Wipe Your Feet  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Money
Quest Items:
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Era:Claws of Veeshan
Group Size:Solo
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Claws of Veeshan Info & Guides: Overview | Progression & Task List | Raiding | Visible Armor
Prerequisite Quests: None.

You can obtain this quest from NPC in Zone. You can find him/her at /loc lochere and is on the find tool CTRL F.

You say, 'Hail, Glorifying Saffron Ash'

Glorifying Saffron Ash says, 'You there, adventurer, how fares your quests in this sanctuary? Mayhap we can work together to achieve our [goals].'

You say, 'goals'

Glorifying Saffron Ash says, 'Indeed. As you know, this place is being protected by some terrible magic, and I want to figure out what that magic is. I know that it is emanating from the chamber deep within the tomb, but the [door] that is barring us from getting inside has been sealed and we can't get past it. We know that there is something in there that needs to be destroyed. '

You say, 'door'

Glorifying Saffron Ash says, 'The door in the basement of this tomb has been sealed shut by the dragons who are a part of some ritual. We need to figure out how to get past it so that we can destroy whatever is happening inside. My [companion] and I have been trying to get past the monsters here to get to the door, but it has proven more difficult than originally anticipated.'

You say, 'companion'

You have been assigned the task 'Wipe Your Feet'.

Glorifying Saffron Ash continues with a concerned look, 'Their name is Smirnoth Icemir and they are already trying to find a safe way to get to the door, but they have yet to report back. I have faith in their abilities, but I would be a liar if I didn't say I was worried. Try to find them and make sure they are safe. Here,' he pulls out a satchel, 'they may need some extra supplies to get them to a safe place. Bring this to them and see what they have found. The last I heard; they were going to attempt to sneak down using a stairwell. That might be a good place to start.'

Task Window Text: Glorifying Saffron Ash is trying their luck at getting the door open to the chamber where the Sleeper once stood. It is apparent to them that this is the epicenter of the plague that is haunting Velious. They will need some research before they can enact their plan.

  • 1. Bring the supplies to Smirnoth Icemir 0/1 The Sleeper's Tomb

    Task Window Text: Smirmoth Icemir is working with Glorifying Saffron Ash to attempt to get access tot he chamber but has lost contact along the way. Locate them somewhere in the Sleeper's Tomb and bring them the bag of supplies.

    Smirnoth Icemir gives you a look of relief as you approach them, 'Are you a sight for sore eyes you magnificent person! Praise the gods!' They snatch the satchel from you and immediately start eating rations. They indulge in the rations in a way that suggests that they have been down here for a while. With food still in their mouth, they being to speak to you again, 'Right, sorry about that,' they finish their last bite and wipe the crumbs from their lips before they continue. 'As you can see, I've been down here for a bit trying to find a way to the chamber where the Sleeper once was. I have enough to get back out of here now, but you will need to inspect the door in my stead. I'm just simply in over my head on this task. Thank you again stranger.'

  • 2. Examine the door to the Sleeper's Chamber 0/1 The Sleeper's Tomb

  • 3. Return to Glorifying Saffron Ash 0/1 The Sleeper's Tomb

    Task Window Text: Return to Glorifying Saffron Ash and inform them of what you found on the door.

    Glorifying Saffron Ash is relieved to see you, 'Because of you, Smirnoth is safe again and I can't be happier about this news, but that doesn't get us any closer to figuring out what is inside that door.' they pause and think for a moment, 'So you say that the ice is holding the door shut, so that means we need to find something that can handle the ice...' They take a moment to think further before snapping their fingers with realization. 'I got it! The Western Wastes are home to burrowers. These creatures can move through the velium infused ground and even use it as a food source, of sorts. Which means that they also,' they take a moment to find the right words but after a moment of defeat, they settle on, 'excrete. This isn't going to be pretty, nor fun, but can you collect a few samples of burrower excrement for my studies? Bring me the samples and I will continue my research.'

  • 4. Collect excrement from burrowers 0/5 The Western Wastes

    Task Window Text: You have been given the less than glamourous role of excrement collector. The burrowers in the Western Wastes have what you need.

    Burrower Excrement drops off a tunnel burrower in The Western Wastes as long as someone in group is at this step.

  • 5. Deliver the excrement to Glorifying Saffron Ash 0/5 The Sleeper's Tomb

    Task Window Text: The foul-smelling excrement needs to be brought to Glorifying Saffron Ash in The Sleeper's Tomb. The quicker you get rid of this stuff, the quicker your appetite will return.

    You have been given: Foul Smelling Paste

    Glorifying Saffron Ash has a less than pleasant look on his face as you return. 'Yes, perfect,' He fights the urge to get sick, but you can still see him in discomfort. 'Ok, so all we need to do is take some of this and mix it with some of...' He trails off as he continues mixing his concoctions using vials and bottles that he keeps stored on him. As soon as he finishes mixing something, he somehow pulls yet another vial out and mixes that, intently watching the reaction. 'Ok, here we are.' He hands you a vial of strangely colored liquid. 'See how the ice reacts to smearing this on the ground where the ice is holding the door.'

  • 6. Bring the concoction to the door 0/1 The Sleeper's Tomb

    Task Window Text: The concoction that Glorifying Saffron Ash needs to be spread upon the frame of the door where the ice meets metal. You just wish they gave you a paintbrush or something to apply it.

    Your task 'Wipe Your Feet' has been updated.

  • 7. Return to Glorifying Saffron Ash 0/1 The Sleeper's Tomb

    Task Window Text: The concoction had an interesting reaction, but ultimately it did not provide the outcome desired. Meet back up with Glorifying Saffron Ash and let them know what happened.

    You are going to have to find another way into the chamber. Perhaps Glorifying Saffron Ash needs to do more research. Either way, your work here is finished.

    Glorifying Saffron Ash looks deflated, you approaching him now means the concoction did not work as intended, 'Well that is very much not the outcome I was going for. It appears that we have made it somehow more difficult to get beyond that door. I will have to rethink our approach. Perhaps there is a different way to get in there. Thank you for your help adventurer. Oh and...' he look you up and down for a moment, 'wash your hands.'

    Berglok is mad! She is mad with passion and drive to prove herself to everyone! You know you should not get in her way in the future.

    Berglok takes the tusk in a way that can only be described as aggressively happy. 'You stoopid Human! You give me tusk of power! I will fight gooder! Rallos Zek will notice me! You warned! Go away!'

    425 platinum
    You gain experience!
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