Frostcrypt #2 Event: Fridleif, Master Warcraft  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Event
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Success Lockout Timer: 108:00:00
Factions Raised:
Factions Lowered:
Related Creatures:
Era:Serpents Spine
Group Size:Raid
Min. # of Players:18
Max. # of Players:54
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Mon Jun 25 14:50:08 2007
Modified: Sat Feb 8 15:50:13 2020
This is the third event in the second Frostcrypt raid expedition.

Fridleif comes with six reanimated Krithgor soldier adds, which play an important role in this event.

There are a few options as far as dealing with the soldiers. They can be kited, mezzed, or turned into pets (or a combination of the three). Whatever you do, know that you will be dealing with a lot of them. The event starts off with six giants. When Fridleif reaches 70%, six more spawn. Another six spawn at 40%, totalling 18.

To turn a soldier into a pet, damage it to 40% at which point it turns green (literally) and becomes "a disoriented Krithgor soldier".

a disoriented Krithgor soldier says 'What are your orders commander? Should we [attack], [follow], or [halt]?'

If you tell it to attack, it will begin attacking Fridleif.

Regardless of whether you mez, kite, or pet the soldiers, Fridleif has defenses in place:

Fridleif looks at the unmoving soldiers and roars 'Wake up you lazy rot bags! This fight isn't over!'

This will break (some?) mezzes.

Fridleif shouts 'You there! After those magic users!'

This may act as a mem blur..

Fridleif slices a hand through the air in the direction of a disoriented Krithgor soldier.

This causes a "pet" giant to respawn as a KOS giant.

Fridleif himself can hit for ~7,000, single-target rampages, flurries, and enrages. The soldier adds can hit for ~3,000, single-target rampage, and flurry.

Fridleif, Master Warcraft has been slain by _____!
Fridleif, Master Warcraft's corpse says 'Never have I been so neatly outmanuevered. . . well fought.'
Your faction standing with Ancestors of Valdeholm could not possibly get any worse.
Your faction standing with Valdeholm Citizens could not possibly get any better.
Your faction standing with Wraithguard Leadership could not possibly get any better.

With the death of Fridleif, the undead soldiers crumple to the ground and turn to dust.

A click followed by a booming crash can be heard echoing throughout the crypt. . .

Loot from this event includes 2 Glowing Obsidian Runes + 1 Mark of Frostcrypt (backflag) + 2 Timeworn Armor Molds (first list) + 2 other items (second list):

A Timeworn Armguard Mold
A Timeworn Boot Mold
A Timeworn Bracer Mold
A Timeworn Glove Mold
A Timeworn Skullcap Mold

Frost Inlaid Lute of Boreal Wind
Frosted Wrap of the Calm Spirit
Ice Enameled Gorget of Battle
Iceweave Shawl of the Elements
Jagged Bone-Handled Ice Reaver
Scorched Froststeel Ring
Slashed Leather Belt of Frostbite
Sleetcaller's Mask of Icy Precision
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