Rakshasa Skulls  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Factions Raised:
Factions Lowered:
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Era:Shadows of Luclin
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
Appropriate Races:
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Entered: Tue Apr 2 20:48:00 2002
Modified: Fri Sep 27 11:00:10 2019

This quest can NOT be done solo, some of the camps can be but, the turn in battles are too much for a single player.You will need a single group of at least 4 to complete this quest.The Shield is NOT No Drop. The quest can be MQed.

Go to Katta Castellum. Go up to the top of the castle to the main building and walk out on to the red carpet on the first floor turn left and go to Loc (neg 234, pos 161)last door on your right, you will find a NPC named Roshawna Rhorer.

You say 'Hail, Roshawna Rhorer'

Roshawna Rhorer says, 'A pleasure to speak with you! You appear to be a foreigner to Katta Castellum as well. I hope your reasons for visiting this noble city are more leisurely than my own. In addition to my normal duties as a Shar Vahl Emissary to Katta Castellum there is the issue of the [Tormented Vah Shir] in Tenebrous Mountains that must be dealt with.'

You say, 'What tormented Vah Shir?'

Roshawna Rhorer says, 'Recently the skeletons of Vah Shir have been spotted wandering the Tenebrous Mountains ferociously and blindly attacking the living.'

There are legends among my people that speak of Vah Shir warriors that were murdered dishonorably in their sleep by a traitor allied with [dark spirits]. The spirits of these murdered warriors become trapped in their decaying mortal shells for often many years before they are driven mad by the despair, rage, and torturous experience.

When this negative spirit energy becomes strong enough the corpses rise and attempt to slaughter all that crosses their path in their state of eternal rage. Spirits tormented in such a manner must be assisted so that they may finally find peace in death. Will you [help the souls]find peace?'

You say, 'What dark spirits?'

Roshawna Rhorer says, 'Not all spirits that can be called upon by those who are in touch with the spirit realms are of good intentions.

There are spirits who seek to destroy and corrupt.These dark spirits are best avoided and kept from manifesting their influence on the mortal realms.Unfortunately the foolish or the weak willed are tempted by their promises of power.

Most who deal with the dark spirits are shortly driven mad by the spirits influencer destroyed by the very powers they were promised.

There are tales however of powerful shaman capable of harnessing and controlling the dark spirits and their evil powers of corruption. These wicked traitors to the Vah Shir teachings are called [Rakshasa].'

You say, 'Who Rakshasa?'

Roshawna Rhorer says, 'Like I said the Rakshasa are spoken of only in old tales. Whether they truly existed or not can not be proven for sure and the elder spiritualist insist they are nothing more than creatures of fiction.

If there truly is a Rakshasa alive today it would be a powerful creature indeed.

They are said to no longer have a physical body of their own, having traded it to a powerful evil spirit so that it may enter the mortal realm in exchange for dark gifts.
Because the Rakshasa no longer has a physical body of its own it must take the forms of other creatures and can not be destroyed with conventional weapons.'

You say, 'I will help the souls'

Roshawna Rhorer says, 'The only way for a tormented undead Vah Shir to be put to rest is to destroy its body and take its skull to Shar Vahl where our spiritualists can perform a ritual to cleanse and free the imprisoned spirit.

Fill this chest with skulls and return it to me and I will make the preparations for it to be sent to Shar Vahl.

The spiritualists there have just recently received word of the situation and will be prepared to perform the proper rituals when the time comes.'

You receive a Runed Iron Bound Chest (8 Slot)

  • Collect 8 Tormented Vah Shir Skulls. 0/8 Tenebrous Mountains

    Head to the Tenebrous Mountains and look for A Tormented Vah Shir he's waiting for you.

    Skulls: Just turn right when you leave the Katta zone line and go to Loc (neg1265, pos 1774) (Yes clerics you can use sense undead to target them) also the LOC given is a spawn area but all in that area from the back of the tree by the rocks to just in front where the hill starts to slop they can spawn so keep your eyes open. The second spawn area is at pos 303, neg 85.

    Spawn times on the PH are every 6 min. The Mobs do roam so if you miss the pop just wait 30 min and it will reset.

    The 1st Camp is a nice safe camp, no roamers only problem is that sometimes the mobs get stuck in the wall or the tree that is close by and they will despawn. (This was /petitioned and /bug)

    The 2nd Camp is not so nice, it's out toward the middle of the zone and seems to be the Grand Central Station of the place, you will get lots of green agro at this camp, but if the other one is camped it beats not doing the quest at all.

    There are 3 Placeholders at camp 1 that I have seen, they are these stooges here:

    Yes you get a faction hit for killing the nice Grol Baku, but it's ok though it's not like they know where you live.

  • Combine the 8 skulls in Runed Iron Bound Chest.

    When you combine the skulls it turns the container into Sealed Runed Iron Bound Chest.

  • Return Sealed Runed Iron Bound Chest to Roshwana in Katta.

    (The skulls are so cute all in a row, makes you just want to keep them doesn't it, quote the raven never more)

    Roshawna Rhorer purrs an incantation and waves her claws back and forth over the chest.

    The runes inscribed on the chest and iron bands begin to softly glow with a golden light.

    Roshawna Rhorer says, 'You have done a great service for these poor souls.
    I have sent for a courier to come for the chest of skulls but he is quite late in his arrival.

    I will keep it safe until the courier arrives.'

    Your faction standing with Guardians of Shar Vahl got better.
    You gain experience!!

    A Vah Shir courier says, 'Sorry for the delay mistress, I ran into a spot of trouble on the way here. I am prepared to deliver your crate to the spiritualists back home.'

    Roshawna Rhorer says, 'I hope your journey back to Shar Vahl is less eventful. Please make haste the spiritualists must receive this crate as soon as possible.'

    A Vah Shir courier tucks the crate of skulls under his arm and nods to Roshawna. Suddenly the courier begins to shake, his fur stands on end, and his eyes glaze over expressionlessly.

    The courier runs for the gates of Katta Castellum with an other worldly howl echoing in his wake.

    Roshawna Rhorer says, 'Stop him! Stop the courier!
    An evil spirit has possessed him!
    He must not escape with those skulls!
    Catch him and bring back that crate of skulls!'


    At the time of writing this walk through, I found a bug in this part of the quest(Shocking isn't it) you MUST kill the courier in the great hall, the one you first walk in to when you enter the castle with the red carpet down the center and the stair way going up, if you do not you will only get 7 out of the 8 reanimated Vah Shir and you will have to destroy your stuff and start the quest over again.(Been there done that thank you very much)

  • Kill the Vah Shir Courier.

    A Vah Shir courier has been slain.

    A Vah Shir Courier's corpse slams the crate of skulls against the ground with unnatural force as he falls jarring it open.

    With his dying breath the possessed courier mutters a dark incantation and the skulls burst from the chest sprouting new skeletal forms.

    (At this point 8 Reanimated Vah Shir's will spawn, you have to kill them, you will need a group for this or at least a melee with a chanter or bard and a healer, the Skellys con light blue to level 56.)

  • Loot 8 Vah Shir Skull's from their corpses

    (Check out Tinmari line dancing with the Reanimated Vah Shir, she's such a party girl)

  • Combine the skulls in the chest and hand them back to Roshawna Rhorer.

    Roshawna Rhorer says, 'It appears this situation is much more dire than we had first presumed. It would be unsafe to send this crate within the walls of Shar Vahl should another innocent be possessed and the tormented Vah Shir be resurrected once more.'

    I shall scribe a note explaining the occurrences for you to deliver along with the crate to Spiritualist Roleko at the Vah Shir outpost in Grimling Forest.'

    You receive Roshawna's Report of Occurrences.

    Your faction standing with Guardians of Shar Vahl got better.
    You gain party experience!!

    Now head over to the Grimling Forest to Loc (neg 730, neg1000) and you will find Spiritist Roleko. He is easy to find once you zone over from Hollowshade Moor as you exit the cave to your right just down the hill is a VahShir Outpost, just go in the gate and turn to your left he's standing by a big rock at the foot of the hill.

    You say, 'Hail, Spiritist Roleko'

    Spiritist Roleko says, 'Greetings Traveler. If it is rest you seek then I'm sure you may rest safely within the walls of this outpost. As the sentries keep watch for physical danger I commune with the spirits of this territory to watch for less noticeable threats.'

  • Give Spiritist Roleko Roshawna's Report of Occurences and Resealed Warded Iron Bound Chest.

    Spiritist Roleko says, 'It was wise of Roshawna to send you to me instead of risk bringing something so tainted by the dark spirits within the walls of Shar Vahl.

    I shall begin the ritual immediately.

    What is that?! Look! There is a grimling heading this way followed by what appear to be grimling undead.

    Defend me while I perform the ritual.'

  • Kill a possessed grimling, loot its head.

  • Kill 3 Reanimated Grimling Skeletons, loot the skulls from them.

  • Give Spiritist Roleko the Possessed Grimlings Head and Reanimated Grimling Skull.

    Give me the head of that grimling and the skulls of those undead!

    Your faction standing with Dar Khura got better.
    You gain party experience!!

    Spiritist Roleko says, 'I am grateful for your assistance.
    I will be able to complete the rest of the ritual without danger the spirits in the skulls have been calmed.

    Please take this report of occurrences to Spiritist Cholsa in Shar Vahl.'

    You receive Rolekos Report of Occurrences.

    Your faction standing with Dar Khura got better.

  • Run to Shar Vahl and give Scribe Cholsa, Roshawna's Report of Occurrences.

    Scribe Cholsa is in the shammy guild in Shar Vahl with the other spiritualists. Enter the Palace and turn right take the stairs going down, open the first door and turn right, open the door on your right and enter the room she is on the right hand side at Loc (pos 80, pos 145).

    Upon hand in.

    Scribe Cholsa says, 'So it seems there is more truth to the legends of the Rakshasa than is commonly believed.
    I recall much of the tales of the wicked shaman who sold their souls and bodies to the dark spirits.
    There is a ritual that must be performed to force the Rakshasa to fully materialize in our realm so that it may be slain.

    I will write down the instructions for the ritual but the [components] I'm afraid may be difficult to obtain.'

    Your faction standing with Dar Khura got better.
    You gain experience!!

    You say, 'What is components?''

    Scribe Cholsa says, 'The legends instruct that the ritual requires an Amulet of Golden Rays crafted by a worshiper of the sun, Charcoal that burns with a Black Flame, and the Brain of a creature that can Leech the Thoughts of others.

    If you manage to procure these items please take them with the instructions I have provided to Spiritualist Roleko at the Grimling Forest Outpost.

    The Rakshasa shall be summoned and slain there away from the citizens of Shar Vahl.'

    Ok now we are off to find 3 more items, it does not matter what order you do them.

    The Amulet of Golden Rays come from deep in the Scarlet Desert, at Loc (pos 570, neg 740), it is a rare spawn off of the Burning Priest he has a PH every 32 minutes but the upside here is that the Revenants are awesome exp. You can not kite these mobs, your going to have to get melee here for this. (The Burning Priest is a Cleric he will Complete Heal)

    Black Flame Charcoal comes from the Umbrous Toilers, it is a rare drop. The best place I have found to camp these guys are at Loc (pos 1680, neg967) in Maidens Eye.

    (Yes I see that the Charcoal is LORE and stackable)

    Thought Leech Brain from a Thought Leech in the Thought Leech Cave in Mons Letalis, a rare drop. The LOC for the Thought Leech cave is Loc (neg 1029,pos 36). Mobs in here are light blue to level 56 and I had no problem soloing them with my ranger.

    (This is your brain in your head; this is your brain in my backpack)

  • Turn in Thought Leech Brain, Black Flame Charcoal, Amulet of Golden Rays and Rakshasa Materialization Ritual to Spiritist Roleko. Grimling Forest

    Spiritst Roleko can be found at /loc neg 730, neg1000 in Grimling Forest.

    Upon turn in.

    Scribe Cholsa prepares the ritual components according to the ritual instructions.

    Spiritist Roleko says, 'I will need to maintain my concentration to keep the Rakshasa from escaping back into the spirit realm.
    If you kill him while he is materialized he will be slain and his body will remain material.
    Bring me the head of the Rakshasa when he is slain.'

    Your faction standing with Dar Khura got better.

    Rakshasa will spawn he is approximately level 51, he is a shaman of course, and unstunnable, and unsnareable but he can be slowed.

    Rakshasa Karwoaro says 'Hahahaha. You can not defeat that which is not of this realm of existence!
    I shall slay your feeble meat shells for your audacity of summoning me here!


  • Kill Rakshasa Karwoaro and loot his head.

    Your faction standing with Order of Autarkic Umbrage got worse.
    Your faction standing with Coterie of the Eternal Night got worse.
    Your faction standing with Valdanov Zevfeer got worse.
    Your faction standing with Akheva got better.
    Your faction standing with Shak Dratha got better.
    You gain party experience!!

    Rakshasa Karwoaro says 'I shall have my revenge! I swear it!!'

  • Give Head of the Rakshasa to Spiritualist Roleko.

    Spiritist Roleko says, 'The threat of the Rakshasa appears to be eliminated.

    You have the gratitude of the Dar Khura for your bravery and assistance.

    Let us be wary however, the Rakshasa gained his power by allying with dark spirits that may not be indifferent to the Rakshasas death.'

    Your faction standing with Dar Khura got better.
    You gain party experience!!

    You receive Shield of Bane Warding.

    I would like to thank Aristaeus, Tinmari & mostly Teena for helping me complete this quest.

    Written by Chris Miller (Malefic Mith Marr server)
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    Quest still works
    # Apr 12 2018 at 12:52 PM Rating: Decent
    16 posts
    Just finished this today on Agnarr. I remember this shield being worth some money back in the day, but with everyone raiding endgame content on Agnarr it's more of a souvenir. It was fun running it again tho. My Cleric was able to solo all of it.
    Working still?
    # Jul 29 2012 at 5:06 PM Rating: Decent
    9 posts
    Has anyone tried this quest recently? Hoping it still works.
    Quest write up
    # Dec 12 2011 at 2:38 PM Rating: Decent
    1,247 posts
    Wow, this is possibly the best written quest I've ever seen, though it's sad I didn't notice it nearly a decade ago! Well done regardless :)
    A word of Caution
    # Jan 27 2008 at 5:09 AM Rating: Decent
    6 posts
    I think the quest is bugged. At the part where the courier comes to take the chest, gets possessed and you kill him. Sometimes the Reanimated Vah Shir will spawn and sometimes they won't. So far I've gotten them to spawn once out of four turn ins. Each time I've killed the courier it's been in the main building with Roshawna. With each kill I recieved the text for the Reanimated Vah Shir to Spawn. The one time I did manage to get the Reanimated Vah Shir to spawn they spawned outside of the building towards the TM zone entrance. I've had a tracker available another time just to be sure they didn't spawn elsewhere in the zone. Bug report sent, but I'd be cautious if attempting the quest at this current time.
    A word of Caution
    # Jul 06 2008 at 9:30 AM Rating: Decent
    6 posts
    I went back after it was mentioned in an update message that this quest had been fixed. Turned in the skulls, courier came, killed courier and the reannimated Vah Shir spawned upon his death (in the correct location this time). So I would imagine anyone else attempting this quest shouldn't have any problems with it.
    # Dec 03 2006 at 8:30 PM Rating: Decent
    292 posts
    Quest not broken. Did it today from start to finish. Got the shield.

    Also, camp the North East part of Tenebrous Mountains for the drop from there. Much Easier. Just kill things as they pop on the hill and in the clearing.

    And for the Maiden's Eye drop, hunt between the lake and fortress for best results.

    Edited, Dec 3rd 2006 8:36pm by Narpok

    Edited, Dec 3rd 2006 8:37pm by Narpok
    quest broke?
    # Nov 07 2006 at 1:25 PM Rating: Decent
    I had gathered up all the parts and of course they had sat in my bank for almost a year maybe more. Anyways deceided to do the turn in of the sealed box of skulls so I got a couple of my buddies and turned in the box the NPC said all the right stuff however the mobs did not spawn, so I filled out a bug report and had a GM return my stuff a couple days later then tried it again... same thing happened, no mobs spawned reported it again and had my stuff returned and the GM said that no one else had reported a problem and if I did it again I wouldn't have my stuff returned. So beware I have no idea if the quest is fixed.
    Picture Links
    # May 30 2006 at 8:13 AM Rating: Decent
    404 posts
    Is it just me, or are the picture links not working, masters of the allakhazam universe?
    May Karana Bless You with Rains when YOU need them, and your enemies with Drought when you need it.
    Picture Links
    # Jul 09 2006 at 2:58 AM Rating: Decent
    26 posts
    Yep, sure seems broken.
    quest complete
    # Oct 23 2005 at 1:01 PM Rating: Decent
    I finished this quest last night on 22 oct 05. It was a fun quest and im gonna do it again. I did it from lvls 55-61. I could have soloed the whole thing. I took help along in a few certain fights cause the walkthrough said to but they were all pretty easy. The biggest pain for me was the charcoal from ME. I logged at least 30 hours there. The burning priest happened to be up the first time I zoned into the scarlet desert. He was easily soloed at 61. He conned LB. I popped my trushot disc, rooted him and shot away. He complete healed 3 times but went down before my trueshot ran out. The final fight, one of my lvl 70 ranger friends happened to come along and the guy hit for less than his regen. Nobody in our group went below 100% health the whole fight. Im gonna give this shield to my 34 Shammy.
    DID IT
    # Oct 13 2005 at 9:52 PM Rating: Decent
    DID IT OCT 13, 05
    Rkshasa Skulls
    # Aug 21 2004 at 1:19 PM Rating: Decent
    Has Anybody done this quest in a wile??
    Never again
    # Aug 13 2004 at 2:25 PM Rating: Decent
    Just finished this quest for my lvl 13 cleric! Great graphic and awesome stats for not being lvl restricted. Burning priest by far the worst camp for me, but got my charcoal off the first toiler I ever killed and didnt even know what it was for lol. I mostly solo'd the entire quest (65 time/ele geared chanter) but needed to two box my 63 druid for the 3 turn in events, but could have solod the final guy rakashaha? (sp?)

    All in all a good waste of time just like eq itself!
    Never again
    # Aug 13 2004 at 2:22 PM Rating: Default

    Edited, Fri Aug 13 15:29:56 2004
    need some advice
    # Aug 06 2004 at 2:25 PM Rating: Decent
    Do you think a level 52 shaman can do this quest all except for rakshasa?
    RE: need some advice
    # Aug 07 2004 at 1:56 PM Rating: Decent
    like he said ... group can ... lvl 52's can easily. Get a group of friends 4-6 to do alot of the killing of skeletons and Rak.
    Holy Crap, timesink charcoal
    # Jul 09 2004 at 6:34 PM Rating: Decent
    265 posts
    I spent twice as long camping the freaking black flame charcoal than I did camping all of the skulls in Tenebrous Mountains, seriously. 421 umbrous toilers, over 7 stacks of centi meat, 2 stacks of toes, 8 stacks of condensed bricks, etc.

    I camped the skulls just north of the coterie castle, it really looked like the tormented vah shir spawn on the same table as the grol baku spawns. I got all eight skulls in about three hours time. Charcoal took SEVEN HOURS.

    Faction Question
    # May 31 2004 at 2:07 PM Rating: Decent
    I was sharding for the VT key a long time ago in the Scarlet Desert (I think thats where the Burning Priest pops) and I killed him for the Amulet of Golden Rays. Im an Iksar Necro of Cazic Thule, is faction in Shar Vhal or any other place I need to go to complete this quest a problem? Or should I just sell the MQ of it?
    #Severrian, Posted: May 17 2004 at 4:06 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Lose the cutesy hateful comments in the walkthrough about kill the Vah Shir courier you probably don't like cats anyway. It's not needed in the walkthrough for any purpose at all.
    RE: Don't like cats?
    # Jun 10 2004 at 7:08 PM Rating: Decent
    Get Over It Caidykat ! I thought it was entertaining and funny as well as Very Informative! Seems your the one with the hostility ! Nice Job Malefic, thank you for taking the time to do a walk thru
    RE: Don't like cats?
    # May 30 2004 at 7:29 PM Rating: Excellent
    Oh don't be such a prude.

    "Insensitive" would be a personal comment about a REAL race, not a ficticious fantasy race that exists ONLY in a VIDEO GAME.

    The only thing encouraging my hostility is you wasting comment space with your crap.

    Thanks though, to all of you who posted USEFUL things about this quest and helping others get it done.
    #REDACTED, Posted: May 18 2004 at 7:29 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Don't want your respect.
    Completed: Possible Helpful Hints
    # Mar 20 2004 at 5:21 AM Rating: Decent

    I just completed this quest with 65 druid. Mostly solo'd quest:

    1.) Tormented Vah Shir(Green):
  • Never camped them
  • Would check periodically on track when in the neighborhood; grabbed a lot of grimling runners for Rallic Packs(foraged mushrooms for obadah truffles good for skill-ups for that triv lvl)
  • Heard to camp sw corner near tree for single spawn(PH) on a 1/2 cycle; tried that once, I waited and the PH never popped; Would recommend sitting to get aggro if you're going to try
  • Other than that would check at random times. Had good luck when someone was camping entrance from Grimling

  • 2.) Courier and Reanimated Vah Shir(both green):
  • After getting skulls, combine and give to Roshawna. The courier takes off quick after the hand in. Be prepared to root or get aggro in room with red rug.
  • This causes 8 skeletons to spawn. The post that said they go outside and wait is correct; I'm pretty sure they came from the same room as Roshawna. They all stop at the same point; I got aggro of all 8 at once. I managed to snare and root them all. Had shrew up. I was worried they'd despawn because of the time I took but they all remained up. Be sure to loot before corpses rot though.

  • 3.) Possessed Grimling(Light Blue) and Undead Skellies(Green):
  • Again I thought I'd have a problem with despawning because of time I took, but I did not. I rooted skellies.
  • Couldn't root or snare Possessed Grimling; Had SoE up and DoT'd him. I would climb to top of valley and cast, with my SoE it gave me just enough time to DoT; used whole village

  • 4.) Collect 3 Ingredients:

    Amulet of Burning Priest(Burning Preist-Green):
  • Loc is right his PH is that guy at the stone; checked periodically until I got him; took ahwile
  • Keep eye out for Agitator in NW corner of zone; nice stats on bracelet that he drops; also in Twilight look for Vas Ren Preist(drops Truthseeker's Warhammer +2 Med)

  • Charcoal Flame(Umbrous Toilers-Light Blue):
  • Tried camping them near Akheva two singles there
  • Found a great place in NE Corner near lake and quadded them; you'll get no adds; If you get the Centi-Long Sword that's a really valued drop

  • Thought Leach Brain(Thought Leach-Light Blue):
  • Easiest Drop of these 3...Got within one hour.
  • Root/Snare/DoT; heads up for adds

  • 5.) Raksasha(Dark Blue):
  • Didn't solo him; he summons
  • Grabbed a pally and we took him out together
  • He had a surprising amount of HP's but didn't deal out much damage; he was dark blue to me and pally was 65; I didn't have to CH once; I just nuked with rain damage

  • Good Luck!!
    65 Druid
    Lanys Ty'Val
    RE: Completed: Possible Helpful Hints
    # Apr 19 2004 at 12:47 PM Rating: Decent
    183 posts
    FYI used planar stuns w/ 65 pally on Rhakshasa with no trouble, not very resistant to them, either.
    MQ'ability of the quest
    # Mar 11 2004 at 9:49 AM Rating: Decent
    Here's my question. I'm at the part of the quest where I'm ready to get the last 3 peices. I'm on Al'Kabor the only mac server, adn we have a very small population. If I have other guild members with the charcoal, leech brain, and amulet, can they turn those in first, then I turn in letter to spawn the last mob?
    RE: MQ'ability of the quest
    # Mar 26 2004 at 11:34 AM Rating: Decent
    65 posts
    I've MQ'd single pieces for friends before, so I'd imagine you can MQ multiple pieces.

    # Mar 04 2004 at 11:45 AM Rating: Default
    i solo this all the time....and i use different chars for the challenge...

    so far my main, 65 nec 83 aa's did have the hardest time with the non-undeads since i couldnt slow, but with all of his aa's and the 65 pet it was quite easy.

    it was extremely easy with my 62 shammy....i didnt even have 3rd party buffs, only FoS, Riotous health, and Replenishment.....

    id have to say the easiest char to do MOST of the quest parts (inside was a bit tough)

    i swarm kited with my 51 bard....overall, yes it may save a bit of time to get a group, but it was fun, and i even got some exp doin it solo...
    Tormented Skulls
    # Jan 31 2004 at 2:07 AM Rating: Decent
    I killed all bats, orefinders and grol baku in the SW part of the zone, anything that wandered between the Katta entrance and the grimling caves, I would kill. I have seen two points where the tormented pop. -1606, 193 and -1423, 1006. Both are near one of the acrylia caves. It sounds like there are more than 2 PH for these things. So best bet is to take a decent group and kill anything that moves. With a 65 Sk 65 Mage and 65 Druid we had 1/4 of the zone clean in no time. One things for certain im sick of killing bats. I averaged 1 skull every 90-120 minutes.
    BFC hints
    # Dec 15 2003 at 10:37 AM Rating: Decent
    Since PoP it is really hard to get a group into ME to farm the BFC.

    So far tried the wanderers by the DSP zone and between walled buildings and the lake. Not an easy quad due to adds and root-snare-dots takes forever.

    Any good solo/quad/group locations?

    Might be able to form a group 50-55 and give it a go ;-)
    RE: BFC hints
    # Dec 16 2003 at 6:34 PM Rating: Decent
    Did this quest in the matter of 2 days. Started with burning priest, popped 3rd time at loc stated. Went to toilers, did 8 hours of AA (2 and a half points) before finally getting my charcoal. Went to thought leech's and cleared cave 3 times, go it on first guy that repopped. Skelly camp is no longer correct. I camped the NE corner and kill everything around me, got 8 skulls in no time. Did the hand ins with a 65 ranger and 53 shadowknight.

    Beware the possessed grimling and his friends are tough. Lol, the 8 skels that pop from courier are hussies, could done them myself. If you leave them be, they leave the great hall and stop a bit out of the castle. Can harmonize and single pull, if you want.

    Last guy you fight summons, so beware of that, too.

    Skull spawn point moved
    # Nov 12 2003 at 4:51 PM Rating: Decent
    Definately moved the spawn point. Now it seems there are several spawn points along the zoneline north of the large castle....definately 2 different spawn points at least. Around loc pos 1000, neg 1200.

    Mostly doable solo
    # Sep 25 2003 at 4:16 PM Rating: Decent
    I've got all the pieces so far except the charcoal by myself (as 50-51 Druid). The skellies were cake, once I found them. I got most of mine in the NE corner, around the hill beside the castle. Also to a few wandering in the south/southeast while looking for the runner. Fairly low level, so I just melee'd them with a damage shield. The thought leech wasn't bad, either, though you have to watch for other critters in the area. There are plenty of hoppers in that zone, so it's possible to make some good coin farming skins while you camp the leech. Another bonus is Mons Letalis is almost always empty, so there's no competition for kills. The Burning Priest took a while because he heals himself. Root wouldn't hold very long, so I just snared and kited him back and forth across the top of the plateau. I'm not sure if he runs out of mana or what, but he eventually died. Luckily, my faction was okay with the other little guys near the Priest so they didn't interfere while I took him out.

    Chatoyan, 52 Druid, Lanys
    # Sep 03 2003 at 1:57 PM Rating: Decent
    I found them on valley side of the hill as you enter from GF ,zone area. Popped one , go Clear a cave once or twice. then return to area kill for abit , Then pop . time to sale. and do it all over again . got all 8 in about 6 hour time and made about 1.5k , not to bad for soloing here. For me anyway.
    Now i just need to find a group to help me kill for next part.
    Theect Sunwather , 53 bst , SKOH , Zeb server.
    Tormented Vah Shir
    # Aug 16 2003 at 1:08 PM Rating: Decent
    73 posts
    Disregard error in my posting! I indicated NW corner and its North East corner, left side facing it of vamypre castle!
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