Fell Blade Task  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Factions Raised:
Factions Lowered:
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Era:Legacy of Ykesha
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
Appropriate Races:
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You say, 'Hail, Faratain'

Faratain says 'Salutations Darulius. If you are here to make use of the forges then feel free to pursue your crafts within this chamber. If you are a new Fell Blade in need of a suit of armor and weapon then I will assist you in crafting [armaments] fitting of a young Shadow Knight.'

You say, 'What armaments?'

Faratain says 'You will require this specially prepared Mail Assembly Kit in order to construct a suit of Fell Blade Armor. The materials required vary depending on the piece of armor you desire to craft. Once you have been outfitted in the Fell Blade Armor, return to me and I will present you with a somewhat important [task]. Do you desire to craft a [fell blade helm], a [fell blade bracer], [fell blade gauntlets], [fell blade boots], [fell blade vambraces], [fell blade greaves], or a [fell blade breastplate]?'

You say, 'What task?'

Faratain says 'The blacksmiths of [Clan Kolbok] craft weapons using an ancient Kobold tradition that has been long forgotten by most of the kobold clans. I believe there is something to be learned from their traditions should we discover their intricacies. Go into the Warrens and locate the chambers of the kobold blacksmiths. There you should be able to find some record of their traditional techniques to return to me here in Paineel where they can be translated and studied.'

Hand Faratain the "Clan Kolbok Blacksmith Traditions" (dropped by Kobold Master Blacksmith located near water to the left of the zone entrance).

Faratain says 'Well done Darulius. I will have this translated immediately so that it may be studied. Take this Dull Fell Blade Cutlass and sharpen it in a forge with a sharpening stone. It may take you several attempts if you are unfamiliar with the process. Once that is done bring me the Sharp Fell Blade Cutlass, a Large Briar Snake Skin, and a Petrified Eyeball and I will put the finishing touches on the weapon.'

Your faction standing with Heretics has been adjusted by 5.
Your faction standing with Deepwater Knights has been adjusted by -5.
Your faction standing with Gate Callers has been adjusted by -5.
Your faction standing with Craftkeepers has been adjusted by -5.
Your faction standing with Crimson Hands has been adjusted by -5.

Hand Faratain Sharp Fell Blade Cutlass, a Large Briar Snake Skin and a Petrified Eyeball (eyeball found on the Fading Spectre in Toxxulia Forest).

Faratain fashions a grip from the large briar snake skin, fastens the petrified eyeball to the pommel of the hilt, and polishes the blade with a shimmering black substance. 'I present you with your Fell Blade Cutlass. May it serve you well in the name of Cazic Thule.'

Fell Blade Cutlass
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Quest Extention
# May 22 2003 at 4:30 PM Rating: Good
E-mail this to SoE and tell them to implement it, give me a reason to play my erudite SK =P

Hand your Newbie Note to Mandaril and he will say:

Mandaril Dark Knife says, "You have taken up the mantle of the Shadowknight, Child. But now I ask you, will you take up the cause of Paineel and of the Dark Truth?"

"I will Take up the cause of Paineel" (This will work whether or not you have handed in your newbie note, for those who already turned in their newbie note long ago)

MD: "It is well. You show much potential, %T. I shall set before you a small task to start, but one important to the power of the Knights all the same."

"What Small Task"

MD: "As of late, We have been having troubles with a certain faction of kobolds who have taken up residence in caves just outside the city. They have even had the audacity to begin making small raids outside and into our city. One in particular, named Mgarn N'sgragar, has earned a bit of a reputation as a bandit. He often skulks across the lich-yard and into our city, raiding larders and the like, yet the Kobolds seem to treat this petty thief as some hero. Kill him and bring me his head."

Mgarn N'sgragar is a level 5 semi-rare spawn in the Paineel newbie yards, bout as common as Noclin's pet, and always drops the head. Return it to Mandaril.

MD: "It is a good start, %T. With this head perched on a spear near the gate from the Lichyard, the Kobolds will begin to fear indeed. This is the sword of an Initiate Knight, take it. And take this Seal; It will announce you as a member of the order of the Dark Truth and emissary of Paineel. However, this is only the beginning of your service to us. When you are ready, we may need to you descend into the lair of the kobolds."


Sword of Paineel
1-hand Slashing
DMG: 5
DLY: 30

Seal of Paineel
SLOT: Neck Range
1 AC
+1 cha


Second Quest:

"I will descend into the lair of the kobolds."

MD "Indeed you shall, %T. The Pits of the Kobolds are indeed convoluted and fraught with peril, but a Knight of the Dark Truth should not fear the clumsy machinations of such low beings. However, By some twist of fate or some treachery from whatever god smiles on them, It is true we have lost one or two of our own there. One such is Jorath Renbo. He was sent to infiltrate the Kobold society and send us word back so that we could formulate a battle plan. However, he has not sent back word or re-emerged from that place. You, %T, are to go into that place and find him. Should you find him alive, show him your seal and receive what information you can from him. If he is dead, avenge him, and bring me the head of the killer and the weapon if you can. Whatever else, hand me your Sword, for if you finish this task, it will be beneath your rank."

In one of the Jail Cells, find Jorath Renbo. Hand him the Seal of Paineel (Which he will hand back).

JR says: "It is well you have found me. Here, take this note; It will explain much once decoded. It seems the Kobolds are better organized that we thought. I fear that the code was first discussed may have been compromised, so I wrote it in the ancient lang-"

Before Jorath can finish speaking, a Kobold jumps from the shadows and plants a knife in his back! Without further word, Jorath slumps to the ground. The Kobold turns on you.

Kill A Kobold Assassin, a level 10 rogue mob. He drops his head, and "A Bloodied Cold Iron Dagger" Take these along with the note Jorath gave you earlier to Mandaril and your Sword of Paineel and give it to Mandaril.

MD: "So, Jorath was killed. It is unfortunate. And his code is definitely a new one. Curse that Kobold for killing him before he could give the secret. We will spend night and day decoding it, and that dog will have died in vain anyhow. As for you, You have proven yourself worthy to be named a Page of Paineel. Wield this symbol of that rank proudly, and know that your work will not be in vain. We will decode this message, and if it's contents require action, you shall be first in our thoughts. But in the meantime, there is still the matter of this Knife. This Knife confirms fears we have had for quite a while. See the symbol carved here, on the base of the hilt? The Red Hand is on the prowl.""


Paineel Page's Long sword


"Who are the Red Hand?"

MD: "The Red Hand are a group of Kobold Assassins. These ones believe that have been imbued with power by their God Rolfron Zek to strike down all who oppose the reign of the Kobolds. They have sent veiled threats against us for some time now, and even attacked a few of our soldiers. You shall be our answer to this. They appear to have 6 members at all times, one of whom you killed after he took his last victim. He, however, by the quality of his weapon and lack of ceremonial scars on his face, appears to have been the initiate. The other 5 will be more skilled. Destroy them, and cut off their right paw, which will have been dyed red in symbolism of their allegiance. Put these in this bag I will give to you, along with the weapon of their ringleader. It is hoped that if we have their dagger, It being the prime symbol of the Red Hand, it will render them too suspicious to reform the organization. Then Hand me the Bag, and your Page's Sword."

Mandaril hands you "Paw Bag"

Head to Warrens. Kill Jhragg, Ghragg, Fhragg, Mhragg, Khragg. All will be level 20 random spawn rogue mobs. All with drop "a red paw" (LORE NO DROP), which will identify as the paw of the kobold it dropped from. Jhragg will also drop "A Runed Cold Iron Dagger" (MAGIC LORE NO DROP). Combine these in the Paw Bag and hand the Bag to Mandaril.

MD: "Well Done %T. The Power of the Kobolds wanes with every passing second before the power of Darkness. Take this new sword, a symbol of your climbing power within our Ranks. Cazic-Thule himself looks approvingly upon you, I can sense it. But now! We have cracked most of the code of Jorath's note. It wasn't actually code anyhow, but instead it was an ancient language used by a certain sect of the Kerran cat peoples...but I digress. There are unsettling portents in this note that must be dealt with.

Paineel Squire's Long sword


"What Portents?"

MD: "It appears that the Kobolds have been hard at work. Even now they work to improve their crude cold iron armor and bronze weapons into something more terrible. They seem to have found a source of a new metal somewhere deep in their mines. The note speaks of a new Ore, which they name Zekium. It seems to be as strong as any Mithril or Velium, if not stronger. You will go and find some of this Ore. Find it and bring it to our master Smith, Zaneth, along with this note, which will explain the situation somewhat to him. He may be able to divine a purpose from it."

Mandaril will hand you a "Note to Zaneth." If you kill Smithy Rarrgrn, It will drop a note that states that the major concentrations of Ore have been found 'where the great water protector' resides. Go kill the Muglwhump, who will drop "A Crate of Zekium Ore." Return to Paineel, and find Smithy Zaneth, a Smithing merchant who sells HQ Ore and Smithy Hammers and the like in the Room with the Forge in the SK Guild.

Zaneth takes the Ore. He sets the crate to the side, and takes out one small block of Ore. He speaks a few arcane words over it, examines it, nods, and hands it back to you.

Zaneth: "Yes, This is the Ore Lord Dark Knife spoke of, and it does have great potential, greater for sure than those dogs realize. I can do little with it in this state though. Take the Ore for now, and go out into the world. It needs a good temper. You should be able to make an adequate one if you dissolve a small bit of clay inside a mixture of Human Blood and Karsinic Acid. Bring me that Temper, this Block, and your Paineel Seal, for I have an idea of something I can do."

The Small block of Clay is the stackable one and can be purchased. The Karsinic acid drops off Rygorr Miners in Crystal Caverns, and the Human Blood should drop off Bandits in the Karanas among other places. They can be combined in the brew barrel for a 50 skill triv which will return "Zekium Temper."

Give the Temper, the Block of Zekium Ore Zaneth gave you before, and your Seal of Paineel to Zaneth.

Zaneth takes the items you hand him and turns to the forge. You can't really see what he does, but when he turns back towards you, he hands you back your seal. Although it does not seem outwardly changed, you feel a power pumping through it.

He gives you:

Zekium Seal of Paineel
AC: 2
STR +1 INT +3 HP +10 MANA +10 SV MAGIC +5 SV POISON +2
Effect: Deadeye (Worn)
Deity: Cazic-Thule

Zaneth: "This is very good, I believe I have found some of the power of this metal, and I believe I can reproduce this temper with herbs from our good Apothecary here in town now that I understand the properties needed. This re-smithed seal is but a small part of what I may be able to do… %T, Lord Dark knife has sent word that he wishes to see you. When you do, show your re-smithed seal to Him that he may see what we have found."

Hand Mandaril the Seal.

MD: "Ah, %T! Just who I was looking for. Zaneth has shown that Cazic-Thule truly blesses his hammer-arm, for this seal is an amazing work. Wear it with Pride. (Hands it back) But, for the reason I summoned you. We have finished deciphering Jorath's note, and it appears the Kobolds have managed to construct some weapons from the Zekium, and have a use for them. Their Queen, Ralgna, Plans to take a small raiding force to use these weapons and make a direct assault at Paineel! They spoke also of another secret weapon which unfortunately Jorath was not able to find much more about. But no matter, the stone walls of Paineel's sanctuary will never be broken, not by these primitive tribal kobolds for certain. You, of course, shall see to it personally. Make haste to prepare yourself for our defense, and show your seal and this note to Azzaar Habib, And he will help you to rally our forces.

Mandaril hands you a note to Azzaar Habib. Hand it to him with your Zekium Seal. You will, of course, receive the seal back.

Azzaar Shouts, "Attention all young initiates of Darkness and our allies who might prepare to storm the Hole. We have received word even now that those insolent fool Warrens-Kobolds even now prepare to assault our very walls. We advise you to stay clear of lichyard and safe within the city while our knights teach these dogs a lesson in defying the Dark Truth!"

Azzaar says: "It is well you are here, %T. We will show those Kobolds a thing or two. Meet me on the field of Battle! Hand me your Sword there that I may imbue it properly for the fight ahead"

Azzaar will despawn and pop up in the bottom of the lich yard accompanied by two NPC Erudite Shadowknights named "Neravi Lightreaver" and "Jocasta Darkhawk" and 4 risen Soldiers, Skeleton Warrior NPCs. All will be level 60.

(If Hailed: Risen Soldiers: "Urrrrrrrg. Ready to Serve, Master."
Neravi: "Hand your sword to Azzaar that he may imbue it and we may fight. I tire of waiting."
Jocasta: "Pulled from my meditations to slap around a few dogs. How insulting."
Azzaar: "Ah, There you are my comrade! Now, only hand me your sword that I may imbue it with power to help us in this upcoming fight.")

The 2 newbie guards and all newbie spawns (Skeletons, rats, bats, snakes, fire beetles, etc) will despawn until the war is over.

Hand Azzaar your Squire's sword.

Azzaar chants a word of power. Your sword begins glowing sickly. He hands it back to you.

(Receive Imbued Squire's Sword; Unchanged from the old stat-wise except that it will now be MAGIC-tagged with +1 str +1 int)

At the same time, Queen Ralgna will spawn just across from you. She will be level 30. With her will be 2 Kobold SK Mobs "Kobold Royal Guards", which will be about level 27. also present will be 4 level 15 Kobold Centurions. All will of course carry Crude Zekium Weapons (Same stats as Fine Steel, except Magic tag). They will be Beta-neutral and untargettable to start

Azzaar "Halt, Ralgna. The Dark Truth has not given you leave to tread this ground!"

Ralgna: "Your Dark Truth has no right to give leave. You have trespassed on our lands long enough. Return to your own lands and do not ruin ours, for we have given YOU no Leave!"

Azzaar: "Ha, do you not know, Mutt, that all the world is the land of Father Thule? Surrender to the will of Darkness. It is the destiny of all living things.”

Ralgna: "Not while there is breath in me."

Azzaar: "You are outpowered and outnumbered. We have with us only a small portion of our army of Knights of Darkness and Undead Warriors, and we shall still crush you like the insignificant insects you are!"

Ralgna: "Not if I can help it."

Ralgna signals the Guard on her left. The Guard pulls a ball that seems to be made of pure blackness from a pouch at his waist. he throws it at the Paineelians. Azzaar, Jocasta, Neravi, and even your skeletal warriors all begin to cough and retch.

Azzaar screams, "My Power...My very soul...draining from me!"

(Azzaar, Jocasta, Neravi, and the 4 skeletal warriors despawn and respawn as lower level mobs. Azzaar, Jocasta, and Neravi at level 25 approx, the 4 warriors at level 15 approx. No effect on any players.)

Ralgna: "What, You have Children of Order among you today? Oh by Rolfron, this is sore blow, for our power-draining spell will not affect them. But still, we will win or die in the attempt! My Soldiers, CHARGE!" (Ralgna and co. become targettable)

The Kobold and Erudite armies clash. You must kill the Queen, and loot her head and "A Crude Zekium War Scepter: 8/26, MAGIC LORE NO DROP")

When the Queen dies, everyone will depop, and Azzaar (Regular level) will respawn right at her corpse. Hail him.

Azzaar says "Ah, I feel my power return already. Not only was their so-called ultimate weapon not enough to affect such powerful heroes as you and your allies, but It was also short-lived. Have you killed the Queen? Hand me her head, and I will even now place it on a pike before the gates, that those Kobolds will see that not one of them is safe before our power!"

Hand Azzaar the head.

Azzaar says, "Ah, even beyond that silly weapon, they were no match for our power. Bring these shards of that strange bomb that caused our momentary sickness to Mandaril, and the weapon the queen carried, for we will want to research them, and hand him your sword along with them, for he has informed me that you have a promotion coming!"

Azzaar hands you "Strange Zekium Shards" He will then despawn, and all the normal spawns (Guards, Noclin Saah, newbie spawns) will respawn.

Hand the shards, the Zekium Scepter, and your upgraded Squire's sword to Mandaril.

Mandaril: "Ha! My Thanks Knight %T. For you have earned that title, Oh Defender of the Dark Truth. Your work has allowed us to all but destroy those infernal Kobolds. And even now we have operatives harrying their mining and gaining us more Zekium.
Mandaril Dark Knife Chuckles.
Mandaril: "Of course we have very little to fear I am sure, seeing as these Zekium weapons you have gained from the corpses of your enemies show so little art in their crafting so that they are scarcely better than a child's toy! And the shards of that bomb will soon be analyzed and an antidote to their magic crafted. But as for your part, take this sword. May it serve you well in your continued defense of Paineel. And although the Kobold threat may be neutralized, there are as well larger concerns will soon need our attention."

Paineel Knight's Sword
2 str 2 int 2 sta


"What Larger Concerns?"

Mandaril: "As you know, our 'brothers' in Erudin created the Hole which this city is built around many years ago, when they attempted to wipe us out with some super weapon, which missed us and instead hit the Kerran ruling caste, transporting them away to Luclin. Even now, they seek to harry us, because they are jealous that we have the courage do go where they will not in our search for Knowledge. But, as we of the Dark Truth wish to bring all into out fold, we will forgive them. But first, they must be taught a lesson."

"What Lesson?"

Mandaril: "We will show them the true meaning of fear and the power it brings. Only by this will they be enlightened. We have heard that those of them that worship the power of the sea have recently sent an emissary to the Kedge on Faydwer. Find this emissary and Destroy him. He should carry on him a signet ring that shows his power. Bring me this ring."

Kill "An Erudite Emissary" in Kedge Keep. Level 40 mob, spawns near the mermaids. Return the "Erudin Seal Ring" to Mandaril.

Mandaril says "Very Good %T. With this ring you should be able to walk freely in Erudin ."

Mandaril hands you "Ring of Erudin", statless, but with one charge of Erudin Alliance. This will make you ally with every faction in Erudin for exactly 2 hours, or until you zone (Not counting linkdeath or logging).

Mandaril says "You will be able to use this ring only once, so be very careful that you do not waste it. Now, for the mission you will be on, take this."

Mandaril hands you "A Strangely Glowing Orb"

Mandaril says "As you know, we have been making alliances with many. One of these is the Iksar, who are children of Thule, though they have as late disappointed him in the loss of their empire. However, We believe they have a place. Prime Hierophant Vek has a primal connection with our great father. Give him this Orb so that he may use that connection to enchant it with what is necessary. If you need to earn his trust, talk to Trooper Vaurk of the Legion of Cabilis for missions which will accomplish this."
"Vek will enchant the orb for you, and give you further instructions. Once you have completed his mission, You should get a report on what happened. Return that to me with your sword."

Once you get dubious or better to Iksar Shaman, you can hand the orb in to Prime Hierophant Vek.

Prime Hierophant Vek makes an arcane gesture over the orb. It begins glowing with a beautiful, brilliant red light.

"Feel very honored, Young Softskin," Vek Hisses, "You have had the honor to witness a happening that even many of our most promising younglings see, the calling of Thule to impart some of his essence to an unholy object that it may be used to do his will upon Norrath. It is a sign of things to come. We Iksar are putting off at least some small part of our insular ways. Do not disappoint us. Show us that Softskins too may work for the greater glory of father Thule!"
"First, you must show this orb to Weligon Steelherder, Leader of the worshippers of Prexus then to Lerenya Shrelyak, The Cleric of the Child Goddess, in Erudin. Then throw it into the main fountain. Then. Watch."
"Take the spent Orb and return to Toxxulia. A Bit out from the Gates, you will see one of our operatives. Give him the Orb, for It must be disposed of properly and with great respect."

Vek gives you "A Thulian-imbued Orb"
Go to Erudin and use your ring right click.

Then, go to Weligon Steelherder (Cleric Guildmaster) (Spelling may be off) in the Prexus Paladin guild, and hand him the orb.

Weligon say, "What is this? I have never seen something so beautiful...Surely it is a pearl of The Great Clams of the Vastest dark deeps where sits Prexus in all his glory! Thank you for giving me this, young one. Surely it must be...put in our temple as a great artifact of Prexus!"

Weligon places the pearl in a pouch at his waist. However, you feel an extra weight in your pack, and reaching in, see the Orb of Thule back in its place! You smile wickedly and continue on your journey.

Next, go to Lerenya Shreliak (Probably a Misspelling again) a Cleric GM in the Quellious guild and hand her the pearl.

Lerenya holds the orb in both hands, and goes to her knees.

"By the Nameless! This is beautiful! It can only be an icon of the divine light of truth and tranquility. I will place this in the courtyard that it's light may shine on all pilgrims. Thank you, Young One."

Lerenya places the orb in a pouch at her waist. However, you feel an extra weight in your pack, and reaching in, see the Orb of Thule back in its place! You smile wickedly and continue on your journey.

After both of the Masters have seen the Orb, go to Erudin town square (Just outside Quellious temple and down the stairs, and throw the orb into the fountain (i.e. give it to it, you can open a trade with "a fountain", down the steps)

A few things will happen in rapid succession.

Weligon Steelherder shouts, "What! The Pearl of Prexus is Gone! Who has committed such Sacrilege as to steal it!"

Lerenya Shreylak shouts, "Guards! To me! The High Icon of Quellious has disappeared!"

Then, floating in the air above the fountain will spawn an untargetable beta-neutral level 60 "Avatar of Fear", with the Cazic-Thule Model, though about the same height as an Erudite.

Looking around you, you see many women and even some of the men standing nearby fainting. You, however, stand tall basking in the glory of Darkness. Almost as soon as he appears, though, The Avatar is gone, and you once again feel your pack weighed down with the weight of the Thulian Orb.

(You receive "A Sickly Black glowing Orb")

Exit the city, and go straight out from the gates, meet the beta-neutral Iksar Shaman "Hierophant Vrixyl."

Hand him the Orb.

"Very good, Softskin. You have given unrest to Prexus and Quellious. Soon, the two factions may even blame each other for their loss. At the same time, the sight of the Avatar of Fear will not soon be forgotten, and the elements the orb added to the water drunk by the good people of Erudin will see to that and...other things. It may take years for all the full effects to manifest themselves, but Erudin will fall much easier when the time comes, I assure you. Now, I have a note to give to your master that will explain. Give this to him, along with your sword, that he may..."

As Vrixyl takes out the note, a Paladin of Erudin steps from the shadows and lops his head off with a large two-handed Sword! He then stoops down and takes the note from Vrixyl's hand and stands up.

"You will not get away with this, Heretic. By the Power of Prexus, I will slay you, and take this note back to Lord Steelherder. He will know of your deceit."

Kill "A Paladin of Erudin", Level 40 Paladin, With LoH, Stuns, etc.

Take the note he drops to Mandaril, along with your sword.

"Excellent, %T. This is the first step. Our misguided brethren will soon see even more the error of their narrow-minded and simplistic ways. But as for you, you have proven yourself among the greatest of our warriors. Soon, you may even be the envy of Riddosan himself. Take this blade as a token of your valor."
"And, Speaking of Riddosan, Our smiths have been studying the Zekium Ore, and their findings hold the promise of the renewal of a great hope."

Dark Lord's Katana
3 str 3 int 3 sta
Effect: Lifespike (Combat)


Ask Mandaril "What Great Hope?"

"Zaneth sends word that he thinks that this Zekium Ore may be the same strange ore that was used to forge the Fell Blade of Riddosan, and that with enough information, we may be able to reforge the same sword, or one very near like it. As you may know, that Sword was lost when the Erudites attempted to destroy us and the Kerrans in that conflagration that destroyed Old Paineel and the last stronghold of the Kerrans on the Mainland, and created the Hole. Unfortunately, the great master Smith who made the sword, Worigan Steelweaver, was lost as well. Riddosan's next weapon was a Spear made by Steelweaver's apprentice, which was strong enough, but nothing close to the power of the fell blade. However, the Apprentice retained something of his master's art. See if you can recover that Lance. It was lost when Riddosan fought in the Jungles of Antonica. If you can, bring it to me."

Do the Quest for the Soulfiend Lance from Riddosan.

Give the spear to Mandaril.

Mandaril smirks.
“Suffer. Fitting last words. Remember them, %T. It is only through Suffering that one unlocks their power and realizes the Truth. Riddosan was indeed one of our best.”
"This Lance does indeed hold power, but nothing near the power of the Fell Blade. But still, our smiths will study it for any clues it may have. As we now know, the conflagration that created the Hole did not destroy the Ruling Class of the Kerrans called the Vah Shir, but teleported them to Luclin, the moon of Norrath. We can only hope that the same happened with those of our Brethren who were trapped in the ray, including Worigan. You must travel to Luclin, and find him or his descendents, or anyone who he may have passed his knowledge to. The Seal of Paineel is the unchanged emblem of the Heretics. Hopefully it will be recognizable. Show it to him, along with this note of greeting from us."

Go to Marus Seru on Luclin. Find Elysin Steelweaver. He will be in a Conclave of Heretics by the zone wall near Mons Letalis zone. Hand him your Zekium Seal of Paineel and the notes.

“A Visitor? From Paineel? Then you did survive the great cataclysm. Even when the Combine unlocked some of the mysteries of the Nexus and reopened the gateway back to Norrath, we were hesitant, to see what other things Erudin might have concocted. But now… ah now…”

“The Fell Blade. It is a noble quest you undertake. I only wish I could help. Back when our family was transported here, Our ancestors Worigan and Lelyn were the first to move into the frontier, avoiding the shortsighted scions of the combine, Seru and Katta, attempting to mine the land and learn how we could apply our craft. Perhaps we too could recreate the glory of Paineel on Luclin. But it was not be. We were not experienced in mining the soil of this Moon, and our first mine collapsed. Worigan nearly died, and had to be dragged out, knock cold by a falling chunk of ore. He was [never the same] after that.”

You say “never the same?”

“He became a babbling and incoherent fool. He could not smith, and thus could not teach the proceeding generations the craft of making such powerful weapons as the fell blade. Although we are all excellent smiths, I fear even we have lost the craft of the Sacred Blade. The only hope is if Worigan succeeded in [his quest].”

“What was his quest?”

“He wished to return to Paineel and the Old World. He kept babbling that the blade was waiting for him, that the dark would fall if he could not remake. The Fell Blade’s crafting took a hard toll on him, according to the tales our ancestors have past down. Perhaps even a piece of his own soul was taken out and put in the blade. He walked off one day, and never returned. Either his bones lie bleaching somewhere out on this gods-forsaken orb, or he indeed returned to Norrath. That is all I can tell you, %T. I wish I could help more, for the knowledge that Paineel is alive is music to me. Send my regrets to Mandaril. This letter will explain what we know of Luclin and what information we can give on Werigon and his smithing secrets. Any way we can be of use to Paineel…”

Go back to Paineel.

Give Mandaril the Note from Werigon.

Mandaril says, “Interesting. Werigon may be here? That reminds me of something I had near dismissed from my mind that happened many years ago. A Man, Heretic by his marking and dress, but unrecognized as a citizen of Paineel, stumbled through town mumbling about a dark blade, a falling from the stars, and failing Riddosan. He stumbled down towards the Hole, and we could not find him after. Perhaps that was Werigon. You must venture into the stronghold of the accursed minions of Brell. We have ignored their violation of our ancestral home long enough anyhow. Go there, %T, and find Werigon if you can, or avenge him if he is dead. If you find him, or his Ghost, give him this soul gem. It should clear his mind of this sickness Elysin spoke of, and perhaps he can help you, so that once again the Fell Blade may be wielded by a Knight of Darkness in service of Paineel.”

Receive Thulian Soul Gem

Find “a crazed erudite spirit” hovering above the pool in front of the entrance to Old Paineel in the hole (that first castle place just after the drop-off). Left alone, it will occasionally moan, and say, “Oh Paineel, I have failed you!”

You say “Hail, a crazed erudite spirit”

“NOOOOOOOOOOO! Only talk to Earth Men. Must not speak…terrible…horrible anguish! Woe the lost sword!”

You say, “Hail, Werigon”

“Noooo…Please…don’t… earth men will do things, terrible… Must speak only to Earth men… argh!”

Give the spirit the Soul Gem.

The Spirit screams at the sight of the Soul gem and dashes it to the ground. You quickly pick up the shards.

(Receive Shattered Thulian Soul Gem)

Give the Gem back to Mandaril.

Mandaril says, “Hrm. Earth Men? He must mean the cursed Brell Minions. They must have done something to him. However, We shall combat this too. Talk to Librarian Kesler and see if he has information on Earth Elementals. At one time, when we were more zealously dealing with the Elemental problem, we were trying to create masks that would allow us to look like them to throw them into confusion. Also here, take another soul gem. If you manage to trick Werigon into thinking you are an ‘earth man’, you will still need this to sooth his troubled mind.”

Go to the Library and talk to Kesler.

You say, “I want a book on Earth Elementals.”

Kesler says, “Oh yes, The Mask project. Give me a moment; I am sure it is here somewhere. It’s not EXACTLY Necromancy, so it hasn’t gained much interest since it was abandoned due to the rarity and difficulty to obtain of certain of the magical components needed… But You have done much for Paineel, so I am sure your intentions are towards the greater good of the Dark Truth…yes, here it is. However, It is in our restricted section, so I will require a 100 platinum lending fee.”

Hand Kesler 100 platinum and get “Chronicle of the Elemental War III: The Earth Mask experiment”


“In our attempts to gather Intelligence in the hopes of overthrowing the Elementals of the Hole, once known as our great city of Paineel, We have discovered that it helps to be able to walk among them. To do this best, It is good to take a form their feeble brains can comprehend without lashing out like the mindless automatons of the cursed Underfoot they are. To this end, we have managed to concoct a recipe for a Visor of great magical power that has the power to give its wearer the form of one of them, an Earth Elemental.

This visor may be created in your basic forge, but it takes a keen mind to craft it due to the great skill and magic required to bind the magic to it.

First, one must create the base of the visor. You must create an alloy out of platinum and High Quality Ore. A Large Block of Ore and a Bar of Platinum must be melted and combined at high temperature and poured into a mask mold. Without letting this cool, now the magic must be harnessed to add the enchantment. One of the hearts of the Elementals should crumble easily in your hand. Then use only the highest quality magical solvent to combine the heart and some dust from a golem of powerful magic, a small pinch should do. Before adding this mixture to the molten metal, speak the basic cantrips from a Scroll of the Spell Illusion: Earth Elemental over it. Although the practice of Magery is a lesser discipline, it has its uses, at least for this purpose, bringing out the transformative magics of the elemental mixture. Finally, we use Brell’s own power against him. We waylaid a Dwarf and found on him some gems that appeared to be blessed by a Cleric of his race. Grinding these to powder in the usual fashion, we found the grounding power of the Earth God provided an anchor for the wild magic. After you have combined these together, pour them into the mold, letting it all create a new alloy. Finally, the mask must sit well on the face, for the magical power contained in can be irritating and stinging without the proper conduits and buffers. A large fur off of one of the Spiders of the Stonebrunt should suffice. To provide extra magical attention, a priest of Thule should of course bless it.

The finished mask needs only a bit of concentration to evoke it’s powers and surround you in a blanket of earth. Use it well, and for the Glory of Paineel, and the Dark Truth.”

In other words, Combine in a Forge (Triv at approximately 150):

1. Living Heart of a Brell Minion (from the Hole)
2. Clod of Golem Dirt (Sebilite Juggs, Sebilite Golems, OT Golems, Fear Golems will all have a chance of dropping this)
3. Sacred Dust of Brell (Made by the usual means)
4. Scroll of Illusion Earth Elemental
5. Celestial Solvent
6. Plate Mask Mold
7. Bar of Platinum
8. Large Block of High Quality Ore
9. Blessed Thulian Stonespider Fur. The Fur will drop Off of New Spider in Stonebrunt, Titan level, “Thulian Stonespider” (This and other “lesser thulian stonespiders” will drop Terrorantula silk as well). Give this Fur to the leader of Paineel Clerics guild to be blessed.

(Paineel Cleric Guild Leader says, “Ah, %T, I have heard of your accomplishments in the name of Fear. Mandaril has told me of your quest to walk among our enemies and learn what you can of them. I grant you my blessing, and I likewise bless this fur, that it may be used against the enemies of fear. I forsee a great future for you, %T. Perhaps you shall even one day join us in the city of Old Paineel, as we parade through it with the head of Brell’s lackey Yael carried on a spear.)

Mask of Earth-Shroud
AC: 6
dex –10 cha –35 HP +35 sv magic +2 sv pois +2 sv dis +2
Effect: Illusion: Earth Elemental (Clickable from Inventory, Cast time: 3.0)

Go into the Hole and use the mask. Go back to Werigon (a crazed erudite spirit). He should now con ally.

You say “Hail, a crazed erudite spirit”

“Wh…What do you want? Pl…Please… let me go! I must remake the dark blade!”

You say “Hail Werigon”

“Y…You…cannot…my name…nooooooo…”

Hand Werigon the Soul Gem.

“The Gem glows with an eerie green light that envelops the poor spirit. He moans pitifully as he seems to blink in and out of existence for a few long seconds. Finally the Gem dissolves and he looks at you, the gleam of madness in his eye much calmed.”

(a crazed erudite spirit despawns, and an erudite ghost named Werigon Steelherder spawns in his place.)

Werigon says, “Thank you, %T. I feel as if I have woken from a long sleep, which I have been in since a chunk of acrylia hit me on the head up on Luclin. For many years I have been watching from a place inside my body as my damaged brain has made me ramble and wander I know not where. I am not even sure how I returned from Luclin. I remember only descending into caves beneath the Lunar surface… All I know for sure though, is I knew that somehow, somewhere, Riddosan had lost his blade, and I had to replace it.”
“I returned to the Hole, where the Minions of Brell confirmed my fears. Riddosan had lost the blade I crafted for him while trying to fight the elementals and reclaim Paineel. I knew I could still remake the blade if I could find the old blade, now wielded by one of their Crusaders, and reinforce the enchantments. But they would not let me in, and bound me instead to this spot, cursed always to gaze upon Paineel and my redemption, but never gaining it.
”They tortured me trying to find out what I was doing, using methods that would make even the most zealous primitive of our great father jealous, But I could not and would not tell them anything. I will however, tell you. I feel the pull of Thule on my soul. Now that you have released me, my spirit yearns to leave this earth. But I will give you one more thing.”

Receive an ethereal tome.

“This tome has my notes on the Fell Blade, and ideas on how to recraft it. Bring it to your Master Smiths in Paineel. They may be able to help you. However, one thing is Imperative. The Minions of Brell have stolen the Fell Blade and twist it to their own magics. You must at least recover that blade. The Book will say more. Farewell now, %T. I go to the truth. Live always in the glory of suffering and pain, and deliver it to these elementals. Avenge me, and make them suffer as I have.”

(He despawns)

Give the Tome to Zaneth the Smithy.

Zaneth whistles in amazement. “Ah, %T, my friend, you have made me a very happy man. With the secrets contained in this book, I will be able to craft such weapons for our cause… ah, those who would stand against us will not know what hit them! Even through his mental sickness, Werigon was a master, and I believe all of his secrets should be in here, I think I could study this for a lifetime and not fully learn all there is to know!
However, I do see some basics I can ask you for. To craft the weapons, Only a forge of the highest quality must be used. Werigon’s own forge was in Old Paineel, used by his apprentice after his dissapearance. Although we bought what parts we could out of it when the Elementals first swarmed us, the anvil, rumored to be personally blessed by Cazic-Thule himself, was left behind, and may still be in the old smithy there.
The Brazier used to heat the metal for shaping was taken from one of the smithys of the ancient Elven empire of Tunaria, and it is said it gained special powers of flame when that area was touched by the hand of Solusek Ro. It was in the possession of Alanar Mechaim, who was assigned as quartermaster on a sea journey to try to find Thulian allies on Antonica, but it never reached those shores. There was a terrible storm that night, perhaps created by Prexus himself, and there was no wreckage found. Perhaps if it was simply blown to some far off shore, you might find the brazier there.
Then, the Bellows used to fan the flames of the Brazier, Said to contain the storm-laced breath of a airy minion of Karana’s Plain, captured by Riddosan during a crusade, were in the possession of one Aranon Tauzor, who was a weak man, gripped with nightmares and doubts, a drunkard who should have stayed in Erudin with other weak minds. But Werigon befriended him for some reason and so we let him keep his Bellows. He was otherwise a thoroughly pitiful and unremarkable man, and thus has passed out of memory. It is rumored that he may have begun traveling to try to find his courage and suffer so that he might gain control over himself and become a true lover of fear, but I heard not where his quest eventually took him. Perhaps he might have visited old members of our order in other places, or traveled to places sacred to our master Thule upon earth.
Find me these The Bellows, Anvil, and Brazier of Werigon’s forge, and mundane forge parts should suffice for the rest. Give me your sword then also, for although I do not expect to have the secrets of the Fell Blade sorted out by the time you are finished, I should, however, have at least enough figured out that I should be able to use the secrets to temper and improve your blade.

The Anvil can be found inside the Hole in the city portion off of an “Elemental Tradesmaster.”

A strangely glowing anvil
WT: 25.0

On the second floor of the Tower of Frozen Shadows, Alanar Mechaim may spawn as an Erudite Ghost. He will be on the same faction as the other ghosts, and when you kill him, he will drop ‘a torn journal page’ text as follows:

‘After the crash, a great darkness…awoke here…she came… she took the light of Solusek… The Warmth is gone, all is cold… Fear beyond knowing… suffering beyond measure…’

Tserrina, on the top floor of TOFS will have the Brazier as a rare drop.

An Unnaturally Warm Brazier
WT: 10.0

The Bellows can be found in Feerott, on an “Iron Storm Golem,” a random wanderer near the temple of Cazic-Thule. It will also drop the ball of Golem Clay with a charge of Illusion: Earth Elemental from Old Cazic-Thule.

Storm Bellows
Slot: Primary
Skill: 2hb
Elemental Damage: 5 Magic
Effect: Careless Lightning (Combat)

Return all 3 Items to Zaneth, along with your Dark Lord’s Katana.

Zaneth takes the items from you, and laughs with glee.
“Ah, It is a good time to be alive and be in the service of our father Thule, %T. With the forge of Werigon remade, and his secrets in this book, We Knights of the Fell Blade shall cut a swath of Death and Terror across Norrath and Luclin alike!”
Zaneth then places the items inside the now empty forge, and takes your sword. With some swift taps of his hammer, he hands it back to you.

Dark Seeker's Scutum
3 str 3 int 3 sta
Effect: Lifedraw (Combat)

Zaneth says, “Congratulations, %T, you are now among the highest Knights Errant of the Fell Blade! You should take your sword to Mandaril so you can be properly blessed and inducted. I have sent him what notes I have made on the Fell Blade, He can brief you on what you need. If you can gather the components needed, you yourself may have the honor of crafting the Blade, for it is only right with all you have done.”

(Note: Although the forge in the Fell Blade has stayed the same through the quest, it looks like it must have been modified with the same patch this quest went in, in that it can now craft the usual smithing recipes, but is also the only forge in which you can craft the fell blade.)

Hand your Dark Seeker’s Scutum to Mandaril Dark Knife.

Mandaril Dark Knife says, “Hail %T, Dark Master/Mistress of Paineel! For your name is worthy to be spoken besides the great Knights of the Fell Blade, even Riddosan himself. By this sword may your bond to us be reaffirmed, and may you use it to rain down terror upon all our enemies. When the Army of Darkness marches upon the unsuspecting world, you will be among those at his head, and we will triumph!”
(Receive your Sword back)
Mandaril Dark Knife says, “Even with what you have done, you are honored. But there is but one more task, and I am sure you can accomplish it. Zaneth has shared with me the secrets of the Tome given you by the Ghost of Werigon. He believes that the Fell Blade of Riddosan can be reforged. Take these notes. If you can follow them and find what they need, Perhaps the Blade can be reforged, and the legend of Riddosan may live again.”

(Receive “Zaneth’s notes on the Fell Blade”


“The Fell Blade is considered one of the most powerful artifacts of ancient Heretic History, forged even before the days of Old Paineel. With it, The Crusader Riddosan cut a wide and bloody swath across Norrath, carrying the banner of fear and suffering for the glory of the Dark Truth. Elf and Ogre, Gnome and Goblin alike fell before it. Unfortunately, It was ripped from him as he fought valiantly against the cursed minions of Brell, and we were not able to recover it. However, in repeated forays back into the Hole, it, or a blade much like it, was seen in the hands of an Elemental who seemed to be regarded as a leader by the others. It will probably have been twisted and corrupted by it, but with certain magicks and forging techniques, it may yet be able to be reforged and restored to at least a great part of it’s power.

First, you must find the blade itself. You may have to pry it from the hands of the cursed elemental who stole it.

The unholy gems set in it’s hilt were a great part of it’s power and will have undoubtedly been pried out and sullied by the Elementals. The main gem needed will be a Darkblood Ruby. These are very hard to find these days. Ancient Lore tells us that these Rubies were often used as focuses by Giant Necromancers and Researchers back before they were cursed with dumbness by the Gods.

The auxiliary gems should be those gems imbued with Cazic’s power by our priests. Two of them set to the sides of the Darkblood Ruby in the hilt will focus and contain the power of the Ruby.

A Relic of a great unholy master, such as a fingerbone, should be set inside the hilt as an additional focus to channel the power of the ruby into the blade. The Hero should preferably be already dead, and one should not defile a relatively peaceful resting place to obtain the relic, to avoid the wrath of the Gods. My research in the library reveals that one possible source may be that of one of Thule’s Champions, Zezule Sha’thrir, a Knight of the Old Iksar city of Sebilis. It is thought Trakanon cursed him so that his bones and spirit became part of a golem who guards him, in exchange for damage done to him when the knight was in the Service of Atrebe Sathir. If his Golem could be killed and this Sir Zezule be laid to rest, it could be a great service to our dark lord Thule.

The Blade itself may be marred by the abuse of the elemental defilers. A Blade of pure Zekium may be needed to patch those marks. Your Scutum’s blade should suffice.

Finally, one must dip the blade in unholy slime to christen it and seal the powers properly. A Sample of unholy slime may have to be obtained from a living specimen, as our supplies ran out long ago. Perhaps the temple of Cazic-Thule, where the lesser lizardman worship him, may hold some, although it has become much more perilous as of late.

With the blueprints copied below as a guide, use the forge of Werigon to reshape the blade.

May Thule guide your quest, and may the legacy of Riddosan be reborn within you!

Extra note: Although Riddosan often carried his sword into battle along with a shield bearing the arms of Paineel, in times of great carnage, he was known to carry the sword only, and cause great carnage with it. It is thought with a few minor adjustments performed in Werigon’s forge (also noted below), The sword could be used in that wise as well.

Master Yael of the Hole drops “a crusader’s blade”

A crusader’s blade
Skill: 1hs
-5 wis –5 agi
effect: cancel magic (combat) ß procs on self.
Identify: this sword holds a hidden power.

Velketor the Sorcerer will drop the Darkblood Ruby.

Darkblood Ruby
wt: 0.5

One of the Sebilite Juggernauts may drop “an iksar knight’s fingerbone”

An iksar knight’s fingerbone
Wt: 0.1
Identify: Fingerbone of Zazule

In the Temple of Cazic-Thule, any of the Goos may drop some unholy slime

Unholy slime
Wt: 1.0

In Plain terms, combine the following:

Zaneth’s Notes
Your Dark Seeker’s Scutum
A Darkblood Ruby
2 Imbued Amber (Imbued by a Priest of Cazic, i.e. Iksar/Troll Shaman or Erudite Cleric) (Not stacked together) (At least I’m pretty sure Amber is Cazic-Imbue)
an iksar knight’s fingerbone
A crusader’s blade
Unholy slime

These must be combined in the forge by Zaneth (and only that forge, will get DNC message in all others).

Fell Blade
Skill: 1-hand Slash.
+5 str +5 int +5 sta +5 agi +5 dex +50 HP +50 Mana +15 SV Magic +10 SV Poison +10 SV Disease
Bane DMG: Humanoid +10
Effect: High Man's Wrath (Worn)

Effect: Spell Damage IV mod and +30 ATK.

If combined in the forge again, will change into

Fell Greatsword of Riddosan
Skill: 2-hand Slash
+5 STR +5 int +5 sta +5 agi +5 dex +50 HP +50 Mana +15 SV Magic +10 SV Poison +10 SV Disease
Bane DMG: Humanoid +5
Effect: High Man's Wrath (Worn)

Will look like a Nature’s Defender in both forms. You may also put the Great sword back in the forge and recombine to get the 1-hander again.


Quest Extention
# Dec 23 2020 at 10:48 PM Rating: Decent
11 posts
17 years later...

You put a ton of thought into this and it looks great. I wish ERU were given a bit more love by the powers that be at EQ. Their whole storyline is fantastic and the race/class/deity specific gear is something that you never see anymore.
RE: Quest Extention
# Aug 28 2003 at 9:09 AM Rating: Default
285 posts
Whereas it's a well thought out quest with interesting dialogue... you're essentially asking for another epic (which kind of outshines the two current SK epics) to be implemented for the Shadow Knight.

More quests like this would be great additions to the game, and even be fun to do, but unless this is touted as part of the melee balancing, it would probably upset warriors, etc.

Not to mention that I'm not aware of SOE implementing any user-submitted quests... ever.

Great idea though.

RE: Quest Extention
# Sep 10 2003 at 6:39 AM Rating: Decent
21 posts
Another epic? No. Another Greenmist? Yes.
RE: Quest Extention
# Sep 30 2003 at 4:03 PM Rating: Default
I think this quest would be great to do. I for one would do it just for fun. I think this will also be a powerful weapon on PvP servers due to humanoid bane damage.

I tried asking around to see if it is in the game but no luck.

Ledod Hellsing
28 Shadow Knight
Kinights of Caranage
Master Blacksmith
# Dec 04 2002 at 1:36 PM Rating: Decent
He spawns in the room on the left hand side, through the door, on your way to the Smithy and Foodmaster Kobold. He drops some plans which you hand in and get a dull Fell Blade Cutlass. You are told to sharpen it and return it along with a petrified eye (from Spectre in Tox) and a Large Briar Skin. Faratain then fashions you a Sharpened Fell Blade Cutlass (8Dmg, attack delay 29, +1 str, +1 int).
RE: Master Blacksmith
# Dec 06 2002 at 5:21 AM Rating: Decent
This guy spawns all over the zone, I have seen 2 of him up at the same time, I am a 51 sk and was working on faction. In 1 hour I saw him about 10 times after killing enough kobolds.
Master Blacksmith
# Oct 29 2002 at 12:19 PM Rating: Decent
Holy hell...i've been in here for the last week and not once have i seen this guy. does anyone know how to make the Master Blacksmith spawn or where his spawn point is??? i can't even find him with my 47th Rogue??? please send some help...

Erratic 47th Rogue of Kelethin
Draghkar 21st Shadowknight of Paineel
RE: Master Blacksmith
# Nov 24 2002 at 12:46 PM Rating: Good
28 posts
My wife and I have found him twice. The first time he was on the Prince's side in what used to be a safe room right before the bridge. The second time he was in the river on the King's side. Hope this helps.

Cleric of Cazic-Thule
Firiona Vie server
Here's the Quest!!!
# Aug 24 2002 at 9:38 PM Rating: Excellent
My girlfriend found the Kobold Master Blacksmith on accident tonight while hunting for kobold pelts for the armor for a Erudite Shadow Knight friend of ours. He dropped the "Clan Kolbok Blacksmith Traditions". Following is the rest of the quest.

Fell Blade Cutlass:
Magic Item Lore Item No Drop
1HS DMG: 8, DLY: 29
STR: +1 INT: +1
WGT: 5.5 lbs.

Hand Faratain the "Clan Kolbok Blacksmith Traditions" (dropped by Kobold Master Blacksmith located near water to the left of the zone entrance).

Faratain says ' Well done Valanthe. I will have this translated immediately so that it may be studied. Take this Dull Fell Blade Cutlass and sharpen it in a forge with a sharpening stone. It may take you several attempts if you are unfamiliar with the process. Once that is done bring me the Sharp Fell Blade Cutlass, a Large Briar Snake Skin, and a Petrified Eyeball and I will put the finishing touches on the weapon.'

Hand Faratain Sharp Fell Blade Cutlass, a Large Briar Snake Skin and a Petrified Eyeball (eyeball found on the Fading Spectre in Toxxulia Forest).

Faratain fashions a grip from the large briar snake skin, fastens the petrified eyeball to the pommel of the hilt, and polishes the blade with a shimmering black substance. 'I present you with your Fell Blade Cutlass. May it serve you well in the name of Cazic Thule.'

I'll be sending in screenshots.

Giffwin Thornroot
Halfling Ranger of the 21st Season
Karana Server
RE: Here's the Quest!!!
# Nov 15 2002 at 4:11 AM Rating: Decent
Glad they made this blade better than the dark elves jagged orc slayer. The fell blade looks... decent.

By the way I've been hunting at the water near front and never seen him yet. Hope to one day since my erudite SK is on a fresh server UNtwinked.

Ok finally got the black smith !!! I pulled *started a train* from the room with pit fighters near rikfeer or whatever. Was half way dead until I noticed his name sticking out past 10 others.

Edited, Sat Dec 7 03:46:55 2002
It seems to me...
# Aug 24 2002 at 12:06 PM Rating: Decent
the key phrase is "record of their traditional techniques", I think what is needed is some sort of document, possibly no drop lore, similar to the new ones found in Blackburrow and Misty Thicket... I am a Human SK on Tribunal and looking for faction so will be spending a lot of quality Kobold time, I will post again if I run across anything.

16 Shadow Knight
Is this ready for prime time?
# Aug 15 2002 at 4:13 PM Rating: Decent
Has anyone completed this quest? This is much more obscure than any of the other newbie quests...just that old SK bigotry, I expect! It would seem to point to the Smithy Rrarrgin in the Kitchen as holder of whatever quest item is called for, that being the only resemblance of a "chambers of the kobold blacksmiths" I can come across in all the Warrens...and I've searched the whole thing thru and thru.
I've tried turning in the large Empty Crate and BallPeen hammer to no avail. Since the other newbie Quests use new NPC'c and MOB's to hold the items, the Smithy doesn't seem right for the job anyway.

SK of 11th year

Edited, Thu Aug 15 17:02:45 2002
RE: Is this ready for prime time?
# Aug 21 2002 at 8:38 PM Rating: Decent
Don't know if this helps, but ...

For the Wood Elf Druid final test 1 of the things you have to get is Darishs plans. He is not a new NPC. Lord Darish is located in the Throneroom in Crushbone Castle, adjacent to the Tower Room which holds Emperor Crush and Ambassador Dvinn (the 2 toughest mobs in the zone). The TR is the second hardest place to fight in next to the Tower because of the numerous mobs and fast spawn.

Where is a similar place at in the Warrens?
RE: Is this ready for prime time?
# Aug 15 2002 at 6:54 PM Rating: Decent
I feel your pain. I've tried the crate and hammer as well, and killed old Smithy Rrarrgin coutless times, each time hoping he'll drop something new. I've slaughtered every dog in the area around the kitchen, thinking they may have the mystery item. I'm very familiar with the Warrens and have scoured its passages looking for anything else that might be the "chamber" in question with no luck. Which, it seems is your exact dilemma. The road of the Erudite Shadow Knight is a tough one, indeed.
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