Jaggedpine Druid Gloves  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Faction Required:
Residents of Jaggedpine (Min: Warmly)
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
Appropriate Races:
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Entered: Fri Aug 23 19:31:10 2002
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You say, 'Hail, Cheyloh Greenwood'

Cheyloh Greenwood gives a warm smile, 'Greetings traveler and welcome to Fort Jaggedpine, our humble, though suitable home. If you have need of my [wares or talents], then please do not hesitate to inquire. I am always more than willing to share our ancient knowledge with our kin of the outside world.'

You say, 'what wares or talents'

Cheyloh Greenwood says 'Here in the Jaggedpine, I serve as a seamstress and one of many protectors of our precious home. Our people will often come to me in search of my talents in the ways of weaving. Often times my father and his students will seek to borrow my knowledge of the natural world and The Rainkeeper to weave specific pieces of an [ancient suit of leather] worn by our most adept and dedicated of druids.''

You say, 'what is the ancient suit of leather'

Cheyloh Greenwood says 'When our ancestors were young to the Jaggedpine and the Throne of Karana's Thunder was in the fledgling years of its establishment, a young seamstress and druid by the name of Hymara Cloudweaver discovered the laws of accepting nature's gifts in return for our services in protecting her. Hymara used these gifts of the wilderness to sew a complex suit of armor, which she then wove energies of the wilderness into. These gifts were used solely for the purpose of the protection of the pine, and we uphold her legacy to t his day. The armor is acquired upon a [path of devotion] successfully walked by our most devoted of druids.''

You say, 'i will prove myself worthy of these gifts'

Cheyloh Greenwood raises a brow and gives another gentle smile toward Solkinx, 'Very well, my friend. If you wish to take upon yourself the task to prove your devotion to nature, I will be more than willing to lend my talents justly to your cause. There are several individual [pieces] to this mystic suit of armor, and each piece requires a test of your faith and dedication to that which you have declared your life to protect.

You say, 'what are these pieces'

Cheyloh Greenwood says 'My skills and knowledge of history extends my talents to the creation of the [leggings], [sleeves], [bracer], [boots], [gloves], and [circlet] of the Armor of the Pine. My father, Nolan Greenwood, is the only who holds the necessary faith and mastery in the knowledge of history that is needed to make the most sacred and powerful piece of this set -- the Tunic of the Pine. There are several components needed to complete each piece of armor that I specifically am able to create. Those components vary between each individual piece. You will need to endeavor through several tasks to complete the set, but as with nature, there is no true order to the tasks that you must complete. Tell me which piece you wish to [acquire], and I shall guide you as necessary.'

You say, 'I wish to acquire gloves'

Cheyloh Greenwood says 'A most wise choice, friend. You must continue to uphold the sacred duties that you have pledged your existence to and thus gain nature's recognition and full acceptance to fulfill this task. The items I am in need of so that I might properly weave the gloves are Polished Jade Studs and Forest Woven Gloves. The Polished Jade Studs you will find in the Potameid Caves, where much of our sacred jade ornaments have found their way by the fates of the thieves and poachers who infest this land and frequently raid our homes. Our scouts believe the Potameid Matriarchs to hold the jade studs, and I would heed their advice to discourage any unnecessary danger to you. The Forest Woven Gloves will require further aid from a member of the Jaggedpine to obtain. Seek out my beloved, Lerian in the Surefall Glade and inquire to him about the gloves. He will know who has sent you and the full details of the task before you.'

You say, 'what are forest woven gloves?'

Lerian Wyndrunner says 'The gloves you seek to acquire will take much patience and perseverance on your behalf to be successful in obtaining. I can guide you as to who and what you must seek and give you the proper instructions to fulfill your part before I can give the final touch to creating the Forest Woven Gloves. The task you must fulfill before returning to me to complete the final process in the item's creation is to use your own mastery in the ways of tailoring to create the Blackened Mithril Netted Gloves. There are two components for this item -- one is the Tattered Panther Hide Gloves, which you will likely find upon a renegade poacher known as Theoris Bladespur, who the scouts of the Glade have informed me currently resides in East Karana. The second item is the [Blackened Mithril Netting].'

You say, 'what is blackened mithril netting?'

Lerian Wyndrunner says 'This material is new to the creation of the gloves, as the resource we had once used grows dangerously scarce. I have spoken with the craftsman of Qeynos and they have given me the knowledge of the Blackened Mithril, which can be found in the clutches of the kobold king's guard who resides in Solusek's Eye. The artisans of Qeynos say that the Blackened Mithril is light and its ability to hold an enchantment is unsurpassed by anything they have yet to find on Antonica, making it suitable for our intentions of creating this item. Once you have successfully made the Blackened Mithril Netted Gloves, you will need to return them to me with the Shadowjade Moss and Shadowjade Fern Leaves, both of which you can safely procure in the Jaggedpine, if the forest will allow you take of it.'

The blackened mithril netting drops off a kobold advisor, also in the king area of solb. the advisor is a light blue to 60 shaman. He's either immune to changes in run speed or so resistant as to make little difference. Theoris Bladespur is roughly the same lvl/difficulty as Fitorrin, and spawns in east karana at the bandit camp by the druid ring. Combining the blackened mithril netting and tattered panther hide gloves in a large sewing kit results in Blackened mithril netted gloves, and isn't trivial at 165. Handing the blackened mithril netted gloves, 1 shadow jade fern leaf, and 1 shadowjade moss to Lerian results in Forest Woven Gloves (5ac, 10hp, 10mana).
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Yay! It's a pirate! ............oh. He died.
# Sep 03 2004 at 12:54 AM Rating: Decent
Killed Theoris today while helping a guildie druid take down the corrupter and reavers for his epic. Immune to snare and root but went down in one dot and a nuke. Hello quest..... This will be a nice replacement for this shoddy gnomeskin gloves... :D
This Guy
# Dec 14 2003 at 5:06 PM Rating: Decent
i have been hunting for HQ cat pelts in EK.. This man hates me. I can kill him with 2 casts of starfire. the first one is easy to get off, but since he is "immune to changes in run speed" i have to try(usually 2 or 3 times) to get it to go off without being interrupted. as noted by others.. he always drops a FSdagger and long sword.. i forgot to check what kind of damage he does to me, but it is certain that he has just over 1200HP

Have fun with him. he wanders across the whole zone from the bandit camp to the quest druids..
Killed Theoris
# Nov 14 2002 at 8:41 AM Rating: Excellent
Theoris Bladespur wanders in the middle of the zone between the dru ring and the farm and between the bridge and the crevasse. I was hunting spider silks from the crags and carrion spiders. Got jumped KOS by Theoris two times and both times he died fast with just one Wing Death spell and straight melee with me till he went down. After the first two times, I charmed a Griffon and used it to melee for me. The griffon can beat Theoris mano-a-mano easily with no help from me other than keeping it SOE'd to keep up with my wolf form run speed.
Every time Theoris dropped a fine steel long sword, a fine steel dagger and a Tattered Pantherskin Gloves (nodrop but NOT LORE)
THIS QUEST IS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME, if you are looking for the gloves. If you are looking to increase factions with jaggedpine residents, then well, ok, go ahead and kill Theoris for the faction.
Theoris Bladespur
# Sep 19 2002 at 3:50 PM Rating: Decent
My lv 60 shamans pet (buffed only with sta and celerity - and green pet at lv 60) killed Theoris with only losing about 40% of its hps,
if that.
Found him walking in the middle of the zone between the mountains.
RE: Theoris Bladespur
# Sep 19 2002 at 3:52 PM Rating: Decent
Oops - yes found him in EK also.
not worth it
# Aug 24 2002 at 8:44 AM Rating: Default
for a piece of gear that you have to kill something that is light blu to a lvl 60, this is really not worth all that effort, there is much better that is a lot easier to get Smiley: confused why cant verant add GOOD quests to the jaggedpine forest, instead of all these ones that give CRAP for the lvl it takes to get

Edited, Sat Aug 24 09:33:32 2002
RE: not worth it
# Sep 12 2002 at 10:12 AM Rating: Good
Read the quest - the Forest Woven Gloves aren't the final reward.
# Aug 23 2002 at 6:06 PM Rating: Decent
Theoris Bladespur can be found wandering East Karnana.. seems immune to snare & root but easy to kite if you have SoW on. He seemed like a 15-20 minute spawn & I thoroughly enjoyed smackin him around from a distance of course with my DoTs ;) Hoped to get great faction hits with Jagged Pine, killed him about 9 times & checked my faction.. am amiable now.
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