Husman's Raid  

Status: Removed

Quest Started By:Description:
Time:1 Hour
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Quest Items:
Related Creatures:
Era:Shadows of Luclin
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Thu Dec 27 19:29:23 2001
Modified: Wed Jan 11 17:28:31 2012
This quest is no longer active after the Grimling Forest revamp during the summer of 2003. The mini-wars in the various Grimling camps are still active and still result in the Copper Medal of War for the Beastlord epic.

This is one of 4 or 5 quests which result in a key for entry into the Castle area of Acrylia Caverns.

You say, 'Hail, Scout Husman'

Scout Husman says 'Greetings, ______. Are you [here to help]? You've no doubt heard of the issues with the Grimlings throughout the forest. I fear we may not be able to push them back enough this time to keep our people safe from the dastardly deeds of those vile things. Reports have come in that they may be trying to come at us from the North. While it wouldn't be unheard of, such a move might prove to be a decoy for other attacks coming from the West.'

You say, 'I am here to help.'

Scout Husman says 'I'm glad to hear it. From our reports, they have a rather small group of soldiers North of here, comprising of two encampments not far from each other. We must begin pushing the Grimlings back to their mines so they cannot continue to have a stronghold in this area. For now, you must gather together a group of soldiers to venture with you to help us clear one of the camps out. When you are [ready to go], inform me of such and I will lead you to the camp where you can make preparations for battle.'

You say, 'I am ready to go.'

Scout Husman says 'Right, then. We'll be making our way to, what we believe, is their number one camp, leading the way for the other camp northward down to us. Make sure you have everyone with you, we'll be making our way to the camp in just a minute.'

After a minute he runs to the site.

Scout Husman says 'Here we are, at their primary camp to the direct North of our outpost. It is up to you to clear the camp of these worrisome Grimlings so we can help to push them back into those wretched mines. They'll likely use the hills behind those huts as cover for their casters, but be sure to clear out those in the huts first, as they will no doubt be more trouble than you are expecting. Also, watch out for any officers, as they can cause more problems still if you're not careful. When you are [ready to start], let me know and I will let you loose to wreak havoc on the Grimlings of that camp.'

In yellow:

Your primary objective is to eliminate the main force of the camp and then assault the casters on the hills afterward. Good luck!

Once you're ready:

You say, 'I am ready to start.'

Scout Husman says 'Now is the time, my friends, to prove yourselves in the thick of battle! Charge to the enemy and leave no Grimling standing!'

Kill all the mobs in the camp and the spellcasters on the hill come active. Kill those until the boss spawns at the campfire. Kill him and collect your loots. Make sure you keep Scout Husman alive in order to collect.

You have slain Arcanist Ukigit!

Other mobs encountered:

grimling gruntling
grimling corpsecaller
grimling painsoother
grimling spiritchanter


All of the gruntlings drop Captured Grimling Document I.

Arcanist Ukigit dropped:

[Wed Jan 11 09:02:52 2012] --You have looted a Desecrated Spiked Wristband.--
[Wed Jan 11 09:02:55 2012] --You have looted a Bloody Stone Dagger.--
[Wed Jan 11 09:02:59 2012] --You have looted a Copper Medal of War.--
[Wed Jan 11 09:03:05 2012] --You have looted a Short Sword of the Horde.--
[Wed Jan 11 09:03:13 2012] --You have looted a Grimling Officer Toes.--
[Wed Jan 11 09:03:16 2012] --You have looted a Complex Velium Silvered Rune.--
[Wed Jan 11 09:03:17 2012] --You have looted a Thick Silk.--
[Wed Jan 11 09:03:18 2012] --You have looted a Crude Animal Pelt.--

Do you still need a Polished Acrylia Sphere (or the other spheres) at some point? If so, when?
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# May 30 2004 at 5:20 AM Rating: Decent
After waiting 3 days for the Grimlings to pop they finally did , I spoke to Captian Necin & he informed me that he wanted a camp cleared , I followed him to one of the camps where he said Kill the waves & the guards if you can , after the first clearing he walked back to his camp near the banker in the fort .. so i cleared the camp another 8 times & Nothing no medal NOTHING not a single named .. did i miss something ?...
totally changed
# Apr 20 2004 at 2:31 PM Rating: Decent
From what I understand it can take a week to reset the zone after someone else gets the copper medal, no idea how true this is or not. One of the beasts with me gave the captain his acrylia slate he got as level 1 in his citizenship quest and they all reset. May be a bug or just got there at the right time I don't know
Mindbender Flaumigehexe Ebediyet

"Understand your limits but never limit your understanding"
ok this is how it works now
# Jan 19 2004 at 5:39 AM Rating: Decent
Alright in order to do this part of the quest you no longer need the acrylia sphere. Just walk up to Husman say we are ready to go <assuming the grimlings are up, if not you must wait til the zone resets> Husman will stand there a minute then run off to a camp.. follow him. When he stops by the camp he will say somethin like ok your objective is to clear out the camp and take out the shaman presence. Beware of the cretures they summon, good luck! at this point you want to say to him, " we are ready to begin." He will then say something along the lines of rush the heart of the beast! Now the fun starts, just kill all the mobs around the fort being careful not to get near fire. When they all dead you will be able to target the spiritchanters around the fire and kill em kill the little mobs they send at you cuz those are what drop the medals. We had like 4 medals drop for us. After you kill all the spiritchanters Soul Echo will spawn, kill him take his goodies and get outta there. Hope this helps, I know I had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to start the proper sequence. Good luck! :)

Edited, Mon Jan 19 05:41:02 2004
RE: ok this is how it works now
# Mar 11 2004 at 12:19 AM Rating: Decent
Actually, the spirits around the fire are just part of that particular camp. At each camp, once you've cleared all the regular grimlings out, a named will spawn. That named is the mob most likely to drop a medal. As the earlier version of the quest, it doesn't always drop. Camps were EASILY soloedd by my 50 bst. Could have done it sooner I'm sure. Most of the mobs were green, and the named mobs were light blue. No sweat.
Does this spawn Agent Tiesh ?
# Nov 02 2003 at 1:39 PM Rating: Decent
Title says it all trying to find the appropriate quest to get him to pop. He is for a hand in for a ring quest .

Thanks for any help

# Oct 22 2003 at 7:32 AM Rating: Decent
63 posts
I hope the rest of the epic is not as agrovating as getting this stupid medal of war, I cannot get the Husman guy to take me out to the camps and when i went out just to wip out camps anyway they where all filled with bandits. How can i get the zone to reset or something the trips back and forth from the forest is gettin very old. Thanks

Vorkarlon Bloodpaw
Morell Thule
Really Hard , NOT !!!
# May 28 2003 at 11:35 AM Rating: Decent
Zone reset, all camps where owned by Grimlings.
I talked with scout husman . Told him yes i was ready to go , He walked to the camp. He told me to let him know when i was ready to being , i told him i was. He said goodluck. and he left. My group started clearing the camp . The firepit in the center, popped a mob of smaller grimilings.
Killed the mob twice and the metal dropped.
The other beastlord that was with me ran back to husman and spoke with him followed him back to camp. Killed mob again and his dropped .
Hope it helps.

Theect Sunwatcher 50bst <Sacred knights of hearts>
RE: Really Hard , NOT !!!
# Jun 11 2003 at 12:05 PM Rating: Decent
Did this today too, was solo at lvl 55, no probs, Medals came off the mobs in the fire, killed the entire camp and Soul Echo spawned, just slightly harder n the rest
YAY, now for proper fights ;-)
Gluck all

Katanna Klaws, Bst. of the 55th. purr
A.B. Server
Zone reset
# May 17 2003 at 10:59 AM Rating: Decent
The zone finally reset today where the grimlings needed to be pushed back again, therefore requireing the grimling camp fights. I THINK it was reset by a fellow beast completing the grimling head quest.

Anyway, there were 3 of us beasties and 2 of em got the copper medal from the camp fights. I could not get one to drop, and by the time it came around to me several people had left and the raid was falling apart at the seams. I do not have experience in running a raid and would appreciate any advice from more seasoned players on how to get this zone to "reset" or trigger so the camp fights can begin. I feel certain if I can find the zone in this state and had one solid group I could do enough fighting to get a copper medal of war. I talked to a GM and he could only tell me he thought the quest had been changed in some way, but could offer no other assistance.
RE: Zone reset
# Jul 08 2003 at 4:13 PM Rating: Decent
I completed the Grimling head quest today and I can confirm that it does NOT reset the zone.

Maybe resets by itself every few days and you and the beastlord doing this quest just happened to be there when it did?
Husman's Raid
# May 07 2003 at 6:19 PM Rating: Decent
Husman no longer goes a-raiding, instead he tells you to goto the town to the North, where you need to talk to the Officer; a Major I think.
He will give you a crate to put 4 heads of named Grimlings in... Found the first in the mines. and got a head, the others may well be there too, ran out of time tonite, what with having to rediscover the new quest, will add to this as I get chance to finish it , GLuck folks .

Katanna Klaws, Bst of the 53rd. purr


Edited, Thu May 8 18:55:14 2003
Not Working for Me!!
# May 06 2003 at 9:39 PM Rating: Default
I can't get any of the quests to spawn thugs. I have done quest 1, 2, and 9 each about 10 times and none of the times did they repop what they are supposed to pop. I do exactly what the NPC tells me to do and it is not working. I am getting really annoyed with this, someone please help!

Sshin Mannard
60 Beastlord
Sullon Zek (PvP Diety Allience) Server
RE: Not Working for Me!!
# May 07 2003 at 11:28 AM Rating: Decent
Yes this is me responded to my own post but I learned some stuff and I would like to share it with everyone else. It seems that each of the veterens starts a random quest between 3 and 6. The NPCs for raids 1, 2, 7. 8. and 9 did not tell me to tell them "/say I wish to begin". Only after having gotten that message did I realize I need to say something along those lines to start the raid. Its not always begin, sometimes its fight, battle, exc. Raid 4 I was not able to figure out...I just kept pulling all the grimlings except the healers but nothing was happening. I was not able to kill the healers cause they wouldnt follow me away from the camp and the other 4 grimlings would just sit there and heal them if I tried killing them. They didnt have much hps, around 2k but they hit for 250, and cannot be slowed. Although it is likely that the camp would have spawned an officer if I kept killing the soldiers. Anyways I did raids 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 with relative ease and got a nice BP for warriors. I was not able to solo raid 7-9 cause it was just to many grimlings to kill in such little time for one person.

im gunna do this next part in all caps to get it known for sure cause it took me a while to finally figure out how to do this.


Edited, Sun May 11 02:39:00 2003
After Patch
# Apr 27 2003 at 4:02 AM Rating: Decent
Did this last night with 8 people, it's not that hard. Talk to scout husman, he will eventually tell you to talk to the captain, talk to the captain, he will lead you out to a grimling camp and give a statment, you need to reply with something like " I am ready" and he then tells you to charge and he then walks back to the outpost, kill the camp. the first camp we whiped out didn't spawn the guy i needed, so i went back and talked to the captain again, while the camp i had slaughtered spawned thugs. Had another chat with the captain and he did exactly the same, but went to a differant camp, this fight was a bit harder, and a boss spawns who is untargetable untill the reast of the grimlings are dead, this boss had a real urge to kill our druid so he just ran the boss round untill the rest were dead, then killed him, and i looted the Copper Medal of War from his corpse.

So, essentially, you no longer need the polished Acrylia Sphere and you just need to hail and talk to the captain, plus he walks back to the camp so you don't need to try to keep any NPC's alive, so this was not that hard really :)
Totally Changed
# Apr 24 2003 at 1:38 AM Rating: Good
72 posts
As of todays patch these quests have totally changed.

If you hail General Staginar and say 'which camps' He'll make a list of all the camps that the grimlings have been run out of. Once you win a raid, the camp grimlings despawn and thugs spawn in their place.

There are NINE raids. It appears that as soon as you complete one you can no longer do that raid until the entire zone resets.

Each guard in the fort corresponds to a raid. Captain Necin is the ninth.

I have been unable to locate the way to start the 3rd raid, but the scouts in front of the first building start raids 1 and 2. After you beat raids 1 and 2 all the scouts tell you to go talk to the Captain and the Veterans.

The Veterans start raids 4-8.

Raid 1 involves going to a camp and killing the members of the camp while untargetable casters nuke you. When the camp is clear, the casters become targetable. When the casters are dead a boss caster spawns. He drops a bunch of different loot. Each member of the camp drops Document 1 (used in the Beyond Sonic Wolf Bane quests).

Raid 2 involves going to a camp, killing the members of the camp, while untargetable shamans summon tiny grimlings at you. When you kill everything in the camp, the untargetable shamans become targetable. After you kill the shamans, a boss named something like Soul Core spawns. He drops a dagger. Sorry I don't have better details, I was excited and in a hurry to do these quests. Each member of the camp drops Document II or Document III. I didn't realize they dropped both and only got document III. That sucked, because I was there to get both. :/ They also drop a lot of copper medals used for the beastlord epic.

Raid 3...I couldn't get this one started.

Raid 4...You have to kill some tougher grimlings while untargetable clerics heal them. This one is a *****. My party was wiped out because we didn't expect the increase in difficulty.

Raid 9. We went and checked this out. Saw a lot of grimlings that conned dark blue at level 45. Lots of casters.

We need more details on these quests. They seem to be really cool. They are a hell of a lot more fun than the officer quests before.

Please post your notes!!!

RE: Totally Changed
# Apr 25 2003 at 1:35 PM Rating: Decent
I would just like to say that this has really screwed up the beast epic. If anyone has info on how to get the zone to reset or how to do Raid 9 please post it.

Beastlord Drinal
Easy Quest
# Apr 09 2003 at 3:15 AM Rating: Excellent
I have to agree with Usaftrey. I had dual box 54 Druid and 52 BST. Attempted this quest first time with a guildies help (54 BST) and 2nd wave starts and next thing I know - Scout is dead :(. I logged and parsed my log and realized that I bashed him once, then my pet obliterated him about 10 seconds after he tried to hit me (I love my pet BTW). I decided to re-attempt a few hours later and to "MIND MY PET" this time. Very easy. Even though you cant heal Scout Husman, he regens quite fast - after initial camp take he was at 80% and was at 100% when I checked him shortly after the 2nd wave.

Couple things to keep in mind. The grimlings run directly for the scout (and sometimes pop right on top of him already hitting him), so sit next to him to gain initial agro. With my Regrowth spell on, I regenned all of my HP's befor the next wave. Also, mem the fast cast spells. I used Calefaction and a L19 DD with druid to agro any that hit the scout and then waited for my BL and his pet to wax the other grims and come finish the wave off. Max grim hit was around single 50s or so but mostly in low teens.

2nd thing to think about, Watch the casters. they'll hit Scout for 100-200 DD with spell which accounts for about 40% of his life. This is where the 1.5 sec cast spell comes in handy.

I was in a grove after 2nd wave and officer showed up on 4th (very luck from what I read here)

After the patch early may, the quest has changed somewhat - to make it quite easy for you now, but you may get confused and think it's bugged. Here's the major changes:
1-DONT Buy the sphere!! You just talk with the scout. He doesn't ask for the sphere anymore and it's just a waste of 80pp or so.
2-The Scouts no longer get involved. They walk away after starting the quest for you.
3-These "Quest" grimlings (and only these ones) will drop 1-5pp each normally, which is a nice addition.
3-the COPPER MEDAL OF WAR is dropped off of the grimlings that are part of the quest.

Edited, Wed Jun 11 16:14:37 2003
Not bad
# Sep 01 2002 at 3:05 PM Rating: Default
Myself (37 beastlord) and a friend 51 beastlord completed the quest tonight. We mainly went for her epic piece. Not sure how long it took but I made a total of 3 1/2 blue bubs while grouped with her. The best thing to do is let one person kill wandering mobs and keep agro from reaching the scout and the other to take any that do make it. Most are fairly easy, alot were green to me. Drops were enduring breath bag 10 charges, grimling 2hb 25 50, and the piece for our epic. If you are looking for some fun and like a challenge do what the reader below said and do this around level 25 with a full group. That would have been a blast. Even though we were never really challenged we had a great time.
No Scout ?
# Jun 25 2002 at 8:02 AM Rating: Default
Been looking for Scout Husman to pop for 2 days now sent a bug report so did Danarin's for funsies. If you go and see Husman hasn't spawned please file a bug report so we can get this fixed.

52 Wanderer
Forces of Norrath
RE: No Scout ?
# Jul 09 2002 at 8:58 AM Rating: Default
Umm we did this quest the other day, the scout spawns just outside the bank in the Vah Shir fort. And he was there the entire time and has been there Everytime that i have been in the zone

Verestin Minibarb
45 Warrior
what is the spawn time of oficer!?
# Jun 10 2002 at 5:16 PM Rating: Decent
I camp in there almost 2 and half hour still not seeing the officer.anyone please tell me the spawn time of the officer.
RE: what is the spawn time of oficer!?
# Sep 18 2002 at 8:04 PM Rating: Decent
officer can take up to 2 and a half hours to spawn. did this quest once and he spawned in 15 minutes, the second time he took 45, third time we gave up after 2 hours.
6 x L40's for L25 raid?
# Jun 02 2002 at 8:46 PM Rating: Default
the Scout asks for 6 people about his level and he's about 25. Bringing 6 x L40's will take all the fun out of it. Ok so it's hard for 6 x L25, some of them might die, they might not even be able to finish it the first try.

Don't complain your bored or loot is poor or leveling is slow if you are constantly fighting light blue mobs. If you've not died lately then you've not been pushing your limits.
post corrections
# May 21 2002 at 7:57 PM Rating: Decent
the quest was very ez for my group of 6 i suspect
you could do this with less or lower level if you have3 a tight group.
Also you have to turn in the officers scalp to the scout to end the waves and when you do the village will respawn so leave quikly)
Lessons learned from first attempt
# Apr 23 2002 at 10:18 AM Rating: Excellent
First lesson - you can't heal the Scout, or buff him, or otherwise do anything to keep him alive, other than keeping him from getting hit.

Second lesson - Clearing the camp before the scout gets there doesn't help, as the camp respawns just as Scout charges into it.

Third lesson - The Scout is no higher on hate lists than your party members. Therefore, park your melees around the Scout, and between waves, have them sit; the spawning Grimlings will aggro the sitting characters instead of the Scout.

Fourth lesson - You need melee characters. At least 2, maybe 3.

Fifth lesson - Pet classes should never target the Scout; assist your MT, don't target the Scout to find out who he is targeting or to assist him, because you will inevitably set your pet to attacking the scout, then you might as well just kill him and be done with it.

Last night, our guild took a group here to do this - ranging from a 31 Mage to a 45 Druid and Chanter. Also included was a 40 MAG, and myself, a 34 DRU. Our only melee was a 40ish BST.

We broke into the camp fine, and held off most of the Grimling spawns. However, at what we suspect was the last wave before the Officer spawned (significantly more spawns then had been for the last waves), I aggroed 3 while sitting and medding, and died. Before I could get back, our other Druid ran out of Mana and couldn't keep the BST alive and with aggro, so the Scout died.

Take lots of plat with you to run this event...or at least have it in the bank (there is a bank in the fort) - the sphere you need to start this battle cost me 56pp, with the other spheres running around 72 and 98.

Hopefully, next week, I will be aboe to inform you that the Officer is dead, after we go back and try this again.

--Ailuvan Allovah
Intrinsic Sense
RE: Lessons learned from first attempt
# Aug 07 2002 at 8:25 PM Rating: Decent
Did this quest last night to start off my epic. Accidentally sic'ed my pet ont he scout. If you back off and kill the pet, He'll just stand there by the flagpole. I wound up zoning between waves to clear aggro. Came back and the officer spawned. Turned in the scalp and Got my Copper medal of War. Don't give up if you end up aggroing the scout... just zone, it's not that far.

Kukar Kementari
Level 49 BeastLord, Erolissi Marr
Strange Bag
# Mar 30 2002 at 10:24 PM Rating: Default
I recently did the quest w/some of the drops from the officer was a Crude Fur's a 6slot 25% wt. reduction bag..but when I tried to put items into the bag, I get the message that "only ammo may be put in a bondolier"..Anyone have any clue as to what ammo would go into this?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

RE: Strange Bag
# Jul 13 2002 at 2:10 AM Rating: Decent
Bandolier is for throwing weapons, as this raid is part of the Beastlord epic quest to acquire "medalion of war".

Beastlords cannot use arrows or bows, so they must use throwing weapons. Not that any do, lol.
RE: Strange Bag
# Apr 28 2002 at 1:09 PM Rating: Default
It's like a quiver but used for thrown weapons... heard that they give throwing haste but can't verify or deny that, not being able to get my hands on one. Hope this helps.
RE: Strange Bag
# Apr 22 2002 at 6:34 AM Rating: Decent
45 posts
I dont know, have you tried buying an arrow and sticking it in yet..probably have by this time, if not try it and post here if it works...
RE: Strange Bag
# Jul 15 2002 at 9:54 PM Rating: Default
Arrows will not fit into the bag, only shurikens or other throwing pieces.
# Mar 18 2002 at 10:39 AM Rating: Default
When we killed the officer we got the Mangy Fur Mantle, Grimling Officer's Hide (norent), Hammer of the Grunt, Captured Grimling Document I, and some great gloves: Woven Bark Gloves (AC6 +3str +4dex +4agi +30hp, 0.1 weight, all/all, NODROP)
# Mar 12 2002 at 4:24 PM Rating: Default
Vah Shir Class quests after the Bane wpn and Ahom parts goes to the Capt in the Forest and to these Grim Camp clearings. The Documents are the parts needed for this and get combined with your (Class) Garrison Cloak to turn in for the next part. Apparently one from each of the Scout quests. Seems the Hero Quest must have parts on it as well as some other items for Key quest.

Taruun Darkpaws Deadlyclaws
Tarrew Marr
# Mar 12 2002 at 10:05 AM Rating: Default
mager fur braclet is 4int 4wis 15 mana lore magic tradable (non-no drop) looted it on my paladin and gave it to my druid.
RE: wrongo
# Mar 15 2002 at 7:39 AM Rating: Decent
Mangy Fur Bracer is ac 4, 4 wis, 4 int, 15 mana, droppable... we got this from the Officer on the Second Raid, not the Husman Raid. (at least not yet, we have done the Husman Raid 3 times so far)
just completed the quest this evening
# Mar 10 2002 at 10:24 PM Rating: Decent
Brought a group of 6 ppl, ranging from lvl 34 to 40.

We did Scout Husman's quest, turned in the acrylia sphere, followed husman to the grimling camp where he stopped and told us to defend ourselves from the incomming grimlings.

then we would get waves of 2-4 grimlings (usually a wiz and a war, or a shm and war, or a nec and war) all of whom where green to lightblue for lvl 39. Occasionally a blue necro (a grimling cadaverist) would come along, but for the most part they were all green to 39.

Eventually the Officer spawned, blue to 39, was possible to slow him for lvl 39 beastlord.

we killed the officer and he dropped the following for us:

dmg 10, dly 32 claw for BST MNK, looked like thulian claw. (no drop)

Mangy Fur Mantle ac 6, 3 wis, 3 int, 15 mana (no drop) (cannot remember if it was all all)

dust bag (10 charges of Enduring breath, EXPENDABLE)

Captured Grimling Document I (Lore and no drop)

Officer's Scalp (lore, no drop, no rent)

I looted the scalp and gave it to the Scout, in return he gave me the Copper Medal of War (lore, no drop, and no stats) (used for the generals quest) and then he promptly ran back to the Vah Shir outpost, ready for another round :)

I liked this quest alot, great fun was had by all there and the lvl 34 beastlord actually gained 4 blue bubbles from the waves of grimlings (i think we had 10 waves or so, maybe more, before the officer came.)

Mushizo Mousebane, Vah Shir Beastlord, lvl 39
Nomads of Norrath on Cazic Thule Server

Edited, Sun Mar 10 22:24:52 2002
Did quest 3/05/02
# Mar 05 2002 at 5:20 PM Rating: Default
We looted a captured grimmling document 1 any info on this would be helpful. As for the other drops, do the quest you might find it worth it
Rhyme & Reason
# Feb 12 2002 at 1:01 PM Rating: Default
Is there a sentient, intelligent player out there. What are the stats on the reward? What is it about "What are the stats on the reward?" that you don't understand?

I know that sounds pompous and demanging, but it would be a helpful post for those of us who have not attempted the quest yet. Thanks.
RE: Rhyme & Reason
# Feb 22 2002 at 7:11 AM Rating: Decent
Here's a thought, why don't you try the quest and see what the reward is? <claps hands to cheeks> You might even have fun!
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