Vakk`dra's Shadow  

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Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
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  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Faction
  • Money
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    Era:Serpents Spine
    Group Size:Solo
    Min. # of Players:1
    Max. # of Players:1
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    Entered: Fri Oct 6 13:44:40 2006
    Modified: Sun Jul 21 00:06:24 2019
    Councilmember Vakk`dra may be found in the main council room on the second level, at -1535, -1295.

    You say, 'Hail, Councilmember Vakk`dra'

    Councilmember Vakk`dra hisses at you. 'Why must I always be plagued by inquiries of ignorant twits? You reek of stupidity. Could that be a foul stench you wish to [change]?'

    You say, 'I wish to change it.'

    Councilmember Vakk`dra says 'At any [cost]? Perhaps even your soul? You see, the dark art of the Shadowscale can be so alluring and seductive that practitioners become lost in it and never return from the void between life and death.'

    You say, 'What cost?'

    Councilmember Vakk`dra says 'My father, Draton`ra, Master of the Void, is a lord of shadow magic who can take wing and fly the razor's edge between life and death. His knowledge is vast -- incomprehensible to you! However, I could offer you a taste of the darkness so you may see how it seduces your senses and spirit . . . if you [dare].'

    You say, 'I dare.'

    Councilmember Vakk`dra says 'Bravery may be your strong suit then. Listen closely. One wrong effort on your part will bring my tutelage to a swift end. You must delve into the powers of undeath and capture a magical essence of shadow from the undead fisherman in the Hollow. You must also gather the bones of the undead scattered amongst the debris at the top of the city as they were once animated by our dark magic. And in the butcher's shop you must find fresh meat just carved from the bone so you may see, smell and touch what happens to flesh when it dies. Return to me with these things and I shall size you up once more. Master Draton`ra may have use for one as eager as you.'

    You have been assigned the task 'Vakk`dra's Shadow'.

    Find a enchanted essence of shadow and bring it to Councilmember Vakk'dra - Crescent Reach
    Gather a dusty bone of the undead and bring it to Councilmember Vakk'dra - Crescent Reach
    Speak with Butcher Katorr - Crescent Reach

    An Enchanted Essence of Shadow drops from "an undead fisherman" (level 1) in the Hollow near the falls, at -1458, -2316, -207.

    A Dusty Skeleton Bone is a ground spawn in multiple places on the third floor:
    -1454, -1164, +113
    -1355, -1230, +113
    -1176, -1197, +113
    -1207, -1041, +113

    (they're generally along side of a pile of debris - in some cases they've spawned slightly inside of the debris, but there is no mistaking the while pile of three bones - pick up and it is just the one bone)

    Find Butcher Katorr at location -1338, -1710.

    You say, 'Hail, Butcher Katorr'

    Your task 'Vakk`dra's Shadow' has been updated.

    Butcher Katorr grins at you slyly. 'You come from Brother Draton`ra, I see. I do have some fresh meat for you to inspect and knead with your fingers. I shan't tell you what type of creature it comes from. You might find it distasteful. However, should you follow the magic of the Master of the Void, you will have plenty of opportunity to feel this very type of flesh . . .'

    You receive a Piece of Acrid Meat.

    Head back to Vakk`dra and hand in the three pieces:

    Your task 'Vakk`dra's Shadow' has been updated.
    Your task 'Vakk`dra's Shadow' has been updated.
    Your task 'Vakk`dra's Shadow' has been updated.

    Councilmember Vakk`dra says 'Ah, yes. I love the feel of rotting meat under my fingers. Each second that passes, the decomposition races ever faster. My master will now speak with you, ______. I strongly suggest you bow low to my father, lest you find yourself racing past the boundary between life and death, straight into the void.'
    Your elementary understanding of Draton'ra's power is sufficient enough for him to acknowledge you. Beware how you address this dark dragon. He commands and demands the utmost respect. Do not expect a warm welcome.

    Your faction standing with Circle of the Crystalwing got better.
    You receive 1 platinum .
    You gain experience!!

    You may now speak to Draton`ra, Master of the Void for your innate breath spell.
    Submitted by: Galiel; additional info from Aminuette
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    Faction Hits
    # Nov 20 2015 at 11:29 PM Rating: Excellent
    216 posts
    Circle of the Crystalwing +10
    Faction Hits
    # Nov 23 2015 at 6:53 PM Rating: Excellent
    4,580 posts
    Mongrol wrote:
    Circle of the Crystalwing +10

    Updated, thanks.
    Dusty bone
    # Apr 12 2015 at 12:40 PM Rating: Decent
    139 posts
    Quest is bugged. I just looted a "Dusty Skeleton Bone" but I did not get update. I also completed the Myjinns quest but when I go to speak I get no response. I think these quest series are bugged
    Dusty bone
    # Jun 26 2016 at 2:24 AM Rating: Decent
    27 posts
    Just completed the quest-quest is not bugged. To get the update you have to obtain the 3 items then hand them in to Vakk'dra (Gem from decaying skeleton outside Crescent Reach Gates, Bones from Third floor in Crescent Reach and finally meat from Butcher).
    Ssauleron Soulrender
    Iksar Bloodreaver
    Choose the right color council member
    # Oct 19 2008 at 9:40 PM Rating: Good
    13 posts
    You need to speak to and do the quests for the council member of the same color as your Drakkin character. If you can't remember what color you are you can open the inventory window and click the face button. At the top of the modification window it will tell you your heritage. Then simply find the council member that mentions the same color as you when you hail them. (You might need to say the first response word to their first comment before they mention their color).
    What Color Am I?
    # May 02 2008 at 1:16 PM Rating: Decent
    This is a very interesting question, and one that every Drakin will eventually ask themselves.

    To find the answer you must:

    bring up the inventory screen, (hit the letter I)

    Click on the "Face" tab at the bottom

    The Appearance window will tell you your Heritage.

    This could be useful when trying to complete these friggin quests.........
    I lost it!
    # Apr 21 2008 at 8:41 PM Rating: Decent
    I don't have the acrid meat in my inventory, but the butcher tells me he already gave it too me, and the councilmember is pissed that I don't have it to give him. I'm not sure what I did with it... I didn't think I could drop or sell it. Can I get another one?
    # Oct 04 2007 at 11:12 AM Rating: Decent
    Today when I killed Charbones, he had the skull and the enchanted item that is needed for this quest.
    The Husband and Wife team

    Sakulapsidy Dragonborne
    Paladin of the 85th
    Whyz Arze
    Druid of the 85th season

    is this broke
    # Sep 02 2007 at 6:59 PM Rating: Decent
    33 posts
    I tryed to do this and the bones and essence dont give me update message
    Loc for 'an undead fisherman'
    # Aug 24 2007 at 8:54 PM Rating: Excellent
    31 posts
    Kreknek has the /loc for the 'an undead fisherman' correct but in the description it is still asking for a location.

    'an undead fisherman' /loc is -1458, -2316, -207

    # May 24 2007 at 4:26 AM Rating: Decent
    Hi, I hope someone can please help me with this. I HaIl, Council Aid Mystrnna and now she tells me You have shown a great deal of interest in this city and have preapared yourself well for what lies ahead of you my name.. I think your are now [ready] to meet the Council Members.

    I say Ready

    She then says "Go Speak to the Council of Six at your leisure, but please conduct yourself with ulmost dignity and don't embarrass me!"

    I tried to talk to Councilmember Vakk'dra and all of them but they all say the same thing.

    "Newcomer. You walk among the Council of Six. We are the first-born of the dragons of the Ranch and it is our task to work and advise all of the newcomers here to [test] your resolve and faithfulness to our couse. You shall act in support of our parents while here and should you dare to attack one of them, you will be put to a most violent and unplessant death."

    I say Test and nothing! I am very confussed on this quest can someone please help me! Thank you
    # Jun 14 2007 at 6:02 PM Rating: Decent
    61 posts
    enchanted essence also drops of mobs on 3rd floor
    Valorguard, The Nameless
    # Jun 14 2007 at 6:01 PM Rating: Decent
    61 posts
    did do "getting to know you: the council's aid"? i think that's the one that opened it up to get the tasks from each of the council members.
    Valorguard, The Nameless
    # Jul 25 2007 at 4:04 PM Rating: Decent
    Or maybe start at the beginning and hail the NPC at the top of the path in the Grove who sends you to see your GM and Drakkin who sends you to see the guy at the Inn who sends you to see the aide
    do you have to be a drakkin to do this
    # Feb 05 2007 at 11:52 PM Rating: Decent
    Do you have to be a drakkin to get this set of spells?
    Can I use potion and become a drakkin and get it ...
    Dusty Skeleton Bone loc
    # Nov 30 2006 at 8:43 PM Rating: Decent
    The Dusty Skeleton Bone is a ground spawn in the room on the 3rd floor with all the Dusty Skeletons. It looks like 3 bones on the floor near the wall next to a pile of broken stone. loc is n1375.27, n1121.18 I wasted a lot of time killing Dusty Skeletons thinking it was a drop.
    Dusty Skeleton Bone loc
    # Jan 07 2007 at 9:30 PM Rating: Decent
    If you are not of level to go where the dusty skeletons are, you can find random bones on the floor and they will be dusty skeleton bones.
    Dusty Skeleton Bone loc
    # Jan 07 2007 at 9:10 PM Rating: Decent
    If you are not of level to go where the dusty skeletons are, you can find random bones on the floor and they will be dusty skeleton bones.
    found parchment
    # Oct 17 2006 at 11:29 PM Rating: Decent
    16 posts
    "parchment written in drakkin blood and hidden amongst a pile of stones in the dragon's grove"

    i have found it. it's /loc is P 325, N 939. just found the little bugger. looks like a small pile of books, just click on it.

    this is for the gold drakkin quest.

    Edited, Oct 18th 2006 at 12:30am PDT by demonfang
    found parchment
    # Jun 09 2007 at 1:45 PM Rating: Decent
    87 posts
    LOC Confirmed.

    For those who may be LOC impaired: go to Y'ssuria the Elder by the waterfall in the cove (NE corner of Dragon Cove, not Cresent Reach as a whole). Pretend you are him and turn to look at what he sees.

    You should see a pile of books sitting on the ground between 2 rocks, just a tick east of due south. That's it.
    Nexax 101 Barbarian Shaman, Stromm
    found parchment
    # Oct 18 2006 at 2:59 PM Rating: Decent
    This is correct. It's hidden amongst a pile of STONES near one of the lakes in the dragon's grove. There are three or four large rocks by the shore, and the "parchment" is a little pile of books between them.
    OTHER Councilmemebers
    # Oct 16 2006 at 4:59 AM Rating: Decent
    done the quest all the way through but dragon wont speak to me anyone know why?

    Easy answer. It's cause this info is wrong lol. It's right for "this" quest but it's wrong where it says that everyone gets this. Well everyone gets it but it's not theirs. Lemme try to explain...

    You get to Crescent Reach and do the welcome quest. It leads you to the council aide. You do quests there that lead to the Councilmembers.

    Now this is the part ppl seem confused over on this quest, the breath quest after it, and the quest before it. See, the first quest with the banner everyone gets regardless of their heritage or council member. Then after doing that for any one of the the council members it unlocks ALL 6 members quests.

    Each one has a DIFFERENT quest. Any drakkin of any heritage color can do any or all 6 quests. However, each quest only opens up the dragon of the matching color to give quest and if you are not the same color as that dragon you won't get it anyway.

    For example, let's say you are the GOLD heritage. And you do the first stuff up through aide then the first councilmemember quest. Now ALL 6 of the quests are open to you. Now let's say you choose to do this quest described here. This is the BLACK heritage quest NOT GOLD or "everyone's". When you finish this quest he'll say you've earned the right to speak to the dragon and get breath quest yatta yatta somejunk. This would open the BLACK dragon quest. However, if you're of GOLD heritage the BLACK dragon won't give you the breath quest anyway. And in the same light, if you go to the GOLD dragon after finishing tihe BLACK councilmember's quest you won't get that either. If you are of GOLD heritage you need to do the GOLD councilmember's quest to unlock the GOLD dragon to get breath quest.

    You can still do the other councilmember's second quests but the only one that will advance you to your heritages breath quest is the member and dragon of you heritage's color. If you read the text the councilmembers give you for the second quest instead of doing what most do and just type in the [word] to proceed you'd see that each one tells you which color they are in case you can't figure it out by looking at them.

    Anyhow, on that note, THAT is where I am stuck. I made a GOLD Drakkin Warrior and am trying to finish the second quest from the GOLD councilmember which is btw Councilmember Myjinn. I got the book from the guy in library. I got the enchanted parchment and used it to be able to read the magical text. Quest says there's one other lore item hid in a pile of bones in the dragon's grove near water. That's where I'm stuck. Councilmember Myjinn will not speak to me without having all 3 parts even if journal says I should go back to him.

    I searched all over by both lakes to the west in the dragon's grove and all around them and waterfalls and nothing. I even searched the little river and crap to the east side of zone even though I know that has to be wrong because that's not the dragon's grove. I finally got frustrated and brought in my 75 druid and tried to find it. I tried to track, run around hitting F8. Clicked on everything. I can't find this dang thing lol. I want breath weapon for my newb Drakkin War. =( Anyone done this and know where this is at? I assumed would be a pile of bones targetable /open /loot type of thing but I can't find anything near water like the quest says.
    OTHER Councilmemebers
    # Nov 24 2006 at 2:18 AM Rating: Decent
    159 posts
    AND..I thought you were full of apple sauce...but what can I say...U R
    /Loc of Butcher Katorr'
    # Oct 14 2006 at 4:53 AM Rating: Decent
    35 posts
    Butcher Katorr at -1338, -1710. Second floor near Butcher Umi (who can be found with "FIND" feature).
    # Oct 13 2006 at 3:13 AM Rating: Decent
    done the quest all the way through but dragon wont speak to me anyone know why?
    Loc for Undead Fisherman
    # Oct 12 2006 at 6:48 PM Rating: Decent
    loc of the undead fisherman is -1463, -2327

    posted this same loc on the page for the undead fisherman and the enchanted essence of shadow
    Loc for Butcher Katorr
    # Oct 12 2006 at 7:01 PM Rating: Decent
    he's on the 2nd level in the Butcher's Block
    Loc for Dusty Bone
    # Oct 12 2006 at 6:59 PM Rating: Decent
    loc for the dusty bone is -1459, -1167

    at least thats what i got, give or take a few LOL
    different quests for different parent dragon
    # Oct 11 2006 at 12:12 PM Rating: Decent
    Are there different quests for different colors of dragon? I just went to do this quest last night and got a different taks
    # Oct 07 2006 at 10:55 AM Rating: Good
    /LOC is -1535, -1295 on the 2nd level of the city. in the main council room
    # Oct 07 2006 at 2:34 PM Rating: Excellent
    Ungainly Ninja
    6,998 posts
    xurineq wrote:
    /LOC is -1535, -1295 on the 2nd level of the city. in the main council room

    Updated, thanks.
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