Erudin Burning #3: Erudin's Apocalypse  

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Maximum Level:90
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
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  • Experience
  • Faction
  • Money
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    Era:House of Thule
    Group Size:Solo
    Min. # of Players:1
    Max. # of Players:1
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    Entered: Thu Oct 28 20:06:31 2010
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    This is the third solo task in a series of five. It begins with General Arbin Derrex in Erudin Burning. He is located at about -340, 310 (in the area south of the dock area, along with several other quest NPCs).

    You must have completed the previous two tasks, "Heretics Among Us" and "The Fallen Citadel" prior to being able to request this one.

    You say, 'Hail, General Arbin Derrex'

    General Arbin Derrex says 'People may question my methods, but I get results. I'm fighting terror with terror, and I relish driving back this Heretic onslaught. We shall make them pay for every drop of blood they spilled in the High City. I intend to set you high among my followers when all is done here, if you continue to perform good service to me. This nightmare you see around you is only the beginning of a new era of the city and its people. We shall prevail and build a new tomorrow. All I ask is your continued [help].'

    You say, 'How can I help?'

    General Arbin Derrex says 'You can start by looking into [rumors] that Deepwater Knights may have fallen from their oaths inside the ruins of the city.'

    You say, 'Rumors?'

    General Arbin Derrex says 'All I ask is that the defenders of the city do the jobs they have been commissioned for. Years go by without incident, and then these black days of Heretical invasion arrive only to find most of the city's defenders unable to find their nerve. They say some of the Deepwater Knights dropped their weapons and cower in the ruins of beloved Erudin, even as Heretics and cultists run rampant. Then there is the matter of the [cultist] who has been captured and taken to the Port Authority building.'

    You say, 'A cultist?'

    General Arbin Derrex says 'Yes, the guildmasters there keep sending me requests for further instructions. I tire of the distractions, so would you please ask Ghanlin what to [do] about the fallen Knights and the captured cultist? Perhaps the Guildmasters have some advice.'

    You say, 'I'll ask what to do'

    General Arbin Derrex says 'Thank you for your help.'

    You have been assigned the task 'Erudin's Apocalypse'.

    Speak with Ghanlin Skyphire 0/1 (Erudin Burning)

    The first two guildmasters you'll have to hail are found in the same vicinity as the general.

    You say, 'Hail, Ghanlin Skyphire'

    Ghanlin Skyphire says 'Hello. I have heard of this talk of Deepwater Knights turning against their oath, and letting panic get the better of them. That should never have happened. The Knights are trained extensively to never lose their nerve. They are to fight to the death or escape if the situation is hopeless. I don't understand it. Perhaps Rjarn has heard something I haven't.'

    Speak with Lanken Rjarn 0/1 (Erudin Burning)

    You say, 'Hail, Lanken Rjarn'

    Lanken Rjarn says 'It is unacceptable that a Deepwater Knight should fail in his or her duty. There is no excuse for it, and I honestly can't say that we could ever look on a dishonored Knight again. I don't know how this could happen. . . oh, what a horrendous piece of news! I refuse to believe this has happened. As for the cultist captive, I have no idea what that girl thinks she knows, but it will take someone with greater patience than I to get it out of her. Jaevins may have some further advice for you.'

    Speak with Markus Jaevins 0/1 (Erudin Burning)

    Markus is found in the building next to the dock (approximately 110, 330, -1).

    You say, 'Hail, Markus Jaevins'

    Markus Jaevins says 'The captive is in the cellar, under guard. I doubt she'll tell you much. She's quite mad. She may tell you something, since you're new here, but I doubt it. There isn't a way to know until you try. Ever interrogated a lunatic Terris Thule worshipper before? You'll have a field day, friend. I've used all my tricks, but thus far she won't say anything useful.'

    Interrogate the cultist captive 0/1 (Erudin Burning)

    Interrogate the cultist captive again 0/1 (Erudin Burning)

    Interrogate the cultist captive again 0/1 (Erudin Burning)

    a cultist captive says 'Erudin burns. Hundreds of confused Erudites are dead. Dread gives way to delicious terror! Oh, to see Terris in person! To watch as she brings the Endless Night to this forlorn and stodgy place! Nothing you say or do will swerve the city's new destiny!'

    a cultist captive says 'Trifle with me not. Feel the flowing terror and embrace it! My Mistress, the goddess of Terror herself, comes to this place soon. She will quench you of your calm, anon. . . then Norrath shall celebrate her reign over Erudin, the Feast of Endless Dread will come to the Old Library!'

    a cultist captive says 'When the Mistress returns, there will be suffering and death the likes of which Norrath has never seen! When she comes, she will eat the words of the defeated spirit of Erud and regurgitate them as a curse that will remake the city into a fortress of Terror. . . from the fallen Knights in her grasp will she take their broken oath and break your last defenses!'

    Speak with Markus Jaevins 0/1 (Erudin Burning)

    You say, 'Hail, Markus Jaevins'

    Markus Jaevins says 'Gods' blood, if what she says is true, she will use the magic phrases in the Deepwater Knights' oath against us! I've heard there might be a way to reassemble them into a potent curse. . . As far as the fallen Deepwater Knights themselves are concerned, there has never been such a thing as a 'fallen Deepwater Knight' and we surely aren't breaking that tradition at a time like this, if you catch my meaning. Find them and kill them before the enemy can extract the text of their oaths from their minds. Spare me from having to send another Knight to do it, and do it quickly before the enemy becomes wise to us.'

    Kill 3 of the fallen knights 0/3 (Erudin Burning)

    Fallen deepwater knights are found most commonly in the southwestern part of the zone.

    Speak with General Arbin Derrex 0/1 (Erudin Burning)

    General Arbin Derrex says 'So you have dealt with the fallen Knights with decisive force, eh? Not what I would have done, but I suppose you had your reasons. Very well, the perimeter remains secure, for now. From now on, let's try to remember to check with me before carrying out one of the Guildmaster's orders.'

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    Underpowered group approach
    # Oct 14 2011 at 2:11 PM Rating: Decent
    100 posts
    Not a lot of posts for some reason so thought there could be a bit more detail. Our group is 2-90 mages a 90 cleric (actual toon) and an 87 mage. The notes for the quest are pretty good but there wasn't much detail for the parts you may find hard.

    First off, Invis and I2U (Invis To Undead) were priceless. Starting at the Quest giver, go West, turn South, follow up the wood ramp into a tight tunnel. Mostly your target is SE from there, past the pool (blue on map from mapfiend). Your mapfiend map should have a Former HQ marked. The ones we found and killed were north of that building area.

    At the exit of the first tunnel stands a bone golem (BG). He sees I2U and regular invis so most likely you'll have to kill him. Might be able to slip by if you're lucky. We did a couple times but he also caught us a few times.

    Once your group is past the first bone golem, you can continue down around the pool and head SE. I2U will get you all the way until you run into another BG at the top of some steps. The BG paths, so just wait until he walks down. If you can, have both invis types up and you can slip by the BG during the path and not worry about the heretics. A word of caution, the heretics seemed to be linked and... man either we were way off our game or they hit REAL hard. Certainly they are multi-pulls, no idea if they split but there's no need to kill them anyway.

    We tried this two ways and I think both would have worked had we known the mob pathing.

    At the base of the steps you have two options to get to the fallen knights: Veer right or veer left. Either probably works and we won this by killing the BG we'd just passed, then taking the double (BG + skelly) toward the right, then running right, doubling back, up a rampish section to the 1st fallen knight. The portal NPCs there are indiff so they don't add.

    We'd tried earlier to go left and avoid all the BG's and skelly and that should have worked provided you can get up to all 3 fallend knights. Certainly one was reachable. We hit a skelly, he pathed and got 4 heretic adds and our druid evac'd us. It was late and we went the other way next time but that way is probably easier because you won't have to clear the BG blocking the "turn right" path.

    If you're like us, doing our best to fight our way through the pertinent content, you may find this helpful.
    Underpowered group approach : Appendum
    # Oct 15 2011 at 7:28 PM Rating: Decent
    100 posts
    As our group advanced further, some of the posts regarding later quests also covered details that are related to this quest, like "how to negotiate the zone". In particular please ready realgrumpy's post on the progression mission at the end of these. Even though a few quest npcs move around the zone is laid out the same and the blockers (bone golems) are either the same or very similarly positioned. Learning to move through this zone w/o wiping will make it much more enjoyable unless you're into pain. Realgrumpy's description of using lev saved us a bunch of time. His posts have become the EQ Almanac for me, very descriptive, few details left out.

    Thanks grumpy for making the EQ world a better place for us.

    Underpowered group approach
    # Oct 14 2011 at 5:35 PM Rating: Decent
    100 posts
    An update to my last post, time and familiarity with zone pays off. From the next quest, we used lev (from someone else's) post and lev is the ticket. You can walk the walls quite a bit to get to places you want to go w/o encountering some of the trash. Also, I was a bit off on the location of the knights we killed. Missed the detail that the path turned so hard and was typing after completion. The location of the knights would have been closer to West side of the zone in that region, almost due West of the Former HQ near the West boundary of the zone.

    Fallen Knight Spoiler
    # Feb 04 2011 at 1:49 AM Rating: Decent
    8 posts
    thanks....your spoiler worked great.
    Fallen Knight Spoiler
    # Oct 29 2010 at 4:28 AM Rating: Decent
    23 posts
    spoiler below
    The following is a spoiler for the 8th step of this quest
    (kill 3 of the fallen knights 0/3)

    With levitate you can do some old school city surfing around the southern wing of the zone which gives access to easy pulls.
    Place these map indicators in fallen_3
    P 31.1579, 1079.9994, 47.0672, 240, 127, 0, 3, ^Jump_up^
    P 17.1350, 1064.2400, 64.9208, 240, 127, 0, 1, ^Again^
    P -337.0698, 1278.2115, 71.1426, 240, 127, 0, 2, Pull_from_here

    spoiler above
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