Norrath's Keepers Tier 3b: Volkara's Bite  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Faction
  • Loot
Time Limit:06:00:00
Faction Required:
Norrath's Keepers (Min: Amiable)
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Dragons of Norrath
Group Size:Raid
Min. # of Players:6
Max. # of Players:42
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Mon Mar 7 21:54:32 2005
Modified: Sat Feb 8 15:50:13 2020

For an overview of the Dragons of Norrath expansion, see this wiki article.
For an overview of progression, see quest entries for Norrath's Keepers and the Dark Reign.

This raid task begins with Lieutenant Ekiltu Verlor (click for map image) in the Norrath's Keepers camp of the Lavastorm Mountains. It has a 3-day, 20-hour lockout timer.

Pre-requisites for requesting this task:
- Level 69+
- Minimum 6 players; maximum 42 players
- Must be high "amiable" faction with Norrath's Keepers
- Completion of all Tier 2 tasks and flags
- Completion of "Protect the Waters"
- Completion of "The Sacred Scrolls"
- Completion of "Snowfoot Revenge"

You say, 'Hail, Lieutenant Ekiltu Verlor'

Lieutenant Ekiltu Verlor says 'Those faithful to the way of Norrath's Keepers may take on the greatest challenges and prove their worth to Firiona Vie.'

You have been assigned the task 'Volkara's Bite'.

Deep in the caverns of the Lavaspinner's Lair is the queen of the spiders. Her name is Volkara and hour by hour she builds her army of lavaspinners that weave and kill by spinning webs as hot and deadly as the lava that surrounds them. She has taken to the flavor of the blood and flesh of mortals and she must be stopped. You must go there in the name of Norrath's Keepers and Firiona Vie to stop the flow of blood in her caves.

Task Steps

Touch the cave entrance to Lavaspinner's Lair 0/1 (The Broodlands)

Confront Volkara 0/1 (Lavaspinner's Lair)


Kill Volkara 0/1 (Lavaspinner's Lair)

The Event

The entrance to the instanced zone is in the far southeastern part of the Broodlands.

Once inside the zone, head to the far southeastern corner of the zone, where you'll find Volkara - a rather large lavaspinner.

Volkara hits for a max ~2,000; has ~765,000 hitpoints; single-target rampages; flurries; and procs "Volkara's Bite":

Volkara clicks is mandibles at you.

Volkara's Bite: PB AE 300', Poison (-300) (5 minutes)
1: Decrease HP when cast by 2000
2: Decrease Hitpoints by 200 per tick
3: Increase Poison Counter by 25
4: Decrease Endurance by 100 per tick
5: Decrease Mana by 100 per tick

In addition, she spawns eggs ("Egg Sack") at health-based points: 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, and 10%. These appear at the location of random players. If these aren't quickly killed, 3x "Magma Hatchling" spawn from them (these hit for a max ~800 and are stunnable, but not mezzable). You see this emote as the eggs spawn:

Volkara stamps its legs causing eggs to fall from the ceiling.

Completion & Loot

Kill Volkara to complete the task (adds do NOT despawn).

Volkara has been slain by _____!
Volkara's corpse stumbles and falls to the ground.
Your faction standing with Volkara has been adjusted by -1.
Your faction standing with Volkara's Brood has been adjusted by -1.

With Volkara dead, her plans to build an army of arachnids has been thwarted. Norrathians can rest a little easier.

She drops 9x "Lava Spider Spinners" (progression item) + 2 items from this loot table:

Ancient Feline Leggings
Ancient Scale Link Vest
Dragon Scale-Bladed Mace
Ring of Unsung Legends
Staff of the Broodlands
Summoner's Rune Belt

Task Rewards:
11 Radiant Crystals
1x "Norrath's Keepers Token" (faction turn-in item)

Note: If doing this raid as part of progression, you'll want to check in with some NPCs to make sure your flags are up to date. See this quest entry for more details.
Submitted by: Saraban of Darkwind
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Paladin Solo kill
# Jan 25 2011 at 8:56 AM Rating: Decent
32 posts
90 Paladin, Solo'd was fun nice big DS so babies basically killed themselves.
# Jun 27 2009 at 4:11 PM Rating: Decent
1,267 posts
The eggs spawn at 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, and 10%. Funnily enough, the egss are all headshottable, though neither the spider adds nor Volkara herself is.
Enchanter stuff
# Jun 25 2009 at 2:24 PM Rating: Decent
Mobs are immune to every mezz. So don't bother trying to crowd control.

Volkara herself is a pushover, but be careful with the adds that can easily overwhelm you, especially if you're unprepared like we were. Second try was easy though.
# Jun 19 2009 at 3:31 PM Rating: Decent
Duo'd tower/sod geared Sk and grp geard necro (Teir 5 sod grp stuffs) used all discs and it took a couple tries but won it ;p
did this with 3
# Jan 04 2009 at 2:13 AM Rating: Decent
18 posts
won with 3
85 ranger (3.9k ac, 30k hp buffed)
85 druid (boxed)
83 zerker

Ranger MA'd volk
Druid healed & nuked eggs
Zerker dps'd volk and eggs

killed egg sacks as they spawned with all 3, Killed adds if any spawned.
was pretty rough but doable. used 2 steadfast servants to help heal. last round (10% eggs) adds swarmed druid from heal agro, so druid kited while dps finished off volk, using discs, h.o.t. potions to stay alive.

Took two tries.
# Dec 13 2008 at 9:47 PM Rating: Decent
54 posts
Successfully completed this mission with six people.

85 SK on eggs and Volkara
85 War on Volkara
84 Bst on eggs and Volkara
84 Enc on eggs and Volkara
83 Rng on eggs, spot heals, and Volkara
81 Pal on main, group, and fast heals adding DPS to Volkara.

I'm the paladin, used fast heals at the end to steal aggro and kited the spiderlings in the room just north of Volkara while group looted, then zoned out. Looted mine before I got all the lings on me. Warrior wiped at the very end when I was getting beat on by all the adds, but kited until he got back to loot. First try we didn't have the SK's Harm Touch up, wiped at 6% HP left. Second try he used at 18%.

Have the reward now, was fun.
Easy enough now
# Jul 22 2007 at 11:29 AM Rating: Decent
We did this last night with only 10. Was really easy the only issue we messed up on was ignoring egg sacs last 10% to burn. We still won but pure luck because no tanks or healers were left alive only a necro and a rezzed sham. A dot finished Volk. So suggest killing egg sacs entire fight, just keep tank on Volk.
Easy enough now
# Oct 23 2007 at 10:31 PM Rating: Decent
49 posts
We were 13 and succeeded (I was 5 of them...)

We also almost messed it up at end, but we won. To be more precise on the adds, the Egg Sacks spawn at 80,60,40,20 and 10!

Our setup:
- main tank (pally 17k buffed) on Volkara + CLR dedicated to heal him
- rampage/add tank (SK 17k buffed) using AE taunts to get adds off others + CLR.

Worked well. Main cleric had to use Staunch Recovery due to length of battle.

And 6 folks in a raid are enough to get the mission.

evil Coerl
did with 24
# Jun 07 2006 at 1:10 AM Rating: Good
my guild did this with 24 the other night it was quite hard but quite fun, this fight is why infusion of the faithfull was made,she spams a poision aoe during the fight that just wrecks people but with infusion it wont even touch you.
# Jun 29 2005 at 7:18 AM Rating: Good
This raid does not take 6 hours.. You got 6 hours to finish it, but it shouldn't take more than 1 hour.
Veludeus Exmachina - Bristlebane

*rate the posts, please*
# Mar 11 2005 at 1:32 PM Rating: Default
53 posts
If doing this task through the Dark Reign, see Captain Aleeth Zyrv

-Froggerx Xreggorf-
Collective Assault
Possible bugginess on adds
# Mar 09 2005 at 2:14 PM Rating: Decent
Volkara spawns eggs during the fight that hatch adds, much like the Murkglider Queen in WoS. She starts on a small raised "plateau", and we weren't watching push during our first time trying this. Some of the eggs spawned off the edge and were out of the raid's line of sight. That in and of itself wasn't a real problem, but multiple people said they couldn't damage some of the eggs even when they moved to get line of sight and had the eggs targeted. I have no idea if that's by design or if the encounter is bugged if you let eggs spawn off the edge.

On our first try we weren't ready for that and came close to wiping; well over half the raid died from the adds before we killed Volkara. On our second attempt we kept her centered so that all the eggs would spawn on level ground, and had no problem targeting and killing the eggs before they could hatch.
Filling the blanks
# Mar 09 2005 at 4:01 AM Rating: Decent
The starting npc for this quest is Lieutenant Ekiltu Verlor (for good not sure on bad side) the Event starter. you must be to tier 3 of progress to get this event.

A time+ geared group could probably do it with 4 groups maybe a few more, and take more people as you have lower quality gear.

I believe the reward was 8 crystals. nothing special maybe 11. typical progression event.

NOTE: its not just good aligned. tahts what i am. the evil people can spawn this mission just like all the other raid events. just dont turn in the token if its not your desired faction. 9 "flags" drop and 2 loot rewards. again both good and evil use these flags to progress.
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