Titan Samples (good)  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Era:Scars of Velious
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
Appropriate Races:
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Entered: Mon May 6 19:09:37 2002
Modified: Sun Jul 21 00:06:24 2019
Akbaq Salid is in the Erudin Wizard guild.

You say, 'Hail, Akbaq Salid'

Akbaq Salid says 'Greetings Umarth! I have recently returned to Erudin since hearing word of the titan spirits that inhabit the Stonebrunt Mountains. Should you be heading in that direction there are some [samples] that I am interested in acquiring.

You say, 'What samples?'

Akbaq Salid says 'The titan spirits of the Stonebrunt Mountains appear in several various animal forms seemingly with different areas of influence in the spirit world. I am interested in conducting some experiments on the hides of the giant leopard titan and the giant sabretooth titan. Once I have acquired those hides I will seek to conduct experiments on the [others].

You say, 'What others?'

Akbaq Salid says 'Once I have finished my studies of the feline titans pelts I am interested in experimenting with the hides of the strongest of the stonebrunt titans, the gigantic gorilla and the gargantuan panda! The [ancient snake] that inhabits those mountains is another matter that you may be interested in as well.

You say, 'What ancient snake?'

Akbaq Salid says 'I believe I have uncovered a process with which to harness the mystical properties of the scales of the snake titan so that they can be fashioned into a powerful robe. If you bring me the ancient snake skin and some platinum thread I am sure there will be enough material to craft multiple robes and I shall reward you with one for your assistance.

There seem to be three rewards here:

1) The hides of the Sabertooth (Snowbeast) and Leopard (Prowler of the Jungle) Titans get you the Astral Cloak of the Titans.
2) The hides of the Gigantic Gorilla (Old Ghostback) and Gargantuan Panda (Giang Yin) get you the Astral Leggings of the Titans.
3) The Skin of the Ancient Snake (off Slyder the Ancient) and a piece of Platinum Thread get you the Scaled Robe of the Elder Serpent. The Skin by itself supposedly gets you the cloak.
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Is this quest over?
# Feb 02 2004 at 1:13 PM Rating: Default
26 posts
Twice when I ran thru Stoneburnt while checking my tracking I've come across Slyder and killed him. Both times I've gotten a newbie shoulder item instead of his skin. I would think with the rarity of his spawns that his skin would always drop. SO does this mean that this quest is no longer in existance?
RE: Is this quest over?
# Jan 10 2005 at 9:31 AM Rating: Default
No, it just means your having difficulty completing it due to the rarity of the drop. Just cuz your having a hard time doesn't mean the quest has been removed.
just a note
# Nov 07 2003 at 2:07 AM Rating: Decent
had a patch this morning and i came in a few hours later, all the ******* were up (but didn't see slyder though). they can't be snared or rooted but can be feared(fear, fear animal). came back tonight and was clearing north east part of zone and had Giang Yin pop, was killing everything but more tigers and monkeys than pandas, so not sure if there is a relationship, now if i can get that hide from the monkey!!!!
Titan spawns
# Oct 27 2003 at 12:54 PM Rating: Good
70 posts
Can do quest in any order, it is essentially 3 different quests.

As far as the titans spawning, I hunted there as a ranger from 30-40 almost permanently, and only saw them a very few times, even though I was killing pandas and gorillas...of course at that level I couldn't massacre them, so that might help.

What I do know is that at least one titan usually is in the zone after a patch. So get down there asap on a patch day, because someone usually has the same idea and takes the things down pretty quick.

Locations that I have seen them in:

Giang Yin - roams anywhere north of the kitty village.

Old Ghostback - roams anywhere north of the kitty village, and occasionally a little south of it, but still in the grey slate mountain area.

Slyder - roams everywhere north of the jungle.

Prowler of the Jungle - roams in the jungle, strangely enough.

Snowbeast - seen him all over the place, and he tends to get stuck on the zone edges a lot it seems.

Edited, Mon Oct 27 13:00:27 2003
Astral leggings
# Aug 12 2003 at 6:05 PM Rating: Decent
Do u have to do this quest in order,or can u do the 2nd part at anytime?
Sen's Journey
# Aug 02 2003 at 1:38 AM Rating: Decent
Okay first day on the quest. I spent about 3 hours all around the valley at appprox p3000 n200. Nothing was happening then a ranger gets in trouble, I help him out and he runs far away while im chasing him in his mob.. I take an odd route back and then up on the hill next to the kobold camp is Old Ghostback. I set pet on him and immeadiately he DoTs me(a particulary nasty one called scourge) I didn't have any ofmy shields up so I had low hp. I set my pet on him andI started summoning band-aids and binding myself, pet soloed him easily (51 earth pet with plate armor, burnout, 56 damage shield, and muzzle) and I survived with 16% hp. He dropped the hide and also some Rock Climber's gloves which i gave the loc of to everyone. Tomorrow I'll head back and see if I can get that Panda.

After every campin session I will post here so you can hopefully see what it takes me (a 56 mage) to get the leggings and the cloak. So check back!
RE: Sen's Journey
# Aug 02 2003 at 8:19 PM Rating: Decent
Okay, just spent 2 and a half hours camping that norther valley and a little to the south. I tried to kill pandas mostly, but I would say I killed an equal amount of gorillas and pandas.. I simply just kill Pandas first, if there aren't any other o=Pandas around I killed whatever. In additon I have decided not to pursue the cloak (only the leggings) because the cloak of the wise gives more mana and stats. If the cloak falls into my lap, I'll take it ;)

More to come...
RE: Sen's Journey
# Aug 02 2003 at 1:46 AM Rating: Decent
Please ask for any information you think might help youin your own quest.

The majority of mobs I killed were gorillas, but the majority of mobs around were gorillas.

The last mob I killed before seeing Old Ghostback WAS a gorilla.

Again, please ask questions you think will help yourself
they can be rooted
# Jul 12 2003 at 12:13 PM Rating: Decent
everyone is allways claiming the titans can not be rooted or snared they are half wrong. so far i have killed snowbeast and the big panda ******* and they can be rooted by pet does it no problem
# Jun 20 2003 at 7:29 PM Rating: Decent
Kobolds are hated both by the heretics and the inhabitants of Erudin. You can probably raise faction by spending a day in The Warrens.

Edited, Fri Jun 20 19:48:49 2003
snake turn in
# May 30 2003 at 4:12 PM Rating: Decent
Well looks like Verant fixed this part of the quest in reguards to the snake turn in with the platnum thread.

The Robe is: Scaled Robe of the Elder Serpent
Slot: Chest
AC 8
Str+4, Cha+9, Int+3
Sv Poi+15
Nec, Wiz, Mag, Enc
Hum,Eru, Hie, DEF, GNM, ISK, FRG

# Apr 22 2003 at 11:27 PM Rating: Decent
How can a dark elf necromancer manage this quest? Well, I suppose I could get a friend to turn in the pelts.. but is there another way?
RE: Necromancers?
# May 24 2003 at 9:38 AM Rating: Decent
There's an evil way i think
RE: Necromancers?
# Jun 09 2003 at 1:53 AM Rating: Excellent
It's easy to raise palace faction, kill the necro by the docks in Toxx and Noclin in Paineel. do that back and forth a few times and your good to most erudin factions. Not to the pali's though so stay invis til you get to the palace, and don't go up to the GM's either, I seem to remember a the Enc GM trying to charm me.
# Apr 12 2003 at 7:09 PM Rating: Decent
This is as of april 12 2003 on the Tribunal server.

I have been soloing in this zone with my halfling druid for the last week each night from about 6-7pm until about 10pm each night. During this time i am working on my tracking and forging. I did not see any of the titans at all until Friday night but i was hunting the southern part of the zone for the most part of this time. I seen the panda on track. At the time i was killing the panda cubs and young pandas a lot. He was on the northern side of the zone near the tunnel by the water falls. I got a 54 necro guildie to come down to the zone and she kill the panda easy. The pelt and tooth i think droped that time. She got the drops. The next day about 5pm ish i seen Old Ghostback on track. I got my 51 shammie on line and killed him with some help from 2 others in the zone. I got the pelt only nothing else droped. At that time i was killing the Gorillas and cats for exp. Then about 30 min later i seen Old Ghostback back up again. I solo'd him this time and had my halfling druid loot the pelt and tooth off him.

So from what i have gathered here if you want the snake to spawn kill every snake you can find and have a tracker there to track for the titan snake. If you want the Titan Gorilla kill Gorillas and Titan Panda kill Pandas. I can only say this goes for Ghostback and the Panda. I have not seen the Titan snake or the Titan cat as of yet and i am looking to camp the zone for about another 5 levels or so. I am currently level 30 and hope to go to about another 5 plus levels here.*still lots of reds here* If i can prove this i will repost with what i have found out. I will have to do that when i get a little higher in levels and as it stands i have been making a level a night here.

Gailth 51 shammie of the Tribunal
Woodlark 30 druid of Karanas
Fast and Painless
# Mar 25 2003 at 12:28 PM Rating: Decent
I decided to camp these MOBS our for the night... needed a good pair of leggings and an upgrade from kunzar cloak =D. In 20 minutes i got Ghostback to pop (was camped at p3000 n100), he didnt drop anything. Next (30 minutes later), snowbeast popped, he dropped the hide and pads. 1 Hour later, ghostback spawned again and dropped his hide this time.. Going back tonight to finish up, but i do have to say.... 2 hours and 1/2 quest done, and i picked up pads... NOT BAD !!!
20 min
# Mar 24 2003 at 9:35 AM Rating: Decent
Was on the hunt for the Footpads, brought a druid bot and my monk (both lev 46) and went wandering around 3000, - 200 checking tracking as I went. Found Snowbeast at 3316, 476 then at 1065, 1127 and a 3rd time at 2312, 410. The beast spawns were about 20 min apart. When the 4th one was due Giang Yin Spawn close to 1000, 1100 (forgot to take a loc but was close to 2nd spawn of snowbeast ... the new maping thing helps alot). Footpads dropped twice for me.

Both easy kills, Giang was more of a pain but still not a problem.
# Jan 31 2003 at 3:27 PM Rating: Decent
I have camped there for a total of 6 hours, but still the only thing i can seem to get to pop in the snow beast. I hav gotten him to pop 8 times. If you r looking for him just go north to +3000 +200. there is a valley there with a lot of pops, just killevery thing in site. He has poped every time for me in this area. But i hav had no luck on the othere titans.. good luck to all..
# Nov 18 2002 at 1:30 AM Rating: Decent
I just spent 5 and a half hours looking for these spawns but didnt see a single 1. It wasn't just me either there were 4 others and 2 of them were tracking. We were killing EVERYTHING in sight and had not seen a thing the only good thing we got was a level for one of our group members and an asortment of gems and hides. What are we doing wrong we were stationed at neg 3000 pos 280 and didnt see a thing
# Oct 06 2002 at 5:49 AM Rating: Excellent
The snake and I killed each other when I was a L45 ranger - the slyders poison must be like 1000hp :( So I figured the rest would be super hard but they have all been easy at 52, except prowler who refuses to spawn. Pull them to an open area in the east away from the mountains and then turn levitate off - very hard to hit these guys unless you are at ground level.

Turned in the gorilla and panda skins twice for leggings. I am indiff to the wizard and had done the sejah guhlam bracer that makes all the Erud merchants hate me. So you don't need real high faction. No platinum thread for the leggings and I assume none for the cloak if I can get the prowler. So far the slyder has only dropped a rattle.
The Titans Revealed!!!!!
# Oct 01 2002 at 9:00 AM Rating: Good
The only way to get these Titans to spawn is mass killing. They are Random, Rare Spawns. This means the more mobs that are down at once the better your chances of a spawn. This works good on Grachnist the Destoryer also in Warslik woods. Well Mass killing isnt the only way... unless you have a couple of days to wait on One of them to spawn... and then its a maybe..
Good luck!

PS. the more people in the zone the better they spawn to for some reason.. maybe cause they are killing as well?
# Aug 20 2002 at 6:41 AM Rating: Default
someone needs to find out what the evil quest give u
RE: evil
# Sep 18 2002 at 7:04 PM Rating: Default
the same thing
# Aug 10 2002 at 4:47 PM Rating: Decent
I was in SBMnt yesterday and saw group there in certain area killing everything in site. I kept hitting track and kept seeing the Ghostback/Prowler etc popping and them killing them in like 20 secs. They popped like every 10-30 minutes. The area they sat at was a little tiny tiny valley like area around p3000 n100 with tons of elders and the higher lvl animal mobs. Dunno if this might help someone. A friend and I came in today did same trick killing everthing in sight got Ghostback within 7 minutes to pop but then we both had to log. Maybe this is a trick to force spawn. :) happy hunting.
The robe
# Aug 06 2002 at 2:03 AM Rating: Excellent
128 posts
Just did the robe quest. The stats are:

Scaled Robe of the Elder Serpent
AC 8
WT 3.5


Good for chanters for CHA gear. Not good on the INT. Personally, I was hoping it was still broken and would give me a cloak or leggings. Just need to kill Slyder the Ancient and get the Ancient Snake skin. Then port to Thurgadin and buy a Platinum thread (Cost me 250pp).

Edited, Tue Aug 6 02:51:30 2002
#Anonymous, Posted: Jul 17 2002 at 10:45 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) is this just a turn in the pelts and your finished quest? or do you need to bring an extra component into the game? if so, how much does it cost and perhaps where can it be bought? if not sweet and thanx
# Jul 03 2002 at 10:30 PM Rating: Default
Do you have to turn in platinum thread for each item or just the robe?
RE: confused
# Mar 22 2003 at 8:34 PM Rating: Decent
Greetings. As far as I know, you need the thread only on the one...not on all. Have fun.
Pretty Hard
# Jul 02 2002 at 1:00 PM Rating: Default
i was looking for etched armor here with my lvl 52 pally, and saw old ghostback, i started killing him and he hits hard, with about 930ac, he was hitting in the low 100s max, he also casts (hes a shammy) tried to slow me but i resisted, i got him to 50% and had to use Lay Hands, finished him off with about 80% health left, all he dropped were the guantlets, not worth it at all since i got silver chitlin handwraps lol, hope this info helps!
Faction Needed?
# Jun 25 2002 at 9:11 PM Rating: Decent
104 posts
I have the two pelts to turn in for the leggings, and I am dubious to the NPC to turn them in to. I can hail him and get the quest, but I was wondering if anyone can tell me the faction needed for this quest? I just don't want to turn in an item and lose it. Thanks.

Safe Travels
RE: Faction Needed?
# Aug 18 2002 at 3:04 AM Rating: Decent
if you can get the quest you can get the items. if you are really worried raise faction to just above dubious. This should alleviate all fears. If he takes the items after you do this and does not give you the lore items its a bug and should be reported.

Charkortizar Venerated
Lev 27 Necro
Tholuxe Paells
"One who is wise in the ways of Norrath mitigated by his CS Degree."
spawn point of Ancients
# Jun 22 2002 at 8:57 AM Rating: Good
I have seen Old Ghosty, Giang Yin, and snowBeast all up at once. All 3 of them spawn in the rocky crater located at pos 2950 neg 300. There are many wandering Mobs, Apes, Tigers and Pandas, all aggrod my Monk.

I spent 3 days there waiting and killing anything wandering by. It will take patientce and some time, but you dont really need a tracker to do this, just camp that loc. A tracker would be nice but not entirely neccesary as the pathing of those 3 Ancients takes them all through the above mentioned crater, hope this helps some

Crimson Defenders
52 Monk
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 19 2002 at 5:19 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) easily i dont know but i bet it would be a good chance you could
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