Adventure in Deepest Guk  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Lost Dungeons of Norrath
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Thu Nov 6 17:43:58 2003
Modified: Thu Feb 3 02:23:56 2022
For every two successes in Deepest Guk, you gain another piece of information. For every five pieces of information (ten successes), your Adventurer's Stone gains in power. At first, you must talk to Selephra Giztral (-460, +2625), but later he tells you to seek out other members of the Wayfarers Brotherhood...

0 win

You say, 'Hail, Selephra Giztral'

Selephra Giztral says 'The curse in Deepest Guk is incredibly strong. It's interesting how Deepest Guk came to be like it is today. If you manage to do some work for us, I will share the story with you!'

2 wins

You say, 'Hail, Selephra Giztral'

Selephra Giztral says 'Ahem, sorry. I had a fly stuck in my throat. By the looks of you, I'd say you're an adventurous spirit. Unfortunately, many similar spirits have been lost in that slimy place we now call Deepest Guk. In fact, those who have been overcome by the curse that creeps in there have lost their very souls. I'm hoping the next time we talk I'll have more information for you. Take care, most-promising hero.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

4 wins

Selephra Giztral looks at you with one eye while the other surveys the surroundings. 'Well, I can smell the stench of that curse on you. That is the curse that was set upon the frogloks after they had driven the trolls out of their city. I hesitate to say too much more, because it sounds like a bit of fancy at the moment. Come back soon.'

6 wins

Selephra Giztral says 'It's good to see that you remain healthy, my friend. As time passes, I see more fair Norrathians fall to the curse down there. I do know that the curse was brought upon the frogloks through a troll, but we're hoping to learn more about the nature of it. The curse itself is like a living, breathing monstrosity that feeds on the souls of the living, twisting them into hateful pawns. The curse does have an epicenter too -- and it is most difficult to resist surrender to the curse there. Awful thing, it is. See you soon.'

8 wins

Selephra Giztral says 'It's no wonder the trolls are so put off by my people. After all, we did rob them of their cities, both Guk and Grobb. I'm thankful that Mithaniel Marr sent down a blessing to the frogloks to help us overcome those foul trolls. You know, since the beginning, frogloks and trolls have warred with one another. I can tell you more later.'

10 wins

Selephra Giztral says 'Ah, yes, I didn't quite explain how Mithaniel Marr blessed my people last time we talked. In fact, we have been blessed twice! I'm so glad you inquired. It's a very intriguing tale. I think you should go talk to a friend of mine - Bealya Tanilsuia in the West Commonlands. She is somewhat of a historian and can tell you more about how the frogloks of Gukta came to be. It's well worth knowing.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

Your Adventurer Stone glows with more power as you gain stature with the Wayfarers Brotherhood.

12 wins

Selephra Giztral says 'The curse in Deepest Guk is incredibly strong. It's interesting how Deepest Guk came to be like it is today. If you manage to do some work for us, I will share the story with you!'

You have additional information to uncover! You must speak to Bealya Tanilsuia to find out more!

Bealya Tanilsuia is located at -455, +2600 in the West Commonlands.

You say, 'Hail, Bealya Tanilsuia'

Bealya Tanilsuia says 'Yes, I know. No one expects a dwarf to know anything! I can see that in your eyes. I've taken an interest in the frogloks though. I've been around Norrath for some time and, much like you, often heard rumors. I wanted to find out for myself if the rumors were true. As a result, I became a bit of an expert. Well, enough about me. A long time ago troll shamans predicted the rise of a particular troll called ''The Grozmok.'' This legendary troll would possess great might and hold powerful secrets. All of the trolls were to be united under one rule, but as we know, this didn't happen . . . Oh my, look at the time! I must get back to my studies. If you'd like to continue our talk, you're going to have to come back later.'

14 wins

Bealya Tanilsuia says 'Right, where was I. Ah yes. Well, as I said, the trolls were meant to be united under the powerful troll they referred to as The Grozmok. The troll shamans believed in the prophecy so completely that they wrote it in blood on a strong stone tablet, which was supposedly blessed by both Innoruuk, the prince of Hate, and Cazic-Thule, the god of Fear. They called this artifact the Grozmok Stone. I understand that it will take a while to absorb all of this information. I'll just leave you to mull over that for now.'

16 wins

Bealya Tanilsuia says 'So, yes, back to the Grozmok Stone. Well, the trolls guarded that stone with all the might they possessed. Then, the ogre minions of Rallos Zek, the god of War, turned their eyes to Innothule Swamp and slaughtered and enslaved all of those that crossed their path. Not only did the trolls fall, but the Grozmok Stone was lost to the ogres in the Rallosian Empire. Over time the ogres lost their favor with the gods and were cursed to become ignorant and slovenly. At this time, the trolls began to rise again as their numbers were able to increase without the interference of the wrath of the ogres. Well, ______, I think that's enough for now.'

18 wins

Bealya Tanilsuia says 'Right, back to the trolls. So, the trolls began to rebuild over time and split into tribes. Two tribes were of note: the Broken Skull Clan that lived on an island in the Gulf of Gunthak, and the Ykesha Clan that established themselves in the Innothule Swamps. For many years, the two clans warred for dominance, raiding each other's territories and the mountainous lands of the ogres that had survived the destruction of their empire. It was in these mountainous lands that the Grozmok Stone once again came into possession of the troll clans. And, I tell you, the story just gets more interesting from here, but it will have to wait.'

20 wins

Bealya Tanilsuia says 'Hello again, ______. So, a war horde from the Ykesha Clan recovered the Grozmok Stone and presented it to their leader, Warlord Ykesha. Ykesha's shamans recognized the blessings of the gods of Fear and Hate upon the hieroglyphs on the stone. At the time, Ykesha believed he was going to become The Grozmok. That's it for now, my friend. I have work to do.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

Your Adventurer Stone glows with more power as you gain stature with the Wayfarers Brotherhood.

22 wins

Bealya Tanilsuia says, 'Greetings once more, _____. Right, more of the story. As you know, when individuals gain celebrity some strange things can happen. As I was saying before, Ykesha came to believe he was The Grozmok. He became insanely paranoid and holed himself up deep within his fortress in the Innothule Swamp, which is now Guk. Seeing the weakness in the Ykesha clan's leadership, the forces of the rival clans moved in to take the Grozmok Stone. The Broken Skull clan won possession of the stone and the Ykesha clan was destroyed.'

24 wins

Bealya Tanilsuia says, 'The few survivors of the Ykesha clan endured as scavengers in the Innothule Swamp for some time, until a new warlord emerged by the name of Jurglash, founder of the Grobb clan. The might of the clan grew quickly to become the prominent troll clan on the Antonican mainland. What? Yes, I know. I'm getting to the frogloks of Gukta. Patience!'

26 wins

Bealya Tanilsuia says, 'More about the trolls and emergence of the frogloks, yes. Well, you see, the Grozmok Stone remained in the possession of the Broken Skull clan, hidden and guarded in the tomb of a legendary Broken Skull shaman named Nadox. The shamans in Grobb learned the whereabouts of the Grozmok Stone and a raid was sent to recover it from the rival clan, which it did. The stone was taken to Grobb where it remained for some time, awaiting the arrival of The Grozmok.'

28 wins

Bealya Tanilsuia says, 'Still want to learn more, ______? Excellent! Okay, so, the Broken Skull clan believed that The Grozmok would rise from its trolls, as they felt they were chosen by Innoruuk. Then, without warning, the Broken Skull clan attacked Grobb. With the aid of the Luggalds granted them by Innoruuk, they managed to invade the city with few losses and bring the Grozmok Stone to Broken Skull Rock.'

30 wins

Bealya Tanilsuia says 'Back to where we were then, eh ______? The loss of the Grozmok Stone left much disarray in Grobb. A rather shoddy force of trolls departed Grobb to try to take back the Grozmok Stone from the Broken Skull clan. The frogloks witnessed the peril that Grobb had fallen into and took advantage of the opportunity to recover their dignity and their lands. They prayed to Mithaniel Marr, their creator, and asked for his blessing, which they received. Hm, I think you should get some background on that from my good friend Selephra Giztral. Good day and good luck!'

32 wins

Selephra Giztral says 'Welcome back ______. Bealya Tanilsuia told you some of the history behind my people and the trolls, hm? Now, getting to Mithaniel Marr, my creator. When Mithaniel Marr walked the lands of Norrath before man was created, Cazic-Thule, the god of Fear, wished to seduce Mithaniel to his side. Many of Cazic-Thule's mortal minions were sent to assault Mithaniel Marr's mind and spirit. Mithaniel was strong and the minions could not instill within him the fear of their dark lord. However, they did succeed in luring the brave Mithaniel to the swamps of Norrath. An army of trolls, lizards, and other creatures of unspeakable horror plagued Mithaniel Marr and he became a captive to the minions of Fear.'

34 wins

Selephra Giztral says 'Now, Mithaniel Marr, trapped in his prison in the swamps, prayed to his father, Tarew Marr the Water Lord, for salvation until he was so exhausted he fell into slumber. While he slept, Terris-Thule, Queen of Nightmares, attempted to steal Mithaniel Marr's Gift of Life at the behest of Cazic-Thule.'

36 wins

Selephra Giztral says 'Hm, where were we? Oh yes, Terris-Thule attempted to capture Mithaniel's Gift of Life while he slept. It wasn't long before Morell-Thule, the forsaken son of Cazic-Thule, wanted to thwart his sister's efforts and intervened. Morell-Thule managed to harness Mithaniel's Gift of Life before his sister could and he split it in two. One half he spread across the swamps of Norrath and the sacred lands of his father, Cazic-Thule. The other half he gave to Mithaniel Marr's sister, Erollisi Marr, the goddess of Love. Oh, I must stop here. I need to get something else done. I'll have more for you soon. Be well, ______.'

38 wins

Selephra Giztral says 'Right, well, when Mithaniel Marr's Gift of Life fell upon the swamps of Norrath, the first blessed froglok tads were born. Those first tads faced the greatest challenges because the swamps were overrun with the destructive minions of the gods of Fear and Hate. Fortunately, the Gift of Life empowered the frogloks with the bravery and valor of Mithaniel. They survived and flourished. And, that is how my frogloks ancestors came to be, but that's not the end of the tale.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

Your Adventurer Stone glows with more power as you gain stature with the Wayfarers Brotherhood.

40 wins

Selephra Giztral says 'So, let's begin again, shall we ______? The lord of Dreams, Morell-Thule, still had a part to play. He gifted the frogloks with dreams of the imprisoned Mithaniel Marr and offered them visions that would help free him from his prison. In time, the first adult frogloks rose in arms against the minions of Cazic-Thule, fighting valiantly to the site of Mithaniel Marr's imprisonment. They failed many times, sadly.'

42 wins

Selephra Giztral says 'One moment. Oh yes, now I remember where we left off ______. The frogloks continued to fight the hordes of Fear and Hate to reach Mithaniel Marr's prison, but were not able to overcome the strength and experience of the dark gods' minions. In time, a small army arrived on the borders of the swamp to aid them. I've run off at the mouth again! I have other things to tend to. I'll talk with you soon, friend.'

44 wins

Selephra Giztral says 'The army, right. An army of barbarians, Erollisi Marr's children, arrived in the swamp to assist the frogloks. They were drawn to the site of Mithaniel's prison through visions, much like the frogloks. Seeking justice for the imprisonment of Mithaniel, the brother of Erollisi, the barbarians joined with the froglok armies and freed Mithaniel Marr. Interesting, isn't it? Well, ______, that's all I can tell you for now.'

46 wins

Selephra Giztral says 'Now, while my people advanced and became organized, the troll clans still warred with each other and the Grozmok Stone was being tossed back and forth like a hot potato. A time came when most of the protectors of Grobb ignorantly left for Broken Skull Rock to retrieve the Grozmok Stone for Grobb. That was when we gathered our forces and prayed to Mithaniel Marr to bless us. And he did. He infused many of us with much-improved strength and purity of heart. With ferocious loyalty and purpose, we took Grobb from the trolls. That is how Gukta, Outpost of Marr, was created. I'll tell you more soon, I promise you, ______. Time is precious these days.'

48 wins

Selephra Giztral says 'Greetings once again, ______. I told you that we ran the trolls out of what was once Grobb, did I not? Well, the remaining trolls fled to make their home with the dark elves in Neriak. The dark elves wished to get more information about the Grozmok Stone and the Broken Skull clan of trolls, so they allowed them to stay. The Grozmok Stone never returned to Grobb. I believe it is in safekeeping though. I cannot say anymore about that, for now.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

Your Adventurer Stone glows with more power as you gain stature with the Wayfarers Brotherhood.

50 wins

Selephra Giztral says 'So, on to where we are now. As my people gained strength and wisdom, we aimed to recapture the lands that belonged to us. Those lands included the swamp, Grobb, and now we turn our eyes to the old ruins of Guk, particularly Deepest Guk. To that end, we sent our most noble and valorous paladins to abolish the curse that tore through our froglok ancestors and anything that got close to it. It would seem you would do well to learn more about the origins of the curse. Please go to the Innothule Swamp and look for Deblik Grumblok, a troll friend of mine in the Wayfarers Brotherhood. He has a unique insight into the tale.'

52 wins

Deblik Grumblok may be found at -1440, +635 in Innothule Swamp after the revamp.

You say, 'Hail, Deblik Grumblok'

Deblik Grumblok says 'Greetin's dere ______. Me guess dat you want to hear more about de curse dat is making a mess down dere in Deepest Guk? Mm-hmm. First, you may wonder why me helping de Wayfarers Brotherhood? Me was sent away from my home and betrayed by my own chum in Neriak. Somehow me don't have de fear and hate my troll brudders and sisters do. Anyway, Morden Rasp took me in and me made friends. Me supposed to hate de froggies, but me don'ts. Anyway, where was I? Me forgot. You go away and come back someday soon and me will remember de stuff.'

54 wins

Deblik Grumblok says 'Okay, so when Warlord Ykesha ruled in de swamps, we built a fortress dat became a troll city. My ancestors made de poor froggies slaves, so they were part of life in de fortress. Then, Warlord Ykesha went crazy! He kept hiding from everyone. He always thought someone was coming to kill him! Oh, me tired. Me needs a nap.'

56 wins

Deblik Grumblok says 'Me not so tired now! Warlord Ykesha went so deep into de fortress and no one heard from him. Things went strange because trolls had no leader. De froggies saw dat de trolls were running around confused, so they started to organize. Uhm. Too much talking. Go away now and come back.'

58 wins

Deblik Grumblok says 'De story is a bit scary. While Warlord Ykesha was crazy, de Broken Skull trolls saw a chance to kill a bunch of de Ykesha clan trolls and take de Grozmok Stone. And they did. When de Broken Skull trolls left, de froggies grabbed all de weapons they had stolen from de trolls and finished where they left off, taking over de fortress and they called it Guk! Me tell you more later. Promise!'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

Your Adventurer Stone glows with more power as you gain stature with the Wayfarers Brotherhood.

60 wins

Deblik Grumblok says 'Me remember you, ______! If me remember right, there had been no sign of Warlord Ykesha. All we know is dat he just got further and further back in de dungeon. Then something bad happened. A troll shaman was able to hide in Guk and remained unnoticed by de froggies for some time. In de dark, he prayed to Innoruuk to help him escape. Innoruuk heard de prayer and looked down. He was angry dat Mithaniel Marr's froggies took over de home of his troll children. Innoruuk let his ire pass through de troll shaman! Oh, good story. You come back later for more. Hee hee.'

62 wins

Deblik Grumblok says 'Me knew you couldn't stay away ______! When de shaman became a conduit for Innoruuk's hate, a very bad thing happened. De curse dat Innoruuk sent through de troll was so powerful it sent a deadly, soul-robbing shockwave through Guk. Anything near de troll had its soul stolen. De curse is so evil dat it created a living portal, a portal to Innoruuk's own Cauldron of Hate. Yeah, scary. Me know!'

64 wins

Deblik Grumblok says 'Oh, yes ______, there is more! After de troll brought Innoruuk's curse to de mortal realm, he died 'cause Innoruuk couldn't use him. But those froggies closest to de portal to de Cauldron of Hate were given de task of collecting souls to feed to de curse. Me thinks they are called de Witnesses of Hate, having looked into de very cauldron themselves. Ew. Poor froggies.'

66 wins

Deblik Grumblok says 'We nearly done with this story! You know how there are undead froggies and living froggies in Guk? Well, dat curse is why! De undead froggies in Guk were touched by de curse. Down in Deepest Guk, de curse is strongest, so if you goes in there, cover your nose or something. My story is done now me thinks. You should go talk to Selephra Giztral again! Bye byes!'

68 wins

Selephra Giztral says 'Ah, back again I see. I'm glad that Deblik was able to fill in some gaps about what's going on here. It is certainly true that the curse in Deepest Guk is stronger than anywhere else. Our greatest conundrum now is how to stop it. As the curse comes from a portal that touches Innoruuk's powerful Cauldron of Hate, we have a formidable task ahead.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

Your Adventurer Stone glows with more power as you gain stature with the Wayfarers Brotherhood.

70 wins

Selephra Giztral says 'Stay alert, ______. You have been a good ear and are just as much an expert on Deepest Guk as any one of us. Be well in your travels friend. You are fast becoming one of us. Bless you and the Wayfarers Brotherhood.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

Your Adventurer Stone glows with more power as you gain stature with the Wayfarers Brotherhood.

After 70 wins

Selephra Giztral says, 'I would wager that you know more about those lost dungeons than I do at this stage, _____. I have no more to tell you.'
Submitted by: Fleven
  • Increased Adventurer's Stone power
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# of wins to cap Adventurer's Stone
# Apr 12 2014 at 1:00 PM Rating: Decent
50 posts
I am finally working on capping these out of boredom, and had to get to 70 wins to cap out the stone from South Ro/Guk adventures. Started out at 22 wins from years ago, built up to the 62 wins listed above, then did all the hailing, and noticed my final text from that matched the 54 win total from above.
2 box, 2 merc
# Dec 07 2009 at 1:37 AM Rating: Decent
89 posts
Doing these with 2 toons and 2 mercs is easy and fun, but, you have to manage your mercs by setting roles via right-clicking the names in your group. Make the leader the main assist, make the Merc Tank the main tank and make a social that /assist (name of merc tank) on both toons. The merc healer is just there. If your toon is a pet class then add /pause 3 and /pet attack to the assist social, so the pet don't just sit there picking it's nose.

BTW the /pause 3 will make sure the pet attacks and the command does not get lost in any lag you may have, you may not neeed to add the pause between /assist and /pet attack, but I found that the pet was not always fighting and the pause in the social fixed it for me.

With your merc tank as MT it will know that any agro the group gets should be his and will taunt off mobs from any other in your group. Your healer merc should be up to keeping the MT healed even with 5 or 6 mobs beating on him. Assisting the MT will concentrate all damage on one mob. Kill the runner mobs first, then there will be no problems with them going for help. A wizard nuke to finish it off or someone to snare will take care of runners and your merc tank will be hot on it's heels anyway, so it really don't get far.

I have used this method with Monk/Ranger, Berserker/Enchanter, Wizard/Mage and Warrior/Beastlord, I am confident that it can work for other combinations too, Good hunting all!
solo or 3 characters ?
# Jun 05 2008 at 2:30 PM Rating: Decent
24 posts

Above it says solo, but don't LDoN adventures require 3 characters ?
solo or 3 characters ?
# Feb 23 2009 at 11:57 AM Rating: Decent
We have been doing LDONs with just Hubby & I with our Mercinaries. We didnt think we could get the adventure with just the 2 of us and if we could, we werent sure the Mercinaries would be allowed in. Much to our surprise we are able to do adventures with just Him & I plus our 2 Mercinaries.

Before I get blasted for using Mercinaries to do this, Hubby & I have tried for a very long time to get folks to do adventures with us but if you think getting a regular group for exp is hard, try getting one for an LDON.

Just thought Id reply and say yes, can get adventure with just 2 people. Hope it helps :o)
~*~ If the right thing to do was always the easiest thing, then everyone would do it ~*~
solo or 3 characters ?
# Sep 07 2009 at 11:44 PM Rating: Default
41 posts
Well it was NERFED, because you can't do with 2 people and mercaneries anymore.
solo or 3 characters ?
# Nov 06 2013 at 11:51 AM Rating: Good
362 posts
MysticConquest wrote:
Well it was NERFED, because you can't do with 2 people and mercaneries anymore.

Not true. Running LDoN with a BL, Shammy, and Shammy's Merc for a total of 2 PCs and 1 NPC. Works fine.
Savage Lady Nekokirei of Drinal
Predator Nekokirei of Stromm
solo or 3 characters ?
# Oct 16 2009 at 10:22 PM Rating: Good
21 posts
You can still do LDoN's with 2 toons and a merc as i am still 2 boxing my druid beastlord + cleric merc, but they are only lvl 57.
I believe (but cant yet confirm) that there is a lvl cap issue. I have been told by a friend who still does LDoN's regularly that the group lvl average has to be under 83. ie 2 * lvl 85's plus lvl 85 merc cant get LDoN cause the average level is too high.
# Sep 05 2007 at 7:01 AM Rating: Decent
can any of these olwer lv ldons be taked to u solo
0 wins
# Mar 11 2007 at 3:05 AM Rating: Decent
346 posts
Selephra Giztral says 'The curse in Deepest Guk is incredibly strong. It's interesting how Deepest Guk came to be like it is today. If you manage to do some work for us, I will share the story with you!'
Adventurer stone adjustment
# May 10 2004 at 11:13 PM Rating: Decent
I hand bonded my adventurers stone to an older charm slot item that was inferior to the planes of power figurine. I used a solvent and removed the adventurers stone from the old charm. Immediately following this I simply hailed Vual Stoutfest and a new adventurers stone appeared on my pointer.

I then bonded the newly acquired adventurers stone to my planes of power figurine. It worked as expected and the stats from the adventurers stone are working too.

Hope this is helpful.
RE: Adventurer stone adjustment
# May 29 2004 at 10:54 AM Rating: Decent
Hmm...had to remove stone form my chamr, got new stone, talked to the folks in cmap, still dont have my stats on stone. I have 16 wins in MM, stats didnt come back after talking to Vual. Does it need to be bound again to chamr in ordr for stats to come back?
RE: Adventurer stone adjustment
# Apr 22 2005 at 11:35 PM Rating: Good
236 posts
It needs to be bound to the charm to see the stats.
Voidslayer Jhereg, Destroyer of Worlds, Monk, <Celestial Navigators>, Drinal server
Vanidor Silverbranch, Wizard, <Celestial Navigators>, Drinal server
RE: Adventurer stone adjustment
# Aug 20 2004 at 7:17 AM Rating: Default
Stats on the adventurer's stone won't come up before level 65 - though you might do all the talking before.

Lvl 65 Mage
Kael Drakkal
RE: Adventurer stone adjustment
# Aug 20 2004 at 10:55 PM Rating: Excellent
Thats not true, my stone had stats on it at lvl 50.
# Feb 04 2004 at 1:19 PM Rating: Excellent
18 posts
n460 p2625

Edited, Wed Feb 4 13:20:26 2004
# Feb 01 2004 at 11:46 PM Rating: Decent
Adventurign in Deepest Guk part 1:

evrytiem time you complite 2 successeful missions
in Deepest Guk you talk to Selephra Giztral to gain NEW INFORMATION. After 5 "talks" your Stone will rise in power.

after 5th talk Selephra Giztral will tell you to seek out Bealya Tanilsuia. She is a dwarf that is foudn in West Commons in the house that belogns to set of buildings bewteen Shadowmen camp and befalen enterance.
# Nov 06 2003 at 7:20 PM Rating: Decent
Why is itnobody adventures in Deepest Guk. I play on Tunare on EST and have NEVER gotten a Guk group. Is it that it's just an off zone or is it just too hard?
RE: ....
# Jan 08 2004 at 7:27 AM Rating: Decent
55 posts
It is also one of the hardest to get to. Not that a group that is adventuring can't make it to the entrance safely, it is just a lot more out of the way compared to the other ones. Everfrost is the easiest for accessability of dungeons, except for the icy orcs there is nothing a lvl 20 group would have a problem with while running to the entrance.
RE: ....
# Jan 06 2004 at 12:45 PM Rating: Decent
Guk seems to be the least played zone out of ldon on sullon zek too, honestly i don't know why. Unless you are playing on hard setting, all ldon's missions are just so easy to beat so it doesnt really matter which theme you choose. The adds aren't a real problem if they are slowed, your main tank should be able to hold multiple adds pounding on them with no trouble. I usually finish any easy mission at least 45minutes left no matter what theme its in. Hard setting is the way to go though if you got a decent group. The stuff dropping on hard almost always has 90+hp on it.
RE: ....
# Nov 21 2003 at 9:16 PM Rating: Decent
Exploring without unexpectedly pulling multiples is the toughest challenge. Generally, the aggro ranges seemed greater than MM, and the spaces are more cramped. There are some tight corners leading into well occupied rooms. A competent Pacifier is very important. Multi-pulls are likely, so good communication and a decent Enchanter are needed. The vertically rough terrain caused unexpected line of sight casting issues. Our Rogue didn't find Sneak/Hide to be reliable, although he was the lowest level. The Eyes will run to friends when low on HP.

On the positive side, mez wasn't resisted too often and aggro was pretty managable once acquired.

A balanced team that can handle the initial shock of the nearly inevitable four or five mob over-pull in cramped quarters can succeed. Regardless of stratedgy or configuration, it is a tougher environment than MM, imho.
RE: ....
# Nov 18 2003 at 10:51 AM Rating: Decent
One problem with Guk is that it is tougher on pullers. The zone is dark so it is hard to see mobs, and consists of winding tunnels, multiple height chambers, rivers, and ladders you must climb up and down.

Also as noted there are dispellers, lots of casting froggies, and a good amount of undead mixed in with the living frogs.

Takish is a breeze to pull compared to Guk. Still, for those who like a challenge Guk is fun (and doable). I find the drops there to be better.

PS - And you can sometimes get your own "Gollum" ally when you are in this zone. But I will let you learn that on your own...
RE: ....
# Nov 06 2003 at 7:32 PM Rating: Excellent
6,998 posts
Like Mistmoore, it has lots of undead, so it might be popular with those classes with anti-undead powers. Unfortunately, unlike Mistmoore, it has lots of dispellers (the beholder NPCs), making adventures more difficult and last longer. Given a choice, people will generally migrate to the easier and faster of the two to rack up Adventure Points and successes more quickly.
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