Tarton's Wheel  

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Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Spell
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Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
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Entered: Thu May 31 16:21:32 2001
Modified: Sun Jul 10 02:00:14 2022
This quest begins with Sulgar at location is 3030, -2395, -58, in Everfrost (just into the main area of Everfrost and to the north boundary).

You say, 'Hail, Sulgar'

Sulgar says 'Hail, traveler! Would you happen to [know] the location of any of the spokes of Tarton's Wheel?'

You say, 'What is Tarton's Wheel?'

Sulgar says 'Tarton's Wheel was a device that Tarton constructed to let him travel through the planes. If you are [interested] in helping me reassemble it, I will [reward] you well.'

You say, 'What reward?'

Sulgar says 'If you bring me the [Staff of the Wheel] and the [Star of Eyes], I will reward you with a rune of frost and a rune of the astral - for personal use, of course..'

You say, 'What is the Staff of the Wheel?'

Sulgar says 'The Staff of the Wheel and the Star of Eyes are made by combining the ten spokes of Tarton's Wheel in a [wheel case].'

You say, 'What wheel case?'

Sulgar says 'I will lend you this wheel case - put the ten spokes of the wheel in it when you have collected them. I did say lend, however. I shall need the case back. Once you have constructed the Staff of the Wheel and the Star of Eyes, I will trade you them for a rune of frost and a rune of the astral.'

You receive "A glowing chest" (identifies as "Tartons Wheel Case"), a 10-slot TEMPORARY container, and a Tome of the Wheel, which reads:






In the crossing
Of the waters
Rests a ship
On its side

Drowned sailors
Swim around it
Past this ship
The Azia lies.

In the land
Of wind and snow
This stream of water
Does not flow

Below the ice
Upon dry land
The Beza rests
Held by no hand

In the Lake of Rathe
An island looms
It hides a treasure
In its womb

A stone tower
Protected sleeps
Those who guard it
Can not weep

A cauldron stews
But does not boil
Its edges rock
Not dirt or soil

Inside the cauldron
Lurks a door
The Dena lies
Some paces score

Once Trolls did live
Within these halls
Then vengeance struck
Their might did fall

A well of water
Upside down
The Ena rests
Yet does not drown

The tears of Marr
A pool do make
Two towers stand
Within this lake

In one tower
Guarded high
The Fana dreams
Of sleeping dry

Upon the mountain
Through the pass
The Tiger Roars
With eyes of glass

The Tiger sees
The waters fall
Geza is held
Under its thrall

Under this city
Upon the coast
Tunnels stretch
And secrets boast

Two dark pits
Within the ground
Fins circle Heda
Round and round

Under the Mountain
Where the sunless mass
The Blind Fish swims
With eyes of glass

The Blind Fish sees
Through azure haze
The Izah rests
Within its gaze

Upon this house
Was laid a Doom
Its owners rise
From beyond the tomb

Now sunken is
A Dwarven crest
Where the Jaka lies
But can not rest

There are 10 pieces that you need scattered across the face of Norrath, each called "A Rod."

The locations are as follows:
(1) [azia] On the ocean floor in Eruds Crossing past the zombie boat where the zombie sailors hang out. (location - neg 1162, pos 2340);

Here are some video guides on the original zones. These videos are not for the revamped zones.

(2) [beza] In the underwater cave in the Everfrost plains. It is in the "house" all the way back and right in the cave, where 3 dry bones guard it in the center of the room;

(3) [caza] Lake Rathetear. Underneath the first island you see is an underwater tunnel leading to a stone tower. It's on the top floor of the tower. (You need enduring breath for this one);

(4) [Dena] Dagnor's Cauldron, right outside the entrance to Kedge Keep, at -890, -740. If you face with your back to Kedge, it is directly diagagonally left, in a corner - or you can swim straight out and down from Unrest;

(5) [Ena] Lower Guk in the Reanimated hand room. This one is the only one you need a group for, unless you're brave and kamakaze it. Warning, the floor is the same color as the rod in this room and it makes it very hard to find with the hand and the dar beating on you;

(6) [Fana] Southern Desert of Ro, northern section, in the underwater tower in the lake, at +3695, -1740, -35;

(7) [Geza] Highhold Pass, on the patio at The Tiger's Roar, at /waypoint -268, 585, -14

(8) [Heda] Qeynos Aqueducts, in the shark pit;

(9) [Izah] Neriak in the water in front of the bar called "the blind fish". The bar has 4 glass windows that are underwater, and the rod spawns right in front of those windows;

(10) [Jaka] Unrest in the water outside the right side of the house near where the the gnome spelunker is. Instead of going into the tunnel that leads to him, you go a little right of that entrance and there's a very short passage where you can find the rod.

You have fashioned the items together to create something new: Staff of the Wheel.
You have fashioned the items together to create something new: Star of Eyes.

Turn these in for your reward. (NOTE: With the recent revamp of the spell research system, the Rune rewards have each been replaced with "Shattered Rune". We need confirmation (8ish years after the spell research revamp) that this quest is still messed up)
Submitted by: Shaidar
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Got it!
# Aug 15 2001 at 2:19 PM Rating: Default
I just did this quest, and it took me 2 nights to accomplish and I was lvl 23. Here is how I did it.

1. Oasis, Towers easy to find, just swim into the top floor with invis, grab it, swim out. It doesn't seem to stop invis.

2. Neriak, I am a Dark Elf so this was easy. Just swam in, and grabbed it. Easy.

3. Unrest, Ported over to GFay and had no problems getting to the moat. Took a few minutes to grab it, but it was safe.

4. Dagnor's cauldron, Just swam out straight from Unrest and foundit no problem.

5. Erud's crossing, Ported to tox and went on the boat. Went to the ship wreck and started to swim around looking for it. I was attacked and quickly slain by a Shark. It hit consistently for 95s. I came back, got my corpse, and kept invis up this time. Found it after searching for a bit. Death count 1.

6. Qeynos, From Erud's crossing went to Qeynos, took the underwater entrance, and followed my map the shark pit. Went in Invis and had no problems.

7. Lake Rathe, gated to N. Karana and went south to the lake. Found the entrance, got enduring breath, went in invis. Swam to the tower, looted the wand, swam out. Here is a tip, If invis wears out, swim to the top corners of the cave, and recast. You should be far enough away to not aggro.

8. Lower Guk. Brought an sk friend with me. We got an escort down to lower guk, we made it as far as the bed room before a bat aggro'd us, and we were swarmed. Death count 2. I found a different way to lower guk, and came in above the waterfall. I recomend this route. My sk friend was able to wait there in saftey, invis vs undead. The river winds all the way down to the bedroom, so corpse retreaval was easy. I left my body at the bottom of the waterfall, since I knew I was safe. I then got IVU'd, and found my way to the Hand room. Jumped up in, and was killed. Death count 3. I now knew the way, and the layout of the room. I ran down again, got aggro'd by a bat, and swarmed. Death count 4. I tried again, lured the hand into the water some how, grabbed the wand with the ghoul beating on me, and was luckily able to get my gate off. Went back in, collected my friend and my corpse, and got the hell out of there.

9. High Hold. Gated to N. Karana, ran to HH, Invis'd, got the wand with no difficulty, and gated back to N. Karana.

10. Everfrost. My first time in the zone, found out where the cave was, got enduring breath because I thought the caves would all be under water. This is the only wand above the surface. Before I went in, I got the bag, swam in, and cleared out the skele hut with no trouble. I gave a warning to the zone to stay out of the caves in case the lich spawns, and grabbed it and gated out.

I am now the proud owner of the staff, and had a death count of 4. It could definatly have been less, but I was inexperienced in those 2 zones. If there is a next time it will go much smoother.
HELP! If you can. =)
# Aug 10 2001 at 6:51 AM Rating: Default
Thank you for the advice, but I am still stuck. =(

I have gotten all of the rods, but Sulgar still won't give me the wheel case.

I know that I am saying the right keywords, because I recruited about five other players to come to Sulgar. I told them word for word what to say, and they all got the case. Here's what we used:

what tarton wheel

I am interested

give me the wheel case

So, I figured it was my Beta Neutral faction. I went to High Pass Hold and did the bloodstone quest to get those gloves from the Erudite. I did it many many times, but I noticed, that while it would give me experience, I was not getting any Beta Nuetral faction messages, or any other faction boosts for that matter.

Thinking that maybe they'd changed his faction, I got mine up with the Order of Three in Qenyos ( its' the closest wizard guild to Sulgar ) but still no luck. Oh, well. Gotta try something.

Finally, some people telling me that I had to petition a GM to reset my Beta Nuetral faction. I petitioned, and was instructed to Email customer support. Customer support told me that the quest was not broken, and that Beta Neutral faction was still in the game.

So, that's where I stand. 10 rods, but no wheel case. hehe

Anyway, if anyone knows any way for me to boost my Beta Nuetral faction and get in good with Sulgar, could you please let me know? I have tried the bloodstone one, but it did not work. There are two other ones listed on the Allakazam website, but I am not high enough level to do those yet.

Any advice would be HUGELY appreciated.

The next thing I am going to try is to improve my faction with the Barbarians. The guards still regard me dubiously, although I have my doubts that this is connected to Sulgar, as he regards me indifferently.

Thank you,

Level 23 wizard cause I died so much in Lower Guk getting the last rod, hehe

Man, I wish I knew what I did that screwed up my faction with Sulgar.

RE: HELP! If you can. =)
# Oct 03 2001 at 7:47 PM Rating: Decent
You want to say "what Tarton Wheel" without the 's, hehe took me a long tim eto figure that one out, and in case anyone is wondering, there is another walk through at www.Graffe.com . hope everyone has fun, =)....

Manataker of Karana
RE: HELP! If you can. =)
# Aug 11 2001 at 9:18 AM Rating: Default
Okay, I'm an idiot.

I didn't have Sulgar targetted when I told him, "Give me the wheel case."


Well, at least I have the Staff now. =)
Shark Pit problem?
# Aug 09 2001 at 8:11 AM Rating: Default
Anyone done the shark pit (Quenos) portiuon of this lately? I tried it last night (8/8/01), and the piece was not there! 2 hours i waited for it to spawn, but no go. Several others tried to assist, but they could not see it either. There were two NPC's at the pit, but they conned indifferent and didn't bother me. However, they did keep 'picks something off the ground' once in a while. Anyone know if this quest portion has changed, or what the deal is? Supposedly, the rod portion spawns between the two Sharks, although I searched numerous times, and no luck. I scanned the whole room, from the water, out of the water, with inivs off/on, heat sight, the whole 9 yards! Help!!
RE: Shark Pit problem?
# Sep 25 2001 at 1:41 PM Rating: Default
The guy is picking up your rod! Kill him! You want the Oger standing there and you will be able to grab the rod. You can see it normal as it sits in the middle of the pit on the floor between the sharks. I was lvl30 and just jumped in with no arrgo. weee
RE: Shark Pit problem?
# Aug 18 2001 at 12:30 PM Rating: Default
I just did the shark pit part last night. The rod is underwater, on the floor in the shark pit. If you swim to the bottom it's fairly easy to see and using invis the sharks will not aggro you. I'm not sure about the respawn time on the rod if someone picks it up, but it is found in the shark pit. And the 2 NPC's will not bother you at all, so if you hop out of the water before casting your gate out of there you should be fine. Hope this helps.
# Aug 08 2001 at 3:17 PM Rating: Default
Two questions...

1. Is this the staff that has a weird shaped skull on the top? (looks like a sarnak skull)

2. Isn't this quest really easy to do, because all you need are a few TP's and an invis and inv versus undead.. Surely my lvl 8 wizzy could do it with the help of a friend. Also.. at lvl 8 i dont mind dying at all...
RE: Easy?
# Aug 21 2001 at 8:28 PM Rating: Good
71 posts
It looks like a water staff I believe, it has no skull on it. I have seen enchanters with a staff that looks identical to my Staff of the Wheel, of course being a wiz only item, it can't be *grin*.
RE: Easy?
# Aug 10 2001 at 6:55 AM Rating: Default
The only part I found hard was Lower Guk.

The rod sits on the ground close to the Reanimated Hand and an Undead Froglok. The problem I had was that the Undead Froglok could see through Invisibility and at the same time, the Reanimated Hand could see through Invisibility to Undead. So I was going to be seen no matter what.

What I had to do was just run in there and loot the rod before they killed me.

Then I had to sneak back and use the /corpse command to get my corpse into the room below them to loot it.

Good luck.
Awsome quest
# Aug 04 2001 at 4:46 PM Rating: Decent
I am only a 20 wiz and just completed the quest I took my time and made sure I did each zone the right way.
The hardest part is without a doubt GUK, but for 50p I got an escort SK who invis vs. me and lead me to the room.
The way I see It I paid 50pp for this staff...not bad.
I do not reccomend any other 20ish wizzies tring to get it yet, unless you are ok with dying a few times along the way, because you will unless you have someone twinking you along the way..hehe.
I found that people where more than willing to help me when they found out I was on my quest.
Can this quest be multi-quested???
# Jul 30 2001 at 4:41 PM Rating: Default
I think this quest would be a lot easier with my druid mule, since she has super camo and enduring breath and levitate and tracking and sow and teleport ablilities. Can I multiquest the parts of the wheel? ie. can I collect all but one rod with my druid, and one rod with my wizard, then hand in all of the druid's rods, log in my wizard, and hand in the last one?
please reply soon! I am itching to do this!

RE: Can this quest be multi-quested???
# Oct 05 2001 at 3:50 AM Rating: Default
i seen 1 of this im thanking thay was oon drope=(
RE: Can this quest be multi-quested???
# Sep 25 2001 at 1:53 PM Rating: Default
Use your DRUID?! Baaah... go play another game. You can collect ALL the rods with your wizard and if your blood is spilled along the way it won't be the first nor the last. Take some pride in your class and try playing it instead of relying on your Druid to twink! If the quest was easy everyone would do it and the staff would stink. The quest is not easy (even though the sharks are gone from EC). Quests are a "test of metal" and are made to test you on ability and skill of the class. Use your Druid.. plz. If you like things easy then play your Druid! Lord knows this game could use more of them! lol

/petition GM's plz nerf Druids, they can do to much and destroy the challange of the game.

funny isn't that in Luclin there is talk of a Druid spell doing more DD than any Wizard spell? Another reason why we will see even more Druids. bah!
RE: Can this quest be multi-quested???
# Aug 07 2001 at 6:05 PM Rating: Excellent
71 posts
Unfortunately, this quest cannot be multiquested, as you need to place all the rods in the 10 slot (NO RENT) box. Since all rods are No-Drop, I can't really see a way getting around this and multiquesting it sorry. :(
Got mine
# Jul 28 2001 at 6:11 PM Rating: Default
Finished the SOTW quest this morning with no deaths. Started the quest at 20th level about two weeks ago and took my time. I am now 22 and have all 10 pieces of the staff. Cant wait to get off work and go turn them in for the staff.

Lysandor V
22 wizard - Druzzil Ro
Defender of The Rose
My walk-though!
# Jul 28 2001 at 5:18 AM Rating: Default
Greetings people.
I just made the quest yesterday and I am happy as hell. Thanks to Ezamar at this point of the text :)

Be sure to print out all the maps you dont know! (www.eqatlas.com is nice for this)

Here is my solution for this quest:

(1) [azia] On the ocean floor in Eruds Crossing past the zombie boat where the zombie sailors hang out.

(location - neg 1162, pos 2340);
>> Thats right. Just run around the island until you see the top of the boat. If you are high enough that

those wont aggro you, just swim exactly over it, following the grouond floor. A bit behind the boat the

ocean gets a lot deeper, and once on ground, stop. Have a look around, as the rod should already laugh at

you. Ohh, i camped there for the sharks for 40 mins, nothing popped up. But better safe than sorry, invest

the bit of mana for a nice invis. Nr. 1 done.

(2) [beza] In the underwater cave in the Everfrost plains. It is in the "house" all the way back and right

in the cave, where 3 dry bones guard it in the center of the room;
>> Now this sounds easy, but its not, because there is a slight... itch. Later more. Regardless of your

swimming skill, you need full health so call for enduring breath, dont go below the ice, DONT. Get EB. While

waiting for it, check your route, from the ice hole (which is about 50 meters from the underwater cave,

following the river back, on the right side) to the underwater cave. Got your EB? Good. Now refresh reater /

arch shielding, refresh diamond / steel skin, and VERY important, CHILL SIGHT or at least, HEAT sight,

because of our... problem. Now dive down, get in, and gasp for breath :) Once inside, you should notice 2

mobs, which conned green, and did not aggro. Go ahead a little bit to be out of the aggro range for those.

Now to the itch. Everytime someone picks up the rod, the Magi of Miraguil spawns, which is deeply red to my

41 wizzie, and the blue pet. That lich is used for paladins epic, so dont mess with it. Plus you can only

see it while you have CS or HS up. Follow the map to the house, but dont go in. Now, root one of the skeles

from outside, the other two will come running at you, root another, and nuke the remaining one (well of

fight your style, but this worked for me). Got all? Go into room, pick up rod, and GATE out, renember the

lich? :-) 2 done, 8 to go.

(3) [caza] Lake Rath. Underneath the first island you see is an underwater tunnel leading to a stone tower.

Its on the top floor of the tower. (You need enduring breath
for this one);
>> This is the suicidal part. Cost me a live. Any help would be appreciated, as the "grab from the outside"

trick didnt work. But wolf form works, so ask for invis and wolf form, well, ask for wolf form only. From

the dock from the SK zone, you see an island, with the big stairs and the blue flame, swim towards it. From

your point of view, swim to the right side. Have a look below, there is a tunnel. Now, with wolf form,

invis, and enduring breath, swim though it. Its pretty long, so dont panic. Once you left the tunnel from

the other side, you should notice the tower (just swim straight ahead). Pick up rod from first floor, and

youre ok. Swim out some more, and gate off. IF you get attacked (wolf dropped or so) SWIM back. You WILL get

killed, but makes recovering corpse easier if it is not inside that tower. But IF you die, dont worry, we

all did, and you gain XP back with this mighty staff :) 3 done, 7 to go.

(4) [Dena] Dagnor's cauldron, right outside the entrance to Kedge Keep. If you face with your back to Kedge,

it is directly diagagonal left, in a corner - or you can swim straight out and down from Unrest;
>> This one is too easy. Gate to Faydark, from Fay to Butcherblock, from butcher to Cauldron. Once inside

the cauldrom, swim to the estate unrest. ***** the description with kedge, only irritated me. With your BACK

facing the entrance to Estate, swim down, and hug the floor, swimming straight ahead. Once you get deep,

very deep, you should notice the rod lying. You cant miss it if you just swim STRAIGHt ahead from unrest.
No dangers here, its very easy. If you are low level, invis. 4 done, 6 to go.

(5) [Ena] Lower Guk in the Reanimated hand room. This one is the only one you need a group for, unless

you're brave and kamakazi it. Warning, the floor is the same color as the rod in this room and it makes it

very hard to find with the hand and the dar beating on you;
>> ***** guk at this part, continue with estate. Done Estate? Good, good. Now, you should know the area. Go

down to LGuk to the dead side, and get a nice cleric to aid you. Why? If IVU droppes you drop. Dont let

anyone fool you, this IS the hardest part of the quest, and ONLY do-able if the entire dungeon is CAMPED. If

you know your way around, head to AM room, if you dont know the way, get a group. Once inside the AM group,

ask the people if they could pull the hand and the other mob inside the room for you. If you asked niceley,

they will do it. Once they pulled it, RUN into the room, swim UP the water and pick up rod, JUMP INTO THE

WATER and gate out there. Why water ? Water is considered as a different "zone" of the map, and stuff wont

aggro on you.. Ahh the good old engine :) If you dont get a group here, or, Guk is not camped, dont even

DARE to attempt to solve this part of the quest. Do it when it is camped. I cant repeat it enough. ONLY when

camped! If camped, 5 done, and 5 to go! :-)

(6) [Fana] Oasis of Marr in the underwater tower next to the above ground tower, on the top floor;
>> VERY easy one. I think. Gate ro RO, from RO to Oasis. See the lake? Good. Go to the inn, invis,

steelskin, chill sight and all the rest. Pick up some courage and go down, see the rod? PICK UP and get out.

Some people report that invis droppes when picking up, some say it wont. The true reason is of there is a

shammy. The shammy can see invis and will cast pack see invis on the rest (or similar spell). And then youre

toast. Got ambushed? Try to reach the coast, and root the HELL out of them. Once all are rooted, GATE. 6

done, 4 to go!

(7) [Geza] Highhold Pass in the water near the waterfall closest to the Tiger Inn. There are 2 waterfalls

there. The rod is in front of the one closest to the inn;
>> Err, easiest, expect no enemy encounters. If you die here, turn off your pc and get some sleep, because

you took a nap while diving :-) Gate to commons, from commons to forest, from forest to HH. follow the stony

way until you come to a waterfall. You cant miss it if you follow the path. Jump down, and swim, with the

fall in your back, forward / left. You should see the rod laughing at you in the water. Got the rod? Go for

a beer inside the tiger's, its a nice view. 7 done, 3 to go!

(8) [Heda] Qeynos Aqueducts, in the shark pit;
Level 20 or higher? Dont panic at all. Go to Qeynos. Use the hidden entrance, which is if you are facing the

main Qeynos entrance, hug wall to the left, until you see another wall, covered with ivy. Go down the well.

A map here should do the rest. Just go to the shark pit, pick up the rod, and gate out. Be carefull of the

two people standing there, they COULD aggro. 8 done, 2 to go!

(9) [Izah] Neriak in the water in front of
the bar called "the blind fish". The bar has 4 glass windows that are underwater, and the rod spawns right

in front of those windows;
>> I am an agnostic human wizard, so i was not kos. Easy for me, walked in, grabbed rod, walked out. And

drank some beers with the guards. If you are kos, create a dark elf necro, and scout the area. Your target

is in the common area, thats the 2nd zone. (Ohh, and dont go with your main into the 3rd gate, thats the 3rd

zone. Shadow Knights can see invis, and will err...) Once you know the way, invis and zone in. Good for you,

as the first part is only a few metres long, so even if the guards start to smack on you, you will be easily

be able to reach the zone line. There is a freaking long ramp on the other side, commons, which allows you

to sit and get up with health again. Once in commons, follow the path until you see an arch, pass arch, jump

into water, swim around the bridge (left side). You will notice 4 windows, and the rod lying in front of it.

Swim off the wall and bridge, and gate out. One more baby :)

(10) [Jaka] Unrest in the water outside the right side of the house near where the the gnome speulunker is.

Instead of going into the tunnel that leads to him, you go a little right of that entrance and there's a

very short passage where you can find the rod.
>> Welcome back to your early life. I hope you read this after you did cauldron, saves you a good deal of

time. Go into unrest, follow the path. In front of the maze and manor house, hug the right wal (with your

back facing the zone) until you see a small river. dive in. Now, while swimming, look towards the wooden

house, and dive down. You should see a small cavern. go in there. Think its a dead end? Think 3d :) Look up!

There is another chamber with the rod. WOHOO! you did it :-)

-Molari Draconis of the Bristlebane.
If you need any help with this, tell me in game :)
RE: My walk-though!
# Aug 18 2001 at 12:49 PM Rating: Default
A couple of added bits of info:

Everfrost: The hole in the ice is at p2400, n4100
Qeynos Aquaducts: Once you go down the well to zone in, follow left wall 100%, including the drop down.
Lake Rathe: it's the diving board island...it's off on the right side (I went the long way around :) )
Erud's Crossing: I didn't like Molari's description...just go to the loc provided.

Dagnor's Cauldron & Unrest are right next to each other...do those at the same time. hehehe I was following the guide and flipped to the next page after I ported to NRo from DC and then saw that I had to haul my butt BACK to GFay =p
Qeynos Aqueducts
# Jul 26 2001 at 8:01 AM Rating: Default
The posts here have indicated that this one should be a breeze. What hasn't been mentioned is the somewhat recently added Spectres that are now in what I believe is the area of the shark pit. My 48th Wizzie's corpse wound up stuck there, down-levelled to 47, at the feet of the Specs. I tried to take them to clear the way, as I've taken many a Spec, but there was no room for kiting, etc. Had to get a 52nd Necro to summon my corpse. Never did get the rod. Anyone know a safer approach--perhaps from a different direction?

Moziacle Sartori
48th (again) Wizard
another suggestion
# Jul 24 2001 at 5:39 AM Rating: Default
and o the post 2 posts down. i suggest simply saying "what about the staff of the wheel" . its the only thing u have to say. use it as soon as u say hail andd he talks. hell immediately give u the case
RE: another suggestion
# Jul 24 2001 at 7:03 AM Rating: Default
Thanks for the advice. I will definitely give it a try.

After some bit of expirimentation, I am pretty sure that it is my faction with Sulgar that is the problem.

A friend of mine, who is a Bard, sang his Alliance song on Sulgar and got the wheelcase. I typed in my friend's responses word for word, but nothing yet.

I'll keep trying and I will definitely try your suggestion.

By the way, I have collected 8 of the 10 rods. sniffle sniffle. . I sure hope I can turn them in! hehe
wolf form
# Jul 24 2001 at 5:27 AM Rating: Default
for any doing this quest...the lake rathe tunnel is instant death for getting the rod if u dont have a plan..my suggestion, get a druid to wolf form u before u swim down...u will appear as indifferent to the gnolls and they wont aggro. simply swim in and pull it out. oh yeah, and dont forget to get an endure breathe=) the druid should also have this spell i finished the quest woot. +10 int +10 hp +10 mana . not too shabby at all
Some difficulties.......
# Jul 20 2001 at 10:16 PM Rating: Default
Okay, I have every rod except for Guk. I went today to try to get it, but my IVU wore off before I even left the BR. I tried /ooc-ing for an escort, donating. Nothing.

Could I get some advice on the Guk one?

Here's a re-cap of mine:

Erud's Crossing - Easier than Britney Spears. No sharks, at all. The hard part was trying to get to the right /loc and not drown at the same time, lol.

Everfrost - Managed to get a nice Shammy to EB me. (Uh, yeah, and I paid 30pp for it in the end.) It was pretty easy, I had a map of the tunnels.

Lake Rathe - I got lucky on this one. There was a 50-something Bard hanging out at the arena waiting for a rez. I ask him if he can help me out, whaddya know, he agrees to help. So we go down there, and his guild has a group set up killing all the gobbies. So I grab the rod, thank the Bard 50 billion times, and gate out.

Dagnor's Cauldron - This one gave me a bit of trouble. Eventually I had to find the loc of the rod on a website. I think maybe the directions on here are a little messed.

Oasis - Got it easily, the gobbies didn't see through invis. BEWARE, THOUGH. I had a friend tell me that some do, some don't. Never know, I guess.

Highhold Pass - SIMPLE. Very easy one.

Qeynos Aqueducts - A guildmate offered to help me on this one. He knew where the shark pits were and I didn't, heh, so he led me to them. An easy one unless you're still low enough that the sharks will aggro.

Neriak - This one nearly gave me a heart attack because I'm a High Elf. It's okay, though. I invis-ed, walked through to the Blind Fish, dived into the water in front of the windows, grabbed the rod. Then I swam over to the corner and gated out.

Unrest - Very easy, I got this one right after I got the Dagnor's rod. Basically just do what the directions say, jump into the water, swim through a small tunnel, and you should see the rod on a little shelf.

Ladwenya Eris
Amnesty, Saryrn
Wizard Spells: How many ways can we tell you, "You made your target go boom"?
Key Words???
# Jul 19 2001 at 5:31 AM Rating: Default
I have gone to visit Sulgar several times. On my first visit, he wouldn't talk to me, so I did some quests around the Halas area.

On my second visit to him, he would speak to me and I could use the Key Words he provided to get him to tell me about the quest by asking about "What Tarton Wheel." ( Maybe I was asking him wrong the first time.. who knows. )

I got through several paragraphs of speech, until we came to the last part, where he says he could give me a tome and a wheelcase. I used every combination of the three words I could think of, but none would work.

Could any of you tell me what the last question I am supposed to ask him is, in order to get the tome and the wheelcase? He'll respond to all of my other key words.

Or do you think that I don't have enough of this beta-neutral faction that I've heard about? ( I thought I might be okay because of all the other stuff he discussed with me )

Any help would be MOST appreciated. I would hate to collect all of these rods, only to not be able to turn them in to him.

Azlin Valar
22nd Level Wizard

is it as long and hard as it seems?
# Jul 14 2001 at 3:42 PM Rating: Default
is this quest doable by a 37 iksar monk? its seems pretty long and drawn out.

37 iksar monk
RE: is it as long and hard as it seems?
# Jul 16 2001 at 10:47 PM Rating: Decent
well, any reason a non-wizard would want to do this quest is beyond me..
if you are lvl 59 and still dont have ice commet runes, you havent been doing your job very well.
this is a very troublesome quest, especially on a PvP server...
neriak is hard enough with the NPCs, now add a bunch of bloodthirsty ogres, trolls, and darkies that 'spawn' in a matter of minutes...
at lvl 20 i had 3 of each rune for ice commet.
no reason to trade it in.
too much trouble for that spell, and it aggros like crazy i hear...
Alternative help for LGuk headaches
# Jul 12 2001 at 5:32 PM Rating: Default
The lguk part of this quest used to be easy...that was when there were always people hunting down in LGuk. Now it's not unusual to find fewer than 5 people on at any time down there...who wants to ***** around in LGuk when one can be in Kunark or doing plane raids? In any case, if you can figure out when a medium guild is doing a 'raid' down in LGuk, you'll have an easy time getting into the hand room...I didn't have to pay for a guide down into the place; your luck dealing with guilds may vary. Rock on wizards.
Sulgar's /loc
# Jul 12 2001 at 5:24 PM Rating: Default
Someone had trouble finding the NPC for this quest. Sulgar's loc is (pos 3000, neg 2400) in the Everfrost. He's wearing a white robe and he's standing next to two barbarian fighters.
# Jul 11 2001 at 10:02 PM Rating: Default
Hi Imos,

I would suggest that before u enter Lguk look for 2 high lvls to help you (lvl 48+, 50+ is preferred) (1 with invis vs undead and another tank). You will definetly pass thru an area with Froglok ghouls (undead) AND vampire bats (normal). Tell them your quest and ask them nicely to help you clear the area (bats and ghouls) and wiped out the Reanimated Hand (which drops Serpentine Bracer - 50pp-100pp) and the Ghoul Dar Knight. With this, you can just scoop up the rod and gate out
# Jul 08 2001 at 12:09 AM Rating: Decent
Lguk was tough. Died there (drowned in the water cuz my shift key got stuck and i couldnt move). Corpse floated all the way to the bottom of the zone and a GM had to come get me out. This ever happened to anyone else? Still haven't gotten the rod and its the last one i need. Any suggestions?
RE: Lguk
# Jul 09 2001 at 3:49 AM Rating: Decent
19 posts
Ok, be level 16 or better. Make sure you're level is padded enough that you won't lose a level at death. Then invis yourself and run to the LG zone.

Once you get there, have a friend (or one of the nice clerics thereabouts) cast Invis vs Undead on you. At this point it will help to know the zone.

Run without stopping to the hand room. Do this at a crouded time when the initial LIVE mobs will all be pulled. Once you get to the point where you have to swim UP into the water, cast invis on yourself. Now swim up, grab the wand, emote a kiss to the nice reanimated hand that was guarding it, swim back down and gate.

It sounds simple, but you could die a good 3 or 4 times trying to do this part.


Alathil apAleathila <1st Fist of Light>
Ordinancy <1st Fist of Light>
# Jul 04 2001 at 1:48 AM Rating: Decent
Much thnx goes out to Veengence of the lost souls for helping me complete this quest.

20 wiz
the rathe
# Jul 02 2001 at 5:12 AM Rating: Default

Completed my quest with help from this site and www.everlore.com

Would like to send my Acknowledgements to all.

Thank you :)
Quest tips
# Jul 02 2001 at 5:06 AM Rating: Default
Ok all. I completed this at lvl 13 with help of a lvl 39 wizard with regard to the teleports and just did it again at lvl 25.

First off, if you cant swim or your swimming skills sucks. Remember to stock up on the Gill of Fish Extract for Enduring Breath (unless you have a friendly enchanter with ya that casts that :) ), lots of places sell them, prices vary on charisma but is around 8-10pp per potion. Invisibility is a must in almost the whole quest and levitate helps greatly as well.

The rods are all No drop and Wiz only so no one wants them.

Now to the rods :-

Dagnor Cauldron :- On the left of Kedge keep if your back faces Kedge's Entrance or you could swim straight out and down from the entrance of Unrest. This rod is very very deep so be prepared to use your potions. Gate out later.

Unrest :- The rod is in a small platform in the water near the Gazebo. Not towards the Gnome Spelunker site. Is the opposite. Swim is short but be prepared for the undead. Tortured dead also like to go for refreshing swim so be careful or make sure it is wiped out before hand. (Inivis do not work against most mobs here caused they are undead)

Neriak :- It is in the water behind the Blind Fish Tavern. I suggest binding somewhere outside near Neriak if you are KOS there. I did mine at wizard pyramid. Also do create a "mock" DE character to know Neriak well before doing this part. If you jumped on the ledge at the 4 windows, u can pick up the rod there, no need to swim in the water cause there are high lvls DE guards that will KOS you if your invis drops.

Oasis :- It is in the Aqua Goblin Tower. From the inn in the South of Oasis (it sells stuff at ex prices) swim directly down and you will see the tower. Swim slowly towards the window opening in a straight line and keep clicking on the rod. Once picked up,swim back den up with the rod floating in your mouse cursor. Put in it after you reach the shore. Take note that the DW Goblin Spellcasters here see thru invis and they will KOS you if you swim too near them.

Lower Guk :- This part is truly a nightmare even if you are familiar with both lvls of Guk. Died 8 times here and lost level. Invis vs undead will work well here but do be careful of it dropping as Froglok Ghouls will ALL KOS you, not to mention the bats. The rod is in the Reanimated hand room with the dar. I suggest shouting for help here and people would gladly flushed out the Hand and Dar if you ask nicely. The rod is in the room. Look carefully coz it is of the same color as the floor. Completed this part with help from a level 60 Pally and Level 57 Necro. Kamikaze works too but remember to equip the rod first den die in the water tunnel. Corpse recovery is then possible as the Hand WILL NOT aggro you if you are in the water. Gate out once you have it.

Highhold Pass :- In the waterfall closest to Tiger Inn. There are 2 there. Anyway if you jump down from the bridge into the water at one waterfall. There is a entrance and swim around the whole place. The rod is easy to see and find.

Lake Rathetear :- It is in an underwater tower again. Under the first island, swim directly down and you will see a tower right at the bottom. Use the same trick as the Oasis one except be very careful that you can only do this in ONE window although there are more den one window entrance. Swim around and look for the rod. It is just inside the window. Swim SLOWLY and pick it up juz. Notice here that there are major adjustments here for Shaman Epic. The DW goblin spellcasters here all con blue to lvl 52+ and all see thru invis. Pick up swim back and far from tower. Equipped rod and gate out.

Erud Crossing :- The shipwreck is pointing directly to the rod. Swim down from Kerra Island (I strongly recommend binding here) and towards the shipwreck. Be very careful not to speak, cast spells, access inventory or do any emotes in water as there are 3 High level Killer Sharks (lvl 45+) and they will KOS you immediately and they have real big aggros. They see thru invis . Pick up the rod and swim out. NOT gate.

Qeynos Aqueducts :- It is in the shark pit. Walk near one ledge. You should be able to see the rod and pick it up without getting your robe wet at all. Do be careful of the Ogre and Human NPC next to the pit. They WILL KOS you immediately if you are not invis or "evil".

Everfrost Peaks Caves :- It is in the house at the end of the cave. Swim directly north at a small opening (found in Everfrost near the NE side of the river). You should see a ledge after awhile with Ice Goblin Guards. Kill them and take the path on your right hand side. Follow the turns and you will end see the house. 3 Ice bone skeletons guard the rod. Kill them off and pick it up. Gate out. DO NOT WALK OUT as it seems that everytime the rod is picked up, Verant throws us a surprise and the powerful Lich of Miragul will spawn. If you decide to be foolhardy and walk out, make sure to have some Night, Infra or ultravision. My erudite wizard did not and fail to see her though my DE friend did. The Lich is for the Paladin Epic. You needs groups to take her.

Hail Sulgar and say "What wheel case" after he starts talking will yield the case. Combine the rods will yield the Staff and the Star. You can choose to keep the items or return it for the runes for the Ice Comet Spell. Regardless of whether you keep the staff or return it to him, give him back the case. (You must return the case to him with the Staff and Star in it for the runes.)

Anonymous Wizzie of the 25th Circle
The Nameless
More Info
# Jun 27 2001 at 1:58 PM Rating: Default
I used much of the post titled "Did it at 16" By: Anonymous Posted @ Tue, Jun 26th, and would recommend using it, as the author did an excellent job. A couple of fine points to extend that text:

Unrest: I had some trouble finding the rod in the "little" cave to the right (actually, it's across from the cave leading to the Gnome S). The reason I couldn't find it right away was because it is up on a ledge that if you are swimming around looking on the groud, you won't see. So you almost come up into a little area under the Gazebo (all underwater) before you see the rod on the ground.

Lake Rathe: As you swim toward the island, the tunnel entrance is down to the right, but is fairly large. Inside were Deepwater Goblins (and related mobs) who were anywhere from green to red for my lvl 35 Wiz. Swim all the way down until you see two goblins guarding the tunnel entrance. The tunnel then opens up into a wide area, which is very hard to gage as it is very dark. Of course, invisibility is a MUST. I was with a lvl 52 Cleric and a Druid, and the Cleric was killed just outside the tower as she tried to gate back out because too many goblins swarmed her (and then me). I "think" that the tower was somewhere around loc 2800, 400 (both neg I believe), but I didn't write it down and am going on memory.

Cauldron: Once I found the entrance to Kedge, I turned to face out and then swam straight and slightly to the left until I came up to a hill blocking me, then turned left to follow the line of the hill down into deeper water until I came upon the rod. This could be done without Enduring Breath (unlike Lake Rathe), but I had it available and so used it here, too.

-Meoth Istari lvl 35 Wiz on Quellious
RE: More Info
# Jun 30 2001 at 10:52 PM Rating: Default

Thanks for the kudoes on my post.

As for Lake Rathe, I swam directly in along the exact center of the tunnel. This took me directly to the tower. I didn't write down the locs either, but that should help anyone trying to find the tower.

I'm interested that the rod was off to the left in Cauldron, because I eventually found it off to the right. Then again, it gets a bit dark down there so I could easily be wrong.

Luck to you, and Fire in your Wake.

1st Fist of Light
Druzzil Ro
Did it at 16
# Jun 26 2001 at 2:39 AM Rating: Default
Ok, I decided that I wanted to prove a point, so after hitting 16 and buffing my level up to 17 (so I didn't lose the capacity to cast invis) I decided to do this entire quest without killing anything. Even if I could have. A note, make sure that you have fish scales on you before you try this quest, as lots of people are willing to EB you but often they don't have the scales to do it with.

Let's start with Guk, as this is the toughest.

Get a good map, and know how to get where you're going from the very start. This is all important, as it sucks big time to lose your invis vs undead at the wrong moment. Bind yourself at the entrance to Guk so if you have to gate or you die, you don't have to run too far. Invis and run to the entrance to the dead side, and wait until a nice paladin or cleric is willing to invis vs undead.

Now, run as fast as you can all the way to the hand room, but DON'T GO IN YET. Cast invis on yourself (there's nothing there to agro on you while you're casting). Go in, grab the rod, and wave hello to the hand. It can't see through invis, but it's not undead so invis vs undead won't work on it. Exit the room, and gate. It sounds easy, but I died 4 times on this part when invis vs undead dropped at inopportune moments.

Neriak: Run in with invis (I'm DE, so I didn't have to, but otherwise you'll need to). Through the foriegn sector, and into Neriak Commons. Jump into the water at this point and swim through to the bridge section. On the other side of the central island are the underwater windows to the Blind Fish tavern. The rod is right in front of them. Grab it, swim to a safe spot, and gate.

Oasis: con everything before you pass. If a shaman is present, he casts see invis on the guards and you'll be toasted. If he's not there, you can swim right in and pick it up without difficulty.

Lake Rathe: no problem at all. Seems that if you are JUST barely in range to grab it from outside, they won't agro on you. Any closer and you're toast. I swam up, let myself float down to the window ledge, then inched forward till I got it. If they do agro on you, grab the rod and swim for it. You'll die, but you can always go back invis and drag your corpse out.

Everfrost: Not too tough. Get SoW, and EB. Hug the right wall till you get to the hut, and you'll find 4 skellies there. Run in, grab the rod, and run for it. You'll get hit a bunch, but your L16 100 pt damage shield should take the brunt for you. An important point is that there is a NASTY lich down here, and he wanders from one side of the dungeon, where he pops, to the other. His agro radius is huge, so if you see him back out and wait for him to pass. His DoT is 40 - 60 dam per round. Died on this one too when I ran over him on the way out, but came back to retrieve the corpse (with the rod) no problem.

Unrest: Laughable. Went in when unrest was packed, swam down, grabbed the rod and swam out. Gated back to entrance and went after the Dagnor's Cauldron rod.

Dagnor's Cauldron: Ran straight out from Unrest and swam straight down to the entrance to Kedge. Took a couple tries, but I found the rod no problem. Nothing guarded it.

Highhold Pass: easy. invised just to be careful, and grabbed the rod.

Queynos Sewers: Sharks don't see invis. Grabbed the rod, got to a safe spot and gated.

Erud's Crossing: No problem. Didn't even need EB for this one. Invised, avoided the pirate ship, and found it after my fourth try.

All in all, I started at half a bub into 17 and ended a bub shy of 17. Getting that bub back was easy. If you're ever on Druzzil Ro and see Ordinancy wandering around, check out my staff. I love showing it off.

1st Fist of Light
Druzzil Ro

Beta Neutral Faction bug?
# Jun 25 2001 at 2:36 PM Rating: Decent
Got all rods. I go to hail Suglar (sp?). I reply with...

What is Tarton's Wheel?

No Repsonse so I try...

What is Tartons Wheel?

No Repsonse so I try...

Where is Tarton's Wheel?

No Repsonse so I try...

Where is Tartons Wheel?

At this point I petition for my beta neutral faction and the GM says that "he can't solve the quest for me". Now I'm mad...I find a quest where I give a DE 50GP for better Beta faction. I spend about 35PP this way and Sulgar STILL CONS indifferent and won't give the box for the rods.

Anyone have and ideas on how to fix this problem?

Tunnel Rat X

Got it...


"What Tarton Wheel" worked! My many many thanks to Ennya Orcsbane and LordBug for help on this! ^_^ I'm so happy now! :::::::::::::

Tunnel Rat X

btw gonna ***** on the Verant boards and get this fixed!
Try this on Vallon Zek
# Jun 15 2001 at 8:33 AM Rating: Default
For those of you that are calling this quest a joke try it on a PVP server. In fact try it on the new Sullen zek. Simply going to the areas to get the rods is sometimes the hardest part without getting killed. I suppose on a blue server getting to eruds crossing is a cake. On Vallon @ level 20 it is a nailbiting edge of the seat kind of journey. The closest gate spell i currently have is n karana. nOt a fun journey through some of the heaviest light infested areas on the continent. Ouch.
RE: Try this on Vallon Zek
# Jul 24 2001 at 11:57 PM Rating: Default
My name is Bada Bing, on Sullon Zek -- lvl 20 Wizard. I just finished the quest.
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