Pine Druid Gloves  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Quest Items:
Era:Planes of Power
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
Appropriate Races:
Entered: Tue Jun 18 20:11:21 2002
Modified: Sun Jun 9 00:54:50 2019
You say, 'Hail, Salmekia Treherth'

Salmekia Treherth says 'Welcome to Surefall Glade Etaan, the home of the Jaggedpine Treefolk. I help teach young druids the ways of our people. We have worshipers of both Karana, the Storm Lord, and Tunare, the All Mother, living here in the glade. If you are a new druid I will help you obtain a [suit of clothing] that will offer comfort and protection while working in the wilds and help protect you from the weapons of the Gnolls that wish to take these lands.'

You say, 'What suit of new clothing'

Salmekia Treherth says 'You must use this specially prepared Curing Kit to craft the clothing. Each article of clothing requires different materials for its construction. Do you plan on crafting Pine Druid [Gloves], Pine Druid [Boots], a Pine Druid [Bracer], a Pine Druid [Cap], Pine Druid [Leggings], Pine Druid [Sleeves], or a Pine Druid [Tunic]? When you have been outfitted and are ready I will tell you of a [task] that you can assist with.'

You say, 'What gloves'

Salmekia Treherth says 'To craft Pine Druid Gloves you require two [silk thread], ruined gnoll leather gloves, two giant field rat whiskers, and a large king snake skin. Once you have the necessary components combine them in your Curing Kit with this Tattered Glove Pattern.'
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Stinkin' gloves!
# Apr 23 2004 at 10:42 PM Rating: Decent
Ok, I have all the ingredients to make Pine Druid Gloves, followed GM's instructions and tried to combine the silks, skin, ruined gloves, and the whiskers with and without the pattern. Tried it with the silks and whiskers stacked and unstacked, and still nothing. Just the mssg, "Cannot combine these items in a container of this type" WHAT GIVES? (and is this a typical problem?!?!?!?)
RE: Stinkin' gloves!
# Jun 27 2004 at 5:19 PM Rating: Decent
Did you make sure that the description of the item is correct. I.e.: Large King Snake Skin, instead of just King Snake Skin.
And me?
# Jul 24 2002 at 11:31 AM Rating: Decent
Arrrgh, human and half elf only? Rivervale has little ppl only quest clothing for druids... what about wood elves? Any clues?
RE: And me?
# Jun 27 2004 at 5:17 PM Rating: Decent
Wood Elves have there own armor quests in Kelethin. Head to the guild, and start hailing the GM's there. I belive that it is the one that stands in the back of the guild.
Hope this helps.
The easy way to get the rats to pop
# Jun 19 2002 at 2:46 PM Rating: Good
19 posts
I am a lvl 45 druid halfelf and I wanted to complete my full set of no drop armor (because I play on rallos zek) When I first started the quest the rats were rare and their drops were rarer. The giant field rats drop whiskers about 1 in every 8 to 10 kills, and sometimes those whiskers are regular giant whiskers not giant field ones. This was averaged on one days of work for me (about 6 hours for everything needed) as I obtained a full set in one day.

The easiest and fastest way to get these guys to spawn is hunt along the fork in the road with the sign marker. A guard usually wanders around this area. Run around smacking everything you can and train the mobs onto the guard, this increases the spawn rate of the giant field rats. Try to smack several bats and other rats into him, they seemed to trigger the giant field rats the most. Once I started doing this I was getting whiskers 1 in about every 4 or 5 kills because they spawned more frequently rather than running around tracking them (which I so foolishly did at first.
The rats seemed to pop near the left and right qeynos walls in the hills before the zone point.

Hope I helped and if I did rate my post!

Eristotle Andronicus
45 Druid Halfelf
<Druids Empire> Rallos Zek
About all Pine Druid Armor
# Jun 19 2002 at 9:55 AM Rating: Decent
153 posts
This armor is DRUID ONLY, Human and Half-Elf ONLY. No other classes/races may wear this.

I hunt the Innoruuk Server.

The rarest Drop for some pieces of the armor is the Giant Field Rat Whisker. The mob (Giant Field Rat) does spawn in some quantity in Qeynos Hills area but the Drop is Rare. The mob spawns mostly on the plain near the NQeynos zone, but also in the hills near there as you head towards Surefall Glade. They rarely seem to appear in the area immediately near SFG entrace.

What makes hunting these creatures hard is the numbe of players who are working this new quest and the fact that there is also a new Ranger Armor quest that also use these whiskers. Rangers get tracking at level 6(?) and can often get to the mobs before a druid can, who doesn't get tracking until MUCH later. This can be frustrating to a Druid when rangers are also hunting the mob.

Druids should group with a Ranger with tracking while doing this quest, especially while it is still a new quest. Be prepared for a lot of rat killing. Giant rats and Large Field Rats also drop a Whisker, but these Whiskers DO NOT work in this quest.

The Ruined Gnoll armor pieces drop MAINLY on Gnolls, but a friend told me (while helping me scavenge up the pieces) that he got a couple of peices off of Scrawnys. I would recommend sticking to Gnolls. However, in the Ranger Armor Quest, the Ruined Chain Armor drops off of many different gnolls, including Brawny's and Guardians. I took my 38 Pally in to harvest these items and went deep. I found the pieces (chain) on many, the leather on a few.

Both the Ranger Version and Druid Version of these new Armor Quests are all green in coloring.

# Jun 19 2002 at 6:00 AM Rating: Default
IS this stuff Halfling wearable or do I have to continue trying to do the RV stuff? After having tried other noob armors I have come to realise that the drop rates on the Hfl armor components are MUCH lower than any others. That and more of the Hfl components are no drop than any other race armor.
Info on new newbie quests
# Jun 19 2002 at 12:19 AM Rating: Decent
Just so you know these are only human and half elf wearable (BLAH!!). Same with the new newbie ranger armor quest given from the guy next to the guild leader in surefall's ranger guild. From what Ive been told all classes now have new newbie armor quests I guess you just have to ask the right person..and this after taking my cleric all the way to freeport to do the marr newbie armor quest..and now theres one in qeynos for clerics of Karana..arghhh

All the ruined leather armor you need for these quests are found on Gnolls..not scrawny gnolls..not gnolls pups, or scouts..just Gnolls INSIDE BlackBurrow..all the other items are self explanitory but some are hard to come by because of rare drops and not too many spawns..good luck

10th Level WOODELF Ranger
Tarew Marr
RE: Info on new newbie quests
# Jun 19 2002 at 9:05 AM Rating: Decent
Actually that is incorect about what they drop off of....I was hunting the armor and found it on Scrawny gnolls and up...thoug it seemed the heavier peices like tunics and leggings drop off Patrollers and burly
RE: Info on new newbie quests
# Jun 19 2002 at 3:29 PM Rating: Decent
You may be right I was referring to the Ranger stuffs..which is the ruined chain components..but I did kill (I have the EQ skill lister)over 70 gnolls/scouts/scrawny ect within a hour and a half or so..and only found the chain(which I only found 2 pieces that whole time)on gnolls..the druid ruined leather tunic I found was also on a gnoll..I found nothing, chain or otherwise on anything but gnolls..but since you need to kill many scrawny gnolls to even get the gnolls themselves to pop..I guess youd find out one way or another =)
RE: Info on new newbie quests
# Jul 05 2002 at 11:36 PM Rating: Decent
40 posts
FYI: Check the vendors in Qeynos and Surefall. Occasionally, they will have a Ruined Chain or Leather piece (the un-cured item) for sale. And since you can wear them as is, since curing only adds attributes, it's not a bad idea to pick them up when you see them.
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