Ancient Heroes - Nagafen's Lair  

Quest Started By:Description:
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Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Time Limit:06:00:00
Related Creatures:
Era:Seeds of Destruction
Group Size:Group
Min. # of Players:3
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Wed Sep 16 22:31:42 2009
Modified: Tue Jul 3 18:29:06 2012
This group task begins with Old Man McKenzie in the Plane of Knowledge. He is located in one of the taverns due south of the main bank. Your group's average level must be at least 80 in order to request this task. Players under 80th level can participate as long as the average requirement is met.

You say, 'Hail, Old Man McKenzie'

Old Man McKenzie says 'Hail yerself, ya wee wanna-be hero! All ya youngin's these days dunna have any respect fer yer elders. Back in my day, we didna' have these fancy portals back and forth across the world! We had to walk both ways up across them Serpent Spine peaks! And if'n a dwarf wanted to go back ta see the glory o' Kaladim, he had to ride a BOAT! An' don't be gettin' me started on the [equipment] we had to make due with!'

You say, 'The equipment couldn't have been that bad...'

Old Man McKenzie says 'O' now ye gone and done it! We were lucky if we had one combine long sword between us! None o' this fancy defiant armor that all ye lads be talkin' about now days! All we had was good cold steel and iron! Maybe ye'd be lucky enough to see a bit o' mithril now and again, but that wasn't much comfort against the ragin' flames o' [dragon fire]!'

You say, 'Dragon fire? From where?'

Old Man McKenzie says 'Well from Lord Nagafen, o' course! He caused quite a ruckus back in my day. E'ry group o' slack jawed daffodils that ventured into those lavastorm mountains was ne'er heard from again. That is, until we went [after him]. We practically had an army going in there ta bring him down! O' course, that was a bit o' a rarity. We didn't always travel in such large [groups].'

You say, 'No large groups?'

Old Man McKenzie says 'Aye, most o' the time we went pushin' over rocks and gettin' blasted by evil wizards, we only had a few of us. I'm sure I've got a [story] or two that ya just wouldna' believe!'

You have been assigned the task 'Ancient Heroes - Nagafen's Lair'.

You say, 'What's the story?'

Old Man McKenzie says 'Alright child ye have asked fer it now! Well it all really started when we found that cave. . .'

From here, you zone into an instanced version of Nagafen's Lair. You will find yourself at level 50 wearing some old world armor.

Kill a noxious spider 0/1 (Nagafen's Lair)

Kill a guano harvester 0/1 (Nagafen's Lair)

Kill a Kobold Noble 0/1 (Nagafen's Lair)

Kill a Stone Spider 0/1 (Nagafen's Lair)

Kill a kobold champion 0/1 (Nagafen's Lair)

Kill a kobold priest 0/1 (Nagafen's Lair)

Kill a Solusek kobold king 0/1 (Nagafen's Lair)

Kill Efreeti Lord Djarn 0/1 (Nagafen's Lair)

The task locks once the last of the above named mobs is killed.

Find Efreeti Lord Djarn's chest 0/1 (Nagafen's Lair)

In order to open the chest, all named mobs must be killed and you must have at least three players in the zone. Rewards are not granted until the chest is opened.

Known loot (1 chest item per task):
Carnal Pauldrons
Cloak of Shadows
Djarn's Amethyst Ring
Dragonbone Loop
Petrified Erudite Heart Amulet
Red Dragon Tooth
Shield of the Slain Unicorn
Staff of Writhing

Everyone in the task also receives a number of "McKenzie's Special Brew" which is used to buy items from Old Man McKenzie.
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# Mar 22 2017 at 5:05 PM Rating: Decent
3 posts
tried doing this today, zoned in, no spell gems, no way to bring them up or spell book. i think these missions are buged.
# Feb 24 2018 at 7:54 PM Rating: Good
68 posts
Feracitus wrote:
tried doing this today, zoned in, no spell gems, no way to bring them up or spell book. i think these missions are buged.

These are monster missions, you are made into a level 50 toon (classic) and using the AA window you have to make hotkeys for those abilities you want to use.
# Mar 24 2017 at 3:59 AM Rating: Excellent
Feracitus wrote:
tried doing this today, zoned in, no spell gems, no way to bring them up or spell book. i think these missions are buged.

Try it again and let us know if it does the same thing. If so a bug report can be made.
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My mob order
# Sep 08 2014 at 10:35 AM Rating: Decent
508 posts
Here are the contents of my soldungb_3.txt file.

The mob order is approximate because most of the kobolds are all together and so order is somewhat random (usually I do priest last). Generally, Noble is the first, then King or Champion, then Priest. Also, the Noxious Spider can spawn right at zone in, may require fighting or mezzing immediately. The (invis) Harvester is one I usually do right after the Kobolds, often is wandering about near the sonic bats. Then the spiders, and finally run invis to the wall just before Djarn. Two mobs there to take out near Djarn, then med up and send pets in on Djarn, run around the wall and debuff his damage shield. Then the usual fighting, and looting :)

P 110.6644, 561.7686, -92.4440, 0, 0, 0, 3, 1_Kobold_Noble
P 364.0061, 548.8195, -62.4380, 0, 0, 0, 3, 2_Kobold_King
P 320.4911, 592.4089, -73.4295, 0, 0, 0, 3, 3_Kobold_Priest
P 344.1610, 650.6011, -68.4411, 0, 0, 0, 3, 4_Kobold_Champion
P 61.5965, 625.0933, -106.4249, 0, 0, 0, 3, 5_Guano_Harvester_(invised)
P 312.1330, 868.8404, -64.9667, 0, 0, 0, 3, 6_Noxious_Spider_(roamer)
P 346.7041, 999.8795, -83.4328, 0, 0, 0, 3, 7_Stone_Spider
P 49.2688, 747.6372, -106.4356, 0, 0, 0, 3, 8_Death_Beetle
P -325.7266, 480.0629, -81.5213, 0, 0, 0, 3, 9_Efreeti_Lord_Djarn_(Chest)

Edited, Sep 8th 2014 12:37pm by Trellium
# Jul 29 2013 at 2:04 AM Rating: Good
31 posts
i manage to solo almost every named in this....the only 2 that could not solo the Stone Spider and the Efreeti Lord Djarn
# Jul 03 2012 at 5:21 AM Rating: Decent
43 posts
Can mercs be used in the task?

Found out for myself hehe - mercs can not be used in the task and they can not be used to fill a spot of three just to get the task from OMM.

Edited, Jul 4th 2012 12:46pm by whoop
no more exp
# Nov 07 2010 at 11:28 PM Rating: Decent
no more exp can be gained from this task
Minimum level and technical details
# May 30 2010 at 6:10 AM Rating: Decent
136 posts
A group of average level 80 is indeed the only requirement.
I did enter all 3 with a lvl 55 character.

See what happened...

The task locks when all named mobs are killed. The "boss" is not special in any way.

To open the chest it is required that all named mobs have been killed.

To open the chest it is required that 3 characters are present in the zone.

Only opening the chest will finish the task and grant the reward.
boxing this
# Apr 12 2010 at 5:58 PM Rating: Good
55 posts
I three box this mission with wiz, mage, and druid. Just run to the named mobs and blast away. Only casualty spot is the priest area. The king always helps out. I usually kill the king and the priest by the time my toons wipe. No problem.. respawn back and continue on to the next mob. still manage to do this in less than one hour with one wipe. You don't have to start over when your toon dies but he starts from the zone in which is why I just let my toons wipe so we all start over and move together to the next mob.
# Nov 19 2009 at 8:45 AM Rating: Decent
196 posts
In any of these beer mission if any toon dies I think you should have to start all over again unless the cleric rezzs you if no rezz then start all over again. Maybe this with keep the boxers from being so damn selfish and let some real people play.
# Aug 20 2010 at 11:52 AM Rating: Decent
520 posts
I agree with Mihart on this one, and I don't box. These are instanced zones, and what anyone does in any of them has absolutely no impact whatsoever on the rest of the game.

- They can't do the missions more often than you can (aside from having a guaranteed group to do them with).

- They don't get more loot than you do.

- They don't get more experience than you would/do.

What they DO do is pay an extra $15 per boxed character every month, helping to fill Sony's wallet and fund the servers and new content that we all enjoy.
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# Nov 20 2009 at 5:23 PM Rating: Decent
68 posts
Okay, I'll bite.

What are the boxers doing that you cannot do? Everyone can box if they want to. Just because you choose not to does not entitle you to ... well, anything. Be upset if you want to be, but any good boxer will tell you complainers are a big reason they don't invite people to join them.

Join a group, shut your mouth, and play your best. People like you give PUG's a bad name.
# Nov 17 2009 at 8:07 AM Rating: Good
Looted Petrified Erudite Heart Amulet from chest - neck item

# Oct 27 2009 at 2:15 PM Rating: Decent
80 posts
Chest also drops:

Carnal Pauldrons
Pets rule this one.
# Oct 25 2009 at 11:19 AM Rating: Decent
If you remember that the 50 pets were awesome, this is the way to handle this quest. Copy paste the locations someone kindly listed below into your map file.... then get 3 friends to help.. you need Enchanter, Mage, Necro and Cleric.... if others want to join you they need to choose wiz and sk .. NO MELEE NEEDED ACTUALLY.

Use pets to attack only... no melee.... sk can help keep cleric safe.

Enchanter is responsible to invis cleric when necessary..

enchanter spots mobs... Mage assist chanter sends pet who takes em out with assists from Necro pet and SK pets.... (all assist Mage Pet.)

If you work it this way, no one dies... it's simple and quick... you clear when you need to. Chanter can charm one mob for pet so you all have pets except cleric. chanter will tell group when to kill his pet. Did I mention NO MELEE? ok have fun. We have it down to 47 min to do....

Pets rule this one.
# Oct 27 2009 at 1:54 PM Rating: Decent
80 posts
I concur with most of this with soem minor stipulations.

I use 4 box Monk, Cleric, Necro, Magician.

Monk - used to do decent DPS, and act as a tank when mage pet roots mobs. This is important because it's very close quarters in most of these instances, so having a tank type to soak up damage from the casters helps. Also, I can invis the monk and go FD him at the next clear spot and not have to worry about invis popping. Also good for rujning around looking for the guano harvester.

Cleric - Buffs and heals. Word of Healing is super powerful here.

Necromancer - DoT's rock, good DPS pet, DMF to avoid lava traps and see invis and poison resist for spiders. LT heal for 400 makes him the best tank as long as his mana holds out.

Magician - Best tank pet, good nukes, but less effective in Nagafen due to bolt being fire based, pet weapons, damage shield and invis for the cleric and monk.

Kill spots
#1 - Invis - move group to Noble (4-5 mobs depending upon wanderer)
1 minute med to full
#2 - Invis to Champion/Advisor room (5-6 mobs depending upon wanderers)
med up and pull priest from the lave ledge, King will come too due to blue aggro. Kill both and done here
#3 - Move group to hall right before Noxious Spider, take monk to kill Guano Harvester, Kill Noxious - refresh Damage Shield
#4 - Move uninvis to the long hall before the Stone Spider, kill wanderer LDC and static LDC before Stone Spider, Pacify 1-2 LDCs in SS room and pull SS, Use Fire and Poison as magic wont land - dont let SS run
med up
#5 - Invis and move to tunnel right before the lava up to Djarn, Death Beetle wanders here - Kill DB
#6 - Med to full, refresh Damage Shield
Monk - Invis and run up to Djarn room FD behind wall
necro - click off lich, invis run up and FD behind wall
Cleric - invis and run up and hang out behind wall but away from the edges

If there is only one mob behind the wall with the group, kill it now without the mage. two of these mobs at once can be tricky 4 boxing. Monk Necro should be able ot kill it quickly enough and if the second does add just mez it. make sure to dispell Lava Guardians

Run up mage or kill second wanderer

After Mage is up and 2nd wanderer is dead, med to full
Run in monk to aggro Djarn but dont auto attack
Dispell Djarn with both Necro and mage
Do not send in pets or auto attack until Djarn is dispelled

Blast him apart after dispells

My best time = 38 minutes
How long
# Oct 21 2009 at 10:06 AM Rating: Decent
How long will these quest be live?? They going to be permanent or just till Underfoot is released?

Mob points
# Oct 12 2009 at 1:38 PM Rating: Decent
28 posts
Here are all the mob points you need for this mission.
I listed them in the order we do them in, though your results may vary.

P 312.1330, 868.8404, -64.9667, 0, 0, 240, 2, 5_Noxious_Spider_(roamer)
P -325.7266, 480.0629, -81.5213, 0, 0, 240, 2, Efreeti_Lord_Djarn-Chest
P 49.2688, 747.6372, -106.4356, 0, 0, 240, 2, 8_Death_Beetle
P 61.5965, 625.0933, -106.4249, 0, 0, 240, 2, 7_Guano_Harvester_(invised)
P 346.7041, 999.8795, -83.4328, 0, 0, 240, 2, 6_Stone_Spider
P 364.0061, 548.8195, -62.4380, 0, 0, 240, 2, 2_Kobold_King
P 320.4911, 592.4089, -73.4295, 0, 0, 240, 2, 3_Kobold_Priest
P 344.1610, 650.6011, -68.4411, 0, 0, 240, 2, 4_Kobold_Champion
P 110.6644, 561.7686, -92.4440, 0, 0, 240, 2, 1_Kobold_Noble

Be sure to copy-paste into your mapfile soldungb_1 in your EQ maps folder.

Also know that if the Efreeti Lord does his spinning slaughter of your entire group, you can invis your way back by going the due south route past the deadfall trap and the 2 sonic bat rooms. Have done this many times and not encountered any see invis on that route as long as you hug the walls past the bats.

Hope this helps...
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Looted this in group Sol b mission
# Sep 23 2009 at 12:40 PM Rating: Decent
166 posts
Shaman Healer
Pain and Glory - Vox
Ancient Heroes - Nagafen's Lair
# Sep 23 2009 at 10:50 AM Rating: Decent
Can you take Mercs in these guests?
Ancient Heroes - Nagafen's Lair
# Apr 18 2010 at 1:56 PM Rating: Decent
105 posts
Ancient Heroes - Nagafen's Lair
# Mar 13 2010 at 7:15 PM Rating: Decent
# Sep 22 2009 at 10:43 AM Rating: Good
350 posts
Soloable as an enchanter. Mez and memblur to targets, charm the name, kill trash with it till its low health, break charm and kill. Rinse and repeat.
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# Mar 23 2010 at 11:36 AM Rating: Decent
Don't let a named get killed while charmed, or else you won't get credit for that kill and will have to start over again.
# Jun 12 2010 at 1:31 AM Rating: Decent
stinks to miss credit, but you can always wait around for named respawn.
Location of mobs
# Sep 22 2009 at 8:24 AM Rating: Good
166 posts
Ancient Heroes - Nagafen's Lair (must do this one first to request others)

Edited, Sep 22nd 2009 12:28pm by Acoma

Edited, Sep 23rd 2009 2:53pm by Acoma

Edited, Sep 23rd 2009 3:38pm by Acoma

Edited, Sep 23rd 2009 3:45pm by Acoma

Edited, Sep 23rd 2009 3:49pm by Acoma
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Quick Question
# Sep 21 2009 at 3:08 PM Rating: Decent
Are these missions timed, and do the mobs respawn?
Quick Question
# Oct 06 2009 at 5:12 AM Rating: Default
70 posts
spent an hour inzone after we killed first named, did not get repops of nameds
Quick Question
# Sep 21 2009 at 4:38 PM Rating: Excellent
The missions have a six hour timer to complete the task and yes the mobs do respawn.
# Sep 20 2009 at 1:13 AM Rating: Good
83 posts
Chest is called "Djarns Chest" (no apostrophe).

Loot was Dragonbone Loop when I completed the mission just now:
Two chest loots so far
# Sep 18 2009 at 8:12 PM Rating: Excellent
183 posts
Painbringer --

Staff of Writhing --
task steps
# Sep 18 2009 at 6:31 AM Rating: Decent
These may be out of order a bit

Kill a noxious spider 0/1
Kill a guano harvester 0/1
Kill a Kobold Noble 0/1
Kill a Stone Spider 0/1
Kill a kobold champion 0/1
kill a kobold priest 0/1
kill a Solusek kobold king 0/1
kill efreeti Lord Djarn 0/1
find Efreeti Lord Djarn's chest 0/1
# Sep 17 2009 at 11:06 PM Rating: Decent
55 posts
1890 pp
1 McKenzie's Special Brew
2 AA for char over 2k AA

1 chestdrop groupitem about 500hp/mana range.
This may be sold back to McKenzie for more special brew (have heard 5 brew).
# Sep 17 2009 at 8:50 PM Rating: Good
29 posts
well what was the loot?!?
[img] [/img]
Quest Rewards
# Sep 17 2009 at 10:50 AM Rating: Decent
37 posts
You also get about 2k plat for completion, and the experience is pretty decent as well, I got 4AA on a character around 800AA and 6AA on a character around 400AA.
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