Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Quests:
Era:Serpents Spine
Group Size:Solo
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Thu Oct 5 21:04:27 2006
Modified: Sun May 20 19:04:43 2018
Priest Ulkag stand at Loc 2150, 670, high on the northern cliffs of The Steppes, overlooking the Giant areas.

You say, 'Hail, Priest Ulkag'

You have been assigned the task 'Duskmold'.

Priest Ulkag says 'I desperately require the roots from the two species of Duskmold Fungi. You must journey into the depths of the Vergalid Mines and return to me with the samples of this piquant fungus if Igantug is to have any chance of recovery. You will have to hack apart the sturdy stalks to obtain the useful portions. Igantug has very little time, I am confident that your decision to aid him will be the right one.'

Priest Ulkag needs you to travel deep into the Vergalid Mines and recover several pieces of Duskmold Fungus. He mentions that there are two different species of fungus and that he needs two pieces of each.

Enter the Vergalid Mines - Vergalid Mines

Find the Ancient Ruins Deep Within - Vergalid Mines

Loc 570, -2020, -570. This is in an area that requires a key to reach (see access quest).

Retrieve two Twittering Mound Caps - Vergalid Mines

Retrieve two Doomshriek Mushrooms - Vergalid Mines

Hurry back to Ulkag with the two Twittering Caps - The Steppes

Hurry back to Ulkag with the two Doomshriek Mushrooms - The Steppes

You've found them, and they are all intact! With any luck, this will do the trick. Now be patient, kneading the ingredients together takes a very steady hand of a skilled priest such as myself.

You gain experience!!
You have successfully been granted your reward for: Duskmold
Submitted by: Lias Roxx, Defiant, Zek
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Easiest way to get the mushrooms.....
# Nov 16 2015 at 3:50 AM Rating: Excellent
51 posts
Ok, I have been working on this task for a while, and I just found, that the first mushroom is easiest right after you enter the "keyed" area(To get to this area, you have to do another task, which you obtain the "key" which is the "Flawless Indicolite Shard", which is real easy to do, you farm the creatures in the hallway/shaft near the elevator until the "Arid Indicolite Shard" drops, which is a TEMPORARY piece, so, you cannot log off before using it! Once you get it, take it down the shaft/hallway to the left of the elevator(Facing away from the elevator.), and follow that shaft until you get to the bottom, and you see tents and etc in a big open room, follow the wall to the left, and then head down the second tunnel/hallway/shaft(Whichever you wish to call it.), and when you get to the end of the shaft, you will come to a small room, with a stone creature directly across from you, and a large glowing crystal in the middle of the room, and if you are invisible, it will drop, but, you will not aggro the creatures in the room, as long as you are right next to or on the glowing blue crystal, and while next to it or on it, you right-click the shard you looted, and it gives you the "key" to access the lower section of the mines!), you make maybe 5 steps forward, and there is 1 of the "Twittering Fungus Cap" mushrooms, and it may not drop the cap each time, so, may have to wait it out, and from what I can tell, it takes maybe 15-20minutes to repop, and same goes for the other mushrooms, which, if you can go invis, its great, just run to the right of the shaft/hallway, that you come out of, just to the left of the fallen pillar(Which is a safety spot on top of it, BTW.), and head up that shaft, to the open area, and follow the left-hand side of the room, and there maybe a couple nameds that can see invis, but thats it, the regulars do not see invis, and follow that spiral pathway all the way to the bottom, where Vergalid is at(Don't worry about aggroing him, if you do, he kicks ya to the top of the elevator, so, you just gotta run back down to his huge cave!), and along the left-hand side, you will find 2 unguarded shriek mushrooms, and another a lil bit past, but cannot reach it to attack, unless you have a caster or an archer, plus, there is 1 wayyyyy back on the left-hand side, that you maybe able to hit, if standing in just the right spot, and all will not have to worry about anything but Vergalid to aggro at all, down in his cave! BTW, there is 1 really far back on the right-hand side, but REALLY hard to see, let alone hit, even with a far away archer......
Rogue soloable
# Dec 06 2007 at 7:39 PM Rating: Decent
Any Rogue with SoS and a good supply of thrown items can solo this.
Rogue soloable
# Jul 15 2008 at 10:30 AM Rating: Decent
you've got to be smokin' crack if you think a rogue can solo this quest even with SoS - yeah sure no mobs will be able to see you but you have to kill them to get the shrooms AND even before that you have to kill kickpicks and skullcrushers to get the "Arid Indicolite Shard" to be able to get in the ancient area...

unless there is something i'm not seeing/understanding? Please advise =)

Hoffwin 72 Rogue - Drinal
Rogue soloable
# Aug 31 2008 at 1:21 PM Rating: Decent
209 posts
I would guess that with a campfire you could get a toon that was quite low into VM and even to a place where it could (slowly) kill mushrooms. However, you cannot get the mission at 55 so it is sort of moot.
# Nov 12 2007 at 7:54 AM Rating: Decent
Mmmmmm twittering mound caps???? do those even drop.....what droped off of the first shrooms was a name that was close to, but not twittering mound cap. what i do know is that my quest log didnt accept the twittering fungus cap, but for the other guy that did this quest with me the priest accepted it.....anyone know?
# Sep 26 2012 at 9:24 AM Rating: Decent
138 posts
not bugged, just not as deep into the zone. they spawn before and in the pool area behind the locked door.
quest broken as of 9/6 patch
# Sep 06 2007 at 11:16 AM Rating: Decent
The priest will no longer respond to hails. Have bugged we'll see if soe cares that they broke something else with their latest "upgrade"
PL'ing clickie
# Dec 10 2006 at 9:01 AM Rating: Decent
It's not a bad clickie to have for PL'ing low level toons... but that's about it. Will have to get it and experiment.
Sulo Haapala
PL'ing clickie
# Dec 21 2006 at 2:59 AM Rating: Decent
539 posts
Since the buff is self only and is required 60 to cast, it would only do the one performing the powerleveling any good. At any rate even at level 75, I find the extra 700 hp very exceptional when I can't get a symbol from a cleric or pally.
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Nice quest
# Nov 25 2006 at 6:48 AM Rating: Decent
Very Soloable for 75 rangers with AA invis..... Most of the post for how to apply . Hardest part was the prequest for key. Rest was easy doing solo if your really careful.
it can be a solo mission
# Nov 07 2006 at 11:55 PM Rating: Decent
Is this soloable, yes. I am a Necro and have clicky invis ,AA IVU, and FD which makes it much easier for me over other classes.
After getting into the second part, the easiest shroom is when you get to the opening, hug the right wall. After about 2 seconds of hugging the wall you will come to a fallen column with 2 NPCs in front of it and a twitterling shroom behind it. I just stood against the column where no mobs could see me and stuck my pet on it and dotted it. The pet did push the mushroom out to the NPC area, but the NPCs did not attack. The mushroom jumped back after a certain distance away.
The 2nd part of the shrooms was a little tricky for me. After killing that mushroom if you go out into the open you will see 2 undead golems in the water with a stone statue wandering in the water. I waited for the golem to path off then I clicked IVU to path over the golems. I did catch aggro from clicking IVU a little too soon, but I just FDd until I lost aggro. I moved around the wall that I FDd at and went up the steps. Went up the area that I just came to with a grey con spider and a wandering mob at the base. When at the top of that area where the spider is, there is a golem to my right and to my left there is a NPC standing in front of 2 undead golems. Behind those 2 golems is a "ramp" that goes up. Between the 2 undead golems and the srhoom I am going for there are 2 a spawn of Vegalid that do not see invis. I pass them up and I get to the top and back up where they can't see me, then I just dot the mushroom, then rinse and repeat. The mushrooms do not always drop the item, so be prepared to go AFK at times.
This is all if you don't want to risk going to the bottom of the pit where Vegalid is. If you do, there are about 8-10 mushrooms down there with no mobs that path around which are just pickable like candy.

Edited, Nov 8th 2006 at 12:19am PST by MenilElloco
it can be a solo mission
# Nov 22 2006 at 9:35 PM Rating: Decent
IMO its easiers just to go down to vegalids area for the second shrooms. took all of 5 to get my 2 drops. way easier than risking mobs
so what?
# Nov 07 2006 at 6:20 AM Rating: Decent
34 posts
Sony makes a game for social interaction in a group environment. Then people like YOU come along and want to solo everything and not have to break a sweat to be all UBER. Gee... I bet you're fun to play/group with... NOT!

What's it to you it's his dime. Sometimes people play at different times of the day where it's hard to find a group. It's nice to be able to solo some stuff even if it's meant for group.

Sometimes people just don't want to be bothered with whiners and want to spend time to themselves.

Is this still soloable? I'm one of those ubber monks who plays early in the a.m and I look for stuff I can do on my own.

so what?
# Mar 13 2007 at 12:42 AM Rating: Default
i thought you said you were uber. All i see as of 3-13-07 is not even 12.5k unbuffed hps.......your best item is from demiplane. You sir are subpar not uber lol. Gain 3k more hps then youll be average. You see TSS gear is average level now not gimp demiplane lol@you
so what?
# Mar 13 2007 at 10:19 AM Rating: Good
3,705 posts
Hmm, actually, if that monk gained 3k hp, he'd be the 15 or 16th ranked monk in all of EQ by HP.

Not sure how you define "average" but you definitely seem to have a different meaning than any of the ones used by statisticians.

At least he links his magelo, instead of hiding anon behind a screenname that isn't his character.

Unless, that is, you play a level 8 monk on combine.

Either way, only a complete idiot would tell the number nine monk on his server that he's "subpar".

Perhaps not "uber" but a heck of a lot better than "subpar" and definitely above "average".
so what?
# Nov 20 2006 at 5:07 PM Rating: Decent
Yes, it's solo-able by a Monk with your gear, providing you can get into Inner Vergalid. Using Imitate Death and Sneak, there's a single twittering mushroom next to a trilobite -- a necromancer paths near there, so when it paths away, go max burn and kill the twittering, then loot it. I haven't seen any others which don't have aggro mobs next to it, so I logged out and returned some time later, and killed the respawn.

For the doomshrieks, I sneaked and ID'd my way all the way to Vergalid's area - there's 5 or 6 doomshrieks there, and they drop the mushroom about 1 in 2. Gating out at that point would be safer than trying to walk out...
More info and a shortcut
# Oct 22 2006 at 7:25 AM Rating: Decent
167 posts
EDITED with new short cut info:

OK, get your key with this quest

If you are patient and careful, you can harvest the shrooms without having to kill any mobs.

Invis and click into the ancient/deep section. After clicking through the statue, you will enter a new cave. Follow this cave down until iut opens on a large cavern. Straight through here is another hallway. Visibility is obstructed by fallen debri and mounds. Its hard to see. The bonewalker models all see invis. They are hard to see, so dont accidentally walk near one. Aggro radius is small. I found by hugging walls and levitating I could pass the see invis mobs.

So, you go through the first cave, through a large cavern and into the second cave.

Easiest Twittering Shroom

Right at the mouth of the second cave is a twittering shroom on the right. Leave this one and go just a little further. A second shroom is on the left. Park yourself across the hall from it. There is one roamer mob here. Let the mob roam away and then nuke the shroom dead. This one, you can farm without killing mobs (so its solo-able).

Easiest Doomshriek Shroom
From here the second hallway will ramp up slightly. Right after this, it will open up again. On the right is a bonewalker. If you hug the right wall, you can slip past this mob and up a small ledge.

From this ledge and with levitate you can look across the hall you just came through and see another ledge, which doubles back over top of the cave you just came through. There are two "Spawn of Vergalid" (dragon type) mobs on the ramp. These do not see invis. Invis, lev and float over to this second ramp.

There is a shroom at the top of this ramp with a safe spot to camp above it. Kill this shroom. If careful the spawn mob wont add. You can farm this one without killing mobs.

(There are a lot of doomshriek mobs downstairs at the bottom of the pit but I've killed tons of these and never got a drop from one of them.)

Edited, Oct 22nd 2006 at 11:14am PDT by realgrumpy

Edited, Oct 22nd 2006 at 11:15am PDT by realgrumpy
More info and a shortcut
# Nov 14 2008 at 8:34 AM Rating: Decent
56 posts
Iico the Wanderer becarefull of on the 2nd one had guild mate invs and invs vs dead me thought np wrong! took me a few min to find 2nd ledge had to walk into mid air and turn left to really see it well. waiting on repop now. thanks for help.
More info and a shortcut
# Dec 07 2007 at 9:03 AM Rating: Decent
69 posts
Perfect walk through! It is still valid to this date.

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More info and a shortcut
# Nov 25 2006 at 1:22 PM Rating: Decent
Just a post to say thank you... realgrumpy's post worked perfectly for me. Didn't vary from post at all and got it in no time flat. Solo 75 mage.

Thanks again.. great post!
Re: More info and a shortcut
# Nov 10 2006 at 9:04 PM Rating: Decent
45 posts
Great post, followed it solo tonight (70 Shaman) and it worked like a champ, completed the quest only having to kill a few mobs in the first part to get the key for access to the second part. Just wanted to clarify and add a few things. 1 - The shrooms seem to be buggy when it comes to dots, they go out of combat and regen at ooc rates between ticks of dots making it rough, but if you keep your pet on them it keeps them in combat. 2 - the first shroom that the main post discusses if you put your pet on it, then reinvis, the wanderer will not assist the shroom, so you can just let your pet chew the shroom down while you watch, refreshing panther and throwing on dots when the wanderer is out of range. If the corpse has a 30 sec timer on it... it is empty so dont bother breaking invis to check it, if it has the drop it will have a 30 min timer and you will have plenty of time to let the wandering mob path away before you loot. 3 - to get to the second shroom to camp solo, wait for the wandering mob that you were just watching to path to the bottom of the ramp, then use an IVU potion and run up the right wall as the post described, no mobs up there so you can switch back to normal invis before you lev across to where the shroom is. 4 - Doing it solo like this may take a while, because respawns are long (30 mins maybe, not sure) but probably no longer than trying to get a whole group through this quest ^^. All in all a great item for a few hours of solo work.
More info and a shortcut
# Oct 24 2006 at 12:59 AM Rating: Decent
85 posts
I got both of my Doomshriek drops from the shrooms in Vergalid's room. Had to kill five to get two drops, but they're definately down there.

There's also a Twittering inside the first cave, that doesn't require waiting on mob pathing to get. Just hug the wall to the right, when you get near the area with the exposed stairs, you will see a Twittering shroom in a corner. It looks like the mobs nearby would agro you, but if you back into the corner and nuke from there, you can kill and loot (just slowly move up until you hit max loot range) without ever getting agro.
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solo ? right....
# Oct 15 2006 at 4:26 PM Rating: Decent
Tried this with a group and there is more to this than making your way down and killing a few shrooms. First of all there are both invis and invis to undead mobs down there, usually standing in close proximity so there was no way to just invis one way or the other to get to the mushrooms. Second, the mushrooms take a while to "kill". They dont hit back, but do have enough hps for us to stand there for a bit to kill, and each mushroom drops "one", so if you have a group of ppl who wants this item, you'll be down there for a while. The doomshriek mushrooms are deep in the zone, also surrounded by at least 5 mobs both undead and live npcs so youll need to placate/pacify to single pull them. All in all we were down there for 4 hours and managed to get only half done. Bring a group and intend to stay a while, we did get quite a few rkII spell, some lvl 75 ones during this trip.
# Oct 15 2006 at 11:32 AM Rating: Decent
Get your group... Cant solo now... corpses last 26secs and if you try to WS/loot FD/Fort... it says "hostile creatures" and wont let you loot... Sony wants every damn thing done the same way-- get a group and **** away hours and hours killing crap... If any class uses their abilities and brains to do a SOLO task-- GOD FORBID-- alone, they nerf it...

Nice to know their lazy asses can't seem to fix parry, improved dodge, block etc but they sure as hell can swoop their asses in to stop people from doing anything alone... GJ! You suck Sony!

Edited, Oct 15th 2006 at 12:33pm PDT by Div
# Nov 05 2006 at 4:17 AM Rating: Decent
I just did this quest and I soloed it just fine yes lots of undead and living mobs so it a pain and they are all mixed and some roaming. I did it solo about 3hrs ago it was just like I read about it plenty of solo shrooms that easy to kill and loot, without any argo ... least once I got to where all of them nice solo out of way places was .. and if the corpse had anything on it it had a 30 minute rot timer and yes some had nothing on them and poofed under 30 seconds. I am a Necro with both invis and invisdead AA .. yes did I have to FD a few times .. did I die once time you bet your boots. Now what class can do this Quest .. I would say any character that can use a Rogue Shroud can do it probably easier then I did .. but one of the reasons I tried it as a necro was lately SOE puts in mobs that see thru Rogue Hide and Seek.. but I seen no sign that at this time that any of the mobs can see thru Rogues invis .. since I evertime I changed my invises back and forth to see if any mob was seeing me because it was seeing thru my invis if I change to undead or regular invis the mob would not see one or the other .. Sounds like a Rogue go and look Dream!!.. But be for sure if it gets out it can be done with a rogue shroud something will be changed so go and do it now .. later have fun!! That item now give me over 9k HP self buffed .. I love it!!
# Dec 23 2006 at 1:31 AM Rating: Decent
618 posts
Not rogue shroudable.

I tried with 70 rogue goblin shroud, and first mushroom started to run a bit. Used snare ability. And after getting the mushroom down to about 50% mark the mushroom randomly hit me for 1k dmg.. Not attacked, just random swing from no where. So be warned. They CAN attack sometimes.
Antonius Bayle
# Oct 20 2006 at 3:09 PM Rating: Decent
65 posts

Hmmm... Sony makes a game for social interaction in a group environment. Then people like YOU come along and want to solo everything and not have to break a sweat to be all UBER. Gee... I bet you're fun to play/group with... NOT!
# Oct 28 2006 at 7:22 AM Rating: Decent
Not everyone wants to beg people to do things like this ALL the time. Once in awhile it would be nice to be able to use your brains and skills to accomplish something alone vice having to spend hours begging the right classes to come help on a personal quest.

BTW NOTHING is worse then getting peeps to come "help" spend hours clearing then get the drop you are after and some jack-*** says "oh, what's that for" and you tell him then he says "OH, i'll roll."

IMO this quest was fine as it was - thanks SONY for ******** up once again.
# Oct 16 2006 at 8:05 PM Rating: Default
Get your group... Cant solo now... corpses last 26secs and if you try to WS/loot FD/Fort... it says "hostile creatures" and wont let you loot... Sony wants every damn thing done the same way-- get a group and **** away hours and hours killing crap... If any class uses their abilities and brains to do a SOLO task-- GOD FORBID-- alone, they nerf it...

Empty coprses expire in 30 sec rofl. Lo TWC!
# Oct 15 2006 at 12:04 PM Rating: Decent
1,087 posts
"solo task" just means you can be the only one to have it, and not require a group to get the task itself.

You can fd, then use the /loot command (which breaks fd)

"nerf" means "to make weaker"

fungus staff was nerfed. This mission was made harder.
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doing this quest now....
# Oct 12 2006 at 4:59 PM Rating: Decent
Here's my breakdown, this is what i've done, and honestly expect nerf bat to hit a grand slam on this one soon:
step 1 all members of party EACH get the quest.
step 2.a kill goblins till you get what is called arid indicolite shard
step 2.b have the cleric or some sort of rezzer loot shard (find out why later)
step 3 invis to a room with a big glowy-blue crystal formation in the center.
step 4.a the person who looted the shard holds the shard in an inventory slot
step 4.b they target themselves, the no rent shard becomes a "Flawless indicolite shard"
step 4.c they move east of the crystal and click on the statue, this teleports them a short (important word there) distance away. the others in the party kill themselves as close to the wall which separates where they are and where the rezzer has been teleported... this is why the rezzer gets the first key. the rezzer who has teleported to the other side them /corpses them to the other side and rezzes them. This way you only need one key; more keys will drop on the inside, infact they drop like candy inide (Go figure)
step 5. once past the statue the ruins are only a short jaunt past non see-invis mobs, hugging the left wall, there are some undead, but the agro range is low and well they are far enough away, once the task updates you are then in the room with the mushroom things kill loot rinse repeat, go do turn-ins and enjoy 700 hp clicky self buff that does not stack with cleric stuff.

Kinda lost track of where one step ends and substeps begin but, so what.

Edited, Oct 12th 2006 at 6:24pm PDT by EQJore
doing this quest now....
# Oct 14 2006 at 3:51 PM Rating: Decent
192 posts
step 5. once past the statue the ruins are only a short jaunt past non see-invis mobs, hugging the left wall, there are some undead, but the agro range is low and well they are far enough away, once the task updates you are then in the room with the mushroom things kill loot rinse repeat, go do turn-ins and enjoy 700 hp clicky self buff that does not stack with cleric stuff.

I am sorry to say its just not this easy. The mushrooms have two distinct locations they grow at. An expert timer can pass by from the one side to the other with invis on but once you reach the rim of the cave's descent, it just isn't happening with kill a shroom and move on. Currently using the FD technique of killing a mushroom is not an option as posted somewhere earlier in this thread.

The mushrooms have nearly 500 hp nearest I can estimate using the new discipines and wide range of damage I dealt on the 3 mushrooms we did down.

I will suggest however, use levitation, invis and freefall to your advantage to get to the only 2 spawn mushroom in the cave. This is a touchy dangerous location as 3 undead lay to the north the west and a whole train load to the east.

For those saying this is so simple as well : I am a raid buffed 17.3 k monk and I parse with the best for damage. These mobs are 76+ and have hitpoints like golems, and spike damage. This is from nearest I can tell my looking at my dmg windows from a max round of up to 6 attacks at 1k+. We used a druid, shaman, monk x 2, ranger for this group it worked well to this point.

Suggestions for a solid undead killing player would help as well as CC. Many points near where we were was pulls ranging from 3- 4.

This is well worth the time, but its not just something you go get and come home ladies and gentlemen. You earn this kill with blood and tactics.

Blades of Wrath
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where is the door
# Oct 12 2006 at 9:03 AM Rating: Decent
167 posts
A few people have mentioned you can pick the lock or flop through. Others have mentioned its a clicky port key.

I scoured that zone and couldn't find a locked door anywhere.

Can someone please explain exactly where the door is in Vergalid and how it works.

where is the door
# Oct 14 2006 at 3:41 PM Rating: Decent
192 posts
The door is key'd by a f;ag item much like anguish and others it except this one is more like the Arx key from Sanctus Seru, the key literally transports you through the doorway. You only move a small distance so you can still corpse coth people through.

In days gone by, I remember the flowers and the sky
# Oct 11 2006 at 4:01 PM Rating: Decent
priest loc is 2149 666 both pos, he up on cliff behind the giants
The Shrooms
# Oct 11 2006 at 3:24 PM Rating: Decent
110 posts
You only need one key to open the door. The twittering shrooms are in first level with a bunch of light blues (to a 75). We found three spawns and just went back and forth clearing around them until all had 2. The Doomshrieks are on a downward sprial of yellows leading to Vergalid, a raid dragon. About 1 in 6 or so drop the items and are at intervals. Near the bottom the spiral ramp leads into a cave with the dragon and about 6-8 unguarded shrooms, so you can breath easy and wait for re-pops if you havent gotten 2 for everyone. The dragon will not aggro a group:We tried.

I would suggest a FD puller for this mission
# Oct 10 2006 at 4:17 AM Rating: Decent
This is a nice clicky item. It stacks with all spells except cleric buff. If gives 700 hp. Nice for soloing or recovering after a death.
# Oct 11 2006 at 1:14 AM Rating: Decent
location of the priest in the steppes is ?
mushroom spawns
# Oct 09 2006 at 7:10 AM Rating: Decent
ok can someone toss in some ideas on how to handle getting the mushroom drops? it is said to be soloable however i can't figure out how to get close enough to them without agro from the yellow mobs who are undead mixed with non undead. i am sk ans my dots are pretty sucky compared to a necro and they have a pretty high regen.
mushroom spawns
# Oct 09 2006 at 3:21 PM Rating: Decent
Ok bro... quests that say soloable doesnt mean they always are... Im a sk too ) heres the deal... :)... FD near... send hasted pet to attack--the mobs wont aggro... jump up and dot if u can... if not pet will kill shroom... you loot at fast then FD :)
# Oct 08 2006 at 10:51 PM Rating: Decent
Stacking issues?? What does or doesn't stack with this?
Got It
# Oct 08 2006 at 6:49 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
Soloed as a lvl 68 necro, Got orb so get off his back.
# Oct 08 2006 at 6:34 PM Rating: Decent
bugged... gm rewarded me

Edited, Oct 9th 2006 at 7:00pm PDT by Div
Awesome quest
# Oct 06 2006 at 10:40 AM Rating: Decent
45 posts
Soloable by a fair few classes, it's just getting the key in the first place that's the block to this.
Killing everything near the entrance repeatedly will get you a no-rent clicky that you take to the north area glowy. Click it while being in the glowy and it turns into a normal item with a clicky that'll port you through the stone door (single person only though /corpse or CoH works to get rest through).
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