Yuio's Illness  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Faction Required:
Kejek Village (Min: Apprehensive)
Factions Raised:
Factions Lowered:
    Quest Items:
    Related Creatures:
    Era:Scars of Velious
    Group Size:Solo
    Min. # of Players:1
    Max. # of Players:1
    Appropriate Classes:
    • All
    Appropriate Races:
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    Entered: Fri Sep 14 17:06:45 2001
    Modified: Sun Jul 21 00:06:24 2019
    You say, 'Hail, Jali Kaliio'

    Jali Kaliio says 'Greetings outsider. I trust you have [peaceful intentions] while visiting our village?

    You say, 'I have peaceful intentions.'

    Jali Kaliio says 'That is good to hear. Those filthy kobolds have caused enough trouble. We do not need more enemies.' Jali turns around and glances at another Kejekan. This one seems somewhat ill. Her fur is coming out in patches and strange sores cover her body. 'That is my wife, Yuio. She has come down with a sickness, no doubt caused by those accursed kobolds.' Anger wracks Jali's face as he speaks. 'I would ask you for [help] but you are a stranger and owe us nothing. Of course if you did assist me, I would be forever grateful.'

    You say, 'I would like to help.'

    Jali Kaliio says 'Oh thank you. You are most kind. I fear that there is not much time left for my dear Yuio. Please speak to [Khonza Ayssla]. She is most wise and perhaps can find some cure for this affliction.

    You say, 'Who is Khonza Ayssla?'

    Jali Kaliio says 'Khonza Ayssla is the village's High Shaman. She teaches the ancient ways of Okanjo and is most wise. If she cannot assist you I do not know who can. I would go myself but I am too worried to leave my dear wife behind. When you find Khonza, tell her that Jali sent you. Please hurry, friend!

    Khonza Ayssla is inside the southwest building. Tell her, 'Jali sent me.'

    Khonza Ayssla says 'Ah yes Jali, whose wife is ill. I have been looking for a cure for many moons. I do believe I can make one now if I had the proper ingredients. Unfortunately it will require the deaths of some of our lands creatures but the spirits will not be angered as it is for a noble cause. Perhaps you could [fetch them] for me?

    You say, 'I will fetch them for you.'

    Khonza Ayssla says 'Take this satchel and please listen closely. I need the following and they need to be relatively fresh. So dont waste time with frivolous strolls through the jungle. I require two Panda Claws, two Tiger Skins, two Asp Poison Sacs, a Bamboo Shoot, and a Kejekan Palm Fruit, which you will need to find somewhere in the jungle. Once you have these items, combine them in the bag and return to me.'

    You receive a Burlap Satchel.

    Panda Claws can be found from pandas in Stonebrunt.
    Tiger Skins drop from Kejek Tigers.
    The best place to get Asp Poison Sacks is in Oasis of Marr.
    The fruit and bamboo are foraged in Stonebrunt. Make sure to put them in bags after your food and drink so you don't accidentally consume them.

    Combine the 8 items inside the bag to get a Full Gathering Satchel. Bring it back to Khonza.

    Khonza Ayssla says 'I thought the kobolds would have you for dinner, but you made it back.' Ayssla takes the satchel and begins to pour different vials of foul smelling liquid into it. She then takes the entire contents of the bag and dumps it into a large kettle and begins to chant in an unknown language. After a few minutes, she takes a small amount of the now boiling liquid and puts it in a vial. 'Take this vial back to Jali. I pray to the Titan Spirits that it works.'

    Your faction standing with Kejek Village has been adjusted by 5.
    Your faction standing with Peace Keepers has been adjusted by 1.
    You gain experience!!

    You receive a Vial of Healing Liquid (MAGIC, LORE, NO TRADE, Tiny, weight 0.2) in return.

    Giving this to Jali gets the following:

    Jali Kaliio says ''Khonza Ayssla gave this to you? We must try it at once then.' Jali opens the vial and gently tilts back Yuio's head. He pours the liquid into her mouth and waits. Miraculously, Yuios fur begins to take on a healthy sheen and the sores begin to disappear! Yuio falls into Jali's arms then goes slack, passing out. 'She needs much rest. I cannot begin to thank you enough for helping us. Please accept this as a reward. It is not much but it should be of some use. You are indeed a friend of ours and if you ever need shelter from the wilds, please visit us again.'

    Your faction standing with Kejek Village has been adjusted by 5.
    Your faction standing with Peace Keepers has been adjusted by 1.
    You gain experience!!
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    Quest Solved
    # Sep 12 2001 at 4:09 AM Rating: Decent
    I finished the quest tonight. The asp venom sacs from cistern asps in oasis worked fine. I would suggest checking the vendors if you cannot track. I was able to kill 5 near the south ro zone line in a few minutes and got the 2 sacs i needed.

    The Reward =)
    Wakizashi of the Frozen Skies
    Magic Item
    Primary Secondary
    1h slashing 6 dam 22 del
    Effect : Spirit Strike
    Class : War Pal Rng Shd Brd Rog
    Race : All
    wt 1.5

    Looks like a regular wakizashi, just wish it had been a katana, but oh well. Not being lore is pretty nice, and its good dam/del for the level you could probably get it at. Only real problem i had was that they didnt seem to fix the pandas with the TLC, i still got the message on them, so i had to buy the claws.
    # Sep 12 2001 at 3:18 AM Rating: Default
    Is it possible the fruit is seasonal?
    Also procs DD
    # Sep 12 2001 at 12:05 AM Rating: Decent
    45 posts
    Greetings all.

    I just finished this quest and the reward is the item Wakizashi of the Frozen Skies 6/22 1.5 wt with the classes previously mentioned.

    It *IS* worth mentioned that it procs the spell Spirit Strike which (I believe) a level 14 Shaman spell that does about 75 damage.

    I've got it on my Shadow Knight, but haven't had any chance to do any actual combat yet.

    bamboo shoot
    # Sep 11 2001 at 9:05 PM Rating: Default
    Bamboo shoot IS a foraged item foraged one there and ate it so its food looks like a root
    Quest Finally Fixed! =D
    # Sep 11 2001 at 5:20 PM Rating: Default
    RE: Quest Finally Fixed! =D
    # Sep 15 2001 at 2:53 AM Rating: Decent
    What skill do you have to be to forage the shoots and the fruit? is it post 100 skill like most of the forage trash in the old lands or is it any skill lvl like in Kunark?
    RE: Quest Finally Fixed! =D
    # Sep 11 2001 at 5:26 PM Rating: Default
    The palm fruit and the bamboo shoots are now fairly easy foraged items. I got both today after being in the zone for about 10 minutes. Fruit looks like grapes and the shoots look like roots. I can only imagine that they fixed it in the patch last night. The reward is: A Wakizashi of the Frozen Skies Primary Secondary 1hs....does 6 damage and has 22 delay. It is for War Pal Rng Shd Brd and Rog, All races Take care and have fun all! Legolass 44th druid of Tunare
    # Sep 10 2001 at 9:58 PM Rating: Default
    Just a thought but what if the quest has a time limit. The cat says they have to be fresh so has anyone ever talked to her then ran out to somwhere and foraged in a likely spot... like the waterfall or the jungle... it might yield the fruit and or bamboo, but i think it's a really rare forage or drop. It will hopefully be a great item coming from this like something awesome for a warrior like a regen tunic (lol)
    # Sep 10 2001 at 1:49 AM Rating: Default
    The quest indicated that the items may have to be fresh, but however as several of the items clearly are not available in the zone, the Asp Poison Sacs come to mind.
    It may not be true that either of the items needed are actually foraged in the zone, as neither of them have been yet.
    You might try foraging in the various other zones that Kerrans, or Kitties inhabit, Kerra Isle, Kerran Ridge, or even in Erudin, where there are several "Palm" Trees.
    However, it could be that the quest simply isn't finished yet, which sounds more likely than the above as the quest indicated "fresh" and it's true that the Asp Poison Sacs are not located in the zone, hell, they aren't even in the same continent as Stonebrunt.
    Or, they aren't, and won't be in the game period for a while, a continuing quest of sort, that leads into Luclin, or even the two interconnected, unannounced, and undeveloped zones that Stonebrunt should give access to, The Barren Coast, and The Vasty Deep.
    has anyone tried?
    # Sep 09 2001 at 3:29 PM Rating: Default
    Has anyone tried to use the spell Identify on the items that you forage? Maybe Verant is going to give the spell a good use for once.
    #Anonymous, Posted: Sep 09 2001 at 3:23 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I'm wondering if this is like the spirt stones quest that the Kejekans also give out. In that, you kill the jungle spirits in your 20s then, in your 30s and 40s, you go to the Tower of Frozen Shadow to get the other items. When asked about this, Verant said that players should get over the idea that quests should be done quickly. Apparently, Verant has now decided that every quest is going to be like an epic quest. Makes me worried as to what we have waiting for us in Luclin. Thing is, the epics are worth it and you feel a true sense of accomplishment when it's done. What's this quest going to give that could be worth such effort? My prediction:
    Bamboo Shoot
    # Sep 08 2001 at 3:30 PM Rating: Default
    Have a Bamboo Shoot...looks like a foraged roots.
    Bad news is that I am not POSITIVE that I foraged it. It is not magic lore or no drop. I am pretty sure I foraged it and thought it was a root and did not notice till I went to sell.

    35 Druid
    RE: Bamboo Shoot
    # Sep 09 2001 at 3:24 AM Rating: Default
    Go ahead and try to sell it. If it's foraged, the merchants should say that they will offer you nothing for it, then you'll know.
    RE: Bamboo Shoot
    # Sep 09 2001 at 4:36 AM Rating: Decent
    Not true. As a ranger and a druid i have foraged several items that vendors do buy so you can not tell this way.
    # Sep 08 2001 at 1:15 PM Rating: Default
    If you know the Reward please tell Floure the enchantress of tunare She will reward you with Breeze if you are in the zone or near by
    ah the fruit and bamboo
    # Sep 07 2001 at 2:02 PM Rating: Default
    ok guys and gals I have spend from the time the zone went up until now every day trying to find a ground spawn in the jungle part of the zone to the snow part of the zone always foraging as soon as it pops.. I say this quest is bugged I have killed all sorts of pandas amoung other things in the zone to finish this quest and still yet nothing.. VERANT!!! Then I realized.. I have been wasting my time for over a week now *cries*
    # Sep 07 2001 at 3:02 AM Rating: Default
    I have been trying to do the same as you foraged my behind off killed every panda in sight and no kejekan fruit, no bamboo shoot... If one of you find one plz send a screenshot so we can have a looksie at the goods.

    Thank you.
    # Sep 07 2001 at 12:45 AM Rating: Default
    Can anyone at all confirm that they actually have the required Bamboo shoot or Palm Fruit?

    Lets see foraged, its ground spawn, drops off mature Panda's, and wait also kobolds.

    Personally, I have foraged the hell out of the zone, killed 10 Elder, 25 Mature, 30 Cub Panda's and plenty of Kobolds. I can't seem to find the specified fruit or the Bamboo. I think the Fruit may be simply foraged fruit from the jungle although its not described as such. The asp sacs drop off the adders but they are also described as "sacs" not "poison sacs". Perhaps the Bamboo really is one of the weapons from the Kobolds and just does not say shoot similar to the Fruit and sacs?

    Can anyone respond with an honest answer?
    Bamboo Shoot
    # Sep 05 2001 at 8:59 AM Rating: Decent
    It drops off of the Kobolds near the enterance to the zone. Its a very pour Blunt staff with a similar graphic.

    Sylhouette Spinetickler
    30th Rogue
    RE: Bamboo Shoot
    # Sep 05 2001 at 8:21 PM Rating: Decent
    what your thinking of is one of the many bamboo weapons that drop in the zone
    RE: Bamboo Shoot
    # Sep 05 2001 at 4:24 PM Rating: Default

    1) Is it magic, Lore or no drop?

    2) What are the stats?
    my notes
    # Sep 03 2001 at 9:08 AM Rating: Good
    I'd spent only a short time there but from reading the posts, the only difficult finds are going to be the Bamboo Shoots and the Kejekan Palm Fruit.
    Panda Claws drop from Pandas in zone.
    Tiger Skins drop from Tigers in zone(I bought mine for 5gp each at a vendor in the city).
    Asp Poison Sacs do not seem to drop readily from the Adders so you get those from Oasis' Cistern Asps.

    I've looked around the suspiscious looking areas what would likely be places for ground drops. I've foraged a ton in there, but perhaps not enough. I can't kill everything for its loot as the trivial code applies to me (54Dru, 55War) but I'll send in another alt(30Mag) and see what I can find that way.

    Someone had noted that Pandas eat Bamboo for their diet which could allow for it to drop from them, but I figure we'd have heard that by now if they did drop.

    RE: my notes
    # Sep 04 2001 at 12:41 PM Rating: Default
    AAhhhh it does drop off the pandas... i was wondering what it was .. ive killed allot of pandas and only seen one off a mature..my guess is they are rare.. and they are not marked lore..Happy hunting

    Seeloc Fistocuffs
    29 monk
    # Sep 01 2001 at 11:14 PM Rating: Decent
    The Asps Poison Sac's are from the Cistern asps in Oasis and Ro. Im going to go check on kerra island tonight to see if the fruit and bamboo are there - as well as check that broken massage you spoke of.
    # Sep 01 2001 at 10:29 PM Rating: Decent
    i think this quest isn't ready yet-
    first off there are no asps anywhere in the zone. only emerald adders.
    second when you ask the quest giver 'what kejekan palm fruit' or 'what bamoo shoot' you get the same broken message about the history between the erudites and kerrans. i think when this quest is ready, he will have an answer for these questions and these items will be available
    RE: broken
    # Sep 02 2001 at 1:04 AM Rating: Decent
    I found that the actual word "what" is the broken part. you can just say "what" and you get the string.
    not neccessarily clueless yet
    # Sep 01 2001 at 9:17 PM Rating: Decent
    i walked all over the jungle areas clicking on the ground . no floor spawn fruit anywhere ..the shoots on the other hand i would thing would be the basic diet for any of the pandas so these are probably random ..the tiger skins no brainer... panda claws no brainer...and the "asp poison sacs" i am told will drop off of the adders which never would for me ...i went back to w. commons and killed an asp which drop regular poison sac...NOT an "asp poison sac " which is what khonza said she needed ...

    the kejeken palm fruit has me totally batty tho ive killed at least 2 of everthing in the zone only one giang yin tho ...but have seen nothing remotley close to the palm fruit ...i was hoping it was like the dragon portal keys that are always on the ground at endless supply but still cannot find them in the EJ lookin areas of stonedblunt mountains lol.

    STILL TRUCKIN ...someone has to save this poor sick kitty chic ..dont give up
    RE: not neccessarily clueless yet
    # Sep 02 2001 at 8:42 AM Rating: Good
    Oasis asps will drop "asp venom sacs", they are green a d shaped differently than normal venom sacs
    No Rent
    # Sep 01 2001 at 9:04 PM Rating: Default
    im guessing that once combined the bag you hand in is no rent to fit in with the "fresh" thing. would make sence that something that needs to stay fresh is no rent and ive seen other quests where once combined it becomes no rent, we will see when someone finds the fruit and bamboo :(
    #Anonymous, Posted: Sep 01 2001 at 4:10 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Ummm, anybody even know what you get out of this quest? i mean if its like the gay dice quest im not even gunna waste my Time :/
    #Anonymous, Posted: Sep 01 2001 at 10:51 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Idiot if someone knew it'd be posted. Kind of requires someone to solve it first. Since a couple parts are apparently not spawning you can't solve it yet.
    Asp Sacs
    # Sep 01 2001 at 12:02 PM Rating: Good
    Just curious but has anyone tried using the Asp Venom Sacs that come from Cistern Asps in Oasis?

    V Vileblade 43 Rogue Prexus
    Jali's Wife
    # Sep 01 2001 at 11:52 AM Rating: Good

    I"ve been working on this quest literally minutes after Stonebrunt came up.

    the Tiger skins were easy, in fact, some of the Highland Tigers drop 2 of these.

    The Panda Claws are also easy, they're not quite as rare as some have said, though they can be, Just stick with it and you'll get 2. Pandas are definitely worth hunting anyway, they drop some good cash loots (panda skins are worth several gold).

    These are the things I have collected so far. I've killed the Emerald Adders for the Asp Poison Sacs, only looted one Snake Venom Sac so far and this might not be it. We'll see when I collect another and find the other two items.

    As for the bamboo shoot and Kejekan Palm Fruit. Both have the feel of ground spawning items, and we all know that since Velious came out Verant has liked those. These are not foraged, or if they are, they are extremely rare, so much so that I haven't seen either yet, and I usually forage a Heartfruit in GFay in under an hour.
    So look for these on the ground.

    A few more ideas:

    The npc says she needs the items to be relatively fresh, this is definitely a clue that you will find all of the items in Stonebrunt, you do not have to go elsewhere.

    The quest MIGHT be broken. As anyone who has hunted the zone knows, the mobs in the zone tend to wander far afield and go places they probably weren't intended (up to the zone wall, into the water, etc.) Tracking is also bogus in this zone, can't really describe how, but if you can track, you know what I mean. With problems like these, there's probably a problem with the ground spawns, which would explain why very few have found either of these items.

    I have heard that the Apes (specifically the white ones in the snow) drop a no drop bamboo something or other, this has yet to be confirmed tho - and I've killed tons of apes.

    So before you go off running to Emerald Jungle, remember it's KEJEKAN palm fruit. The Kejekans have never been to Emerald Jungle. :)
    RE: Jali's Wife
    # Sep 01 2001 at 6:02 PM Rating: Default
    The tracking thing is due to the fact is a mountainous zone, track always seem to screwwy in areas like that (try tracking in the middle of the great divide and you'll see what I mean). As far as a ground spawn I still haven't seen any of these after zigzagging up and down the wooded area... so I doubt it spawns up in there(unless it is a bown and looks like a yew leaf.. that would be a killer to find). I would just really like to find it so I could make a little more dough off of doing tigers (although the random gem drops off of elder pandas has been SWEET.. racked up half a dozen fire emeralds, 2 saphires, a few opals and assorted jewelry... mighty nice for 3 hours of work)

    Xeroth (formerly Spiderkynde)
    45 Ranger
    Clan of Blood and Steel
    RE: Jali's Wife
    # Sep 07 2001 at 1:11 PM Rating: Default
    Just a thought, but she said fairly fresh so don't go taking a frivolous stroll thru the jungle. And yet, she said the fruit had to be found in the jungle. Sort of a paradox wouldn't you think?

    The fact that she mentions that the fruit is the only item you need to 'find' does suggest forage or ground spawn. Sounds like a good quest to play with.

    Winde Walker
    44 Ranger
    Shadow Hawks forever
    Asp poison
    # Sep 01 2001 at 6:02 AM Rating: Good
    Do the asp poison sacs required for this quest need to be from the snakes in Stonebrunt (can't remember their name right now) or can u use the sacs that you get from asps in EC??? Does anyone know (has anyone finished the quest???). I have everything required for this quest other than the bamboo shoots and kejekan palm fruit, gonna go and look around the place tonight.

    Lalandrae Eagleheart
    25th Druid of Tunare
    Crusaders Of Tunare
    Rodcet Nife Server
    RE: Asp poison
    # Sep 01 2001 at 9:36 AM Rating: Decent
    So far I have only seen Emerald Adders in Stonbrunt Mountains. Killing them yielded Giant Snake Fangs, rattles, and a Snake poison gland. NO Asp poison sac from these.
    RE: Asp poison
    # Sep 01 2001 at 8:38 PM Rating: Good
    I have travelled all of Stonbrunt and killed countless numbers of sbakes and so, I just gave up, ported to SRO and killed a couple of citran asps there. BINGO, 2 asp poison sacs for less then 30seconds of hunting. Still hunting for those damn Bamboo shoots and Kejekan Palm Fruits though (mabye we should kill more pandas, then they will stop eating the bamboo, and then everyone will be happy (apart from the pandas of course!!!))

    Lalandrae Eagleheart
    25th Druid of Tunare
    Officer of Crusaders of Tunare
    Rodcet Nife
    #Anonymous, Posted: Aug 31 2001 at 9:13 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) another pointless quest... hehe when the next part to find the fruit and the bamboo comes tell me...
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