Jul 04 2012 at 9:49 PM Rating: Decent
    54 posts
    As noted, nothing assists. You can engage with a mage pet + mercs without getting aggro. 89/600 Mage pet + J5 cleric, and a 90 J5 tank merc = easy kill. Some (all) of the casters might have an AE as it seemed like we got hit once, but keep a little distance and you're fine.

    Endaar Flaashpoint, Wizard of Karana
    Current member of Ring of Valor, Bristlebane
    Guild history, for the old timers:
    Founder, The Valorous (Karana)
    Officer, Harbingers (Karana)
    Officer, Evolution of Faith (The Rathe)
    Officer, Legend of Marr (The Rathe)
    Officer, Battle Cry (The Rathe)
    Some info
    # Jun 10 2012 at 5:41 PM Rating: Excellent
    173 posts
    All but the Water caster can be fought in the room they are in. Each has one static and one roaming mob nearby, that can be killed one at a time if you pay attention to the pathing. Then kill the 'caster from the corner. the water caster can pe pulled out into the bigger room.

    All of them can be snared.

    Deciever Abbit has Approx 630K hps, and isn't much harder than the other mobs.

    Pet pulling after small clears
    # Mar 10 2012 at 8:41 AM Rating: Decent
    40 posts
    Clear a hallway a bit, then invis up, go to the mobs, and pull them with pet back to camp.
    When pulling the watercaster the agent of morzad will add, if he is up.
    For the last fight, first kill the nightmarish guardian the roams into the room.
    pull the Morzad
    # Jan 14 2011 at 10:51 PM Rating: Good
    1,293 posts
    No need to clear rooms. Nothing assists, so just use a pet to pull them to an empty hallway.
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