Shadowwalkers Chainmail Tunic  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
Appropriate Races:
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Entered: Wed May 8 18:12:06 2002
Modified: Sun Jul 21 00:06:24 2019
This quest is for gnome rogues.

You say, 'Hail, Morlan Tanlonikan'

Morlan Tanlonikan says 'Greetings there Gearsword! I am Welno Tanboots Assassin of Akanon. I pride myself on being one of the few to train our younger prospects in the ways of the rogue. If you are a young gnome rogue in training then I might have some [tasks] for you.'

You say, 'what tasks?'

Morlan Tanlonikan says 'Well I should hope you are truly a Rogue of Akanon or else I don't have any work for ya! However if you are then I have some things for you to do. I will present you with a magical box that you will use to craft together certain components that will make an armor material. You will then take the material that you have fashioned with the proper pattern to the forge to create your own armor. I will provide you with whatever patterns are necessary along with the [armor recipes] should you so ask.'

You say, 'what armor recipes?'

Morlan Tanlonikan says 'I have the armor recipes for all pieces of Chainmail of the Shadowwalker all you must do is simply ask for whichever piece you [want to craft]. I can provide you with the recipe for Shadowwalker [Coifs], [Bracers], [Sleeves], [Boots], [Leggings], [Gloves] and [Tunic]. Once you have collected the necessary components for each recipe combine them in this box to fashion the correct material.'

You say, 'I want to craft a tunic'

Morlan Tanlonikan says 'I'm glad to see that you have progressed this far in your training and that you are ready to craft your final armor piece. To create your tunic material you will need to combine 5 Bricks of Crude Bronze, 1 Minotaur Scalp, 1 Brownie Parts, 1 Runaway Clockwork Motor, 1 Swirling Mist and the evil Dirolensab`s Bracer in your assembly kit. Once you have created the proper material take it to a forge along with this mold to fashion your very own Shadowwalkers Chainmail Tunic. When you are finished with your tunic please come back to see me as I have a [favor] to ask of you.'
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did ya'll know?
# Dec 09 2003 at 6:44 PM Rating: Decent
did ya'll know that if you choose to be a rogue of berxoultoxulus that you can just sneak until it says you are sneaking like a cat stalks its prey and you can hail the guy that hands out the patterns to you for goodie armor? HOWEVER you have to be behind him when you do talk to him and when you hail him he faces you so watch out! So this is just one way to get better equip if you are a bad, bad rogue gnome :) anyways this is the best especially when you are on a pvp server the peeps cant loot your stuff. Also another hint if you have really nice stuff that you are wearing and dont want someone whos a pker to steal it get 20 do a LDON and get an agmentation THEN all your gear (or the ones that you agment) turn into NO DROP GEAR! MUAAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!

BTW in response to the runaway clockwork things JUST GO TO THE NOOBIE AREA! the clockwork runaways spawn there about 1 in every 3 have a clockwork motor on them so just be patient and if your higher level than them its easier to kill them.

ALSO in response to where the Dirolensab Bracer and where the Torn Cloak of Faerron is when you log onto your gnome look on the yekesha map! at the far right bottom you will see a merchant baker if you go into that corner you will go north a little bit (or UP not too sure) and all the bad gnomes for the weapons and other things for other gnome quests are there, you have to be higher than level 12 though or just high enough so ALL the gnomes con green to you or else you will get all of them to aggro onto you and kill you! i suggest bringing a casting friend along to nuke them pull and kill! HAPPY HUNTING!!!

Level 10 Rogue
Rallos Sek Server
Runaway Clockwork Motors
# Jan 13 2003 at 4:51 AM Rating: Decent
These "hard to come by"-things drops from both Runaway Clockwork (only gnomes) and the rebel Clockworks. They are very very rare and it's incredible that they expect you to find three of them. They are LORE but not NO DROP, so watch out if you get lucky. Let a friend loot it for you.

damn bracer
# Dec 25 2002 at 1:29 AM Rating: Decent
yeah where the hell does taht bracer drop i think everyone just wants to know
How to get everything done......
# Nov 15 2002 at 6:08 AM Rating: Decent
Go buy the stuff you can get a go out and kill as many minotaurs as your can, it will take forever to get a scalp...and the brownie brains, and the young ebon drake wings, HA!! Good luck....I heard that they spawn near the Drood rings in the super n00b area, but I havent seen one, bought a wing at the shop in Ak Anon. Dont buy the Kolbold tooth or the ore, it drops very frequently on the kolbolds in the super n00b area.....only the weight like 12 lbs or something.....and you need 20 or so to get the full set. Swirling mist is easy to come by off of the steam elementals, got one motor tonight, took about and hour to get.....anyway I play on Mith Marr so any Q's shoot a tell to Soulbayne...late

28 Rog Gnome
<Innoscence Lost>
RE: How to get everything done......
# Oct 13 2003 at 9:29 PM Rating: Decent
31 posts
Agrees with Soulbayne. I personally bought the brains and leg from vendors inside Ak'Anon. Don't remeber which names, but try the general merchant near the PoD. I've done noob armor for 7 classes now and there is always one rare and/or No Drop item for 2 of the pieces. For example, my Hi Elf cleric collected 5 stacks of giant bat wings before 1 giant bat wing fur dropped. But back to subject. Keep at it, those items do drop. And just when you can't stand the disappointment of not finding that rare drop, leave Steamfont and find a group in BB or Crushbone. Good luck.
What drops the motor.
# Jul 21 2002 at 5:04 PM Rating: Decent
I have been killing Ronaway Cloclworks and Rogue Clockworks for day and can not find the Runaway Clockwork Motor for my rogue. PLEASE HELP!!!
RE: What drops the motor.
# Nov 29 2002 at 9:38 PM Rating: Decent
looks for REBEL clockworks, the have the motors
RE: What drops the motor.
# Dec 09 2002 at 1:24 AM Rating: Decent
The gnome shaped runaway clockworks also do drop the motor, it just seems to be a very rare drop.
Gnome Rogue Armour
# Jun 30 2002 at 3:47 PM Rating: Decent
I was having a problem getting the NPC to give me the right mold when i asked for say: the leggings, he would give me the boot mold. the same happend when i ask for the gloves, and the tunic as well. what i have found out is this. if you don't target the NPC but tell him "i want to craft gloves" he will give you the mold. let me know if this works for anybody else.
RE: Gnome Rogue Armour
# Jul 03 2002 at 3:03 PM Rating: Decent
As of today, when I targeted myself and said 'I want to craft a tunic', Welno gave me the tunic mold. When I targeted Welno and asked about either gloves or a tunic, he gave me the boot mold. Just so that's all clear.
Quests seem to be broken...
# Jun 26 2002 at 11:37 AM Rating: Default
No combination of the words I want to craft a tunic will get the NPC to give you a tunic mold... BTW, to get to the evil gnomes who drop the bracer and cloak hug the right wall out of Akanon till you see some merchant huts then a little bit further along the wall is a whole bunch of gnomes all of various classes. Faerron who drops the cloak seems to be a Cleric and Dironseb a warrior or pally/SK. Never seen him cast anything so prolly a warrior. The motor drops off a runaway clockwork, is pretty rare and MAGIC LORE, not no drop so if you're REALLY lucky you can fidn it on a merchant. Just my 2cp.
RE: Quests seem to be broken...
# Nov 29 2002 at 9:42 PM Rating: Decent
bracer;bracer mold
gloves;gaunlet mold
boots;boot mold
tunic;breastplate mold
coif;helm mold
sleeves;armguard mold
leggings;greaves mold

I have completed this quest and made all my armor
# Jun 23 2002 at 2:50 PM Rating: Default
does that pos motor drop? or u need to buy that or somethin.... never seen it drop /sigh
# Jun 17 2002 at 2:44 AM Rating: Default
I can't get Welno to give me the molds for the Gloves, Leggings or Tunic. When I say, "I want to craft (say 'Leggings')" He gives me the recipe for the boots and tries to give me a boot mold. I would really like to know whats going on with those 3 pieces.
# Jun 09 2002 at 11:54 AM Rating: Default
Is this quest broken now? I ask for tunic, leggings, and gloves, and get the boot mold and recipe for each one :(

# Jun 06 2002 at 10:51 PM Rating: Decent
does anyone have a loc for the evil gnomes?
List of all items needed
# Jun 04 2002 at 10:32 PM Rating: Default
3 bricks
1 yellow recluse silk
2 spiderling eyes
1 mead

1 Brick
1 motor
1 Infected rat liver
1 Bandage

2 Bricks
1 Rat meat
1 Kobolt Fur
1 throwing knife

3 Bricks
1 yellow recluse silk
1 Brownie Leg
2 Spider Legs

4 Bricks
1 Kobolt tooth
1 Plague Rat Tail
1 Bottle
Torn Cloak of Faerron

2 Bricks
2 Brownie Brains
1 Young Ebon Drake Wing

5 Bricks
1 Mino Scalp
1 Brownie Parts
1 Motor
1 Swirling Mist
Dirolensab's Bracer

2 Mino Scalps
2 Mountain Lion Jawbones
where is the bracer
# May 30 2002 at 3:31 PM Rating: Default
where does the bracer drop i have been looking everywhere. if anyone knows something please let me know!
where is the bracer
# May 30 2002 at 3:31 PM Rating: Default
where does the bracer drop i have been looking everywhere. if anyone knows something please let me know!
swirling mist
# May 27 2002 at 4:52 PM Rating: Default
Swirling mist is dropped by steam elementals.
RE: rogue armor
# May 27 2002 at 9:49 AM Rating: Default
ok Im gonna post this piece of $hit once and for all! THE EVIL GNOMES SPAWN AT THE HIDDEN HUTS directions : follow the path to the windmills take a right go straight until u see little gnome vendor huts , then turn they'll be an mob of them! finally i posted this =P
rogue armor
# May 27 2002 at 6:40 AM Rating: Default
what the heck, and where the heck, does the evil dirolensab's bracer drop? and what about the swirling mist too? any info would help GREATLY =)

beiluyn ebonhand
rogue of the 29th backstab
Anon server -- ( i get wierd tells when i post ir =P )
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