Unplanned Obsolescence  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
Quest Items:
Related Creatures:
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Era:Claws of Veeshan
Group Size:Solo
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Claws of Veeshan Info & Guides: Overview | Progression & Task List | Raiding | Visible Armor
Prerequisite Quests: None.

You can obtain this quest from Julia Shadestone in Skyshrine. You can find her at /loc 26, 326, 2 near the zone and she is on the find tool CTRL F.

You say, 'Hail, Julia Shadestone'

Julia Shadestone says, 'Oh, hello there. I wasn't expecting another adventurer to visit me out here, but I'm happy you have! My name is Julia Shadestone and I'm here for the same reasons you are, for treasure! Now that you're here, though, I would like to ask for your help with [identifying] something. You seem like the kind of person who likes to solve a problem!'

You say, 'identifying'

Julia Shadestone says, 'Yes. I, much like you, have been adventuring for a long time.' Julia gets lost in thought for a moment, as if she just had a moment of realization, 'Huh, well over two decades it seems by now. Funny how time flies?' She composes herself, 'Right, anyway. As you know, from time to time you come across some [relics] that were perhaps lost from a time long forgotten.'

You say, ' I have come across many relics that you speak of.'

Julia Shadestone says, 'Indeed. You also know that from time to time, the reason the relics where lost in the first place was to keep them safe. I may have stumbled upon one recently when I was around the entrance to Skyshrine. It appears to be a source of power for something, but I will not be opening this any time soon and not without proper research. That is where you can [help].'

You say, ' I can help'

Julia Shadestone says, 'Well, I hope you can help at least. I'm not an expert on ancient and hoary articles from a place that should never see the light of day, so I wanted to ask if you could bring this to [Black Scar]. He is a drake in Skyshrine. I saw him speaking to a gnome some time ago, so I know that he is willing to speak to mortals. Find him in the shrine and see what he has to say about this.'

You say, 'Black Scar'

You have been assigned the task 'Unplanned Obsolescence'.

Julia Shadestone says, 'I found it curious too that he wasn't chewing on that gnome when I saw him and her together, but perhaps the dragons are getting desperate? It would seem like they are. Perhaps it is best for you to pretend that you found it so that he doesn't get too suspicious.'

You have been given: Ancient Draconic Object

Task Window Text: Julia Shadestone found an item during her adventures in Velious that seems of great importance, it just isn't doing anything of great importance. She has asked your help in learning what exactly this thing might be.

  • 1. Have Black Scar examine the object 0/1 Skyshrine

    Task Window Text: Black Scar is a drake who has been seen commiserating with other mortals. He may be the best person to ask about this. He can be found within Skyshrine.
    Hand in the Ancient Draconic Object to Black Scar.

    Upon hand in:

    Your task 'Unplanned Obsolescence' has been updated.

    Black Scar snaps at you as you attempt to hand them the item, 'Why are you here?! There are so many of you who have somehow gotten into this place that I cannot keep track of you all. The fact that you've survived this long is a testament to your uncanny ability to be alive and annoying.' Black Scar finally notices the object you attempted to hand him. 'Oh I see now. I see now indeed. You want to know what this thing is? Well I could tell you but I'm petty and immortal enough to wait for you to prove to me how much you want to know it.' He thinks while scratching his chin, 'Yes, I want you to kill some sirens in their grotto. Sometimes their shrieking can be heard echoing through Velious and it is quite unpleasant. Should you survive the ordeal and return, I will be able to help you with what you seek.'

  • 2. Kill Sirens for Black Scar 0/8 Cobalt Scar

    Task Window Text: Black Scar doesn't trust easily. Prove to him that you are willing to do what it takes to get within his good graces. He asked you to kill some of the sirens in the Siren's Grotto.

  • 3. Return to Black Scar 0/1 Skyshrine

    Task Window Text: Return to Black Scar and let him know that the task he requested has been finished.

    You have been given: Depleted Draconic Power Source.

    Black Scar is impressed with your return, 'Well, I didn't expect to ever see you again. Perhaps you can be useful. When you're done with this task I may have some work for you in the future.' He looks again at the item you handed him. 'This is a power source that was used to power an ancient artifact. The artifact has long since been destroyed. What you have there is essentially an empty wine skin leftover from a night of raucous revelry. I hope you enjoy your souvenir of Velious, aside from that it is utterly useless. At least there are less sirens now.' He laughs a wicked laugh.

  • 4. Let Julia know what you have discovered 0/1 Skyshrine

    Task Window Text: Now that Black Scar revealed to you what the object is, return to Julia and let her know what he told you.

    You say, 'Hail, Julia Shadestone'

    Julia Shadestone looks bothered by your return. 'He said what? That this thing is just a leftover party favor? Well that won't fetch me much on the markets. Might as well just return it to one of its rightful owners? Bring it to Siremth in the Western Wastes. She was the only one of their kin who was amicable to us mortal folks.'

  • 5. Return the source to Siremth 0/1 The Western Wastes

    Task Window Text: Since the object is useless, return it to Siremth in the Western Wastes. She may want to keep it as a relic from the dragon's past.

    Siremth looks upon the item with disgust, 'I beg your pardon mortal, why have you brought me this...' she looks intently at the spent power source, 'Thing? I do not want this in my presence as it still holds a lingering energy that feels absolutely dreadful. If you want to give it to someone to store, Colwell will take it off your hands. More importantly, he will take it far, far away from here.'

  • 6. Donate the source to Colwell Emtray 0/1 The Western Wastes

    Task Window Text: Simreth's reaction to the object was unexpected. She has asked you to instead give it to Colwell Emtray, a hunter who is stationed in the Western Wastes.

    Colwell Emtray has a moment of sudden horror spread across their face when you hand them the source, but the look dissipates the more he handles it. 'Oh, thank you adventurer! I take it this was found around Velious? I'll be happy to take it off your hands for safekeeping! Luckily it appears inert, so we can use it for further research.' Colwell puffs his chest to look noble for a moment, 'The Oresco Hunters thank you for your contribution to our cause!' he says, with a satisfied smile.

  • 7. Return to Julia 0/1 Skyshrine

    Task Window Text: Return to Julia and let her know that the item was successfully donated to a group who will take care of it.

    Julia Shadestone looks defeated, 'Well I'll be Bristlebaned, you mean to tell me it was nothing up until it was something?' she kicks a rock, 'Saryrn take them, I should have just sold it. Oh well, I guess I only have my own overactive imagination to blame. Here you go fellow adventurer, a little something for your troubles at least.'

    354 platinum 1 gold 6 silver 7 copper
    You gain experience!
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