Skylance: The Laboratory  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Loot
  • Spell
Success Lockout Timer: 00:45:00
Factions Raised:
Factions Lowered:
    Quest Items:
    Related Zones:
    Related Creatures:
    Related Quests:
    Era:Prophecy of Ro
    Group Size:Group
    Min. # of Players:3
    Max. # of Players:6
    Appropriate Classes:
    • All
    Appropriate Races:
    • All
    Entered: Sat Apr 8 00:17:49 2006
    Modified: Sat Jun 4 18:02:28 2022
    This task follows the Skylance: The Oubliette task.

    Since you have recovered the Egg of Tallongast, Ao has learned more about the scrykin prototype. The reason Tallongast was never hatched is because he bears an advanced version of the weakness common to all scrykin. He will absorb power from the plane of magic like a lightning rod and this power will drive him insane far faster than a normal scrykin. Within Tallongast's first few seconds of life, he will become a monster. Within a few moments more he will become unstoppable and completely out of control. This is why the Egg of Tallongast was never hatched...

    Go to the laboratory of Skylance and follow these instructions to hatch the egg of Tallongast. You know what you must do from there to recover the Chime of Ayonae Ro. Make it quick.

    The person who gets this task is given The Incubated Egg of Tallongast.

    Spirit of Ao th Forth Born says "Good luck, ____. Once you find your way into Skylance Tower, speak with my student, Arkahn. He is waiting for you there."

    Head into Skylance. This is an instance.

    You have entered Skylance.

    You say, Hail, Arkahn'

    Arkahn says "Greetings, ____. I am Arkahn the Gatekeeper of Skylance. Ao has instructed me to wait here for your arrival. I cannot help you overtly, but I will serve as your guide while you remain in this tower. Tell me, where are you headed? The [oubliette]? The [library]? The [laboratory]? Or perhaps [Daosheen's study]? I can direct you to all these chambers.

    You say, 'How about the Laboratory?'

    Arkahn says "The laboratory lies beyond the second portal up the ramp. Follow my familiar to the gate. Mind the equipment. Many skrykin artificers have created guardians to protect their workspace."

    Head into the lab. Go to the center table and place the egg on your cursor. Hit your 'use' key to spawn the egg on the table. Three lab attendants spawn, coinciding with an emote in red text.

    This text can be directed to its own chat window by specifying Filter -> Other. If it is in the same window as combat spam you risk missing it - or having it scroll off the log before you have finished killing the lab attendants.

    Every time you successfully answer the emote's directions, a single level 70-72 lab attendant will spawn. These mobs are KOS and wander the upper area where the equipment controls are.

    Every time you fail....

    The machines in the lab, hiss violently and spit steam. You're pretty sure that was the wrong switch.

    ...and a zombie spawns and attacks. You will then have to start from the beginning.

    There are eight emotes, and all eight need to be done correctly and in order. The emotes and their translations are as follows:

    Remove the necrotic portions of the tissue.

    On the north platform, click the table with tools on it (farther from the center of the zone).

    Use the Trans-Injector to infuse the essence of magic into the egg.

    On the north platform, click the pedestal (closer to the center of the zone).

    From the ether, call out to the spirits willing to aid you in this experiment.

    On the east platform, click the pillar with the dome on it (farther from the center of the zone).

    A good dose of ethereal goo needs to be applied next.

    On the east platform, click the pedestal (closer to the center of the zone).

    The Dispenser has the next critical component.

    On the south platform, click the device that looks like a gumball machine (farther from the center of the zone).

    Switch on the Hyper-Manipulator to align the proteins into their proper sequence.

    On the south platform, click the pedestal (closer to the center of the zone).

    Distill the magical spirits into their purest form.

    On the west platform, click the still (farther from the center of the zone).

    The Gaze-O-Rama should be used to confer the egg with greater sight.

    On the west platform, click the pedestal (closer to the center of the zone).

    Once the 8th emote is handled, Tallongast the Discarded will spawn. It hits for upwards of 2000

    Tallongast the Discarded has been slain by ____.

    Your task `Skylance: The Laboratory' has been updated.

    Amongst the sludge of the scrykin's contorted body, you find a small metal chime caked in tar. It will need to be cleaned by Ao the Fourth Born before it can be properly used.

    Your faction with Fledgling Scrykin got better.
    You have been given: Tarnished Chime.

    Among the loot it may drop:

    Gem of Scrykin Magus
    Pendant of the Overspirit
    Scrykin Caster Blade

    On handing the Tarnished Chime to Ao the Forth Born..

    Ao the Forth Born cleans the chime that you received from Talongast (sic) the Protytype. `There,' he says. `This should be much more useful for you now.'

    You receive Harmonic Chime.

    If you have completed this quest arc, you will also receive a spell/skill/discipline appropriate to your class:

    Bard - Spell: Aura of the Muse
    Beastlord - Spell: Spirit of Oroshar
    Berserker - Skill: Bloodlust Aura
    Cleric - Spell: Puratus
    Druid - Spell: Moonshadow
    Enchanter - Spell: Mind Shatter
    Magician - Spell: Iceflame Guard
    Monk - Skill: Master's Aura
    Necromancer - Spell: Mind Flay
    Paladin - Spell: Blessed Aura
    Ranger - Spell: Elddar's Grasp
    Rogue - Skill: Poison Spikes Trap
    Shadowknight - Spell: Decrepit Skin
    Shaman - Spell: Ghost of Renewal
    Warrior - Skill: Champion's Aura
    Wizard - Spell: Chaos Flame

    Lockout timer is 45 minutes from when the mission ends.
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    Lockout timer
    # Jul 25 2009 at 7:35 AM Rating: Good
    1,247 posts
    Lockout timer is 45 minutes from when you first open the mission.
    Lockout timer
    # May 24 2022 at 10:36 PM Rating: Good
    1,247 posts
    nytmare wrote:
    Lockout timer is 45 minutes from when you first open the mission.

    Lockout timer is 45 minutes from when the mission ends, like all PoR group missions.
    No Mercenary's
    # Feb 02 2009 at 8:15 PM Rating: Decent
    Skylance doesn't seem to allow mercenary's inside for the missions, and has raid timer after each kill.
    able to skip earlier missions?
    # Jun 23 2008 at 11:21 AM Rating: Decent
    102 posts
    Are you able to skip the library and oubliette missions when doing the laboratory? Yes, but it depends.

    I just did this mission last night.
    I had to do the library and oubliette, because in my 3 person group ( 80 dru/war/clr i boxed the dru and war), no one had done these missions before.

    If you say 'group' to spirit of ao the fourth born, you get a list of missions to choose from, if you have done the first two, you can do any of the first 3 missions. So get someone who has done this before to skip the first two missions and just do the laboratory, which is the easiest of the three.

    So how hard was this quest with my group of 3? Fairly easy, for max dps, the clr tanked with her ds self heal proc, tanked all the mobs and the named. We just plowed through and killed the attendents as they spawned, without slow.

    This mission was fairly easy. The previous two were harder. especially since the library mission spawned 30 book worms at the end. but I will post about those missions under their threads.
    able to skip earlier missions?
    # Jan 23 2009 at 1:16 AM Rating: Decent
    I also confirm that you can skip the first two tasks as long as someone can request the 3rd task for you. My alt mnk needed the aura; so, I did the task to see if I could and I did get the aura without having the other two tasks done.
    able to skip earlier missions?
    # Jul 11 2008 at 12:50 PM Rating: Decent
    sure, but do you get your spell/aura/whatever if you dont have the other two?
    able to skip earlier missions?
    # Jul 24 2008 at 5:09 PM Rating: Decent
    able to skip earlier missions?
    # Jul 24 2008 at 6:11 AM Rating: Decent
    Yes, you do get your 70 Aura just for completing this mission, not the entire arch.
    able to skip earlier missions?
    # Oct 11 2008 at 12:58 PM Rating: Decent
    Apparently you no longer get your reward because I did not get mine for completing The laboratory since I had only completed the oubliette beforehand. A guide told me that you had to complete all of them.
    able to skip earlier missions?
    # Nov 13 2008 at 8:35 AM Rating: Decent
    633 posts
    But did you go with someone who had is the point made, and you don't mention...?
    (The reason I do mention is it can be misleading.)
    able to skip earlier missions?
    # Jan 15 2009 at 2:54 PM Rating: Decent
    20 posts
    We did this today I requested with SK (who was able to get all three tasks from Ao) had my monk buddy with me and he DID NOT get his aura... just the chime...

    So it looks like you must now do all 3 to get the 70spell/aura
    able to skip earlier missions?
    # Jan 16 2009 at 2:47 PM Rating: Default
    I can confirm that you are still quite able to just complete the 3rd mission in the arc to recieve your spell/skill.

    Our guild actively farms this for people as they require it.

    Only 1 person in our guild has completed all 3, the rest are just task added for the final kill.

    One thing to mention is that you can not have any copies of the spell/skill in your bank/shared bank or on your person. You can however have the spell/skill memorized. If you have a copy you will not receive a new one.
    very easy
    # Jun 29 2007 at 3:33 PM Rating: Decent
    1,352 posts
    this quest is very easy. First off, everyone should wait outside the intsnace while the person doing clicks is doing them. It takes about 15 minutes if they do it right. When i do this, i zone out after each succesful click just to be safe, and i suggest that you do the same. If you press the buttons too quickly after one another it can cause a fail. Anyways here's the steps

    The person leading the group will get the egg, and is the person who will be doing the clicks, so plan ahead for that.

    have the 1 person zone in, tell the guy at the bottom /say laboratory and his familiar will lead you to the door. click in, walk up to the table, and with the egg on your cursor press "U". the egg will be placed on the table and you will get your First click emote, there are 8 possible. Click the correct button/object according to the red emote message, and then zone out. Check off on your list which button you just pressed. When you press your first succesful button, you will get the next red emote for the next object. But first, zone out. Zone back in, and complete your second button. zone out again, do third, and so on, zoning out after each button press.

    Once all 8 are pressed correctly, tallongast will spawn. The one person will zone out, and tallon will stay on his table. Zone back in, buff up, and engage/kill talongast on his table. Watch push carefully and you will Not get any adds , and you won't have to bother trying to pull him to the zone in. make very Sure when you fight him that Everyone in your group is on the table- or they'll most likely aggro adds.

    Here is a screenshot for you all, to see which buttons are which, check it out.

    Copy and paste this checklist to a notepad file so you can check off the buttons as you complete them. Easy-Peasy.

    []NECROTIC - North far

    []TRANS INJEC - North close

    []FROM THE ETHER - East far

    []GOO - East close

    []DISPENSER - South far

    []HYPER MANIP - South close

    []DISTILL - West far

    []GAZE O RAMA - West close

    wonderring Which button is NF? which is NC? check out this screenshot and see.

    Edited, Aug 20th 2007 1:14:24pm by DukeLatan
    very easy
    # Apr 24 2008 at 10:19 AM Rating: Decent
    46 posts
    DukeLatan your list there, is that in order from which ones need to be done first to last? If so awesome. Goin to make this easy for me when i go to get it once i hit 70 on monk, and when i go to do it on my 75 warrior.
    Also should i be able to do this solo on my warrior at 75? Except for named at end? Or should i bring at least a cleric? Thanks
    very easy
    # Apr 25 2008 at 7:20 AM Rating: Excellent
    1,088 posts
    The order is random, if I recall correctly..
    Easy mission when done right.
    # Jan 18 2007 at 12:44 AM Rating: Good
    The strat involving a monk is... a sledge hammer for a ***** drivers job.

    Heres how this mission works
    1) In general do nothing while any mobs are up and you wont get any more mobs.
    2) There is no timer on the emotes. There is no penalty for taking an hour to act on an emote. Have one person filter others to a window and use this page to decide which to click when the time is right. There is no hurry.

    When you enter and start the script 3 mobs will spawn they take something in the ballpark of 15 minutes to respawn (no thats not a time to live by I am just giving you the sense of it).

    You do nothing until they are dead. If you do nothing after they die no other mobs will come until they respawn...

    After they are dead the person that has others filtered clicks the appropriate click. Only then will you get one mob (or zombies if that person cant follow instructions). Do not use multiple people for clicks. Do not use memory. Do not use a hastily written list. Do not use a drunk guy. Dont use the guild pot head. THERE IS NO HURRY TO CLICK. Refer to either a printed out list or as I do just alt+tab to this page before clicking.

    So you kill 3 and most of the time you never have more than 1 in camp and you can med as long as you need really. And on the 8th single mob you get the named. The hardest part is the 3 when you start the script or the moment they repop depending on the bounce (for example if your dps is in the "wrong" range you might have them repop on the named) Obviously a level 75 mezzer helps a ton.

    If you do this mission correctly its alot easier than library.

    either I've gotten lucky w/ the RNG ...
    # Sep 17 2006 at 11:28 AM Rating: Decent
    8 posts
    out of 6 kills.

    2 blades
    2 Pendant of the Overspirit
    2 Gem of Scrykin Magus

    looks like they're all common drops.
    <a href="">Ceb</a>
    Easy Way,
    # Aug 09 2006 at 1:29 PM Rating: Decent

    Easiest way to do this mission is get a bard or monk, others can do it as well but better off with these two.

    Copy/paste the mission emotes or print them out from this thread. Now just have your group afk outside and have the person run in and do the emotes to spawn Tallongast. Once hes spawned have group zone in and do buffs, med up. DI the tank and get ready.

    If its a bard have him goto the portal and wait for cleric to say DI on or something. Then use kazumi's notes of preservation, go into the portal wait for tallongast to agro then run out fast and jump down the ramp to bottom. If you get an add he will probably get down before tallongast, if this happens fade and kill the add - then wait for kazumi and pull again. Otherwise burn him down and you win. I have no idea what kind of disciplines monks have to avoid damage - but basically the same routine with monk.

    Edited, Aug 9th 2006 at 2:31pm EDT by Miladan
    The Way It Was Done!
    # Jul 17 2006 at 9:07 PM Rating: Decent
    Having problems with Skylance 3? Look no further i recently just did this with a group consisting of - 1 Necro,1 Cleric,1 Shaman,1 Mage,1 Paladin = me,1 Enchanter....was pretty straight forward kill mobs when they spawn and follow the emotes acording to Allakhzam's....Upon the 8th emote the named spawned,Chanter died becuz he was standing exactly where it spawned lolz,so we pretty much wiped,Summoned ran back tried again etc, Anyways to avoid those adds around him when it spawns send in the necro pull him out and wait for him to pop downstairs yes downstairs right near the zone out to Arcstone is good once hes down there tank snag Necro fd and burn it down!...

    Drop was -=Pendant of the Overspirit

    Edited, Jul 17th 2006 at 10:10pm EDT by custompc
    The Way It Was Done!
    # Jul 18 2006 at 7:42 AM Rating: Decent
    2,929 posts
    Yeah, I've found the best way to pull Tallongast singly is to use the minimum amount of aggro possible. Usually, my warrior walks through the portal, stops as soon as he can target Tallongast then turns around and faces the portal. The second Tallongast appears in the HoTT window (meaning he's aggro'd) I run through the door and JUMP DOWN to the bottom, moving to the tanking corner. (Usually we kill one of the Sentinels so we can use the pillars they stand in front of as a "corner.")

    Most of the time Tallongast comes solo but about 20% of the time he comes with adds. THIS is the thing I can't figure out, why sometimes the exact same pull strat generates adds. I do believe the difference is in the second or two extra it takes Tallongast to proximity-aggro the puller the way I described it above. I think once any player toon is in the Lab, every mob in the Lab has a chance to aggro but I think there is a slight timing delay based on proximity. So if you're lucky and Tallongast aggros quickly, you just get Tallongast. If Tallongast takes his time to aggro, you raise the chance that the Lab Assistants will notice a player is in the Lab and also aggro.

    After 15 wins, that's my hunch...

    Edited, Jul 18th 2006 at 8:43am EDT by Sippin
    Sippin 115 DRU **** Firiona Vie ****Agnarr
    FV: 115 WAR ENC CLE MAG WIZ SHD SHM Master Alchemist ROG Master Tinkerer & Poison-Maker
    Master Artisan (300+) * Baker * Brewer * Fletcher * Jeweler * Potter * Researcher * Smith * Tailor
    The Way It Was Done!
    # Jul 24 2006 at 5:48 PM Rating: Decent
    139 posts
    Sippin wrote:
    Yeah, I've found the best way to pull Tallongast singly is to use the minimum amount of aggro possible. .....Edited, Jul 18th 2006 at 8:43am EDT by Sippin

    We tried that last night 4 times and we kept getting adds.

    We decided to pet pull. I loaded up 50'ish Monk pet and we buffed him to the teeth. I went through the portal and FD as soon as I went through. Within a few seconds I pulled the named out through the portal solo. Stood and turned toward portal up while sending in pet and when pet took first stint of damage I started backing out of room and backing off pet. I dropped down off ramp to the floor below and named came by itself. We pulled to camp in front of exit portal and burned it down!

    For the tagging parts the group stayed outside the room. I got to run around and tag everything up. When things would get too busy or spread out, someone from the group would run in, agro the mobs and then pull them to the zone out giving me time to run to the next platform. Closer to the end I died about 3 times due to casters or AE's standing me up.

    Brumelin Badassedness of Terris Thule
    70 Necromancer and Master Badass
    Strange aggro
    # Jul 14 2006 at 9:26 PM Rating: Decent
    2,929 posts
    Very weird aggro in this instance.

    As I said below I've been avoiding killing anything but Tallongast. But the scrykins can drop a nice 40% haste augment, so decided to kill some and see how rare this augment must be. Dropped the egg and got the usual 3-spawn. Was able to single-pull 2 of them and killed them near the zone-in. Checked track, one scrykin left of the 3. Paused to rebuff and I camped out one toon (to check my log since I had missed the message for the first set of directions.) As my toon is logging back in, the 3rd scrykin aggros on his own.... coming all the way down to the zone-in. This takes me by surprise but I'm able to deal with it... barely. So the scrykin dies and I load my buff spell sets on my toons... assuming, of course, that there are no hostile mobs left at the moment.

    A minute later THREE LAB ASSISTANTS aggro and attack us at the zone-in. I evac. After a minute I zone back in and check track. THREE LAB ASSISTANTS up.

    This makes no sense. I had killed the three original lab assistants, the most recent within the last 5 minutes. Surely they can't respawn inside of 5 minutes?

    Very strange...

    Edited, Jul 14th 2006 at 10:26pm EDT by Sippin

    Edited, Jul 14th 2006 at 10:27pm EDT by Sippin
    Sippin 115 DRU **** Firiona Vie ****Agnarr
    FV: 115 WAR ENC CLE MAG WIZ SHD SHM Master Alchemist ROG Master Tinkerer & Poison-Maker
    Master Artisan (300+) * Baker * Brewer * Fletcher * Jeweler * Potter * Researcher * Smith * Tailor
    Drop rates
    # Jul 14 2006 at 8:32 AM Rating: Decent
    2,929 posts
    This mission is tailor-made for a hydra team so I'm pharming it for my 5 toons. Basically I want 5 of each augment and 2 caster blades and then I'm done.

    Through 15 wins I've seen:

    x5 Gem of Scrykin Magus
    x9 Pendant of the Overspirit
    x1 Scrykin Caster Blade

    One more blade and I'm done, and frankly, I'll be glad to see the last of Tallongast et al.... ;)

    I don't kill anything in the zone except Tallongast so I won't have any idea how often the Scrykin Farseer's Stone drops. But that's a fine item and I wouldn't mind hearing from someone with experience concerning how often that drops off the trash. Maybe it's often enough to justify the time it takes to clear them??

    Edited, Jul 18th 2006 at 8:47am EDT by Sippin
    Sippin 115 DRU **** Firiona Vie ****Agnarr
    FV: 115 WAR ENC CLE MAG WIZ SHD SHM Master Alchemist ROG Master Tinkerer & Poison-Maker
    Master Artisan (300+) * Baker * Brewer * Fletcher * Jeweler * Potter * Researcher * Smith * Tailor
    # Jun 18 2006 at 10:37 PM Rating: Decent
    Just finished the quest tonight. Everyone got the spell even though thye didn't finish the arc. This was chanters first mission he got spell, druid second she got spell, ect. So looks like if someone get the ASkylance 3 mission then all will get the spell.
    RE: Spell
    # Jun 22 2006 at 2:42 PM Rating: Decent
    Correct, I recieved my spell having only done this one. You need all three for the Harmonic chime, as Ao will not take the tarnished unless you've done all 3 skyshrine missions.
    # Jun 13 2006 at 4:30 PM Rating: Good
    Does Holgresh Elder Beads still work for the clicks?
    Can Rogue SOS for the clicks?

    Task pretty easy with guide
    # Jun 04 2006 at 8:08 AM Rating: Default
    Just finished this task by pulling (carefully) the first three adds and killing them. Then killed each attendant add in succession. No bad clicks so we did not have undead adds at the end to contend with. Burned the named and then killed the last two attendant adds. We received the Gem of the Scrykin Magus for our efforts, as well as the rest of the rewards.
    Trash mob drop
    # May 26 2006 at 10:46 AM Rating: Decent
    I know this dropped in this mission.

    Scrykin Farseer's Stone
    Augmentation Type: Fits in slot type 7,8
    HP: +75 MANA: +75 ENDUR: +75
    Haste: +40%
    Required level of 60.
    WT: 0.0 Size: TINY
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

    I think it was a random trash mob drop. Definately dropped before we killed the boss.
    Rogue Reward
    # May 22 2006 at 2:06 PM Rating: Decent
    Rogues receive Skill: Poison Spikes Trap

    Also, you stated: If you have completed this quest arc, you may also receive a spell/skill/discipline appropriate to your class, possibly by hailing the Spirit of Ao the Fourth Born (need confirmation either way):

    The skill was given to my rogue upon final kill, No hailing necessary.

    Edited, Mon May 22 17:47:55 2006
    RE: Rogue Reward
    # May 22 2006 at 4:55 PM Rating: Good
    Ungainly Ninja
    6,998 posts
    Updated, thanks.
    Recieving your Spell
    # May 20 2006 at 10:29 AM Rating: Good
    Question Does anyone know once you complete this mission do you automatically get your chime and spell without any pre tasks or other mission arcs completed? I did completed this mission within the first few weeks PoR was live and only got a chime no spell and petitioned it and got no answers. I already tried speaking to Ao and the others and giving my chime but still no spell. I heard it was bugged before.
    # May 18 2006 at 5:15 PM Rating: Decent
    Zerkers get Skill: Bloodlust Aura
    RE: Berserkers
    # May 18 2006 at 6:22 PM Rating: Good
    Ungainly Ninja
    6,998 posts
    Updated, thanks.
    War reward for Sk 3
    # May 16 2006 at 5:00 AM Rating: Decent
    Warriors get Skill: Champions aura
    RE: War reward for Sk 3
    # May 16 2006 at 9:47 AM Rating: Good
    Ungainly Ninja
    6,998 posts
    Updated, thanks.
    Wizard Spell
    # May 15 2006 at 12:07 AM Rating: Decent
    30 posts
    Just completed this task and received the spell " Chaos Flame " as the 70 Wizzy spell.
    lvl 70
    Casting Time 3.0 secs
    Spell Effect: Evokes a potent magical flame to strike your target causing between 1000 and 2000 damage
    Mana Cost: 275

    Also the named droped an Augment Pendant of the Overspirit

    Hp/Mana/End: +35 , All saves +5 as well.
    Slot: Head,Arms,Wrist,Hands,Chest,Legs,Feet
    Required Lvl: 60
    Slots: 7,8

    Hope all this information helps everyone out.

    Pogart Fizzlefingers
    Prexus - 70 Wizzy
    Shining Alliance
    RE: Wizard Spell
    # May 15 2006 at 1:38 AM Rating: Good
    Ungainly Ninja
    6,998 posts
    Updated, thanks.
    Spirit of Oroshar for BST
    # May 14 2006 at 5:17 AM Rating: Decent
    For beastlords you get your pet proc spell..

    Spirit of Oroshar

    Fire proc spell for 280DD has a Stun(1.50 sec/72)
    and procs Prism Skin that lasts for almost 300mins, and is a buff on your pet every time
    your pet procs Spirit of Oroshar.

    Prism Skin is a rune type spell that will
    take either one melee hit, or one spell hit.
    Pretty nice and also stacks with our normal
    pet rune, Feral Guard.
    RE: Spirit of Oroshar for BST
    # May 15 2006 at 1:38 AM Rating: Good
    Ungainly Ninja
    6,998 posts
    Updated, thanks.
    Cleric Spell: Puratas
    # May 11 2006 at 3:39 PM Rating: Decent
    20 posts
    Level 70
    Skill: Alteration
    Mana Cost: 100
    Normal Cast Time: 6.0

    Spell Effect: Cleanses your target of poisons and prevents the next poison based spell from effecting them.
    RE: Cleric Spell: Puratas
    # May 11 2006 at 7:14 PM Rating: Good
    Ungainly Ninja
    6,998 posts
    Updated, thanks.
    Druid spell
    # May 11 2006 at 9:19 AM Rating: Default
    Druids get "Moonshadow."

    Group Heal effected by all healing AA and focus effects.
    RE: Druid spell
    # May 11 2006 at 10:10 AM Rating: Good
    Ungainly Ninja
    6,998 posts
    Updated, thanks.
    # May 10 2006 at 12:23 PM Rating: Decent
    Necromancer spell: Mind Flay
    and i got a Pic of the Gem of the scrykin magus.

    Edited, Wed May 10 13:24:30 2006
    RE: Lewtz
    # May 10 2006 at 3:29 PM Rating: Good
    Ungainly Ninja
    6,998 posts
    Updated, thanks.
    # May 10 2006 at 9:04 AM Rating: Decent
    Magicians get the Iceflame Guard spell for completing this.
    RE: Magician
    # May 10 2006 at 3:29 PM Rating: Good
    Ungainly Ninja
    6,998 posts
    Updated, thanks.
    ranger spell
    # May 09 2006 at 11:52 PM Rating: Decent
    Rangers get Spell: Elddar's Grasp
    RE: ranger spell
    # May 10 2006 at 12:30 AM Rating: Good
    Ungainly Ninja
    6,998 posts
    Updated, thanks.
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