The Accursed Book  

Status: Incomplete

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:Yes
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Time Limit:06:00:00
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Era:Depths of Darkhollow
Group Size:Group
Min. # of Players:3
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Fri Oct 28 18:23:04 2005
Modified: Sat May 9 20:07:05 2020
This group monster mission begins with Fihtzen in the Stoneroot Falls (location?) in the norheast part of the zone.

You say, 'Hail, Fihtzen'

Fihtzen says 'Ah, you are one who walks in the light. My kind are wary of you newcomers. They have never been very tolerant and have been less so since the fall of [Illsalin].'

You say, 'What is Illsalin?'

Fihtzen says 'Illsalin fell to the treachery of the drachnids many years ago. I suppose it's not fair to say it fell to them, since they never had control of the city, but the city is no longer in the hands of my people either. As you may know it is now the residence of the [undead].'

You say, 'What undead?'

Fihtzen says 'Many years ago, during the War of the Four Crests, the art of necromancy saw a sharp rise in use. This came about due to the efforts and advice of a sage known as Bodrak. He was a charismatic shiliskin and quickly gained the ear of Emperor Draygun. He offered the emperor his [advice] and knowledge.'

You say, 'What was his advice?'

Fihtzen says 'Bodrak championed the cause of learning the necromantic magic of the drachnids and then using it against them. Draygun followed this advice and began to study necromancy intensely. To further this cause he founded a school dedicated to teaching and researching drachnid necromancy. It was shortly after this that Bodrak [disappeared].'

You say, 'He disappeared?'

Fihtzen says 'He didn't exactly disappear, we discovered his skin in a crumpled pile along the shore of the lake. The common belief is that he was assassinated by drachnids who left his skin as a sign of his death, though I have begun to suspect this interpretation of the events is wrong and I'm developing my own [theory].'

You say, 'What is your theory?'

Fihtzen says 'In order to understand my theory you must first hear more of the history of my race. It was shortly after Bodrak's disappearance that the unthinkable happened. Our priests somehow lost control of the Korlach leviathan in the lake and it turned its wrath upon our [stronghold] of Illsalin.'

You say, 'What stronghold?'

Fihtzen says 'During its rampage, the Korlach destroyed large sections of the city and caused irreparable damage to the defenses. The drachnid forces must have been watching this because it was that moment they chose to attack. Seeing the tide of drachnids flowing towards the city, Draygun turned to his [last resort].'

You say, 'What was his last resort?'

Fihtzen says 'Several years earlier one of our raids on the drachnid hive had yielded a powerful spell book, called Shadow Spine. The book was magically bound and so had not been opened at the time of the drachnid attack. Draygun focused his power on the book and managed to open it. The moment the book opened the city was [changed].'

You say, 'How was it changed?'

Fihtzen says 'Opening the book apparently triggered a massive curse. It doomed all of the beings in the city to a life of undeath. Draygun, through his power as a necromancer, was able to raise himself up as lich and took control of the city and the undead within. This is what is known. What I am interested in currently is the [origin] of Shadow Spine.'

You say, 'The origin?'

Fihtzen says 'It is my theory that the raiders who obtained the book knew more about its origins than we realized. I have since acquired samples of deathshed mushrooms that grow upon the graves of these raiders. Using the magic of these mushrooms, I hope to be able to look back through time and watch the raiders in their attack on the Hive. If you are [interested], I have enough to allow others a glimpse as well.'

You say, 'I am interested.'

Fihtzen says 'Allow me a few moments to prepare the flowers. When you are [ready] to begin let me know. I warn you though, this experience may be disorienting and is by no means safe.'

You have been assigned the task 'The Accursed Book'.

You play a Shiliskin, and have class choices of Cleric, Warrior, and Wizard.

Sneak into the hive through the hidden cave 0/1 (Stoneroot Falls)

You'll be told to say 'ready' to Fihtzen, but this step updates when you zone in manually (it'll be marked on your compass -- near the regular Hive entrance).

Search for the summoning chamber 0/1 (The Hive)

The raiders claimed they obtained the book from a necromancer inside the hive. If the stories hold true, he was attempting to raise a large amount of undead for an assault on the shiliskin people. Search out this necromancer, but be wary of any minions he may have already summoned.

The summoning chamber is located in the first building you come upon. Go upstairs. You'll have to clear his room of normal mobs before speaking with him.

Kalthis, the Betrayer says 'Welcome to my chambers foolish raiders. Please come into my room and speak with me for a time. I so rarely get visitors that I would enjoy the conversation before I kill you. For the moment it's perfectly safe for you to enter, my friends here won't harm you unless ordered to do so.'

Slay Kalthis and his minions 0/1 (The Hive)

This must be the necromancer! Destroy him and his minions before he can create more.

You say, 'Hail, Kalthis, the Betrayer'

Kalthis, the Betrayer says 'Greetings pathetic shiliskin. Your people must be thinking highly of themselves to send a raiding party this deep into our lair. Do you truly think you have any [chance] of escaping here with your life?'

You say, 'We've got a chance'

Kalthis, the Betrayer says 'We shall see. For now let us see what sort of amusement you can provide me. Are you even strong enough to defeat my weakest minions?'

(More dialogues; information needed.)

? ? ?

? ? ?

(What are the last two steps?)

(How are rewards obtained? A named? A chest?)

Possible item rewards are Rusted Ring of the Accursed and Elder Tome of Cursed Writings.

Rusted Ring of the Accursed transmutes to:
??? (level 1-10)
??? (level 11-20)
??? (level 21-30)
??? (level 31-40)
??? (level 41-50)
??? (level 51-60)
Rancid Ring of the Accused (level 61-70)

Elder Tome of Cursed Writings transmutes to:
??? (level 1-10)
??? (level 11-20)
??? (level 21-30)
??? (level 31-40)
Timeworn Tome of Cursed Writings (level 41-50)
Ancient Tome of Cursed Writings (level 51-60)
Spellbook of Mystery (level 61-70)
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Another drop from this MM
# Oct 17 2006 at 3:08 AM Rating: Decent
Did this twice today, got ring once and book once.

In-MM reward:

Reward at level 70 once out of MM:
hard mission !
# Nov 04 2005 at 8:30 PM Rating: Decent
loc of Fihtzen is +776 , -1778 , 8
he is on the wather level right from the watherfall on the wall with the other mission givers.

this mission sends you in the hive to play a Shiliskin. aviable classes are warrior , cleric , enchanter.
the warrior is level 70 and has about 18khp, an ae taunt (with castime and interuptable, so its pretty useless) a 850hp nuke (good for pulling), a def disk (still gut hit for over 1k trought it) and the normal kick/taunt.
the cleric has around 14,5k hp/mana, one stun, 1dd (only resists as we tried this), a hp buff for 1,8khp and a 5k hp heal (no ch .... thats pretty hard on the mana).
the enchanter has 12k hp , 15k mana , an 3k hp single target nuke , a mezz , an pbae nuke and a statbuff (dex/agi .... mayby with haste).

we tried the mission with 4 chars (one 2boxing 2 enchanters) and in this combination , it is pretty hard to not dooable at all. the mobs hit for up to 1,3k and are pretty resistand to the spells. they have some ugly high hp (guess about 40k). if you pull an add, you are as good as dead with only 4 peeps.
i highly recomed a 6 person group for this mission with 2 tanks and at last 2 healers.

the first point in the mission:
"sneak into the hive trought the hidden cave"
you have to tell Fihtzen "ready" and he will port you in.
next point:
"search for the summoning chamber"
we did not try to find it at all, cause we died way to mutch in trying the first few mobs and canceled after an hour. as a sid note .... the mobs in this mission respawn, my gues would be at around 20-30min timer.

did the infiltrating the hive mission befor and it was way easier than this one. the mobs are as hard as in the other mission, but you only have 1/4 ot the hp/mana and not nearly the dps.
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