Call of Flames  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Spell
Factions Raised:
Factions Lowered:
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
Appropriate Races:
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Entered: Wed Mar 21 16:42:16 2001
Modified: Sat Dec 11 13:56:37 2021
Find the Ashwood siblings in Greater Faydark.

You say, 'Hail, Devin Ashwood'

Devin Ashwood says 'Good day to you, _____! I am Devin Ashwood. Pleased to make your acquaintance.'

You say, 'Hail, Lily Ashwood'

Lily Ashwood smiles. 'Hello there, _____. You wouldn't by chance happen to be a ranger, would you?'

You say, 'I am a ranger'

Lily Ashwood says 'I sure love a strong ranger. Especially Ganelorn Oast. He's so dreamy and handsome. I think one day he's going to ask me to marry him.'

Devin Ashwood says 'Bah! Why would the greatest forester in all of Norrath ask you to marry him? Between his time spent protecting wildlife, hunting poachers and training me, I doubt he has any spare time for a foolish girl like you, sister.'
Lily Ashwood sulks.

You say, 'Who is Ganelorn Oast?'

Devin Ashwood says 'Ganelorn Oast! For he has single-handedly caught more poachers than any other ranger. He is credited for helping numerous endangered species recover from certain extinction. I suppose I am lucky he is fond of my sister, as I am soon to train under him as an apprentice. Perhaps one day I will even [call upon the flames] in the way that he does.'
Lily Ashwood laughs. 'In your dreams, little brother.'

You say, 'How do I call upon the flames?'

Devin Ashwood says 'Aye, Ganelorn is renowned not only for his abilities as an archer and a master of melee combat, but also for his use of powerful magics. Never before have I seen a forester evoke a fireball of such great force. It would be any ranger's dream to become his pupil just to study that one spell. Ganelorn doesn't train just anyone, though. If you want to learn from him, I'm certain you would have to prove yourself as a forester.'

You say, 'I want to learn'

Devin Ashwood says 'He is a very busy individual. I believe he is currently in the eastern part of the Karanas trying to track down a poacher. Even if you can track him down, don't get your hopes up.'
Lily Ashwood says 'Oh! If you're going to see him, would you please take this letter to him? I trust you, since you're a ranger and all.'

You say, 'I will take him the letter'

Lily Ashwood smiles sweetly. 'Thank you sooo much.'

Receive a sealed love letter. You'll now need to locate Ganelorn Oast in East Karana.

You say, 'Hail, Ganelorn Oast'

Ganelorn Oast says 'Please be very quiet. I am tracking a notorious poacher.'

You say, 'Will you teach me the call of flames?'

Ganelorn Oast says 'I suppose you would like to call the flame? I must know you are a dedicated forester before I would even consider teaching such a thing.'

Give Ganlorn Oast the sealed love letter.

Ganelorn Oast says 'Ah, what do we have here? A letter? Hmm? Scented with a familiar fragrance too. You must have gotten this from Lily. I do wish I had more time to spend with her, for she is a very sweet girl. If she trusts you to deliver such a letter, I must ask you to do me a favor for me. Please take these eggs. They are a very rare species of albino rattlesnakes which were thought to have been extinct due to poachers who eat them as a delicacy and griffins which prey on them. If these eggs hatch there is hope for the species. I need you to deliver them to my master, Kithicor.'
Your faction standing with Faydarks Champions has been adjusted by 5.
Your faction standing with King Tearis Thex has been adjusted by 1.
Your faction standing with Clerics of Tunare has been adjusted by 1.
Your faction standing with Soldiers of Tunare has been adjusted by 1.
Your faction standing with Crushbone Orcs has been adjusted by -1.
You gain experience!!

Receive Albino Rattlesnake Eggs, which you'll need to take to the Ranger guildmaster in the forest named after himself, Kithicor.

Give Kithicor the Albino Rattlesnake Eggs:

Kithicor says 'Wow, this is certainly something I have not seen in a long time. It was said that this species of snake had been wiped out due to the poachers and griffins. It was very noble of you to help in saving this species. I will see that these are raised properly. Please wear this icon with pride so other rangers will know of the good deed you have done.'
Your faction standing with Kithicor Residents has been adjusted by 10.
Your faction standing with Protectors of Pine has been adjusted by 1.
Your faction standing with Jaggedpine Treefolk has been adjusted by 1.
Your faction standing with has been adjusted by -1.
You gain experience!!

Receive a Symbol of Achievement. Bring this symbol back to Ganelorn:

Ganelorn Oast says 'This does speak highly of you, my friend, an award from Kithicor does not come easy. But I must see more of your skills before I can consider teaching you. Lily's brother Devin is my current pupil - I need you to gather some equipment for me so I can properly train him. I require the following items of you - a smoldering sash, an adamantine ring and a blade forged of electrum. I also need a favor. Take this credit slip to Aanina Rockfinder. She is a merchant from whom I purchased a gift for Lily; it should be ready by now.'
You gain experience!!

Receive a note of credit who you'll need to give to Aanina Rockfinder in Kaladim North.

Aanina Rockfinder says 'Ah, nice of you to come and pick this up for Ganelorn! I know he is a busy fellow. I certainly hope that his girlfriend will like this gift.'

Receive a Gift.

Before heading back to East Karana, you'll need to collect a few items:

-A Burnt Sash, from Imps in Nagafen's Lair
-An Adamantite Band, from the reanimated hand in Lower Guk
-An Electrum-Bladed Wakizashi, from the Vampire Teeth subquest

Bring these items and the gift back to Ganelorn:

Ganelorn Oast says 'You have done well. I sense the one I have been hunting in the distance. As your final test, you must track him down and destroy him.'
Your faction standing with Faydarks Champions got better.
Your faction standing with King Tearis Thex got better.
Your faction standing with Clerics of Tunare got better.
Your faction standing with Soldiers of Tunare got better.
Your faction standing with Crushbone Orcs got worse.
You gain party experience!!

Ganelorn speaks of Vance Bearstalker, who you'll need to track down and kill.

Vance Bearstalker says, 'Ha! You are not going to be able to stop me from poaching!'
Vance Bearstalker has been slain by _____!

Your faction standing with Karana Bandits got worse.
Your faction standing with Karana Residents got better.
Your faction standing with Guards of Qeynos got better.
Your faction standing with Highpass Guards got better.
Your faction standing with Circle Of Unseen Hands got better.
You gain party experience!!

Loot a A Poacher's Head and give it to Ganelorn:

Ganelorn Oast says 'You, _____, are a worthy forester. It brings me great pride to present you this scroll that I have only passed to the finest in all of Norrath. Now you, too, may call the flames.'
Your faction standing with Faydarks Champions got better.
Your faction standing with King Tearis Thex got better.
Your faction standing with Clerics of Tunare got better.
Your faction standing with Soldiers of Tunare got better.
Your faction standing with Crushbone Orcs got worse.
You gain party experience!!

Receive Spell: Call of Flame.
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Can be done at dubious
# Dec 10 2021 at 11:30 AM Rating: Good
1,465 posts
I used a chanter to get to mid amiable and then troll illusion to get to dubious. Was still able o get quest.
Duo fight on TLP in Classic expansion.
# Aug 14 2020 at 1:17 AM Rating: Decent
16 posts
Did this battle on TLP in Classic expansion with 50 ranger & 50 enchanter, ranger had planar armor but that's about it.

Fight was easy, all spells stuck, loaded up ranger & enchanter DoTs, ranger & ench. both ended on 50% health but 80-90% mana and didn't have to heal once...
Quest update
# Aug 08 2010 at 3:50 PM Rating: Decent
First of all, I use this spell more than any other attack spell. I firestrike is too slow for melee use. This is a great spell is you have a little patience and cunning.
This quests seems almost childish until you have to get the three items. So lets get straight to them. The adamantite band was the easiest for me, just went to lower Guk, tracked the hand, killed him and he had it first of second spawn.
The Electrum-bladed sword was difficult in patience. Study the map and go to the two small rooms int he upper left corner. That is where the Maid and Butler spawn. But not always. Their spawning is random and there may be an mob in their place. Camp near both rooms and kill all until one or both appear. They appear 1 out of about 5 times and drop the fang about 1 out of 10 times killed. That's alot of killing on average. The same can be said about the "an avenging cattail" (something like that). His spawning spot in on the steps between the jail and the top of the stairs. Again, he spawns 1-15 spawns but at least once he spawns, unless you are foolish and kill him, just hail him and give him the fangs.
the sash is the hardest item but can be done. At 55th solo, didn't have to fight the kolbolds, fought the bats and beetles and finally got to the lava area where the imps are across the lava. Pull one with spell and if two or more come, root them and focus on one. Once killed, check body and continue. If sash dropped, flee. I died once and then got the sash after two kills and fled.
The unexpected part of this quest was after I gave these to Ganelom and was expecting the spell. He asked me to kill Bearstalker and after a few minutes fighting him, I decided I was not prepared. For the first time ever, I hired a merc cleric, went back there and told him to say his prayers. Took his head to Ganelom and got the spell. Love it.
Don't do it!
# Apr 05 2010 at 9:44 PM Rating: Decent
48 posts
This quest is NOT worth your time. I usually enjoy quests, and I did on this one. I like the variety of challanges it gives you in game. But the reward for this quest is ill timed, as by the time your old enough to be able to kill what drops what's needed, the spell is pretty much useless. The final NPC you have to kill is lvl 53, and he almost annihilated my 54 ranger, but I had a friend zone in just in time to kill him for me.

So yea, don't waste your time with this unless your absolutely OCD about getting all the spells or you're really bored.
# Aug 21 2007 at 5:57 PM Rating: Decent
Why the hell do you have to be level 50 to start the quest, but the spell is for a level 49?
EQ1: Gooshy:
EQ2: Gwenythe:
What level??
# Jul 10 2006 at 5:26 AM Rating: Decent
1,048 posts
Devin won't give me quest at level 15. Says my time would be better spent fishing. What level do you have to be to get the quest from him??
If you were me and I were you, would we still be friends?
# Jun 18 2006 at 9:45 AM Rating: Default
i have been working this quest off and on for many levels and finally finished it today -- there is a nasty little gnome that hits hard and summons (like it has already been stated). he about handed me my ***. the poacher is hella easier than him. apparently the gnome is part of war epic 1.5/20. sorry - he jumped me first. he is tough as nails.
Such a hard Quest - I think they don't want us to
# Jan 11 2006 at 6:09 PM Rating: Decent
Such a hard quest for this spell. (You cannot start this 49 spell until you break 50)

First the fang quest a DULL nightmare (go to the Bazaar and buy'em).

Then the hand in. Gets the blade (easy)

You have Gaelon Oast (forgive spelling v.late) Not a problem but Knackerblatter the Gnome is a nasty piece of work, a 68 Mag who came with me sent his massive PETS on it and yet it took ages to drop.

The burnt sash is also very very difficult to get luckly the 68 Mag brought his pet yet still it was very tricky.

Finally however after the last hand in the Poacher Pops.

We sat down wait for a Mag spawn to arrive next thing I am summonded a fair distance across EK and start to get beaten to death. Running backwards firing arrows into him...still summoned by the time I had gotten to my mag friend I was dead. He looted the head and did the hand in...Luckly the spell was not a NO TRADE so I got my spell.

But really only get this spell if you are **** when it comes to getting spells (like I am).
Quest still works.
# Nov 01 2005 at 9:31 PM Rating: Decent
130 posts
I didn't always get answers either. Fortunately, its an old world quest so your ranger doesn't have to do any of the actual kills or loots, and does not have to say anything. Just turn the stuff in and its done. And BTW, the October 2005 patches put Mistmoore back the way it was. Its a ~35 zone now.

Good luck.
Is this working?
# Aug 23 2005 at 4:21 AM Rating: Decent
I cannot get answer after saying Who is Ganelorn Oast? I get answer to I am a ranger. I am level 49 ranger. Anyone know if this is broken or changed?
RE: Is this working?
# Sep 01 2005 at 12:44 PM Rating: Good
52 posts
When you ask about Ganelorn, make sure you have Devin targetted, not Lily. It still works. =)
Oh god no...
# Feb 15 2005 at 1:24 AM Rating: Default
Please tell me you no longer have to go to mistmoore. thats a level 70 zone now...
RE: Oh god no...
# May 13 2005 at 10:08 AM Rating: Decent
Actually all the mobs which use to rent out MMoore are at the Orc camps and other places in Lesser Faydark. Was worried about doing my mage epic in a lvl +65 zone.
# Dec 05 2004 at 1:57 PM Rating: Default
i beat this quest too
Easy and Hard depending on how you look at it
# Sep 18 2004 at 5:37 PM Rating: Decent
Started this quest at 45.

First went for the burnt sash. Just take along a couple high level friends (I had a level 65DRU 65ROG and 45NEC). Work your way there, and sash drops everytime:)

Then I went to Lower Guk. Just me (46 now) and 46NEC. Was a ton of fun there, but Adamantite Band NEVER dropped in about 6 hours of camping. Just go out and buy it and save the time.

Now for the worst part. Mistmoore. Easily soloable at 47. But I swear you will be camping tiil you are old and grey because fangs will NEVER drop. Maid spawned only 3 times in 30 hours, but she did drop the fang everytime (It is not common, I guess I was just lucky to get her to drop it). Butler spawned maybe at least 30 times, probably more, and NEVER dropped his fang. Ended up buying it in bazaar for 1pp. Just do that. Skip the annoying camp and just buy them both. But then you still have to camp the Avenging Caitliff to give in the two fangs. And after 12 hours, I am still waiting:(.

Last kill I'm sure will be easy. Just get some high level from guild to help kill.

So the easy parts of this quest are that all the mobs are easy to kill either at your level (45+) or with 1 or 2 65 friends. The hard part is the day long camping it takes to get the rare drops. Buy as much as you can to save the time!

Is it worth it? Not really. You get a better dd in a few short levels (53) and your dot at 44 is already better than Call of Flames so, no real reason to do it, except to say that you did, which is why I did it LOL.

Level 48 Wood Elf Ranger
Erollisi Marr
Skip this Quest
# Jul 29 2004 at 2:01 PM Rating: Decent
All I can say is... Skip it. I know I would like to have back the time and effort I spent on it (I bought one of the fangs and the band)

In the time and effort it takes you to complete this quest, you can more than level from 50 to 52.

This would be an entertaining quest for those who like the 'idea' of quests, but definitely don't do it for the sake of the end product.

Was this quest introduced before Kunark or soemthing? It would have made more sense in an era where 51+ spells weren't available.

RE: Skip this Quest
# Jul 29 2004 at 3:58 PM Rating: Good
Yeah, that's pretty much it exactly... notice that it doesn't take anything from ANY expansion. This was supposed to be the Hybrid's "uber 49 spell" quest when level 50 was the highest anybody could get. SKs and Paladins have them too, but I forget offhand exactly what their spells are called.

Mudflation has a nice effect on old quests, doesn't it? :p
#REDACTED, Posted: Sep 12 2004 at 8:12 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Why don'y they upgrade these old world quests?? TOO LAZY??
RE: Skip this Quest
# Sep 12 2004 at 8:12 PM Rating: Default
Why don'y they upgrade these old world quests?? TOO LAZY??
Too Busy makin the moola on new expansions that are poorly presented in advertisements .. i,e not telling teh whole story...????
#REDACTED, Posted: Jun 03 2004 at 7:49 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Hippy... Without confrontation and no tolerance life would be boring as hell. In fact by your own morals people who wish to bash the spell or other's opinions are just doing what is right for them so there is no problem at all...
Is it worth the trouble...
# Dec 24 2003 at 8:31 AM Rating: Excellent
have seen several posts where people just bash this spell. The complaints range from the difficulty to get to it being a very poor spell for this level. here is my two cents.

I love the questing so I have no issues with this quest. Honestly, I do a lot more damage with my swords than I do my spells but I love having all the spells a Ranger can have. If you want to do quests then by all means do this one and have fun. if you are more into the instant gratification then pass on this one and go level up in PoJ. I don't think there is a blanket right or wrong here, just right and wrongs for each individual.
# Sep 01 2003 at 3:12 AM Rating: Excellent
Wow - this was a pain of a spell to get. Took me two days of travelling all across Norrath to get, and thankfully had someone with me yesterday who had enough knowledge of "old world EQ" to lead me directly to the hand room.

Important to note that ANYTIME you have contact with Ganelorn during this quest, you MUST be 50th lvl. Tried starting this quest right as I turned 50th lvl, ran around for a while doing all the prelim stuff, got to the point where Kithicor gave me the necklace. My buddy calls me up to PoK to go raid with him and a bunch of strangers to the PoF - the entire raid got wiped, and it took MUCH longer than 3 hours to get my corpse back, so NO rez for me, lost my level. Thought I was ok since I had already spoken with the Ashwoods in Kelethin (who can be easilly tracked from the Ranger guild by the way) and had already begun the quest. How wrong I was. Coulda killed Ganelorn for what he did to me next I was so upset - I handed him the necklace I got from Kithicor and all he tells me is "how'd you get this? you're too inexperienced to have something like this, I'll make sure it gets to the proper hands." Had to start the whole blasted thing over again.

Hunting the Imp Protectors in Sol B wasn't hard at all - took a bit of confidence to get the group (who all had DMF up) to go ahead and run across the lava to the tunnel that took us up towards the efreet room where we found a whole group of imp protectors. Two of them dropped the burnt sash.

Next stop was LGuk and to the hand room. Don't ask me how to get there, I followed a friend - nice thing about being in a guild is it's easier to find people that actually know things like this! However, we camped that darned room for several hours - fought 6 or 7 of those hands and NO adamantite band. Luckilly, it's one of the few things for this quest that you can actually find in the bazaar - so, my suggestion? go look there first!

That was all with a full group, all over 50, and one of them even a 60's necro. Overkill for this quest yes, but she enjoyed having some time away from her other more stressful zones (also came in handy since I died twice in Lavastorm, once by an overpull and again by falling into the lava as the group went to take on the efreet). The next day I (a level 50 Ranger) got together with a 52nd lvl chanty and 51st lvl druid to tackle Mistmoore.

The only problem you might experience in Mistmoore at this time of your Ranger's career is the fact that you'll often face mobs in groups - not necessarilly adds per se, but encountering more than one mob in a room, usually pulling the whole room at once and it's nice to have a chanty mez them all so ya don't get mobbed to death by greenies. You'll find the very rare DB con, but a fair number of LBs are in there too. Go get the teeth first, then go wait on the Avenging Caitiff.

AVENGING CAITIFF - to get to this guy head down the ramp from the zoneline, get to where you'll find a gate on your right hand side - that's the graveyard. Enter the graveyard and kill everything EXCEPT for Ssynthi, who is on Temple of Ro faction (the good guys). Two ways to get to where you can find the caitiff - either enter the tomb, and walk up beside the coffin and fall into the trap, head up the ramp and kill everything that pops out of the "prison" (if that's a prison, they've got a thing or two about security to learn from the gnolls in Splitpaw). Alternate method - in the corner by where Ssynthi is standing you'll find a secret opening - just walk through the wall. Will lead into a smaller room, keep walking along the opposite wall - there's another secret entrance and will lead ya into that same "prison" room. Camp here, wait for the thing that seems to pass by WITHOUT aggroing (sp?) you - look up, it's most likely the caitiff (yes, you'll need to be especially patient waiting on this guy, seems to take his sweet ol' time spawning).

The chanty had to go to bed, and I had all the components I needed except for the "gift" - boy this Ganelorn is one cheap fellow (you'll understand once you see what kind of "gift" he bought for his sweetheart). So, myself (again, a 50th lvl Ranger) and a 51st lvl Druid, ran all over the place, from Kelethin to EK to Kithicor to EK to Kaladim and finally once again back to EK, buffed up and turned in all the items. YOU WILL NEED TO TRACK THE POACHER (funny how no one seemed to have mentioned that above). Found him, rooted him, dotted him several times, fired several arrows into him, and brought my lammy and centi short sword down to bear on him. Probably couldn't have done it without my druid friend's help, she landed several nice blows in herself. Vance Bearstalker did summon her several times, so be prepared.

Returned the head to Ganelorn, bid farewell to him, and rejoiced in having my new spell FINALLY (what the heck was Sony thinking about when they made a 49TH lvl spell you can't start questing for till 50TH lvl? Makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE.) Quite a lot of effort into a DD spell that only does 206pts of dmg, but heck it's pretty good compared to what the other hybrid classes get for their DD spells (Paladins can only DD against the dead!), so enjoy! Also, I doubt you'll be finding this spell in the bazaar even though it is NOT no drop - there's just too much blasted effort you've got to put into getting this thing in the first place that no one in their right mind would go about doing it unless they wanted to use the spell themselves.

Hope this helps and good luck fellow Rangers!

50th Season Ranger of Tunare
Nameless Love Guild
The Nameless Server
# Aug 01 2003 at 12:22 PM Rating: Decent
[b][/b]So has anyone ever tired to MQ this spell.

**** Update, I just did this quest and It can be MQ'ed. FYI did it with a 53 monk and me a 54 ranger. No deaths

Edited, Sat Aug 2 17:05:40 2003
Yay got it - not muc use to me but .... its a ranger thing
# Jul 19 2003 at 8:37 PM Rating: Decent
34 posts
Had way to large a group for this but hey ho - I had no idea how tough he was. Once you have done all the other bits ( the fangs are annoying but you will get some wreaths to help with costs - the caitliff is an absolute nightmare as he takes ages to spawn but does have a ph on the stairs - the sash took me 15 minutes to get with a friend - the ring is an annoying camp but they are sold regularly so just buy it ) .
Rememeber this spell isnt much use but .... its a ranger thing to get it ok :)
2 52 rangers 50 druid 65 wizzie 65 chanter 56 druid.

I reckon a 52 ranger and a cleric/ druid could drop him easily .. snare sticks dots stick and he hits like a pansy ( 60 or 70 double - on 1200 chain ac ) I think we also slowed him so he doesnt seem to have any of the epic type immunities - altough he does summon

Note he also spawned twice for us - so get a second one for a ranger friend BUT get the ranger to do the handin <rumour> non rangers dont get the spell .. but it is tradable and not lore

Cazic Thule
easy BUT
# Jul 07 2003 at 4:14 AM Rating: Decent
i just finished this quest today...i bought the fangs in the bazaar for about 100pp each and then waited for caitlif to spawn at the bottom of the stairs by the jail through the hidden wall..i waited 4 hrs and bam there he was..turned fangs in got EBW. then started this quest...easy as pie...vance bearstalker went down was me a 55 ranger a 55 druid and a 50 shammy and 48 enc...once i looted head and turned it in to get spell he poppd again..well me being a nice guild leader i killed vance over and over and turning in his head to get spells over and over to give to all my rangers in my was simple and easy but dang to drawn out if u ask me

kasko windrunner
proud leader of ninth order
55 outrider
Don't do it alone.
# Jul 02 2003 at 10:29 AM Rating: Decent
Killed Vance today, after he killed me that is. I am a LvL 57 Ranger, and I have a healthy inventory. Not only am I well equiped I am holding 11 AA's not alot, yet I would think a 53 mob wouldnt be a hassle. WRONG! Now if I had gone into this fight prepared for battle perhaps it would have been different. I went into this fight with the idea whack em and get the head do turn in. Well he schooled me! So luckily a druid in POT ported me back to EK instantly and Vance went down. 60 Druid and I. His comment was, "He is tough." Bring a healer with you even if it is another Ranger. Somebody to hang back and keep the health up. That's my two cents.
Actually did the quest
# Jun 02 2003 at 8:08 AM Rating: Decent
Actually Did the quest and after killing Vance Bearstalker and turning in his head to get the spell, Vance spawned again and attacked us and we killed him again and got the spell again. So It would be possible to get the spell for sale since we got it 2 times from the same turn in...... I will just be upset now ifd I find out that he is a regular spawn in EK and you don't need to camp the Butler and Maid in Mistmore forever anymore.
Just finished
# Mar 16 2003 at 5:54 PM Rating: Good
24 posts
Just to add my experience -- As far as this quest being needlessly hard, it is. I started collecting items for the quest at level 49. I found the Ademantite band in the bazaar for cheap, maybe 25 plat. Found the maid's fang in the bazaar for about 50 plat.

Dinged 50, went to Mistmoore to scope the scene, as I had not been there before. Almost everything was green. No big deal, I think, but there was a dark blue shadowknight that walked around, and things got hairy once in a while. Never died, but I zoned out a few times when things got out of control. Sometimes with very few hitpoints. Dang casters.

Ended up reaching the butler and whatnot. For 2-3 hours, the butler never spawned, and the maid spawned once. Blah. I shoved the quest to the back of the bank.

Dinged 51, 52. Got a new DD that superceeded CoF, which would be Firestrike. Decided to finish CoF quest anyway, found Butler's fang in the bazaar and went to Mistmoore to do the turnin. Turnin mob had been killed, I waited in the jail area for a repop for more than an hour. No luck. Camped nearby. Came back the next day, killed several mobs for about an hour, the turnin NPC for the sword came up, gave em the fangs, got the electrum-bladed whatever, and that was done. Hooray!

Then came the burnt sash. Went to SolB and I was the only one there. Guess it's not all that popular now. Tried to make it to the imps, and couldn't, even with a KEI. Nor would I be able to take one alone. My own version of "And then a miracle occurs" in explinations comes in here, were a level 65 monk came and helped me get a sash. Dropped off the 6th or 8th imp I think. Home free? Not yet.

So I re-read the quest and all this stuff that took so long to collect only spawns a mob, and I have to kill that mob. So I pay for a 57 druid's KEI and he ports the two of us down, I spawn the guy, and the druid does whatever druids do (I couldnt pay attention. epic dot was involved). He got summoned several times but that wasn't a problem. Mob went down. Looted head. Turned it in to Gan, got the spell.

Haven't used it in combat, but heres how it compares to Firestrike:

Hitpoints of damage per mana:
CoF: 1.648hp/mp ... Firestrike: 1.948hp/mp

Hitpoints of damage per casting time:
CoF: 103hp/s ... Firestrike: 65.7hp/s

My conclusion is that Firestrike is more efficient mana-wise, and Call of Flame is more efficient time-wise. If your toon's life depends on you getting the mob down, and you just wanna increase your DPS, you might try a Call of Flame. It's also easier to get off in the middle of a fight. Note that the recast on Firestrike is the minimum, whereas for CoF its 18 (!!) seconds.

Gaulven Velocious, Xegony

edit: typos, forgot units on numbers

Edited, Sun Mar 16 17:24:16 2003
tough quest
# Jan 30 2003 at 11:51 AM Rating: Decent
I just want to add that after you turn in all items Vance Bearstalker spawns fairly close. You must have a group to take him. If you try to take him alone you will die as he is a lvl 53 mob who summons. Also if you die and lose you lvl before getting spell DO NOT turn in head as Ganon will take it and tell you you are inexeperienced and you shouldn't have item..

50 ranger
Seventh Hammer
Just finished
# Nov 18 2002 at 7:43 PM Rating: Decent
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Just to give you an idea of the complexity of this quest I had a guild brother who was helping me with Vance Bearstalker ask me if I was working on the ranger epic! I said, no it's just a complicated quest. His replay was: well, Sony needs to un-complicate it. I agree.

Anyway, the best advice I can pass on is Be Patient. Camping the maid and butler, waiting for the Caitiff to show up, putting together the means to go in and take on the imps and the hand, all of this will take time and effort. And while I think it is possible to handle the Mistmoore part solo, I can't imagine dealing with the hand or the imps that way. The imps were the toughest to tackle so be sure to have some real firepower/muscle available.

The spell is cool though not great and certainly not equal to the hassle involved, IMO. Your mileage may vary.

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Tarrew Marr
RE: Just finished
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Actually I take it back, the spell is very nice and definitely worth having. It can make the difference between life or death in certain soloing situations.

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