Monk Twilight Bo Stick  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Armour Set
Quest Items:
Related Creatures:
Era:Legacy of Ykesha
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Sat Dec 22 23:19:54 2001
Modified: Sat Apr 17 14:10:29 2021
You say, 'Hail, Legionnaire Allise'

You say, 'what armor?'

Legionnaire Allise smiles at you. 'Valana must have sent you here. Tell me are you a monk?'

You say, 'i am a monk'

Legionnaire Allise says 'Good the pieces I have are the veil, cloak, hand wraps, choker, belt, and a bo stick.

You say, 'what bo stick?'

Legionnaire Allise says 'To receive the bo stick you must retrieve for me a meteor jewel, a mark of the dragon, an embedded gravel tablet, and a gilded wrist chain.
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# Feb 04 2003 at 7:30 PM Rating: Decent
This quest dont sound so bad, hehe havent tried it yet.
7th Hammer here as well!!
for you guys
# Dec 20 2002 at 3:10 PM Rating: Decent
Any one who wants the complete list of all the monk or ranger twilight see quests just send me an email at Its easy to read and very cool to have. =)
site for server tradeing quest items
# May 05 2002 at 12:41 PM Rating: Good
Here is a site for any server u are on to go to your specific server thread and post trades and what ya need and such.
# Apr 29 2002 at 9:10 PM Rating: Default
ok i just found about this quest for the bo stick but i havent a clue of where any of the items drop. Reading all the posts here helps alot and now i have a good direction to go in but does anyone know what drops embedded gravel? I didnt see that get mention in posts or is that what the stonegrabber is for? does he drop that?
anyone know were to get the iteams?
# Apr 07 2002 at 6:54 PM Rating: Default
Does anyone know were to get the iteams you need to get the stick?Because id relly like this stick alot.If you do though send a tell me a tell on luclin sever.

Names gimmer BTW

guilded wrist chain
# Mar 23 2002 at 9:52 AM Rating: Default
I got the guilded wrist chain last nite off an alien in tenebrous mnts I dont remember which kind for sure but think it was "a chained gor baku soldier" ... may have been the other type of alien but look for the a chained part. In my experience I have found many marks on the aliens in tenebrous and also a couple in dawnshroud. I have found several of the other quest items for various classes on the aliens in tenebrous also. The jewels I have found in dawnshroud. eqdruids has a great one page quest list for druids with the locations for drops on the various quest items it may give you a good idea of the zones to look in at least.
i have this
# Mar 02 2002 at 12:47 AM Rating: Decent
if anyone at all wants to know more about this staff get on the seventh hammer and send gonoen a tell )

TY !

monk of the 53rd disciple
RE: i have this
# Mar 07 2002 at 3:37 PM Rating: Default
I got the Gravelgrabber last night with some help from Ledgens of Westwood on Xev, thanks guys, after looking for this creap for 3 weeks he showed up, funny thing is after the patch last night he was up again. If you are looking for him look directly north from the MS zone on the mountains he wasnt far from the zone. Ive seen one other named Stonegrabber over there to. Now on to that pesky tro jeg dragon.

Kashrikane of Xev
It is futile to consider the dead
What a Jerk ROFL
# Feb 22 2002 at 3:29 PM Rating: Decent
This guy wants help, yet he doesnt tell everyone where he got the rest of the stuff from, what a helpful guy he is eh???? I dont think so. Where exactly does the guilded wrist chain come from? mark of the dragon? You want help, but dont decide to let others in on where you obtained the other pieces. Nice try Greedmaster. Thats what you are. NO grandmaster in your title SUR Greeds-alot. I would never help someone like this ;p

I have so far my moon jewl, and yes, it came off a wolf in DS peaks. Although I got a mark of nature or mark of wilderness or something, off a darkwing bat there too, i could probably trade that for a mark of the dragon or something.. who knows. have fun you little grimmling looking humans ;)

RE: What a Jerk ROFL
# Mar 01 2002 at 10:37 AM Rating: Default
hey bud dont mind me saying this but ur an ***, do exactly like i did right on this site it tells you where to get the damn pieces, just be smart enough to look it up it isnt hard, how do dumb people get thru life that i think is one of the hard questions in life
# Feb 21 2002 at 11:54 PM Rating: Default
if anyone can help me with how to get the gravelgrabber to spawn in mons letalis please send me an email, i have been trying for a week now and no luck, this stupid SOB mob is the only thing stopping me from getting my item ( my email is

my character name is Gonoen, i play on the seventh hammer ( 52 monk about to ding 53 but channeled all exp to AA so i can still do naggy ) !
# Jan 30 2002 at 4:45 PM Rating: Decent
As an Iksar monk im use to not being able to get to certain areas without major faction work, but does anyone know if these quests can be done by an iksar with UNMODIFIED faction (A.K.A. not haveing to kill X000 orcs to get non-KOS statis). I would love to get this bo stick if it really does have 0.0 weight. But would like to know if i even CAN do it being an Iksar.

Zasiss Shadowfist
Officer of the Defenders of Clan Shadow Blade
Iksar Monk of the 46th Rung of Pain
RE: Faction???
# Apr 29 2002 at 12:06 AM Rating: Decent
No as an iksar your faction starts out just fine at the tower, stay away from the Inn on the next island though.
RE: Faction???
# Feb 01 2002 at 4:30 AM Rating: Decent
There is an easy way to get faction with these quest giving folk in Twilight Sea. Kill the elementals out in front of the mage's tower and you can get ally with the people in Twilight.
# Dec 13 2001 at 9:16 PM Rating: Excellent
Ok here is the deal: After extensive board skimming, I have found that most if not ALL jewels are dropping in Dawnshroud Peaks off of Shrooms and Wolves. Other Hot spots to kill are the secret Lair in Twilight, Scarlet desert(Drops off of Cheetahs Grol Baku's I think and other things.) Marks are also dropping in Dawnshroud as well as Tenebrous mountains off of the Coterie vampires I think but not sure and marks I have seen are dropping in Dawnshroud as well as SD. Some of the other items are dropping a lot in SD(Scarlet Desert).

Jewels drop mostly in Dawnshroud off of Fungus Mushrooms and Wolves which are dropping other items as well.
Other Jewels and Items are dropping In Scarlet desert off of ??Grol Baku's?? cheetahs and what not.
Secret underwater lair as well as the shadow island in Twilight are dropping them as well.
**Other Reports** Things are dropping off of Vampires and other Creatures in Tenebrous near Grimling zone and I have even seen a post with items dropping off of Grol's in the Vah Shir Newbie zone(try looking at the vendors to see if they are sellable, which most of these quest items seem to be sellable)

**Patterns** Things seem to be dropping off of mid to high level monsters, that have bad faction with Katta Castellum or Santus Seru.

Thanks guys dont stop, keep posting more as you go along, this is just the first step. They obviously designed the quests exactly like the velious quests (same jewels needed for corresponding pieces are dropping in specific zones).

Thanks for your time, I will be posting this on all chest pieces in forums for quests.

Calvaron Reinquist of Morell Thule
35 Paladin of Mithaniel Marr
RE: Research
# Feb 10 2002 at 6:47 PM Rating: Decent
The marks actually all drop off of specific mobs across many zones. Here is a link to a good resourse on the Twilight Sea quests.
RE: Research
# Dec 21 2001 at 1:50 PM Rating: Decent
Actually, I've had a Mark of the Warrior (or combat, can't remember off hand) that dropped from a Grimling. Though, I believe it was in Tene. Mountains.
monkey boy
# Dec 06 2001 at 8:53 AM Rating: Default
no one done this quest yet?
if any1 has plz try and post all the stats.
monk of the 7th hammer
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