Nogol and the Bandits  

Quest Started By:Description:
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Maximum Level:125
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Experience
  • Money
Quest Items:
Related Creatures:
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Thu Dec 10 14:16:48 2009
Modified: Tue Dec 5 05:21:04 2023
This solo task begins with Nogol Bandras at location -645,-17,+44 in Brell's Rest (port-in point from the Guild Hall).

You say, 'Hail, Nogol Bandras'

Nogol Bandras says 'Oh, hello. You really shouldn't sneak up on a fellow like that. Someone weaker than me might be [scared], you know.'

You say, 'Scared?'

Nogol Bandras says 'Me, I'm fine. Nothing scares ol' Nogol. Why I've been through a lot of adventures, don't you know. Why, I was a member of Miner's Guild 619 back in the day. Sure, I never managed to get up in the ranks much, but that's because I'm the hands-on sort. I liked to get involved, you know. Sure, it's fun to tell people what to do. I can't argue against that, but I just like the doing of things. Ah, why am I ramblin' like this. I shouldn't get distracted right now. It's [dangerous] here, even for us dwarves.'

You say, 'Dangerous?'

Nogol Bandras says 'Not that danger is a problem for me, mind you.' Nogol glances over his shoulder. 'It's just that lately things are out of whack. I don't know what's goin' on in that [city] up there, but things are getting messed up out here. Someone's been stealing my stuff, and that shouldn't be happening! I'm the one that's supposed to be doing the... er...' Nogol visibly calms himself down. 'Look, I don't suppose you could do me a [favor]?''

You say, 'A favor?'

Nogol Bandras says 'Several of my possessions have been stolen from me. Now I know that Brell isn't a big fan of possessiveness, what with all that stuff about making being what's important, not having what's been made. But darn it, I know he dislikes stealin' more! And I've been stolen from! Normally I'd go and find out who took my stuff on my own, but it's just not safe for me out there now. Them Kobolds have gone crazy. So maybe you could just go out there and [find] what's been stolen.'

You say, 'What city?'

Nogol Bandras says 'The city? Kernagir? Eh, it's called the Shining City. Supposed to be all bright and well lit, not like this dump. But Brell only lets some folks in there. I dunno what he's got against me, but I can't get in there. That idiot gatekeeper gives me some riddle when I ask to be let in, something about 'When is a dwarf made less the more he gets?' A buncha gnoll spit that is. I'm don't even care about getting' in there anymore. But it's pretty enough to look at. You can just sort of see it if you look up, just past the heart of the world there.'

You say, 'I'll find them'

Nogol Bandras says 'Well, then, here's a list. I have some ideas about who has this stuff. I've made notes next to each item. Someone as important as me has a lot of enemies.'

You have been assigned the task 'Nogol and the Bandits'.

Nogol has apparently been set upon by many bandits. He has asked you to seek out his lost items and recover them by any means you can muster.

A kobold named Fangskull has stolen a brilliantly made hammer that Nogol said he purchased from a merchant from Kernagir. He would like it returned.

Eggsniffer, a rotten-to-the-core gnoll bullied Nogol and took his favorite (and indeed, only) mug. This mug is precious to Nogol and he would like you to bring it back to him.

Nogit, a dwarven woman, took a necklace from Nogol. He said that he was ashamed he was fooled by her and would like you to get it back from her without hurting her.

Ripskin, a very powerful and evil gnoll, killed one of Nogol's friends and took that friend's ring. The ring has been passed from generation to generation in his friend's family, and he would like you to recover it for him so that he can return it to that friend.

Note: All items involved in this task are pre-lootable.

Deliver 1 Bejeweled Smithy Hammer to Nogol Bandras 0/1 (Brell's Rest)

Bejeweled Smithy Hammer drops off Fangskull who is a regular spawn (always up) in the kobold camp of Brell's Rest (eastern part of the zone). Mobs in this area hit for a max ~5,500.

Deliver 1 Embossed Pewter Mug to Nogol Bandras 0/1 (Brell's Rest)

Eggsniffer is a regular spawn (always up) in the gnoll camp of Brell's Rest (in the western part of the zone).

You say, 'Hail, Eggsniffer'

Eggsniffer says 'Bark! Hello. You like to hear a [song]? I just got this instrument, bark, and I need lots of practice. If not, then go away.'

You say, 'Sing me a song'

Eggsniffer says 'Bark! Wooooooooo! Hooowwwl! Grrrr.'

You say, 'About that mug you stole...'

Eggsniffer says 'Bark! That stupid dwarf send you here? Grrrr... That my mug. I win fair and square. Eggsniffer knew that dwarf want my mug. He not have anything worth trading for it, or not want to give anything good. If you not have good [trade] for mug, then go away.'

You say, 'A trade?'

Eggsniffer says 'Rrrrr... not sure what. I like my mug a lot. Only thing I like better is music and green gems. And food. I like food too. Bark! You get me a tuner for stringed instruments. Also, two green gems from that place placid grotto or pulsing grotto or something. Six Basilisk eggs, and... Bark, oh, and four bottles of kalish! Then I trade you mug.'

This opens up the following steps:

Deliver 6 Basilisk Egg to Eggsniffer 0/1 (Brell's Rest)

Deliver 4 Bottle of Kalish to Eggsniffer 0/1 (Brell's Rest)

Deliver 2 Uncut Emerald to Eggsniffer 0/1 (Brell's Rest)

Deliver 1 Fine Lute Tuners to Eggsniffer 0/1 (Brell's Rest)

These items are either vendor-bought or fairly common drops: Basilisk Eggs are regular basilisk eggs from basilisk mobs. Bottle of Kalish can be bought from merchants (in PoK, etc). Uncut Emerald is a random zone drops from mobs in Pellucid Grotto. Fine Lute Tuners can be purchased from bard vendors (available from a merchant in South Qeynos around the bard guild).

Once all items are handed in, you receive the Embossed Pewter Mug to take to Nogol.

Deliver 1 Gold and Platinum Necklace to Nogol Bandras 0/1 (Brell's Rest)

Find Nogit and Bartel located around -541,+303,+26.

Nogit says 'Hello upworlder. It's probably not safe for you around here. Trouble lurks everywhere, and I certainly can't [protect you].'

You say, 'Who can protect you?'

Nogit says 'I have Bartel to protect me. He's wonderful. But he can't protect everyone. You should go back to the upworld where you'll be safe.'

You say, 'Tell me about the necklace...'

Nogit says 'Oh, you know about that? Well, Bartel gave it to me. He's a smith. I know the necklace isn't perfect, but he made it for me and so I think it's the most beautiful thing in the world. Maybe he could make something for you as well. He says that practice will make him better and soon he might be worthy of making it into the city. Ask him if he can [make something] for you too!'

You say, 'Hey, make something for me'

Bartel says 'I suppose I could make something for you, if you have the materials. I can't get any here, you see. No jewels, no gold. Hold on a moment. Did Nogit tell you about the necklace I made for her? She needs to keep more quiet about that. There are too many greedy people here. In fact, how do I know you aren't one of them? I bet that scum [Nogol sent] you here.'

You say, 'Nogol sent me'

Bartel says 'I bet he did. But you didn't take Nogit's necklace for him. Perhaps you're not so bad, not like that horrible greedy Nogol. Hmm... I have an idea. I'll make a necklace for you, just like the one Nogit has. You can give it to him and he'll think he has what he desires. That should keep him from harming Nogit. The problem is that I don't have the [material] to make another one.'

You say, 'What material?'

Bartel says 'I won't need much, just some gold, some platinum and a few scrap gems from the grotto. I'll make you a deal. You bring me what I need and I'll make a [copy] of the necklace that Nogol will think is Nogit's. You can keep whatever he's paying you for it. And if you don't tell that greedy fool the truth, we'll all be better off.'

You say, 'I don't want a copy...'

Bartel says 'Oh, I see. Nogit told you that I'm not a very good smith, and so you're worried that I won't be able to make a believable copy. Well, I can. I'm actually a master smith and jeweler. I came from Kernagir to look for some porous blackrock for a project when I met Nogit. I chose to stay here with her rather than return to the city. But I had to lie to her to do so, or she would insist that I leave her and go back for my sake. So I told her that I was a poor smith and have invented other flaws for myself so that she believes that I can never enter the city. I guess lying is now one of those flaws in [truth].'

You say, 'The truth?'

This opens up the following steps:

Deliver 1 Lump of Gold Ore to Bartel 0/1 (Brell's Rest)

Deliver 1 Lump of Platinum Ore to Bartel 0/1 (Brell's Rest)

Deliver 1 Scrap of Gems to Bartel 0/1 (Brell's Rest)

Lump of Gold Ore and Lump of Platinum Ore are both random drops from burynai in The Underquarry; they are prelootable and the gold ore is more common than the platinum.

Scrap Gems are common drops from any creature in the Pellucid Grotto.

Once these items are all handed in, you'll receive the Gold and Platinum Necklace for Nogol.

Deliver 1 Ruby-studded Ring to Nogol Bandras 0/1 (Brell's Rest)

Ruby-Studded Ring drops offl Ripskin by the gnoll camp. He spawns in the gnoll camp at around -52,+619,+16. However, he also wanders out of the camp down towards the lava, where you can pull him and fight him without worrying about adds. That location is right around -5,+316,-13. He drops one ring per kill, but respawns in 3-5 minutes.

Deliver Nogol's Journal 0/1 (Brell's Rest)

After handing in the all four items as above, this step opens up. Nogol's Journal is a common drop from just about every creature in Brell's Rest (if not every creature). If you read the book you get some very interesting flavor text about the items you got for Nogol, however it doesn't have any bearing on the task. Hand the book into Nogol to complete the task.

Nogol says, 'My journal! Wonderful. You didn't read it, did you? No, I see that the seal is unbroken. Thank you very much.'
Nogol was pleased to have his items returned. He seemed rather gleeful about it, in fact.

20 Silver Tokens
210 platinum
You gain experience!
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Important Info - Nogol's Journal
# Jun 23 2023 at 8:39 AM Rating: Decent
I boxed 4 toons for the quest.
I already had quest complete.
I almost completely cleaned all mobs in Brell's, at least 3 times, and NOT 1 drop of Nogol's Journal.
I did ALL the killing...
Then, I got bored and i used my warrior to kill. Very 1st mob the Journal dropped!
Then, I got my cleric to try. 2 kills and Journal dropped!
Then, I got my rogue to try. 1st kill and Journal dropped!
I then tried again , me a ranger, after 100 mobs, no Journal...

Conclusion: You MUST have the Quest for Journal to drop!!!!!!!!!!!
# May 11 2016 at 11:05 PM Rating: Good
This also rewards 20 Silver Tokens.
EQ1: Gooshy:
EQ2: Gwenythe:
The task Is stuck
# May 01 2013 at 12:06 PM Rating: Decent
59 posts
Has anyone had the problem with the step Find Nogit and Bartel located around -541, 303, 26.
where she doesn't update the task? For me it stalls on the step;
You say, 'Hey, make something for me' . The dialog does not advance from there.
The task Is stuck
# May 09 2016 at 11:43 AM Rating: Decent
11 posts
You need to talk to Bartel for the rest of the task.
Couple Quick Clarifications
# Sep 29 2012 at 6:22 AM Rating: Decent
33 posts
After the first three quests for the Partisan piece, I expected to fly through this one just as fast. -- I was sadly mistaken.

I bought the basilisk eggs in the bazaar. -- I simply didn't want to take the time to go hunt the stupid things in some lowbie area.

The Bottle of Kalish you can get in PoK, there is a merchant in a building on the CR side of zone ... I don't remember if it was the building beside the CR stone itself, or in the area behind it, but he is there.

No need to brew the Bottle of Kalish, you can just hand in to Eggsniffer as is.

I found the Lump of Platinum Ore much more plentyful than the Lump of Gold Ore. Almost at a 1 to 10 rate (10 platinum ores to every 1 gold ore), so expect to spend some time killing to get it.

I rolled three peeps through this quest all at the same time, so we spent a lot of time in each area killing things until we all got what we needed. I would say it took us about 2 hours total to run around multiple zones and kill / fetch everything for the quest - and some of that was because we lucked up on a guy selling basilisk eggs in the bazaar.
Effect of reading the journal
# Mar 28 2010 at 3:11 AM Rating: Good
203 posts
If you right-click the journal (Nogol's Journal) to read it, while you are standing near Nogol, before the turnin, his response to you turning in the journal changes. Note that nothing happens immediately after the click (you see a faint spell effect glow a few seconds afterwards, if you have spell particles on), but you get no message implying you have clicked anything or cast a spell. (The book opens up like a regular book and you can read its text, so unless you look closely at your character's spell aura effects, you are none the wiser that you just cast a clicky spell!)

I do not know if you must be near him while you click, for this to cause his later response to change.

Here is the alternate text I received after turning in the journal (replace _playername_ with the character's name):

[Sun Mar 28 04:42:44 2010] Targeted (NPC): Nogol Bandras
[Sun Mar 28 04:42:44 2010] Right click on the NPC to consider him.
[Sun Mar 28 04:42:45 2010] Nogol Bandras says 'My journal! You read it, did you? The seal is broken! How could you break my trust in you. I'll reward you, but I'm not pleased with your immoral actions.'
[Sun Mar 28 04:42:45 2010] Sorry _playername_, I don't have anything for someone with your abilities.
[Sun Mar 28 04:42:45 2010] Your task 'Nogol and the Bandits' has been updated.
[Sun Mar 28 04:42:45 2010] Nogol was pleased to have his items returned. He seemed rather gleeful about it, in fact.
[Sun Mar 28 04:42:45 2010] You receive 210 platinum .
[Sun Mar 28 04:42:45 2010] You have gained 2 ability points! You now have 4 ability points.
[Sun Mar 28 04:42:45 2010] You gain experience!!

Also note that in-game, looking at the journal item does not show that there is an instant-cast right-click effect called "Read Nogol's Journal", but you can see it on Allakhazam's / Lucy's item depiction. This sounds to me like a hidden clicky effect added on purpose by the developers, to let Nogol know if you have read his journal or not. Quite sneaky!

Note that reading the journal did not cause any other noticeable adverse effects. My character still got the achivement step for "Nogol and the Bandits" marked in the "Guardian of Brell's Rest" Quest Achivement window.

Also note that the final Deliver the Journal step is only revealed in the task, once all previous steps have been completed.

I received the already-noted response text when another character of mine handed in the journal without reading it, so there is indeed a different response whether your read the journal or not.

Bartel Part of the Quest
# Dec 30 2009 at 11:22 AM Rating: Decent
You have to say "material" to Bartel to get the quest step to show up for the three items needed to make the necklace. Otherwise he justs hands it back to you.

Co-GuildLeader of BrewMasters
Rodcet Nife-Quellious
# Dec 24 2009 at 12:39 AM Rating: Decent

"The Lump of Gold Ore and Lump of Platinum Ore are both random drops from burynai in The Underquarry; they are prelootable and the gold ore is more common than the platinum."

It seems to be the other way around, we got 8 platinums and 2 golds in one setting/camp.
# Dec 11 2009 at 11:17 AM Rating: Decent
2,603 posts
Deliver 1 Bejeweled Smithy Hammer to Nogol Bandras
Deliver 1 Embossed Pewter Mug to Nogol Bandras
Deliver 6 Basilisk Egg ro Eggsniffer
Deliver 4 Bottle of kalish to Eggsniffer
Deliver 2 Uncut Emerald to Eggsniffer
Deliver 1 Fine Lute Tuners to Eggsniffer
Deliver 1 Gold and Platinum Necklace to Nogol Bandras
Deliver 1 Lump of Gold Ore to Bartel
Deliver 1 Lump of Platinum Ore to Bartel
Deliver 1 Scrap of Gems to Bartel
??? (Last step unrevealed to me at the moment)

Pewter Mug
# Dec 11 2009 at 12:46 AM Rating: Decent
Embossed Pewter Mug is obtained by delivering the following items to Eggsniffer:

- 6 Basilisk Eggs
- 4 Bottle of Kalish
- 2 Uncut Emerald
- 1 Fine Lute Tuner
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