Brain Bite (Firiona Vie)  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Spell
Factions Raised:
Factions Lowered:
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Era:Ruins of Kunark
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Mon Nov 20 15:58:35 2000
Modified: Sat Oct 3 15:20:51 2020
You say, 'Hail, Despondo'

Despondo looks a bit troubled and says, 'Welcome, welcome adventurer, I am the wizard tutor Despondo although few need tutorage around here. It would seem that this is no place for a student of any sorts. The lands of Kunark are quite deadly.'

You say, 'Whats wrong?'

Despondo says, 'I was bound to this post by General Veredeth. I came to find the lost souls of my friends, but am needed here. I must find a fellow wizard to [rescue their souls]'

You say, 'I will rescue their souls.'

Despondo says, 'You will need the [three bottles of entrapment]. If you can find their remains in Kunark they you will give the bottles to the body and their soul shall enter. Return all three bottles and I shall give you the wizard spell [Brain Bite]'

You say, 'Where are the three bottles of entrapment?'

Despondo says, 'I will need three gems to prepare the bottles. I am afraid I left my currency within the Freeport Vault. You will have to get the gems I need: a peridot, an onyx and a star rose quartz. Then I will give you the bottles.'

You say, 'What is Brain Bite?'

Despondo says, 'Brain Bite is a concussion spell created by my former friends whose souls are now lost to Kunark. The blow to the inner brain of an enraged foe may just cause the loss of memory and lower their rage. If you want a copy you have to [rescue their souls].'

Give him a Peridot, an Onyx and a Star Rose Quartz. In exchange, you will receive three bottles of entrapment. They each look like a royal jelly jar and must be identified to figure out which is which.

They identify as Hampton, Ryla, and Mardon.

Hampton, a human skeleton, is located along the zone wall of Trakanon's Teeth location +270, -3800. Head towards the bottom right of the map, towards SEB. Once you pass through the main archway to the East area of the zone, head NE. He'll be standing by himself in the North most part. He won't agro. Hand him the correct bottle to receive a bottle of swirling smoke, which identifies as Hampton's Soul.

Ryla, a human skeleton, is located in a jail cell in Karnor's Castle. Go straight into the zone, over both bridges and then hang a left. There is a stair case in there. Take the stairs up to the roof and then go left to the edge of the wall. You may need to kill a few undead here. Hang a right and follow to the end which goes around a corner. The jail cells will be on your right. The mobs inside WILL agro if you look. The human skeleton spawns inside the 2nd on the right. Give the correct bottle to the skeleton to receive a bottle of swirling smoke, which identifies as Ryla's Soul.

Mardon, a human skeleton, is located in the City of Mist reaver tower at location +136 -641. Give the correct bottle to the skeleton to receive a bottle of swirling smoke, which identifies as Mardon's Soul.

Return to Despondo and hand him the three bottles to receive the spell Brain Bite.

Despondo embraces the bottles as if they were babes. 'Rejoice, my friends!! Your souls are safe. _____, you are a good wizard. You deserve to know the secret of concussion.'

Your faction standing with Inhabitants of Firiona Vie got better.
Your faction standing with Emerald Warriors got better.
Your faction standing with Storm Guard got better.
Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis got worse.
Your faction standing with Pirates of Gunthak got worse.
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Can No Longer Levitate / Jump to second Floor
# Jan 10 2021 at 3:57 PM Rating: Excellent
134 posts
The trick to levi off the banner and jump to second floor is Nerfed. You have to get a stone key now and run through the castle to the spawn spot. Using Invis potions for the insta clickie and IVU spells you can walk past most mobs. Kill PH'r till he spawns turn in. They fixed the KoS aggro , u can turn in np now. Hope this helped
Just tried this.
# Oct 02 2020 at 1:06 PM Rating: Good
1 post
I just completed this last night - here is a bit more detailed rundown for an EQ TLP server in the kunark era. You don't need to identify these jars anymore. Simply hold down right click, and then check the lore tab. Then pass the corresponding jar to the names below.

Hampton jar, a human skeleton, is located along the zone wall of Trakanon's Teeth location +270, -3800. Head towards the bottom right of the map, towards SEB. Once you pass through the main archway to the East area of the zone, head NE. He'll be standing by himself in the North most part. He won't agro, do the turn in and leave.

Mardon jar, a human skeleton, is located in the City of Mist reaver tower at location +136 -641. Zone in, invis up. Head into the zone and keep north. You'll want to be in the NE corner of the zone. You'll see what looks like a temple with steps. Go into the tunnel in them, open the door (may agro some undead. died fast w/root and nuke as a 60 wizard), Once you open the first door, look straight ahead, that is another door. Double click to open. This will wind up to the roof. 2 more undead up here that I was able to single pull, root and nuke. Once at the top, under the little awing, face south. You'll see a banner with a small shelf attached to the wall. LEVITATE and run over to this. You'll be close to the upper walk ways. Take off levitate and jump while aiming just right of the corner. May need to try a few times. Once up, head east along a walk way to a door. You will more than likely agro the human skeleton. Drag him inside the door and down the safe hall way. Root and nuke. He will respawn in 20 minutes. Once he does, edge your way to were he spawns, stay tight to the wall, and then just as you can see him around the corner, do the hand in.

Ryla jar, a human skeleton, is located in a jail cell in Karnor's Castle. Go straight into the zone, over both bridges and then hang a left. There is a stair case in there. Take the stairs up to the roof and then go left to the edge of the wall. You may need to kill a few undead here. Hang a right and follow to the end which goes around a corner. The jail cells will be on your right. The mobs inside WILL agro if you look. The human skeleton spawns inside the 2nd on the right, will not agro, just do the turn in and leave.
No longer KoS
# Sep 15 2018 at 2:13 AM Rating: Good
2 posts
The human skele's no longer need to be charmed as they are now indifferent.
Dec 2008 64 Wiz Effort
# Dec 02 2008 at 12:45 PM Rating: Decent
241 posts
After scoping out the 3 zones with my 70 necro just did this quest solo with my 64 Wiz using the FV not OT quest quy as I am KOS to the OT wiz quest guy.

At level 64 (high Elf) knowning the details of the zones and quest it took 25 minutes to complete it for the scroll. With 90% exp in AA I received for final turn in about 2 blue bubbles exp.

COM with both INV and Undead INV and DD spells had to kill 4 mobs (most die in one nuke) and did turn in from the size corner with no agro on mob. COM mob despawan once turn in done to non quest mob. Had a Merc Cleric with me but did not need to cast on me as mobs die fast. I found and killed the key mob first (Captain of the Guard) before I could open the door to the mid level of the Zone). Strange that some of the Goos could see through reg INV. Black Reaver did not see through reg INV (room the key first opens)

KC was much harder as so many See Inv mobs and undead. Had to nuke 8 mobs most did not die in 2 nukes and got to Hum Skel with only 30 % mana left. Due to the high count of healing mobs in the zone some mobs took many nukes to kill, but over all no issue as I moved slowing and killed as needed to prevent agro trains. At 64 some mobs still light blue and more green with about 50 gray.

Only did the quest as this toon was started 8 years ago and just did it for the fun as this quest was too hard when I first started (At least solo)

Fun easy quest and takes you to zones often not part of the current EQ main world.

Dadijob (Prexus) TA rocks
Evil and good Bottles same?
# Nov 30 2008 at 4:34 PM Rating: Decent
241 posts
I wonder if the bottles given from the over there (evil) of FV (good) are different or can either be turned in to either quest guy?

Dadijob (Prexus) TA rocks
You can solo this
# Jul 14 2006 at 1:07 PM Rating: Decent
Soloed this in my late 50's. Being sneaky is half the battle. Go to KC during peak hours and wander through. The human skelly was waiting for me in the described area. Easy closet to camp in if he aint there.

On Misty, I went in and did, in fact, jump the banner to the second floor as described in one of the previoius posts. I turned left however and ran invis down the open air path directly to the PH room. Only one goo thing on the way.

Killed a few placeholders without problem(if you killed the guys on the temple floor the PHs are easy) and then did the hand in from around the corner to avoid aggo. Basically I hid around the corner and waited for placeholders to pop..when the human skelly appeared I just stood there and used F9 to view change and handed him the bottle.

The hardest part for me was just getting the 'jump' off the banner to the second floor. It really does work, it just took me a number of tries to do it. I changed 'views' to get a better look at myself when jumpin. Helped me.

I also used both invis and invis v. undead to sneak around these places. For me it seemed to help a lot.

Oh, one other trick worked well for me. As soon as you make the jump to the second floor BIND yourself there. I had to run away a few times because of wanderin monsters. Easy to flee to ZL...and was very easy to just watch the spot and gate back to it to try again to make the run to the PH room. Once there you can also bind yourself next to the PH. If you find aggo is a problem then you can easily come back later..aggo him..and pull him to the front door to a waiting enchanter. Prolly easier to find an enchanter with a few minutes time, then to make him/her wait for you to go through all this again.

Just my 2 cents.
Ryla in Karnor's Castle
# Mar 15 2006 at 6:22 PM Rating: Decent
Logged in my wizard to see if someone was experiencing in KC so I could get the Cell Block Area - directions posted are correct - from entrance go over two bridges then turn left and go up revolving stairs to 2nd floor. Human Skeleton had Skeleton Guardian PH - Carekeeper also aggro when I killed PH (potions help to solo these). NO aggro to my froglok wizard when Human Skeleton popped 20 minutes or so later - was invisible to undead - middle jail cell - 2nd on right. Immediately despawned after turn-in and Skeleton Guardian popped so I absounded to Zoneline
You don't need an enchanter.
# Feb 01 2006 at 7:59 PM Rating: Decent
I keep reading people say that the skellie in City of Mist requires an enchanter. I was able to do this part fairly easy w/o one. The trick is to kill the placeholder that pops and then stand around the corner. Change your point of view so you're looking forward at your character. This will allow you to see whatever pops while keeping yourself hidden. It will also let you trade with whatever pops w/o being seen as well.

I just stood around the corner and was able to give him the bottle. Worked like a charm.
# Apr 05 2005 at 10:34 PM Rating: Decent
144 posts
FV is definitely evil ... I am a high -elf wizzie - went to try to find Despondo ... and got attacked by Goons. I guess I'll try a DE illusion next time.
# Apr 09 2005 at 2:43 PM Rating: Decent
569 posts
Did you try the new FV?

They fled to the old drolvarg ruins.

# Apr 14 2005 at 2:00 AM Rating: Good
Confirmed. Despondo is indeed located in the former Drolvarg Ruins. His /loc is 450, -3370.

Good Luck.
Fv is evil town again?
# Mar 30 2005 at 3:26 PM Rating: Decent
How do you get to despondo or is he even there anymore in FV since its evil town again and if he isn't/is there still how do you get to him anyway because like i said it's evil now FV?
CoM in 20 minutes
# Jan 23 2005 at 4:01 AM Rating: Decent
I was helping my friend (40 wiz) with this and for the CoM exchanged I did it in 20 minutes.

1) Used my 13 SK with Sense the Dead to locate nearest undead.
2) Used my attack pet (level 59 Flaming Sword of Xuzl) to pull each mob (which I nuked to death) until I killed the PH and the Human Skeleton spawned.
3) Pulled Skelly, had bard charm it and friend did turn in. Total time = 20 mintues or so
CoM Human Skeleton
# Dec 26 2004 at 5:00 PM Rating: Decent
Well now that Gravity Flux is Nurfed.

I was forced to get the Stone Key and go thru the castle and walk all the way to the skeleton.

get the key from the Captian of the guard in CoM

walk to castle entrance (Invis of course)

get into castle and walk past Black Reaver and his posse (8-10 Golems) Carefull at the back door undead wander the hall's. get into hall bust right follow all the way. you can time it so the undead have walked other way as you move right and keep invis. as you gain altitude you enter a room with some undead
(just after the secret entrance to the see thru platforms above)
Now you are in a room with 2-3 undead I had a group we pwned em' from there we killed goo till we found his spawn location 136, -641, +-240
(straight up hall from this undead room)

after one pop he showed up had cleric do pacify.
he would not let me try to do the sneak up trade in. which im sure would not be a problem.

Good luck.. didnt get this done till I was 50
could have done it sooner. invis is awesome. really only 3 undead to worry about you could invis the rest.
Ummm this sucks..
# Jul 25 2004 at 4:57 PM Rating: Default
I have a Froglok wizard and I had him turn in the 3 gems in FV and teh jerk ate them and didnt say or give anything... is tehre faction for him or can this be MQed?
Brain Bite
# Apr 07 2004 at 7:02 AM Rating: Excellent
Let me see if I can help someone to avoid the time I spent figuring this out. First off this is an awesome spell to mix in your nuking chains. It wipes some of you hate from the mob for each cast.

Im not going to describe each mob you must visit and what you have to do for every part, There is plenty on this site and elsewhere about that. I'll tell you about some things I ran into that i didnt see mentioned anywhere. Though ill touch on the quest in general for reference. I was 50 when I did this quest though with the right help you can do it earlier. Solo your not gonna have much luck I think, especially pre-50 or so. Granted there are exceptions but just so you are warned.

First talk to Despondo in Firona Vie and get your 3 vials by giving him the 3 gems, Star Rose Quartz, Peridot, and Onyx. You will need to identify these to see who they go to.

I did Hampton first, easy turn in. Look for the Human Skeleton at loc +270 -3800. Zoned in from Emerald Jungle and followed the zone wall left. Its a pretty decent walk but generally completely safe. He is a skeleton and non-aggro least to a Erudite Wizard. Hand him the right Vial which you identified as his and get the swirling smoke vial.

Next I did Ryla in Karnor's Castle, KC is the big castle in the center of The Dreadlands. I had a couple friends assist me here since you basically have to fight your way to the mob with a good bit of aggro. Friends were a 54 SK and a 55 Druid. Zone in and go over 2 bridges, turn left, go up the stairs, make a left, make a right, pass a corridor on your right, enter the door on the right, go through the door in the back right, follow hall to the end and make a right, make first right. This is the jail area/camp. Behind most doors is a Dog though behind one, the second on the right I think it was, is the Human Skeleton/Ryla. She is also non-aggro to a Erudite Wizard. Give her the right vial and get your swirling smoke and get outta there.

Last vial you have is for Morden. This is the most tricky turn in. Morden is in the City of Mist which is off of the Emerald Jungle zone. The hard part about this one for me was the fact that the Human Skeleton/Morden was aggro to me. After camping for his spawn he attacked me which made the turn in impossible. I'll tell you how to get to his spawn point first in case you want to try your luck or take a friend to charm ect... Then I'll tell you how I did it.

1. Zone in and cross the bridge, go through the gate and make a right. Continue right to the temple area. It is not a bad idea to kill everything you see around the outside of the temple, especially the guys on top of the stairs and in the back corner. Possible to solo these of course with your massive nukes but you might want to bring a friend/friends the experience is enough to keep them happy. Now go through the door on the bottem left. Go straight and through the door in front of you and up the stairs. On top of the stairs are two undead which can make for a really difficult solo spot due to the tight quarters. Once these are dead you need to Levitate yourself. Face the door you just came through and on the left is a banner on the wall, you want to get on top of this. Levi on over and stop on top of the banner. (Hopefully you killed the guy under it because he will aggro you otherwise and most likely bring more than you want to handle.) You are now right next to a low wall. You are going to want to get over that wall and onto the walkway. There is a wandering skeleton up there you will want to avoid and also a goo thing. Invisibility will nuetralize the goo but the skeleton of course can see through it. So wait for him to pass you a good ways and drop Levitate while standing on the banner. Jump over to the wall. You dropped levitate because you cant jump while levitating. To the left you will see a door. Through this door is a room, while I was there it was 2 undead and 1 golem. I hugged the right wall while invisible and the undead didnt see me at all. So enter the room and hug the right wall in the back right of the room is another door that leads into a Hallway. Follow this hall down and to the right I believe, either way its a one way hall. At the next turn is end of the hall. Right before the door and in the corner is your mob or its place holder. The Loc of the mob is +136 -641. The place holder is a random zone mob. While I was there it was a Golem and a Wraith then the Human Skeleton. This area was safe to wait the spawn, nothing wanders the hall and you can safely pull, root, nuke the placeholder in the hallway behind you. Now If the Human Skeleton aggro's you like he did me.....

2. For this part I had a couple friends help since you need something to pull the Human Skeleton and something to calm him. I had a SK and a Ranger. Zone into the City and head to the bridge. Look to your right, There is an undead wraith thing on a ledge in the upper right. This is where you are going. There is also one on the left but it is irrelevant. Go through the gate and make a right. Make your first right, this the stairs to that ledge. Kill the wraith thing there and have your pocket friend shadow knight or necromancer cast "sense the dead" This will target the Human Skeleton if he is up. If it does not target "Human Skeleton" with sense dead then he is not up and you may want to refer to 1. and kill a few PH before he spawns.
Back to if he is up. You need to go back to the zone in area where you can see the bridge. Have the Nec/SK wait back where he can target the Human Skeleton with sense the dead. Now have the SK send his pet after the Skeleton from down there. As soon as he notices he has aggro he needs to send his pet away so he doesnt kill it. Or he/she can use a really low lvl pet so it dies in 1 hit. Either way when the pet is gone the SK/Necro needs to run back to the bridge where you are waiting. When you see the Human Skeleton root it. Both of you zone to Emerald Jungle and zone back in as quick as possible. Now that you've cleared the aggro on the mob have someone in your party (necro, sk, ranger, cleric, druid, whatever) calm the Human Skeleton, walk up and give him his correct bottle and viola you have your last swirling smoke vial.
(I ran into a problem with the Human Skeleton's root dropping before we could both zone back in. For this the ranger with us disbanded from the group and did the rooting when the SK pulled. SK zoned out while ranger kept him rooted. SK zoned in and ranger zoned out. SK calmed and I turned in without zoning at all.)

Return to Despondo and give him your 3 vials and now you have the immensely useful jolt spell Concussion. I hope this walkthrough helped at least one of you for I spent quite a few hours and fumbles figuring it out. Good luck fellow wizards!
Brain Bite
# Sep 03 2019 at 10:44 PM Rating: Decent
14 posts
I tried the CoM part where you lev onto the banner. I assume it was changed because jumping onto that wall is twice my gnomes height from there. I couldn't do it. I don't think it's possible anymore.
RE: Brain Bite
# Jul 05 2004 at 6:22 AM Rating: Decent

Thanks Jesuel - excellent post.

I missed this spell as I levelled up so I decided to get it yesterday. I solo'd it in a couple of hours (lvl 65 Wiz so I'd be disappointed not to), but I just wanted to let you know how I got on.

Hampton - easy turn in.

Ryla - took me the most time because it is a 28min respawn and the cell (yes it is 2nd on right), was empty when I arrived and then got a placeholder.

Morden - excellent directions but when you have levitated to the banner and jump onto the walkway, the door is on your right (not left). The human skellie conned as "ready to fight", but I just walked down the corridor until there was just a corner between us and did the hand in around the corner! Simple, no drama.

good luck all.
Just did it Today
# Mar 28 2004 at 1:38 AM Rating: Decent
I did this quest today. Was real easy. I have a level 40 wizard i did this quest with. I took my rogue, and friends chanter with me.

After gettign the 3 bottles from the guy, i went to Karnors first. I killed my way to the jail, and the "a human Skeleton" popped about 20 minutes later after i killed the PH. It conned indiffernt to my rogue, my wizzy , my enchanter, so i just turned the appropraite vial into him, got smoke filled one back, trak teeth was the same, i just took my wizzy there only, the "a human skelton" conned indefferent, i did the same thing on turn in.
Now CoM was a differnt story. This "a human Skeleton" conned scowl to attack and had to be Charmed liek apet with the enchanter. I pulled him to zone line, instead of fighting my way to him.
This is easy for a high level rogue. I sneak and hide all the way up to him, i unhid myself ( no need to attack you may kill it by accident) it agroed on me. I ran back out of the room and jumped down to the courtyard on the right. As i was falling i hit the escape button ( not escape disc need to keep agro) the escape button is to make sure i have nothing targetted, so i can hurry and re hide and sneak while falling. As son as i hot the ground, i was near front of zone. Near them 2 golems at the statue. I just ran out to the zone line and waiting for the " a human skeleton" to come to the zone. Charmed, did hand in. Ported out. Was that simple. As the rogue, it was no biggy to get hidden again so fast. I could had killed the few mobs on my way to zone, but thats taking a chance of killing the skeleton. Hope this helps as a useful tactic to drag him to zone, instead of fighting to him. ( i dunno if gravity flux works anymore to throw you up over the wall)
Also i dunno why the KC skele, and COM skele were not scowling like the CoM one was.. oh well. good luck to the next ones who try this quest.
# Mar 08 2004 at 3:27 AM Rating: Decent
Is this nerfed? I camped the jail tonight in KC for 4 hours and never got a human skeleton to spawn.
More info, and pop time.
# Mar 02 2004 at 9:00 PM Rating: Decent
50 posts
Human skeleton poped for me today, and he spawned KoS. I rooted and atoned him, and then cast pacify on him. He was scowl, but then for some reason he want indifferent after I pacified and atoned him.

He despawns and spawns another mob after turn-in, and that mob is not always the human skeleton. So be warned, if you are doing multiple wizards, you will may have to wait for repops. He doesn't seem to be rare, poping 1 in 3 mobs for me.

Pop time on this mob seems to be like 8 or 10 mins.

Elisaren Silverymoon
Archon of Luclin
Charm not requirred for CoM
# Jan 16 2004 at 1:06 PM Rating: Good
128 posts
The aggro from the CoM skeleteon appears to be less than supposed. I followed the method Snatches posted and completed the quest with the help of a 54 SK. We made our way to the room with the human skeleton via the temple and levitating on to the banner. The SK cast "Rest the dead" on the skeleton and then I (45 DE wizard) did the turn in without any aggro problems. In fact we had loitered outside the door to its room for a few minutes without Invis to Undead and did not pull any aggro. It may be that the initial posters who did this quest used one of the "pull" strategies. Once the mob has been aggroed, the only way to "calm" it down enough to do the turn in is to charm it.

Two problems I did have were:

1) Mobs on ramparts. There always seemed to be any unpleasant mix of live and undead mobs on the ramparts. Finally a 65 paladin came along and cleared all the mobs for us. One more member in our group and we would not have had any problems clearing a path to the human skeleton ourselves.

2) Finding the correct spot to levitate to was confusing. I'll try and clarify what you need to do. First you need to make your way to the temple in the front right side of the zone. You then need to enter the temple on the left side. Once you open the door to the temple, you will see another door directly in front of you. You need to go through this door and up the ramp to the root. There is usually a single undead mob that aggoes as soon as you pass through the first door. Try hugging the wall to your left and you may avoid aggroing it. On the rooftop patio you will find two (undead) mobs. Kill these mobs and then look at the wall behind you. On each side of the patio, there is a banner that is attached to the wall. It's hard to believe, but with levitate and a little patience, you can actually manuever yourself so that you are standing on top of this banner. You are then standing just below the rim of wall.You now need to jump over the wall. Because jump does not work while you are levitating, you must click off levitate. You can now hit the space bar and jump over the wall onto the ramparts. Two hints here. One, kill the mob under the banner on your way into the temple. That will avoid aggro problems from below while attempting this manuever. Second, the patio has a low wall enclosing it. Stand on this wall to gain extra height when attempting to move onto the banner.

Good luck!

Edited, Fri Jan 16 14:40:57 2004
# Dec 18 2003 at 12:04 AM Rating: Decent
More post for this spell than any others i have seen so if all this doesnt help me get this spell i dont know what will Thanks to all that posted comments here glad to see it wish all u high lvl wiz would post more comments on spells that are lower ie runes needed and where to get ect.
Again thx all
smaller lvl 31wiz on KB server
Alternate info for turn in
# Dec 14 2003 at 4:33 PM Rating: Good
After doing this quest today, I have found a slightly different way to do the turn in without agro or mezz. Please get some invis to undead potions first.
You will need to use the info about Levitating to the second floor. You will then need to proceed to 136, -641. This is the small room toward the front of CoM. You will need to clear the way of all mobs on the walk ways close to the room ( Unless you can handle switching between invis and invis to undead well enough to avoid agro.)
Just before entering room switch to invis vs undead. If it is up, go around corner far enough to drop invis without him agro on you. Then get out the jar and VERY carefully get close to him and click the jar on him. He should trade. I had regular invis on at the time and could barely see him from around the corner. But he traded. Good luck all.
Quest done in 4 hours "solo"
# Oct 24 2003 at 5:41 PM Rating: Good
I just did this quest today for my lvl 42 wizard, took about 4 hours, although I'm guessing I got lucky with CoM. I did it pretty much "solo" with a lvl 65 ranger on same account.

I'll try not to repeat stuff previously posted, and just describe what I had to do. I was reading these posts thoroughly the entire time I was doing the quest.

First off, started the quest with my wizard, did the first turn in in TT, then headed to Karnors. Karnors was empty, so I couldn't just go from camp to camp. So I logged the wizard at the zone line, then logged onto my lvl 65 ranger.

I made sure the ranger had enchanter buffs and headed to Karnors. I invised myself past first bridge, came to the second bridge, and thats where undead spawns start. I then cleared from there to the jail cell, wasn't too hard, but I am half decently geared. Once I had a clear path to the human skelleton I aggroed it, and pulled it to the zoneline. I have innate camo to instant invis pass the guards I didn't kill.

When I get the skelleton to the zone line I snare it, and use my non-damage root to hold it, and camped out, logging on the wizard I gave the skelly the jar and done. Port to Emerald Jungle and head to CoM.

When I get the wizard to CoM I camped him out near the zone line. Then logged on the ranger and headed to CoM. I fought my way to the temple on the right, I tried the trick of levitating onto the flag banister, dropping lev and jumping onto the walkway, worked very nice.

Now being a ranger I knew a human skelleton was up, and easily tracked him to his spawn point, tagged him, then levitated down to ent. I killed any adds I got and then snared and rooted the human skelleton. Careful of any DS you may have doing damage to the human skelleton, and use non-damage root and snare.

Now after I was done I was told casting harmony and zoning would allow the wizard to do the turn-in, but being on the same account I don't know if I coulda camped out and back in fast enough, and don't think I would have risked trying that.

What I did do was join my server auction channel and offered 2k for the services of a lvl 65 enchanter or necro for 10 minutes work. I got several tells and the lucky necro who sent the first tell got the job. I kept the skelleton rooted untill the necro got there, logged out with the necro mezzing the skelleton, logged onto the wizard, and handed him final jar.

Overall it was easier then I expected when I decided to start working on it this morning, but still an incredible challenge for the lvl of the spell.

I would like to thank Lumelienu for his wonderful post.
CoM skelly made easy
# Oct 23 2003 at 11:03 AM Rating: Decent
Quick before they nerf it!

This is for wizzies that can't or don't want to go onto the parapet to get the human skelly or its placeholders.

When standing on the first bridge facing the gate you will see two mobs on a deadend walkway on your right. That is your camp spot. Go through the gate and make two right turns to get there.

These two mobs and the human skelly (or PH) are on the same spawn time. About 20 mins. Once the two mobs are dead and you are ready have your partner (necro lvl40+) cast Sense Undead. This will give you a target on the skelly or its PH.

If it is the PH, send the pet to kill it. If the pet can't solo it, tell the pet to back off and the mob will follow him back. I like personally sending in a low lvl pet that will get killed. This will cause the undead to come to the necro.

If the human skelly is spawned drag him down by telling the pet to go away after it has aggroed. Then the necro charms the skelly and the wizzy hands him the bottle. Be sure to conn the mob before handing it the bottle. When charm sticks it will conn indifferent. Be quick with the bottle because when charm breaks this guy doubles for 129 and has a 630 nuke. He killed my wizzy when charm faded prematurely.

Thankyou to Khaymann on ARo for his assistance in getting this quest done. He is the best necro on this server. /salute

It is too easy so it WILL be nerfed. Get it done now!

-Xeck- and family of alts
KoS and mez errors
# Oct 15 2003 at 6:30 PM Rating: Decent
Just a followup to Lumelienu's post. I finished Brain Bite on the Tribunal on 11 October. Great post, Lumelienu. It helped me a lot. However, the Human Skel in CoM IS most assuredly KoS. Np, had a 61 Necro (me on second comp), 65 Wizzie (me) and a 65 Mage. We pulled mobs to pass the time while waiting for the Human Skel to pop.

Also, you must have a necro or chanter to CHARM the CoM HS... still "scowling" when mezzed. My necro used Enslave Death and np. Got my vial of smoke, went to Despondo and FINALLY completed the quest for my Concussion spell. I like it really well so far.

I'd actually forgotten about this whole thing for a couple years until reading posts on Strike of Solusek spell. SoS and Concussion are a great combo. Finally cleared those bottles outta my inventory that've been takin up space. Good Luck to ya all.

Astrakan, 65 Arcanist
Norrath Guardians of Honor
Tribunal Server

Edited, Thu Oct 16 13:03:49 2003
The CoM trick...
# Sep 18 2003 at 12:46 PM Rating: Good
just a note to add here...

as you will read below, the CoM "levitate to the banner, click off lev, and jump to the roof" trick works very well here for getting to the human skeleton without having to fight through the whole tower, but...

if you are a gnome, you are NOT TALL ENOUGH to make this jump. i finally made it by having an enchanter give me an illusion of a taller race (DE in this case, but most will work).

this can be done easily with one small group. we had ROG, ENC, healer and myself. if enchanter is big enough and mezzes well, mobs are easy enough that the ROG can single tank while you nuke (our cleric was only 38).

just thought i would save other gnomies some time.
RE: The CoM trick...
# Oct 05 2004 at 11:29 PM Rating: Decent
Thank you dctracker, that helps a lot! Noams rule!
done in 3 hours
# Sep 08 2003 at 8:50 AM Rating: Excellent
I finished this quest yesterday for myself and another guild wizard in 3 hours. We grabbed the bottles and headed to CoM. We had a 65 SK, 61 Cleric, 50 Enc, 57 wiz and me (65 wiz.) I put this quest off for 24 lvls and figures it was time to get it done. Once you get to CoM you head over the first bridge and past the gate, clearing as you go. Take your first right and follow it back till you see a temple area on your left. Go in and go upstairs, make sure you clear the whole area up to this as you might have to come back in several times. Once upstairs head out onto the little veranda look off to your left on the temple wall you see a banner. Using levi run over to the banner and scoot as far as you can over towards the ledge. The click off lev and jump up onto ledge. Its best to send in a tank and cleric first as you will get hit as soon as you go over. Next head into the building and take a left. follow corridor around until you hit loc pos 136, neg 641. The human skelle should be there, if not kill PH's. OK so its not KoS at least it wasnt to us until we tried to mez it lol. Hand him the right bottle and poofs for about 5 secs, then comes back so you can do this quest with several wizards at one time. OK next we went to KC, this one was super easy as we could fight our way through it np. If you cant get in a group and work your way up there. Same thing skelle was not KoS and we handed him bottles and then headed to TT. The guy in TT is near the Seb area. Just go like you are heading to Seb and once you get to the runis start following wall around to left until you hit loc. Hand him the right bottle and head back to FV and turn them in. Just a note dont try and cast this spell on one of your party members while still in the room with Despondo...they will kill you. Anyway hope this helps.

65 Wizardess
Co-Leader of Enchanted Dragons
Prexus Server
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