Cavernous Reconnaissance  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Experience
  • Faction
  • Money
Factions Raised:
Factions Lowered:
    Related Zones:
    Related Creatures:
    Era:The Buried Sea
    Group Size:Solo
    Min. # of Players:1
    Max. # of Players:1
    Appropriate Classes:
    • All
    Appropriate Races:
    • All
    Entered: Fri Mar 9 14:38:57 2007
    Modified: Sat Jun 22 19:33:01 2019
    This solo task begins with Sorcerer Xycl at location +5, -100, +8 (the port-in room) in Katta Castrum.

    You say, 'Hail, Sorcerer Xycl'

    Sorcerer Xycl says 'Good day _____. Have you come to be a [patron] on Katta Castrum?'

    You say, 'A patron?'

    Sorcerer Xycl says 'Yes. We have need of enterprising individuals that can help us against those opposed to the empire. With the help of patron we can wrest control of the habitats back from those within. Might you be interested in giving [assistance]?'

    You say, 'I will give you some assistance'

    Sorcerer Xycl says 'Very good. We have various tasks for you to complete in [Thalassius]. All of them will require some combat prowess on your part, and you may want some friends of similar ability with you. Are you ready to choose your [task]?'

    You say, 'Tell me about Thalassius'

    Sorcerer Xycl says 'Ah. That is one of the habitats. In it we kept the kedge. That choice lead to one of our greatest disasters and the very reason that Katta Castrum is underwater. It seems that Prexus did not appreciate our [interactions] with the Kedge.'

    You say, 'Interactions?'

    Sorcerer Xycl says 'Um yes. Well. We were just trying to find a cure for Tsaph Katta, but Prexus seemed to think what we were doing bordered on torture. We of course had no such intent, but that misunderstanding lead to the actions that Prexus took against us. We have since made a law that forbids any more experimentation on the Kedge.'

    You say, 'What task?'

    Sorcerer Xycl says 'Return to me when you are victorious.'

    You are offered five tasks, one of which is 'Cavernous Reconnaissance'.

    You have been assigned the task 'Cavernous Reconnaissance'.

    There continues to be some worry that there was significant damage to the structure of Thalassius. Examine various points that Sorcerer Xycl has pointed out to be sure the construction is still sound. Additionally, Sorcerer Xycl is worried about a kedge that he has heard rumors of called Kraj Lucolupos. Find him and eliminate him so that he no longer a threat.

  • 1. Examine the southern tower. (Thalassius, the Coral Keep)

  • 2. Examine the eastern tower. (Thalassius, the Coral Keep)

  • 3. Examine the western tower. (Thalassius, the Coral Keep)

  • 4. Examine one of the northern towers. (Thalassius, the Coral Keep)

  • 5. Examine one of the northern towers. (Thalassius, the Coral Keep)

  • 6. Examine the anteroom. (Thalassius, the Coral Keep)

  • 7. Examine the Statue of Prexus. (Thalassius, the Coral Keep)

  • 8. Examine the library. (Thalassius, the Coral Keep)

    Library loc is -90, -521, -180

    P 521, 90, 160, 0, 0, 0, 2, Library

    Edit: If getting to it from the lab updates, it is on the third level.

  • 9. Examine the upper central lab room. (Thalassius, the Coral Keep)

  • 10. Examine the middle central lab room. (Thalassius, the Coral Keep)

  • 11. Examine the lower cental lab room. (Thalassius, the Coral Keep)

  • 12. Kill 1 Kraj Lucolupos. (Thalassius, the Coral Keep)

  • 13. ? ? ?

    Reward Option #1:
    Polished Pottery Chip, experience, and faction with Combine Empire Merchants

    Reward Option #2:
    100pp, experience, and faction
  • Rewards:
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    # Jun 17 2019 at 3:52 PM Rating: Good
    100 posts
    Seems after 12 years WolvestoothX never made it bad :(

    Library loc is -90, -521, -180

    P 521, 90, 160, 0, 0, 0, 2, Library

    Edit: If getting to it from the lab updates, it is on the third level.

    Edited, Jun 17th 2019 3:54pm by Dustend
    solo task?
    # Dec 07 2008 at 8:43 PM Rating: Decent
    23 posts
    How heck you people think this is soloable with a lvl 75 toon? mobs hitting that hard on a silk class is not soloable unless your over 80 maybe
    middle lab
    # Oct 13 2007 at 4:47 AM Rating: Decent
    I am not getting any updates in the middle lab room. Anyone else have this problem? I was in the center area that I took the first elevator to. Just below that room I got the lower lab update, and just about on the floor with the second elevator I got the upper update.
    middle lab
    # Dec 23 2009 at 8:02 AM Rating: Decent
    tricky spot, its behind the display case in the northeast corner

    Your Location is -701.65, -13.54, -267.31
    Tough, no orux?
    # Jun 04 2007 at 6:26 AM Rating: Decent
    2,729 posts
    This is a damn time-consuming mission, considering it doesn't pay out any orux. Just getting the named to spawn could take 2-3 hours, including crawl time. Amazing how inconsistent Sony can be with RvR (risk vs reward) on missions like these...
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    First time doing this mission
    # May 30 2007 at 7:37 PM Rating: Decent
    26 posts
    Noticed no one else posted on this mission. All the parts up to and including examining the anteroom are simple. No see invis in those areas. The towers required being right up against them to get the task update.

    Once you enter the building, go straight ahead. That is the anteroom. Then take a left. First room you enter has a see invis "a puddle of water". This mob is at the door immediately to the left. Max hit with a 75 Ranger with 2155 AC and Archetype defensives maxed (with Aegis of Vie Rk I) was 1333.

    I went through again using sneak. Continuing down the west side heading south I found the statue of Prexus and got the update as soon as I got on the pedestal. There were plenty more see invis, mostly "a puddle of water". Some of the Kedge also see invis.

    I didn't make it further than the water as I was dumb and tried to sneak swimming past a see invis mob. Didn't find the library. Will return to try further later.
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