Elder Longshadow #5: Confronting a Traitor  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Loot
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Depths of Darkhollow
Group Size:Group
Min. # of Players:3
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Tue Dec 13 06:42:09 2005
Modified: Thu Feb 3 02:23:56 2022
This group task is the fifth task in a series of five (following the "Trailing Longshadow" task) and begins with the Shadowalker Dustspirit who can be found in the northwestern part of Stoneroot Falls at location -685, +850.

You say, 'Hail, Shadowalker Dustspirit'

Shadowalker Dustspirit says 'It's good you've returned to us. Elder Ritualist Longshadow was here not long ago and in an unusual rush. She's normally very calm and collected, but this time was muttering to herself and only paused to ask where the orb was. After your latest findings I only wish we had stopped her before she left. If my suspicions are correct our cause could be in [dire straights].'

You say, 'Dire straights?'

Shadowalker Dustspirit says 'While you were trailing Longshadow several of the pack began to act strangely. They began to suggest and even demand that we rejoin the rest of the Shadowmane pack. Those who were the most vehement about this were the ones assigned to study the orb. It is my suspicion that the orb was slowly subverting my pack and would have been the end of us had Longshadow not taken it when she left for the [den].'

You say, 'Den?'

Shadowalker Dustspirit says 'After taking the orb Longshadow left for the Ragepaw den. The reports from our scouts say that she claimed to be one of our ambassadors and was allowed entrance into the den. Shortly after she entered a large number of drachnids attacked the den and disappeared inside. Nothing more has happened outside the den since then, and we have grown concerned for our cousins. After the work you have been doing for us we would like to ask for your [help] one last time.'

You say, 'I'll help'

Shadowalker Dustspirit says 'The pack would be in dire straights without you _____. We need you to venture into the Ragepaw den and discover what is going on. Do all that you can to return things to normal and bring that accursed orb back to be destroyed.'

There are three versions of this task: Hard High Level (group average level 68+); Normal High Level (68+); Low Level (67 and under). The only difference between them is the quality of loot and difficulty/levels of mobs.

You have been assigned the task 'Confronting a Traitor'

Elder Longshadow was last seen entering the Ragepaw den and has not been seen since. Find a way into the den and see what is going on there.

Enter the Ragepaw den 0/1 (Undershore)

The instance entrance is a door in the Ragepaw area of Undershore. Click to zone into Snarlstone Dens.

Find the orb 0/1 (Snarlstone Dens)

Search the den for Longshadow and the orb. If Longshadow manages to escape with the orb again there is no telling what harm she could cause.

There are three side rooms in the dens. One of these has a chest with the orb. It is guarded by two unmezzable drachnid guardians.

Find and confront Elder Ritualist Longshadow 0/1 (Snarlstone Dens)

Elder Ritualist Longshadow is found in the throne room. Upon clearing the room and approaching her:

Elder Ritualist Longshadow shouts 'You are persistent, I'll say that much. Your reward shall be death, of course, just as it was for the dogs that once controlled this place. You now know my true form and eventually will deduce my intent. Your corpses shall host my children.'

Elder Ritualist Longshadow transforms into a drachnid.

Kill 1 Elder Ritualist Longshadow 0/1 (Snarlstone Dens)

Longshadow is a skinwalker! She must have been switched when the drachnids abducted the real Longshadow. Kill the imposter and free the Ragepaws from her influence!

On aggro: Elder Ritualist Longshadow tries to tear out your throat.

Longshadow hits for a max ~2,200 (on hard) or ~1,500 (normal); summons. She casts the spell "Call of Shadows":

Call of Shadows: PB AE 50', Magic (-300)
2: Decrease Hitpoints by 50 per tick
3: Blindness(-1)

At 70%, 50%, and 30% health she will teleport to each of the side rooms in the den. Make sure you have cleared all the drachnids in those rooms and along the path before engaging her.

On first port, at 70%: Elder Ritualist Longshadow shouts 'You shall not kill me this day.' She steps into her own shadow and fades away.'

On second port, at 50%: Elder Ritualist Longshadow shouts 'You have proven your persistence, now leave this place or I will be forced to destroy you.' She steps into her own shadow again and disappears.'

On third port, at 30%: Elder Ritualist Longshadow shouts 'Will you never stop!' She steps into her shadow with an angry look on her face.'

Note: Upon porting away she strips all her debuffs and drops aggro. She regens quite slowly.

You have slain Elder Ritualist Longshadow!
Elder Ritualist Longshadow's corpse sinks to its knees before toppling over.

Your task 'Confronting a Traitor' has been updated.

With Longshadow dead and the orb in your possession the danger has passed for Dustspirit's pack. Return the orb to Dustspirit so they may insure this particular trouble does not return to haunt them.

(Opt) Return the orb to Shadowalker Dustspirit 0/1 (Stoneroot Falls)

Return the orb to Dustspirit. She will want to see it destroyed.

Upon hand-in:

Shadowalker Dustspirit says 'This is terrible news. At least the imposter has been slain and will not cause further harm. I can only hope that the real Longshadow met a quick end. The drachnids are skilled at dragging out a death. Regardless, I will see this orb destroyed as soon as possible. It will no longer be able to influence any of my pack.'

This completes the task series.


Hard 68+ Rewards
Melee/hybrid: Ragepaw Berserker Mask
Caster/priest: Golden Shadowmane Ancestral Mask

Normal 68+ Rewards
Melee/hybrid: Wurine Bloodlust Cloak
Caster/priest: Wurine Arcane Cloak

67-and-Under Rewards
Melee/hybrid: Wurine Idol of Frenzy
Caster/priest: Wurine Idol of Focus

Longshadow Loot (68+ Hard)
Den Guardian Chest Piece
Ragepaw Deathgrips
Smooth Wurine Fur Leggings
Young Witheran Hide Leggings

Longshadow Loot (68+ Normal)
Darkhowl Leggings
Howling Tunic
Ragepaw Chain Vest
Weighted Wurine Fists
Wurine Alpha Greaves
Wurine Fire Handler Mitts

Longshadow Loot (67-and-Under)

Possible Rare Zonewide Drops
Feral Guardian Channeler (68+ ONLY)
Ragepaw Howler Earring (Hard ONLY)
Stout Mottled Mask (Level 65 ONLY)
Submitted by: Hawkai
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Feral Guardian Channeler
# Jun 19 2022 at 11:44 PM Rating: Excellent
148 posts
Got mine after 18 missions of 68+
Dropped off a frenzied ragepaw in the middle north room
68+ Version
# Feb 05 2018 at 1:38 AM Rating: Good
528 posts
Having some issues requesting the 68+ Version of this task currently on the TLP servers (Phinigel). Has anyone run this task recently to get the DA Idol on live servers to confirm the 68+ Mission is actually still available or has it possibly been broken in a recent patch?

Currently able to request:
Longshadow #1 : (65, 68+, Hard)
Longshadow #2 : (65, 68+, Hard)
Longshadow #3 : (65, 68+, Hard)
Longshadow #4 : (65, Hard)
Longshadow #5 : (65, Hard)

Have run through the task(s) on all available difficulties but 68+ difficulty for #4 and #5 is not an option.

Found the issue, group avg level must be above 70 to request these 2 tasks for whatever reason.

Edited, Feb 5th 2018 2:49am by Bobbybick
68+ Version
# May 26 2018 at 1:06 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
With the level cap up to 75 on Phinny now, I tried to request the 68+ version - still no luck with a group of level 75s.
item not listed
# Jan 10 2014 at 6:26 PM Rating: Good
56 posts
DOORS? WTH with doors?
# Oct 14 2013 at 1:48 PM Rating: Decent
I have been going back to this mission on and off for about four years. Still looking for my Divine Barrier Drop.

Last night I spawned two instances of the mission (Normal difficulty) - and for the first time (and second time) the final room had a shut door. I have done this mission dozens of time, and there has always been an open passageway. This time a door.

The door is not targetable, /open does nothing (no target). It was either impossible to shadowstep thru (tried on a Necro and with my Shadowstep boots from Luclin) or I am incredibly unlucky (given how many times I have done this mission without the drop...). I could track the full compliment of mobs that were on the other side of the door - but were only able to pull one or two thru the door.

The door remained closed.

Anyone with a similar experience, explanation, or advice/answer to how to open the door? I also went back and picked up the Orb of Subversion - held it on my cursor - nada. (Usually you don't need to loot the orb to complete the mission, or receive your mission reward - its strange. ) I might try looting the orb running back to the turn in mob and seeing if that opens the door - but that is silly. Shouldn't have to do it that way - never did before.

No additional steps are included in the quest write up - and I am confused.

Help is appreciated.

Serano (Vazaelle) [ Ok actually Drinnal - but you know what I mean]
DOORS? WTH with doors?
# Oct 15 2013 at 10:29 PM Rating: Decent
Yeah they are bugged atm. Sent a bug report on bristlebane few days ago.
Some answers
# Nov 27 2008 at 3:35 AM Rating: Good
313 posts
Ragepaw Chain Vest (normal or hard?) - normal
Smooth Wurine Fur Leggings (normal or hard?) - hard
more loot
# Feb 24 2007 at 4:59 PM Rating: Decent
43 posts
just picked up "smooth wurine fur leggings" off of longshadow

Slot: LEGS
AC: 16
STR: +10 DEX: +6 WIS +15 INT: +15 AGI: +6 HP: +140 MANA: +150

Race: ALL
Slot 1, type 7

Edited, Feb 24th 2007 8:02pm by Insolent
Update to guardians
# Feb 07 2007 at 10:09 PM Rating: Decent
22 posts
Did mission tonight, 2/7/07 and at level 75, the guardians CAN be mezzed.

thought you might want to know..
Jadess Dominnatrixx
Level 95 Beastlord
Crimson Tempest
Update mission description, loots
# Jan 28 2007 at 10:23 AM Rating: Decent
86 posts
In killing him again last night for fun after a zone clearing I noticed he popped to the same rooms as he did the first time. So, check yer maps. Consider his starting room in the NW as North 1. The other 2 rooms on the north side we'll call North 2 (center) and North 3 (the eastern one). The room on the south (opposite North 3) we'll call simply South.

Upon engage in his room take him down to 70% health or thereabouts - he'll port to South room. Go there, take him down to 50%-ish and he pops too North 3. Go there and take him down to 30%-ish and he pops to North 2. Engage him there and that's where he'll die.

Nicely enough after he teleports he DOES NOT summon (would be interesting if he did.....

Yes, add http://lucy.allakhazam.com/item.html?id=86638 to Named's drop list for the normal setting.

And add http://lucy.allakhazam.com/item.html?id=86643 to the "Random rare loot off trash" list.

This is definately an instance to farm for folks when there's not much else to do. A root earring, DB range item and sellable drops if yer killing Boss.

Oh - got my Feral Guardian Channeler ( http://lucy.allakhazam.com/item.html?id=86635 ) last night after 2.5 zone clearings.

# Aug 31 2006 at 12:00 PM Rating: Decent
Named will also drop Darkhowl Leggings
on normal setting.

update the quest info please! :p
Drop add- normal
# Aug 31 2006 at 11:53 AM Rating: Decent
Named (on Normal) also droped:

Darkhowl Leggings


Edited, Aug 31st 2006 at 1:01pm EDT by Corenium
Normal loot
# Jun 17 2006 at 8:12 AM Rating: Decent
136 posts
Boss loot on Normal:

Wurine Fire handler mitts
Ragepaw chain vest
Darkhowl leggings
Wurine alpha greaves
Howling Tunic
Ches Drop
# May 10 2006 at 8:27 PM Rating: Decent
Howling Tunic Magic Item Lore Item Attuneable Slot:Chest AC:31 STR:+12 DEX:+7 STA:+7 WIS:+14 INT:+14 AGI:+5 HP:+130 MANA:+130 Endurance:+130 SV DISEASE:+15 SV COLD:+15 SV POISON:+15 Recommened level of 67 WT 0.8 Size:Small Class:DRU MNK BST Race:All Slot 1, type7:empty Have looked and found nothing on this item had it drop from the chest at end of mission. Any price info would help and has anyone else had this drop?
more info:
# May 10 2006 at 4:50 AM Rating: Decent
49 posts
On normal the guards are yellow cons to lvl 70. Those were snareable and an easy split for me (SK).

Don't forget to clear all rooms, which we called
- "left" (Elder Ritualist Longshadow's spawn)
- "center"
- "right"
- "bottom"

Once you engage Elder Ritualist Longshadow don't use DOTs! We got summoned and dead group members after he shadowstepped and believe this was caused by Dots, since I (MT) his hate list is cleared.

You have enough time to seek him and prepare to kill him down further.

Rinse and repeat till he is dead.

CongA rats

evil Coerl
RE: more info:
# Aug 08 2006 at 12:13 AM Rating: Decent
1,087 posts
about the guards
didn't need to snare split.
Grabbing the ragepaw on the left, hugged left while it ran out, and only one guard added.
Incase anyone else wants to pull it.
Pain Mistress Okami L`Assundre of Tarew Marr
Dark Elf Shadow Knight
Drinal (Tarew)
Retired after 500 days /played
Retired again
hard named drop
# Dec 20 2005 at 3:49 AM Rating: Decent
Elder dropped this for us on hard:

Ragepaw Deathgrips
AC: 33
STR: +12 DEX: +8 WIS: +12 INT: +12 AGI: +8 HP: +150 MANA: +150 ENDUR: +150
Recommended level of 68.
WT: 2.2 Size: SMALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7

the guy hits for 2181
Random drop
# Dec 20 2005 at 2:29 AM Rating: Decent
this was a random drop in this mission from i think it was a drachnid looter. Lucy stats:

Ragepaw Howler Earring
Slot: EAR
Charges: Unlimited
AC: 11
STR: +12 DEX: +10 STA: +10 WIS: +12 INT: +12 AGI: +12 HP: +120 MANA: +120 ENDUR: +120
Stun Resist: +5%
Effect: Immobilize (Must Equip, Casting Time: 3.0)
Recast Delay: 2 seconds, Recast Type: -1
WT: 0.8 Size: SMALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7

Edited, Tue Dec 20 01:38:20 2005
RE: Random drop
# Apr 07 2006 at 8:59 PM Rating: Decent
Is this normal or hard setting for the earring?

And more importantly, does anybody know which setting the invul range item comes from?
RE: Random drop
# Oct 03 2006 at 7:02 PM Rating: Decent
Got this as a zone random on normal setting
Normal Caster Reward
# Dec 14 2005 at 8:24 AM Rating: Decent
Wurine Arcane Cloak
Slot: BACK
AC: 14
STR: +11 DEX: +11 WIS: +11 INT: +11
AGI: +11 HP: +125 MANA: +125 SV FIRE: +15
SV COLD: +15 SV MAGIC: +15
Mana regeneration: +2
Damage shield: +2
WT: 0.8 Size: SMALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, type 7: empty
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